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Thursday, 13 July 2006


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The Yaounde Appeals Court has thrown out Fru Ndi's case against Ngwasiri and Muna. Fru Ndi, Mbah Ndam, Yoyo, et al wanted the Appeals Court to over-rule a decision by the Yaounde High Court that declared that the mandate of NEC under Fru Ndi had expired since April 2003, leaving NAC under Ngwasiri as the only organ of the party competent to take decisions on behalf of the party.

The Appeals Court has thus upheld or maintained the earlier High Court decision that recognised Ngwasiri's NAC as the competent authority.

The consequences of this landmark decision are emerging. Can forumites delve into this for public clarification.

The SDF Yaounde convention held on the strength of Ngwasiri's authority as NAC chairman to convene the convention. Fellow forumites, kosh if you want, vex if you want, put forth sober reflection if you're a gentleman, but what do we think is the implication of this decision by the Yaounde Appeals Court?



Killers are faking hunger strikes to gain release. I thought they must have died after a week of hunger strike.

Why has the SDF hierarchy not taken court action against the newspaper that published Colonel Chi's interview that implicated Ni John Fru Ndi in the brutal murder of Gregoire Diboule?

Ni John Fru Ndi himself lead protest marches when John Kohtem was murdered. He wants now to use delegations to solve another murder case. He had aspired for the presidency of this country. If Ni John Fru Ndi can be doing this as Chairman of the SDF, then what would he do if he were the president of Cameroon?

Justice has to take its course.



BenF, or whatever you call yourself,

From your write ups we realise some of you're incapabile to accomodate your youthful exuberance and unncessary excitement to write on a public forum.

We(the true SDF family) have been reflecting and thinking HARD on how we can mobilise efforts and solve our problems. Unfortunately, kids like you go about copying and posting court decisions based on bias and intended to WEAKEN AND BURRY the opposition in the wake of an important election.

You behave like a 12-year old who just received a prick from the breast of a first love. Grow up!

Worried Son Of Ako, LSE.




Those who've been impersonating me should continue. I'm back...if you've got the guts..continue. Nonsense!!!


Ben B/F or is it Teribobs!!has changed from a mourner to an "agent provocateur".Are u making a mockery of the SDf,cameroonians or democracy itself?Sooner than later you will realise that u are making a mockery of yourself and masters.Keep on,"Jah will never give power to the zombies".Time alone will tell that you and your gang are living in hell though you think you are in heaven.


I think the government is playing for time and the COMMERCIAL WING of the SDF led by his Cheif NGUMBA Man John FRU NDI and Co are also hoping it delays because they will be enjoying some freedom to. Be aware the KOTEM#FON DOH issue looks alike. Remember Fon Doh did carry out the act but imstructed like JFN/Bad NDAM instructed a Col. Ngafor. HE WHO LEAVE BY THE SWORD DIES BY .......................

BOYSUS , Yaounde (Ongola)

Prince Lawrence AYAMBA

SDF & its Chairman Fru Ndi had truly betrayed Cameroonians especially Southern Cameroonians. ‘You can't be a player and a referee at the same time’ If he (Fru NDI) becomes president, I strongly believe he’ll be worst than Biya and Ahidjo.

I remember asking Fru Ndi a question during his last visit to Belgium on the legality of NEC in line with the SDF constitution. My question was, now that his mandate and that of NEC had expired since 2003, is it true the NAC has to take over the day to day running of the party activities?

Fru Ndi murmured and did not give me a convincing reply. At the end of his meeting, he referred to me as ‘you this SCNC man’ Because of my respect for elders, I ignored him.

I believe now that, the rule of law will not be ignored with this type of SDF 21 century dictatorship.

Cameroonians are more political aware now than in Ahidjo's days. WATCH OUT Mr Chairman

Fritzane Kiki Hong Kong

Justice shall prevail.This matter is short and simple.Who killed Deboule?Anyone involved should be charged for murder.Fru Ndi was deluberately taking laws into his hands and now he want to send a delegation to go and beg Biya for the release of his hunger strikers in Nkoldengui.It's too late.Sources says even the family of late Deboule have also filed in a petition in court, so it's only the law that can safe all those awaiting trial.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Ayamba, I agree with you that the situation could have been worse than the Biya and Ahidjo era if JFN was the one occupying the Etoudi palace. Thank God he will never get there. Calling you an SCNC man coz of your question is not strange. JFN is a demi-god so his actions should not be questioned.

Akoson(the ching-chong), Who dares impersonate a dreamer? only an impostor like yourself can do that.

Hey where is water-water mop Watesih, knganjo, Samleyin, Atangha George, Fon, Klemenceau, Nyangkwe and the other gangsters? Waiting to get your feedback on this.


something should be done by all the SDF factions to arrest this situation befor it get out of hands or it is already out of killed already how many are still to is really high time all parties come together for the good of SDF and Cameroon



Fon Lawrence smoked you out of your mole hole a few weeks ago. You came on ground and forgot to start commenting with the pseudoname Terribobs. I made a comment that you'd forgotten to begin your madness. Thesame day Terribobs resurfaced.

Today I addressed my comment to Benf it aches you so much so that I wonder why you were so vexed. EVEN A MAD MAN WILL KNOW THAT YOU'RE ONE AND SAME PERSON. I've got a relative who leaves beside you in Yaounde. And if you push me to the wall, I'll start telling this forum about the fact that you're a pupported homosexual. You dog!

I'm praying for you, though.

Son Of Ako, LSE.


john Doh

make wuna no give fru ndi high blood i beg, the man done already old.

na true say Biya John Ndi are birds of thesame feather though Biya seems handsome.but the truth is when Fru Ndi go take powa, those ugly eyes will see with their mouths. He will not only revenge but "shu them" way dem di oppose him.

just his face alone speaks.Bad Ndam even resemble Fru.sorry 4 my language,na over book.


Let me say i have sympathy for the family of those in detention, for their bread winners were fooled to behaving badly.
To the murderers they should face the music, if it means prison send them.I understand they were on hunger strike,have they not given the ghost yet?They deserved to die if fru ndi deceived them to commit murder.

If is true that Fru ndi's sdf has lost the appeal, then the man is finished.

In politics when you lie you are easily fished out.



My fellow countrymen and women, we have preached here time and again that the Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroun have never been one and do not need to be one. The frogs know that and even say it out aloud to us. Gendarmes killed six Southern Cameroonians in 1990, have any of them been tried? Three were killed in Buea, was anyone tried? This one concerns a citizen of La Republique du Cameroun and cannot go unquestion. Fru Ndi should stop fooling around because he will never reach Etoudi because he is a foreigner in La Republique du Cameroun. Ngwasiri himself should make an aboutturn. As a founding father of the SDF, he knows the SDF was created not to take over Etoudi palace, but to champion the Southern Cameroons` cause. He should not argue this, for the Carlson Anyangwes are still alive to testify.Both of them should join force with other movements of the Southern Cameroons to kick Biya and his troops out of our territory.



Hei, Massa me heeh, my own don finish! Da danger man Akoson don come back.

LSE China, I beg sori me, ya? If I said anything that offended you pardon me. You know I'm afraid of you, don't you? You know I felt free making noise like a 12 year old wey new bobi touch he because you had escaped. I'll sit up now that you're back - you the China king-kong (I said king-kong, not ching-chong like Terribobs).

OK, let's reach a deal. Let me go underground too for a while or even give up my right to post comments here, to avoid shame since, as you say, you've come back, poised to win.

Saaah, I di fear you ooh! Pray for me I beg. But if you want, let's fast together, eh?

Impostor. You've come back for a second dose of disgrace. Get set.



