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Friday, 23 June 2006


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Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

I think that if this minister continues with such intransigient and anti-democratic behaviour it is time for President Biya to dismiss him from his position.

If the President had banned him from presenting such an obnoxious ammendment to the press laws he should forget about it altogether, and not put up democratic pretences by soliciting the views of stakeholders and not taking them into account.


Of what use now were ministers sent out to see how elections prevailed in other countries? We are in a country where things are publicly said to please stake holders but the contrary is done. Were all these positions taken by the government not ways of letting stake holders grant them the ppte point? Its really a shame that we are living with such things.


When the regime did some window dressing to blindfold stakeholders in order to reach the completion point of HIPC , you were the first to send motion of support , now you are crying foul. Why cant you ever wait until it's night time before saying it has been a good day? Now we hear even those who were arrested for corruption are now free citizens.What happened? Your guess is as good as mind.Until we get leaders who will call white ,white and black,back the status quo remains.



Let me start with Mbah Ndam/Yoyo who have deceived Fru ndi.He no holds NEC/NAC meeting of his sdf and take decicsion without due process,so why is the MP wanting their colleagues in crime the cpdm to do different.

I have never trusted any thing done by the cpdm,they are only interested in seeing Biya stay as Head of state for life.


Dr. A. A. Agbormbai


Reaching the completion point does not mean that all is suddenly well. It is an attainment which indicates that significant progress has been made, not one that indicates that all is suddenly well.

There is no country that is completely free of problems, and Cameroon will never be one. If that were to happen the world would come to an end.

I am completely in support of the completion-point attainment because I believe that President Biya is serious about changes and that he is more important in the process than his ministers, who are all dispensable. Any minister who steps out of line can be sacked, and this is what they should all remember.

If this minister thinks that he can do as he pleases then he will be the first to go, and this will remind all the other ministers to think carefully before acting.


I feel it is time for Southern Cameroonians to stand up,We need to look at what is happening around the world and stand up for our freedom.There is no hope for this country.We must Stand up and fight for our Children.Civil war is bad, but the fruits are the sweetest.We must go for the sweetest fruits.Am ready


You sounded there like the the President's Private political adviser. My dear friend until the rotten tooth is pulled out the mouth must chew with caution. This is a govt of bad faith. As I said above all the noise about arresting a few scapegoats in the name of fighting corruption was just window dressing .

They even called for commonwealth and francophonie to discuss the creation of independent body to cater for elections in Cameroon. Today they are dragging their legs on the same matter. After all the jackpot has been hit,the rest can go to hell.

Dr AA you defintely remember Biya redrew this obnoxious bill from parliament due to criticisms from international communiites because of it being indirect censhorship of the press. Now the bill is back to the glass house .Why? The answer is blowing in the air.

Do you think these ministers can draft a bill, send it to the parlaiment without Biya's consent? Impossible gentleman.
All your praise singing to Biya doesnt hold water. This regime is not trustworthy.



Unconfirmed news filtering into my ears from Cameroon says the chief "mourner",who at one time monopolised the forum is on stike.It is alleged that he was not only refused an extention of his contract,but was not fully paid for the work done so far. what he had as pay reminds the advance that he received at the beginning.

According to reliable sources,the abrogation was precipitated due to the fact that his work was not yielding any positive outcome to his employer,the political monster call Muna.According to my source,the chief mouner failed to scrupulously execute the program that was handed to him.The plan was that,he first start by fawning Fru Ndi to mislead the targeted audience,and later on launch a full slanderous campaign to complete blackmail Ni John Fru Ndi.As I am reliably informed,the fellow,although spent a lot of time for the assignment,but kept contradicting himself, day in,day out leading to the annoyance of his master who followed his postings closedly and related it to the comments that "forumites" made to point out the inconsistency in his write ups.The most disgusting thing to his master,as I got from the news is the fact that the Chief "mourner" ignored almost all comments made regarding his plot.According to him,ignoring comments that "forumites" made to point out his contradictions made his work tenuous and unproductive.

