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Friday, 23 June 2006


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When a Fon indulges in the smooking of Indian Hemp what do you expect of his health. When you look at the behaviour this Hitler of Cameroon has, it comfirms that he uses substances. I will not role out heroine and the likes. He must have surely taken an unusual amount to give him enough courage to bully the judges to set him on bail. Should the hemp he smmooked klll him how does he expect to prove to the world he was innoncent?? Affaire a suivre....


This man is an actor and believes at the end of the movie,he will be the hero.I wonder if "chef-bandit" di always win the last fight.Ashia you Massa Fon


Just some correction.Its not said that Doh smokes Indian Hemp but that the smoke from those who do smoke it provoked his illness.

All the same, Doh should be treated and taken back to jail, period


The all too powerful cpdm barron is serving his time.He looks and now sounds very sober,those day when he was threatening all with impunity gone.

When he does return the keys to his cell should be thrown away,i am sure he is also having some 'cold water garri without sugar',
while his estate in balikumbat is decaying.I will be urging the chindas to do their job now that he is gone,before he return in 15 years the palace should be full with more children.Idiot.


JB Samba

Other prisoners have died in prison because they were not sick and no medical attention was given. Doh's case should not be different.
He is a convict, period.

Henry Alex

Doh himself is equally taking marijuana.The warders and wardresses working in the Ndop Central prison are not ill why him?Excess "mbaga"What have u seen?What keep on bothering is the fact that,why is the postnewsline so interested in this murderer?
Rather than wasting ernomous time on murderes like Doh, why can't just be quiet and wait when his excessive marijuana intake makes him go insane on the street like Mukete[the frustrated bicker in this forum} or 'perish' so that the professional forum mourners like Benf can begin writing his why i mourn for Murderer Doh part one to forty.Hey my pet is no more,please mourn for it.Thanks

Marc Donbon

You guys continue to propagate the fallacy that marijuana popularly known as "Mbanga" is bad for the health. It is this fallacy that uneducated users who use marijuana utilise to invoke all kinds of attributes that marijuana confers on them. This is simply wrong. Marijuana is frowned upon in Western Societies not because of its inherent properties, but simply because of it can act as a "gateway" to the use of more dangerous and highly addictive drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Marijuana is useful in treating gluacoma and in pain management for cancer patients. Indian hemp is also used to make clothing, bags and shoes and have many other useful qualities.

Big Joe

Are prisoners allowed to smoke marijuana while in prison?. How do they get the marijuana in the first place?.

"The warders said when Fon Doh was admitted, he told them that the doctors requested 75 tests to be conducted for proper screening of his system." This Doh guy must be a super hero.


It is often sad to hear that someone is sick, but let it not be the old fashion strategy where inmate fraud illnesses with doctors so as to serve their prisons terms not behind bar. Doh you have been a lion for a long time but now you are nothing more than a lamb that is approaching a slaughterhouse. Med Doctor you guys are warn not to fake results so as get Doh out of prison otherwise……….


This is a strange thing for my eyes to read and difficult to be interpreted by my brain. i think this Fon was sentenced to serve "just" 15 years jail term?and today it is that he is sick and needs medical attention and tomorrow, the next news will be that, he will be sent home in what is termed, house arrest due to the fact that he can't serve the prison terms due to his ill health. i for one i look at this all as a game. it is high time the judiciary is strictly cut off from the legislative. for as stipulated by the cameroon constitution, the judiciary has to be an independent body.
please i am not prophesying the release of the Fon niether am i a prophet of doom, but just that as a legal minded person, and from the ills plaguing our judiciary, i mean it has eaten deep within.some of you guys in the forum will testify this in some time to come.
actually, imprisonment is just like taking away some one's liberty not the right to life but this case of the Fon to me is no different from all other inmates who die due to ill health while serving their jail term, to me, i see this as discrimination but all the same, if he has the means to be treated, then it should be under the custody of the forces of law and order.
it is also a strange story to hear that in cameroon taht i know, inmates are allowed to smoke Indian hemp (marijuana) while in prison. i think this is a trick on the part of the warders for it is crystal clear that the smoking of indian hemp is illegal how come inmates do take it to an extend that it has an adverse effect on the Fon?
the Fon i think should be very happy in the first place that he is serving just 15 years. under the universal declaration of human rights, it is clearly stated in its Article 3.that,Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.of which i think the Fon did voilate and this is punishable by the cameroonian penal code to life imprisonment but i was surprised to hear that he was given just 15 years to serve. while on tghe other hand, some cameroonian who stand to apply articles 20 and 21 of the UDHR in the guise of SCNC, are given life imprisonment? is this real justice? although these were not passed by the same tribunal, it will prove to the outer world that there is no uniform system of justice.
as for the Mr Medical Doctor, i think he is not ignorant acting in such a way to arrange with a prisoner to fake papers as if he is sick so that he can gain his freedom but i think he should first of alkll think of the number of years he has spent to get such a carrier and how he can ruin it in just an hour just because i think he has been paid to do this, because i am stronly convinced that Mr Fon is well and kicken but all these are tricks.hope to be back when need arises.

Seseko moh Tabiewube

Hahaha, I wish the warders will tell the court how the Mbanga managed to get into their prison. Shameless warders! I wonder how Doh's palance in Balikumbat look like without him. The people of Balikumbat should without wasting time look for his successor. I do not think they will want a prisoner for their fon any longer.

Seseko moh Tabiewube


A prisoner is a prisoner.Fon Ndoh is not more than any other convict.The treatment given to others should be same to him.Why should he be kept in a private ward?Is there no prisoner ward in that hospital?What if he dies,I think that will be better for him bacause from the looks of things that will be the easiest way for him to escape this disgrace he is going through.I know his prayers are to see himself out or die but his time to die will not be so soon,he has to serve time first to see how painful it could be when you take away the life of another man.Please no more special treatment for him.There is no better criminal.We have never seen a report about other persons convicted along side Fon Ndoh, are they not human as him?I beg make wonna stop for call that killer Fon make Bali people them put different Fon.


I believe the time had come to silently eliminate this Fon Doh man especially now that he's in the hospital because he'll surely be made to spend 2 years in the hospital rather than serving his prison sentence.

We warned earlier that whenever Fon Doh is released without completing his sentence, the rest will be history

Fritzane Kiki Hong Kong

Whether you smoke or not you are still a smoker when in jail.In jail everybody is involved in smoking habits actively or passively, because of too much thinking and it is believe too be a 'stress-quencher' therein.That said Fon Doh should be locked up immediatelly after few days in hospital.If all prisoners use this fraudulent technic to claim they are sick, then who is going to serve his/her jail term.I think they are many convicted together with the former Fon and they are all entitled to thesame prison treatments and to serve their 15 year jail terms under hard labour.Justice should prevail,no justice for the rich and injustice for the poor.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

AdolfVanderwaals. GA, USA

No matter how many tests requested by the doctor what the fon is sick off is known by Cameroonians. I pray that his illness be diagnosed and after treatment he should be sent to prison and placed under hard labour. The fon deserves death but I want this death to be done slowly. What goes arround comes arround.

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