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Monday, 28 August 2006


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Did I read 16 and 14 million? What for? To fully equip their harems? I wonder where Cameroon is heading to.
What about the sexually transmitted jobs(STJs) and the untouchables? Is that still part of that 'jaboo' plagued institution? Government seems to be spending a lot on coffins for this institution. I hope this clarion call is going to be a stitch in time so that the money for coffins will clear some of the social dues of workers of Canal Mendo Ze turned Canal Vamoulke, the most 'unwatched' channel.


When Mendoze mismanaged CRTV nobody raised a finger because he protected himself with cohorts in the name of journalists. He had all his choir members under the employ of CRTV. The whole set up was stinking with fraud while most journalists watched helpless as their mediocre colleagues took everything with inpunity. Valmoulke has come in to clean the house and everybody is crying foul. Give this gentleman a chance to prove his ability. The saying goes that you must break the eggs inorder to prepare ommellette. Heads are bound to fall for this man to suceed after the mess left by choirmaster Mendoze.
Emmanuel Chim


Even a goat might bite when pushed to the wall.

Muki StoneHall

To hell with Charles Ndongo et al...
These are the real enemies of progress.What to you expect to come out of the likes of Ndongo.The real problem of CRTV is Mendo Ze.Mendo Ze more or less ran CRTV like a personal enterprise.When Mendo ZE was at the helm and destroying CRTV,Ndongo could not complain because he was part of the mafia.Now that Vamoulke has come and wants to clean the house,those who have skeletons in their cupboards want to do everything to bring him down.
Victimisation and marginalisation have always been trademarks of the CRTV.Until the coming of Vamoulke,a French journalists was editor-in-chief of the English news and nobody ever died of cardiac arrest.Cases where better journalists are sidelined,especially in the sports desk are abound and no body ever died of Cardiac arrest.All the prominent journalists who died in Mendo Ze's hands:the Luc Anangas,the Ebsiy Ngums etc etc,did they die of negligence and mismanagement?
The bufoons complained of new recruits reading the news in the place of old hands!Is it the fault of the new recruits that there are better qualified than the old hands? Why are we cameroons so scared of transparency?
The bitter truth is that Vamoulke wants things done on the table.Those complaining are those who want things done under the table.That's why they hurried to copy the presidency.And one should not be surprised if Vamoulke's head finally rolls because if there's any one place in cameroon that is so scared of transparency then it's the presidency.They are already afraid that Vamoulke may be sowing a seed of transparency that may grow to cover other areas of the country,something the presidency dreads!


Good comments StoneHall.
I see the hand of Mendo Ze in this set up. He would have preferred dying at the lucrative CRTV.
Mendo Ze used to hand cash to a crew covering any event, depending on how they smile at him or greet; 'bienvenue professeur', 'directeur', or even 'papa'.
Now, careless cash does not flow, things are more or less tight.The voodoo clique which Charles Ndongo use to be a ring leader no longer holds.
Turn it upside down, I can`t think Vamoulke is taintless, the million figures are scary and almost unbelievable.
If I agree with one thing about the letter,that is the; 'CRTV is truly a time bomb' for them 'Biya's mini church ministers.'Trained liars are not so different from Gendarmes torturing Anglophone Cameroonians.

Tekum Mbeng

IF Amadou Vamoulke cannot run CRTV then we have a serious indictment of home-trained personnel. Vamoulke was a star student journalist and was seemingly well groomed. These revelations are devastating and unacceptable.

I bet CRTV needs a foreigner to run it! I mean the Cameroonians settled abroad and are experienced in managing smart people at a center of excellence.

It is unimaginable for Radio House to lack functional toilets while Vamoulke and his lackey waltz home with 30mFCFA ! The duo are milking the State. Send him back to mediocrity at SOPECAM - the state news house with no functional website.

Ashwell Molaba

Isn't this a wonderful letter from Charles Ndongo and Co.? It starts with the most outrageous claims; people dying because of management. Mr Ndongo does not happen to be a medical practioner and I fail to see how he is qualified to determine the cause of death of journalists. Making such claims smacks of "sour grapes". Erstwhile emjoyed privileges have now been curbed and management must be blamed. They will therefore find every excuse in the book to caste management in the role of the bad guys.

These are the same people who never complained about the marginalisation of the English Language by the state broadcaster. They buy horrible American Soap operas and translate them into French. Is it because Cameroon does not understand English? These same people complain when fresh blood is brought on board. In countries I have visited, continuity presenters retire at 25 years old. Yet in Cameroon Rose Epie is still on TV entertaining her grand children.