It is also alleged that while the chief "mourner" is still negotiating for full compensation of the work he did,he is threatening to use his pen in the reverse direction if he is finally not considered.As I am told,it will be difficult for him to surface on the forum again,one of his friends has said,"where will Ben B+F leave his conscience if he has to surface on the forum to use his pen in the reverse direction?"



Sometimes I wonder if you really understand the political developments in Cameroon.You are asking the President to fire which minister? What makes you believe the president is unaware of the content of this obnoxious bill? For your information before a bill like this is sent to the National Assembly it must be sanctioned by the Presidentcy of the Republic.The minister is just following the instructions handed to him by his boss the President of the Republic.Can we defend the titles we want the world to know we possessed.


I have stated - again and again- that if President Paul Biya could be having only a single drop of good faith still existing in him, then our beloved country would have since been out of the mess it finds itself. It is rather unfortunate that Cameroonians continue to feel that Biya can change overnight to deliver what we all want. President Paul Biya has committed so much atrocities and damages to the point that he can not afford to give Cameroonians the opportunity to bring him to book. So all those Cameroonians using their pens and voices to make Biya repent and change labour in vain.

Unfortunately, the only one who had promised to chase president Paul Biya out of the presidency - Ni John Fru Ndi - is now one of those secretly maintaining Biya in power. By the year 1990, Cameroon had desired nothing more in their hearts than see Ni John Fru Ndi force president Paul Biya put the keys into the presidency on the ballot box and surrender. By that time, we all thought that the Almighty God had sent Ni John Fru Ndi to come and relieve us from the bondage that Biya has chained us into. We therefore happily sacrificed everything to place Ni John Fru Ndi in a better position to force this frustrated thief from the forest in M'vomeka to give up the presidency.

Before, Ni John Fru Ndi was giving President Paul Biya sleepless nights until at a certain point President Paul Biya wanted to leave the country. After trying many different methods, president Paul Biya understood that most opposition leaders were just hungry people, who out of frustration with his CPDM party, are now crying out to get money and fame. After putting Ni John Fru Ndi in a fix with the many secret financial favours that the CPDM government has been giving him, Ni John Fru Ndi is now just like a piece of useless stone by the side of the road. After Biya has succeded in chaining Ni John Fru Ndi's soul and conscience, Biya can now climb on Cameroonians at any time without fear.

Our main problem now is not very much with president Paul Biya, a man who is prepared to die in power than give Cameroonians the opportunity to bring him to book. Ni John Fru Ndi has not only failed for 15 years, but he has abused our confidence and trust; he is now eating with our number one problem. It is therefore imparative that Cameroonians start looking for an alternative leader who will help chase out both President Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi. Unless we get that Leader, then we all labour in vain as we "BEG" Biya to give us the rights we deserve.

It is pure nonsense to read that the SDF parliamentarians are boycotting sessions in protest to what they reject. If they feel the parliament is rotten - which I think it is - then they should completely leave it with Biya and his quack CPDM gang of thieves. SDF parliamentarians can not be boycotting sessions and the next day they are running to collect huge salaries and financial benefits from the same CPDM government. SDF parliamentarian can not be boycotting sessions and the next day they are returning to vote for inceased financial benefits to parliamentarians. SDF parliamentarians can not be boycotting particularly sessions and the next day they are found abroad (especially Mbah Ndam) defending the image of the government.

Man does not leave by bread alone. Also, I personally believe in the "All or None Law". Until SDF parliamentarians realize that they can also ignore the "bread" from government coffers and fight "independently" of government cooperation, then they are simply making a mockery of the whole system. What do they expect to take to a parliament that has the CPDM as majority? How do they expect to make a "piece of stone" perform goodness? SDF parliamentarians do not only need money from the government to be able to bribe Ni John Fru Ndi to maintain them in position of responsibility. Afterall, there are SDF militants who have been bribing Ni John Fru Ndi with going to parliament or without receiving salaries from the government.

