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Monday, 10 July 2006


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My facts will all come to light.

Wonders will never end. It is unbelievable that the SDF should be making a complete mockery of democracy and legality.

1) If all prisoners or detainees should be released simply because they are on hunger strikes, then all ciminals and killers will be free in the streets. Can Ni John Fru Ndi and his gang of exploiters telll us what would happen if the butcher and killer Fon of Balikumbat should go, too, on hunger strike and stop drinking water?

2) If this shameless woman, Beatrice Anembom does not know how the law is applied, then she must be reminded that for the attack in Yaounde, there were two parties involved: 1) The faction of Professor Ngwasiri who were legally occupying the Yaounde SDF secretariat as per the legality of Zamboue and his bureau, and as per the Yaounde court judgment, and 2) The Ni John Fru Ndi faction of the SDF that was ATTACKING the other faction to take back the secretariat. In such a situation, it is the AGGRESSOR who has to be detained. You can not go into a neighbour's house and cause death in his house and expect that the two of you should be initially detained.

2) Those who think that Ni John Fru Ndi and his gang are not taking my contributions seriously have to think twice. It is no coincidence that Mami Bea is now lecturing on the shadow cabinet that Ni John Fru Ndi is to form. Readers will recall that it was just last week that I made some serious revelations on this cabinet. When I wrote, people like Knganjo and his prophets of "sabi tout" stated that NEC members are not to be in the cabinet. Today, Mami Bea is saying that NAC (not NEC) are not to be in this cabinet. Mami Bea tells us that Ni John Fru Ndi is making consultations without telling us how or at what level the consultation is. Is Ni John Fru Fru meeting the grassroot? His click inside the SDF or the CPDM government as part of the consultation? Is he meeting with the CPDM parliamentary Leader - his in law- so as to satisfy Etoundi and his friend Biya? The gravity of the revelation I made on this cabinet is pushing them to adjust and change what I have already made public.

3) To show that these people are taking us for fools, just read the following from Mami Bea:

"Anembom disclosed that the 18-man cabinet to be appointed by Fru Ndi would not include names of the National Advisory Council, NAC, members, so as to check duplication of functions."

When Ni John Fru Ndi and his gang of constitution-twisters were electing Ni John Fru Ndi, President of NEC and the SDF as president of NAC, did they not realize that they had to check the duplication of functions as enshrined in the SDF constitution? Does this not give credence to the fact that it was wrong and a mockery to have elected Ni John Fru Ndi the president of the National Advisory Council (NAC)? Even if Professor Ngwasiri sense of intellectual reasoning had pushed them into confusion and frustration, did they need to go to school to be able to understand the mockery in making Ni John Fru Ndi the president of NAC?

Some blind supporters had stated that Ni John Fru Ndi will release the names of his cabinet only at the right moment. Can they tell us what makes the 12th of August the right moment? Is it not clear that Ni John Fru Ndi and his gang of day dreamers are scared of the fact that I have access to very sensitive SDF matters? Why was he questioning NEC members if any of them have contacts with me? Why did he instruct Osih to make sure that no SDF information filters to me? Why was my name discussed in that NEC meeting?

4) Reading through the list of NAC members, one realizes that it is almost a North West affair. And Mami Bea list out the members by beginning with North Westerners. It is no coincidence that at least the first fifteen (15)members on the list are North Westerners):

"ohn Fru Ndi , Rtd. Justice Nyo Wakai, Aloysius Tebo , Gilles Kwende, Gemuh Akuchu, Carlson Ayangwe, Sama Francis, Joseph Mbah Ndam, John C. Mancho, Mme Esther Tebo, Albert Neba, Columbanus Morfaw, Bernard Tanseh, Lucas Tandap, Joseph Atekwana,"

More than 50% of members of the NAC are from one single province (the North West province) in a country with ten provinces. Is this not giving the world the message Ni John Fru Ndi and Paul Biya have been propagating that the SDF is a North West party? Where is the representative nature in this NAC? Is the SDF a National Party as Ni John Fru Ndi is mockingly telling us in the day? Looking at the members of this NAC, what do we expect the world to think about the SDF?

How can these misfits not think even before deceiving the public? How many of these members have tribal, divisional, district or blood relationship with Ni John Fru Ndi? How many of them are from the South West province or from Kumba that gives the SDF 100% parliamentary seat and 100% council even after a re-run? What are they telling us?

5) Sometimes I actually want to cry when I hear these manipulators trying to take us for fools. Read on again:

"Provincial reports presented at NEC meeting revealed that the Northern Provinces are shaky. According to Anembom, Muna, who claims to be the leader of Hon. Ngwasiri's faction "went and messed up the party and set confusion within its ranks in the Northern Provinces." "

How can Mami Beatrice be openly insulting Northerners? How powerful is Ben Muna to set the entire Northern provinces into confusion? How stupid are people of the Northern provinces to allow themselves to be messed up by Ben Muna? No wonder the number of these "stupid" Northerners in NAC tells it all. A single province, the North West province has more than fourteen members in NAC while the three provinces in the North have less than three. How is this calculated? Are we not the ones accusing president Paul Biya for putting Betis everywhere? What hypocrasy!