...And you this Spako too, why go pull Akoson from his hide out up the Great Wall of China?

I was here minding my business peacefully in the absence of the Great LSE China scholar, you don go wake up he from sleep. Now he has come back with TRUTHS to finish me with.

Spako wrote: "My forehead is Twisting!
What has become of our learned Colleague of the London School of Economics?... Please Akoson, do fast and pray for the 'Chaarman'... Akoson, Akoson, Akoson. Three times I have called your name. Come back and PRAY."

Akoson should know that what makes him interesting on this forum is his pomposity about LSE that exposed him to ridicule.

1.) Because he doesn't come across as one who's been to even University of Kulu, talk less one with any renown like LSE.

2.) The discovery that he is even in China not London for that matter.



I want to encourage Klamenceau, Fon Lawrence, Knganjo, Watesih and Aaron Nyangkwe to please come back to this forum. Mixture of ideas is important for development. This is a honest request!

Even if we have something to lose when others write, we should avoid taking things too personal. Being sentimental is no crime, but using it to distort facts is the problem. We should be grateful to The Post and its management for creating this "meeting point" were concerned Cameroonians come together to cook diverse ideas and reasoning- and we are millions using this forum, with millions of foreigners.

There is no saint here, and we only have our consciences, our Lord and the History of our great country to judge us and the facts we here present. Reader A would accuses reader B for tellings lies and vice versa, and each and everyone would claim to be telling the truth. How do we know the liars from those who tell the truth? How do we measure truth and lies? With whose judgments? Why must people be convinced - even with force- of what A or B writes? Who should tell others what is true and what are lies? The few gods in this forum? And who are they?

These are tough questions to answer. So let the ideas keep flowing. Let each and everyone has the independence and freedom to make personal judgements without being told what he should consume or reject. No one is a child here and no one's reasoning faculty should be minimized. That is the advantage of being Cameroonian: every Cameroonian is a genius.

The first law of the Bafaw land states that when you slap a child, the child reacts by crying. This is in line with a law in physics. For Christians - not the fake ones in this forum - when you slap one jaw, they show the other jaw for a second slap. Personally, and this is not a secret, when you slap my jaw, I immediately slap yours even before thinking. I do not make compromise for the mere sake of popularity. I faithfully render that which serves the truth and reality. Na all dat.



AKOSON son of China Economic school of Beijing feymen,
You are a first class fool.You see me like ninga for ya papa.Idiot.You bi de real chon-ching you bastard.You are the first the class carricature....I will skin you whenever I see you...biggot of no calibre..When you finish your feymania in China then go Cameroon go make noise you fool.Why did you tell us lies that you are in London School of Economics but now that many people know you are in China not even a student but a "feyman" just keep your dirty mouth bayangi devil...

Fritzane Kiki Hong Kong

It's irrelevant to force those who left the forum so unceremoniously to come back.Most of them are awaiting the trial verdict of their 'Almighty' Fru Ndi's numerous court cases and prosecutions and their other SDF nitwigs,to be revealed, then you will see them coming in again.Only the truth in this forum shall be device to defeat anyone.Those who think taking sides because of their aquaintances to A or B will loose the battle.We stand for open justice and democracy in the SDF and Cameroon as a whole.So we are not bootlickers or personality cult worshippers like those in the resicrucian order to have personal grudges with forum members for erring out their own views.

They have brandished us with all sorts of appellations and accusations and counter-accusations, yet we remain steadfast to the cause.We can give someone like Akoson a hand of applause, who dispite all menaces and misunderstandings with some forum members,still declares his 'greatest come-back' and is ready to deliver something for the forum.This are the people we can give the end of year 'ordre de valeur' award by forum members or even Biya if not Fru Ndi.

Long live the forum,
Long live those who have fled the forum
Long live those who struggled to come back
Long live post online news

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong



Ok,if we love this forum then lets forget about where people are.Akoson says he is in london accept that and lets move on.We all have freinds in china and some of us around london to trace Akoson if we want to,but does this matter?i don't think so.

Now lets get back to businesss addressing how dictator fru ndi has destroyed our sdf.How he now kneel infront of biya like a servant repenting to a priest,begging for one favour to the next.
Freinds who lost their life fighting for changed must be yielding in their graves.What a way to deceive people,and now we still have some who are failing to get up from slumbber.Remember,the next victim will be you,some of us would have been dead had we not left the country because then nothing was wrong with fru ndi.We were willing to give our life for the course,thank God he let me free.Fru ndi's children are getting some of the best education today gracia the fight we made, their bread winner has abondoned all and is comfortably feeding with Biya.Dog eat Dog.

Mukete,sometimes silience is aceeptance.The message is going through rest assured.



Let no one be deceived that Klemenceau will ever disappear from this forum. I read every little bit of the fiction people like Madkete, my man Teribobs the praise singer, BenB the chief mourner, Vally the only English boy and you name them write here, except those pamphlets that Madkete sometimes post here. I react to any write up when I want to.
BenB, don't feel that those who have been behind Fru Ndi have disappeared or are waiting for the court verdict. Is it after the court verdicts that Madkete will not say that the court could only support Fru Ndi because he is eating with Biya? If most of those who have been trying to tell the truth here have decided to be quiet, it is because we have discovered that no amount of explanation will stop you guys from your blackmailing mission.
When the court judge for Fru Ndi Madkete and gang members will say it is because Biya is keeping Fru Ndi. When the court judges against Fru Ndi, they no run around telling the world how bad Fru Ndi is. Madkete, I mean the mad Mukete in this forum. Can you tell us why Biya has decided to fight against Fru Ndi, the "CPDM subsection president"? Can you tell us why Biya who wants to see that Fru Ndi is maintained has allowed the SDF vanguards to be detained without any case against them? What would you have said if those Vanguards who declared their support for Fru Ndi were released and those for Muna detained? You pretend to be bringing light here.
I said it before and I want to insist that we will know the truth bringers at the end of the day. Let the ball keep on rolling.

philip ndum

The Diboule case is very similar to the Kohtem case. Although one involved murder by CPDM bigwigs and the other by SDF bigwigs, the course of justice has been very different. CPDM's fon doh enjoyed relative freedom and the wheel of justice moved very slowly until his conviction. SDF's Colonel Ngafor and Philip Che were quickly arrested and have been under detention since then. They must pay the ultimate price if they are found guilty.It is however disturbing that the course of justice has been very different in these similar cases and makes one to begin to wonder about the potential outcome.
Selective justice is the same as injustice. If we strive to build a society of law abiding citizens, we must use the same standards when applying the law.
For most of those who have denigrated this forum into a place for backstabbing and mudslinging, I invite you to wake up and become 'real men'. Stop hiding behind the masks and aliases you have been using to wreak havoc on this forum. Expose your true identities and make meaningful contributions that can propel us to a real debate and help us find solutions to the problems plaguing our nation.


Hey Fru Ndiists,
You can never successfully impersonate me. Your language will always betray you. Klemenceau tell your guys to carry on the fight like you are doing rather than impersonate.


Fon Lawrence, Knganjo, Watesih, and Aaron Nyangkwe have exposed themselves and their intentions to the point that I already know too well how to make them spring like boneless snakes. I can bring them back to the table whenever I like, and I can push them into hiding - at my convenience.

They had initially taken this "Forum of the people" hostage, and were forcing everyone to dance according the praise songs they were bringing here. Whenever they were challenged, they used brute methods to intimidate those who refused to dance their music or they called them sponsored agents of the CPDM. They promised to monopolize this forum for the benefit of a single individual and even went as far as trying to dictate to The Post management how the forum must be run - to satisfy the man they stand for.

