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Monday, 28 August 2006


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Muki StoneHall

Exactly what we want!
If this is a comment from THE POST,then one thousand handclaps for THE POST.If just one tenth of all the news papers in cameroon,and one hundreth of all those who have access to any other form of public media pick up this tone,then cameroon must changed.
The idea of calling names and giving facts and figures as in the case of GBHS limbe deserves special applause.THE POST is becoming what we knew it to be.Keep it up.We're looking forward to reading another episode of "Direct Cureent"

Dr A A Agbormbai

Excellent article! At least those fighting corruption can become wiser on what corrupt officials are doing to hide their activities.

It is also clear that fighting corruption is not an easy task. It is a long drawn out war of many campaigns. No one ever thought that corruption can be eliminated at a stroke from Cameroon.

A country that has reigned for some time as being among the most corrupt nations in the world cannot be cleaned overnight. It needs a sustained and well-monitored campaign to erradicate the worm.

The good thing is that, from the content of this article, one can see that some progress is being made. At least, corrupt officials are beginning to be wary.

All we have to continue to do is to monitor the situation to uncover all their masking tricks, so that by revealing them (as this article does) we can help educate those fighting the worm so that they can become street-wise.

Akongnwi Clement

Thumps up for The Post. Good job. This article is rated in the top 2%.

Fritzane Kiki HK

It is rather unfortunate that despite these allegations and revelations of corrupt practices and practitioners,the government is adamant and remain passive to take judiciary and legal actions against those who cannot produce accountability or proof of ownership to their assets.Corruptive practices cannot be curbed if the supreme powers,"nouveaux riches" and other CPDM pundits are containing power and have the rank-and-file vote and still control the financial regulatory mechanism in the government.

They have the veto power,they are incharge of financial and socio-political manoeuvres and intrigues,so they have the 'bread and the knife'.They will always therefore safeguard their interests in the political landscape for selfish and personal gains.Despite all these intracacies we know it is never too late for the people to speak out and unveil these nonchalant government bigwigs, who takes their position for exploitation and embezzlement of state funds and properties.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Corruption is part and parcel of the everyday lives of la republique du cameroun. You cannot live in that corrupt country for one single day without being guilty of corruption. Does in cant differentiate with my clear concience corruption and la republique du cameroun. That republic is symbolic of corruption and whoever goes there, should do so because he or she have no other option and should repent immediately he flew out of the borders.


Thanks for a nice piece. Keep the finger poking at the eye until it bleeds and blinded. Then my rich corrupt patron might just understand the pain my poor mother endures everyday when she struggles to buy a liter of oil, when she toils 12 hours in her farm and still by the end of the day she remains hungry!

Keep the mouths screaming foul and dont give the guilty the chance to hiccup.They will cough and choke under their own vomit just as the poor are coughing and choking in the poverty to which they have been banished to against their will...That is the spirit, barrages of valiant attacks.

Pick out names, name them, indicate the million CFA projects they are engaged in, the girlfriends they pursue...Show the shrewdness of investigative journalism but pray the evilness of the powers that be dont return your desire to help your own people with a deadly blow! At the end some one must sacrifice anyway, someone that has the power and the voice and the POST does!


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