6) If "EC members were informed that the party is deeply immersed in numerous court cases with those considered to have been dismissed from the party and some individuals", then how is NEC planning to come out of the numerous court cases? By telling lies? By proving tough or demonstrating empty pride? witchhunting,
using juju, intimidating, vandalising and killing? By falsehood, false propaganda, or rellying on the CPDM government? By paying out people like Klamenceau, Fon Lawrence, Watesih, Knganjo, Aaron Nyangkwe and others to intimidate all those who dare use The Post online to criticize their Ntarikon lord?

7) All these NEC members have lost their shame glands. Hear them:

"The official handing over by former NEC members to those that were elected at the May 26 Convention was postponed to August 12. The delay was blamed on time constraint."

What if President Paul Biya gives "time constraint" as his reasons for not attending the African Union meteting in Gambia? Why can't these people reason before they talk?

Readers, can you people tell me if I should sleep with my eyes closed as these people attempt to put Cameroonians inside their pockets and take them for fools? Should I, Mukete, take vacation and drop my pen even for one seconds when these shameless quack politicians are openning their large mouths to swallow Cameroonians? I wouldn't! Curse be my patriotic responsibility if mean and valueless individuals like Fon Lawrence, Klamenceau, Watesih, Aaron Nyangkwe, Knganjo and their "behind the scene" accomplices push me into surrendering. They can't!

I will be writing on what I have promised: How the Ni John Fru Ndi group brought curse on the entire North West province.

Let Fon Lawrence, Klamenceau, Watesih, Aaron Nyangkwe, Knganjo and their "behind the scene" accomplices tell this forum where I may be wrong in my humble analysis. They should address my points one by one and give facts contained in the article to back any selfish thoughts they be nursing.

God forbid!



Mukete, please you should run for the presidency of Cameroon. You will definitely get my vote, because you are a true citizen of Cameroon and your words speaks the truth and exposes the ills of the SDF party.

I have personally declared SDF as the most undemocratic party in the world. I pray to God everyday not to let these bunch of crooks, who call themselves NEC members, not to pack their bags full of corn seeds, and "Kangwa" to move to Etoudi.

SDF has failed to show us true nationalism, and hence what is left for anyone to believe. When a political party like the SDF fills itself with all members of the same clan, It lives one not to doubt the type of music we will have to listen to when they finally move to Etoudi. " Bangalem" yeah, bagalem.

It is time that all people of Cameroon rise up against a political party that once stood for hope for Cameroonians, and now has a very bleak future, with no promise of democracy, but self realization, and lack of its citizens morals.

It is a shame that people like Anebom who have spent many years in the UK, and has experienced democracy, is now standing on the side to foll Cameroonians. It is shame that I know her personally, and had respected her for a long time, and now it seems to me that, she to has belong to the group of misfit politicians, who see Cameroonians as stupid. Anebom I can advise you that, been a Communication head, doesn;t mean that you say things you don't believe in. Your words are poisonous, and one day your life and those of the SDF that have taken us to be bare fools will be tried, and questioned for the life history of the party and the country.


Please Mukete calm down , the Fru Ndi led Commercial Wing of the fake SDF is playing for time while awaiting the final court judgement, thats why the "SHADOW NGUMBA House and COMMERCIAL WING in the name of NEC/NAC" are still looming. But JFN knows he will loose the case and so playing for time. I have said it and will continue to say that He should stepdown and call for a general reconciliation with all if not he will die inshame. By the time his blind supporters discovered he has been marchandising with RDPC he will have his things and BAD Ndam burnt down to ashes like Alhaji TITA Fomukong.
GOD BRING Pa JFN out of the hands of BONDAGE NDAM Joe and deliver him from evils.
Boysus , Yaounde

Elvis South Africa

I am from the Metta clan of the North West Province of Cameroon.Believe me please Muna is a born crook and can do everything to satisfy his personal ego.Muna i assure you has no single support from us the metta people be it back there at Home or abroad.If Muna intends to complete what thje father left on completed then he is only decisiving himself because Cameroonians now are knowledgeable enough now to know what is wrong and right.Just look at what he went and did in the Nothern province,If muna and Co' have succeeded in forming thier own party,tghen I advise them to go on and campaign their own militants than settig confusion in the militants of SDF.Nonsense


Please, fellow cameroonians, look at the comments people are responding to my last post. i told you that Fru has sponsored talibams to destro this country.
Let Fon Lawrence, Klamenceau, Watesih, Aaron Nyangkwe, Knganjo and their "behind the scene" accomplices tell this forum where I may be wrong in my humble analysis.The SDF should be making a complete mockery of democracy and legality.

