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Thursday, 15 June 2006


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Leopaul Ndongfac

Mme Blackluck is equal to Mme Badluck.

dango tumma

hang-on guys, the sun will shine soon
tony blair is going out, george bush too soon, kofi anna too, all the crooked
non conforminity of ienternational affairs
will soon make it in the open and the debate
for the united nations to recognise an independent southern cameroons willbe open for all 54 memebers to vote, britain alone wont be sufficient to block our drive for emancipation, badluck didnt read that the false union had aleady ended by signing into law in decree number 01/84 . renamimg the federal state into republique of cameroun? she and their american ambassador laugh and eat with biya,kofi and chirac to our sweat, but evil is always overule by justice, the arc of injustice is just too long,but in bends towarsd justice (mlk)
we have a homeland , we are rightfully created by the creator to rule our land.
the french camerounese, cannot consider their lands theirs. and also consider whats naturally ours theirs too.
under any guised.
la republique du cameroun have signed all international treaties, in the world, but have never obeyed any.
soo, too is this bakassi gamble, it can never keep any treaty obligation, because this country was founded on fraud, such it remains a fraudulent, immoral, and satanic state.


THE EMANCIPATION OF SOUTHERN CAMEROONS - The Most Paramount Issue On The Table For All PATRIOTIC Southern Cameroonians.

...I don't deny the importance of the SDF to Cameroonians, neither do I not respect the views of SDF militans. However, there's a question. Do your conscience good by SINCERELY answering these questions...does SC deserve independence? Are Southern Cameroonians regarded as second class citizens in their own country? Whether you like to acknowldege it in the open or in hiding your answer is YES! I don't intend to re-visit the forces of arguments which are on the table cos I'm pretty cocksure that almost all the members in this house are very versed with these. Some argue that there're two options for Southern Cameroonians - separate using force or getting an "anglophone" president. This school of thougth goes ahead to proof that the latter is easy and readily attainable but they fail to think hard! Are they dreaming???

...We all know that the Southern Cameroons have got a legitimate claim. We all know how loath the Biya/France government feel about addressing the issues and why they feel loathe...they know they're harvesting even where they did not sow. We all seem to dream that one day an "anglophone" president'll give an ear to the cause EVEN as Chirac and other French presidents insist that Cameroon will never be ruled by an "anglophone". When asked to comment on the SCNC struggle and hopes of an anglophone president, hear what your colonial master says:"democracy is not important in places like that". Another question emanates...Can Southern Cameroons ever produce an "anglophone" president? The answer is a categorical NO! Why then should we continue dreaming?

My Dearest Southern Cameroonians,

Mindful of the fact that this forum consists of brains, big businessmen and convinced that when we collaboratively concentrate ALL our energies brainstorming on the possibilities of the liberation of our country peacefully or by force, we'll undoubtedly meet our dreams and aspirations soonest, I enjoin ALL in this forum notably WATESIH, KLEMENCEAU, FRITZANE KIKI, FON LAWRENCE, MUKI STONEHALL, CHE SUNDAY, ATANGHA, NJI PAUL, MUKETE, BENF, MBU B., TAYONG, VALLY, REXON, NDI O, DANGO TUMA, LANGAI etc to consider the liberation of Southern Cameroons of paramount interest.

I've always loved to read from Denis Atemkeng
of the liberation struggle. You could read his own suggestions and think hard about them.

I rest my case on a balance of probability though not in a convincing fashion!

Nerves Of Steel, Son Of Ako, LSE.




THE WAY FORWARD...proposal by Denis Atemkeng


This discussion is addressed particularly to the soldiers of Southern Cameroons, and in general to all of us. The Force of Argument corresponds only to one arm of the international doctrine about the settlement of disputes. It corresponds to the settling of conflicts by peaceful or non-violent means. The other arm of the international doctrine, which for some reason the people of Southern Cameroons have not discussed seriously, is the right to self-defense or the use of force against aggressors. We may say that The Force of Argument is a political weapon, and the Argument of Force or Right to Self-Defense is a military weapon. Every people have a right to avail itself of the two. If you preach the Force of Argument without also preparing for Self-defense, you are looking only at one side of the coin. The adage goes that “if you want peace, prepare for war”. The people of Southern Cameroons seem to be doing themselves the disfavor of believing that there is a coin that has only one side when they say “The Force of Argument and Not the Argument of Force”. The one-sided preaching of the Force of Argument is paralyzing even our own soldiers. By soldiers I mean those who by their own natural disposition, act like the white blood cells in the human body. Obviously, the people of Southern Cameroons must have their own soldiers, for nature never creates an organism without its own mechanism of self-defense. This is an additional proof that it is no sin to wage war in self-defense.