The presence of the SDF in parliament gives LEGALITY to the congregation of hand clappers. The cooperation between Ni John Fru Ndi and president Paul Biya gives the international community the belief that genuine democracy is in Cameroon. The US Ambassador could not be indefferent to this when he is fully aware that there is no more opposition in Cameroon. After obtaining first hand information that president Paul Biya is collaborating with Ni John Fru Ndi, the US Ambassador had no other alternatives than to confirm to his government and the world that president Paul Biya is working for the benefit of the country. This explains why the US Ambassador was in the USA drumming support for president Paul Biya and his government. If Ni John Fru Ndi could be doing, then what do we expect from a foreign person residing in the country?

If Ni John Fru Ndi and Paul Biya are giving the impression that all is well and fine in Cameroon, then it is for Cameroonians to stand up on their own and send out the real image of the sad situation we all find ourselves. But how and by who? That is the question.




Who is this chief "mourner" I'm out of the country at the moment!!!


Hello my friend Mukete

I thought Muna solved your problem Mukete. Didnt we hear he has a faction of your SDF which you suppoort? Which other leader are you asking for? Or are you saying John Fru Ndi still captivates you? Can we now rest from this SDF saga? Before Fru Ndi was Cameroon and after Fru Ndi we'll still have Cameroon.Find something else to talk about.You are simly giving credence to those who purport that some of you are paid for what you do?

Dont let us to believe that.Tell us something about Kumba where you live or had lived before. Tell us about the Kumba market where traders are planning to boycott etc. Stop being rhectorical.Same song everywhere.


Henry Alex

Is the chief mourner Benf?If yes,then from all indication is true and we are free from deadless mourning.Why i mourn for Mendoze part one and two is going to be void of in this forum.Making the forum more responsible.The Forum almost became a cremating and grave yards.


This fool called agbormbai is a doctor for real?


If it was reading comprehension,you would have failed.I ended with the name of the chief "moúrner".Have you forgotten of one infamous Ben B or Ben F we had on this forum a fews weeks ago?


For once I see with you about the SDF being in parliament, sometimes I wonder if it was not a mistake on the part of the SDF going to Parliament. They end up being toothless bulldogs. But your “all or none law” might be problematic in a young democracy like Cameroon because most people were eager to have an avant gout of what the SDF can do if they are in power, they wanted to see if the SDF can deliver the goods, that’s why the SDF was pressurized to go into parliament. I guess this only helped to promote Biya’s policy of “Démocratie appaiser”, rather than bring radical change in the political arena.

As for Fru Ndi, I don’t know why you keep throwing stones at him, I thought by now you should have been focusing on Muna, your new messiah. You seem to have insider information, I thought you’ll give us some gists about an upcoming “SDF Authentique” rally or something.


Information is Knowledge. I post a lot of sensitive information on this site. Consequently, I don't want to base anyone's write-ups on "I thought, Maybe he meant this or that".

Yes! I failed your reading comprehension(test). Please could you educate me more on his transactions, so that in the future I could avoid this gambler! He might be one of those soliciting my e-mail with "bogus" mails seeking for contracts.


I say eh, dis cry-die nova stop? Or are you waiting to see the grave decorated? Keep lying to yourselves and believing your own lies. Truth is elsewhere. And you all know it. That's why you are crying. Cry louder!!! There's more crying ahead. Very soon. Bet.


Emmanuel B Tange

Dear readers , since i started using this forum, i have been constantly been disturbed by the messages of Dr Agbormbai and Mukete, inshort my reasoning is that these guys are the freatest idiots of our time.

Emmanuel B Tange

Dear readers , since i started using this forum, i have been constantly been disturbed by the messages of Dr Agbormbai and Mukete, inshort my reasoning is that these guys are the freatest idiots of our time.


Agbormbai is the worst,after a lot of education in this forum,he has refused to learn.An O/Level intern in this forum for all this time could do better.