I think enough is now enough.We of the left wing cannot no longer associate with this "GRAFFI" group. I think the SDF should remain a bamenda njangi group.BTW, it is they who come to south west for survival.Let Fon Lawrence, Klamenceau, Watesih, Aaron Nyangkwe, Knganjo and their "behind the scene" accomplices go and die.KAM NO GOs.
If u disagree, why have you refused to leave Kumba even when they asked you to.Because you are all like Fru NDI.


Mukete (Mad-kete)

There is no move that the SDF will take under Fru Ndi that you won't find fault in it. We all know that you read anything that has to do with Fru Ndi and the SDF with a biased mind. No one expect you to see any good in the SDF led by Fru Ndi.
Your effort to destroy the SDF is a tireless one. Go ahead and preach how the SDF is a North West party. You claim you are a militant of the SDF, yet you want people to see it as a North West party. But we all know your aim. You want people from other provinces to consider the SDF as a North West party and consequently withdraw their support for the party. If you succeed in your effort to let people see with the stories you have been cooking against Fru Ndi and the SDF, what will happen? Of course the CPDM whose agent you are will benefit from the people's votes. It is unfortunate that you won't succeed.
You were quick to point out that most of the NEC and NAC members are North Westerners. I know you expected the members to be made up of CPDM agents and spies like you. You would have been very happy if absentee land lords were made NEC members so that they could come back to cause havoc in the party.
You should know that the SDF has rules and conditions for one to become a NEC or NAC members.
You claim Muna can't cause confusion in the Northern provinces? Only the blind will listen to you. The world knows that Ben Muna has been using money to cause confusion in the SDF. He did that in Yaoundé and has been going around buying people consciences. Ben Muna feels that money will make him take over the SDF. Let's wait and see.
In fact Mad-kete, I can't waste my time explaining something to someone that hatred has made his skull numb. You are someone who reasons well only when it concerns cooking stories against Fru Ndi, someone who feels that the SDF under Fru Ndi should never talk of "time constrain". Keep on with your crusade you will be dismayed at the end.

Mac satan

Dear Mukete,
It is a long time now since I lastly contributed on this forum. It is not fair for you to be releasing secret SDF information to the public. I understand we have all been betrayed by the Fru Ndi and the SDF hierarchy but completely exposing issues discussed during meetings is not doing the party any favours. I will plead with you as a matter of urgency to hold your fire for a little.
While we accept that Fru Ndi has made a lot of mistakes and is a very stubborn man when it to taking advice, we can still do a lot as a team to let him see the consequences of his actions.
My advice to you is that you either stop writing or some innocent member is going to die. You know the heated arguments during the last NEC meeting when someone was accused of being you. Please as a matter of Damage Control, do adhere to our gentleman agreement.
We can still work from inside to rebuild the party and instill confidence and hope to our militants. I will also seize this opportunity to adviced those writing blindly to know that the Fru Ndi-SDF house is really too hot at the moment. It is unnecessary to stop heaping praises to situations you donot fully comprehend. It is not doing Fru Ndi any good.
Please guys cool down.
Mac Satan


the great mukete keep on telling us the truth.we are also praying that GOD should give you good health to be able to give us the light.To be honest you are a great man.


Mukete you are my hero


Some people claim to know the SDF to its marrows but are totally unaware of the instrument governing the party. The party's constitution states the all the founding fathers are automatically members of the NAC. Well, fate has it that these gentlemen were/are all indigenes of the North West province. We can not re-invent history. The constitution further states that ``Five members chosen by the Chairperson of the Party by virtue of their knowledge of and experience in the ideology of the Party.`` It is obvious that since the grand-west is the base of the party, it would be almost impossible to find an indigene outside this region who has ample 'knowledge of and experience in the ideology of the Party'. It is not that the others are fools nor are they politically naive. It is simply because they have not experienced tense primaries, public demonstrations, tear-gas, ghost towns, grenade-amputated limbs, deaths as the people of the grand west and so would likely not bring in the adequate 'knowledge of and experience in the ideology of the Party'. Lets be serious; we are doing politics here. In politics, you do not just make decisions that would make you the prey of your opponents. For example, SDF has a very committed former NAC member and present NEC member called Adama Power from Adamawa. This man told NEC recently how Ben Muna and Ngwasiri manipulated him using huge sums of money. Before he could realise it, Ngwasiri was already telling the world how he had the support from the North! This of course gives the wrong impression. For me, this is the most solid NAC the party has ever had. Mr. John C. Mancho is already 75 years and has held 2 elective mandates in NEC and thus fully qualifies to become a NAC member as stipulated by the constitution. Of the 26 members at least 12 are already over the age of 65 which makes them less liable to sleazy CPDM tactics of offering money, government ministerial posts etc. The younger members the founding fathers chose to fill the vacancy, namely Barrister Sama Francis and Gilles Kwende were all physically present during the launching of the party and are fully aware that the party has been built on the sacrifice of lives. They are thus living witnesses of the course. So for me, there is absolutely nothing wrong in the composition of this NAC.


