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Thursday, 27 July 2006


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Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha-woiiiwoiiiwoiii! Wona go hold he. Grassroots wey na only wona know dem house.

Death squad, Axis Intifada Insurgents, we know your plans now. Soon FeliAtanghaGeorgeTanghi will be "flown in from Denmark to go on special missions to the North West to put a wedge in the way of FORCES OF GOOD INTENTION, working hard to revive the party they had destroyed.

Ben Muna before before, ahead ahead. The Lord who sees your good intentions will clear the way for you and, God willing, you and your team shall overcome.



Do not be fooled by the content of this article and by the elements of distortion. Meta Fons who attended the said ceremony knew what they were after. And at the end, they achieved their reward in CFA. It is the same game all Fons in the North West play with unwise and unpopular politicians. A few months before Ben, his junior sister Ama Muna was welcomed to that same palace, with the same rituals and almost the same words. During that ocassion, Ama was made Mafor and the same Fons thanked Biya for making their daughter Secretary of State. They promised Ama and the CPDM unflinching support so that she would maintain her position in government. Before Ama, other politicians like Achidi Achu, John Niba Ngu had been welcomed to palaces with the same words. What all of these visits have in common is the exchange of envelopes at the exchange of each ceremony.

Furthermore, to talk of the grassroots is very misleading. The SDF's structures in Mbengwi central and Momo divisional coordination did not show up. The Mbengwi electoral district chairman and his executive were conspicously absent. The SDF's representive in parliament Hon. P.C. Fonso,the mayors and councillors from the area did not attend. So what is this talk of grass-root all about?
We are not fools. Before you started this trick, the CPDM had already experimented on it! And we all know it never worked.


Commando FeliAtanghaGeorgeTangie, of course. Who else?

So grassroots to you are Mayors, MPs, District Chairmen?

And even if they were (you know they are not), would they come out now and have their mandate frustrated with 8.2 by unscrupulous people like the COMMERCIAL ACTIVISTS DEFENCE FORCE (CDF)?

Now the quasi-legal status quo makes it risky for them to come out in the open. Wait when this nonsense is settled. Wait towards the end of their mandates and see where the wind blows.

Now you're explaining how and why Fons do whatsoever for who. Be sure you have a lot more to explain. You'll explain even why your National Assembly messenger job ended.

Just go you home and sleep before you suffer from hypertension. You're advised. Life doesn't end with errand duties for evil people.



I do not work at the national assembly otherwise I shouldn't have been able to write to you this late. You can add as many synonyms to my name as you wish. That is your problem.
The dirty politics you are fond of makes your brain so incapable that you don't know that in any political party there is hierarchy even at the level of the grass-roots. Meaning there are wards and ward executives, electoral districts and their executives. These constitute the grass-root or the base of the SDF. These are the people who determine who is councillor,mayor, parliamentarian or NEC member. But in Muna's CPDM politics, it is the complete reverse. Supposed "NEC members" who hail from a region are taken back to the region to introduce them to the "grassroots". In the SDF I know, the grassroot through their structures introduces NEC candidates and officials of the party to the convention or electoral district conference respectively. It is they who decide. Not the other way round.

Then your talk of Art. 8.2 reveals what sort of amateur adventurers your group is made up of. I thought Ben Muna said the resolutions of his convention discarded Art. 8.2 already. So why would any one be "afraid" of this clause, if Ben Muna truly leads the SDF?. I once told you that whenever you try to defend Ben Muna you instead make the situation worse.You have clearly said that the purported "Yaounde convention" was inconsequential and its decisions null and void. It means you are virtually contesting the leadership claims of your paymaster. What a brave move. Thank you anyway for this admission.


Oh, you're in Denmark, eh? FeliAtanghaGeorgeTangie. Is there any point whether you're weeping your eyes out online from the National Assembly or from a streetside cybercafe. Are some cybers not open beyond this late hour, even past midnight or 24 hours?

Did you hear me say "the quasi-legal STATUS QUO makes it risky for them (MPs, Mayors, District Chairmen) to come out in the open"?

The Yaounde Renaisance of the SDF is laying the ground for a party that is tolerant, embraces criticism and opens space for equal opprotunities. It's only suppressing barrier now is the quasi-legal status that still stands in the way of progress.

Savages like you can still use it with a combination of brute force to frustrate the mandate of those who show they are working with the Renaisance team of Muna and co. Muna, Asonganyi, Ngwasiri and co won't even advise any Mayor, MP or whosoever to come out in the open now.

They contributed enormously to the Yaounde convention and you know them. You know your master is already bedevilling some of them at the National Assembly for secretly supporting the Yaounde convention financially and morally.



You said it again that the Yaounde farce was illegal.There is no such thing as quasi-legal. I wonder whether you think before you write.
You further write "Yaounde Renaisance of the SDF is laying the ground for a party that is tolerant, embraces criticism and opens space for equal opprotunities"".Don't make me laugh.If Muna is tolerant, why has he been giving interviews threatening that he will dismiss Hon. Mbah Ndam, Hon. Awudu and the rest from the SDF? In the real SDF, Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi does not have the powers to dismiss a militant. Even NEC can not just withdraw the membership of a militant according to its liking. But Ben Muna wants to have a party where he would dismiss several people at will. These words came out of his own mouth.
If you like, continue bluffing about the support you have from SDF MPs. Hon. Paulinus Jua who has virtually nothing to loose because he shall not return to the assembly, has turned down Muna's invitation several times. SDF MPs have signed disclaimers repeatedly to this effect. So the support you talk of is more of wishful thinking than of reality.
With all of these bluffs and errs,you keep on confirming that your group has no vision, no control and no POWER, which can only come from the PEOPLE.


Remember this, my friend?

“We won’t use the same methods as Fru Ndi. We won’t exclude anybody. [No 8.2]. Even those who pay allegiance to Fru Ndi have the right to do so. They have their opinion. They have the right to insist that Fru Ndi remains chairman of the SDF. We go to court because for us that is for the courts to clarify. If they realize that NEC was illegal, they’ll decide what to do. If they want to return to us, no problem. [They are welcome.]” - Ben Muna to Le Messager, 18 July 2006

Posted by: BenB | Friday, 21 July 2006 at 02:24 AM


The thing that makes me to like myself is that fact that I do not jumb blindly into responding to write ups the way Feli, Klamenceau, Fon Lawrence, Watesih, and their crying gang do. While Klamenceau and Feli just dive into writing nonsense, Watesih and Fon Lawrence immediately go for their dictionary and then take a long leave to respond to what others write.

I take my time to do research so that I post the truth and nothing but the truth. This is why ALL readers enjoy reading the tangible facts I bring here. People like Klamenceau, Fon Lawrence, Watesih, Akoson, Aaron Nyangkwe, Knganjo, Feli and their fake mukete know deep inside their hearts that I am writing the truth, but they simply have a duty here to distort facts so as to maintain the liar Ni John Fru Ndi in power. In secret - and believe me - they will never vote for Ni John Fru Ndi. They know that to forgive Ni John Fru Ndi for all the atrocities he has committed would be like letting a fat horse go through the eye of a needle.

Ni John Fru Ndi failed in his attempts to sabotage Ben Muna's heavily attended meeting in the North West province. Even the administrators and security agents that were placed along the Yaounde-Bamenda road to intimidate Ben Muna had to apologize and then made sad revelations. In Bangangte, the thugs who were posiotioned on the way gave in to their consciences and refused to block a man from going to express himself in his province of origin. At this initial stage we are seriously investigating this unfortunate set up.

Details on this shameful practice ahead.

Stay tuned.




Oho, o oooo, ok. We said it. After dying to defend Ni John he ting, your personal cry is that Muna would expell BAD Ndam and his group of COMMERCIAL ACTIVISTS, meaning say ya own too don finish.

O ooooo! You don't need to fear. Muna has said he won't adopt the Ni John style. Na you wona sef sef go run. No man no go drive wona. Wona sef sef go see am say way no day for do COMMERCIAL ACTIVISM. Then wona go poom go turn open feymen, not hiding behind politics anymore.

So you know for sure that Jua won't return to parliament. Tok tok betray BAD Ndam. Saaaah FeliAtanghaGeorgeTangie! You go finish BAD Ndam ooo. So wona wey na wona get SDF wona don already decide. Poor Jua.

That's what the SDF had been turned to. Rotten! Muna, Asonganyi, Ngwasiri and co really have a tall task to put this party back on rails. But God who makes all things possible will not let them down.

Yes, wona be don start intimidate MPs and mayors and all to sign "disclaimers". They will sign disclaimers but their hearts and minds are gone and wona go see am small time.

We know your next mission is to go to Batibo and elsewhere in Momo and the North West to extract "disclaimers" of Muna's tour. You get work ooo, but be sure that the train has already passed. Ashia.



Dear Readers,
One lesson that this hypocite of a Muna is just learning is that charity begins at home,but sorry that he is just realising that now.All along I have thought that since he was born and bred in Y'de,he considers that his home because all along his political adventurism has been based in Y'de with his constituency being newspaper offices.The time to face reality that masquerading as a political leader and shouting at the top of his voice in press organs will lead him to no where,he now remembers his roots,and comes home to momo to talk to a people who have never gained anything from the munas,but all this while this hypocrite has been pretending that his political base is Y'de.The only legacy that his father left for the momo people-THE PRISON and his famous "abere maths/physics" is going to determine whether they will hand the future of their children to a second muna.

One thing that Ben Muna seems not to understand like the CPDM is that grassroots does not mean the Fons, so assembling Fons in momo and asking them to summon their subjects in exchange of envelopes,free food and drinking is not touching the may deceive yourself as usual that you are scoring a victory over Fru Ndi by assembling Fons,but until you set up structures of ur so called "authentic/renaissance SDF" with wards districts and their chaipersons who will transmit the ideology of ur mission to the grassroots,I can assure you are living in a fool's paradise.You can see,almost all the Fons in the NW are staunch CPDM but,CPDM has never won any elections in the NW,so don't assemble 14 Fons in momo and rush into newsrooms and start shouting because the reality is in the field and not in Fon's palaces.One thing that is peculiar about NW tradition is that the palace accepts everything and everybody.By NW customs you don't go to the palace empty handed and whatever enters the palace is non-refundable even if they disagree with you.Assemling 14 Fons in momo will therefore not mean that momo people will allow Muna to use them to destroy the SDF for his personal gains.Time will Tell.