They promise never to react to certain contributors, only to go against this the next minute. They have been selective in their responses, reacting only to specific contributions and facts. Now they have gone into hiding, only waiting to come back when analysis are made on the next coming hot news items.

If they are objective in their reasoning, then their message will be allowed to go through. If not, sorry!



mukete, if your so called sdf supporters react you talk, they don`t react you talk. what do you want, noise maker?
nOTE that with the tonnes of jaggon u pour here every second you are the one invadind and holding this forum hostage.
If everyone writing ting here was to place about ten contributions a day like you do, then we`ll be talking about something else.

I also ask you what became of your "bushfaller jihad" which u are one of them?
when the sdf saga passes what will u embark on, to be the bearer of light and truth?
massa try slow down. no bi all time wey u get for di write any kind thing.


From "Lawrence" through "Lawless" to "Lawson".

Interesting confusion and metamorphosis!



mukete, you are so shortsighted, you can only think of the names you memorize in dreams.I`ll be glad to be lawrence for his sound and looks like a balanced person.
However, this is Kedi Lawson. Do u need a phone number to call? I wont send it to any email, i`ll kep it open for whosoever to try calling. You surely need a different step to understand urself.
i hope u don`t also dodge questions and start pointing fingers instead of answering what you are called up to.



I don't want to believe that those impersonating in this forum are those who are either for Ben Muna or Fru Ndi. It seems to me that there is someone out there who enjoys impersonating others. This/these persons enjoy causing confusion and they are surely happy to see when each camp keeps on accusing the other.
I don't worry when I am impersonated. I know who I am and what I can write, so when someone tries to impersonate me, I just smile over it.
I would like to plead with those impersonating others to stop it because it helps to discourage some of us from reading. I would like to read what comes from the chief mourner himself BenB, the venerated gossip Madkete or from you Teribobs. You know I enjoy reading your words of praises. Reading from the original person helps one to judge the state of that person's mind. Please impersonators I plead with you guys to stop impersonating.



I've got posting difficulties. Whatz going on? As soon as I get this problem settled I'll send BenFTeribobs and other homosexuals of this forum packing. Have my words!

BenFTeribobs, I'd something for you. Thank your God I found it hard to pig!

I'm coming.

Son Of Ako, LSE.



SUNDAY SCHOOL (In arrears, please)

Well, parishioners may pardon the clergy for the skipped Sunday School rendezvous yesterday. Very sorry please. Na over prayer make we miss Sunday School. Can you imagine that? Prayer kill sunday school.

You know, since Spako forced our great LSE rolling down the Great Wall of China where he was on a fasting retreat, and since I feared he would crush me on his way down, because aa di over fear he, I arranged a secret deal with him to fast and pray for this forum.

After the dry fasting, the Lord led us to share this hymn with you. Although Sunday don pass, we bring it to you in arrears. After all, wona di still wait coffee for breakfast. So maybe we're transforming it to morning devotion for today.

Fading away like the stars of the morning
Losing their light in the glorious sun
Thus would we pass from this earth and its toiling
Only remembered by what we have sown

Only remembered
Only remembered
Only remembered by what we have sown
Thus would we pass from this earth and its toiling
Only remembered by what we have sown

Sunday School Quiz: Which SDF personality used this hymn as an anthem?



Hey Akoson,
Welcome back brother. Nice to see I jolted you from your hiding place to come back and lecture us on this forum. Please donot come in bad faith. Why do you think if someone is homosexual, that should be a problem. How can that be strange to you when many of your classmates at 'LSE' are actually homos. I will be very glad to forward your write up about Homos to your schoolmates at 'LSE'.
I am waiting. Mr Sabi Tous! Homophobic?
You are still to finish the battle you have with me though. Lie lie man!


If we were not present in Fundong during the primaries to rescue Eric Motumu from the driver and the personal body guard of Fru Ndi, Diboule's case would have been second today. Fru Ndi is a muderer and should be sentence to dead.


THis Guy called Ngwese must be a big fool.



I really wish it were true that Mukete or whoever is impersonating or duplicating himself. Those who started impersonation here are to blame. Let them carry on. They shouldn't give up. If man beat you for ya game na palava?

We were all witnesses here how in desperation, because tok pass dem, the Axis of Lies and Fanaticism resorted to creating confusion by using the identity of their tormentors to say their thing, sometimes in ridiculous ways that even Mbella mountain race could easily spot out. And they are still doing it. We see it. We just feel sorry for them and laugh because sometimes it looks like madness.

Mbu.B, as you pursue your noble endeavour of unmasking impersonators (and impostors too?) be honourable to look around you first before looking afar. It doesn't take looking too keenly nor do you need a IT expert to tell that Feli is just a new pair of punching gloves won by George (I mean Atangha).

You read Atangha refer his tormentors to Feli, urging them to read the "wonderful" analyses Feli makes on this forum. You should have pointed that out to show equity and earn credibility for your "refereeing".

Saying you don't militate anywhere doesn't fool anyone. People read you. They know whom you want to see cruxified. They know whom you want to see bailed. They see whose impersonation you let go and whose you scrutinise.

Playing referee is a noble and easier job, but you can't play it for too long, standing by indifferent while a band of reckless, ignorant fellows take the LIBERTY to deny others their LIBERTY.



It is very interesting to see how I am sitting on my table - peacefully- and actually controlling these blind people the way we use remote controls to operate the TV. I have transformed them into robbots. I toss them around whenever I want - at my humble convenience. I make them to practise the "mouvement de va et vient." I make them to go and come, and then to go again, just to come back. They are changing names to face my facts. Indeed, just like sheep goat.

I am thankful to The Post Management because this forum has made me understand that I carry important skills in me. I was shocked to read people asking me to join active politics and even to put my candidacy for the presidency. Unfortunately, my place is here -The Post Online.

I couldn't have imagined my illiterate self actually pushing presumed intellectuals into total confusion. When I finally sensed that goats were actually using this forum to "intellectually" sing praises to their Ntarikon lord, I chased them with vigour. They have been running away and coming back, still unable to believe what they are experiencing from little mukete. Only those who have something to hide would agree that I, MUKETE, need to change names in order to send through my message. I have more than enough facts and when I write they flow like a river. If I can write with my hands cut off, do I need to use some one's name to write?

I am waiting for the next series of hot news items. My secretaries are awake all day - in shifts- to alert me.




Don't bother much. Maybe you think Mbu B. has come to pretend the way you did. You remember you came telling this forum how much you loved Fru Ndi and so on. I Klemenceau told made it clear to you that you were playing the role of a fox. IT didn't take long for you to put on your real suit and take your rightful position in the game.
I know you are praying that Mbu B. should finally fall as mean as you did. Don't worry if Mbu B. is pretending, he won't pretend forever. For now I respect him for his objective approach to issues raised here. I hope you have been reading his contributions here. Just to mention that he reacted to one of Feli's write ups telling Feli that it was wrong for Fru Ndi and the SDF to maintain some parts of the SDF constitution that were not good. I don't need to elaborate. All I have been saying is that Mbu B. has been objective in his approach. Let's wait and see if he has actually been pretending as you BenB did when you started writing here. Time will always tell. BenB you can put it in prayers asking God to let Mbu B. to turn out to be the type of person you are now. Hahaha, maybe Satan will answer your prayers not God.



Just reread what you wrote. Is this forum meant to be proud for nothing. You're a typical example of an empty vessel...yet you have the nerves to try to wrestle with me.


