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Monday, 24 July 2006


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All these blind supporters of president Paul Biya! What do we expect from people who have sold their consciences? It is the same mafia as in the SDF. Few people climb on the common man to enrich themselves. When they sit on the dinning table with the thief who chairs their party, they do everything to deceive the common man.

How I hope Ni John Fru Ndi had kept on with our original fight. Biya would have surrendered. Cameroon and Cameroonians became devalued on the day Ni John Fru Ndi started having dubious and secret financial deals with the CPDM government. Ni John Fru Ndi's position as Chairman of the SDF paved the way for an exponential increase in the amount of money and property he has.

The only difference is that president Paul Biya is using some hypocratical intelligence in the way he crucifies Cameroonians - he bites and blow at the same time. He does not rely much on those surrounding him. On the other hand, Ni John Fru Ndi continues to view BAD Ndam as the most intelligent and knowledgeable lawyer in the world. Ni John Fru Ndi still goes around boosting that BAD Ndam and Francis Sama forgot to use ten (10) sections in the law during the Bamenda trial, and believes that they will use them to win the appeal case. He fails to understand that BAD Ndam and his team will like the case to go, so that they bag more money. Lovers of the SDF will actually cry when they get to know the amount of money BAD Ndam and his team gets from the SDF for each court appearance. The most disturbing is that the ammount is multiplied by five (5) when this takes place out of the place of residence of the lawyer. We understand why BAD Ndam insists on having the Bamenda trial go on and on ...

It is just mafia - Biya or Ni John Fru Ndi. They should both be crucified!



Rationality ha sno place in your dictionary. Even in a place where you are suppose to talk about other people, Fru Ndi becom the main subject. I expected you to talk more about the CPDM here but u seddenly jumped to make all the noise as ususal about the SDF. You are a true Camerronian. Noise makers, toothless bull dogs.

As for the the demogogues who called themselves C-big wigs or what ever, i am glad i didnt hear any of them talk about democracy cos there is no democracy in the CPDM (SDF IS NOT BETTER..... LOL). Four 24 years, no one has dared to contested lections with Paul for CPDM presidency. He is alwauys re-ellected by acclamation, what a shame!!!!!. Does it mean that there are no other people willing to become presisdent of the CPDM. A big noooo..., they cant open the mouths to say their minds cos the "LORD" will cast them to hell for ever. As usual the CPDM congress meant for clapping singing and dancing not for thinking and debating how this country can move forward. Its shame one finds professors and doctors within the CPDM who instead of potrying the thinkers they are or are suppose to be, turn themselves intt singers and clappers like Foning. Cameroon Clappers and Dancers Party. Thats what CPDM stands for because with this same old bulls, there is no way forqward for Cameroon. I am here calling on the "progressists" within the CPDM to write their names is the history books by making the CPDM a party where people think and debate on issues instead of clapping and dancing.
MORE COURAGE TO YOU THE PROGRESSITS AND SDF-Muna. We hope you can bring some change to this country.


First of all, Hon. Mbah Ndam does not belong to the group of counsels running the case in Bamenda.
Secondly, the SDF legal advisers finance their own trips most of the time and receive, some times years later, a small compensation for their sacrifice.
The expenditure of the party for litigations between 2001-2006 was 1.2 million Frs CFA. Which means about 200,000 Frs CFA per legal adviser for 5 years, making a total of about 40,000 Frs CFA a year per legal adviser. That is not even enough to fuel their cars for one trip to Yaounde from whereever they are coming from. what about their hotel bills and secretariat work? These gentleman have all made great sacrifices for their party and deserve recognition rather than the typical Mukete statement ''...know the amount of money BAD Ndam and his team gets from the SDF for each court appearance''.
Mukete, I will keep an eye on you to tell people how others work hard for a better SDF and Cameroon. Continue writing and bring the tonnes of evidence you have been promising. It shall take you to NO where!!!

jazzy Ndako

I am a cameroonian who for the past 24 yrs has seen educated individuals distroy a whole country and a whole generation and here they still try to talk politics. It is sad that these people can call themselves leaders. There is a need for a new party with age limits 0 to 45yrs to eliminate all these greedy like son like father individuals. Individuals who eat with the back of their hands. All these theives do't have a place in Cameroon politics. May be with this kind of thinking we can start correcting the damage that is going unchecked.


The CPDM is very unfit for purpose to rule Cameroon at the moment.
This party epitomses total failure in all domains of Cameroon's political, social and economic life.
Its incredibly terrifying to notice that even some young dynamic Cameroonians who have live abroad can afford to be so aloof with the antipathy of the so-called leaders in Cameroon.
The general situaton in Cameroon is totally abyssmal!
President Biya has taken the country 23yrs backward.CPDM just cannot deliver anything.

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