Ben B,
In my write up,I said, unconfirmed news filtering into .....
You have just surfaced to confirm it,because according to my source,I was told,you are following all developments on this forum,but find it difficult to contribute because,you don´t yet know what to do.
News of the scandal has dug you out of your hole.If you have come to use your pen in the "reverse" direction,you are welcome.It is never too late to revail the truth.

If someone doubts my source,how can Ben B who was so regular as a mourner explain his sudden hault in contributions for a long time and only to surface,to tell us he is still around immediately I revailed news of his scandal?


Dr AA.,

Permit me say that you are just turning around your pro-CPDM rhetoric everytime in this forum. I suggest you look deep into your heart, read the bible or any other religious book to understand how to relate to others in this world.

Your constant CPDM rhetoric will not change the life of any person if you think you are supporting the right movement.



A Test of Anglophone Solidarity was banned at the last minute, and the author, Asong Wara (organiser) and Christian Cardinal Tumi (chief launcher) threatened with detention, for 15 days renewable, should they proceed despite the ban. Subsequent bannings were brought to bear on the launching of Charles Taku's For Dame Lynda Chalker & Other Anglophone Cameroonian Notes, and of Christopher Nsalai's Look Up to the Mountain Top: Beyond Party Politics. Grassfielders in the South West Province were likened to scabies, a stubborn skin affliction commonly referred to in Pidgin-English as "Cam-no-go" [meaning an illness that wouldn't be cured or a visitor that wouldn't leave]. In Kumba for example, Chief Mukete organised thugs of Bafaw youths to defend the regime against the "settler vote" in an election the SDF opposition was set to win. His action would be hailed subsequently by Nerius Nemaso Mbile, an old and experienced politician, at a joint conference of South West chiefs and elites in July 1999, and other traditional leaders urged to emulate him(4) .
Although its preamble still pays respect to the age-old ideology of nation-building, the constitution appears to place more premium on ethnic identities and to allow for an interpretation by government that promises reward to all elite ready to sacrifice the quest for national citizenship or power in favour of ethnic citizenship and power. Indeed, from the way politics has been practised since the promulgation of the constitution, it would appear that civic identity and inter-ethnic or national constituency, are limited to the CPDM president, the only person with a meaningful right to seek power at a central or national level. Challengers who are not discouraged by an unfavourable electoral code (Tolen 1997) and the invidious manipulation of electoral rolls, are eventually vanquished by a post-election rigging machinery perfected over the years, since 1992. This, in part, explains how from a modest score of 39.976 % in the first multiparty presidential elections in 1992, Paul Biya would in the 1997 election score 92.57%, reminding one strongly of the one-party era when elections were a mere formality for the incumbent and such scores as 99.99% commonplace. Also, by opting for ten regions along the lines of existing provinces, the constitution proved the Biya government's committed disregard for federalism and its determination to keep Anglophones divided (1996 Constitution, Article 61, paragraph 3), in addition, of course, to living up to the French-inspired aversion for decentralised government among Francophone Cameroonians.
Unsurprisingly, the constitution has been much criticised, especially by radical Anglophones and the Bamileke. Both the constitution and the advantage taken by the SAWA of it, have been interpreted differently by various groups, using media that were either for or against (Tatah Mentan 1996). While the SAWA and the Beti, supported by Cameroon Tribune, Le Patriote and L'Anecdote, hailed it as a necessary and timely step to protect minority groups from the asphyxiating grip of expansionist and dominant migrants such as the Bamileke and groups from the Bamenda Grassfields, others, articulating their case through the critical anti-government press of mainly Bamileke and Anglophone origin, saw it as a recipe for national disintegration (Tatah Mentan 1996; Nkwi and Nyamnjoh 1997; Zognong 1997; Jua 1997). Indeed, since 1996, various groups have taken advantage of its ambiguous promise of protection for minorities to fan the flames of division and differences with others as a pretext for access to power and resources at national and regional levels (Konings and Nyamnjoh 1997; Nyamnjoh and Rowlands 1998; Eyoh 1998a and b; Nyamnjoh 1999; Geschiere and Nyamnjoh forthcoming). And critical Anglophones have seen in this outcome a trivialization of the notion of "a minority", and blamed the CPDM government for championing the politics of divide-and-rule to the detriment of the Anglophone cause and nationhood. Some have interpreted the new constitution as a conspiracy by the state to marginalize the Anglophones even further (Tatah Mentan 1996: 186-194; Jua, 1997), a concern which John Ngu Foncha had already voiced in his letter of resignation from the CPDM in 1990, when he wrote: "The Anglophone Cameroonians whom I brought into the union have been ridiculed and referred to as "les Biafrais", "les ennemies dans la maison", "les traes", etc., and the constitutional provisions which protected this Anglophone minority have been suppressed, their voice drowned ..."(5) .