BenB and Crew,

What has become of Ngwasiri????? any news
about him?? what is he saying about the IEC?? what are his plans to revive an SDF destroyed by Fru Ndi because we know he is the founder of founding fathers.Did his role in the game end with the NEC/NAC court case or has the "authentic" palaver become a personal muna affair???.Just wondering aloud.Instead of waisting ur energy to justify how bad Fru Ndi is,get this great father of the SDF and our newfound sviour chairman Muna to chart the way forward.If you could video tape Ngwasiri's speech which was broadcast at our great convention in Y'de(though it took place at the sreet corners and lasted less than an hour),then what is stopping you guys from getting these our great leaders to come out with a clear plan of a way forward.You guys have written tons upon tons of information degrading Fru Ndi as chair of the SDF for close to six months now;don't you think it is great STUPIDITY on ur part to be rehearsing and repeating the same stories day in day out?.If Fru Ndi according to you is dead and buried,then you guys are FOOLS of the 21st century for spending all ur time fighting with a corpse.The long and short of it is,what to you guys have to offer as a way forward??????????


You must be living in a different world! What makes you think that one has run away when he/she is absent for a day or so? Is this how you're going to run your "authentic SDF"? Again, what makes you think by throwing out our Appeal, the SDF has been given to you people (on a platter of gold)? Conventional wisdom holds that when 1 + 1 = 2, then it'd be unnecessary belabouring oneself in justifying the same thing. If Feli says what I was about to say, should I keep repeating the same stuff? How many times should I tell you people that we aren't threadbare analysts?

You're very good in contorting facts to suit the whims & caprices of your paymaster. How many times have you ever quoted an article in the SDF constitution to justify your postings? None! The SDF constitution is so simple for everyone to read and understand - you don't have to spend 8 or 9 years in a Law School before differentiating & interpreting the Standing Orders of the Convention, the Internal Rules & Regulations & the Constitution proper. Your only HOPE is relying & believing in (confused) courts' rulings whose sole intention is to create confusion into the minds of SDF members. That alone will NOT & will NEVER give the SDF to Muna. Only the naive and the ill-informed will believe in what you say! If I were you, I'd advice Ni Ben to engage in a different venture for politics is not his calling.

I can't understand how you people are more oppose to the SDF than this called UC-UNC-RDPC. When we march for the creation of an IEC, you people are oppose to it. What then are you guys out for? To make Ni Ben a Minister or to help the RDPC stay in power as long as possible? Or just the mere fact that, "il est le fils d'un ancient President de l'Assemblée Nationale, etc."

Even if Col. Ngafor & co. are now under detention in Kondengui, they have not yet been proven guilty of murdering DIBOULE. Whether you people refused the autopsy report or not, keep your "facts" when the time comes. I end here (for now) with this to Ni Ben via you: "If opportunity doesn't come knocking, then build a door to make it happen".

Cheers & I'll be back!


you definitely deserve a rejoinder.If you weigh the issue of been labelled names, you may not utter anything.
Firstly, thanks for hinting to all that, Atangha may be or is actually 'Feli'. The other side of it is that you need to sufficiently tie him to that, like I did to Mukete and you can feel him roasting with shame.
Mukete in his numerous reactions following mine was confused whether to hammer that, it is Mbu.B writing or not. Out of anger and unable to tell the feelings animating him he named me a 'pseudo-intellectual goat'.I am actually honored. I was hoping for less, something more derogatory and degrading.
Well Mr.Mukete, your case is over.I look elsewhere to continue my little assignment here.
But again mukete, in your confusion you also mentioned something about 'rankings' and I could not figure if you were talking about me or Akoson.If you were talking about me, I will get back to it immediately I release myself from grounding fatherly duties and I hope by then you should have improved your language as a whole.Learn to talk like a cultured person living in the western world.You can tell someone he is stupid without using the word 'stupid'.Do not go for the cheap that you are illiterate or whatsoever, I concede you are very learned.
The Mbu.B`s voice that is so tiny and worthless as you say, sprung atleast three rebuttals from you.
BenB,my friend back to our little talk, I just want to say, I will disappoint any who sees me as pretending or whatsoever.
I wrote similar commentaries at the HERALD newspaper about nine years ago and I am still doing the same.
Everything being equal, I will sympathize for the main opposition party, that is not the same like singing praises to its leader.
It would not also mean supporting Ben Muna`s present stance.
Dear friend, I know you must feel unassuaged by my new itches,but be assured I will most certainly get back should need be.
My leave!


Hey so Feli is Atangha? I have never bothered to read any of his write-ups else I could have spotted George from his bad language. I will take the pains to read one of his stuffs.

Klemenceau, I scarcely bother about impersonators. They can easily be sorted out. I pity those who believe them. I do selective reading on this forum.

Atangha George, so you had to wait for BenB to unmask you? I have read a quotation from BenB from the SDF constitution. I guess he has done so more than once. Mark you! That is where he gained my admiration coz he was speaking with facts. You are there just to blindly defend something you know little about. Just go ahead with gathering papers in that office and leave the real stuff to those with brains. You dummy. You can't even learn feymania from your boss?



Just two letters P and T can make all the difference.

What does the SDF have to show for 16 years of crazy "powerplay" but the Fru Ndi Tower in Bameda? The pipo scream power, the tif pipo (tifo) show off tower.

They learnt “ou sont les preuves” from their friend Biya who ran his mouth then but today, 20 years after, has conceded that his regime was corrupt to the marrow and has bowed to pressure to have some of the kingpins arrested. Half-hearted though that may be.

But should we wait 20 years to face it in the SDF?

We know of course that Biya is the chief tifman in the Cameroon corruption web and that when he said "ou sont les preuves", he was only guarding his own tracks because he feared if he sanctioned his protected lieutenants, they would have exposed him.

Even after Messi Messi testified how Biya's wife would come and collect a suitcase of money from SCB bank, did Biya accept that there was corruption and capital flight? He still said “ou sont les preuves?”

Even with that elegant denial the Biya government did not stay immune to the effects of corruption. Economic crisis, widespread poverty and Heavily Indebted Poor Countries classification were the consequences.

In 1998/1999, 12 and 13 years after "ou sont les preuves" Cameroon was classified most corrupt country in the world. Did they catch raw money on Biya's hand?

Here all we hear are noises from the Axis challenging us to show proof that Ni John is sucking honey from Biya.




Just two letters P and T can make all the difference.

Now Biya is seen to be fighting corruption. Ondo Ndong, Siyam Siwe, Joseph Edou, et al are behind bars. Did anyone catch their hands in the pot? No. All that the press and goodwill activists did was point out indicators, like soup on their lips or the smell of soup and meat from their mouths – their extravagant lifestyle, the mansions they build, the schools they send their children to.

Truth has its way of coming out and doomsday (judicial doomsday, not the political one we are facing now) will close in on the SDF tifos who are deceiving de pipos.

Someone insists we must show evidence of BAD Ndam’s hand collecting pepper from Biya's agents and passing some to Ni John. It is like insisting you must catch the hand of the soup thief in the pot, as if it’s not enough to see oil on their lips or smell their mouth.

There are signs that speak volumes. When Ni John was in full-blown business with Ebibi Bookshop and also winning government contracts, he was a modest, just-comfortable businessman. Now that Ebibi has died and Ni John’s only letterhead and business card are SDF, he has become a wealthy man. Where is that money from? Both in-party and outside-party deals.

The tower stands proud hosting PMUC a French imperialist outfit after all the noise about don't consume French-made goods. Poor pipo, in obedience to this call, they desisted from drinking even their sweet "33" Export which could have been helping them to forget their problems. Only for them to find that the Tower building on Commercial Avenue Bamenda, was hosting PMUC. Ni John is sucking sweet honey from the French.

Find out if his friend Laurent Gbabgbo, a true social democrat, would do that. And that is only a tip of the iceburg. The pipo look up to Ni John for power, he shows them the tower. What proof do you want?

