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Thursday, 29 June 2006


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Koddock, you are shamless. Even in the face of open fraud u still have something to say. No wonder u broke the UPC and betrayed oppositin parties to joined the GOMBO club. Give back what doesnot belong to you before ot takes you away. "If u live long it means u have God's BLESSING" . hEar who is talking. The judgment day shall tell who had God's blessing and who didn't.


This is a man always going around with a bag filled with emulets clutched under his arm,now he talks of God being merciful to him.There have been no bold initiatives in the agricultural sector in Cameroon for a very long time.Instead all state assets are falling into disrepair and some being auctioned off to wolves whose source of income is completely questionable.The quality of our cash crops is no longer worth the salt,this because of the ageing of the plantations put in place during the colonial era.Government is doing nothing to carve out new plantations ,and also doing little to help farmers improve the quality of their produce.So it is a laughable piece of publicity when Koddock starts happing about using up his investment budget.His Ministry was given about 29 billion in 2004,
but he only used 3.5 billion for investment,
and the rest was used on white elephants.We see how he successfully used up 3.5 billion,
so why should he not beat his chest!
This is a man who is said to have been the first Africans to have a Doctorate in Economnics in France,but he keeps confirming the fact that those who have flirted with France in any capacity are just like leprosy to the Cameroonian people.
Koddock like the other French pimps has always served this country with impunity,and has always been basking in the vanity of being desired by the "Majoritaire
Presidentielle".He has always said it to the displeasure of his critics that he is one of those who kept the Republic intact ,by betraying the Opposition to Biya.
He knew very well that Biya was a weak -minded leader,so by joining forces with him ,he was grooming himself to inflict his own pains on the country.This is somebody who always wants to pass for a Patroit,but will unprecedentedly put in place more than thirty swindling strategies.
Cameroon is now paying a price for letting Political songbirds take an upper hand over issues regarding the wellbeing and very existence of the country.If Biya
fell into songs about defending the Republic from people like Koddock,he equally paid little attention to the political correctness of each of them.They know that he is an absentee landlord and all of them almost instantly became the custodians of the tradition.They preach,clean everything out,and shoutdown any dissenting voices.Of course Koddock will treat Cameroonians who dare reason aloud now as mean and jealous.It is as if God elected and imposed him to be their UPC leader, Minister , swindler and finally their bully.What should make Cameroonians mad is that this money is supposed to be part of the HIPIC-1 wonda.When Cameroonians are asphyxiated to death with all sorts of taxes and demand for endurance,an old political ape is quietly swimming in bliss upstream.Koddock knows as you and i do,that
Mr Biya is now suffering from the waywardness that old age brings withal,and he equally knows that in Cameroon if you want to pull wool over people`s eyes and survive any political storm,talk strong and instantly you will pass for a political star.


Koddock is a member of the "Socialist" UPC just like his mentor Mitterand was a member of the Parti Socialiste in France. Corrupt. They neither believe nor practice what they preach. It would be a serious dissappointment if any one of these French Africans lives up to their word, a grave dissappointment. Those naive fellows who believe that the French Africans are changing are up for an eye openner. Where they asleep all these years?

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