Great analyses, Feli. But the logic that got the SDF to this composition needs to be modified to be more inclusive. It shouldn`t indefinitely be under the grips of the creation fever.
Presently, some people will hardly give credence to such reasoning, as the logic of balanced representation is relatively better.
These are bits of the things to have been fixed at the SDF`s convention.


Those bootlickers manning the SDF should stop their ignominy by acting like stalwarts of Annexation and virulent obliteration.Cameroun has no legal right over Bakassi.This only exposes the inept of the rulers of this "great" Party who escapes their duty to demand the rights of Former West Cameroon AKA AMBAZONIA.Even when MR Biya was acting like a bull at the china shop by going to the ICJ,the Oppostion SDF failed to caution this nice guy of the ramifications.Law 84/001 makes LRC an ENCROACHER in Bakassi.The Greentree fraud in New York was limited only to those who were present there.It has no legal binding in International Law.SDF should try and see the exit of Government Delegates.These are the people who transport tax payers monies to the French Case de stabilisation via Etoudi while those towns and cities who are squeezed these funds remain beneath indigence.The UN and her SG should stop being ridiculous and correct their deliberate fatal clangers in Ambazonia.LRC Colonial talons have made a clart of our Country and infrastructures,immiserating our populace without contrition and it is about time to stop them .Their SDF servants too.


Mac Satan,
If you keep believing in Mukete, it means your are living in an imaginary world. All he says are mere speculations. Assuming that Mukete is telling you people the "truth", why can't he use this "truth" to launch up himself politically? If you know my house more than me, why not build a better one for yourself? Only the ill-informed & the feeble-minded will believe in Mukete. You can deceive some people sometimes but you can't deceive all the people all the times.

The likes of Mukete are the ones misleading Ben Muna. They've fooled him into believing that SDF hasn't got Property Rights & Ni Ben is secretly negotiating with OAPI to see if SDF can be re-registered or the Rights changed to bear his name. How can SDF be registered twice? It won't work! Except Cameroon is not part of today's world called the global village! They'll keep running helter-skelter as usual in the name of doing politics. May be these people are suffering from the (in)famous Mad Cow Disease! Ni Ben won't accept the autopsy report of DIBOULE - all they want is that SDF Vanguards killed him. The political capital Ni Ben is trying to make out of the death of DIBOULE will instead work against his person.

Lots more to come later!


Hey Watesih,
Your guys are going to negotiate. ha ha. I thought you were powerful enough to sit and wait for a verdict since you are innocent. Those guys on hunger strike can die a hundred times. They are murderers and should be lucky to have life imprisonment instead of the appropriate sentence-death penalty. Watesih join ur gang Atangha and Klemenceau to tell us your team is not going to negotiate. This is daylight negotiations. I know the night negotiations are also taking place.

Fritzane Kiki Hong Kong

Some egoistic readers and contributors have little or nothing to offer than to attack personally Mukete.Their viciousness in propagating their 'Almighty Fru' is amazingly nonchalant and ridiculing.What I expected these flip-floppers to mention was why is Muketete striking the point of the over-representation of the North Westerners in key positions and other discrimination and discripancies as his priority?They should answer the question than diverting attention from the question therein.

I bet you there is nothing as worst as your shortsightedness in your explanation of why the North Westerners should by virtue occupy many positions in the NEC and NAC.Hear you:

"Of the 26 members at least 12 are already over the age of 65 which makes them less liable to sleazy CPDM tactics of offering money, government ministerial posts etc. The younger members the founding fathers chose to fill the vacancy, namely Barrister Sama Francis and Gilles Kwende were all physically present during the launching of the party and are fully aware that the party has been built on the sacrifice of lives"

These are the potential intrigues and schemings, I logically think should not be condoned but be replaced with fresh ideologies within the party.The SDF party should not be transformed into a clique of thesame clansmen and henchmen.What made SDF a number one national oppostion party hitherto full of rigor and democratic principles, should no doubt be thesame today,reason why ensuring equity in the number of representatives from the 10 provinces should not be unestimated.Don't ask me why the SDF used to have nationwide support having more than 40 parliamentary seats yesterday,but today the number has been cut to half.I guess in compliance to law and for the enforcement of justice within the rank-and-file of the party there should be decentralisation and implementation of by-laws gorverning provincial representatives rights in the party's hierachy.

There is no maturity in the decision by the Bamenda SDF pundits and bigwigs confiscating and concentrating the SDF power only the North West province.The more they are safe-guading and limiting the party's influence and relying on their Bamenda aquaintances while they secure majority of the key positions for themselves,the more the party looses its national trust,prestige and fame.

