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Thursday, 27 July 2006


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Biya is confused and continue to confuse between CPDM and the government of cameroon. Shame to you all. Was Biya out for an annual congress of the CPDM or on a government policy speech? Until he will be able to distinguish between these two bodies, nothing will move on well


I think he's a homosexual himself! If not why does he keep INSISTING on the point? He's made it clear before:"Journalists saty away from people's private lifes". They got why continue re-iterating? He's in a way bullying the press cos I hear there's rumour circulating that one newspaper'll soon publish a list including BIYA'S name.

agbor john

that is what happens in a country where one person is all."Democratie a la Camerounaise".A style in which the government is far from the people.Controled by one person.How I wish we all go around the world and witness true freedom.Unfortunately only the same people whon refuse to release true freedom are previleged to taste true freedom in other coutries where this prevails.Yet they go back home and hold it as their private property.God bless Cameroon.


This sounds really funny Mr. President. The story is true democracy means everyboday lives to the expectation of the nation and to bring to lime light the name of the country. If leaders of the government are in their private lives bridging the law Mr. President should that not be condemned, are they not suppose to be the light for others to follow, if not why then are they there. why not take some of us and put there even if we are not qualified. It is shameful and deplorable that we can condorn with issues of this nature. In true democracies, the press gives out the information as long as they are true, be them private of public. If being homo is no crime, why should they be vexed over small newspaper publications while their counterparts in europe are flagging high to get the thing fully stabilised in the constitution. What has happened to parts of the EU constitution that never talked of it, they have been revised, so homos in cameroon, take the stage and come out if you truly know what you are doing is right. A man is meant for a woman not a fellow man, thank God too we have very modest women. Dear ministers and people of big places, keep away from evil practices if you will not want the public to finger you out- simple as such.As embezzlers are being figured out, those who are not of good morals should too. After all a minsiter in europe is suit in court for lifting his hands on his wife or child, why not in cameroon for being home which is condemned by the law. The German defence minister was sacked for taking a stop over in spain coming from Afghan on a mission as it was not part of the mission to stop over. The president of the Deutsch BAnk was dragged to court for using company money to pay his holiday with his family althoug his salary was more than ten times the holiday cost. Let us cop such examples.

Ernest Chi

First and foremost i don't think homosexuality is a crime and the cameroonian penal code that labels it so should be rectified in my opinion. I will take this delicated topic back to an issue i discussed somewhere with some people on whether Cameroon is a religious run state or not.

Many people will run to quote the holy books to justify why homoxuality should be disallowed, the same people that buy sex from prostitutes, the same people that are pedophiles, the same people that grossly cheat on their partners on a day to day basis, the same people that corrupt young girls with money that they embezzle from the government into prostitution and the same people that batter their wives senselessly in the private confines of their homes! It all sounds to me like everyone in the system is confused.

I do not support and i do not like Biya but sometimes i think his moral conduct is way up the laddar when compared to that of many Cameroonians that biker every day and to the likes of Charles Taylor, Mbuto, the president of equitorial guinea etc!

Alfred Mba

It is unconstitutional for Mr. Paul Biya to pick and choose which laws to implement. He is irresponsibly setting a contrived tone to the judiciary. Cameroon law outlaws homosexuality and the CPDM should change the law in the house if needed.

This president may have a self-interest in protecting the private lives of politicians, including criminal and illegal civil bahavior.

The shooting death of Jeane Irene Biya at the Presidency is yet to be investigated. The death of Chantal Biya's ex-boyfriend is yet to be investigated. Paul Biya is answerable to these gruesome murders. Every life is inviolate.

There shall be no escape for Paul Biya who continues to underestimate the aspiration of the Cameroon people. Evil people in their private lives shall have no peace on earth. The Press has the right to investigate and publicise all breaches of the law and as well as the hypocrisy of politicians.


these buffon, you guys are writing dont even love english language, they dont even appreciate the anglosaxon culture,
they will never read these things.
they are just hate-filled. from their soo called president to the colonial quarter-masters, called governors, to the common constable on the street, they all hate us west cameroonians, as they hate ghanians and
nigerians as kenyans a s americans
every thing english to them is evil. thats
why they never bother teaching the english
cameroon history,geography and believe to them in elementary schools. all they are programmed from birth to know is what is french is good, all others are bad,
just waisting are energies, than fighting them off our territory.
Of course, we also have ourselves to be blame for beeing too passive as to what constitutes our identity and culture as
well as history to protect for all future generation.
presidents are born and they die, but culture ,land and livind always stay
forever, soo, politics is not only reserve for politicians but for all people who share
the same country ie la republique du cameroun or ambazonia.
for politics, is laws that governs our lifes, its connected to how schools are built. funded, ruled and police and secure.
politics, is the one that determine.
what section of the territory get public money for roads, hospitals, and universities, and factories and steel mill and research houses, its all that frame
the livelihood of growing cotton, by the peasant, who are paid a stipend, the cotton that would use in the factories made possible by government/private, to spin the
cotton into thread and yarn then to clothes
that the people would wear, soo is food, soap, deodorant, shoes, paste, housing materials like cement, steel, wood, etc
soo, thats how important politic is in modern society,
as such a person who wants to be a ruler over the people must be chosen/voted by the same people.
democracy is govt by the people, for the people and of the people.
as such these old men in the cameroons
have committing social genocide by hanging in power unelected and stealling all the moneys the people have paid into the treasury
as taxes, levies, and purchases. forr too long, in that case , and in all other society
a revolt is called for.
a ruler is not to be for life in modern society as ideas come and go, theseold men as fru ndi and the mbiya guy other be killed long ago . for good life to sprang into the lifes of the people of the two cameroonses/
soo long as people stay quiet and dont act
the longer the false bigmen comtinue the evil devour of society.

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