I said it here that the Post Online will soon make some of us in this forum to jump up and shout alleluia. Ben Muna has defeated Fru Ndi by organizing a meeting to corrupt North West Fons. He might succeed to corrupt some after all the CPDM started it.
Hahahahaha, so Ben Muna organized a "rally" in a Fon's palace? Muna knew that going to the palace to hold a "meeting" in the name of a rally and bribe the Fons to stand behind him was the best thing to do. One thing he fails to understand is that the Fons could not ignore his invitation and that they are for the people and the palace welcomes the people.
I wish he continues his meetings to different palaces since he has got the Fons blessings from the same place where his father got his before moving on to betray Cameroonians. Ben Muna can't stand in the public to organize a rally in the name of the SDF because he knows the militants won't listen to him.
Those who are running around shouting should continue to do so. The ball is still rolling and will soon stop. Hope all of us will be here to continue shouting. Hope no one will say the CPDM is supporting Fru Ndi. I am not a prophet but I know the chief fiction writer here will creep on his knees to tell readers that he knew the Fru Ndi could never lose a case in a CPDM court. When the court judged against Ngwasiri, this venerated Liar and Fiction writer used it as evidence to support the fact that Fru Ndi is dinning with the CPDM. He even went as far as saying that “thank God all I have been saying here is unfolding”. As usual many believed but now that the same CPDM is keeping SDF militants in detention, the story that Fru Ndi is CPDM at night is now death and buried under his (the liar) bed. When the tides will be high, he will surely resurrect it. Let’s wait and see.


This is The TRUE Son Of Ako From the London School Of Economics And Political Science...

...The BIG promise I made this forum is gradually coming out...MUKETE DINES WITH INONI EPHRAIM(BIYA'S REPRESENTATIVE)...

...Mukete was handed down to Inoni by Peter Mfany...

My Dearest Readers,

It is normal to have admirers and detractors. As most of you know when I was just a JJC in this forum I danced to whatever lies Mukete brought- I was his fan(You can revisit the the archives), but when I realised that all what this sponsored agent brought was ALWAYS against Mr. Fru Ndi, I decided to think DEEP about it. This lead me into research to discover who this man, Mukete is and what his mission really is on this forum. Readers should consider this as sincere. I understand that his admirers will go mad but remember that I was once like you. Don't be fooled all the times. Remember that I don't find antything wrong in what Mukete writes...I blame him for working for the CPDM and claims to sabbotage them in the open...I blame him for conniving with a common enemy(CPDM) to, in bad faith, jealousy tarnish the good reputation of a man whom Cameroonians hold in high esteem...I'm even sure that when this man, Mukete writes, he writes against his conscience but what will he do?...It's a means he uses to fend for himself.

About two months ago or so I promised this forum that I'll provide HARD proofs to show that Mukete's a CPDM sponsored agent...BIG TIME! Guess what??? The proofs are coming out!

Before I get into the crooks of the matter I'd like you briefly know this man Mukete. Mukete's married to two wives and has a son in GBHS Bamenda. He's from Dikome Balue. He owns a cybercafe in Kumba(Fiango). He has a degree from the university of Calabar. He's about 45.

Mukete came to know Peter Mafany Musonge in 2003 through one of his ex-girl friends called Mirabel from Bokova. Mafany owed total allegiance to Biya and promised to do everything to maintain his international popularity. Mafany had a secret file to deal with public forums...he received a monthly package from Biya to hire agents to speak bad of the SDF since it's the most powerful political party in the country and competent enough to receive funds and sympathy from Cameroonians and other nationals abroad. Note that most Cameroonians who live abroad don't even know exactly what happens in their country especially those who've been out for about 40 years like Dr. AgborMbai. This explains why he(Dr. AA) is so ignorant in his postings. Also note that this strategy was implemented cos Mafany, through a group of experts he employed assured him that more than 80 Cameroonians who live abroad support the SDF and that their main means of information is the internet. Aware that many news organs have services like this forum, it was hard to close down all news organs so the best option was for Mafany to hire agents to paint the SDF black. You can better understand the effect - someone like Dr. AA prefers the present CPDM to the SDF.

Mirabel's Mafany's cousin who worked in the prime ministry at the time. He fell in love with Mukete when Mukete always went to the prime ministry to certisfy his now defunct NGO...the purpose of the NGO was information oriented. Mirabel proposed Mukete to his cousin as a potential fiction writer and "head man".

To be Mafany met Mukete and on what occassions? Howmuch Mukete receives from the CPDM,...why there was a hitch between the period of transition from Mafany to Inoni...and the bigggest problem ever:....

Don't go away!

Twisted-thinking forehead, Son Of Ako, LSE.



Correction...80 percent of Cameroonians who live abroad get news through the internet.


My view,
Is that Muna's efforts to desintegrate the SDF are a serious thread to human life in Cameroon. The political battle between the rulling party and the formal united SDF has gone on without war. Muna's begining seems to carry dangerous signs. I am afraid this division is going to spur up danger for the Cameroonian people especially the anglophones, who for decades today have never felt the love of being a national, or reap the graces of their own struggle. Now if Muna, do propagate his ideas as they seem, there are chances that, he may spur up conflicts among these suffering anglophone community that may worsen matters for them.
I really pray and hope Muna should think twice because honestly i should have loved to see him challenge Fru Ndi in a democratic contest rather than founding his party on the seed of violence with the lost of a life. It is a bad signal, Cameroonians and in particular anglophones we should be careful the nearest future does not seem promissing.


Akoson your cheap journalism and Research has no currency in our world.I mean its valueless take Note.
Try another Research again and stop trying to copy Mukete Method of inconsistent writing

Aaron Nyangkwe

This talk of meeting the grass roots can force one to laugh out his lungs. A couple of weeks ago, Ben Muna was here in Douala, purportedly to meet "the grass roots". And you know where his grass roots were? In the Le Messager Newspaper! I met one of his supposed supporter-Mr Fezzeu- after having read Muna's interview in Le Messager to know where the "authentic SDF Chairman" was going to meet the grass roots. He told me that the venue was soon to be made known. It happened that the "grass roots" were found ONLY in the editorial offices of Le Messager. From there, he jumped to the family alleged sacred place, in Mbemi, where he believes he can forty his stance for the orgy move he is taking against the advent of a true nationalist government in Cameroon.
Mr Ben Muna should not shield his dirty deals with the French under fake accusations that he ran to France. Being a French agent in the current dispensation where gaullish influence is waning out in Africa is not worst than "running to France" One cannot run to France but can still work for France, which is what is happening. mark you that Adamou Ndam Njoya, Hogbe Nlend (well revered in the Bassa land) et al tried that and failed because there is the wind of renaissance, without France, blowing across Africa, NOW.

Just go ask Allassan Dramane Ouattara to tell you what is happening to him now in Côte d'Ivoire, he who thought that the French were going to plant him in power so fast. Things are getting so difficult for him. And I think that Ben Muna, as an "intellectual" was aware of these developments in his strategic moves.


magprince from denmak

i will like to make this point clear to everyone in this forum that only litrate people are here, no matter the amount of abuses thrown to the NI JOHN He is still the our national chairman. well i like the way the argument is laid down, people are free to say what they deem necessary but biya worn in his speach during his live aniversory that comment shouldn't be made on people personal life. i thank the intellectuals in this forum for their efforts to see that Muna and co should not go around framing stories on behalf of the SDF party. Muna and co should note here that the party door is open to them as floor critics so there should better think about it.

Fritzane Kiki Hong Kong

I am impressed with your openess,free and fair in which you want to make the party to be.A democratic party should be an examplary one for the people to err out their views,not the one where article 8.2 is used to silence 'opponents' and their opinions.I believe you can better educate the masses on the implications of Fru's flaws in his rule.Your idea is a good one for him to begin his political campaign against the CPDM.I was also very impressed with your idea that there is only one SDF and that the party remains indivisible forever.Thanks for your enlightenment and education of the masses and militants who were hitheto lock in Fru's pidgin rallies with no aims and objectives set for the party.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Mr Kiki

I thought you were the person who said a few days back that we should show respect to people? You said we should at least add Prof. to Asonganyi's name as a sign of respect. I don't know if what you call respect should be selective.
Can you explain what you mean by "Fru Ndi's pidgin rallies"? You fell short of using the word "illiterate" this time on Fru Ndi. But you nevertheless said what you wanted to say. Fru Ndi can only speak in pidgin during rallies because he never went to school.
I foresee your new found saviour going to address the local population in the grammar Fru Ndi doesn't understand nor speak.
Did the journalist say Ben Muna spoke to the people in the Meta Language? Or maybe I didn't read well? I thought he would have spoken in English learned in Harvard to show how literate he is.
Look Kiki try to grow up and be objective. You can't be teaching others to respect while you can't show respect.



Gazi gazi this is when you can talk fooooooooooooooooooool.Remember that this is not cander stick journalism.Its about politics and you dont know anything.

sheep goat,you claim that you ask muna a guestion.shame i think muna should never answer fake journalist like you.

Cat. when nkemfact wrote the truth you sad he was not balance what are you saying.

hen.Next time dont write foolish about our freedom fighter muna because in 100 years your family will never give birth to a son like him.

You can't even feed yourself fowl.I AM SAYING SO BECAUSER I KNOW YOU VERY WELL.

Remember those who live in grass houses do not throw stones.

ffffffffffffffooooooooooooooooooooooolllllll to Aaron nyangkwe



Gazi gazi this is when you can talk fooooooooooooooooooool.Remember that this is not cander stick journalism.Its about politics and you dont know anything.

sheep goat,you claim that you ask muna a guestion.shame i think muna should never answer fake journalist like you.

Cat. when nkemfact wrote the truth you sad he was not balance what are you saying.

hen.Next time dont write foolish about our freedom fighter muna because in 100 years your family will never give birth to a son like him.

You can't even feed yourself fowl.I AM SAYING SO BECAUSER I KNOW YOU VERY WELL.

Remember those who live in grass houses do not throw stones.

ffffffffffffffooooooooooooooooooooooolllllll to Aaron nyangkwe


Feli Atangha George Tangie,
you are really a first class fool. Can't you read? BenB told you to wait and see where the wind blows at the end of mandates of mayors and MPs currently pleasing you and your gang in the CDF. You are so frustrated that Muna can begin a campaign in his native land. Something you never dreamt of seeing it come to pass. I wish I was opportuned to attend these rallies where truth is flowing rather than your cacophonies.

At times you disgrace me. When the next rally comes up at the market place what will you say? Will you say the fons used their envelopes to bribe those who attended? You earlier said Muna cannot organize a rally in Mbengwi and now you are trying out another short-cut. My friend use your brains. Don't hurry to write because you do not want the pseudonym Klemenceau to disappear. At times we learn from your articles but you are fast becoming a Feli Atangha George Tangie who writes before he thinks if at all he thinks. He is a zoombie who publishes all his master dictates to him. Talking about courts and verdicts, your camp is fond of telling us Muna is dinning with the CPDM whenever a ruling favours the authentic SDF. Klemenceau keep away from stomach politics and maintain ur style.