If democracy is the rule of law in the SDF then it must be practiced from the grassroots.Don't tell me that these SDF barons want us to believe Biya is right in exposing his injustice and discrimination by appointing only Betis his ministers and other key positions.Well this is politics.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Those trying to write fake stories using the name of Mukete are, supporters of "Lord Fru Ndi".
It goes to indicate what i have been saying here, that, the supporters of Fru Ndi are doing more harm to his image. It shows how nasty and dubious Fru Ndi and his supporters can go, to hide the truth about their deals. Fru Ndi and co. have become very mean, indeed.

ngando fidel

SDF is a Bamdenda party. Look at the members of NAC, whoa, almost all are from the N.W. and they complain when paul Biya appoints his country people as ministers? I wonder if it is that Baminda people are the most intelligent and most competent or whether competent people from other provinces are not in the SDF. Either way, it reinforces the truth that SDF na Baminda party.


After reading jürgen´s contribution which I have decided to copy and paste for emphasis,I have personally decided to sit back and watch where this generation of Cameroonians is heading to.I am ashame to be part of this disgrace here.
I have reflected several times but I can´t come out with the objective that some of us have.Instead of uniting to fight our common enemy,the CPDM,we are fighting amongst ourselves to the advantage of a regime that has brought untold suffering to our nation.

It is often said,a bad child in the womb of a mother threatening to kill her does not know that when the mother dies,he or she will die.
I leave you with the following to reflect on as you continue the war:Always ask youself each time you want to make a contribution what goal you are striving at.Ask youself how you think your contribution will help towards a better Cameroon.

"I am not a Kameronian but one who has some common interest in Kameron, I am German and it puzzle me alot to see that Kameron is not as united the way a kameronian friend had made me to believe. when i read through some of the posting here I begin to wonder the unity this my Kameronian friend had made me to believe. What i could learn in this news line is the amount of hatre an insults that exist in that country, no respect for Human dignity. Kameronians should know that not only Kameronians are reading through this website, the whole world is reading through the trash some of you write here and calling your selves intellectuels. I am even made to understand that some of those who write this trash are living here in Europe and cannot copy from the European style. young 'INTELLECTUELS'of Kameron, know that you are leaders of tomorrow Kameron so try to show the world that you will be good leaders when Kameron will be under your command and stop throughing insults on your today´s leaders.

God bless you all.

Jürgen, Germany"


Mukete,border less about what some nonentities say, keep drumming the message.

Those in detention on hunger strike should die quickly so we bury them.They deserved not to live for their hands are all dirty.Murderers are they not!!!

Finally,Fru ndi's sdf meeting ministers to begged.The end is around the corner beleive me.What shallow cabinet are they forming?with brothers and friends all members of NAC/NEC what do we expect?deals to enriched themselves.



Hi beloved,
I do not know why some of us use our time in an unsustainable way.I do not know whether some of us can not use the little resources in a positive way rather than using this medium to litter the net.No matter what some of us write in here thinking it's gona make a change,no change can come when we keep on stuggling to catch the wind.I say it is a waste of resources.Insult and hatre will never change things but portray ourselves as international moral misfits,"waste" good for the landfill.even the land fill will reject some of us.
some of us should know that our rights and freedoms end where the rights and freedoms of others begin.We should stop writing trash in the name of freedom and rights.
May God himself help us.The love of our fellow fork ,is the only thing that will change our beloved fatherland than hatre.
Remain blessed


The mess in the SDF is too precious, for me, to be left in the hands of elements of intoxication and destruction. Trying to stop me from presentig the truth is like trying to stop the Good Jesus Christ from visiting the earth on the final day. Asking me to stop exposing Ni John Fru Ndi or using childish and premitive method to intimidate me not to do this, is like asking the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church to be rendering public praises and thanks to the devil. I will never falter in my mission of liberation: "Let my people go!"

With all the intimidations aimed at me, I feel the fire of inspiration burning inside me - to write the more; to open the eyes of those in darkness; to do God's work of letting Cameroonians go away from the bondage that quack politicians have tied them into; to soften harden and enslaved minds like Fon Lawrence, Klamenceau, Watesih, Akoson, Aaron Myangkwe, Knganjo, etc. who have refused to grow and learn; ...

Lord Jesus come!




Col. Chi Ngafor and 20 others held in connection with the brutal assassination of Gregoire Diboule on May 26 were on Monday charged and transferred to the Kondengui Maximum Security prison in Yaounde to await trial.

Diboule's assassins burst out his eyes. He is yet to be buried.

After weeks of careful investigation which some mistook for lack of evidence implicating them in the Diboule assassination, it has now been established that they have a case to answer.

During interrogations it emerged from the confessions of Chi Ngafor, Philip Che and their death squad that they received orders to carry out the act from top officials of the party including contested Chairman, John Fru Ndi and Parliamentary Group Leader, Joseph Mbah Ndam.

The well-planned assassination was to serve as a deterrent to scare Muna and his group from holding their SDF convention in Yaounde.