Dilapidated buildings and poor facilities are and have always been a part of CRTV. Radio Buea has never been good but Mr Ndongo didn't complain. May be these people have legitimate grievances but this sorry excuse of a letter does not help their cause in my view. As far as I can see, they have too much while the average Cameroonian has less than nothing. They present to us a sense of entitlement to their jobs as if the were village chiefs. Listen up, Cameroon does not owe them anything. These people steal from us and then blame us for asking them, "why?" I think it was long overdue for people like Linus Pascal Fouda to move on. And that is my humble opinion.


Ebonylad(Euro view)
I am really flabagasted to see journalists' letter mostly talking about social benefits-money.You there are the most highly paid citizens.Most die because of mystical competition for positions and money among staff.You need to be Godly.
I feel ashame from this end I cannot read about you regularly from the patronised website I feel ashame I cannot watch you since January 18th 2006 on the one time news video on
So please guys,talk about broadcast quality and not social benefits else you remain social costs.
The GM or DG's reaction on saying'la plupart des questions relevées dans la lettre ouverte sont des héritages de la gestion de son prédécesseur'is just the redicle of our Country's poor governance.Let the young take over and the old go on pension.
Enough is enough.

Fritzane Kiki HK

It is true that Gervais used his "mboma" powers to silence and contain dissents in his jurisdiction.However he was never accused of neglecting and underminding journalists who worked with him in team work,solidarity and tolerance.Mr Vamoulke needs more managerial skills and consultations than resort to tribalism and descrimination which he has been criticised.

Cameroon as corrupt as it is makes it difficult for people to trust each other.Look at a chairman saying all the accusations levied on the petition was incured by hids predicessor Gervais Mendo ZE.Who knows whether the funds were mistakenly stolen between the 1st and 2nd flight as Kontchou Augustine said with the funds of Indomitable Lions.It is a cankerworm in Cameroon 'fuggedaboutit' we are sick and tired of reports of unjustified embezzlement and mismanagement of government finances which go unaccounted for.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Petitions Indeed!

What did you expect from Charles Ndongo? His contryman Jean Lambert Nang after arrogantly leaving office to Emmanual Jonas Kana with whom they almost exchange blows in brought daylight went ahead to unseat Iya Mohamed from Fecafoot.

Then Ndongo too feels its their birthright to head all corporations in Cameroon and simply wants that done by hook or by crook.

Joseph Le also thinks if he is not the director for news events at the presidency no one else can be while seasoned journalists like Mathias Ahu Ache cant ever be there.

When Michel Fotso was the General Manager of Cameroon Airlines the same gang teamed up and replaced him with one of theirs. Today where is Cameroon Airlines? The cankerworm is synonymous to the Rwanda issue where a group thinks its their birthright to rule others.

Just wait and see how Etoudi will react.


Muki StoneHall

Good views Tayong but something serious needs to be corrected here.Jean Lambert Nang is indeed Fecafoot GM and not President.The two are distinct but the functions of the GM are still unclear to me.The President is elected while the GM is appointed. Therefore,Jean Lambert has not,and can not unseat Iya Mohamed.Iya Mohamed still remains the elected Fecafoot president.


My friend Muki. True in principles there are two distinct positions but one is more offigure head or better still arm chair position. The guy who really wheels power is but Jean Lambert not Iya. Remember the ordeals Iya has gone through with motions of non confidence by board of directors orchestrated by who?

Your guess is as good as mine.


It is unfortunate Charles and his friends are seeing CRTV not to be functioning well only in 2006. What strangers they are in Jerusalem! Everyone knows that CRTV is a white elephant like many of the other corporation we have had in Cameroon. Are they now complaining because they have personal issues at stake? They try to fit in CRTV Buea and Bamenda into the picture to make it look palatable. It is a shame they are not able to see that CRTV does not serve the very people whose taxes are being used to run it. The popularity of new television and radio stations shows this.

Can he tell us the whereabouts of Boh Herbert, Ntemfac Ofege, and many others who where made to leave? This rare breed of journalists was lost due to poor and tactless management which has persisted for years. Then out of the blues Charles and his friends are seeing that now just becuase Vamoulke has taken away their loot. Sixteen million francs for leave allowance is too much (a junior university lecturers pay for one year in the western world) but are they seing that only now? What of Mendo Ze's choir expenses? We need some accountability in this country. We can change presidents, hold hundreds of election and do many corruption drives but in as much as we do not set the stage for acountabilty then we (Inoni included) are just deceiving ourselves. Let us stop deceiving the common man in Cameroon. The time is ripe to come clean.

