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Monday, 26 June 2006


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Morfaw R

Chief Ayamba,

When fire lost, dog go sleep for fire side. Give the green light and you will not imagine the heat the fire whall produce. The dogs will NOT resist, they will go running. The Southern Cameroons need action.ETA in Spain was only heard and brought to the table when they did just what the International Community hears most.


Thumb up! The SCNC abandoned their Minnesotta agreement with the SCYL and SCAPO to take up arms against LRC, claiming to pursue the peaceful path with UNPO. Does the world understand this ? No, all they want to listen to is action. We must lost some souls to gain independence and old people like Ayamba and Nfor are scared to give up their lives for this holy cause.We have also asked these old people in the name of elites to step down and give the youths a chance. If they do not, we shall begin with them. Yes, let them stay there and see.


Cowards!So you want chief ayamba and others to sacrifice their souls? Don't you know that you could as well sacrifice yours.There are many from the grassroots who have died and hundreds of them are dying in prisons slowly.A stupid coward like NCHO will take shelter somewhere (probably in America)and open his big mouth that people should take arms.

People have done so in Rwanda,Burundi,Liberia,Zaire,Sudan,Somalia etc.Name just one of those countires that is better than Cameroon today after going through a civil war? Zaire for example was 10 times better than it is today before the war and was even 20 times better than Cameroon.But after the war Zaire is 50 years behind cameroon.

A reckless coward like you would take refuge somehwere and open your stinky mouth asking others to take arms.Do you think you are too young or too old to start the action?

Foolish and selfish bush fallers.You people are abroad and all you can think of is war in Cameroon so that you can rush to seek asylum.If you truly belief that war is the answer,take the next flight to Cameroon and sign up as a volunteer fighter.Don't preach war and go pesting aother countries to admit you as a refugee.


Cowards like you rush always in concluding that those who stand for are exiles. I can not still understand what motivated you to think i am in America apart from inferiority. You think the U.S. Americans live in peace and prosperity because they avoided arms? This people fought for their freedom, lost souls and their children and grand children are reaping the fruits. People like you think only about your stomarch, you try to see just as far as your nose, fearing to lost your life for the future generations to follow.
You ask me to sacrifice my life? I am doing just that. You will see me when we arrive Buea with the Blue-White flag and sing the "free at last" to the top of our voices. You will shamefully be identifying yourself with those who stood for,worked, sacrificed, endured and fought as if the issue of the Southern Cameroons depended upon them. But you will be sorted out, i promise you Tita.


Scare-dy cats and Calves like Tita are one of those who work for the CPDM,LRC voodoo machine to milk dry the Ambazonians.No amount of provocations from seemingly our own cowards who fail to defy emotions and reason,will stop the bundling of the annexationist de trop LRC evil structures in Ambazonia.Tita and his bootlicking ilks should keep quite and spend more time to cleanse themselves from the immoral filth the got from LRC and are now blithely bidding for them.Ambazonia will not be annexed and overpowered with French language.Only calves like Tita and ilk could entertain that.The presence of LRC SDO's ,Viceroys etc in Ambazonia shall invariably be a bobsy die,so Tita and LRC will be persued persistently by the fulmination from Ambazonia until you are obliterated.It is a Sword of Damocles.Tita,Your Cameroun is a filthy,frowsty state riddle with sophisticated thieves and rotten dead-ducks who passes for government officials.Their vision is to steal and serve neo imperialism with intimidation,and arbitrary killings and forced disappearances of dissenting voices. Who told you Cameroun is better than the countires you listed?You arrogance and false delusion right?You and cameroun are de trop in (Former Southern Cameroons)AMBAZONIA REPUBLIC.

Sam Maki

I strongly condemn all those "bushfallers" who sit in the comfort of their rooms in US or Europe and incite violence in Cameroon. Cameroon was one when the Germans colonized it and will stay so. Let's face it,there is no consensus among anglophones for a southern cameroons state.If you want to put this to the test, just take a poll. How can we follow people who have the guts to name themselves Hitler after what we all know this man did. What do they think we are? Those who advocate war should be the first to fight, lest they expose their cowardice. I am definitely not denying the existence of the anglophone problem but we must give dialogue and peace a chance. When Europe and America are busy uniting and growing stronger, some of us are busy preaching hate and division. We don't wanna substitute one form of tyranny and greed for another. So beware and be wise. I call on all forsighted anglophones to reject the politics of bigotry.


