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Thursday, 27 July 2006


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makito muyeme

To say whites are honest and have proven their worth as coaches for the lions is gross ignorance and mark you those whites want this quasi-slave mentallity to continue.i tell you what, they feed enormously from it,infact how many times has cameroonian coached the lions,if my memory is good i can only think of Nyongha and Akono,the later won an olympic gold in just a short only hope is that some of those ignorant cameroonians will not dare to suggest that a whiteman be president of cameroon when the question cames up.lets depend on ourselves.


Ah! Forget about football and think of meaningful development in Cameroon. Biya's using football and beer as a tactic to continue supressing and killing our nation.


I think is right time for Cameroonians to look for a former player to coach their country. We have former players like Patrick Mboma and the rest who can relly coach the national team so well. We should forget about the european coaches. We should follow the footsteps of Germany. As i know, Germany has been coached by former players and they do give good results.Right now the person whom i think can do a better job in coaching the National is no other person than Patrick Mboma. He has all the quality.We should not spend our money to foreign coaches.
CLaude Nash Truman College Chicago(U S A)


Just like the Germans lets Try our fomer Goalkeeper Bell Joseph. Thats the type person cameroonians need. Who can fight for the rights of players. And does just what is right for the team Just like Klinsman did to the Germans. These so call Polititians who dont know any thing cocerning Football needs a couragous somebody like Bell to always tell them the truth of the game. I think with sombody like Bell we do not need European coaches.

Elvis South Africa

I think the problem is not the coaches but the Minister.I must not wait informing Cameroon that even South Africans know that should they fail to get the World cup 2010,Then,Cameroon is the next favorite to get the cup.They must go for the best and keep the person libre whoever he is.


Lets try and spend as much time on something else other than football, infrastucture of Cameroon. In other words the basic systems and services that are necessary for the country, buildings, water, power supplies and administrative systems, roads.On one of the articles a guy was killed in Kumba because of an unpaid electricity bill of FCFA 6.700,00. Where do we find Cameroon in 10 years from now?????? Cameroon is one of the world's poorest country and we are thinking of paying a foreign coach with a monthly salary of FCFA 12 mio, as I read above. This money can provide free medication for children under the age of 1 year in all over Cameroon. How often will the coach stay in Cameroon??? Look at Douala, see how dirty Douala looks and see how HIV/AIDS is killing our children, while we sit and say " there poison hi". The good thing about Cameroon, is the football is very respected all over the world, again it is useless seeing small boys only thinking of football acadamy, while we know only 15 players are need for every 25 years in cameroon, i.e the footballers are there on the same position for 20 years without giving others the chance. The whole team is very old and they are still thinking of going to south Africa when we couldn't qualify 4 years earlier. We like old men in the national team. Just close yr. eyes for a min. and think of all our players, even the ones before them. They were very old men never wanted to leave the field. Just like the politicians who have been there since the days of independent, 1961,(sometimes we should know when to quit). Wake up Cameroonians the problem is not the whiteman or patrick Mboma etc. The problem is corruption in the country. Put yr heads together and fight corruption all the way from the lokal police officer. Even the primary school kid, to teach the kid not to throw dirt on the street. Conclusion we need 23 new boys to take us to South Africa. I said NEW BOYS and much younger home boys. Boys playing in home league. The will do better than all these old men sitting on benches in Europe. President sitting on the same position for almost 25 years never know when to quit just like Geremi, Kalla etc


lets try a cameroonian to coach the national team and i prefer Ndip Akem Victor


lets try a cameroonian to coach the national team and i prefer Ndip Akem Victor

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