Charles Ndongo: an eye-opener for you! Go for what you deserve and leave the rest for others. See where your 'friend' and former colleague (now of the World Bank) is today. Do you think he got there by chance? No, by merit!

Fritzane Kiki HK

WHat way forward?WHo is accountable for who in Biya's regime?A manager is accountable for himself that is why these journalists came up with this petition because even if you channel the matter to the hierarchy, there will be no positive answer since they are all of thesame fraudulent pot,and colleagues who dine and wine together.All Vamoulke needs to do is to call his CHarles Ndongo and others who wrote this petition for a compromise.I understand that in the LRC if you oil the mouth of the beholder then you can get what you want.This was what Mendo Ze did in his rule....Vamoulke wants to eat alone so he must be opposed for accountability and mismanagement by his opponents in the house.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


You see, here again, an occultist is leading the chase of Vamoulke claiming he has not been working well. Who has been working well? Mendo Ze? What a shame to all those who think they can keep fooling african children. Here again, another criminal has replaced another criminal Mendo Ze and he is interested in making his own groups of people rich through giving them powers. Now those who benefitted from the previous regime are merely fighting with the new benefactors. African children cannot be fooled again. All the complains above are meaningless, they existed in the days of mendo ze, nobody complained and today, as far as i am concerned, if anybody is complaining, it is because he or she is not in a position to benefit. Please, leave our poor readers alone Charles Ndongo.

Ma Mary

THEIR rules. Guilty of corruption until proven otherwise.



I seemingly did not see one of your points where you raised Yves fotso as someone who did properly managed CAMAIR. It appears you have a seemingly shallow knowledge of how the network of corruption has been operating in that failed republic. the fotso family has been part of these conspiracy and they cannot be hailed as having properly managed camair. what did they bring as positives in your view?


African Union of prostitution in France

, Elie Smith [ Paris - France ]

Slavery is back on the African continent. And this news might make one of the most popular slave abolitionists William Wilberforce to turn in his grave. But it is true. However, unlike in the past, the new brand of slavery is affecting all parts of the continent. Talking about the disturbing and shameful past, Arabs come to the fore.

Slavery is back on the African continent. And this news might make one of the most popular slave abolitionists William Wilberforce to turn in his grave. But it is true. However, unlike in the past, the new brand of slavery is affecting all parts of the continent. Talking about the disturbing and shameful past, Arabs come to the fore. As they invaded, settled and occupied North Africa and could not get the Berbers to enslave because they had escaped to the hills, the new occupants decided to turn to sub Saharan Africa to ply their evil trade.

Soon after, the Europeans came and also began pilfering West and Central Africa in search of slaves. Since then, sub Saharan Africa has suffered a lot and is still suffering today. Especially that some historians are trying to justify slavery under the guise that ,some black Africans were concerting victims of the calamity that took place on the continent. Whether the thesis which holds that, some black Africans contributed in slavery or slave trade currently prevailing and encouraged for reasons which will not be elaborated hereon is true or false, it has to be pointed out that, slavery never took place only in Africa and also that, black Africans are not the only people who have taken part in actions that are inimical to their own very people.

That is why all the theories on the current difficulties of black Africans on the continent and beyond attributed to the curse on the biblical Sham, claimed to be the ancestor of blacks have to be vigorously discarded and disregarded and the reasons of black’s economic predicaments in the world be sorted out elsewhere. Putting history and debates aside, what is deplorable is that, what happened 4 or 5 hundred years ago is repeating itself, even though it may be said or claimed that it is done in a different manner today.

Whatever the case, prostitution is the new form of slavery that all Africans are participants and it is happening on a grand scale currently. It also looks as though Prostitution has even become in some countries, alternative sources of revenue and the beneficiaries are people from the worst managed or poorly governed countries, but that are all potentially rich.

This may be over exaggerated to a number of Africans, but as the state in most African countries are shrinking and defaulting from their primary responsibilities, it would not be a surprise that, it is from a ludicrous section of the informal sector of the economy that, the comatose states concern are getting their life lines.


Cameroon and Nigeria are two big suppliers of black African prostitutes paving and pacing the streets of France’s major cities at night and some in broad daylight. Interestingly or not, they are not the only African countries supplying prostitutes to France and that are also in a tough competition with other supplying countries of Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Republics and Asia (China and India). Besides Cameroon and Nigeria, the other African countries supplying prostitutes in France are Algeria, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Morocco, Mali, Tunisia, Ivory Coast and Senegal.