Gideon, Fru Ndi will not let him challenge him on a democratic platform and that is why he resorted to the courts. The courts granted NAC the opportunity to play its role and that happened in Yaounde and Muna was elected chairman. JFN is the illegal chairman but will as usual use his former status to intimidate. Wait for his next step - send his thugs to do what they know how to do best. Thank God the forces of law and order will not spare them. There are still enough spaces in the different detention centres.

Aaron Nyangkwe, you are a disgrace to journalism. Did your professors teach you in pidgin? Please send a disclaimer so that we will understand your cheap talk and horrible language. I want to believe somebody is impersonating this 'journalist'.

feel free to write in Danish. I think you can express yourself better in that language. I can imagine what you are doing there. Who do you think you are impressing with your location? Do you think that will make-up for the language deficiency? Open your large mouth again and I will feel it with what it deserves.


Hi Friends,
In which language did Muna address his congregation of Fons? In Meta?
Gracious God! This is a man whose first outing was in Le Messager`s offices,where he addressed Cameroonians in French.His second is in Mbemi,where he presents one of his French speaking thugs named Ohandja,as someone who was wounded.Fortunately enough it is also on this day that he talks about his role as a French hand.Muna became the
"Chairman " of the " Authentic SDF" in May
2006,and we are in July 2006,but his Province of Origin haven`t heard from him.
From French in Le Messager`s offices to Meta
in front of 14 hungry Fons in Mbemi,when is Bamenda where the SDf was born going to hear from you Mr Cheerman? Of course your constituency is in Yaounde 2,so what is
Mr Cheerman Muna,remember that when Fru
Ndi wanted to exterminate Jua politically,he went over to his door steps
in Kom,not in Baba II,and did the job there.
Mr Cheerman you could not even drag along a goat like BenteribobsFB and present to your fathers in Mbemi,you imported a thug from Mfoundi? BenteribobsFB is already sick in his mind.He doesn`t need any wounds.The Fons will just look at him and know he is dead wood.
Cheerman Muna was very right to say his father received blessings from that very place before setting out to bring home a good prison for them.But he sets out his political career by bringing home a Beti from Mfoundi to tell his parents that these are the people i will be using to suppress and silent you people.He also brought Ohandja for him to get abreast with the environment,while looking forward to future vote rigging for the " authentic SDF".
Chief Paul Neville Agwenjang was very surprised by the turn-out ,for he had thought only the Fons would attend.Why did the Chief think only the Fons would
attend? Even while having Cheerman Muna`s money in his pockets,he continues to doubt him? No,may be not,but the Chief attributes this to the confidence the Fons enjoy from their subjects.Good Chief! This is a clear message that nobody came there to listen to the Cheerman,but because the Fons asked them to come.
Cheerman Muna ,should know that he came to take blessings ,but he brought in an alien of a thug called Ohandja to desecrate the whole ceremony.You can`t go to this type of a ceremony accopanied by somebody with blood-stained hands,somebody who was involved in thuggery that led to the death of somebody.This is total desecration!The Betis have finished Muna,to the level of going to ceremonies lies this one with Ohandjas.

Ndi o

U and the gentleman in Hongkong still feed on breast milk. Frank, from what u just wrote, i wonder if that is the morals u and ur master of the authentic sdf wanna pass across? By the way, who told you Mr Muna is a party chairman? Hope his Palace and media rallies will get across the entire province. Mr Muna,s evil intension will turn against him not long from now. I pity his disciples.


Every serious person had since stopped commenting on the postnewsline forum. We have got two camps, each as bad as the other. Today this camp calls the other “CPDM” agents, the very next day, the other camp turns round and calls the other “CPDM” agents. When an article favours one camp, everything in that article becomes the gospel truth, the other camp will round on the journalist and vice versa. We have the BenBs, Terribobs and others on the one side and the Feli, Watiseh and others on the other. No camp ever accepts its short comings. We have turned to view politics as that of persons and not politics of policies. While these two camps are here slaving away, the country continues on its tortuous route to doom. Wake up people. I do not think our salvation will come through Fru Ndi, Ben Muna or Paul Biya. Ask yourselves how old these people are. Ask yourselves whether they care so much about “Your Future”. Ask yourselves whether they still have the energy in them to fight. Please wake up and grow up. It is when we defend even the indefensible just because we support someone. Look around these people and you will find out that their careers are littered with countless mistakes. A vast number of able people read the Post. A lot more would like to comment on issues but because these two camps have hijacked the forum, no one wants to go into senseless debates about John Fru or Ben Muna. No one wants to have to dignify the accusation that they are anti-Fru or anti-Muna just because they happen to disagree with something. Now is the time for us to realise that we cannot keep falling for this flattery that we are the future of tomorrow (one wonders from whether there is at all a future when one reads the thrash we have in here). Now is our time to push aside these old men and take control of our destiny. For those who want to keep dancing “authentic” and “real” SDF dance, you will wake up when it is too late to even realise the whole thing is sinking. Parliamentary elections are round the corner, rather than concentrate our energies on strategies that can rid Cameroon of these corrupt people, we are here everyday singing about authentic and real SDF. Some are spending time doing fruitless research to proof that someone is this or that agent or someone is or is not in this or that part of the world. Grow up for CRYING OUT LOUD.

JB Samba

BenB/BenF aka Terribobs,
As I told you yesterday, your brain is so small that you make comments befor thinking instead of the other way round. That is why every line of your comment comes back to hunt you. It’s high time you realized that you’re daring into an area that even devils like Muna, Ngwasirri, Asonganyi and co. would not even dare. I am sure any of these days, your paymasters will call you to order because you are clearly going out of phase.

For instance, you say and I quote, “Muna, Asonganyi, Ngwasiri and co won't even advise any Mayor, MP OR WHOSOEVER TO COME OUT IN THE OPEN NOW.”
Now, answer the following questions that are based solely on the above statement of yours.

How are these gangsters going to let the world know that they are in control if the people don’t come out now to show to the world that they support them?

If not now, when are they going to allow them to come out in the open and declare their support?

Is Fru Ndi forcing anyone to stay in the SDF boat?

Does anyone have to be told where to belong or what to do when it comes to politics?

BenF, you are in for real trouble if you don’t back off.



Just hold your peace and face the bitter truth. It is true I am disgracing you by exposing your gang master. I am sorry for that but I don't want to pretend that I will see white and call it black.
Your master Ben Muna himself said he went to receive blessings from the Fons as his father did before proceeding to betray us. If you didn't see where it is written, you better go back and read between the lines. The word "rally" might have been used by the journalist in his report but the truth is there was a meeting between Ben Muna and some Fons in a palace in Mbemi.
I don't need to explain to you that Muna could only go to the palace because he understands in the palace the Fons would ask the subjects to come and partake in eating the "cake" he (Muna) brought from Yaoundé.
Teribobs we are in this forum and I will ask you sooner than soonest how many rallies Ben Muna has organized around the country.


Ndi O,
You can learn how to carry on with rantings from Watesih. I still insist that Watesih should visit Jamot and get his head examined. How many times how you seen level-headed 'opposants' like Klemenceau out of his mind? He has a position that he uses his brains in an effort to defend. His mission is futile but at least he has a style. I have seen Fon admit his error and i know at the appointed time he will throw in the towel and join the authentic SDF. The brilliant ideas that are being put forward will erase the false impressions calumnies put in their minds. As for Watesih and Feli Atangha George Tangie, they are birds of the same feathers and will always flock together. You can pick them from afar using this criteria - poor language and all what can help u identify madness.


Yes Klemenceau,
I will be waiting for the questions after the numerous rallies Ni Ben is going to organize. So Ni Ben is no longer afraid of Momo land? Ask him to organize a rally in Ntarikon and he will do that. This is just the beginning. It was a rally and heavily attended. When he will do that in Ntarikon you will say he has brought people from Yaounde to attend.


Debates here were already reaching a certain level of maturity given that insults were becoming a thing of the past.Looking at your contribution,which point have you pushed across apart of insults.

According to you,those who do not have a good command of the Queen´s language are only those who dare say something positive about Fru Ndi and the SDF.

Did you read Frank´s contribution? By your judgement,since he has written what you want to read,you see it as a mature piece written in perfect English.

Observers reading what Frank wrote and comparing it with Aaron Nyamkwe´s contribution; Who will be seen as a fool of the last 3 centuries?

Teribobs, does it really make sense if you were addressed as BenBTeribobsF,you should also address Feli as FeliAtangaTangie when you know that the different between them is as wide as it is the case between BenB and Teribobs?

I still strong hold that if our interest hear is the direction which our country should take,we should not be enemies to one another,differences in opinions shouldn´t make us enemies,except we are fighting for something else and not for a strong SDF.

I don´t have anything against Gerald´s contribution, but he failed to address one important thing;how do we prepare to face the upcoming elections which he mentioned if we do not constitute a political force?


I guess you are ignorant of the abuse of 8.2. Claim that ignorance and we will pardon you. We do not need to belabour that. We have abolished that and at the appointed time you will see the complete authentic SDF.
You are a paper tiger so stop bothering yourself. Even the insider Feli Atangha George Tangie is currently savouring the knock-out we inflinched on him. Poor you. You are still at the level of pseudonyms. BenB you are a great guy. Samba Keep following up what BenB writes and you will learn a lot. my good friends Klemenceau and Fon can tell you better that BenB is a heavyweight.
A luta continua


As usual I will appreciate your maturity but debates here cannot help us with people like Watesih, Aaron Nyangkwe, Feli Atangha George Tangie etc. I don't remember reading Frank's comment. I do selective reading here. There are pro authentic SDF guys who write in their dialects. True I take interest in the horrible language of the few I mentioned above coz they don't seem to reason before they write. I have quoted level headed opposants and I know even though they derail at times, they remain a force to reckon with. Others are just taking advantage of cyberspace to pour out junk.

JB Samba

Hey Mt Terribobs,
I can see you are a very intelligent person. If you are that intelligent as I suppose then you should have realized that any opposition political party in Cameroon (not just the SDF) that has any hopes of coming close to having just 5 parliamentarians in parliament needs an article such as 8.2 very badly because of the manner the CPDM operates. Such a party needs this article to rid off those who will take money from the CPDM to destabilize the party.
Why would Ben Muna not scrape article 8.2. They have been hired to destroy the SDF and they are looking for people and have to create conditions that will increase their numbers and reduce it.

