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Monday, 24 July 2006


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I am a son from Mbengwi, with what i read above i am very happy. Please if this project can be done then the Mbengwi man will be very happy. I want to thank those that are working very hard to make this project real. With this we will be develop even we have bad roads.

Thanks very much.

I am more than happy for this wonderful project.

God bless us

Che Sunday (Dr.)

I applaud the leadership in Nbengwi striving to harness the energy from its rivers for constructive use. I do caution them though, if this project comes to fruition, don't allow SONEL to hijack it. Recall the sad story from Ndop where the people worked so hard to build their own water project only to have the government come around installing meters? When the people of Ndop rejected the move, gendarmes opened fire killing some.
The mezam river generates a lot of cataracts and falls through Mbengwi, Bafut and Wum that could be dammd to generate so much energy for the nation, but no one really cares for the development of the region.
Three cheers for Mbengwi.


God bless those that are behind this wonderful project. I for one have been thinking for such things in the province. I one day prayed and asked God to open the heart of those that are rich in the Province to think of constructing the Menchum fall so as to supply and compete in Cameroon with Sonel. God has finally hear me. Thanks be to the almighty that it is going to happen in my own division. I hope if our country was a Federal State, then many people have alot to offer to their Division. I hope One day things will change for once and for all.


Che Sunday,

Those questions are meant for your colonial regime in Yaounde. I once questioned the credibility of the colonial government of yaounde forcing its south west companies to pay its taxes to Douala instead of Limbe/buea. I once also wrote here about Bronbon finex masquerading as a south african company and your soo called lended colleague (One Frank Muma) argued that all privatisation in cameroon has been properly conducted. And here, you seem to contradict yourself, arguing on issues that purports to influence the development of the North West province, and proving unawareness when issues concerns the south west province. You have been reading many stories of "foul play" by the biya regime in this forum. For once, i mean for once try to speak openly about every issue that concerns the growth of the common man and try to avoid discussing only issues that concerns the grassfield people. I saw in one of your postings, you were advocating federalism in cameroun based on a union between the north west and the western province, in what you described as an interest in protecting the bilingual heritage of cameroun. what historical heritage does the north west have with the western province? Please, for once, try to be realistic. It has been said here that your colonial government in Yaounde through Baba danpullo masqueraded as a south african company to hand over bronbon finex to baba danpullo. That is a very interesting issue that i do expect any rightminded person like yourself to appraise. Please for once, try not be anti-south west in your postings. I can see from your postings, that is what you are. Note well, that i am a graffi man like yourself. When powercam was closed by your colonial regime, marketing board was closed, cameroun bank, the transportation system in an around tiko (loko for those of us who grew up around tiko), when we argue that is what an intention to destroy meaningful projects left by the germans in the southern cameroons, you argue and brand all southern cameroonians liars, terrorists, and say we are those who spread lies. Yet, here you are advocating the construction of a power plant in Mbengwi. Why dont you ask yourself, what happened with powercam? For once, try not be anti southwest. Maybe, your understanding of cameroonian geography and economy is limited to the north west, but i can assure you that we had many of such companies, institutions and others in fako that has been closed down by your colonial regimes in yaounde. For once the lended man, try to read and understand how your colonial masters have dealt with southern cameroonians.


Guys, guys, guys, do we ever learn? We need to develop our critical thinking faculties. "Good" news should not immediately be met with a triumphalist and emotional response.

My view is that this story does not add up. Mark my words, nothing will come of this hullabaloo. Two plus two ain't four in this story. Where is the catch? Why will business investors suddenly want to go and sell cheap electricity to one of the poorest people on earth...Mbengwi is one of the least developed parts of Cameroon, one of the least developed countries on earth. Why Mbengwi of all places on earth?

Essentially, electricity consumption in a place like Mbengwi will be for domestic use, there is no industry for mass energy consumption in Mbengwi….that is, if you don’t consider the jail they have there as an industry. How are these investors going to get a return on their investment selling electricity to the poor folks of Mbengwi for use to cook food and boil water? Is this charity? Has a rich billionaire suddenly taken a shine to the wretched folk of Mbengwi?

There is a catch somewhere in this project, I just can't figure it out. In the meantime, only Africans believe in free lunches, which might go a long way to explaining the mess we find ourselves in. Why are the people of Mbengwi, if they need electricity, not forming an electricity cooperative to raise funds for such a project themselves? We are always looking for the next “aid” package and the next “big man” to solve our problems (Fru Ndi, anyone?). There are no free lunches in this life guys! I can bet you my last CFA franc that if we return to this story in five years time nothing will have come of this project. The history of Cameroon is littered with such dubious projects, and someone somewhere is going to pocket a lot of money and disappear into thin air while the wretched Mbengwi folk will be scratching their heads asking themselves what that was all about!


Those those who think because mbengwi isnot develop so the project cannot work then i say " wona plans dem don fail i mean really fail".I say congratualtion to Mrs O.Fominyen.We the sons and daugther of Mbengwi will see that, the project come toit's materialise.I think if we start embaqrking on little hydro electric projects, the ASES Sonel will not have the gods to bring people alarming bills and and to ration light even in the heart of rainny season because of water shortage.
Ride on people.


Yep, Lili, with 85 per cent of your people living without electricity in their homes at the moment, it is quite obvious how dynamic your so-called sons and daughters of Mbengwi have been so far.


Dicaman or who ever you call yourself.I wonder if you have been to mbengwi or you know the mbengwi you are talking about.Ah!!!ahahahah to the best of my knowledge,you speculation of more than half of mbengwi's inhabitants staying without electicity is an indication of the fact that you probably visited mbengwi sometimes in the early 80's, if at all you have ever visited mbengwi at all or you are just one of those people who speak out of specaulation.Yes, it may be true that villages in division do not have electricity but very few, i mean a countable number,which is normal very normal in most of the parts of Cameroon, even from where you originate from.I find it very funny that a learned person like yourself think a community can not emback on a project and make it to the end.Rememeber "bottom top approach" is the best in every every project.My friend it's not a government sponsored project and i want to declare to you here and now that it is going to work.If you care you can come out for a bet.


Talk, truly is cheap.

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