The international community takes no people seriously who see the Force of Argument as the only means open to them. The perpetual question the international community asks itself is: how serious are a people to be also taken seriously? Anything short of the exercise of the right to self-defense seems to the international community to be short of the required degree of seriousness! The exercise of the right to self-defense is the only mechanism by which the international community determines the seriousness of any people who are laying a complaint about the violation of their own space of existence by another people. Let the people of Southern Cameroons examine all the records of history; they will find that it is so. How do we expect people who got their sovereign independence by fighting for it to pity us, when they see that we are not willing to risk our lives for our own? No one of course will tell you to take up arms for your rights, because he would appear in the eyes of the world to be encouraging violence. But does their silence and indifference, and even conspiracy, towards our struggle, which is a model of peaceful attempts to resolve conflicts, not speak loud enough to us that the only language they understand is that of Force?

We have told our people that LRC would exterminate us if we rise against it! That is a lie, of course! The colonial regime has only been emboldened to hear such doctrine from some of our leaders, for the doctrine not only gives it the monopoly of violence against the true owners, it also destroys our fighting spirit and effectively prevents our case from being placed on the agenda of the international community! However mighty a criminal may be, the only thing that encourages him is the darkness in which he operates. As long as our case is not yet on the conflict map of the world, it is still relatively in darkness! Which reports on conflicts mention our case? Which world leader has raised the issue?

See the difference in military might between the Palestinians and the Jewish State. Yet by being willing to risk life and limb and to die for their rights, the Palestinians are finally winning! The Jewish State is retreating, despite its military might! In defending yourself, it is not so much the weapons you have but your willingness to risk your own life against an intruder that sends the message to the world about your seriousness. We can delude ourselves as much as we want that we are serious; but the world and onlookers have other tests for seriousness!

It seems to me that in our begging to be heard, and using a language the international community does not and cannot understand, we are acting exactly like Foncha did. He acted more like a catechist than a statesman! If for once he dared to stand up, we would not be where we are today. But he kept begging and assuming the impossible that Ahidjo with his colonial designs would be reasonable. We are going down that road again! We simply do not seem to understand the nature of imperialism! Imperialism is by its nature unreasonable; it is a premeditated crime founded on force. The only language it understands is force! The more reasonable you are, the more violent it gets!

If you die in silence, the international community is only too happy that your voice was never heard, for that is one less problem for it! Strange it is, but these are the sad facts. Is it time to open the debate about the Right to Self-defense as the other arm to the internationally recognized and legal means for the oppressed people of the Southern Cameroons to free themselves? We must not continue to do the psychological damage to our people by saying that the Force of Argument is our only means and not the Argument of Force also! The Argument of Force is fully legal, international and within our means! The taking up arms against aggressors is neither ungodly nor a sin. By providing every creature with a defense mechanism, Nature tells us that self-defense is no sin! The international community cannot escort us to the Limbo of the Force of Argument and forget us there! In fact, we are the ones who misled ourselves by throwing away one recognized avenue of freedom. We must trace our way back! The rest of Africa (except Southern Cameroons) is relatively free of colonialism today because the people rose against the “infinitely” more armed and superior Whiteman!

Adopting the Force of Argument without accompanying it with the Argument of Force or self-defense is like saying that you will defend the country only after its sovereignty is restored, but not before! How sound is that? How would you come into possession of that sovereignty, if you dare not stand up against the occupiers? However hard we cry, the world still thinks those are only crocodile tears if we would not risk anything for what we say is so dear to us! Or are we saying that we will never take up arms to defend our country? Shall we be the country without an army? The obligation, right and honour to defend your country are one of the highest virtues a human being can manifest. The right to defend your property is an ownership right that all owners must exercise against intruders! The onus is on the soldiers of Southern Cameroons to get into their function.

In the meanwhile, the politicians must exhaust all the peaceful means available while putting before the world its responsibility in turning our attachment to the peaceful resolution of conflicts into a liability. The international community would never be able to free itself from the total responsibility for the violence that would erupt in the Southern Cameroons case, because we have followed every prescription for peace and the same international community has ignored us precisely on that account! Let any country, organization or world leader who would condemn us, show the world in what way he supported the peaceful struggle of the Southern Cameroons or stood up against the crimes of La Republique du Cameroun! So we have their full permission to resort to the Argument of Force! It is for our leaders to put this in no mistaken terms before the international community while the soldiers swing into action as proof that we will use all the means allowed by the international community to free ourselves. In this connection, a threat only belittles us. What the world should see is action, not threats and promise to take action.