Whether you are BenB or not, I believe you and hima are the same specie and it will do you ilk much good if you help him answer the questions I raised and stop hiding behind the pseudonym bla bla bla…

Mark you that:
I have nothing to learn from you.
I have nothing to learn from BenB.
I have nothing to learn from Mukete.
I have nothing to learn from people of your ilk because all you have in your skulls is water and nothing good can come from people of your caliber.


When I started writing here, I said my aim was to use Mukete to show diasporans in my own little way how the SDF functions. I did not come to debate with agents of person who is known within the international community as a fraud, corrupt and incompetent.
So if I don't react to childish write-ups of people who are bent on telling me where I reside or where I work, it is because I have realised they have a tactic to conceal their short-comings in debates about the party's ideology behind cheap distraction.I consider this as a form of cowardice. Because I don't intend to waste my time with such,I normally only come back in sparingly to watch Mukete. When he entertains us with his fiction, I use the opportunity to explain my little bit about the political ideology of the SDF in return. This is for me the best I can do for the party as a diasporan. Anything outside that is so far as I am concerned pure distraction.



Who won't want the honour of playing UN, calming tempers, giving lessons in peace-building, the nobility of looking neutral...who won't enjoy that image?

Ask Mbu.B. He tried it, enjoyed it (and he has some very fine ideas when he remains neutral), saw no result, found himself sucked into the heat of the crossfire, and naturally inclined towards whom he really stood for. He gave up.

Another young man came on here, opening with a novel-style run down memory lane. It looked like he wanted to play neutral.

Before long, it was all clear he might have intended to be, but he wouldn’t surrender his useful hands pampering those assailing his tin-god. He decided to end his "neutrality" and used those hands to build a stonewall to wade off attacks against, or shower praises on, his idol.

Earlier when I came on this forum I was, like you Gerald, sick of the cacophonous noises here. I wanted to cool down the noise. Later I wanted to play peacekeeping force, to shoot at whoever was attacking whoever.

I quickly realised that a group of people had taken the forum hostage, presenting some people as angels and others as workers of evil.

You know of course, how much I tried to do whipping (not weeping), cajoling, pampering just so we could deflate the over-blown ego of our warring factions, just so the party won't split.

The sky was blue in the eyes of some, as long as THEIR convention would hold, no matter what good that would do to the party, no matter who was denied an equal opportunity in a social democracy.

Then I realised there wasn't any equity, the bedrock of social democracy. I've never known that social democracy is about people being angels and others devils.

And if it was, it was obvious who were closer to the devil or farther from angels in this matter. It was clear who were the victims (Asonganyi, Muna, Ngwasiri, et al), nearer to angels or farther from the devil.



ha ha Feli Atangha George Tangie,
u don see weti? u nova run. we go show u pepper.



...It was obvious who were COMMERCIAL ACTIVISTS pretending to be agitating for change but using the people’s power for under-the-table lucrative dealings with the Biya regime. It was obvious who had brought dictatorship and created tin-gods in a social democratic party. It was equally obvious who were constituting the FORCES OF GOOD INTENTION, sacrificing good name, cheap popularity, seeking to restore the party to its ORIGINAL IDEALS, those seeking the RENAISANCE of our darling SDF made wrong by COMMERCIAL ACTIVISTS...

I am a social democrat. I stand for equity, for equal opportunities. The natural inclination of a social democrat is to side with the victim, the underdog. I concluded that no amount of neutrality would help if there wasn't first, and foremost, EQUITY.

The playing field needed to be levelled. We had to free ourselves and others from the early day notion that someone and those supporting him were angels and messiahs come to save us. That is the source of fundamentalism in politics, that accounts for the extremism we see from both sides current conflicts pitting the West and the Muslim world.

We couldn't let a social democracy be taken hostage by leader worship. We set out to level the ground, all ways possible. We are honest and made this clear from the outset. Today we are proud of the troubles we took. Now we can look into the future differently.

And Gerald, if you must be told, the characteristic of tin-god worshippers on this forum is this: in their swan song, before they melt away, they have refrain that everyone here can identify.

They say, Well neither Ni John nor Ben Muna can solve the Cameroonian problem. You've just said that too. We see where you belong. You and they never said that when Ni John was viewed as a tin-god.

Now that we have shown the king had no clothes, the trend is to spoil it for Muna. The scourge earth policy: If Ni John will lose, we must lay mines in the water so Muna too won't swim. Let's see what the future holds. But God will always stand on the side of truth.

Sir Gerald, I don’t envy your “neutrality”.


Muki StoneHall

I had long decided that the only pen I will use to write anything against the gov't of Cameroon and it's rotten politics and politicians is an AK-47.But this story of Ben Muna has passed through my bones into the marrow and has actually touched my blood cells.I feel deeply in my heart that God will never forgive me if I stand aside and fold my arms and watch fellow comrades like BenB{F),Tarribobs,mukete et al being used,misused and deceived by an individual for his selfish interest.
I'm reacting to this story not only as a meta indigene but as someone who was born and breed in Mbemi where the allerged drama took place.After reading the story I actually weep for Cameroon.Somebody who calls himself a journalist will term a meeting in the palace a rally!Muna himself knows very well that palaces are for festivals and rituals while political rallies are held in stadia.Why did Muna not hold his rally at the Mbengwi Municipal Stadium? Meta is a highly divided tribe there is a chief after almost every stream.Most of the so-called Chiefs are in effect quater-heads who pose around as chiefs.Meta has no first class Chief,not to talk of a Fon.Most of these second and third class chiefs are semi-illiterates{except the Chiefs of Nyen,Mbemi,Tugi and Zang-Tabi).Most of them used to depend on poll tax collected from villagers for survival.With the demise of poll tax most of them {infact almost all)became stunch CPDM agents where they collect campaign tips from the gov't and turn round to intimidate their subjects.Atmost five Meta chiefs are gainfully employed or have any permanent source of income.
These are the type of people Muna will target first and term it a rally.What will you expect these poor,starving,semi-illeterate {this explains why Muna had to speak in the dialect)and hungry chiefs to do when Muna turns his car into the palace with roasted chicken and wine in his boot and new bank notes in his pocket?Naturally they will succumb and sing his praises.The will listen to thier stomachs and not to thier hearts.I can close my eyes and name all the chiefs that matter in meta.I can name atleast 60% of all Mbemi people.I challenge the author of this article to publish the names of just five real chiefs who attended his rally.I challenge Muna to come to Mbon market an address the crowd.
Dear friends,the more I write the more I feel the blood rising in my veins.All I desperately need now is an AK-47.It's time some heads begin to roll.
Muna knows it very well.He can deceive all Cameroonians but not meta people.Once bitten,twice shy.
I'll be back if my blood cools.
Muki StoneHall.
{Holder of the Poisonous Pen)


Stone head Muki,
This is just the beginning. I am waiting for your next write-up after Ni Ben's next rally.

Are these the terrorists you are saying we should debate with?


Muki, better use a stonewall to stem the tide. Remember "Dear Joshua"? When the train gets going, "Man lep e lep".

AK-47 was for Yaounde on 26 May. Your kind used daggers and spears to finish Diboule. You should have used your AK-47 then. Or use it now to free them from Kondengui.

Young man, don't let your blood pressure burst your veins. And you don't even need to say it. Your fellow Axis gangsters feel the same too. Their blood pressure has gone up. FeliAtanghaGeorgeTangie may soon be evacuated thanks to the free National Assembly tickets. That may give him a chance to follow azi.

The others are suffering too. It shows in every line (EVERY LINE) they post here. But they try to manage it with shame. Try to have some shame, Muki.

Just one question for you: does it matter what a gathering is called - rally, conference, palace meeting, cry-die, born-house, et al. Does the name matter more than the fact that people communed and listened to a message?

Now you have an explanation for why people gathered. First, your Axis gang said Muna couldn't even step foot in the area. I bet you, wona get a lot of explanation to do.

There's someone here calling himself JB Samba. I wonder whose notice he is seeking. We've apologised for not including his name on the list of Axis Intifada Insurgents. We are sorry Samba. You're one of them. If you're not satisfied with our recognition, apply directly to the coordinator of the Axis of Intifada Insurgents. Or go directly to the National Assembly.

Else I don't understand why anyone who has nothing to say (at least he hasn't said anything yet) would just be seeking to draw attention to himself.

He keeps saying I'm refusing to answer questions he asked me. I've read some lines he wrote over and over again, I can't find the questions he's asking me.

Can someone, especially a fellow Axis gangster, use a microscope or a squeezing machine to extract what JB Samba calls questions addressed to BenF/B so I can kneel down before him and asnwer them? Please somebody, help him communicate, help give some value to your fellow gangster's empty noise.



If we did not see you weeping and actually asking people like Vally to take to their heels,we wouldn`t have known the extent of your suffering.You
seem to be inviting us to join you at Jamot.
Please continue to carry the burden of not being able to write in English.Your brainstorming about Cameroon ends with telling people they use bad language ,yet you shamelessly smear our column here with pidgin.Yesterday you inadvertently ended your writeup with BRB ,and it was posted by Teribobs.So what is your name,BRB,
BenFBteribobs,BenBRBteribobs? How comes it that you end your writeup with BRB sir Teribobs? Just go home and rest,public debates will never be for donkey heads.

There is absolutely nothing about Cameroon that warrants its citizens to be live in total indifference while the citizens continue to die under the weight of oppression.The situation in Cameroon is too rotten that feigning neutrality only present us as cowards.When Biya does something wrong i have the impression that you are furious about this,but when another opinion leader like Muna does same,you think Cameroonians should retreat and bask in their neutrality.Life itself is a political game.Even in your family with your wife and children,you have to be a politician for things to move smoothly,how more of a sick country like Cameroon.
Gerrald ,this is not the only site where you can blog.You can find the catholic website and go and preach your sermons there.The hot issues about Cameroon ,must be taken up by us the younger generation.
Lastly there`s nothing like," this old people"
How many young people are in the House of Representatives and Congress in the US and Britain? You want us to write love poems while our opinion leaders tear the country apart.Lie!

