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Monday, 24 July 2006


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Mr Biya, the best sermons are lived,not preached.

You must have also noticed a player can not score a valid goal when in an offside position. Even warning Chantal Biya about corruption would not salvage the twenty four years of damage you caused Cameroon.

Were you even scoring a goal? You went on and reframed issues that "Chickened Modernists" in your party have been grumbling about for three years as if it came from you? That is very cheap indeed.


Can one hear the voices of those hungry people who decamped from the SDF to the cpdm again? Let them try to open thier stinking mouths as they used to do in the SDF and see what will happen to them.

Mamfe Pikin

These 'Chop People Dem Money Can Never change. As they always say "CPDM OYE"


Cameroon People Destroctive Movement (CPDM) can know speak as the frontline opposition party has been a faillure to its Various memorandum.
Shall the be change in Cameroon?
Yes. We just have to stop motions of support and stop being Fans to those old Dictators.
Cameroon has just one problem and it is our Morals which is destroying our society nothing else.
Dr.Biya, Massa Johnny, SE. Bello, Commrade Koduck, Dr Njoya all the above would like Cameroon to be thier kingdom soo we don´t need such leaders who wouldn´t give Cameroon advance Democracy and a free society were the rule of law is the basic noms of the civil society.
I fear the tooth less dog will bite one day after growing teeth.


From the above report, i see no difference in delibrations between the SDF convention and the CDPM congress. One must be copying from the other.

Emmanuel B Tange

These guys are usually very swift to attack not only the person of chairman Fru Ndi but also his office, but i am suprise there have all either ignore the drama in Yaounde or are simply waiting for the Next Fru or SDF article to show up. What Biya just did in Yaounde is contrary even to his own speech, how can we trust a guy like this who after making a speech talking about democracy and creation of an independent Electoral Commission minutes later returned to his palace only for those traitors who stayed behind to make him party chairman, where is the democracy, where on earth will a candidate facing an election return to sleep in his palace before voting begins or even casting his own vote. My understanding is that these guys are trying to broke our constitution, by making Biya chairman they are also automatically making him presidential candidate for 2011. Despite the respect i have for Chairman Fru Ndi, i do not think he is the best person to lead cameroon now, but i also know Biya and his cronies will for as long as we allow them destroy the future of our youths. I hope people like Agbormbai and Mukete will find a reason to support our lone opposition party rather than destroy it. It is not a secret that the SDF is the most popular opposition party in cameroon and i suggest we rally around to heal its wounds and take back our country .


CRY THE BELOVED CAMEROON is the situation for majority of Cameroonians today who have been imprisoned in Misery by these old people. This speech is typically having no direction and empty promises as in previous ones.
In his address to the Nation on Dec 31st 1985 Paul Biya said " We will build a new Cameroon in which all can prosper". This is the results after 22 years of his so-called prosperity:
1) Most Cameroonians are Jobless because they have no money to bribe their way to get Jobs. This applies even for intellectuals. e.g. Dr. Ganguoe , a researcher in the Min. of Research,was demanded the sum of 200,000 Frs in July 2004 by Dr. Njifutie Njikam of the Department of Biology to be recruited into the Faculty of Science, University of YdeI. Although this became a scandal, Dr. Jifutie is still the head of Department today and screeming to be a member of the central bureau of CPDM.
2)Patients die in Public hospitals because a doctor or a nurse will not treat them there without bribes or they will prefer to refer the patient to their private Clinics e.g. Dr. Ebong recently in Dibombari hospital refused to treat an old mother and she died because she had no 10,000 frs as he demanded.
3) Poor people children cannot get access to government schools because they have no money to bribe principals and even into competitive examination into schools like ENS, you must pay the needed amount in order to "pass the concour". Nobert Ndong, the former Director of ENS is even now acting as the middle man taking 700,000Frs to put people into ENS and parliamentarians can put two although the also take money for the two places they are offered.
4) Bright students now are difficult to distinguish from dull ones since teachers exchange marks for sex or money. The present Registrar of University of Buea, Dr. Ngoh has been rumoured time and again that he dishes out sexually transmissable marks in his History Courses to some female students in exchange for sexual favours.This was even before he was appointed although no investigation of the allegation was carried out
5) Police mount check Points and extort money on the Highways about the car documents and yet they themselves never register their own personal cars nor buy insurrance. Comissioner Kainmbi of the Mile 4 Police station in Nkwen Bamneda has been using a Carina E without a Reg No. since the time I knew him about two years ago.
6)State properties are stollen and money embezzled. Dr. Messi who used to be Rector of the University of Yde I had taken home 2 computers, a Refrigerator and a Deep freezer from the Lab and yet he was still appointed although these were not hidden facts. Messi is in CPDM and was the author of "Autodefence".
7) Some State Vehicles have been tranformed into carrying passangers and goods. Recently from Buea to Douala, the Clando that I used was a Toyota Tercel labelled University of Buea. In Bamneda, I also noticed the Mezam DO official vehicle used in transporting wood from Babanki and a University of Yde car (TOyata Hiac) labelled "Faculte des Sciences" used to transport fish for a local Cold store in Essos.
I can continue with the list of these vices although it is not new for any Cameroonians, Prior to his statement of 1984, we were strange to this. Not surprising Paul Biya addressed the Friday Congress with a "Pledge to get the country out of the doldrum of socio-economic developement.
Paul Biya has well admitted his shortcoming because in the 3rd Ordinary Congress of CNU on the 14th of September 1983, Paul Biya had this to say "I request party officials to encourage free discussion, debates on ideas and promotes democratic elections of officials on the bases of competence". I don't know whether with the record above, Paul Biya is competent and if so where was the democratic practice in applauding him again as the next candidate at the helme of the party which was supposed to be contested in elections?
Definitely, no body is to live for ever. I understand that after the rumours in 2004 tha Paul Biya was dead, he gave a "rendez-vous" for those people who are wishing to see his demise to be patient for the next 20 years. Now, we are left only with 18 and 18 years is not an eternity. Even Fidel Castro (80) in power for 47 years is grooming his brother Raul Castro (75) to take over from him and Tony Blair is grooming Gordon Brown his finance Minister. Who is Paul Biya grooming and what Legacy is he going to leave behind? It is not too late for him to try to put things in order before it is too late. MAY GOD BLESS CAMEROON