Algerians, Moroccans and Tunisians are almost at home in France and practicing the old trade with easy, even though within their communities they are considered as pariahs. One other factor helping them is that, most North Africans have skin pigmentations that are not different from those of native white French.
Hence they easily dilute themselves within the professional hard core of French prostitutes. North African prostitutes have their own niche market. They are found in cafes or bars of some well known streets in big cities of France and Belgium. As for those from West Africa, since they are all blacks, they are easily identified especially that, they are always complete with explicitly flashy dresses that describe the trade in which they are in. But not all black prostitutes on the streets of major cities of France are from Africa.

Some are from Latin America, specifically from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru or from the French dependencies of Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guiana. However Cameroonians and Nigerians are presently the ring leaders in the illegal and disrespectful trade. But it seems that, most Cameroonians and Nigerians do not consider prostitution to be a bad trade. Recently, I was horrified when a Cameroonian boldly told me that, Cameroonian prostitutes and fraudsters who are abroad are the ones running the economy of that West African state. Whether it was an exaggeration that only Cameroonians are best at? It is not clear. But the reality is that, prostitution has taken another dimension in both Cameroon and Nigeria.

Although Nigerians are not boisterous and loquacious as Cameroonians are, they are the ones who are leading the evil trade, particularly Nigerians from an eastern ethnic group known as the Igbos. Igbo gangs are well organised like those from Eastern Europe and China, whereas other African states or their nationals such as Cameroonians, have remained amateurs in the malevolent trade. Nevertheless, not all Cameroonians or Nigerians are involved in the trade. And in both countries, not all parts are involved or affected by the scourge.

As already mentioned not parts or people in both Cameroon and Nigeria are in the trade. But there is a puzzle all the same to be answered. They are People from Northern Nigeria and Northern Cameroon. They are notoriously absent as intermediaries or actors in the trade. Moreover there are no clear explanations for their non-existence. Some think that, the dominant religion in both Northern Cameroon and Northern Nigeria which is Islam may operate as deterrent. But it is not clear or justified because, other Islamic countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Mali, Tunisia and Senegalese are either prostituting or have some gangs controlling and bringing their nationals to practise the creepy trade in Europe.

The other reasons might also be that, the northern parts of both Cameroon and Nigeria have remained rural and little urbanised or that, their exposure and level of educations are adrift in comparison with other regions in both countries. Hence Northern Cameroon and Northern Nigeria, whose natives are both witnessing perhaps more, the difficult economic climate in both countries, have remained enigmas as to why they are not acting as gangs organising prostitutions or their girls operating as actors.


In both countries, prostitution affects mostly the potentially rich areas. In Cameroon the principal areas exporting prostitutes to Europe are the Littoral, Centre, South, South west and North West provinces, precisely the Sanaga maritime and Wouri divisions (Littoral province) Mfoundi, Lekie and Nyong and Kelle divisions (Centre province) Dja and Lobo division (South province) Nde, Mifi and Upper Nkam divisions (West province), Meme, Manyu and Fako divisions (South west province) and Mezam and Momo divisions (Northwest province). As for Nigeria’s 90% pool of exceptionally teenage prostitutes, they come mostly from Edo and Delta states, formerly known as Bendale state.

Although most of the teenage prostitutes may claim to have originated from Benin City or Asaba, respectively state capitals of afore mentioned states, the truth is that, they are mostly from rural parts and also from poor and under educated families. What do these regions in both countries share in common besides their appreciations for prostitution? They are the potentially rich parts but ironically with proportionally high illiteracy and poverty rates compared with other parts in both countries.

Because these localities and its people in both countries are caught in the vicious circle of under education and poverty, they are easily lured into prostitution by natives of neighbouring regions within these same countries. Oddly, regions promoting prostitutions do not practice the trade, but see it as a lucrative venture to use their compatriots in order to get rich faster. Does that not sound like the periods of slavery that took place some five hundred years ago?

The actions of some natives from some regions in Nigeria or Cameroon who uses or lures natives from other regions into prostitution, shows a universal vision of humanity which is opposed to the angelic one always chorused around the world to be what prevails in Africa. The use of people from other regions who are easily carried away by the illusions of better lives in Western Europe is not unique to Africa; it is noticeable and practised in Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. All regions that are poor and undereducated compared to Western Europe, the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand seems to be constantly exploiting each other in one dehumanising trade or the other.

Cameroon and Nigeria are two nations tied to each other by millennia ancestral relationships and also colonial ones which are most recent and more palpable. But like in every family, there is always the inevitable disputes between elder brother Nigeria in economic and population terms with its younger brother Cameroon based on the latter mentioned criteria. I will like to point out that, economically, Nigeria is the elder brother of Cameroon, but politically, the greater part of Cameroon, that is the French-speaking part, got her independence 10 months before Nigeria.