Eyewitnesses spotted a car belonging to Mbah Ndam around the scene of the assassination dropping off the death squad.

Both Fru Ndi and Mbah Ndam and other officials of their group have also been interrogated and further investigations are expected to reveal dramatic outcomes for them when the trial begins, especially as Chi Ngafor and co will be testifying in public. It is expected that Mbah Ndam's immunity will be lifted to allow him face trial.

Many see the transfer of Chi Ngafor and co to Kondengui as a clear message from the judiciary to resist pressure from the executive to handle the matter as a political issue.

The move comes as Fru Ndi delegated a team of loyalists to pursue political negotiations with the ministers of Justice and Territorial Administration for the release of Chi Ngafor and co.

While it looked likely that the political approach could have yielded fruits for obvious reasons, based on a new open-secret rapport between Fru Ndi and the Biya regime, fears were expressed in certain high quarters that politicising such brutal assassination would set a precedence and would look like double standards following the no-nonsense imprisonment of CPDM stalwart, Fon Doh over similar assassination of SDF Balikumbat chief, John Kohtem.

Judiciary authorities pointed out how Fru Ndi was instrumental in mounting pressure on the Judiciary to show its independence by refusing to be manipulated by the government and have Fon Doh tried.

There are reports of panic within the Fru Ndi group over fears that the long arm of the law was closing in on them.




You can soften the minds of those who don't know what they are doing. But you will never succeed with Klemenceau. Remember from the very beginning I made my stance clear "Klemenceau against Mukete (Madkete) the liar". I will continue to drive the message of truth into that skull of yours. I will keep on letting the world to know that you got personal scores to settle against Fru Ndi. You are lucky that I judge you only from what you write here. Thank your master Lucifer that I don't know you in person. Had it been I knew exactly what you do and where you live, you would have before now stop cooking stories against Fru Ndi because I would have exposed you here. I will continue to judge you from what you write. You might use words to spice the lies you post here. You paint your lies like a night angel painting to go out and entice men around "Carrefour de la joie" in Essos. You know not all the men who pass by will be deceived by the SIDA infected prostitute. Only the dull and numb skulls will fall victims. Klemenceau is one of those who will never be deceived by your attractive words full of lies. Keep on flattering those who don't what to open their eyes or who don't want to be objective.
If those who have been accepting all the fictions you have been writing here were wise or not biased, they would have asked themselves why you keep on chasing Fru Ndi. You pretend that Fru Ndi has hijacked the SDF. That he has made the SDF a North West party, how ineffective he has become etc. From what you want the world to understand, Fru Ndi should not be allowed to lead the SDF again.
If truly your problem was just that Fru Ndi has destroyed the SDF and you think someone else should take over, you would have by now be contented with the fact that the "authentic SDF" has got a new chairman in the person of the 21st century Judas Iscariot Ben Muna. Since the SDF has finally been taken away from Fru Ndi, what else do you guys want from him? Why can't you guys continue with your "authentic SDF"? Why are you people still running after Fru Ndi?
If you claim Fru Ndi has become as bad as you people are saying, why not go around and tell all the SDF militants that Fru Ndi has become a devil so that they can give their full support to Ben Muna? Or don't you guys trust your new found chairman? BenB and co answer my questions.
Mad-kete, BenB, Eyengue and other gang members, why do you people spend sleepless nights cooking new lies against Fru Ndi? Why must you guys be so worried about someone who is no "longer" popular? You should join your new chairman and go around to rebuild the SDF you claim Fru Ndi has destroyed.
When I tell BenB that he is just pretending to be smart, he won't accept. You guys know that despite all the lies against Fru Ndi, the SDF family still believe in him and trust him. So you are desperately looking for new ways to blackmail him the more.
When you succeed to frame a story against Fru Ndi, the chief mourner BenB will jump up like a fish that has drank poisoned water, claiming victory. It is amazing how dishonest and shameless this BenB can be.
Madness has driven the chief fiction writer here (Mad-kete-Mukete) and he now claims Fru Ndi has brought curse to the people of North West. This Mad-kete feels that everyone practices superstition and witchcraft as he does. He is so superstitious so much so that he claims to know even spiritual matters. He knows all the secret meetings that Fru Ndi is involved in.
Mad-kete-Mukete has abandoned the plight of Cameroonians and is chasing Fru Ndi because of selfish reasons. If Mad-kete was sincere to himself, he would have simply joined Ngwasiri, Ben Muna and the rest so that they could together fight to better the conditions of Cameroonians. Does it mean Fru Ndi is blocking Mad-kete from helping Cameroonians? Or why should Mad-kete be wasting all the time on Fru Ndi?
Does Mad-kete want to tell this forum that there can be no development in Cameroon because of Fru Ndi? Does Mad-kete want to tell Cameroonians that the fight to oust Biya must only be done through the SDF? Since Mad-kete has a mission from Lucifer and the CPDM not from "God" as he(Mad-kete) use to say, to remove Cameroonians from Fru Ndi's dictatorship, what stops him from forming a party so that Cameroonians might follow him. Mad-kete has become the saviour of Cameroonians by closing his eyes against the suffering of Cameroonians. Mad-kete is fighting to solve the problems of Cameroonians by attacking Fru Ndi through the internet. Hahahaha, Mad-kete you are fooling yourself.