Nobody should be surprised or be expecting something good from the cpdm melodrama called congress. Afterall, in Cameroon political parties are private estates. They should be made to pay taxes so they can steal the money later at least it must have passed through the treasury.


I`ve never seen a man as prescriptive as this absentee landlord from Mvomeka`a.From ,
"Il faut que cela cesse",we are now at ,"No resource person should try to usurp the place of section Presidents".What is even this idea of resource persons,if the subsection Presidents have been anything to the party? Resource Persons are just a microcosm of how things are done in Cameroon;highhandedness,usurpation,and intimidation.Resource persons are not different from Government Delegates that he imposes on councils won by other parties,they are not different from the Commandement Operationel that he uses in the Province to clamp down on innocent citizens.
I have the impression that the Bikutsi frain and cadence that has accompanied all of Biya`s moves in 24 years has become boring to him.But he should know that he would never stop his Beti brothers from dancing away their stupidity.By saying that they dance more than one could imagine,he is indirectly admitting that his regime has been a dancing one in all facets .I think the ace Bikutsi waist twister Joseph Owona
would now be praying for some evil spirit to blow off Biya`s numbed scores.
By making his brothers and friends to retire from active swindling and providing them with a luxurous hideout in Kondengui,Biya seems to hold the view that he has done what Napoleon left undone.The old song continues,that Cameroonians can only fully enjoy the fallouts of the debt relief if revenue collection is improved.We finally arrived the end of the tunnel he promised ,but did not see anything,so the next end of the prolonged tunnel is "improved revenue collection".This is a President counting on revenue collection whereas all his revenue collectiors have a set of two pockets,one on both sides of the hips,and the other around their ankles.When they put government money into the hip pockets ,it always mysteriously finds itself in their own pockets around the ankles.Biya`s senile dementia,is so acute that his presence is not needed for any elections to confer the title of Monarch on him.
He and his war lords some of whom are keeping standing armies,and whose children are even more vocal than their infamous parents ,have killed and maimed Cameroonians for 24 years .Theirs has been a language of intimidation and violence. Whole villages like Nyos were left to be jungles,In Ndu his butchers slaughtered poor citizens,In Douala his disciples of doom murdered 9 because of a canister of gaz.He did not raise eyebrows when his Lieutenants Rey Bouba slaughtered a NUDP Deputy,When Nfon Victor Mukete Of Kumba slaughtered Lawyer Esseme,When Fon Doh murdered toGendarmes,villagers,Kohtem,until the SDF said enough is enough.Why was his message about the murder in the SDf veiled.
A President whose hands had been clean would have come out strongly against such behaviour,but he just made mention of it in passing.


