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Thursday, 29 June 2006


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Adolf Vanderwaals GA USA

I had told our brothers that one day they will get up from slumber. Hon Polinus jua an SDF MP and Hon Mbile Norbert a CPDM MP from Ndian had an interview on CRTV some months ago and when Hon Mbile was asked that the people of Ndian need some special treatment or benefits from oil revenues, the MP from Ndian rejected this sugestion because of the fear of the CPDM guns. Now the people of Ndian are crying and I know this cry has to last for atleast 10 years. I will tell you my brothers from Ndian that you are talking to death ears and until the powers that be change hands ur requests will be considered shallow. You people of Ndian should go ahead and ask your palamentarian if he has once whispered this complain in parliament. He is there for his own interest and that of his party. The chiefs should tell the parliamntarian to suggest this as a private members bill in parliament for oil rich areas arround Cameroon to benefit from the states oil revenues. For things like roads forget about them and keep worshipping the Godly CPDM. Manner is coming from heaven.God bless Southern Cameroons. I am glad some of the ignorant sons of the SC are getting up from a long sleep.

Motua Njongu

How about hiring qualified, competent people instead of appointing "my tribe"? No one merits special treatment or a job simply because they are native to the place where a job is located. If you aren't qualified for the job, you shouldn't get it even if you're Biya's son.

Imagine what might be accomplished if everyone actually had to be qualified to do the job! As long as we support tribalism, corruption and greed will trump honesty and progress.

dango  tumma

ah ah ah
never in 1000 yrs will frenchcameroun
milk your land to feed you, cause theirs is hatred,tribalism,corruption and power.
never will they, dream of seeing you people live in beaytiful cities and international airprts and highways, along with you people managing your own economy, if for 50yrs you people havent learnt this truth then, you
people need help mentally.
the only solution is an independent southern cameroons(ambazonia)
nothing less.


ahaaaaaa, time to cry has come.hwne elections will be arround the conner , they will bring cows and wines and chamoagns and then the song goes, "CPDM the best choice". Now u are crying. You will continue to cry like that for dacades and no one will lsiten to you cos they know how to decieve you.They know ur weak point; food and drink.
I hope you learn from this sand resist their luring cows and drinks when they bring them next time.

Fritzane Kiki Hong Kong

What is wrong in the chiefs demanding basic neccssities for their well-being.The most impoverished division in the SouthWest province yet it is amongst the most resourceful to to the country as whole.I think it is their basic right to expose this malice to the international community for their plights to be heard.

Dunga ,George,
We have recognised the suffering of the Anglophones as whole since independence some 50 years ago.It is with deep regret I read through the dilemma the people are undergoing in this underdeveloped and povery striken oil rich region.What strikes me most is that majority of the youths are illiterates and staunch CPDM supporters with 100% defeat of the SDF and other opposition parties yet they are under minded and underlooked.The question is:what accomplishments has they achieve or got from the CPDM party regime since independence than suffering and exploitation of their natural resources?

It is rather disappointing that the CPDM Anglophone nitwits like Mbile,Mukete,Dion Ngute and host of others prominent politicians are impartial and careless to the pleas of those who voted them up there.It is betraying therefore to keep rallying these inncocent masses behind the CPDM while condoning and worshipping the "Almighty Biya", when the common man down there lacks daily bread with deplorable living standards.A pity....indeed.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


It is quite frustating for the Ndian population. Can you imagine that the MP from Ndian shouted at one of his colleague for daring to say a word in parliament about the sufferings of the Ndian people. Wonders shall never end my brother. For how long are we going to keep hiding our feelings for fear of being accussed of antiparty politics.
I feel that the population of Ndian has learnt a bitter lesson, and will watch out this time arround when CPDM comes calling and telling them that they are the only one to solve all their problems. The present MP should be voted out because he is so party-blind that he fails to see the bad faith of his party towards his own people.

Tita Mofaw

What is the problem with these chiefs?
This is the job of the parliamentarian. Beside why should some people be appointed simply because they come from here or there.Appointment should be based on merits.