Other political actions that remain unexplored are (1) street protests and general mobilization; (2) our presence at all international corridors of power. It is particularly disheartening that we are not seen at even African Summits where we could effectively bring our case to the attention of Africa and other world leaders attending those Summits. What excuses can we give for such glaring oversights? Our leaders should not take this as criticism, but as calling their attention to serious omissions. We should effectively be seen at all major world and African gatherings; with a “universal case file” that states our case in no varying terms.

The people of Southern Cameroons have more courage and determination than they think. When they wanted the GCE Board, they faced the tanks and tear gas to get it; when they wanted a radio, they set it up; when in Nigeria, they faced far bless tortures than in La Republique, they finally walked out. We may be slow to start anything, but when we put our minds to it, we always finally do it. All the internationally recognized options to free ourselves must now also be taken seriously. Leadership in this respect is all we need.

Think about these things.

Prince Lawrence Ayamba

Southern Cameroon Interim Government In-Exile Press Release


The agreement concluded in New York yesterday June 12, 2006 under the auspices of Kofi Annan is just another of a series of agreements reached by the democratically elected government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and a French planted junta in the French colony of La République du Cameroun. The reasons why the previous agreements between these odd couples have failed have not changed. We are confident that the government of Nigeria will continue to allow the rights of the people of Bakassi and the Southern Cameroons to guide her actions.

We understand the pressure, which France, using regional and international organizations, has been putting on the government of Nigeria to hand over Bakassi to her colonial control. But we will like to remind Nigeria that she will be acting contrary to her interest, the interest of the people of Bakassi, the interest of the people of the Southern Cameroons and the interest of the people of Africa if she chooses to obey foreign laws imposed by French imperialism over the laws of her own courts.

The peoples of the Southern Cameroons and their representatives, using the instruments of international law obtained a Judgment in Suit No.: FHC/ABJ/CS/30/2002 in the Federal High Court of Nigeria, Holden in Abuja in 2002.

The demand of the people of the Southern Cameroons, of which Bakassi is part and parcel of, was to have the Nigerian High Court rule on the following:

1. A DECLARATION that under Articles 1 and 20 (1) (2) and (3) of the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights (Ratification and Enforcement) Act, Cap 10, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 1990 the Federal Republic of Nigeria has a legal duty to place before the International Court of Justice and the United Nations General Assembly and ensure diligent prosecution to conclusion the claim of the peoples of Southern Cameroons to self-determination and their declaration of independence.

2. AN ORDER compelling the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to place before the International Court of Justice and the United Nations General Assembly, and ensure diligent prosecution to conclusion the claim of the peoples of Southern Cameroons to self-determination and their declaration of independence.

3. A PERPETUAL INJUNCTION restraining the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria whether by herself, her servants, agents and or representatives or otherwise howsoever from treating or continuing to treat or regard the Southern Cameroons [including Bakassi] and the peoples of the territory as an integral part of la Republique du Cameroun (Republic of Cameroun).


1. The Federal Republic of Nigeria shall institute a case before the International Court of Justice concerning the following:

(a) Whether the Union envisaged under the Southern Cameroons Plebiscite 1961 between La Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons legally took effect as contemplated by the relevant United Nations Resolutions, particularly United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1352 (XIV) of 16th October 1959 and United Nations Trusteeship Council Resolution 2013(XXIV) of 31st May 1960.

(b) Whether the termination by the Government of the United Kingdom of its trusteeship over the Southern Cameroons on 30th September 1961 without ensuring prior implementation of the Constitutional arrangements under which the Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroun were to unite as one Federal State was not in breach of Articles 3 and 6 of the Trusteeship Agreement for the Territory of the Southern Cameroons under British Administration approved by the General Assembly Resolutions 1352 of 16th October 1959; 1608 of 21st April 1961, the United Nations Trusteeship Council Resolution 2013 (XXIV) of May 31, 1960 and Article 76 (b) of the Charter of the United Nations.

(c) Was the assumption of Sovereign Powers on 1st October 1961 and the continued exercise of same by the Government of La Republique du Cameroun over Southern Cameroons (after the termination by the Government of the United Kingdom of its Trusteeship over the territory) legal and valid when the Union between the Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroun contemplated by the Southern Cameroons Plebiscite, 1961 had not legally taken effect?