For how long Cameroonians are going to tolerate this wicket ruler call Paul Biya. Is like there are no strong men in Cameroon who can handle this man.How can someone rule a country for 24 year and call that country or the government a democratic one. Paul Biya is a dictator period.i wish he could be charge for curroption too.


Watesih, JFN's SDF is not different. Can you give others a chance in your faction?

JB Samba

When it is said that Mukete. BenB/F aka Terribobs et al are Cameroon People's Destructive Movement's agents, how can one dispute that when to every article in which SDF is mentioned, they are the first to comment and most often with fabrications on the party, the Chairman, his person... Now Biya has made yet another lousy stament in the open (You can't even tell if he was addressing the CPDM audience or the country) and they are missing. Even when they show up like Terribobs, they are talking about the SDF instead. I can see who the 'authentic SDF' is fighting.
In fact, the conclusion is simply that the 'authentic SDF' of Ben Muna and Ngwasirri are another wing of the Cameroon people's DESTRUCTIVE Movement just like the PRESBY YOUTH.

Aloys Minuga

Paul Biya talks of public morality as if it is separate from personal morality. Immorality begins at home.

Monsieur, immorality begins with having sex with a sister-in-law to murdering one's own wife, her cousin/aide de camp and innocent civilians in the quest for political power.

Cameroonians have long memories and wish you a speedy resignation from office. The ultimate corruption is political as manifested by your excessive stay in office for no good reason.

The CPDM resource persons you castigate are your own creation. How can unelectable individuals in their own constituencies become resource persons lording it over elected officials?

Cameroonians are sick and tired of your brand of hypocrisy.

Benny T.

I have a question for The Post: what's the reason behind using this photograph of the President from obviously a long while back? Is there nothing more current, more revealing of this man's frailties in your photo archives? Or has there been an "order from on high"?


JB Samba, you know you yourself don't belive what you're saying. You're just trying one below the belt to like the rest are wont to do. Well, sorry if we didn't include you among the Axis. I can see you're seeking for notice to be counted in the Axis number. Welcome on board.

You know inside you that someone like me won't waste energy trying to resuscitate dead wood that the CPDM. My hopes rest with the SDF. I seek to see it straightened to face its future challenges.

The CPDM is a rotten and condemned set up only waiting for Biya to die to explode. Only Axis people, led by your band of COMMERCIAL ACTIVISTS who make up the Ntarikon CPDM sub-section, bother about the fate of the CPDM because your hopes, truly speaking, rest with Biya's party.



Mr.Biya doesn't surprise me on anything so i have nothing to comment on his CPDM, which i think Fru Ndi's SDF is fast copying from. Appointment of Sec. Gen. and enrich yourself and your cronies, caring less about the Cameroon populance, or the people you rule or intend to rule to name a few.


Cameroon under the the so call ruling party will never succed even if the SDF takes over. what the camerooninan people need is a new political party, made up of youths with their fresh knowledge form school.


JB Samba,
Readers know what good things can come from you.Thanks for that fast one.
Infact it beats everyone`s imagination why
this arm-wing of the Cameroon people`s Destructive Movement should exhibit this new found hope in the courts teleguided by their master Paul Biya in Yaounde.They savour every move of these infamous courts with relish,and they keep asking for more.
From Asonganyi,to Muna,en passant par Ntemfack Ofege ,all of them are waiting for the Mfoundi court to hand the SDf over to them.When Fon Doh murdered two gendarmes and many villagers over the years,who never saw this zeal from these individuals ,asking
for justice to be done.But today ,they are coming up with all types of historical correlates only to craft SDF`s doom.Asonganyi talked about the Soviet Union in his bit to wish for the worst for the SDF,BenteribobsFB groped in darkness about China,unfortunately ending up telling us that a Chinese leader died few months ago.Ntemfack Ofege is trying hard to become the CPDM spin-doctor.According to him,the CPDM should carve out many other units in the Northwest in order to beat the SDF.JB,
from all this ,are we far from the one party mentality that the CNU and CPDM have preached for 40 years? Everyone`s guess is as good as mine.
This arm-wing murdered Djiboule in Yaounde,but their gang leaders is trying to shout every authority in Cameroon by paying
a thousand courtesy calls to news organs.He wants to drown the responsibility that is his in this affaire.
JB Samba,as for the intimidation from BenteribobFB,just know he is a hollowman.
Initially what he did was that he will immediately crop up as Teribobs when his write up is attack,and he will call you many names.He still does so but with less frequency ,because he knows we now know who he is.All of this comes from self diffidence
and the desire to take on what is completely above one`s head.He even splits his name into two,BenF is to present ideas with the language of those rustics selling used clothes at the Mokolo Market,and TeribobsB is to prove that he is suffering from verbal dysentary.But one thing is clear ,that we shall never impersonate,and when we are around,everyone knows we are there.No true SDf militant can impersonate into names like Mukete,which give Cameroonians eerie feelings ,for they start thinking about thugs trying to hack them to death.