I hope ur friend Jurgen has been reading the insults you have been throwing as well. Why will insults not be thrown when errors pointed out are taken to be witch-hunting especially from the commercial wing of SDF? If they were accepting correction for the sake of change as it is done in the West we could have avoided the split, quarrels, fights, attacks and counter-attacks. As long as they continue to be intransigent we will do it their way. So you can now see that the international community is aware of the treachery of Biya's sub-section President and his gang.

Did you see the article from BenB on the Kondengui issue?




It is not strange to read that from your group. It is still a continuation of the propaganda machine at work. I remember about a month ago you guys said Mbah Ndam's parliamentary immunity was to be uplifted. Lots of things have been said against Mbah Ndam so what BenB copied and pasted is no surprise to me.
Teribobs, you guys are jumping now like primary school kids who just got their third term results and are jumping to meet their parents to announce their success. I hope you guys will very soon turn around and say that the CPDM is helping to protect the SDF and Fru Ndi. Mad-kete (Mukete) made the world to believe that Biya was behind Fru Ndi and that Fru Ndi could never be touched. This was when he knew Fru Ndi was winning against your gang masters Ngwasiri and Ben Muna. Madkete used it at that time to buttress the framed up story that Fru Ndi was dinning with the CPDM at night. Very soon Madkete will come up with another story to defend the fact that the CPDM is against Fru Ndi and the SDF. When we said Madkete was writing fiction, you all blindly called us Fru Ndi's blind supporters.
Teribobs, let's wait and see how those detained will be found guilty for killing Debouile and imprisoned.
You said you don't read long write ups but I want you read my last write up and try to react to it.



The Yaounde Appeals Court has thrown out Fru Ndi's case against Ngwasiri and Muna. Fru Ndi, Mbah Ndam, Yoyo, et al wanted the Appeals Court to over-rule a decision by the High Court that declared that the mandate of NEC under Fru Ndi had expired since April 2003, leaving NAC under Ngwasiri as the only organ of the party competent to take decisions on behalf of the party.

The Appeals Court has thus upheld or maintained the earlier High Court decision that recognised Ngwasiri's NAC as the competent authority.

The consequences of this landmark decision are emerging. Can forumites delve into this for public clarification.

The SDF Yaounde convention held on the strength of Ngwasiri's authority as NAC chairman to convene the convention. Fellow forumites, kosh if you want, vex if you want, put forth sober reflection if you're a gentleman, but what do we think is the implication of this decision by the Yaounde Appeals Court?




Did the Yaoundé Mfoundi court suspend the NEC's activities or both the NEC and NAC? Why do you guys always twist facts? Why can't we be sincere for one moment? The case was very clear and news papers published the court verdict. You guys should continue to tell lies, the truth can never hide.


Wonders shall never end. I had said that Fru Ndi should step down call for a reconcilliation and he wouldn't want to listen, but prefer to follow BAD Ndam because he is Exco of the National Assembly and has roots in Yde. Dem nover know Ni Ben ye strong when it comes to law. well he had an interview with le messager who will be publishing an "exclusivité" next tuesday so watch for his plans for the SDF. Shallow NGUMBA HOUSE my anus,Who will he put there for that his SHADOW NGUMBA HOUSE i said it they will not say anything, Many parliamentarians are just waiting to decamp the Ni John's CORMMERCIAL WING he will soon close all Newspapers who dare talk against him, FRU NDI has been FLATTERNED and the comes the end of a reign of a one time CHARISTMATIC LEADER who sold his conscience to the ruling party with the help of a nonsense BAD NDAM (founder of the COMMERCIAL WING).JFN has grown more wrinkles due to sleepless nights he has since may 2006. HE SEES Hon NGWASIRI like DRACULA. Ye MANDAT DON BOLE!!!!@@@@@@@@@@@@
Boysus in Yaounde (Ongola)