Muki StoneHall

Call me whatever name you like; gangster,terrorist etc etc.It won't change much.You can scream out your lungs on this forum,but it won't be different from the cry of a baby abandoned at the top of Mt Everest.My dear friends,there are two groups of people in this world;those who say how things should be done and those who actually get things done.While the EU and the UN are wasting their time analysing ideal cease-fires and lasting peace deals on paper,Israel is in the field getting things done.In the end Israel will be safer.That's the distinct advantage of political realism over political idealism.I do not preach nor practise violence.But I do not also rule it out as an option to get things done,and quicker too.Note that the sword always comes before the pen and not vice versa.
Just in case you may get the impression that I'm only good at the argument of force,let me prove to you that I'm even better at the force of argument.
What has precipitated my coming back to this forum,and with hot blood rushing in my veins is the fact that you guys have continued threading along a dark,narrow and thorny path in the valley of doom following an individual whose ultimate goal is a ministerial position.It is very evident that such a path will eventually disappear in the middle of the jungle and you will find yourselves stranded.
I challenge you all;BenF,Teribobs,Mukete et al,to without any reference to Fru Ndi or Biya,and in point form give this forum FIVE solid reasons while you feel Muna is the ideal candidate to lead the main political party in Cameroon.For each one sound reason that you advance,I will give you TWO reasons why he is not.
Go to work immediately and prove your political maturity.The world is watching!
StoneHall {Holder of the Poisonous Pen)


Some empty vessels think vally is off air make no mistake.I can not allow the dictator and his gangs to tell lies and want us follow.

Yesterday they were asking Muna to surface in ngembu,today they are questioning the quality of his rally with the cheif.Some have started insulting the poeple of mbengwi that every quater has a cheif.Idiots

You guys should go and release Chi ngafor and his gangs of murderers in kondengui.Are they not death yet?were they not on hunger strike?You guys have'nt seen nothing yet.

Watesih,i will never be a disciple of fru ndi.Instead i better join disgruntle CNU militants so we fight BIya/fru Ndi.The CNU of yesterday is better than the sdf Fru ndi runs today.Dog eat Dog.


"Vally of England",
if u don`t remove that thing attached to your name, I won`t let u go. POOR TENSES,WEEDED IDEAS. Shame on u.


U will never change, sheep. So u di make gentleman with one and war with another.All man know say ubi the same person mbutuku like u no care. Fon di only fool u say u bi different na wise lad. himself know.
u don di do better, u don di chip in a line and insults together.
U better remain for insults oo SHEEP.


I will never changed my name.I fear nobody so no amount of threats changes me.Since you are new to the forum say what you like,but your english is no better than mine.

Since you have decided to die with dictator Fru ndi good luck.Despite his inability to move the sdf forward you want me to follow the drowning dictator,i better become a CNU militant.

Go talk to egg heads who are not privy to sdf inside dealings,i am,and know just too well.

Muna is moving the sdf forward,he must not do it fru ndi's way,is he not now campaigning in the NW?do what you like the struggle continues.Empty vessel.
We are burying deboule today his killers are in kondengui and on hunger strike,when they die will shall bury them too,afterall that's what they deserved.Killers,murderers.



Vally of Yaounde,
Your only joy as at now seem to be that Col Chi et al are in Kodengui.Only yams like you fail to see that the case against Chi et al is politically motivated.The gov't can not bring murder charges against them because she cannot prove it.They have not even been interrogated because the gov't has no questions to ask them.Their detention is illegal and will soon take on a new twist.
By the way,England don cheap so te ngombe they di go there.The only thing you have in common with England is that it's one of the few words you can spell correctly.Better drop that scrab from your name man,it's making you look silly.Think you're the only one on this forum who's been to England?


thank you Enow, I feel so embarassed and tortured for Vally, decorating his postings with 'England' THAT`S PURE RUBBISH!. Very soon, you will say it`s jealousy, I don`t know u.ur language and ideas don`t match-up to a 'proud England boy'.
NOT TOO LATE. but usai u go leave Mr. John ii toilet for learn to talk or write? Worse, most Cameroonians don`t communicate in English when they meet, as some of u feel it reduces the familiarity level.EUROPE DON CHEAP.
Fingom Tralala says " swine na-mbonge", u be really one.


You dare talk about grammatical errors? Do you read what you write? What a shame! I can't waste insults on you. I will reserve the insults for those who matter like Feli Atangha George Tangie so that he can give us more insight on how BAD NDAM thinks and reacts. You can never understand this.

Enow, so you are a 'been-to'? Keep writing so that we can appraise what you learnt while in the UK. some people go fall their own bush na for internet. ha ha

Stone head Muki, Those rhapsodies will not help you. At least it distinguishes you from the other numbskulls. We are talking here of a course even though you stick to individuals with the usual slanders. When Prof. Ngwasiri decided to belt the cat, you never bothered to listen to his complains. I strongly believe that could have salvaged the situation if your camp were ready to listen and act. Instead they resorted to their lethal weapon 8.2 and failed to understand that 8.2 will one day boomerang. Now they have to cope with spilt milk and that is giving them sleepless nights. I see JFN looking older than his age. That sparkling glare is gone coz he still listens to his power-mongers - BAD NDAM and gang. Look at the power he now wields in his CDF.

Gerald, I missed that good stuff. Did not read it before now. Kudos bro. You understand this country better. Never mind our fights. That is what makes me laugh when Fon Lawrence talks of debates on this forum. I realised you must have written a bitter truth when I read BenB and Watesih's comment on what you wrote. This is the bad lesson we learnt from the former SDF - people politics and not policy politics. To be candid election results will shock dreamers. BenB was gentleman enough to admit errors of the past but blind Watesih who favours occultism will not want to hear about God's intervention and will prefer to ask you to preach elsewhere. We are in the hands of Rosicrucians and he prefers us to hand over to freemasons. He is so used to name attacks and cannot understand that BRB means Be Right Back.



coincidentally you wriggle like BenB/F. Oh stupid me, you`re one and same idiot who thinks himself a shock absorber and at same time a missile unleasher.
Doing well, you`ve started improving really, insults and more lines. BenB/F,youngman stop making a fool of your self.
Vally say ii go play only draw game wit me for English, "he goat",BenTERIBOBYS/B/F say ii bad sotey, sotey, for cosh,say ii fit cosh na only Feli.

Muki StoneHall

I'm glad you still summon the courage to atleast keep the column decorated.The others of your lost generation like Vally and Mukete always disappear when the heat is turned on.One thing pal,you seem to have missed my standpoint somehow.Ever since I started writing on this forum I have always insisted on three things
1)There can still be a Cameroon without Biya,Fru Ndi or Muna.
2)The SDF badly needs a new leader but Muna is obviously the wrong candidate
3)Praises should given where they are due.Fru Ndi has done his part as SDF leader and his efforts should be recognised.
I find it hard to forgive the likes of Vally and Mukete who claim that Fru has achieved NOTHING and so should be crucified.This is synonymous to saying that Pele never contributed anything to Brazilian football or that Milla never contributed anything to Cameroonian football.But of course you cannot compare the football played in the 60's,70's,80's and even 90's to what's being played now.It's exactly the same with politics.Just like Milla and Pele did at times missed to score,Fru ndi too had his shortcomings but his acheivements should be acknowlegded.
Concerning the second point,I have repeatedly asked pro-munas to list out in point form any five reasons why the feel Muna is the right person to lead the SDF.For each point you give,I shall give two points why he isn't.The first time I asked Vally to do it,he dissapeared from the forum for weeks.Yesterday I asked you all to jointly do it and it appears they have all disappeared again.Now that you {Teribobs) seems to be the lone person standing across the fence will you do it?.I know your friends have suddenly realised that the are following the wrong path.
Fru Ndi has clearly outlived his usefulness to the SDF.But unless you convince me why Muna should step in,I'll prefer to steak to the devil I know.
Come up Teribobs,the world is watching!

StoneHall{Still holding the poisonous pen).

JB Samba

If you can shamelessly say you don’t see the questions I just asked you (which were of course the simplest of questions you will ever expect from me) then you are the dumbest idiot I have ever noticed on planet earth.

Mark you that I and here alone, I came alone and I will live alone when I so desire. So, if you think that I am seeking for notice, think again because people like you will seek notice on internet but people likeme would seek for notice where right thinking persons should seek for notice.

If you like shy away from my questions, that attitude will neither add nor subtract anything from your already deranged brain. ‘Nkunyam’ like you


Pure jealousy. What has England attached to Vally got to do with the substance of the debate going on here. Remember, there are many with all sorts of things attached to their names. Hope you call them to order too.
Until you people stop this gratitious insults and ad hominem attacks on people, this forum will continue to go down the drain.You should stop chasing the shadow and engage in meaningful debates.Its so surprising how the a few of you still engaging in this dirty Biya, Fru Ndi and Muna politics have completely forgotten that none of them has got the balls to take Cameroon to a new beginning.
Well, lets keep talking


Muki Stonehall,
I now understand your stance. Sorry for misconstruing.

I personally appreciate JFN's role in the past but strongly believe it is time to move on. We can move on with him as honorary President while we give others a try. I strongly believe in the two term maximum system. Apart from Ni Ben, there are others who can lead. For now Ni Ben and his team are those who have the guts to champion this arduous task. It is not about a ministerial seat as others are purporting. There are people who are prepared to risk everything to bring about change. When I came on board, I was trying to let others understand politics is not about insults. I saw how hard-earned academic titles were denigrated by nitwits. When I realized that was the mainstay here I dished out a piece of ME. We are here tearing each other while Biya and his corrupt regime are making giant strides. It is not only with the SDF. The story is not different with the SCNC. It appears we excel when we are in factions. One camp is ready for dialogue and proposes a platform for reconciliation and another prefers to act as ALMIGHTY/ALL-POWERFUL. May God save us.

Muki StoneHall

You did advance quite some pertinent points.Most people on this forum think politics is a game of insults where a political opponent is automatically an enemy.These are some ancient ideas that we hope should die along with our old politicians.But sadly though they have eaten deep into the minds of the younger generation and are even stronger there.Make most of the people on this forum political leaders and you'll be surprised with the number of Diboue's you'll get along streets across the country.
It is not easy to topple and ancient regime;especially one that has been in power for decades.The very first step is to completely revolutionised your thinking. Most of our youths either do not have an analytical and critical mind or have failed to develope one.What really makes me so mad is that most people see black and will want to call it white.If Fru Ndi has a hand in murder,condemn it even if your his stunch follower.If Muna has gone to the palace to take blessings,say exactly what took place,and not what you would have expected to take place.We should not spend our time and energy exaggerating ordinary things that Muna does or hailing Fru Ndi for what he used to do.Instead we should be saying what we expect Fru Ndi or Muna or any other real opposition leader to do.
So long as we retain the mentally of our present leaders and continue with our blind supports,we should rest assured that we are dancing in a circle and deceiving ourselves that we're matching in a line.
Dear comrades,keep thinking.

StoneHall{Holder of the poisonous pen)


England is cheap that's why i used it,i have been using England for four years now in this forum, no nitwit will change this.