The C.P.D.M for over the years has finally drawn a conclusive assessement of an unquestionable catalogue of total socio-political and economic catastrophy-46 years backward in tandem with late President Ahidjo's regime.
Party politics in Cameroon now must be matched with tangible action and veritable results.Individuals must dinstiguish themselves with such a requirement for the general benefit of all Cameroonians.The CPDM is not fit for purpose to handle and govern Cameroon anymore.The re-electon of President Paul Biya is just another vicious economic roller-coaster.As a party leader cum head of state, ths old man has failed big-time!President Biya is notorious for blowing 'hot-air with extreemely poor results in all domains of Cameroon politcal life history and civics.First, there was the song about'RIGOUR AND MORALISATION'then followed LARGE DEBATS,ANTI-CORRUPTON,GRANDE DEBATS,GRANDE AMBITIONS an so on.All these has not been defended wth good result.Ths politcal party is just a party to destroy Cameroon.
The symbolism of the same leader for on and on is doom for the party and its people.Cameroonians!wake up! Now!


Dear ALL,
RDPC or whatever it means is an anathema to enlightenment. In fact, like most Cameroonians, I thought the RDPC or "Majoritaire presidentielle elargi" will improve on our Convention in Bamenda but it ended up to show that RDPC is not a political party. It's more or less a cult!

During the so-called extra-ordinary congress, the English language wasn't use. It therefore means RDPC is against bilingualism and National Unity! By not testing Mr. Biya's popularity via voting (open or scret ballot), this bluntly shows that RDPC is against democracy. I'm sure Pa Foncha is regretting wherever he is for the adjective "democratique" was his idea which have no place in Mr. Biya's kind of a political party. I saw Fon Angwafor sitting faraway from his National President; whereas as 1st National Vice President, he was supposed to sit next to Mr. Biya and would have continued deliberations when Mr. Biya went to sleep at the Presidency.

Another surprising thing about this dancing & singing competition in the name of a congress was that, the RDPC National President used the letterhead and logo of the Presidency of the Republic, instead of that of his RDPC party. Where then is the separation between party & state?

I prefer the abreviation RDPC than CPDM because "Rassemblement" can't be translated as Movement; it should have been Cameroon People democratic Gathering, because "Rassemblement" in English can be translated as Gathering?

Since Mr. Biya changed the name from UNC to RDPC in 1985, he has never worn his own party uniform. If I can remember Mr. Biya last worn that of the UNC? I may be wrong he's not a militant of RDPC? One thing is very clear: it's ONLY the SDF that has been preaching & practicing democracy in Cameroon! The likes of NKEMNGU & the other carpet-crossers can't dispute this glaring fact. In fact, at one moment I thought the main problem with the SDF is too much democracy in an environment where cacophonous dictatorship is the art of the day. Nevertheless, SDF militants should continue with the democratic spirit in them. We're LIGHT while RDPC is DARKNESS!

All in all, the RDPC oligarchy has given more credibility to the SDF since July 20, 2006. Whoever is for genuine democracy should join the SDF!

May God bless the Cameroons!


The moral beast who failed to show up neither at the menda convention nor that of yaounde.My melen effort to know him ended in vain.

Boy,you are now critising Biya for failure of transperency,truly time passes so fast.You defended the course of dictator fru ndi with all your widows energy and found nothing wrong with his convention made of his siblings and friends.What moral standing do you then now have to question Biya?

Biya like fru ndi are the enemies we now have destroying cameroon.They practice the opposite of their preaching,fru ndi's case is pathetic because he is hepocritical.

Biya now comes with new tricks that his freind Fru ndi has to master.Some said when the wife of any politician is death,watch out.