Poor militants say: SDF, power
Rich Ni John says: SDF, tower

Clap for the Axis of Fanaticism.



Remember Biya's "ou sont les preuves" interview to Eric Chinje in 1986, 20 years ago?



I didn't care to read over all you have posted here. But a glance at it took my eyes to where you talked about Ni John's tower. BenB I see jealousy in your fight against Fru Ndi. Did Fru Ndi build his house in Bamenda before or after the launching of the SDF?
Fru Ndi was a rich man even before the launching of the SDF. He didn't acquired wealth from some body like your master Ben Muna got from his father and through bribe when he was in Tanzania.
BenB you think Biya detained Ondong Dong and others without proofs? Please don't try to defend what you can't defend. When people ask for proofs you go back to your old song "ou sont les preuves". Keep on deceiving yourself.


Axis people. At least one of them is expressing their frustration on the other side there over passports, not addressing the issue but insulting another contributor for a reason I wonder who will see.

Unprovoked insults. Clearly an outcome of frustration. Dem go well so? Others have gone underground, waiting with their heart in the mouth for the court ruling in Bamenda today.



Dear ALL,
The likes of Teribobs and or BenB are making the debates more boring! Is it wrong to share the same vision with someone? BenB or Teribobs have the same vision with Mukete & a few others. Again, don't BenB et al have the same vision with Ni Ben? Agreeing with Feli's ideas makes me Feli? I'll NEVER impersonate let alone change my name. If BenB or Teribobs are professional impersonators, they should know that NOT everybody is like them.

I've all along said that these people are here to distract us from focusing & also to misinform the diasporans. Only people whose sole avenue for news is the internet will believe in BenB or Teribobs (and others hoping that the SDF will be given to them by the courts).

Bamenda judgement or NOT, the SDF is the people's property. By hoping & praying the courts to hand it to you guys is like wishing to go to heaven without dying.

Cheers & I'll be back!



Your area of specialty in this forum is against Fru Ndi. Continue mourning for the political death of your masters Ben Muna and Ngwasiri.
I'm sure you are not happy since the post didn't bring up any news about Fru Ndi and the SDF. You should take this time to go around with your master Ben Muna to try to the villages of Yaoundé and pay those Beti guys to stand as his (Ben Muna) supporters.
BenB how many press conferences and rallies has Ben Muna held since he was appointed chairman of the "authentic SDF" during the two hours meeting that you guys organized there? While you are doing the internet campaign stuff, Ben Muna is going around doing "back door" campaign, deceiving and bribing poor and ignorant Ewondo people.
I am waiting for the day your gang master Ben Muna will organize big rallies in cities and towns around Cameroon in the name of the SDF.
Keep on with your failed propaganda on the internet. I see how courageous you are to stand the heat and still doing everything to convince readers here that your gang master Ben Muna is winning or will win. Hahahahaha what a farce BenB!!! Hope you won't run at the end.


Mbu B.,

Until you stop putting on an undeserved coat of "intellectuality" or "judge" in this forum, your worthless "sabi tout" will be good only for the dogs. No excuse for saying this! But You do not insult me in your own "polite" language, and you expect me to insult you in the language you prefer. I do not twist things.

You think civility means we use the same "polite" insults you use? You must have realized that I never react to anything you write. Neither had I ever mentioned your name in any of my write ups. I have allowed you to go on with the worthless judgements you make on readers and their contributions. Only hypocrites would want to claim that they are neutral in this forum. You are for the Ni John Fru Nd's camp, despite all the twisting game you are playing, and I have nothing against that.

If you were having the slightes drop of honesty still existing within you, then you should have criticized the fake mukete who has been using my name and cutting and pasting sections of my write ups to bring in distortion. How do you expect readers to believe the hypocrasy you bring here when you are trying to tell the world that I am the person writing as the fake mukete?

You think you will be honouring me by stating that I am learned? Learned my lass! I would have been honoured if you had used the word "educated" of "informed" because we can achieve these two qualities without going far in school- as you have seemingly done. And you are going back to the old cry by stating that I am in the Western World. Western world your lass! This only shows how mean you are. You think an "intellectual" like me can only live abroad? You think only people who live abroad can send in facts in an ordel and logical manner, and with clear analysis? Are you not reading excellent contributions from many other people living here in Cameroon? What has my location and/or my level of education got to do with the facts and analysis I present? Of all what you have been writing here, which ones did you learn at school? Did I learn about Ni John Fru Ndi, the SDF, president Paul Biya, the CPDM, etc. at school? Look man, we are writing and analysing what an informed common man who has never gone to school knows.

I can't understand why you people had to continue pushing me to the wall with all names (illiterate, half-schooled, half-educated, fool, dull man, mad man) before been pushed by my continuous write ups to be viewing me now as a "learned literate". Even by lifting me high to the level of learned people, you people have not been honest to accept that I am well informed of what is happening here in Cameroon - far more than you claim to know. I want to assure you that of all those writing here on Cameroon's politics, I am one of those having an excellent mastery of political games in Cameroon - open or hidden. Readers can confirm this.

It is ironical to hear you calling BenF "my man." Such flattery wouldn't ever work with me. You do not insult me in your own "polite" way, and you expect me to insult you in the language you prefer. I do not twist things.

... even with my corrections, you will never learn out of shame.



I expected you to come back, you probably position yourself as 'bad-mouth champion'.
Well I`m going to tell you this;I have no war, peace or understanding pact with you to react or not, to your comments and vice-versa.If you do not react to my write-ups that is your birthday or funeral.
Being neutral on this forum to me, means not supporting any ideological camp, it does not mean being CPDM and saying you are a fervent SDF sympathizer.The same applies for who actually is a hypocrite.
'Western world'...old cry. What about; 'Intellectual' isn`t it your oldest cry? Mind you, I do not crave to sound like one or whatever definition you add to it. But I know you have many problems with the word.
You write;
"I have allowed you to go on with the worthless judgements you make on readers and their contributions"

Mukete, when did it become your prerogative to allow my issues here or not? You should let us know if you are a share holder to JIMBI or THE POST, then some of us will definitely shut up.

Mukete, frankly, I don`t scare debates from intelligible people,,,,,,
'my lass, your lass'...what is that? You can insult me, but do not insult the civilized people browsing this link.
I really have no time for this Mukete, you have something on the plate about passports.It is real serious.Do not write only about the SDF or trade insults.
This isn`t a reply and I do not intend to do so. I was just saying, there`re fresh headlines.


Mbu B.

If passport is a very important issue for you, then it is your own judgment to think so. You still have this inborn bad habit of always trying to put things under your thumbs and trying to tell readers what is good for them. The mere fact that you always try to make judgements on readers and their contributions, is clear testimony that you want to claim a superiority in analysing things when in reality you don't. While not simply give your own facts and counter facts without telling the forum what you have observed about reader A or B or his or her write ups? You think readers can not make their own personal judgements?

Those who do not need passports - to go abroad for studies, to steal, do what they cannot do here in Cameroon, to do business or seek political assylum like you did - do not consider the passport issue important. On the contrary, ALL Cameroonians may consider the sad political situation in the country very important. Besides, do you know that the passport issue is an intergral part of the politics in the country, while the reverse is not true? I do not go from specifics to general, but from the reverse direction.

Look Mbu B., if you had been reading with your heart open and uninfested with bias, then you must have read - many times - that I have been forced - by those you know very well- to make the SDF and its hierarchy my "field of specialization". There is no secret in the fact that I dig out information only when hot news items on the SDF comes out - and rest assured that the able team of The Post still has more of this to table here. People have failed in all their attempts to divert my attention from the position they themselve had forced me to take. I only contribute to other news items if and only if I find them having a direct or indirect link with the SDF and its hierarchy or if they have lessons that I can apply to the mess we have in the SDF. This is the greatest contribution I have for (y)OUR SDF. Time will tell.