But it has not prevented Nigeria from overtaking Cameroon in the area of economic growth aided by the large deposit of Oil that some experts put between 30 and 34 billion of yet to be exploited capacity. However the only areas were Cameroon has kept its big brother status is in the area of football. As you can see, a big brother shall always manage to remain big somewhere. Nonetheless, the area of prostitution has given an opportunity for both countries to flex their muscles again.

Effects on production and civil services of both countries

I don’t know whether Cameroonians have noticed that within their civil service, some of their colleagues just disappear from work and the next she is heard of is that, she is either in France or in Switzerland. It is the same trend observed in Nigeria, whereby some top female civil servants just evaporate from their offices and the next they are heard of are that, they are either in Britain or US prostituting. Strangely, all these ghost workers or civil servants in Cameroon or in Nigeria are still being paid for no work done.

This demonstrates a strong lack of control or complicity between the hierarchies in the civil services of both countries and the erring civil servants who disgrace their countries and their professions. The effects of the organised abandonment in the civil services in both countries are manifold.

The first is that, it will sadly justify no matter how difficult some innocent hard working Cameroonian or Nigerian civil servants may think, the down sizing of their civil service. The other negative effects are that, billions are wasted in the absence of proper executions of health programmes and education curricular set by both governments. This is because, the bulk of the escapees are nurses, medical doctors or teachers. The duplicity does not only affect the civil services in both countries.

The informal sectors that represent more than half of both countries economies are also receiving beatings. Most market women in Cameroon and perhaps in Nigeria are surprised that most of their colleague vendors have suddenly decided to become Muslims and are all year round in Mecca. Whereas the reality is that, they are not Muslims on pilgrimage, but it is just a stratagem to masquerade the fact that, they are prostituting in France, Britain or in the US. Their friends left home are always marvelled that, whenever these women come back, they bring lots of monies, cars and upon all, usurp the Islamic title of hidja. Their action has three negative effects.

It has made Christians to start converting en mass into Islam, thinking that, they will become rich; secondly it has made many Cameroonian girls to take the route to Europe or accept any propositions that will lead them to the earthly paradise called Europe. Finally the usurpation of Islam and Islamic titles by dubious women with lust for wealth is tarnishing the Islamic faith just as politicians who have travesty Islam and make it to become militants and merchants of hate have done, especially through the carrying out of terrorist actions under the guise of defending their religion.

This therefore calls on Islamic clerics to come out and denounce the travesty of their religion or soon the distinctions between what Islam really teaches and what apostates claim will blur the true nature of Islam. In the current dispensation in the world, it would be another public relations blow to Muslims if they don’t come out strong to condemn the new crops of hidjas rising in Cameroon or Nigeria and certainly in other parts of Africa.

National rivalries and the exploitation of Asylum procedures

In the past, activities of the sinister business seem to have succeeded in France because as Cameroonians came, they drove out of business the English-speaking Ghanaians who could not speak French. They also drove Senegalese and Malians out of business, not that the former could not speak French, but more because, they were traditionalists, while Cameroonians were urbanised and susceptible of adapting and adopting French etiquettes easily. But the honey moon of Cameroonians never lasted long; this is because, the very enterprising Nigerians began invading Europe, first from Italy. And when Italy was full or the authorities opened their eyes wide when the streets of Milan or Rome at night was becoming like any street in Africa, the Nigerian pimps began changing the destinations of their commodity.

The soft spot was France and they came in using legal means, or through the use of asylum procedures. They were aware more than Cameroonians that, if one files in a request for asylum, which they know is fake with little or no chance of obtaining a satisfactory response, it nonetheless takes a minimum of two years before the administrative procedures goes through.
During this period, their slaves are legal and would be forced to carry on with their trade with no fear of expulsion and the sum that, they had invested to bring the girls over will be recovered four or five times the initial investment. By so doing, the quiet Nigerians had more powers over Cameroonians who were living illegally in France. Nigerians could easily be one of the most intelligent creatures on earth and if they could put their potentials in honest ventures, their country will be a miracle. Little wonder that, in spite all pessimistic predictions about their country, it is still the second economic power of the continent. It is a proof that, there are possibilities for Nigeria to become the first economy of Africa.

