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Monday, 24 July 2006


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petit papa

I support.


The church should listen to this right man of God. Today is not yesterday. If others were not having wives and children.Then to who will the unmarried catholic priest preach their gospel to? Let the white man don't take archbishop Milingo as they are taking Kofi Annan of the UN. I am saying this because everything the black man tells the white man is wrong according to them.


Priest should not and will never get married. This is not and will never be an issue at the Vatican. Thanks to the clear and well understood teaching given to these priest prior to their ordination. If for some reasons some selfish and individual priest constantly finding themselves in temptation and instead of recalling on the Lord's scenarios when HE was tempted to get up and stand firm, rather things you should draw the rest of the church to fall with you, then i say SORRY, fight back or be engulf alone in that fire!!!!!


He has a point as I can say.This issue should be given a thought.Things should evolve to better the moral rectitute of young priests today who are sexually harrasing young girls.Most priests are in support of this but would keep quiet because of fear.
The Pope should give this a thought.He has a point!


He has a point as I can say.This issue should be given a thought.Things should evolve to better the moral rectitute of young priests today who are sexually harrasing young girls.Most priests are in support of this but would keep quiet because of fear.
The Pope should give this a thought.He has a point!


He has a point as I can say.This issue should be given a thought.Things should evolve to better the moral rectitute of young priests today who are sexually harrasing young girls.Most priests are in support of this but would keep quiet because of fear.
The Pope should give this a thought.He has a point!


Adam was decieved by his wife to sin against GOD. King Solomon, the wishes man who ever lived gone astray because of his multiples marriages. The Appostle Paul said that if you think that married can be an obstacle to your pastoral avoid married.
If you are really devoted for pastoral and missionary work, it will be difficult to entertain a family Life with its problems. Jesus himself and his appostles never married because they have to devote their lives to fish men and this entails an individual to live like a nomade.
However, nowadays, many priests find themselve there because of lack of other Jobs and therefore are tempted to be exposed with their earthly activities than with their pastoral mission. In my opinion, priests should be given a free hand to choose to marry or not since recruiting preists now is very difficults in developed countries.
Archbishop Milingo is having a point but his acts are naive. He is not a man of his words. In 2001 when he married Maria Sung (Mrs Milingo), a mdeidcal Doctor from Corea, he said that he has started a new era for the Clergies. Just two weeks after when he went back and met Pope John Paul II, he changes his mind and his wife started a hunger strike in St Peter's Sqare and Yet " Husband Milingo" was no where to be found. How can I believe him now?

Letia Man

In order to qualify for the priesthood Molingo took a vow of celibacy and obedience to his Bishop and the Church.As Bishop and subsequently Arcbishop he ordained many priests who took the vow of celibacy and obedience at his feet.Molingo's present digressions are only reflective of how much damage he must have inflicted over the church under his control.There is no need for the vatican to go into an unnecessary exercise to consider excommunication. If Molingo can not now obey the rules he himself has thought others, he should simply back out.I remember how much emotion Fr Etien Khumba of the maranatha fame raised in the Buea diocese. The one thing Etien could not do was to leave the church he did not want to respect, Molingo too is avioding to leave the church he does not want to obey, he will end up like Etien.
The Church will grow stronger from the short commings of the Molingos.


How do you know Jesus and disciples did not marry? The fact that the wives were not mentioned in the book is not enough reason to state that they were not married. Why are other serious life professions like doctors not disturbed by marriage? Church celibacy is administratiove and economic decision by church. It is not spiritual, but Milingo defied his contract not to marry, so he should just leave.

He is not a hypocrite though, unlike those priests who go screwing their parishioners wives and daughters. Sex is natural and Vatican should make it possible for priests to have legitimate sex.


"Arch Bishop" Milingo, if you think the rules of the catholic church are not good, simply leave. Follow Moon's to the moon or her own sect or church. Must you remain in the catholic church?

You accepted the rule of celibacy before becoming a priest. You have thought and ordained other priests with this same rule. SHOULD THIS NOW CHANGE BECAUSE YOU ADMIRE MOON?

For those who say that priest should get married because time has changed, remember, time has indeed change but CHRIST REMAINS THE SAME. So too is the church. The catholic church will always remain the same.

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