Just wondering aloud! My forehead is Twisting!
What has become of our learned Colleague of the London School of Economics.
Is he still fasting? Donot tell me you are writing exams because this is holiday time for most UK institutions, including the LSE.
Please, Reverend, Pastor, Bishop, Doctor, Akoson, where are you? Please donot suddenly disappear without a last stand. Please do come back to us for we miss you badly.
You chided Fru Ndi to speak to the press. Atleast he heard your message and has started by WARNING all you spreading 'faslehood' about his person and 'his' daughter, the SDF. The THREAT is real. You will surely be taken to court. Donot put more burden on the 'Chaarman'. He has already got too many Court cases pending. The stress is too much for him right now. He can barely manage to sleep. Please Akoson, do fast and pray for the 'Chaarman'. Your God is surely more powerful that all the 'Babas', Oku Ngambe, Marabouts of Briqueterie or the Ijebu Mystics put together. The Chaarman believes in them at night and in your God too during the day. Too many sacrifices are taking place at the Ntarikon Palace lately. The Emissaries from Ijebu, are still afraid to tell Chaaman the news they brought fron there. Masonic power has called for a Change of Guard but Chaarman is reluctant to let go. Will he go? Not quietly. Freemasons! Freemasons! Freemasonry!
Akoson, Akoson, Akoson. Three times I have called your name. Come back and PRAY.
Even if you are on Holidays now in China, I know some of those farms in Guandong Province, have got Internet Cafes nearby. Please do drop in and send us a mail so we know you are still alive.Its too early for you join Ricardo. Or have you already. I will very much like to meet you in September when I return to LSE for some Specialist Studies come October after more than 14 years. Even if you have left by that time, I hope to meet you for it is hard to go into Oblivion after leaving LSE.
But donot forget to send us a mail, even if it is from the FAR EAST. We will gladly read.
You announced your presence in STYLE. Donot bow out with your head down.
Let me know you are doing well. Love you.


You guys need to sit up and stop telling lies.Did the Yaounde court suspend both NAC and NEC? Go ahead gentleman.You are winning.


Place don quiet. Hahahahahahaha! You offer a chance for us to put aside lame idle talk and brainstorm, no one coughs. Time for kosh forum go fullop. Intellectuals my head, elite forumites my head.




You talk as if you have been brainstorming here. What have you said that you want people to waste time on? You are quick to go around copy and paste and you claim you are brainstorming?
You came up with your own judgment of the case between your gang masters and the SDF/Fru Ndi. Do you think people have time to waste on the lies you, Madkete and others post here?
Look I might be the only one left to keep on reminding you, Madkete and the rest of your gang members that your master Ben Muna is trying to walk on a slippery ground. I am here because I have time to spare now and so I can waste the time responding to your fictions and lies.
BenB go tell your master that No matter how much money he (Ben Muna) will spend to bribe the Yaoundé people to judge in his favour, he will never win the support of Cameroonians except a few like you who are fighting for their belly.
BenB, I am waiting for you to come up with another story how Ben Muna has organized press conferences and rallies around the country.
Shameless and chronic liars like you Madkete and co will continue to deceive the ignorant.


Weh, my man Klem, dem don run all leave dis palava for you one? I hope they'll return after reading this from you. It's really a cry of distress: "Look I might be the ONLY ONE LEFT to keep on reminding you ...that your master Ben Muna is trying to walk on a slippery ground." Wosai wona dey? Wona come helep Klemenceau ooh! Wona no leave am for he one ooh. Members of the Axis, please come to Klemenceau's rescue.




Don't ask for help on my behalf. Stand the heat and let's see how it goes. As usual you interpreted my write up the Ngwasiri/Ben Muna way. Why is it that people in Ben Muna/Ngwasiri camp always read upside down?
Cheap popularity will lead you to hell my man. Take care and be wise before Ben Muna frustrate you.


It is really sad to see Knganjo, Fon Lawless, Klamenceau (the noise maker), Watesih and Aaron Nyangkwe actually involved in a series of CRY DIE when no death has been reported yet. I doubt what they will do when I finally post the results of the awaited research, which will be a very bitter truth for them to swallow. They should hold their breath!

Thank God, I am using the madness they forced into me to treat the madness that they were born with. Who is then the better mad man?

They should continue getting up, even late at night to see if I have posted what they are allergic to. In the very near future, believe me, they shall get up to read facts and a bitter truth that will force them into eating their intestines. No one will care.

I politely invite them to cry aloud after my three counts: One, two, three, CRY ...

Readers should have my word.



It is really sad to see Knganjo, Fon Lawless, Klamenceau (the noise maker), Watesih and Aaron Nyangkwe actually involved in a series of CRY DIE when no death has been reported yet. I doubt what they will do when I finally post the results of the awaited research, which will be a very bitter truth for them to swallow. They should hold their breath!

Thank God, I am using the madness they forced into me to treat the madness that they were born with. Who is then the better mad man?

They should continue getting up, even late at night to see if I have posted what they are allergic to. In the very near future, believe me, they shall get up to read facts and a bitter truth that will force them into eating their intestines. No one will care.

To all those readers who are sending me e-mails on a daily basis, asking me to keep on feeding them with facts and truth, I give them my word that I will never let down The Post and its million readers. This issue has attained a proportion that I can not dare abandon, even if all readers are influenced to turn against me.

I politely invite Klamenceau, Knganjo and their gang of liars to cry aloud after my three counts: One, two, three, CRY ...

Readers should have my word. Just be patient and stay tuned.


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