The coming of Nigerians to France who suddenly became Liberians, Sierra Leoneans or even Sudanese or Jamaicans was not just bad news to other Africans who were in the business of prostitution. It was calamity to East Europeans and Asian gangs who were also in the niche market. Nigerians began encroaching in the territories of the organised prostitution networks of East Europeans and also those of the Asians, led by the continental Chinese. The results have been the deaths of some Nigerian prostitutes.

As Cameroonians could no longer compete with any of the three organised gangs, they began subcontracting their Vans* to Nigerians and when the sub contracting deals were no longer lucrative, they decided to leave France for Switzerland. Today, Switzerland is heaven to Cameroonian prostitutes while France has become the Mecca of East Europeans, Asians and the only Africans surviving in the jungle of prostitution in France are Nigerians.

In France at the moment, at (OFPRA*),the government agency charged with the examining of asylum cases, Nigeria is perhaps the only country in their files whose applicants are in majority girls not above 20 and all presumably persecuted by their government. The questions worth asking are these: which of the Nigerian governments are responsible for the alleged persecution of teenage girls to a point that, all seek salvation only in prostitution abroad? Are the Federal or State governments of Nigeria to blame or are they responsible? Has the Cameroonian or the authorities of other African states done enough to stem the flow of their girls to Europe to practise prostitution? Are they really fighting prostitution and child trafficking? It is difficult to give an answer.

Economic advantages

Creepy as prostitution is, it still have many beneficiaries from unsuspected quarters. The trade is not only beneficial to the pimps who charge their victims exorbitant sums of monies, which may vary from $ 30 and $ 50 thousand, the other beneficiaries are the owners of small Hotels in the predominantly African neighbourhoods of Barbes, Chateau Rouge and Marcedet Poisonier located in the lower side of the 18th district of Paris. The next beneficiaries or the indirect ones are the manufacturers of prepaid telephone cards and individuals who have opened telephone call centres, all over the neighbourhood and thus providing jobs to many jobless people who are always discriminated in the job market in France.

Before the arrival of Nigerians, Hotels in the seedy sides of the18th district of Paris, especially those located within the above mentioned neighbourhoods were amongst if not the cheapest in the city. However, since the arrival of Nigerian pimps who are mostly drug barons based in Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and the Netherlands who seem to be attempting to diversify their sources of income to some, while others are completely leaving drug trade, for a new less risky trade, the prices of Hotel rooms have jumped in the poverty stricken parts of the 18th district.

Bizarrely while prices of Hotel rooms have sky rocketed, it would have been normal to expect a stratospheric quality of services but ironically, they have dropped. For the pimps or the Mamas are not interested in any sort of quality services other than where their products will be housed and give them back fast returns upon investments. As for the vendors of phone cards, they have seen their sales jump because the young girls who are now the enemies of the older prostitutes have a voracious consumption thirst for telephone cards, this in order to communicate with their bosses or madams and also with their parents back home in Nigeria or in Cameroon.

Route to France

Nigerians are undisputedly the most enterprising black Africans or Africans in general. They are implacably hardworking and when they put that positive quality into crime, it surprises many westerners, principally the Italians and East Europeans who have met with the Nigerians in the under world of crime. Nigerians criminals are different from Cameroonians or other Africans. They are meticulous. These may be because most Nigerian criminals are graduates who have not been able get jobs in their native countries while criminals from other African countries in France are always mixtures of school drop outs and societal failures.

Nigerians don’t change their way of life as does most petty Cameroonians or other African fraudsters whenever they hit the jackpot. The Nigerian criminal is respectful, but fast like a leopard, hard working like an ant and poisonously vicious like a snake. To come to France or in Europe in general excluding the United Kingdom, they have several options. The first thing that they do is to get the rightful girls and secondly plan how to get them out of the country, which is apparently very simple in Nigeria.

The easiest means and methods used to trap these young girls who are mostly from the rural parts of the earlier mentioned states are mostly through an extended aunt who is link to the criminal syndicates based in Europe. She is the connecting link and the one who travels to the rural parts of the states concerned to get these girls who are poor, young and ambitious nonetheless, but sadly undereducated.

These aunts makes promises to the parents of their future victims that, their children will be taken to the capital to learn a profession and after which they would own their own businesses. Hence in most hair dressing salons in Asaba or Benin City every three months the faces of the apprentice do change. They are regularly deceived that, they will be sent to Europe to do baby sitting jobs or other trades in rich countries. Nevertheless, in some rare cases those that have been deem courageous and matured enough are briefed on what really awaits them in Europe.