Muki Stonehall,Vally will be last person to run away,i have nothing to fear or hide.Nice to learn that you want us discussed ideas rather individuals.
I have never refused to say why i think muna is better than Fru ndi.If you can recollect properly the whole sdf saga,you must agree with me that Fru ndi has been playing the dictator's game.
Realising this i took time off work, travel to cameroon for the yaounde convention.My travelling to yaounde is yielding fruit because the dicattor is feeling the heat,and realising the need for the party to have a new head.

The must dangerous thing to happen to the sdf,is ,Fru ndi desire to remain chair of his sdf for life.He's damaged the party to get his way,and does not care a dam.
Muki, that's why we are fighting tooth and nail.I have long said i am not a die heart supporter for anybody.If things were done properly as expected, Fru ndi should have handed the mantle to the next best militant of the party in a free and fair election.Since he never wanted to,and started sending Mbah ndam to collect 'Ngombo' from the cpdm,others within his executive got annoyed.Complained!what happened?art 8.2.

After serving the sdf as SG for 12 years,Fru ndi should have rightfully passed the mantle to prof. Asonganyi to continue or alternatively to some very very serious senoir militant within the party.Realising that he must die as chair,he dismissed all he knew could challenged him and organised a fiasco in bamenda in the name of a convention to crown himself as life chair.

MuKi,that's the serious problem that has killed the sdf today.

What happened?Prof Ngwasiri revolted calling his NAC to challenged Fru ndi after realising the intention of the dictator.Muna,profited from all this and took the mantle.Remember muna is even able to keep the challenge going because he is from the NW where there is some support and also understand the political cameroon system.
Muki,you need to hear the secret encouragement Muna is getting from sdf Mp's,mayors,Fru ndi NEC members,and some he has just nominated to his shallow govt.It tells you they are afraid of his art 8.2 and need somebody to lead.Muna is that lucky person it is unfortunate,but it is a reality.

If muna is not up to the task, i will be the first to call for him to step down.I have learn my lessons with fru ndi,you don't tell a leader he is all and all,you are doomed.
Muna is the courageous one who has stood up to fru ndi and he is getting his way.I must give him my support,that's it.




Ben Muna, Professor Ngwasiri of the SDF followed a much more understandable path before gaining fame in politics and in National and International affairs. Ni John Fru Ndi merely jumped from nowhere to deposit an application file that had been written and prepared by intellectuals like Professor Ngwasiri and Ben Muna, to become Chairman of the SDF. During that lucky moment for Ni John Fru Ndi, Maitre Yondo Black Mandengue and his group had pushed forward the applicability of multi-party politics in Cameroon. Again, fortunately for Ni John Fru Ndi, people like Professor Ngwasiri who actually initiated the formation of the SDF had lucrative jobs in the public service and couldn’t therefore put their jobs at risk. Ni John Fru Ndi with a collapsing Ebibi Bookshop had no risk to take. Fortunately for Ni John Fru Ndi again, intellectuals of international recognition like Professor Ngwasiri, Ben Muna etc. decided to be in the background of the SDF and for an unknown Ni John Fru Ndi to be in front, so that in case of threats or intimidations from the government, the intellectuals could easily sensitize the International community to intervene. This is exactly what happened latter.

If these intellectuals were those at the forefront of the creation of the SDF and were those latter put under house arrest, Ni John Fru Ndi wouldn't have known how to sensitize the International community. By that time, Ni John Fru Ndi did not know how to contact International radio stations like Africa Number One, BBC, Radio France Internationale, etc. Not only did he not know their contact information, he was not yet informed on how to channel such information. Also, he was lacking in language and communication skills. His English had been damagingly polluted by his favourite pidgin English and he did not know a single word in French. Before Ni John Fru Ndi was hand picked and placed at the head of the SDF, he had visited only two countries abroad: The United Kingdom and Nigeria, where he was never known by authorities and International organizations. Professor Ngwasiri, Ben Muna and the other intellectuals who had gone round the world used foreign media to bring the world to the aid of Ni John Fru Ndi as he was under House Arrest counting on the nakedness of old Takumbeng women for his release. Also, Ni John Fru Ndi couldn't provide the continuous finances for the survival of the SDF if these state paid intellectuals were those under house arrest. Could Ni John Fru Ndi have written the type of tracks and correspondences that these intellectuals wrote while he was under house arrest? Ni John Fru Ndi’s already collapsed Ebibi bookshop couldn’t have sustained the battle. These learned intellectuals used their money to keep the SDF moving and protected as Ni John Fru Ndi was under house arrest.

Fortunately for Ni John Fru Ndi again, Professor Ngwasiri and other intellectuals refused taking up the leadership of the SDF (Ni John Fru Ndi has confirmed this himself) at a moment when Ni John Fru Ndi had been wounded by the CPDM defeat that Achidi Achu inflicted on him. Ni John Fru Ndi had desired nothing more in his heart than to go into parliament under the ticket of the CPDM. That would have been his greatest achievement in life. He had counted on his cheap popularity as president of PWD Bamenda to defeat Achidi Achu. His hopes were killed when Achidi Achu beat him during transparent and fair elections and then became Prime minister. The longest night for Ni John Fru Ndi was the night he learnt that Achidi had beaten him and was heading for the parliament. The day Ni John Fru Ndi cried like a child was the name Achidi Achu was named Prime Minister. John Fru Ndi wept! As ignorant as he is, Ni John Fru Ndi foolishly interpreted this by believing that he would have been the one to be nominated the prime minister of this country. This defeat was a very bitter pill for the Ntarikon trained politician to swallow, but since he was a coward, he continued to run after remains on the CPDM dinning table until Yondo Black Mandengue and his group triggered the gun for multiparty politics in Cameroon.

Fortunately again for Ni John Fru Ndi, Albert Mukong was almost on political retirement and wanted an unknown leader for the SDF. Albert Mukong and the other intellectuals understood that a little unknown person at the head of the SDF would call for sympathy from the public and the International community. They also considered the point that Ni John Fru Ndi had not occupied any important government positions and so there were no files or scandals that the government could use against him. They also knew that the Biya government would be tempted into ignoring and minimizing such as unknown and unfit leader. These Intellectuals reasoned well and their calculations worked. The public was excited to see a simple bookseller “standing” up tall to challenge president Paul Biya. Sauveteurs, Buyam sellam, park boys, prostitutes, local musicians, thought that with Ni John Fru Ndi, it was their own turn to be appointed directors, governors and ministers. If the bookseller Ni John Fru Ndi can finally become president of this country, then what prevents me from becoming the governor of Bamenda?” Asked a prostitute in old town in Bamenda. The International community took it serious that a “common citizen” who has never worked with the government should muster the courage to challenge the dictator Biya. Biya himself behaved exactly the way Ni John Fru Ndi’s Intellectuals had predicted.

When the Minister of Territorial Administration phoned president Paul Biya to inform him that an Anglophone has deposited an application in Bamenda for the formation of a political party, the very first question Biya asked was, “Il travail dans quel ministere? (He works in which Ministry)?”

“C’est un commercant” (He is a Businessman) the minister answered.
“Il fait quel genre de commerce?” (What type of business is he doing?), Biya continued
“Mon president, c’est un vendeur des livres” (My president, he is a bookseller), the minister answered.
“Un simple vendeur des livres et tu me telephone?” (A simple bookseller and you phone me?), the president asked.
“On fait comme s’il n’a rien deposE. On l’ignore.” (Let’s behave as if he has not deposited anything. Let’s ignore him.” Paul Biya instructed.

On a personal note, Ni John Fru Ndi publicized his supernatural powers to the true intellectual fathers of the SDF and assured him that president Paul Biya and his army could not do any harm on him. He boosted of his rosucrocian powers, and his strong connections with blood-sucking juju houses in the Cross-river state of Nigeria was no secret.

Who denies the fact that Ni John Fru Ndi’s accession to the head of the SDF was NEVER based on merit? It was an opportunity and resulted from the calculations put in place by those who have traveled and have gone to school and were educated. Ni John Fru Ndi is an opportunist!

Is there any fiction here? Who can tell me?



I will like to thank Benb and Watesih for assuming that I am neutral. BenB, you might have reached your conclusion based on my last write up alone. If you have time in your hands, go back to my previous writings and see what I have to say about Fru Ndi. I have said here in this forum time and again (and probably long before you ever started commenting here) that Fru Ndi has been useful in the past but that he has either ran out of steam or he had been led down the wrong route. Long before this split, I had written here suggesting that Fru Ndi stand down and give room for someone with new ideas and vision to continue the fight. You may also want to find out what I repeatedly said regarding the rift between Prof Ngwasiri and Ni Fru (a few are under the following headlines: SDF dismisses Asonganyi – January 06, SDF fires Hon Ngwarisi – Feb 06, Fru Ndi snubs court decision – April 06). I might just help you repost that here if you cannot find it. Now if I may, let me also take you back to Muna’s interview in Le Messager. What does he say about the fight to change our beloved country for the better? What does he say about the prospect of him running as presidential candidate in 2011? Answer, that he will be too old by then. What does he say about the need for the younger generation to take control of their destiny? Now Mr Benb, whatever camp you may want to feed me into, you can go ahead to do so but let me say this: even if I support either of the factions, it does not mean that I will agree with everything it does.
Mr Watiseh, I wholly agree with you that it would be wrong for Cameroonians to live in total indifference considering the chaos we are in. The fact that I come out criticising the two camps on this forum does not mean I am indifferent or neutral. If you and Benb read me right, you would have noticed that my problem was not with people supporting one faction or the other. My problem here is that people in each camp are turning into fanatics, supporting even the wrong deeds or policies of their side, not welcoming any constructive criticism. Remember that even if I disagree with you, that does not mean we can still learn from each other. It is interesting when you suggest I should go and preach somewhere else; who would you say have been preaching sermons more on this forum? Like I said, spend more of your time investigating where people are or whose agents they are. I am happy you are in agreement with me that “the hot issues about Cameroon, must be taken up by us the young generation”. If you think that way but would rather spend your time here in a slanging-match, in defending everything that your side does irrespective of whether it is wrong, then I fear the young generation is descending into the kind of fanaticism that will do us all no good. Please do not confuse my plea that we recognise our short comings and accept our errors (even if this means loosing some brownie points) to being neutral.
Thank you all.


I said in my last posting that if Mukete thinks that I wrote something false he should point it out. He ignored that showing that whatever I wrote was the truth. Mirabel was certainly pouring out her mind. And look here Mukete don't you try to intimidate her...I'll continue writing so long as she's ready to tell me everything.

By the time I finish you'll dip your head into the sand. Nonsense!