My gene & upbringing warrants me to speak & defend the truth all the time. I've never impersonated or blackmailed people in trying to show my dislike for them. Again, I won't insult anybody even you, for I know, "If a tree is to bear fruit the shoot must keep in touch with the root". More so, I don't know how many times I have to keep repeating the same thing to you: I remember telling you to give me your e-mail so that I could explain why you didn't see me at Melen but you didn't! Well, like any other concern citizen, I was shocked & bewildered when we learnt of the murder of DIBOULE. I kept asking every Tom, Dick or Harry what happened and how he was killed & so forgot to surf in the evening of Friday May 26, 2006 and during the weekend. How would I've got your number which you pasted in one of your postings during the said weekend?

You once said I was or am NOT in Y'de; your comrade, BenF paraphrased you that I'm one of those who killed DIBOULE, etc. I feel sorry when supposedly repected people of your standing, (the Son of England) say things which can't be proven for the simple fact that you don't like the people's choice. It's very simple: you've chosen Ni Ben as your leader; I expect you guys to support him in his endeavours & leave Chairman FRU NDI to us. Can you advice Ni Ben to go to the grassroot? Le Messager & the other news organs won't make him a councillor let a lone an MP, etc.

Yes, I was not in Bamenda, but there was NO convention in Y'de! If am wrong, you can prove me right with pictures of your so-called convention in Yaounde; the number of statutory delegates, where your convention held, etc. Don't be blinded by hatred for someone whom you've not cared to know much about. Keep faith with with Ni Ben. You may be his only genuine militant; the likes of BenF are there for money - you know Ni Ben is very rich these days.

Vally, you & your comrades in cacophony keep comparing Biya & FRU NDI. SDF under FRU NDI is not in government. We've said it here that if you have proofs that FRU NDI or MBAH NDAM have raped & looted our beloved country, don't hesitate to bring them up. Again, if you guys have proofs that SDF killed DIBOULE, get them ready when the times comes. Why not go ask and the guards at Hotel Prestige who killed DIBOULE since he was found death there?

In all, my support for the leadership of the SDF is based truth & the democratic nature entrenched in her constitution & at the same time being practiced by her militants. Like RDPC, Muna's "authentic SDF" are the same. The have Youths & Women's wings. They believe is democracy of "unanimity". Some people call it democracy of hand-clapping, singing & dancing. Whoever compares FRU NDI & BIYA is like comparing light with darkness - they have diametrically opposing visions for the betterment of our fatherland.

Our preoccupation remains the Independent Electoral Commission. We're looking forward to achieving this before the year runs out.

May God bless our fatherland!


This is the TRUE Son Of Ako At The London School Of Economics And Political Science.

...Clear proof this time to show Mukete is an agent here;
...BenF eats in same plate with Muna. I'll provide concrete evidences as soon as I get this problem solved;
By the time I finish, while Benf will be returning to his mole hole, Mukete'll commite suicide. I'm not here to joke. I've got a pocket full of the proofs.

Dear All,

I've still got posting problems. I've got lots of problems trying to post long contributions.

Don't go away!

Son Of Ako, LSE.




Just reread what you wrote. Is this forum meant to be proud for nothing. You're a typical example of an empty vessel...yet you have the nerves to try to wrestle with me. This forum is not for all that, remember??? Again reread what you wrote and go die of shame under your pilow.

And have my words:none of your educational records from kindergaten can meet my breaklight. THIS IS JUST THE SIMPLE TRUTH. Idiot...go back to school. And also get this into your childish thick skull...I can only grade you and not talk back to your senseless comments. You loose my prestigious comments to your postings. You'll never get my responses. Again, GO BACK TO SCHOOL. dog!

And even if I'm in China? May God save jealous nitwits. I'll personally invite you to my graduation coming up soon if only you'll have a simple groundnut money for flight. Don't think you'll come and escape...I'll send the immigration to fish you out. Continue feeding fat on your catarrh...poor thing!

Worried Son Of Ako, London School Of Economics And Political Science.