Look Mr. Mbu B., I have completely nothing against you. What for, when we do not even know each other personally! But if you think that you will be using your seemingly polite language to insult me, and expect me to do same with a language that you find appropriate, then you are making a very very big mistake. Besides, what measuring instruments do we use to measure the "civility" or "uncivility" in any insults? What instruments do you use to taste the bitterness in insults? Your own feelings alone?

My last advise is that you go on giving your facts and counter facts, but try to allow readers make their personal judgements. I will end the war you initiated with this very good news: "If you slap me on the face - even at the peak of chronic madness- my reaction will be swift. I will not accommodate myself to human understanding to make myself more "understandable" or popular. No! I will hit back in a way that the madness you carry go far beyond proportions for everyone to see. I do not pretend and I am not a hypocrite".

Hold your heart as you digest the article on passports. Fortunately for some of you, the decision may not directly affect those who have abandoned their country and are taking refuge elsewhere. I am not the one to make reference to those on exile like Klamenceau, the only reader whose thoughts are shapeless, and who takes leave only when I write, but reading what I write more than any other reader. Excuse me!




“You of the civil society, like we politicians, must have noticed that we are living very hard times. Times have also been hard for me because, among many politicians, I was the least understood. But today, many have come to understand that Cameroon cannot be built through shortcuts. Cameroon cannot be built by people who want others to change but they themselves are not changing. Change must begin with us ourselves.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



"I believe we can make a new start based on moral values. Let’s first change our attitudes and the people will follow us. But if we continue to lie to the people, we will waste another 16 years in the wilderness." - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



“I fight for two reasons. First, so that Fru Ndi doesn’t continue deceiving people, to counteract his methods. Second, I fight to bring in a new method of work, a new way of thinking and doing things.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



I am sure your master, will double your pay package. I am waiting for FOOD FOR THOUGHT (III).
It is a good way to keep yourself occupied while waiting for another headline news on Fru Ndi and the SDF.
A crook like Ben Muna is talking of change as if Cameroonians don't know the 419 actions he carried out in Tanzania before he was driven like a dog from there. Or the tricks he played during the launching of the SDF. Very soon he will resign from the so called "authentic SDF" as it is his habit.
It is a laughing matter that your gang Master Ben Muna says Cameroon can't be build through short cut yet he wants to become the chairman of the SDF through short cut. Hahahahaha, only the blinds would be deceived.



“Let me remind you that I was the first to leave NEC, in 1993, and when Siga Asanga resigned after me, he created a party. I told him the solution to Cameroon’s problems is not to create political parties, but rather to educate the people because the people were not yet ready.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



I was a little late, BenB was quick to copy and paste FOOD FOR THOUGHT (III). Well waiting for 4, 5, and so on. What else can you do apart from copying and pasting?
Keep on after all you are "working your money".



“You know that if anyone was to be killed with insults in this country, I would have been that person. When I heard people say I had received 400 million from the French government, I laughed. If I wanted to be minister, I would have entered the Biya government in 1993 but I refused.

“You know the Germans say: ‘Mit gegangen – Mit gefühlen – mit gehangen’, meaning: ‘You went with them, you were found with them, you’ve been hanged with them’.

"In life people should learn to choose where they want to be very carefully because in the end only those who don’t understand life would think they can join a band of thieves and succeed to convert all of them.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



“We need to rebuild a new way based on honesty, that will convince the people and THOSE other people will lose credibility. Today, we need solid values that the people want…People need to know that politics is a game for the interest of the people, not for individuals…

“Ten years ago, people said ‘Ben Muna does not know how to play politics’. IF IT'S POLITICS OF LIES TELLING, THAT'S TRUE. I don’t know that. I’m naïve to politics of lies telling…

“Observe me in the coming months, watch my deeds and political actions. Some said I was doing this in order to take a seat in the Biya government. If I wanted that, I’d have done so since 1993.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006


FOOD FOR THOUGHT TO Benfb and crew

why not copy and paste the entire interview to the messeger as usual.FOOD FOR THOUGHT indeed.You guys should think harder and analyse the interview and see who is deceiving who.First Ben Muna goes question-begging to the messeger.After waiting in vain for the press to come ask him about his "authentic"mission to destroy the SDF he starts payiny courtesy calls to press organs,hope he will do such rounds to all press organs and why not go international too.The big question that comes up in any right thinking person's mind is, why is this fellow so desperate to speak.A guilty person or a thief will always talk loudest to offer all kinds of explanations to cover up his guilt or crime.

From his interviw to the messeger,which is made up of the same sing song that Fru Ndi and SDF detractors have been singing,I want to comment on two things that he said.
1-That when they held night meetings in Y'de and where ever that gave birth to the SDF,Fru Ndi was not even there;This is dishonesty at its peak,because the million dollar question that crops up from any logical thinking is,how then did Fru Ndi become chairman of the party if he was not instrumental in its creation?

2-He also mentioned in the interview that the SDF was not formed to conquer power,but to educate the public on the principles of Democracy.What naivety and hypocrisy at the highest level.Political scientist could help tell muna that there is no political organisation on earth that has no ambition to win power someday.On the contrary Muna's activities in the SDF from creation till date show that he is the most power hungry zombie the SDF has ever had.He has always permanently been at fault with the leadership of the party in everything it does.When he finds it difficult to push himself to the helm he resigns,and when he comes back his only ambition is to become chairman or presidential candidate.To talk of education,how has he been educating the public on the principles of democracy for the past 16yrs or is the role of educating the public the sole responsibility of the chairman whom he cliams has failed? and must you become chairman of a party before you educate the public?.I wonder how these fellows expect cameroonians to accept open dishonesty and shear hypocrisy of this magnitude.Time will tell.



“I never said the SDF wasn’t created to win power. But it was created first and foremost to institute a democratic culture. That’s my point of view that I consider pragmatic and the outcomes have proven me right…

“If you want to grab power democratically, the terrain needs to first and foremost be democratic. Else, you’re wasting your time. To plant maize, you have to first clear the farm. If you’re power-hungry, you plant your maize among weeds and they won’t grow.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006


I had been checking another thread thinking that Mr. Mukete would provide the tonne of evidence I have been clamouring for. To no avail.
I opened this thread by accident to realise that some naive fellows were associating me with other names. I don't have time now to write because I have to try my best to bid farewell to a good friend Aloys Fonje who died in Switzerland a little more than a week ago. To those who don't know Aloys, he has been of great service to the struggle for democracy in Cameroon by linking Swiss institutions and providing networking for cooperation in development. He was the MC during the wake-keep of Ma Rose in Geneva last year. May his soul rest in peace.
When I return after the funeral in Bern on saturday, I shall purely concentrate on Mr. Mukete, urging him to bring forth what he has been promising. As for the others who write about impersonation, I would not bother to answer them because experience has shown me that they can hardly communicate. So where there is no communication, there can never be comprehension.Period.



“Many can remember that during rallies in 90-91 I said the SDF wasn’t created to simply grab power. It was created first and foremost to institute a culture of democracy in Cameroon. To get to power, there are at least five ways that I can cite: revolution, fraudulent election, free and fair election, succession, and even coup d’etats. But to get to power through democratic means we must first create a democratic atmosphere.

"And if the SDF had held on to its original mission to educate the people, they would have known how to defend their votes. Sixteen years after, the people don’t even know how to defend their votes. That shows we failed in our mission.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



“It is really sad that with all these riches in our country people suffer this way. Our people have lost faith. The Biya regime has, in 20 years, dampened the spirit of Cameroonians. People in the villages were always poor, but in the past, they hoped for a better tomorrow. Now they have lost the desire to live.