(d) Whether the peoples of the Southern Cameroons are not entitled to self-determination within their clearly defined territory separate from La Republique du Cameroun.

(e) Whether it is the Southern Cameroons and not La Republique du Cameroun that shares a maritime boundary with the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

2. The Federal Republic of Nigeria shall take any other measures as may be necessary to place the case of the peoples of the geographical territory known as at 1st October 1960 as Southern Cameroons for self-determination before the United Nations General Assembly and any other relevant International organizations.

If this so called agreement is honored by the government of Nigeria as written we will be happy to:

1) Invite the people of Bakassi, by whatever means necessary, to subvert and resist their incorporation into the colonial dominion of France, recalling that France views the territory of the Southern Cameroons and her peoples as “little gift” to her.
2) Invite the Southern Cameroons Defense Forces (SOCADEF) to intensify preparations to take head on the French and their colonial occupation regime in the Southern Cameroons.
3) Invite all citizens of the Southern Cameroons to prepare robust civil defense entities and mechanisms to defend their lives.

Like in Rwanda and Darfur, the United Nations could care less about the humanity of Africans. Like in Rwanda, Congo-Brazzaville, Cote d’Ivoire and Chad, the French have carte blanche from the so-called international community to engage in criminality and de-humanization with absolute impunity in Africa. We will no longer accept it.


About the Southern Cameroons Interim Government-In-Exile (IG)

The IG was formed in September of 2003 after an International Conference held in Minneapolis, USA, of all Southern Cameroons Liberation Movements including the SCYL, SCNC, the Southern Cameroons Peoples Organization (SCAPO), and the Southern Cameroons Restoration Movement (SCARM). The IG is dedicated to the liberation of the people of the Southern Cameroons from the brutal colonial control of France, masquerading as la République du Cameroun.

Department of Media & Communication. Contact:

Tita espoir

all u guys are jokes of the highest calibar.

Tita espoir

all u guys are jokes of the highest calibar.


Who is this lonatic called Tita? Lost son like you


You guys should leave Tita alone, just confused and will come to sense when badluck and others come to sense. Be it the somalian, Afghan or Iraqi way, we shall get to free our territory. God help us.


If Blair's government cannot hold the labour party together do you sincerely think they care about others. Lets forget about the British...nor the Europeans and fight the current government for our rights. If we succeed in getting them off-track, the Europeans/Americans will "work with us". They work with anyone that controls the resources...


My Dear Ndeli Emma,

Before I commence note that there's no such thing as "anglophones" in Cameroon. We've got our own country which is unfortunately being occupied by foreign troops and forces. We must learn to use a military self-defence option to send them away! Ofcourse we've lobbied and exhausted all the corridors for peaceful negotiation. This is the last option we've!

Just listen to yourself:"Couple of questions for you..Does Cameroon need to have an Anglophone president?
Does Cameroon need to even have Anglophone ministers?" Rethink this statement and confess!

You may like to learn that Politics is INTEREST. That's what makes the game dirty! Comtemporary politics(international relations) is selfishly been practised by George Bush for the INTERESTS of the American people. In America we've got the democrats and the Republicans...they hold dear to their own INTERESTS. Have a look at Cameroon. What do you see??? Open hypocrisy! A stack naked problem been denied by those chopping. God fearing Cardinal Tumi, Nyasako Ninku, and other clergy even you acknowldege a glaring injustice and the anglophone cause. The international community acknowledges it but feels loath to address it cos the argument of force is also an important component to show how serious a people are. Francophones have their interest...they know where all the wealth in the country come from. Should they ever make a mistake to give an ear to a thing they all despise they're loosing...that wouldn't be to their interest. An anglophone president will give an ear to the that light the problem could be solved.

And let me tell you that for the purpose of democracy we need to share powers to make it fair. According by you "anglophones" don't need to be represented in government. Who're you gentleman? Don't let me think that I'm addressing the wrong person.

Again, think about these things!

Son of Ako.


The Patriot

For how long are you guys going to be crying and begging to divide my Country CAMEROON....