I know i am of a minority on this forum but I will like to congratulate the chairman on his re-election to the helm of the cpdm party. This man has been good for cameroon in more ways than one.
Firstly in his reign as president, cameroon has been a beacon of absolute peace in the heart of one of the most troubled spots in the world. Cameroon a country with myriad of cultures has proven to the entire globe that, harmonious existence between people from disparite tribes and political veiws is possible.
secondly, democracy is alive and kicking in the country. The rule of law is also being imbeded into our society. I know most people will disagree with me but the facts speaks for themselves. Historically, you couldn't even print anything bad about a D O let alone a governor without your eyes being pop upon with a blunt object in a prison cell. But recently, it is even possible to write an article accussing even senoir member of government of being a homo without any source or prove. How was this matter solved? Through the courts. Imagine ten tears ago writting such a drivel on any of the papers at the time.
our country is not perfect but we are still building the institutions which are at the core of any society. It takes time and along the way there would be a lot of mistakes but if we look objectively at our country compared to others within our region, i would say we are doing pretty ok.
Democracy is a very strange philosophy cos it depends on the will of the people which is reflected by the people they choose to represent them in the parliament. unfortunately sometimes one party can have an overall majority in the paliament and their will often overwrites others. with the parliament having the right to change the constitution, Biya is perfectly within his rights to ask for another term in office. If the cameroonian people don't want this then they should vote out the cpdm but this will not be the case with the other parties is such a state of alter meltdown. Do we want to be represented by a party which is cutting the throat out of each other or by a party which has a more define (not perfect) structure and a vision to govern our country? I dont think so.
CPDM is not good but it is better than the rest



This is the useless song that rdpc worshipers often sing. Before Biya came to power, Cameroon was even more peaceful to live in than it is now. Biya knows nothing about peace. The peace in Cameroon is God given, not from this Nvomeka lion. Research deeply and you will find that the wrangling in SDF is caused by the Rdpc. Abety bought thugs to burn houses in bambili and the rdpc said these were militants of sdf. The murder in Yaounde on May 26th, the hands of the rdpc regime has a role in it.
Man, theft, corruption, intimidation, adultery, cheating, murder, you name the rest, which are characteristics of this lion man, have nothing to do with PEACE. Nonesense.


Commando or whatever you call yourself, I think before going public, you should understand the dymanics and implications in statements you make. Of all the contributions i have had from you, non seems to make sense to me. You coming with useless ranting about things you're not savvy of. What further research needs to be done about the Yaounde incidents. The Colonel (rtd) Chi Ngafor, publicly said he was working on the instructions from the hierarchy of his party to disrupt the convention in Y'de. Don't you no longer believe in one of you? Fru Ndi openly said anybody dealing with the opposing faction of the SDF was doing so at his or her own risk. Or you no longer believe in what the "Chaarman" says? What are you talking about? Man, go brace yourself up, before going public. You embarass yourself alot. You should not be blinded by the sufferings brought upon us by the CPDM to make senseless utterances. As for the Bambili incident i do admit i am not well informed about, so i reserve my comments.


you this french chameleon, you always jump up when the rdpc is touched. Mind you no where has Colonel Chi Ngafor said he sent guys to kill late Gregoire. As of now, to the best of my knowledge, he has said he sent militants to go protect the sdf secretariat and to carry local tools for self defense in case of an attack. The other attributes to mr Biya ask your conscience, if you have one, if Biya is free of corruption, murder, embezzlement, adultery, all kinds of theft, etc. We know the agents acting on this forum for destructive purposes; you are just one of them.


Akoson the shanghai tara,
You are right. BenB might have difficulties buying a ticket to China. You know Asia is so far away and this is high season.
hmm do English language teachers graduate there? wonders shall never end


What prove have you got to suggest that the Cpdm is /was responsible for the in fighting that is tearing the sdf apart? I would suggest non. Even if there is an evil tentacles from the cpdm lurking within the sdf circles and distabilising the party, isn't it prove that the party's foundation is not strong enough to withstand simple political pressure that every political party exerts on it opponent? Is that not politics?
You talk about corruption, but look at the major democracies in the world were congressmen in the case of the US are taking money from even gangsters to promote their own means. In the united kingdom, the man fighting a war to spread democracy to the world is being investigated for selling peeerages to wealthy individuals. Is it not the same countries' standard that we are trying to judge our country by?
Biya is doing something about the corruption, mendo ze is being investigated. two years ago this would have been unheard of.
I don't want to enter into any verbal jabbing with you because all you can do is shower abuses on people who do not share your point of veiw. If you think any thing I have said is beyond reason then put forward some facts to contradict my analysis.
Democracy is about sharing platform with your opponent and disagreeing when your minds don't meet. that is the essence of any society, we are not there yet but from most of the dialogues which are going on between the main political parties i believe things would change for the better that is, if the sdf can get their act together. I guess, I am an eternal optimist.

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