But to be sure that, they won’t run away, there are forced to under take some mystical pacts that bans them from breaking the oaths that they were forced to under take, until they pay their debts at the tariff set by the gangs. As for the young girls most of the time, some are simply raped before they are send to Europe. But to get to Europe, and also to obtain a visa for these young girls from European embassies or consulates in Abuja or Lagos is almost like getting to paradise. Hence the girls are dispersed in mostly French-speaking African countries namely Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Morocco Niger, Ivory Coast and Senegal.

What all these countries have in common besides the French language is that, they are all very corrupt. That explains why in those countries there exist large pools of Nigerian girls waiting for their turn to get to Europe. And in these countries, because of difficulties or out right poverty ,some of these girls start practising what they will do in Europe while waiting to acquire the passports of their host nations and a visa from the embassies of the very countries which would not have offered them, had it been they applied in Nigeria.

However, within European embassies, it seems that Nigerians have their connections hence they always manage to export their products and with monies, the security officials at the airports of the host countries are forced to look the other way while they pass. The next step is that, when the girls have successfully boarded, they destroy or are advised to destroy their passports and upon arrival, they apply for asylum immediately. When the asylum procedure has begun, since it takes a while for their cases to be examined, the pimps have the leisure and the pleasure to put their slaves on the streets to work for them.

Those who want to rebel are punished and their parents back home are also punished. Most of the girls can’t report their cases because they are naïve and they have been indoctrinated to see or consider the Police of European countries where they are based as a racist group that will not listen to them but send them back home.

Interestingly, not all Cameroonians or Nigerians are in support of the evil old trade. A proof is that, in Nigeria the wife of the governor of Edo state, one of the great teenage prostitutes exporting area has set up a body to fight against prostitution. It is a positive development that must be encouraged and governments need to coordinate their actions. This is because while they are bickering, the Nigerian, Cameroonian teenage girls or those of some African states are being exploited by greedy inhumane gangs.

Vans here are not different from what they are meant for. However, it is used by those this topic deals on to serve as emergence spots for the consumers of the product that they are selling. They are found in France in parks, highways and in other strategic areas.
OFPRA stands for Office Francaise de protection des refugies et appatride.


Hi rexon,
What are you in effect trying to let us readers understand? Please, if you could re-tell, this time try to be logical and concise, i am one of those who really love to read your piece.

Tekum Mbeng


Your story about prostitution has no relationship with alleged mismanagement at CRTV.

Learn to send such comments directly to the Post instead.


Lesson number one: Dont let managers and people of key responsibilities stay too long on the same post in Cameroon...

Again here, i think it is bizarre with the complain that young journalist are allowed to anchor the news while old hands languish in Limbo!

Hey guys give me a break, i like the idea that u have the audacity to stand up and clamour for your rights, but everyone has a right to a job and a post. it is the ability to perform that matters and not only the fact that u are an old hand at the job.

It is common that these old hands sit on their fat behinds doing nothing and then turn around and ask for respect, big salaries as it is common with Cameroonian men crazy about the desire for respect which they dont merit!

DO your stint and I do my stint and let meritocrazy be the deciding factor!

Otherwise i dont care at all if there actually exist a national radio and television corporation in Cameroon. What do they screen for programmes in the first place?


The petition is ill-motivated. The petitioners felt ashamed to make a public recommendation that Mendo Ze should be brought back, not because he did a good job but because they were part of Mendo Ze´s conspiracy. All that is mentioned in the petition is bullshit
Let some other persons benefit from the management of Vamoulke. It is the same thing that will happen when Biya will leave office; those who have been lasy and benefited from this corrupt regime will start complaining when there will be new leadership. Of course the new leadership and not favour them as Biya is doing, but on the other hand some other group of persons will also benifet. Leadership should keep rotating so that different groups should also take advantage each time.


listen to yourself. When others try to get to the crux of the matter, all that matters to you is your relationship with those on top. Can anything good come out of such thoughts? Why will he not die for JFN even if the guy no longer delivers? coz he gets part of the crumbs.
Fon, next time shut your trap when people are brainstorming.


You have not made your own point!!Different commentators have made their voices heard but you don´t have anything to offer because it has nothing to do with Fru Ndi.You are only after Fon and Fru Ndi."Na weti be wrong with u"?



While i am no fan to all the SDF frolics, i will like to understand what you mean by this statement

"Leadership should keep rotating so that different groups should also take advantage each time"

Is that the kind of republic your SDF led by Ni John Fru Ndi wants to build?

what kind of advantage do you want to take?

Why were you then annoyed when others took advantage and wanted to come to europe through faking UB degrees?

Why haven the leadership of Ni John Fru Ndi Rotated so that others can take their own advantage, whatever you meant?

