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Monday, 26 June 2006


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Good message from the protestors.

"MINATD will do our elections no good", "No to DOs supervising elections in Cameroon".

Proof is that a governor (Koumpa Issa), whom the CPDM presents as neutral administrators NOT politicians, openly says "we (CPDM) too will oppose when the SDF gets to power." Can such a governor be neutral in elections? No! He must rig it for his party.

The only problem with the protest is, it is nothing but lip service, another well rehearsed drama to keep the people punching the air "pawa to de pipo" while Mbah Ndam and Ni John are enjoying the comfort of their dealings with Biya. When the masses say "Who has de pawa? We have de pawa" Mbah Ndam just looks at Ni John and they both enjoy a good laugh and whisper in each other's ears "Biya has the power and we are sharing it with him in ways only we understand".

Proof? After avoiding press interviews, the only place Ni John feels comfortable to address the issues rocking the SDF is... where of all? Biya's "Inside the Presidency"! Shame no go kill wona so?




You are an idoit.Are you not one of those who refused to see the convention delegates/convention election computerised?

Did you not convened and conducted fake election in BOYO,stop all this hypocracy and be honest to yourself.

You now want the cpdm to create an independent election commission when this was taboo to you and fru ndi.Where do you guys think you are taking the sdf to?Cry of change during the day yet join Biya steal at night.



You are extremely poor in analysis. Did he give the interview to shower praises on Biya?NO. Everyone has the right to use any avenue to vent his opinion. Fru Ndi did this and used state press to hammer the administration.Some of you are really 'Fru Ndi drunk'. When the man holds his calm, you say he hates the press, when he gives interviews no matter what he says, you say he is using Biya's press.My question is since when did Biya invest in a press organ in Cameroon? If you are talking about the state media, it is this same media power-hungry Ni Ben has been using trying to cajole SDF militants to no avail.
Furthermore, why did you not say same when Fru Ndi gave interviews to STV, Afrique Nouvelle, Business & politics, La nouvelle Expression last week and the week before?
I can see your anti-Fru Ndi campaign is so frustrating that even where he does not feature, you try by all means to make him the subject. Try harder.


Welcome back! I guess you've come back stronger? The best thing for you people is to rally militants to your will-be created party; it's needless blackmailing & mugslinging Hons. MBAH NDAM & YOYO. The two HONORABLE GENTLEMENT have been doing positively in the National Assembly and in their constituencies. They can win elections in their constituencies (even in Ngyen-Mbo Development Association), whereas Ni Ben can't win elections anywhere! They NEVER blocked Ni Ben from Ni Ben from his supposedly "senior status" in the SDF. Ni Ben resigned in 1996 & was readmitted in 2004, before being dismissed on May 22, 2006. Ni Ben has all along being trying to humiliate the SDF but at the end of the day he humiliated himself.

Haven't you realised that you aren't succeeding here? We all know who Ni Ben is and will never SURRENDER the people's precious gift, the SDF to him. I want to assure with an article of faith that we'll have the Independent Electoral Commission, IEC before this year runs out. We hope to compete with you guys as opponents and NOT enemies come 2007.

In my previous postings I've said that even a kangaroo court won't give the SDF to Ni Ben. I'm very sure Pa Muna is looking back at Ni Ben with regret - after believing that Ni Ben, brothers & sister will cleanse his image. I'm not George Atanga as you're thinking. Why worry about my name? You're BenF/B as I'm Atangha. I am here on the path of TRUTH. If you're here on a mission, to misinform, distort facts and propagate falsehood, then that's your business. Readers read our "facts" and know who's telling the story as it should be told.

Are you satisfied with Feli's answers on the Chairman's interview on CRTV? The Chair merely spoke on Bakassi & NOT the SDF. The Chairman NEVER went to Mendakwe to "beg" for reconciliation with NGWASIRI; he was being courtious to the FON who is convalescing & talking about SDF wouldn't have escaped their discussions.

Brother BenF/B, it's better you talk about your will-be created party and leave the SDF alone! Get this to Ni Ben, "He who does not heed the advice of the wise will one day be trodden upon by an elephant".

Cheers & let's keep pursuing the truth!


Vally, the only english boy,

This jealousy of yours will not help you or Cameroonians. You will never ever be like Mr. Tabali. Go and see some of his works when he was mayor of Ndop rural council. Cameroonians do not need this your internet politics of lies telling. Keep shouting about dealings with the rdpc and yet a single evidence to back your claim, you cannot show. These fake Ni Ben worshipers are notorious for lies telling and fiction acting with gang leader mukete. Where is the copy of the letter he claimed accompanied the memoir?

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