I thought the problem of leadership vacuum in the opposition was solved with the election judas(muna) at the two hours drama in Yaounde as an authentic Chairman of the sdf? You make your disciples Valley of England and Agbormbai more confused here.You know they believe in all your fiction.You might force them to go mental.Watch out.


The reporter says Biya allegedly ordered the minister to redraw this bill. Its not said he actually did so.Look Agbormbai, this is simply CPDM politics. If you do follow events and are sincere you would admit why this bill is coming back to the glass house.

Anything that had to jeopardize the HIPC completion point was carefully kept aside around that time. Everything was done to please the Bretton woods institutions.Now that they have made a good catch ,what else?

This minister cant send a bill to the parliament without Biya's consent,impossible. Who takes orders from who Agbormbai? Dont try to be shading Chameleonic tears here .This is simply your CPDM's way forward. A zebra can never change the crosses on its skin.

Maybe we send a memo to SW chiefs to pressurize Biya to appoint you his political adviser so that you can tell him which minister to dismiss and which to promote.



The reporter says Biya allegedly ordered the minister to redraw this bill. Its not said he actually did so.Look Agbormbai, this is simply CPDM politics. If you do follow events and are sincere you would admit why this bill is coming back to the glass house.

Anything that had to jeopardize the HIPC completion point was carefully kept aside around that time. Everything was done to please the Bretton woods institutions.Now that they have made a good catch ,what else?

This minister cant send a bill to the parliament without Biya's consent,impossible. Who takes orders from who Agbormbai? Dont try to be shading Chameleonic tears here .This is simply your CPDM's way forward. A zebra can never change the crosses on its skin.

Maybe we send a memo to SW chiefs to pressurize Biya to appoint you his political adviser so that you can tell him which minister to dismiss and which to promote.



I post a comment last and it appears first.ouufff!


Vally of England,
I was at the Mfoundi High Court on Thursday June 22 & couldn't see Ni Ben or any of his co-dissidents. This is an indication that they're increasingly coming to terms with the basic reality that, they're fighting a lost battle. Again to justify my standpoint, Ni Ben said in The Herald of Friday June 23 that if he's defeated, he'll formed his own party. I'll advice him to go straightaway & form his party, but unfortunately, he lacks the tact & eloquence as a politician.

I'm very convinced Muna past thru education but education didn't pass thru him. Not only him, but his co-dissidents. The case in court is too just to be lost! In other matters, Chairman Fru Ndi will be a guest on the CRTV programme "Inside the Presidency" on Monday June 26 at 10 p.m.Earlier in the day, the case against Muna's piracy of the SDF logo will be trashed for once & forever.

I'll advice Vally's myopic comrades to follow the interview & hear how a leader of a political party speaks!!!!

I'll be back.


Why I Mourn for this Forum (II)

Poor fellows of The Post/Postnewsline. It’s like a golden ring they’ve put on the nose of a pig. What do the so-called young intellectuals here use it for?

See what forums like this elsewhere are used for. The best ideas are floated there. The most critical, non-complacent young men use it to make their voices heard. They are the intellectuals: they are the ones warming up to take over the relay baton. They ask the hard questions. They put their leaders on the hot seat over issues touching on their destiny. But not on this forum; not where those supposed to be firebrands are nothing but numbskulls. They’re all tongue-tight, these future leaders we are grooming on this forum.