I have always made this clear to you: You are a prisoner of your ignorance. From start to end in your article, everything is false and fabricated. It is a CLEAR fact that Ben Muna was never part of the Study Group 89 that initiated the SDF and thus multi-party politics. Ben Muna was brought in after the launching by late Mr. Peter Morcho.
In 1990, information at former BICIC Bank showed that stocks of Ebibi Book centre stood at 500,000,000 Frs CFA with branches in Bamenda,Mamfe and Garoua. So I don't know where you got the information that the bookshop was collapsing. Also, to say Ni John Fru Ndi was little known in 1990 portrays your wish to intentionally mislead readers. At that time, Ni John Fru Ndi called Mr. Ebibi had successfully led PWD Bamenda for 7 years, the only Anglophone team in Cameroon's first division. Ask his rivals of Camark Bamenda (including those who worked with late Pa Daniel Awah Nangah, Micheal Kisob and Fon Doh of Balikumbat). Again,before 1990,Ni John Fru Ndi had been president of many organisations including Lions Club International Cameroon, Cameroon Booksellers association etc. It is through his wide-ranged engagement in the society that his friends at that time ranged from former ministers like Benjamin Itoe and Adamu Ndam Njoya to administrative officials like the late Governor Watson Ntuba. So to say he was little known is another element of the Mukete deception that we are all aware of. In terms of popularity, only Albert Mukong and Ni John Fru Ndi were well-known beyond Bamenda within all stratifications of the society.
Furthermore, to say Ni John Fru Ndi had visited only 2 countries before 1990 is also very wrong. As a representative Phillips International in Cameroon, Ni John Fru Ndi travelled to Amsterdam in Holland almost on a yearly basis. In 1984, Ni John Fru Ndi, late Pa D. A. Nangah, Mr. J. C. Mancho, Pa Samuel Abam represented Cameroon at the largest congress of the Lion Club International in Indianapolis, USA. So before 1990, Ni John Fru Ndi was a prolific traveller, a trait that continued into his political career making him the most widely travelled Cameroonian politician ever. Go to Akwaya, Furu Awa, Yokadouma, Lolodorf,Mundemba,Kaele,Kouseri and ask them how many Cameroonian politicians have ever visited them to know what their problems are and possible solutions to these, the only answer you shall get is of course: Ni John Fru Ndi. Inquire from the leaders of Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast, Senegal,Mozambique, Botswana, Burkina Faso which African opposition politician has contacted them for a concerted solution to the problems plaguing Africa, the answer will still be Ni John Fru Ndi.
When the SDF was planned, the documentations had to carry the signatures of its founding fathers. Albert Mukong was incarcerated, so he could not sign. All of the others except late Dr. Siga Asanga declined to sign. Most of them put forth the excuse of this old selfish reason of having a government job! Today, this is the reason some give for supporting the CPDM. "Oh I am sorry, I have a government job or contract..." is what we always hear. Well, if Ni John Fru Ndi had that same mentality, he would have declined to sign as well because at that time Ebibi Book Centre was the largest provider of office stationeries to government bureaus in the North West and parts of the South west provinces. Of course, his courage and selflessness caused him havoc. Because after the launching, govenment suspended all orders from Ebibi Book centre, pay vouchers were made invalid and debts owed instantly annulled. But that did not deter Ni John Fru Ndi. SDF was consequently implanted all over the national territory and within 2 years the party was able to win nation-wide elections. So if Ni John Fru Ndi was as egoistic as most of Cameroon's political class, there would have been no SDF, no multi-party politics and no Mukete to entertain us with fabrications!


Feli Atangha George Tangie,
Thanks for that inside information. Never mind Mukete. Your eulogy goes as far as it can go. Any SDF faithful be it of the commercial or authentic wing will admit how much good JFN has done to multi-party politics. It could have been wonderful if he kept the sheet neat but unfortunately feymen like BAD NDAM came on board and the story now is different. BAD NDAM is your paymaster so you can never see how he has been misleading JFN. It is time for us to move on.
Please don't leave this forum. We badly need you coz we need all this inside information from the game planner's inner chamber. I read every line you write and I guess you know why. Feigning presence or absence in payee doesn't deceive me. I know who you are and I am so happy you are still writing.

Fritzane Kiki Hong Kong

Muna's rally was in fluent,decent and mature English and he was actually only interrupted by a Meta translator not in Pidgin as oppose to Fru Ndi's.That notwitstanding he has already started his grassroot campaign which took him to many other vilages around his home for more blessings.Visit Cameroon tribune for details.We were also imformed that the rally which took place at the Fon of Mbemi's palace, was graced by more than 14 Fons, 11 of whom belonged to the Meta clan.

This is the man Fru Ndi don't want to meet to settle their grievance amicably which has been more of a headache to Fru.What I expected you guys to give as pieces of advice to your 'lord Fru' is for him to call for a truce before Muna disgraces him in the upcoming prosecutions in Y'de and B'da.How weird will it be for the Elephant of Ntarikon to be defeated in a shameful way than for him to secretely call his 'friends' 'behind doors' and later 'open door' before the last stroke hits him and you guys.

At one point it pains us all the SDF militants,to see this party stumble in mud because of Fru's stubborness,headiness and insubordination.He didn't want to take to advice when he was chairman then what more as president?During hisreign the party has been a laughing stuck with figure heads and 'answering-yes-politicians'.(a word I formed last night just to describe this issue),aimlessly derailing the innocent masses with false promises.We are already seeing the true colours of the future leaders.....Main reason why Muna's era will be an era of change,reforms,more dynamic and lasting peace to the euphoria and lack of trust and support the party is facing now.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong



Dear brother Akoson,
we`re all southwesterners, how are you treating me like this. even if i am eating with musonge and inoni, they are sawa like you and me. Allow the graffi to eat theirs and i too should eat mine with my family.
The handing over from musonge to inoni was very painful, inoni did not believe I was doing any worthy job and thought of carrying the government propaganda in a different way. As usual, i have my ways to get things done. But the little money can`t keep my NGO whose mission was to gather any,i mean any info about fru my main computer guy gathers the info around and sends to me so that i can concoct in the usual way to make it captivating and convincing.
This had registered great success, in fact i even convinced dumb intellectuals with some of the stories that i could not even tell my girlfriend or son.
i know you are a very intelligent boy and i can help you, to get information, in short work for me. why do you go behind graffi people who are suffocating us. Let`s put this people in their rightful seats.
You know today i can talk bad about muna, tomorow i can praise ngwasirri and so on, its just the game. when the muna family seem to make some nice to bring back the good side of the family name we`ve to suffocate that, but the number one mission is that, no opposition anglophone should have any good image.
Well this is a very private mail and you shouldn`t bring it to the attention of any not even your mother. what are we looking for? is it not money? all that talk say brainstorming is zero. we fake convincing stuff and then we read people`s minds from their reactions to see if it`s sinking or not.
I`ll tell you more, if you agree to work with me.


I respect your opinion but be corrected that NEC attempted several methods of reconciliation which failed because of intransigence. Before the convention, NEC formed a commssion charged with the responsiblity of fact-gathering and reconciliation led by Mr. Joshua Osih.
The Osih Commission met Prof. Ngwasiri, Mr. Ben Muna and several others but these persons virtually refused to come to talking terms with the commission. So no impression should be given that NEC made no attempt at reconciliation.
Well, be it as it is, it means Muna would be a challenger of the SDF during the next parliamentary elections 2007. That is fine for I respect all opinions even if they vary with mine. What I frown at is basing an opinion on falsehood or the spreading of such to influence the opinion of others. So it is fine with me if you support Muna's team; we shall meet on the field, where the PEOPLE shall have the opportunity to decide.


Feli Atangha George Tangie,
This is the most objective piece I have read from you. You had a little problem explaining the reconciliation issue. I like the word - intransigence. On who's part is the big question? I can remember 3 conditions that were put forward as bases for reconciliation which were turned down. We can discuss them if you agree with me up till this point. You see why I like having you around and not that leeky leeky mop Watesih.


Mukete's rants on this forum serves two very useful purposes for its readers. First, it is a rare and unique opportunity to see the workings of a madman's mind. Second, it removes any doubt, if any were required, that there truly exists such a thing called evil....and it exists in human form.


I will never shy away from any meaningful debate. If I don't respond to your comments it is not because I hate you or the person you represent. It is because once I continue to see that you erroneously hold me for Hon. Mbah Ndam's secretary I find it useless to debate from this falsehood.
Secondly, it is not my style to call elders Ni John Foolish Ndi or BAD Ndam. These are traits that you have cultured on this forum and when I read your comments and come across these childish things, I decide to stop reading them at that point. That is why I don't react to any of your comments. I always make effort to address my opponents respectfully. I stick to NI Ben or MR. Mukete. This is because it is not their personality I am attacking but their political opinions. Once you show deficits in these etiquettes, I would find no reason to respond to you.


let me be a gentleman and avoid name calling. Like you rightly mentioned I cultivated that bad habit on this forum. I came in here to try to distinguish between political blunders and academic or other achievements. I can recall that led to a lot of digressions on the word 'academician'. It is pity I met crossfire and instinctively I responded accordingly. I am not saying I was right.
I can't believe I read those gentle words from you. I differ with Fon and Klemenceau but we are friends. I have never taken somebody to be an enemy. Even Watesih that I lambast every now and then is not an enemy. I have learnt a lot of good as well as bad things on this forum. I appreciate the good but regret the bad ones. If our mentalities do not change, then we are fighting a lost battle be it with the SDF or the SCNC. We can have unity in diversity. A difficult concept to elucidate other than using the example of the church today. We have different denominations but the same belief in the Triune God. I know skeptics will react in their own way. Well it is my wish that constructive debates go on here. Slanders and insults will not help our course. We spend time fighting while Biya and his gangsters are making advances. Some are even threatening to capture areas that are considered our fiefs. To be candid my tribesmen are gathering momentum to throw their weight behind Biya's party coz the SDF has not done anything significant to improve on their plights. Instead the SDF spent time fighting each other in my locality and now my people are giving up. Who knows? Might be constructive debates can enable my people understand true democracy. I bet you I am still to find that even in the SDF.


I am sorry to hear about what is happening in your constituency. It is but human. In all formations where human beings gather, there is bound to be diversity. Even the CPDM which is amassed by people seeking personal aggrandisement is not free from this. Of recent, we read of the incident in Tombel. The SCNC has been same. There are factions left and right, all apparently fighting for the same goal. At times they are called Ambazonia, SCARM, SCAPO,SCNC-Nfor,SCNC -Fossung etc. The question has been typically one of leadership. I am also certain that once Biya leaves office and the CPDM is in the opposition, the party would crumble down into 1000 factions. When you read what party faithfuls like Mrs. Regina Mundi and Ephraim Ngwafor say, you can understand what I am anticipating. Now coming to the SDF, Ni Ben and Prof. Ngwasiri, both people I have known and respected for at least 10 years each, have decided to take a different path. By doing so, we have had the loss of life which is what I find very disturbing. As for their claims, I beg to disagree that they were motivated by spurious allegations and backstabbing. So if they intend to continue through that path, I wish them good-luck. For me, I shall stick to the principles of social democracy which is more of disciplined grass-root politics. That is why I said if you believe you and Ni Ben can tackle it better, then fine. We shall meet on the field. But without hatred, bitterness or violence.

