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Monday, 05 June 2006


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Good Work Professor Fonge. I have always appreciated your interest in changing the lives of the comman man on the streets of Cameroon even during my youth. May the almighty God bless you.

Emmanuel ( Arizona)

Thank you Prof. you are a shining example to us all.
God bless you.

Tita Mofaw

This is not a very good message for the cpdm.Does it mean bush and his wife are recognising the small gesture done by prof Fonge more than the wonderful contributions which his excellency Dr. Paul Biya is doing? Does it imply that...

Morfaw Rene

Hey Doctor,

Two thumbs up. If Cameroonians and the Cameroon’s authority have not commended you for the things you do, it is simple because you are English speaking and do not belong to the ruling CPDM. Do you remember how the former Chancellor of UB frustrated a move that should have had the US government send you to lecture in the University of Buea?All they want you to do is to be frustrated and stop, after all was it not said that All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing?

betanga Justus

We are so proud of you.

Betanga Justus

We are so proud of you.


This is one of the things that go a long way to enhance a people's devlopmental needs. I am particularly proud of your acomplishment not only because it is an eye opener to other Cameroonians, but also because through it you sold a good image of our country. This is for real, what cut the attention of the US First Couple, the governor of Texas and many others. Keep up the good work prof.

Henry Alex

Healthy thanks Prof. Fonge.U are a source inspiration to some of us.For goodness sake,why can our political professors not emulate the prof.Fonge example rather than indulging themselves in the game of perfidy or duplicity.We see how political neutrality breeds respect poise and nobility


Prof. Mike Fonge,

You are a great force to reckon.
God will continue to empower you to empower others and make a meaningful contribution towards the GNP of Cameroon.

Johnny Mor

Leslie Njume

Wisdom is a gift as commonly said, but not everyone is opportuned to drink deep of the Pieran spring of knowledge.
That not withstanding, what have all the others who have been opportuned to have special previlledges done to their fatherland?
Development is not all about swollen bank accounts, nor exotic cars and mansions, but the growth of the human as a function of the welfare of his environment.
Fonge is not a millionare, but acts more than a millionaire does.
Why have all other stake holders of development forsaken our fatherland?
Please, comeback, just as K. Kaunda did, Like J. Nyerere,Like Anomangu,
Like Fonge.
You can do something, EVEN YOU.

Atem Fondong

congratulations Prof Fonge. Let your light continue to shine and the light of swesa

Meinrad Calleja

Prof. Fonge is a role model for those fortunate enough to have some access to education as a means of empowerment. When one gains political literacy through self-directed learning this can lead to concrete welfare. The government of Cameroon and other governments can continue to facilitate education based on perspective transformation that is more inclusive and that engages more people. The library is certainly an asset.Best regards,

meinrad Calleja


nice one prof! i'm v proud of this man. he's a role model to all cameroonians. it's great that he cares about orphaned kids and respects women- more men (and women) should take a leaf out of his book. i'd love to know how his domestic violence workshop goes. will the post please let us know.


More grease to your elbows sir but I don't think your recognition by the Bush administration means we should not blame the white man for our predicaments.

Its no secret that Africa today is what the white man wants it to be.
You are just an exception as in every situation.

Joe boy

HI Doc,
For those of us who know you we think its just goes to show how a wonderful person you are and hope you continue doing the things that you are good at. That is helping others. Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing.

dofus kamas

HI Doc,
For those of us who know you we think its just goes to show how a wonderful person you are and hope you continue doing the things that you are good at. That is helping others. Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing.

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