I mourn for this forum because you only hear people sing loudest during songs of praise for their idols or when insulting the person they hate seeing in their dreams. Look at this story on the CPDM dominated-parliament dodging debate over independent electoral commission. Did any of the loudmouths on this forum say a word? You know why? At least two reasons:

1.) They know Mbah Ndam has no moral authority to question Biya’s foot-dragging over independent electoral commission. You must come with clean hands if you seek equity. My friends here know that Mbah Ndam’s hands are soiled not only with dirt but also with blood, as his calculated resistance to Asonganyi’s good intentions to put together an independent electoral commission within the SDF spiraled to the Diboule bloodbath.

If the SDF had its independent electoral commission, it would have had moral grounds to speak to Biya’s face. But Mbah Ndam would rather have people be killed than have free and fair elections in the convention.

On what grounds could he challenge Biya’s foot dragging? My young friends here see that but remain tongue tight because any word they could utter on the subject would shame their idols.

2.) My young friends here know that the Mbah Ndam-Yoyo walkout over the independent electoral commission was just drama to fool our poor people. They know that Mbah Ndam and Yoyo are Epeses – they’ve already sold the match. Every ball they kick is just an indirect pass to set up Biya to score, though they pretend to take sliding tackles.

My young friends know that these COMMERCIAL ACTIVISTS, reinforced by Kwemo and Awudu Mbaya have since sealed their deal with Biya through Gregoire Owona and just have to continue acting drama to fool the people that they are fighting. This band of COMMERCIAL ACTIVISTS know that if they make any genuine noise Mbah Ndam’s FEICOM file would be brought out (remember his motion of support to Biya after Ondo Ndong’s arrest?).

As for Yoyo, only a small state auditor fresh from ENAM would be sent to check his books as Questor (one of the financial controllers so to say) at the National Assembly. Let’s leave Kwemo’s case for now.

I mourn for this forum because of the calibre of people, so-called social democrats whom so-called young intellectuals on this forum condone; those are the people they expect to bring change to Cameroon; the people they expect to speak to Biya’s face and wrestle with him for the independent electoral commission.

I mourn.

(Has anyone found an appropriate title for me?)


... but why are they beating about the bush?

There is this question readers are, still, waiting for answer:

"Between remaining the Chairman of the SDF and becoming the president of Cameroon, which is the current ambition of Ni John Fru Ndi?"

In order words,

"Is Ni John Fru Ndi contented with the post of SDF chairman- the apex of his political career?"

Putting it in other words,

" Does Ni John Fru Ndi consider it completely impossible for him to become the president of Cameroon. And if he still dreams to replace president Paul Biya, can he please tell us how this can ever be possible?"

Recalling it in another way,

"Did Cameroonians sacrifice their lives and properties to see Ni John Fru Ndi remain the Chairman of the SDF or to see him become the president of Cameroon?"

Concluding in this way,

"Is there any possibility for Ni John Fru Ndi to become the president of this country, even if he remains SDF chairman for life? By remaining chairman of the SDF has he completed the job that his god sent him to do on earth?"

This is the question needing urgent answers.


Fritzane Kiki Hong Kong

I think the last statement holds with the present SDF and its ideologies as a whole,
when we see little or no opportunity for NJFN to become the president of this country,and even if he remains SDF chairman for life, what will He/SDF be proud of achieving finally?Sometimes when we take a retrospection into the SDF of the 90's and that of the 2000's we feel betrayed by the SDF heirarchy for not strenghtening the SDF policy and objectives to foster taking up the presidency at Etoudi in the upcoming presidencial elections.

Little wonder they(SDF-Fru and SDF-Muna) are contented with the post of 'chairman', until they are dragging each other to court from one case to the other,while Biya is there smiling at them with relaxation.This is pure mess in the SDF as a whole.At present majority of Anglophones of Southern Cameroon are seeking refuge with the SCNC which will become the last straw that hits the camel's back,simply because they are unable to forsee any possibility that one day an 'Anglophone' will rule Cameroon.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

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