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Monday, 12 June 2006


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Adolf Vanderwaals

Mr Atem what I have to tell you is that if you see your dream coming true from any direction take it. Nationality is on paper and not in mind. Others have done that to better their future and I bet you that the fact that you are an English speaking Cameroonian might restrict you from picking up a tee shirt with the lions although they might give you little opportunities to do that. I am glad you told Cameroonians point blanc that you could have accepted the offer if you were selected for the world cup.If you rely on la Republiques` national team you might fail. Ndiefi`s case should ring a bell to you.

Alphonse Jong FORCHU

Surely your time will come one day.Vally,just stay focused.He who laugh last laughs best.
Alphonse Forchu
Concord NH,USA


this again shows how Southern Cameroonians are marginalised. La republique will have only francophones in the national team while a talented southern cameroonian like Atem who plies his trade in a big league like Ghana never gets called. Our day is coming.


I admire and at the same time feel sorry for you Vally, because I know your worth. We can only compare two situations, to know exactly what`s happening.
When Eto`o started playing for the national team just a few months before the WC `98 in France and after the WC he was a "matchball". Yes , he sucked, "ii be di mess soo tey". The characteristics of his football was; frequent wrong passes, poor dribbling and total management football. But what happened.. he was constantly given the opportunity to develop, he was constantly selected even though he had no impact on our team.
Today he is a world class player and we are happy about that. Had it been he was sidelined for his poor performances then, we`d probably not be singing this hymn about him today.
Atem would have been at some high place, playing, not even in Ghana, if he was given the same chance.Ndiefi was even given a chance, but this guy was never given that chance.And the biggest regret is that, he deserves it so much like any other striker at the national team.
My little word is that; keep working hard and you will surely be rewarded. Never mind the half chances.


u're an idiot and don't know what u're saying. U seem to allege that the national team made Eto'o. Well lemme tell u this, Eto'o was in Real Madrid when he played for the national team in 1998. With or without the national team, he would have been what he is today. At 17 he was the youngest player in the world cup. For you to say the Cameroon team gave him chances to develope is totally false, and for you to say if he was sidelined by the national team, then we'd probably not bee singing him today is also very false. He went to Real Madrid without kicking the ball for the national team, if Atem was that good, he'd probably be in Europe too, oh wait a minute, La repulique has told all European teams to never accept Southern Cameroonians, reason why Atem can only play in Ghana. If Atem deserved it, he'd have had it. He's not just that talented period.
The real Rexon


Rexon doesn`t write like this, but whoever you are, I`m sorry for your brains,go check it.
Eto`o was training at Real and a little while after, he was transfered to a second division team as he hadn`t attained maturity to feature(his performance was a little below the required).
Then came the WC in France, he went for a single ball in the air and came down, that was all about his WC.
After the WC, came eliminatories for the NC and I guess you did watch the Cameroon # Ghana match in D`la whereby Cameroon was beaten 1 # 3 and all other games prior to 2000, you would understand better what I`m saying.
Gentleman, I won`t be the one to educate you about the progress of Eto`o.
However go home with this short note:
Eto`o started playing well at the national team only from 2002, whether he played for Real or not is immaterial to this fact. Which means the team had accomodated his then medicre talent for about four years.Isn`t that a chance to progress?
If you will improve on your grammar and spelling, I`ll be able to understand you better.


CORRECTION "mediocre" not medicre

I have always said, only little minds impersonate here. There`s nothing wrong in using your real ID and saying your sense or nonsense.


the fact that Eto'o played for real madrid can never be immaterial. It goes to show that he had a lot of talent and for the fourth time, the national team did not develop Eto'o, and he's not the player today because of the national team. BTW was Eto'o the only player who had a mediocre performance in the game in Douala? Did Eto'o star in the Olympic games prior to 2002? Was he a peripheral player in the 2000 African nations cup, maybe 2002 when he started playing well for Cameroon came before 2000, or am I just confused?
Before 1998, no one had heard of him, but Le Roy identified him only because he played for Real Madrid, and thats a fact, and is not immaterial to his talent. If Vally had been playing for Arsenal or MU or some big club in Europe, he'd be in the national team. By the way, if u're good enough, u'll play in those teams because they have the best players.
the other rexon


The real Rexon/the other rexon,
You can`t justify a poor performance by saying others also failed. Besides that was not the only game he came short of expectation. More over, he never starred in the Olympic games.He scored four goals at the NC of Ghana/Nigeria and then went into oblivion.
Again the debate is not about the national team developing him. You know what playing for a national team does to any players image,especially Cameroon and how it increases your publicity spectre, don`t you?
I like looking at the positive side of things, but there`s nothing wrong in saying his early performance at the national team was mediocre, especially when you know it`s true. Never also believe you admire Eto`o morethan any other Cameroonian.
My point definitely edges to the fact that Eto`o played for quite a while before becoming a real asset to the national team. Implying, if Vally who had been crowned, Best Player of Cameroon`s football league was given a chance to feature even a few times, we would have a different story to write home.

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