Muki StoneHall


You are the few gentlemen we have on this forum.You may have varied ideas and stand on different sides but your debates are mature if one torelates the few insults that punctuate some write-ups.Hold on to your views but open up your minds.Your efforts may one day pay devidends.

You think you can acheive your selfish and devilish aims by drinking from the cup of deception and wilful misinformation?All the lies you write here can be swallowed only by yourself and your family.History will however judge you for these shameless fabrications you make just to impress your sponsors.

The sooner you open your mind and reason like Teribobs and BenB the better.They believe in Muna but atleast analyse situations critically before making a judgement.You on the other hand are a real stereotype.If you are a real follower of Muna,then you should be saying what you expect him to do and not magnifying any small step he makes.
For your information META HAS NO FON! Check this out from any source you like.Meta has so many chiefs but no Fon.Muna simple gathered a few village heads and give the impression that they were Fons.I'm talking like someone back at home.It doesn't matter wether the people were Fons or Chiefs but the point is that if we don't question moves and doubt motives,if we all become fanatics just like you,then there's no hope for Cameroon.


Forumite,please help me,I can´t post contributions that are a few lines longer . Below is the message I get.

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Feli, Teribobs, Muki, Watesih, Akoson, Mukete, BenB, J.B. Samba, Mbu .B Fon etc, I salute you all in the name of Jesus Christ. We have gone a long way in this forum and I personally appreciate everyone who has been contributing anything here. We have moved from truth to fiction, intimidation, blackmailing to insults and so on. But in all I think some if not all, have passed across a message or learn from another.
I would also wish to follow the example of my friend and brother Teribobs to apologize to anyone I ever insulted in this forum. I would like to address myself particularly to Mr. Mukete. I don't want to justify or give reasons for insulting anyone person here because I understand no amount of what I considered fiction or lies should have pushed me into insulting a fellow brother or sister. I also apologize to Prudence for insulting her in reaction to her postings. I pray to rather not react to anything I consider as fiction or blackmailing than to insult someone in my reaction.
That said, I will continue to stand against the action of Prof. Ngwasiri, Ben Muna and the rest because I see a lot of blackmailing and lies in their actions. As I have always said, Fru Ndi has his weaknesses but trying to divide the SDF or blackmailing Fru Ndi is not the right way to take the SDF forward.
I am also happy because this crisis will help Fru Ndi to adjust and correct some of the weaknesses he has. Despite his weaknesses, I still see him as the only one for now who is able to take the SDF forward. All he needs are selfless collaborators.
I also don't see why people who worked with Fru Ndi for these 16 years should now turn around to lay the blame for the failure of the SDF on Fru Ndi alone. I think saying that the SDF has failed even is an over statement. The successes of the SDF are numerous.


Hi Klamenceau,
Can´t you help me out with this issue of "comment spam"? I remember,you complained of the same thing sometimes ago.How did you get out it?
Any other reader can also help.


This is the BEST maturity I've ever witnessed in this forum...I now feel like a 10 year-old!

My Dearest Friends,

I should come clean - I feel flattered by the recent postings. I salute the efforts of Feli, Klemenceau, Teribobs, MukiStonHall etc who made recent postings. My conscience wouldn't know satisfaction should I pretend to cheer-up all other meaningful debates in here. I love and respect your opinions! However, the demarcating line between the opinions of the TWO CAMPS in this house is incredibly CONSPICUOUS and LIVING.

My Dearest brothers and sisters, should we continue this fight, thoughtful and meaningful debate then things will never be thesame again. We cannot deny the most pressing issue we face today in our country. This issue is dual - our dying SDF(I've never ever seen an optimistic person like myself but pretending that our SDF doesn't have a problem is shear naivity) and the SCNC struggle. Let's just capitalise on the SDF for now. What's at stake?

Teribobs, BenF, Mukete et al., look deep down into yourself and tell us whether hijacking the SDF is the BEST solution to the "dictatorship" we claim is going on in our great party. Tell me, gentlemen. Why do we erase the true meaning of Democracy in our dictionaries? Is democracy sepraration?

My Dear Friend Teribobs, I want you to tell me that whatever Mukete has been writing is the truth. Do this in good faith. Just re-read his last contribution along the line and tell us why we've to continue being in this forum. Like what Feli rightly said the the game's on. We shall meet the people on the field...but could you just do us a favour?...let's meet in good faith. Have a nice day, buddy!

The ball's rolling...hey before I go rethink the step by Muna and tell us whether it's the best.

Twisted-thinking forehead, Son Of Ako, LSE.



Hi Fon

I had the same problem you are facing but there was not solution to it. What I finally discovered was that at last I could post a different write up but not the one which started the problem. Even when I could finally write long comments, the particular write up that brought the problem could not be posted. Whenever I wrote a long write up and posted successfully, I immediately tried to post the old comment but the same problem came up.
Just try writing a different comment no matter how long and see if you will face the same problem.

Aaron Nyangkwe

Teribobs and Frank et al

Only Agents conceal their identities when they discus public issues. I speak my mind and own what I say, that is why I wear no mask.
Thank you for offering to feed me. How do I contact you to collect the tickets for my meals. The invitation should be through this forum.

Frank (if you are a PR to Muna) stop playing Goebbels for it will bear no good to him. Tell him exactly what some body has said and not misrepresent facts. Mirepresentation of facts caused Hitler not to be fully aware of what was happening at the war front as Goebells kept telling him taht all was fine. Before Hitler could realize what the truth at the front was, the enemies had surrendered him. The rest is history.

No way in my posting did I state that I asked Ben Muna a question. I did not ask Muna (that I never met) but Mr Fezzeu, a question. I only learnt that Ben Muna was in Douala (I am living there) when I saw his interview in Le Messager. Read my posting again.
As for your insults,and other rantings, I just have this reply of Late Ronald Reagan to former House Speaker Thomas (TIP) O'neal, when the later said that "it was a sin for America to have this man (Reagan) as President", for you: "Mr speaker, if you have no answer to problems facing the Americans, you better shut up"

I am proud of myself that is why I speak in the open. I have no skeleton in my cupboard. Frank says that he knows me but I do not know him, why do I bother.
BenF sounds so much like Aloysius Nkong Ntemfac Ofege. The writing style and language is arquably same to that of the author of "Dear Joshua" on Cameroon calling.
Am I erring?

My last line

Italian Statesman Nicollo Machiavelli wrote in his famous book "The Prince" that the best way to get rid of any freedom fighter is to tag him an anti-nationalist while getting a ring leader to carry on the hanging

This is what some forumists using front names are doing here. My duty is to jump in, whenever I am free, to put certain figures and facts straight. And instead of disproofing me, certain individuals jump on to insults which is the arms of yam heads. And they believe that I will join them in that trade. Sorry sir, I qualify for another class and trade!!!


When one sees SATAN entering the gates of Heaven, then going down on his knees to ask for forgiveness, then those who have the privilege to be living inside Heaven has to react very fast. If not, they will only realize afterwards that Satan had succeded in planting a big plantation of lies, blackmail and distortion in Heaven itself. Those who carry the truth with them - even if others continue to be blind to it or pretend not to see it - should never be carried away by the sweet talks of satan.

When the Almighty God asks us to forgive those who "sin" against us, he does not imply that we do so only when we find those we have sinned against too hard to handle or bend. He does not imply that we tender forgiveness only when we want to keep people in darkness while others perpetuate their evil intentions. He does not imply that we do so only when we want to pull others into our camps as blind sheep and then break their heads when the least opportunity comes up. This is exactly what Ahidjo did to our Anglophone Leaders and Anglophones. He pulled them in to the false Federation and then took them as a captured people. The result is what we see today.

Personally, I am not flattered by sweet talks. I speak in a language that is understood only by the heart, even if skeptics wouldn't listen. I can not compromise a divine duty for the mere sake of cheap popularity. It is not popularity that Cameroon wants today. They need a mental revolution too. No way!

Frankly I am preparing a piece that will, surely, wake up stones, dust and mud to rise as one man and fight for our country.

Stay tuned.



I don't know what you are talking about. I have stated my position. From now henceforth I will not involve myself in cheap talk anymore even if it means just reading and learning what I can learn. Whenever I don't have something positive to contribute I will be silent. I hope you are not associating all 'cheap-talks' or insults with the pseudonym Teribobs.

I guess we were blinded by the bullets fired and couldn't read write-ups properly. I have mentioned here several times that I do not read Mukete's novels. My accusations are not from his novels. I do selective reading here. At a certain point in time I did not read all of your comments but I have read all write-ups from the pseudonyms: Fon, Klemenceau, Stonehall, BenB, Feli, Atangha, Gerald and Ngu Pius. There is a lot ahead of us on the field so we should not waste our precious time fighting here. The first week I got into this forum my productivity dropped because I wanted to send a reply to every article and you know as well as I do that it is an impossibility. Elections are around the corner. Let's hope with the court verdicts the loosing side will throw its weight being the victor or being another opposition party or candidate. Biya and his corrupt followers are getting more and more powerful as we continue to kill each other. If we think the elderly have not delivered then we should be learning from each other how to take over the mantle. For sure I am going to be a politician in future and I have to learn how to carry on. I see Aaron still boiling with rage. if we cannot accept a platform for reconciliation on this forum, what do we expect from our intransigent leaders. Let us be objective so that we can learn from each other. I rest my case.


Let no one misunderstand my last write up. Apologizing for insulting in my write ups doesn't mean giving up or changing my opinion as far as the SDF crisis is concerned.
I will always react without insulting anyone when I discover that a new fiction story has been posted here. I fine it useless reacting to old stories that people post again and again after changing the style in writing or tone. I will react whenever I feel as. Apologizing doesn't mean those who fabricate stories to blackmail others have been vindicated. It doesn't make them angels either. My conscience and the Bible tell me that it is bad and sinful to insult people. It pleases me to feel that I don’t insult others.

sone sone

A few questions for Ben Muna
= Where is UNAFAS today?
= Did you not say you had grown above partisan politics(I still have the video of UNAFAS launching)?
= You failed whre you though you were going to bring down mountains,UNAFAS, do you think anyone in his right senses will follow your madness of ideas? You're just a mad dog looking for who to bite and infect with rabbies.

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