Why complain now? You have a parlaimentarian to represent you in Parliament and we expect him/her to come up with issues like this.The same parliamentarian would vote against a private bill that support affirmative action for the people of Ndian simply because the author of the bill is Mbah Ndam. You people are sometimes mad. Last month it was this other woman Abunaw making noise about a bill on genital mutiliation. The same bill that she voted aganist few months ago because the author was mbah Ndam.It seems to me that you guys only come to your senses when it is too late.

No to any kind of affirmative action in Cameroon.[Or yes if only they are going to appoint me minister of youth and sport because Milla Roger is my uncle and he is the sport icon in Cameroon].


Reading the comments that come after the article two things stand out clear to me.
1) There is general recognition of the plight of the Ndain man
2) This question of Chioce of party for the Ndian Man.

Assuming that there is a general concensus or agreement seemingly on the first point,I will dwell on the second, being a bonifide Ndian person.

The Ndian man during elections is faced with two devils, there will always be a lesser of two evils and therefore is good to die for one you know. I will tell anybody who cares to listen, that the SDF is NOT and HAS NEVER, don't ask me if it will EVER be the party of choice for a Ndian man.Take it or leave it.

The split of the SDF and its inherent problems could even be seen from the Ndian branch of that party yester years. I know every party has its problems, But The Ndian man will better die with the CPDM than having to be ruled under SDF, THEN THEIR SORROWS WILL EVEN BE WORST . The present SDF hierarchy, (now Bamenda faction) under Fru ndi, has no respect for a southwesterner, talk less of a Ndian man. Don't ask me of the other faction, your guess will be as good as mind.

This is a believe that is real and is the truth in the heart of a Ndian man. Marfaw above talked about cows and drinks as the only things the Ndian man knows, while I will not argue with you on such mediocrity, because this same thing happens in the whole of cameroon, I will like Marfaw and co to take a closer look at some comments made in the papers in different CPDM and SDF meetings holding in the Northwest of recent.

Until, I am proven otherwise, leave out intimidation, Most northwesterner "might" put their vote for the ruling CPDM, facts or fiction??You can judge and debate.

It is a period of re-awakening for the whole country and the Ndian man is just getting up from slumber, not yet late anyway, it may be a slow process, but it will surely come. oil exploitation in the Niger delta of Nigeria, has been going on for more than half a century today, but just in the past decade have indigens of the area decided to get up from sleep. So when the Oroko man will get there, we shall cross the bridge that is right ahead of us.

You made comparisms of Parlaimentarians seemingly between Sw and Northwest,are you sure you can stand the test of the debate if we go on to talk in this line. Do you and can you for one moment recall that, the present predicaments of Anglophones is duely the cause of Northwesterners? Can't you see the hand writtng clear on the walls, even though some will say they are liberators, of cause why not liberate an entrapment you caused?

Some may consider this write up inciting, but remember is time some of us will also defend against nonsense some individuals who have little or no idea about a Ndian man will make.

We have had and still have bad representative in the government, but we are gradaully making amendments, so what is all the lashing about?

Motua Ngjongu

Fritzane, there is nothing wrong with social justice. But a region full of resources is not the same as resourceful people. If you are surrounded by bounty but do not work to be productive, then the "most resourceful division" will remain full of poor people complaining that life is treating them badly. Working hard seems to be something that only the women here see value in.

You deserve NOTHING for simply being born in a place. Even the richest man on the planet, Mr. Bill Gates, has stated publically that his children will not inherit money. They will have to work for their livelihood just as he did.

Tribalism died in the developed world one hundred years ago. It's time for Cameroon to move to a new century.




Can you tell me the difference between Tribalism and Racism?

If you can make a clever distinction of the two, then I promise you that you will be bound and be blessed to learn something you have never thought of before.

Do you want to take Bill Gates as your mentor and a role model to castigate a clan? then I will say, go read more about these people.