The Anglophone Patriot

Adolf Vanderwaals GA USA

SC will be free because I have a dream. Lets be patient brothers and sisters of SC


what did u expect? the british have been betraying africa from time immemorial.


its time we act and forget this British people.they did their damage and do not even have the courage to accept they made a mistake all they are good in now is bundling some of us in their country back home after messing Cameroon and Africa.well as one patriot already mension southern Cameroon shall come to be a free state either by the Iraq way,sudan way or what ever it takes .the Southern cameroon case is more than a time bomb when it happens Chechnia,Rwanda and Burundi or RDC will be just a childs play.


the Southern Cameroons stand as posted above by Mr. Ayamba is flimsy to me. the reason is because the ICJ's ruling and determination is based on a 1913 treaty between former colonial powers Britain and Germany. if it is understood that by 1913 the French had nothing to do with this region, then it is only axiomatic that if Southern Cameroons ever ceded from the French side, it MUST (common sense reasoning), still on the basis of the ICJ ruling and the 1913 treaty between former colonial powers Britain and Germany that it will take the Bakassi region with it into its newly created State. At least right now, we're certain that Bakassi was given to the English by the Germans as part of Britain's Cameroon (Southern CAmeroons) . The idea of getting the Nigerian government to stall the process will only further complicate situations in the event of secession in that, no one is certain if Nigeria at a future date will still hold claim to that territory. the ICJ ruling has cleared that issue. As for any concerns about exploitation of the resources, either side, that is Nigeria and LRC would definitely want to exploit for oil gains. In fact the Nigerians intention of exploiting the natural resources was quite clear and open in recent statements by its official. there was this proposal by that government to get the authorization to exploit the oil for I think they said 30 or 40 years. I read this on this same website. As for LRC, i don't know of any immediate plans. and U and i both know the general laxity of the yaounde government in carrying out projects of that magnitude. so in fact it will sound like the Southern Cameroons will be gaining (1) the territory and (2) the hopes that the natural resources will not be over-exploited if the ICJ ruling is respected, as opposed to (1) a future legal battle with Nigeria and (2)over-exploitation of the resources while they await Southern Cameroons' secession.

Not sure what y'all think. but that's how i look at it. Nigerians have "blood for eye" with the petrol stuff. Cameroon does not even maximise the resources around Limbe. we don't refine. Most of the petrol we use locally comes froom Nigeria or from Europe anyway.

Fritzane Kiki Hong Kong

We know how painful the betraying destinies of the Bakassi indigenes and the Southern Cameroons as a whole has more than been a blunder by the British government to re-establish a stable Anglophone Cameroons state as they were responsible for,since 45 years ago.Now we are aware of the public confessions and allegations by the British government who are spellbound to see into it that Bakassi and all the Anglophones regions remain as a whole in a single republic.The recent UN meeting ordered Nigerian troops to leave within the next 90 days without delay from this oil rich peninsula.We hope the peace gotten from this seccession can be that gotten from the whole Anglophones regions to seccede from LRC suppression,and oppression.

The Southern Cameroons Peoples Organization (SCAPO) holds this as their main objective.

FOLLOWING the decision of the Federal Government to cede Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroun as a result of a World Court ruling, the people of the Southern Camerons have announced their readiness to carve out a new country in the area to be known as Republic of Ambazania. The announcement of the new Republic was contained in a statement issued in Abuja Friday by the people under the aegis of Southern Cameroons Peoples Organization (SCAPO).

The statement, which was signed by the chairman of the organization, Dr Kevin Ngwang Gumne, pointed out that the separation would appropriate the long desire of the English speaking people of Cameroons to dissociate with the French speaking people in line with the UN Resolution number 1608 of 1961.

The statement, in part, read, "The Southern Cameroons Peoples Organization (SCAPO) has released its political and economic blue print for the Southern Cameroons when it becomes independent. Under the blueprint, the country shall be known as the Republic of Ambazania. The political features of this blueprint include the fact that the future capital of the country shall be moved from Buea to a centrally located village of Bachuo Akagbe, near Mamfe Town. Furthermore, the Bakassi Peninsula shall fall under the Ndian Administrative Region whose capital shall be the town of Mundemba, which is near the city of Calabar.

"It is further proposed under the SCAPO plan that the Republic of Ambazania shall apply for membership of the Economic Community of West African States. This option has been adopted by SCAPO in order to facilitate a smooth nationality transition for the indigenes of the Bakassi Peninsula who may decide to become full Ambazania citizens instead of remaining Nigerians. But for those Bakassi indigenes who decide to maintain their Nigerian citizenship, SCAPO believes that ECOWAS membership for Ambazania will make it easier for them to continue to live peacefully in the Republic."

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

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