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Monday, 24 July 2006


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David Tita

It is rather very sad and pathetic that the idea of retrenching some former workers of CAMAIR is taking this twist, but the Protocol Agreement apart, are we saying that there exists no documents or texts at CAMAIR on how recruited workers could be promoted, demoted, “salarised” or even retrenched? This is what usually befalls a Public Enterprise in which the General Manager could recruit in any manner and get away with it, no transparent laid down recruitment policies. Apart of paying all the financial dues of those to be retrenched, any rational government should already be thinking, designing and shaping out in collaboration with other stakeholders the sort of skills which could be needed in transforming these retrenched workers into a work force in other sectors of our economy.

The new strategic partnership with SN-Brussels through the creation of CENAIRVEST should put in place proper mechanisms to make the company transparent, accountable, efficient and viable. Making the new work force small and efficient should buttress performance which should be predicated on good incentives and should therefore lead to profitability. Recruitments should be advertised, well organised and guided by sound policies while the Cameroon philosophy of job-for-life should be completely scrapped off. Benchmarks and performance targets should be set in line with the overall strategic commercial vision of the new company while the idea of subjecting the company to the control of the ministry of transport should be abrogated while the Chair of the Board of Directors could even come from the Civil Society and should be one with credible track records. The new company should be made more robust, through an image cleansing process of no flight delays or cancellations, an aggressive marketing policy and an expansion of their destinations especially to English-Speaking countries. I wish the new company well.

Management of Public Enterprises
Uni. of Manchester.


its now their are trying to drow up a program for this poor retrenched big it now they are realising that the company has been sold or the company was to be sold.programs like this were to be drown up long ago so they are just exercuted at this time.i can swear by my mum graves that those workers will not see that money.


Biya regime again in another mess

Adolf Vanderwaals GA USA

CAMAIR should be privatised to SNEC because we Cameroonians are tired of busineses that are being run by La Republique.

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