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Monday, 24 July 2006


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what did u just write? In stead of telling YOURSELF(BenB/TERIBOBS) to join the old guard muke-ngumbe pum pum at JAMOT u dare call reasonable people..u r a real caricature.
Theres no debate here youngman. Who is debating against who?
Do you see yourself TERIBOBY-MUP/BENGBIS presenting any facts or doing gigs? IL N Y A PAS MATCH.
Vally u sef,,,,, cheeii englais holdi mongombey. no bi typo, vally all verbs for past tense na present all present na past.
A SALUTE OH MR PIGIN WEY...i no want finish u


These Muketes and his gang can never ever learn to say something that is true.


Empty vessels always have something to hang on. The talk of the day now is not how Fru Ndi has destroyed the SDF but how he has brought curse to the North West province.
Teribobs and Reader, can you explain to me the revelations you are claiming here? Are they revelations about how Fru Ndi forced SDF militants to drink blood in Fundong or how he killed John Khortem, his late wife, Diboule etc? What has happened to the evidence the chief fiction writer here promised this forum in relation to the marriage between the CPDM Secretary General’s daughter and Fru Ndi's relative? What about the evidence promised to readers here to confirm the fact that Fru Ndi is dinning with the CPDM at night? What about the evidence to proof that Fru Ndi actually killed Makoge?
Why do you guys take readers for fools? Do you think creative writing means evidence or proofs of what we write? Do you guys think readers here can't distinguish between hard facts with examples and relating stories to suit evil purposes?
I have addressed Teribobs and Reader. If anyone feels my write up has to do with what he wrote, that person should respond without any quarrels. I decide what I want to write in my write ups. Let anyone who is angry that I didn't mention his name go to hell.
A shameless liar, who spends sleepless nights because of Fru Ndi, tells readers that he works at 3 am Cameroon time because the internet is not busy. Hope you don't want to tell this forum that people don't post write ups here from Cameroon or they don’t do other work through the internet during the day. It is no surprise that you have decided to work in the night. How can a devil like you work in the day?


I know you have been reading my write-ups and I don't remember talking about blood drinking etc as you mentioned in your write up. There are many issues that have been brought to light by our authentic SDF and her sympathisers. The most recent are found in Ni Ben's interviews as well as those of Ntemfac. There were hard facts in these revelations that took you aback. I can remember how most of you still crusading for JFN and his BAD NDAM wagged your tails when these issues were brought up. As usual your camp resorts to slander to counter truth. The night deals with the CPDM, the issue of computerized voters, misuse of 8.2, freemasonry etc are some of the revelations we have got. Do I have to write a novel to recapitulate these revelations?


You be taking readers here for fools.Below is a quotation of a portion of the rubbish we are debating. The strong point raised in what was termed research is nudity has never been seen anywhere in world. We decided to direct readers to links inorder to challenge the rubbish; the issue suddenly changed and you are telling u´s we are embracing Nudity. This is childishness.

"In almost all the continents of the world, children and the elderly have been used as political weapons during wars and political confrontations. But the present research discovered that it is only in Cameroon and specifically in Bamenda in the North West province that the nakedness of very old women has ever been used as a political weapon. This weapon was invented and used by Ni John Fru Ndi (Leader of Cameroon’s main opposition party, the Social Democratic Front – SDF) to bring pressure on the CPDM government of Cameroon. It is world record that it is only in Bamenda that this anti-feminine, disrespectful, and anti-cultural weapon has ever been used. We toured the whole world, meeting and discussing with political leaders and human rights and feminine organizations of ALL the continents of the world, but we found NO other place – we mean NO THER PLACE- on earth where this crime against women and humanity has ever been practiced. No researcher found it in any other place, and the probability that it will ever happen elsewhere is zero. It is unique to Bamenda and Ni John Fru Ndi!"

In the above rubbish,who are those who carried out the research? The researchers toured the whole world; who sponsored them? Where were their finding published before a madman is telling us about it here?

Is this the rubbish,someone in the name of a reader will want us to react on? Have we not declared here that we want to allow the madman to do what pleases him;expecting that readers are mature enough to discern things for themselves? Is it not a common saying that if one runs after a madman,the public will see that person a mad man also?

Teribobs,despite the mess you find yourself in as you want to defend what is impossible, I have always respected you for one thing;the fact that you have always dissociated yourself from Mukete´s madness.
If you want to change from that position,then sorry for you.


You must be taking readers for fools.



One reason i hate fru ndi is because my aunt was paid to naked herself in 1992 as TAKUMBENG, but fru Ndi never paid her.Instaed, yoiu know what he did with my sister!!!!!