Don't worry Mr. Sam Maki!
These cowards by names Ndiks and Ncho claim to be fighting for anglophones and their tactic is to stay online and blame Chief Ayamba or X and Y for not sacrificing their lives.
Listen to Ncho-
"You ask me to sacrifice my life? I am doing just that. You will see me when we arrive Buea with the Blue-White flag and sing the "free at last" to the top of our voices".

Who do you think you are kidding? You plan to sacrifice your life by singing halleluya in the streets of Buea but you want others to sacrifice theirs by taking arms.Coward!I was hoping to hear you tell us when you plan to capture the gendarmarie battallions in Fako Division.Now you see how stupid and hopeless you are.Chief Ayamba is better off without imbeciles/hypocretes like you and Ndiks.How many times has the old man been arrested? How many times has he been harrassed and imprisoned? How many times has he defied the orders of the gendarms and wrestle with the authoririties in Cameroon? Don't you know that as a genuine fighter who is willing to sacrifice his life for others, you should have kidnapped atleast 10 colonels by now to demand for the release of all the SCNC fighters who are in prison? Aren't you ashamed that so many people have lost their lives because of SCNC and a supposedly war-monger like you have not killed a single soldier, yet you are quick to open your stinky mouth asking for others to sacrifice their lives.

The same story for your mirrow image self Ndiks.I am sure all you have to tell me is that you have been parading the streets of Buea singing songs and carrying white flags.That looks like arms to you right? Stupid wreckless goats.If you have good voices, go to some of those born again churches and sing because no amount of singing can do anything to Cameroon at this stage.
people like you have made it almost impossible for anything good to happen to anglophone Cameroon.
Southern Cameroon this, Southern Cameroon that.You are not even ashame of the fact that you don't understand the history of your country.Where was southern Cameroon and Eastern Cameroon before the french and english came to colonise you people? Where was the entity Cameroon even before the Germans came?

When other nations are planning new strategies every day on how to conquer the whole world, you are in Cameroon planing how to conquer each other.
Bunch of fools.


About consensus-

Most Americans were still loyal to the King of England at the time George Washington & co struck out to create a new country.

Most Africans did not believe that Africans could or should rule themselves when the first independence movements arose. It took time.

Southern Cameroons leaders are no doubt imperfect, but are not lacking in courage. These SCNC stalwarts are grimly sticking to their peaceful principles, including the man decried here for his name, Hitler, which he did not give himself. It is a given name from his father who was the Fon of Nso four Fons ago. I have no idea what Hitler means in Lamso. But that is the same language that gave us Russian names like Tukov and Verdzekov and a sprinkling of Irish names such as Tumi and Chinese sounding names as well. I would have changed the name, if I were he, but such is the reverence that some people have for their parents. That should clear the air about Humphrey Hitler Mbinglo, who has always employed peaceful methods in the pursuit of Southern Cameroons freedom. These are courageous people, heroes who deserve respect. Do not harp on further on his name. That is a means for fearful and corrupt Southern Cameroonian individuals of avoiding their responsibility to get us out of this mess.

Is there a chance that the quest for freedom will be splashed by some blood? No doubt. This peace under oppression has its own bloody costs, so what the hell?

No doubt, there are impatient young men, who cannot stand the glacial pace of progress. There are also the Ambazonians, of the Ndiks and Ncho variety, who are always critical of the SCNC and its methods of civil disobedience, although these are time tested and proven methods of confronting oppression. But that is usually the sweep and variety of liberation movements. There is nothing new here.