“I return to politics to contribute my quota in reviving their hopes. That hope can’t be given by mere sweet talk. It only comes when the people trust that we have high moral and ethical values. We need to be honest with the people. Truth is the best way of making friends.

“I believe now we are entering the second phase of our battle but it’s, of course, more difficult because the people no longer believe us, their leaders. We have deceived the people. We have big cars, mansions and within 20 years, the people have been reduced to nothing.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



“I think we politicians need to examine ourselves to understand why Cameroonians have lost faith in politics. It’s because we spend our time deceiving them… The other time I heard that professors were signing a document calling on Biya to remain in power. Finally, where are we? You know that people were very disappointed to see 250 professors signing for Biya to stay in power.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



“The CPDM has passed on political violence to John Fru Ndi. They have taken the place of the CPDM. After the violence in the Takoudjou/Souleymane Affair, Fru Ndi thought he had a certain immunity and could do whatever he wanted. He thought he’d always be protected. Many people equally thought so. That’s why many people think things won’t change, after all Fru Ndi is an arm of the CPDM.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



“He (Fru Ndi) controls state radio because he is in connivance with the CPDM. And since in Douala there is the radio of Severin Tchounkeu that speaks about him day in day out, I try to make a few media outings and each time a send out a strong message that everyone hears and comments on for a long time. Then they (Fru Ndi’s group) begin to grumble that I speak on the radio all the time. I control the grassroots and from time to time I remind them to watch where the truth is.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



“My job is to prepare younger people to take over leadership of the party four years from now. I don’t think that at age 70 I’ll still be aspiring to lead the party. It is my duty now to guide the youth around me so that by the next elective convention in 2010, they could take over leadership of the party. If at that time there is the need for me to stand as presidential candidate, it won’t be for me to decide. If at the time there is a more capable young man, good and fine. [...The SDF constitution prohibits the party chairman from standing as presidential candidate. We just have not been respecting that.]” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



“John Fru Ndi was going to occupy the [Centre provincial] headquarters with 200 or 300 thugs. The Gendarmes would have barred us from entering the premises to hold our convention. Consequence: no convention. And John Fru Ndi would have gone boasting that we were incapable of holding a convention.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006

Dr. A. A. Agbormbai

Good words from Ben Muna. It seems that the SDF has at last found a leader to restore its pride. The SDF has hope, after all!



“You would have noticed how ‘feymen’ operate. They win your confidence and then disappear with your money. That’s exactly how political ‘feymen’ operate. Our obligation now is to stop following our political ‘feymen’. We must build a new way of honesty and the people will recognize us and follow us.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006


FeliTangha hahahahahahaaaaaa!

You want run? Na da ticket wey wona used to sori poor man Ngwasiri, na he wey dem don give you for go Switzerland for the funeral of wona point man there who used to send NGO stuff then wona wipe am? Or you want take na style for just poom for asylum? Be lucky to be allowed to leave through the airport because that Diboule matter is getting hot eh!


Roki of Shanghai

Having computer problems.People of the true SDF, keep up the spirit.

Roki of Shanghai

I wonder what makes some dumbasses on this forum feel like gods. It's good you know you are an illiterate and you are proud to shout that out loud.What a shame. Believe me man, your past will always hunt you. Your "headwork" is to sow the seed of hatred and confusion. CPDM in SDF's clothing accept it or not, its clear. We all have eyes, we can read and understand.The only god that has all the facts and yet, we have never seen one of them.......Mukete what a disgrace.
You shamelessly tell the world your sister is a prostitute and you are gay. You think we have forgotten. Here you come again beating your chest and feeling proud that you send people of the true SDF packing.You make us go and come at your will.You have no proof to back that up. "True citizen" of Cameroon and "true" SDF member, show us one proof of your bla bla bla against Fru Ndi. That name is like hemlock to you.

Roki of Shanghai

Two factions of the SDF were in battle when Diboule died. Members of the authentic SDF were arrested and those of the fake patrolling the streets of Yaounde enjoying freedom that their sponsors "Mukete's CPDM" has given them. Is that Justice? You are out to divide and not to gather, to destroy and not to build, to boast and make cheap publicity for your Etoudi lord. How much are you paid for this cheap publicity Mukete?

Roki of Shanghai

No hard feelings. I consider you my fellow countryman but i also want you to be reasonable.When you read a news story, don't get excited and start talking trash especially when you see the words "SDF" or "Fru Ndi" on the caption.Reason! First let it swell around your empty head. Then draw your conclusion. Stop washing your dirty linen in public and dragging your stooges like BenB and the rest into it.
BenB makes it sound like China is a dumping ground for criminals.I'm proud to say i'm in China. Akoson has the right to be wherever he wants to be. He has the right to his contribution whether he writes from London, Great wall of China or wherever. That has got nothing to do with you. Prime factor here is to better our fatherland. Rescue it from the hands of Etoudi and it's gang of liars, "confusionist",cheats, "corruptionist" on this forum
Truth pressed to earth shall rise again.


Readers are surely observing how real drama and madness is unfolding in this forum. At first I thought that mad people are those moving naked in the streets and picking up rubbish. I also thought that the reason for madness can only be medical or witchcraft. Never could I imagine that I could push someone into madness of the first degree.

We have seen that ALL those who came out forcefully in this forum have been pushed by the facts I bring into different degrees and forms of madness. Fon Lawrence, Knganjo, Watesih, Aaron Nyangkwe, Akoson, Klamenceau, etc. have actually demonstrated the mukete-initiated madness in this forum. They have changed strategies, sit back and watch me write, use different names, distort my facts, getting up late into the night to see if "mukete has written". They have insulted me and praised me. They have minimized my level of reasoning - called me illiterate, fool, half-schooled, half-educated -, only to be giving the false impression that I am a learned literate. They had promised that they will never allow me to stop their mission in this forum, only for them to run into hiding. I made Fon Lawrence to hide his identity, by dropping away the "Lawrence" he carries. Watesih, Aaron Nyangkwe, Knganjo have disappeared and are now using different names. These are the faces behing the many new names we are having, including the fake mukete. Even Klamenceau who childishly wanted to stand the truth I carry, is gradually following the same exit. Klamenceau had stated in this forum - many times - that he will attack anything I write here and that he will not allow me even for a second. What are we seeing today. After running away from the heat of my facts, he informed this forum that he is taking leave and will not be reacting to contributions. While is tactfully pretending not to be reading my contributions, he is reacting to what BenF is bringing here.

Who says all these blind Ni John Fru Ndi supporters are not caward? Who says that the simple and harmless Mukete has not dismantled their initial plans? Who says the simple mukete has not forced them into rethinking their strategies? I WANT TO INFORM READERS THAT THESE ELEMENTS OF DISTORTION HAVE BEEN WARNED BY THE SDF HIERARCHY IN BAMENDA TO DO EVERYTHING NOT TO PROVOKE ME INTO RELEASING IMPORTANT AND HIDDEN FACTS INTO THE PUBLIC. THEY HAVE BEEN ADVISED NOT TO REACT TO WHAT I WRITE BECAUSE OF THE EFFECT IT IS HAVING ON CAMEROONIANS.

I want to tell these elements of distortion and lies that whether they react to my contributions or not, they have already pushed me into a position of no return. The position they have pushed me into is irreversible. They must have realized that they miscalculated and that they made a grave error.




“You know it very well that in 1996, I quit the SDF, but friends made me understand that the battle was best fought within. I’ve come to fight. MY SOUL IS LNKED TO THIS PARTY. When we were meeting at night in Yaounde, Fru Ndi wasn’t there.