Motua Ngjongu

Tribalism and racism are both just degrees of discrimination based on "my color, tribe, religion, etc.", and, certainly, discrimination exists throughout the world. But the degree to which it influences life in Cameroon is an order of magnitude different than in the industrialized nations of the North.

Many people would claim that much of the North is racist and discriminatory, and there is validity to that observation. Yet most Cameroonians would emigrate without a second thought if given the opportunity. That is not because racism doesn't exist in the North, but rather because the opportunity to work hard and succeed *does* exist. There are barriers to success in both places, but you can work hard and overcome the barriers elsewhere.

Show me the Cameroonian who comes back home to live after trying life in Europe or the U.S.? This is a short list indeed.

Our country needs two changes to enable us to succeed:

1. Security - a police system with policemen who will not take bribes.
2. Well-defined property rights - a legal system with judges who cannot be bribed.

As long as these two pieces of the puzzle are corrupt, tribalism will thrive and Cameroon will remain marooned in time.

Tita Mofaw

For those of you who might be day dreaming.
The Oil in Limbe where ever it is coming from does not and will never be the property of Ndian or any tribe.It is the national treasure of Cameroon.

Same for the plantations in Littorial province and where ever.A particular tribe did not invest any capital to tape those resources.The Cameroon government did and today some people will stand up in the name of chiefs and say silly things that it is theirs.If you truly think it is yours tourch it and see what will happen to you?

Don't ever waste your time copying from the people of the niger delta in Nigeria. You see what the federal government is doing to them? You remember the famous hero by name Kin Sarawewa? Sure, you know of his faith and those of his followers. Never you try to claim ownership of national treasures.

As a matter of fact, oil is even an international treasure today not just a national one.You see what America, France and Uk are doing to those countries which are trying to claim ownership of oil? It is a world resource,so my belove people of Ndian stop wasting your time and maybe you should think of something else like fishing.I don't think even Inoni would be stupid to give you such a right if he is president of cameroon.He knows this very well that is why in his own home town he doesn't dare to complain that SONARA is paying taxes to Doula instead of Limbe.


Tita Morfaw - Nice points except that they are wrong - based on 19th century imperialistic reasoning. Exploiting resources under somebody's feet without paying attention to social justice is a recipe for longterm disaster. There are other perspectives too, for example if oil is found in my compound in Texas, although it is under the ground, it belongs to me and by law if anyone wants it he needs to pass through me. Usually an individual would not have the resources to dig that oil, but a deal with the people who dig it means that I will have royalties as long as the oil flows. Even Cameroon govt does not have the means or technology to exploit oil. It must invite someone and make a profit sharing arrangement. By the same token, Cameroon government must make a profit sharing arrangement with anyone from whose land they remove stuff.

The way you are thinking is what causes human rights abuses and lack of respect of individual and group rights.

Fritzane Kiki Hong Kong

Tita Morfaw,
I like your reaction and explanation to this issue.But if everything being equal human rights are to be respected within an oil exploited area.We accept it's a national natural resource but the people in the area are supposed to be taken into consideration.My point is that they should foster developmental projects in the area where there is an exploitation of the peoples oil is taking place.You talk of parliamentarians channelling their plights,but someone like Mbile and former parliamentarians like late Nwalipenja have done little or nothing to help their people.

These chiefs know what circumstances they and their people have undergone for years now,so they are calling on the government to hear their sufferings.I see nothing in appointing sons of the soil in key positions and provide employment to the vast majority of the peasant population in the them literate or illiterate.I don't want to mention the inaccessible muddy-dusty roads which pose a threat to the oil companies themselves year in year out.

These Oroko people I know have crocodiles,elephants and other witchcraft powers that they can cause tremendous havoc and damage that could cause these companies billions of dollars,if not that they have been really patient and considerate that the companies are for the benefit for the entire nation.I know what these Oroko people can do when they get angry, so we should instead appreciate them for their humility and serenity for not taking any negative action for the past years now.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

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