Are you or Ni John the only one who have a life?

Most of you people are clear hypocrites. you defend just what protects your interest and not that of the common man on the streets. Everybody have a life. Not only Ni John Fru Ndi or you.

I know you will try to turn around your statements using choice of words. This is just a comfirmation of the "goat di chop for place we dem tie yi" philosophy that is a products of la republique du camerouns corrupt junta in yaounde. in as much as you guys have these evil intentions, you should leave the southern cameroons alone. you can work with Laakam, Sawa etc. but leave the southern cameroons.


From all indications you have not been following this debate. I was the first to comment on this issue coz I know something about this 'ngumba house'.

There is something I have been grappling with concerning this article. Was it written by Charles Ndongo or was he an emissary? I am asking coz he has been castigated as if he single-handedly wrote it. I know the bottomline is that he condones with the petitions but I think it reflects the views of some CRTV journalists - Pro Mendo Ze or not. We seem to lash out at any article without really digesting it. I am not in any way defending the 'voodooism' that Charles Ndongo represents in that institution.

Netters, we should read the article carefully. I realize greed on the part of the journalists. They have regular salaries but stress more on the out of station allowances. No doubt they prefer to cover meetings where there is 'gombo'. Even those who are chauffered-driven to cover events not far away from the office expect out of station allowance. Mendo Ze set a wrong precedence and the Vamoulke/Wete duo are trying to correct. You know you cannot make omelette without breaking eggs so it is obvious getting such complains. There are some light dues that they deserve but not the 'gomboism' that they had become so used to during the tenure of almighty 'qui-ar-ti-vi' mariologue.

I mentioned an issue of untouchables in an earlier write-up. Do some of these journalists think they were trained to work only in Yaounde and Douala where there are big institutions who will take them out for coverage and fill their pockets? Are there sub-journalists to work in the distant provinces and divisions? It all boils down to greed. Why can't you accept to serve your country in a remote area for sometime?


I will not mince words as you claim in the following statement:"I know you will try to turn around your statements using choice of words."
I remember that you once mentioned on this forum that you are a realist.My statement has to do with reality.It has nothing to do with corruption which is what all of us must condemn.To make a long story short I will like to draw your attention to the following analogy:
Lets consider that the SCNC succeeds in their course, the independence of Southern Cameroons is declared and Rexon is made Minister of economy and finance. Rexon has the capacity to appoint a director and he has two qualified candidates to choose from,
one of them was one time his good classmate and the other has never had a relationship with Rexon. Question to Rexon, which candidate will you choose for the post of director?

The above analogy fits well in CRTV scenario; Mendoze had journalists all of home are qualified, but he had some kind of relationship with some than others and favours them when it comes to sending them out of station with all the benefits that go along. These journalists that were favoured by Mendoze wanted him to be life GM. My point was that with a new GM,those who were not favoured by Mendoze may have the opportunity to be favoured by Amadou V.This has nothing to do with corruption.
This is the reason why I think leadership should rotate.
This analogy can only fit the SDF if you compare with the CPDM.If the SDF takes over power, those who did not have the opportunity to be favoured by the CPDM may also benefit from the SDF.
The sdf is an opposition politcal party still struggling to attain power and to base a similar argument that the chairmanship should rotate for the simply fact that others will be favoured does not make sense.When the SDf will be in Power I will be the first to avocate for change at its leadership after a certain period.

Your accussations on me about the UB saga are not true.



your ideas well understood.

For the post of the director, since all of the two candidates are well qualified, i will go through an aptitude test to decide which one to appoint. To think that i will have to appoint someone because i know him automatically gives him an "unfair advantage" which is what i am strongly against. That is the kind of country we of the SCNC wants to build.


You are not a realist. What you are trying to tell me obtains only in Heaven and except you are talking of an scnc country that you will build in Heaven.

All over the world, especially in countries "free" of corruption, when it comes to appointments,the first thing to consider is competence.Normally there are always many persons who are compentent and qualified,hence the next thing that follows is "whom of them is my man" and in some cases regional balance may come in.

Stop dreaming.I have never witnessed or heard of your aptitude test put into practice anywhere in the world when it comes to appointments


One more question to you;
It is obvious that you don´t consider me to be a strong activist of the SCNC; when southern Cameroons independence will be agained and someone rightly informs you that Fon is very competent and experienced to be appointed in your Government, do you think I will even qualify to attend your aptitude test?


Fon has seen his CDF bosses practice that so that is the only language he knows. Why waste your time teaching him? He will never learn. They copied that from their bedfellows the 'Chop People Dem Money'.

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