"In crafting the statutes of our party, we understood the attitude of people who were power-hungry. That’s why we included checks and balances so that NAC couldn step into the shoes of NEC when the need arose. We know why we created this party.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



“It is in the statutes from the beginning. The SDF was created to bring democracy to Cameroon. But since we ignored that objective to merely chase power, we can see the result. They say power corrupts. It’s true. You need to be very strong to withstand the problems that quest for power can bring to an institution.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



“I was with Fru Ndi in Bamenda when Sengat Kuo said we should form a government in Bamenda. I said to Fru Ndi, there are two things. Since we have accepted to change Cameroon democratically, let’s accept the Supreme Court results. But if you want us to carry out a revolution, then let’s go. Buy arms. And I told him there were no half measures about recognizing state institutions and rejecting them when they are against you.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



“We should understand that [neo]colonialism is all about economic interests... We need to know how far we can go in mounting pressure for change. If we don’t make a breakthrough, our children will continue the struggle. You might have read the French Revolution. It took 50 years for the first Parliament to be put in place. Who knows if in Cameroon it would also take 50 years or even 100?” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006


Has it become a song that you forced me to drop my second name,Lawrence? I don´t know the point that you have been struggling to pass across concerning this issue,that you forced me to drop my second name.

All your attempts to lure us into reacting to your spite/malice will be in vain.I don´t pretend that I don´t read what you write,I read almost all when I have the time and smile over it.If there anything I benefit from your malevolent write ups,it is entertainment since I always smile each time I read it.

Hope you will have your chrismas today as I have responded to you.Happy chrismas!!!

Roki of Shanghai

I still keep on wondering why this traitor of a man Ben Muna is not sensible enough to form a political party and give it any name. Why tear down what we have fought for since its creation.Only power thirsty and selfish people will do what he is doing.We thought someone of his educational and family background would have this common sense of forming his own party. Far from it.It won't be long, we'll read somewhere that he's smuggling arms to start a "bloody revolution".He has already started in Yaounde and the earlier he stops taking the name of the party in vain, the better for him and his stooges some on this forum.
That's why his agents on this forum are working night and day to recruit scapegoats so they can turn our calm country into another Sudan or Uganda.Thanks to Mukete and co.
Talking of Mukete, call names if you have your "so-called" facts to show everybody here that Watesih, Aaron Nyangkwe, Knganjo are changing names and call the names that they have changed into.Stop playing your "mbuh house" politics here.
If the authentic SDF is not giving you the blood thirsty satisfaction you want, why not form your own party with your uncle Ben Muna as Chairman and stop fighting a battle you'll never win.As we say, if Ben Muna can win a local election in a "Njangi group" in his native village, then he can head a party. But i doubt that possibility.Only people like Mukete and gang can carry political failures like him shoulder high.
Just like i said before, "Truth pressed to earth shall rise again"



“If we are delaying the burial of Diboule, it’s because the state counsel investigating the matter is refusing the autopsy report. He wants to have details to establish clearly the cause of Diboule’s death (gunshot, stabbing, or whatever). That’s necessary so they won’t say he was knocked down by a vehicle as they had already started saying.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006


you are so dull. I wonder if you reason with ur anus. Ntemfac explained the genesis of the SDF in his interviews. Even nchindas like Atangha George do not dispute his facts. And there you come with your large mouth to ask a question that is as stupid as you are. When you punch the air and say 'power to the people', do you understand what that means? You are an advocate of power to JFN and his gang and your write-ups are betraying you. Don't try to analyze things you know nothing of. You are just making a fool of yourself. Ashia!!! numbskull.

Hey Fon and Klemenceau, some good stuff there from Ni Ben's interview. Why don't you come on and dispute these facts?

I buy Dr Agbor's idea that there is hope with the authentic SDF. The commercial wing can continue with their feymania.


Roki of Shanghai,
You are missing the point.Mukete is not out to support Ben Muna.He knows that Ben Muna can´t take the SDF anywhere.His sole objective is to blackmail the SDF for reasons best known to him.Lets forget about this guy of vicious ill will,who has failed in his mission and is looking even on a snake to hang on.

I am confident that the SDF will emerge victorious to deliver Cameroonians from the corrupt regime led the present dictator,call Biya.



“In 2002 the UN sent me to Equatorial Guinea on a good governance programme. Their president received me and asked me how I was going to organize it. I told him it won’t need more than one day to do so simply because good governance is all about honesty - honesty in everything, in managing people, in managing public property. If we can apply honesty in all domains, there will be good governance. It isn’t a theory hard for us to understand or search for in space. It’s a practical thing in our daily lives.

”Our society should be built on what Jesus said: ‘Love one another’. If I love my neighbour, I’ll give them equal facilities – education, health and all the rest.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006

Roki of Shanghai

Thank you Fon. When a tree is falling. It takes the branches along with it.Won't be different for Ben Muna.



“The way to fight corruption is to hit hard on the big guns and the rest of Cameroonians will sit up. We should have the courage to hit the corrupt big guns, put them prison, the rest of Cameroonians will sit up. All these committees for the fight against corruption are a waste of time. Since the creation of man, the only way to stop crime is through penal sanctions.

“We should begin with the white-collar thieves. You’ll see the others sitting up, resigning. One thing about Cameroonians is that they adapt quickly to a new order. The manner in which we have adapted to corruption is strange. At the start of the 1980s [before Biya came power] it wasn’t like this.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



“Cameroon wanted a messiah, a Moses to save the country. Sixteen years after, we’re not there. Ask yourself why... Africa is suffering at the hands of those Moses’s. God Himself chose the one in the Bible. Appointed or self-proclaimed Moses’s have never succeeded in Africa. I can cite many.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



“We didn’t say Fru Ndi couldn’t continue as chairman [before the conventions]. He could continue acting as chairman, but during those three, four years when NEC’s mandate expired, they took decisions with far-reaching consequences: dismissals, change of party rules, brought up new ideas that were foreign to the statutes of the party. We said no and asked them to return to order. [They didn’t heed to our call]. I’m convinced that our convention was legal and we are the legitimate group. The courts will pass judgment in line with that.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



“We won’t use the same methods as Fru Ndi. We won’t exclude anybody. [No 8.2]. Even those who pay allegiance to Fru Ndi have the right to do so. They have their opinion. They have the right to insist that Fru Ndi remains chairman of the SDF. We go to court because for us that is for the courts to clarify. If they realize that NEC was illegal, they’ll decide what to do. If they want to return to us, no problem. [They are welcome.]” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



“We behave as if Cameroon invented politics. Meanwhile it is science with clear indicators.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



“I don’t have ambitions to be president. It isn’t an obsession for me. In any case, if people think I can do something, I’ll accept to serve my country. But truly, I’m not dying to be president of the republic. I’ve already made my name. I’ve left a track record in Africa. I don’t have to be president of the republic at all cost to be recognized as someone. I say this sincerely. And by the way, I can’t elect myself into office. It’s you, citizens, who have to decide.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006



“The Ngwasiri 'resignation' matter has been debated over and over again. People should stop inventing new procedures that don’t exist in administration. Yes, Mr Ngwasiri had submitted a resignation letter to Fru Ndi. In the evening, Fru Ndi asked him ‘who asked you to resign?’ He asked Ngwasiri to convene a NAC meeting that was already planned. Ngwasiri did that.

“You should understand that the outcome of a resignation depends on whether a boss accepts or refuses it. By the way, we have letters from Fru Ndi as chairman to Ngwasiri as recently as 2005 in which he addressed Ngwasiri as chairman of the advisory council.” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006

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