This current research I HAVE DONE FOR 3 YEARS has proven, beyond any doubts whatsoever, that by exposing the nakedness of very old women to the public in Bamenda – Graffiland is something completely against African culture and against the tradition of the entire North West province – the leader of the perpetrators of this crime against humanity and against the feminine gender brought a CURSE on the entire North West province and Bamenda and KAM NO GOs. Am not a racist.Cameroon is the only country in the world where the nakedness of very old bamenda women, known as Takumbengs or graffimbeng has been used by the opposition to fight the government.

In Cameroon, whenever a mad woman LIKE MY AUNT is seen moving around naked, the first thing women do is to look for a piece of cloth to cover her nakedness. As if mad women also understand the danger involved in exposing their nakedness in public, ALL mad women in Cameroon make sure they cover their nakedness. Traditionally, in the graffiland, if an old woman should show you her nakedness, especially in public, then it is treated as a BEAUTY CONTEST.mYaunt did it. What a primitive people? In the North West province still, when a passer-by coincidentally sees an old woman taking a bath in the stream, the passer-by has to run away with his eyes closed as if a lion were chasing him. Again in the North West province, if an old woman threatens to expose her nakedness to you, you have to run away and beg the elderly to mediate. If you see the waste-slip of an old woman falling to the ground, you immediately have to turn to the opposite direction – with your eyes closed.


Now in Ntarikon



(See Klemenceau’s posting Thursday, 27 July 2006 at 01:15 PM on story “B'da Court Incompetent To Hear Muna-Fru Ndi Case” at

You dis Clement so,
See where your tok tok don keep you? Truth has a way of coming out even if we try to whitewash. You can't suppress truth even in your own memory. It will always find a way of bursting out, leaving you embarrassed.
And for AXIS INSURGENTS like you, it explodes in your face alone even before you take it out to your tormentors whom you intend to maim with it.

This is what I'm saying, my friend: You said, "What about the evidence to proof that Fru Ndi ACTUALLY KILLED Makoge?" You did not just say "proof that Fru Ndi KILLED Makoge" you said "ACTUALLY killed". Implication (in your inner mind, that is): I believe Ni John had a hand in the death of Makoge. But can anyone say he actually killed Makoge?

Well, if you're wondering if anyone can say for certain what you and others know - that Makoge's death left lots of questions unanswered - just ask FeliAtanghaGeorgeTangie of the National Assembly "now transferred to Denmark", ask him where Makoge's wife was at the time Makoge was gunned down during Rose Fru Ndi’s die-house. Then ask him where Ni John was too. Work the sums and tell me the answer in your next posting.

Look again at earlier defensive statements in that same comment. You yourself can tell that in the absence of “ACTUALLY”, you really seem to doubt that NI John did make militants drink blood in Fundong, kill Kohtem, kill his wife. You really seem to doubt those, but for Makoge, you believe he did it, so you bring in ACTUALLY. Maybe someone else would prove to how true the other allegations may be.



I don't know what you are talking about. I still maintain my stance when it comes to Mukete. Reader's comment on revelations was not about Mukete's write-up. It was a sum total of things he has been reading here. In my last write-up I point out my bone of contention with the commercial wing of SDF better known by the acronym CDF(Chairman's 'Democratic' Front). There are others who like Reader will be expressing their frustrations after years of blind allegiance. I will not be surprised when you repent.


Mr. Fon,
Can you please answer mukete's question as to why in the North West province it was ONLY the very old women you were forced into using their nakedness as political weapons? Why did the very Old men in Bamenda not do same? What about the nakedness of young gils who reason more than very old women? Can you also please tell us specifically the part of the world (name of town or village and country) that the NAKEDNESS OF VERY OLD WOMEN was used as political weapon and the date? Please give us precise references. I have done the search and I have not found it. None of the references you posted talks of VERY OLD women. None of them talk of political weapons. Mark you that I am talking of VERY OLD WOMEN (not all the genders) and as POLITICAL WEAPON (Not peace). Mind you that we can not equate what young people do to what VERY OLD women are forced to do. Let us not mix up things. Thanks.


The answers to your questions are simple; I will answer you on the following conditions:
1.Identify your self
2.withdraw the phrase that "the old women were forced to ..." because it has been explained that nobody forced them.It is just like saying that the men who were busy cutting trees in the night to block the road when they heard that Jean Forshive was in town were forced to do it. If you can´t fulfill especialy 2 above it is useless to engage in a debate with you.

While I wait for you to fulfill the above conditions, brainstorm on this question:Do you know that war norms forbid women from being fired at?

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