Mr Sam and Tita have onced more shown their naivity and abtuse state about the Plight of (Former Southern cameroons)AMBAZONIA.You both are still unable to defy emotion for level headedness .You are criminally starved of history , reason why both of you write gobbledegook here.Since you have fail to question why were they abducted and sent to LRC gulags,is there any need to respond to you anti Freedom lovers?In condemning the de-colonization of Ambazonia,Sam,speaking with his nose in the air says,"Cameroon was one when the Germans colonized it and will stay so".Shameful.Sam go and do research to know much about the history of your country. You and Tita are starved of History and just fit with the Stockholm Syndrome adage.You both are one of those who could be swayed by his enemy to kill his own prophet,perhaps not knowingly out of ignorance.It's just infelicitous.It is not worth it responding you.


I really don't know when this SCNC rubbish will end.This bunch of lunatics leaving abroad are those inciting this nonsense.You will tell your grand kids Cameroon will never be divided and will stay one.It was one before the Europeans came like the Germans.So by making life easier for administrative reasons for the British and the French they divided the country into two.Why are SCNC personnels not filing grievances with the UN that part of Nigeria was now was once before Cameroon and they want to reunite those two regions going back to German Cameroons.
This SCNC Lunatics collect money from people leaving in Europe and US to help them file for ayslum.Where is the money going,their personal coffers and they dare seat and point fingers at others,nonsense.Like the other writer said,to put this SCNC rubbish to rest,take a referendum and you will find that most of the people especially in so called Southern Cameroons will not go for your stupid ideas.Most of this militants seat here in the US and ask people to go to Buea and shout free at last.I can't wait to see you guys on the front line.When Nigeria was trying to take Bakassi,that would have been a good place to fight for your so call Ambazonia Repulic,but I didn't see you guys there,except drinking in your little dirty beer houses "Secuir" in Europe and US.Nonsense.


Don't waste your breath Petus.
Remember that you don't have to take anything that they say serious.They are not even convinced by their stupid argument.Take this fool Ndiks for example, who says I don't know anything about cameroon history because I stated that there was no east or southern cameroon prior to the arrival of thre french and english.

Ndiks will argue that there was a southern and eastern cameroon from the very beginning. Isn't that enough proof that he is mad.
I am interested in finding out about the level of your insanity.Could you elaborate more on this history which you claim I am so ignorant about.
After all people sometimes learn also from mad people


I think i told Tita and his ilk that it is not worth it responding to you.Yours statements swings like a pendulum.One doesn't know where you stand. About what you are asking,you have to do research thyself.You have a home work.Or just continue working for the LRC voodoo CPDM machine of terror.


The truth about this SCNC struggle is that there is not enough committement.Fear because of the magnitude of the risk.The best defence is an attack but not the stupid EBENEZAR AKWANGER Approach of a futile an embarassing terrorist attack which makes him an enemy of the SCNC which preaches the FORCE OF ARGUMENT.AKWANGER WHO IS PRESENTLY ENJOYING safety and liberty has embarked on a new war against other Southern Cameroonians fleeing for safety.In a recent developement from a confidential document Akwanger is informing Belgian Assylum AUTHOURITIES BASELESSLY THAT Docs provided by SCNC factions are not authentic.In his words "those thieves shall be dislodged and brought to justice"Akwanger has declared to the US Authourities that people a telling Lies that they had a problem.SCYL is not in anyway part of SCNC,it is a union of RASCALS and terrorist disguised under the banner of SOUTHERN CAMEROONS.Akwanger who is not aware of how he was smuggled out of KONdengui is now an International assylum resource person.FELLOW SOUTHERN CAMEROONIANS ,WHERE ARE WE HEADING TO.CHIEF AYAMBA,JUSTICE EBONG,HENRY FUSSUNG,DR KEVIN NGWANG AND CHIEF BARRISTER DINKA please get the bull by the horn and liberate the SOUTHERN CAMEROONS.THIS IS JUDE ABAIN THE CONTROVERCIAL WRITER.

Tambe E Nyong

God Bless epublic for it is time for no return and time for Justices.The fight is on.we will never give up now for the victory is on the way.we most move forward and backward never.God be on the side of struggle.we are standing for our rights.shame to the forces of CPDM.oncemore GOD Bless every one and God bless southern cameroon.

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