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Monday, 28 August 2006


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you sdo , na u want teach us law, go catch biya first, biya rigs elections thereby desrespecting the laws of cameroon, you idiot

Ma Mary

The defanging of John Fru Ndi by la Republique is almost complete - aided and abetted by old age and tragedy. Come back home, Southern Cameroonian SDFers and join the legitimate struggle. Give up the futile fantasy of governing la Republique.


I dont think you are being reasonable enough in what you write as depicted by your language of communication as well as the stupid and silly idea that you have been struggling to put forth. I dont think this is a forum for naughty people to just pop-in and start insulting people. I dont think the SDO deserves such insults from you for he has the capacity as SDO to take what ever decision that he deems would bring peace and cerenity to the community. I think the SDF chair was acting in violation of simple instructions just because he thinks he is SDF chair and he has the right to pass through places where even angels fear to pass, but that is not the law. For our community to develop, we must learn to obey instructions no matter our position. If I could even understand what you wrote citing Biya's case of elections fraud. If we must grow in thoughts, then we must learn to forget about the past and concerntrate on the future.

Mr. Kisah always reason out thinks fairly before jumping into nasty conclusions for it will always help you make meaningful and fair judgements.

Stay cool.


Do you think the law must only be respected when it comes to the SDF? Do you think putting your inimical ideas and imbecility in English makes you more reasoned out than Kisah? Whose ideas are more silly and stupid; yours or those of Kisah? You don´t see any reason why we study history and make reference to it in order to shape the future because you identified with the "junta".
What peace was at stake for the SDO to violate people´s freedom of moment given that to go to Ntarikon through City chemist is shorter than through Ayaba?
Don´t pretend here that you write to hail the SDO´s action for the sake of peace when actually it is out of utterior motive
Squalid thing.


Fru should stop play the old politics on the streets of Bamenda and directly face Biya.


funny no!
some times i wonder what's wrong with us. i think the SDO overreacted here. even if Ni john had taken the corpse of his vanguard around town, how would that have disrupted peace. everyday now in our towns in Cameroon, we observe convoys like that. And how many times have they disrupted the peace,one wonders.

What the SDO succeeded in doing without intending to, was to portray Ni John as a victim of an intolerant regime. and i don't think that serves the government's cause.

Then he, i.e the SDO, finally gave Ni the opportunity, to hold an illegal rally, without appearing to be illegal.

All of this leaves me with sour taste in the mouth. it tends to convince me that i have been right all this while. I have been having this feeling, and i expressed it in this forum, that all this accusations are politically motivated.

This is not the way to give credibility to our justice system.

And to Mr. D.O. learn next time not to be too evident in your bad intentions, sometimes they do not serve the state you are so keen on preserving.

Muki StoneHall

Perfectly correct what you say.I think the SDO should be commended for his actions because he has also,without knowing it acknowledge to cameroonians that the SDF still presents nightmares to the Yaounde regime.Imagine the SDO's only justification for his actions "decorations and SDF flags everywhere".Maybe if SDF flags were hung all over Cameroon,biya will flee.
The gerndarmes also did a good job.They should permanently be stationed at Veternary junction to tell all vechiles from upstation that the road to Ntarikon is via Ayaba hotel and not City Chemist.
Why is the gov't of Cameroon so scared of rallies and protests?Instead of stationing their forces along the streets to make sure the demonstration does not turn violent the forces are used to suppress people's rights and liberties.
Let the regime keep on pushing.The people's back will soon touch the wall.And when it does...


Na Ni John he rally dat. How many pipo? Popularity oooooh! Militants ooooh! Wasn't I too generous to say 100 pipo stayed on?



Homeboy, I agree with you. The guy enjoys cheap popularity and will not spare any opportunity to remind the populace that he is still chair of a bleeding faction.

Yes Muki SDF is still a threat to the Yaounde regime but not your faction the CDF. The renaissance SDF is the real threat. To Bi Mvondo, chaarman's SDF is history.

So that guy can still pull a crowd of a hundred? He is indeed popular. Chaarman Don really Finish.


Mr. Tabi,
That was not a rally, it was not even a demonstration. For this reason, no announcement was made for SDF militants to turn up for the parade. Had that been the case, then only the vanguards of Bamenda Electoral District with their number of close to 1900 would have made the scene more political in their uniforms.
What the convoy did is what all convoys do when taking corpse to or from the mortuary. In Cameroon today, there is no law which prohibits that or which regulates the direction such convoys are supposed to take. When Ni John Fru Ndi brought the remains of his dead wife last year, these same gendarmes guided the convoy, giving military salutes all the way from Matazem through the City Chemist Round about to the mortuary. During that parade, the whole extend of the route and not only the City Chemist round-about was fully decorated with banners and flags. Back then, the SDO saw nothing wrong with that. Today, when SDF deems it fit to honour another fallen militant, the administration says it was going to disrupt public peace because the City Chemist Round-about was decorated. What a lame logic.


Feli/Atangha/George Tangeh /Mukete/langhai/boy/reader/Kontchou,
We have been expecting much and that is all you have to say? Your chaarman can ask some of the 1900 vanguards to be in plain clothes and swell numbers during rallies but the truth is clear: Many are disappointed and are no longer interested in his ideologies coz he has drifted from the original goals after forming a tandem with BAD Ndam. BAD Ndam don turn pah yi head. Now he is paying the price. You can add the Takembengs to the numbers. Those are the only people CDF can rely on. Those who have been induced.

You are reminding us of the late Ma Rose issue. I am still waiting for my response to the Osih Joshua issue. Is the Osih Joshua (GM of Swissair Dla) same as Osih Joshua the Vice President? Don't forget the question is linked to the 28 million SDF-CPDM-SWISSAIR deal.
Why should the S.D.O allow a murder suspect to parade the streets? Since Fon Doh is painting the town red with ashawos as one writer put it, JFN can go about his search for cheap popularity. I guess many stayed behind coz of the circumstances surrounding late Nguh's death.

Muki StoneHall

You are continuously being carried away to dreamland with these your notions of factions,camps and numbers.Did the author of that article make any allusion to Fru Ndi as faction leader? Read the other article entitled "SDF challenges the gov't to develop Bakassi".Did the article speak of any Fru Ndi faction.Listen to BBC.Have you ever heard of BBC mentioning Fru Ndi as a faction leader.On the other hand,has any media organ ever refered to Muna as SDF leader.The highest he's ever got is leader of spinter faction.On what grounds do you base your arguments?This idea of factions in the SDF exists only in your imagination and that of Vally.
Back to the issue at hand and assuming there are factions,which faction was blocked by the police? Is it the Muna faction or your so-called "CDF" faction? Answer that question and you'll know which one is a threat to the regime.
It has never been my portion to discuss people but I uncovered something about you which greatly disappointed me and I must share it with you on this forum.But first there are mouths under my roof waiting to be fed.I must go out to struggle for bread for them.When I come back I'll get to you.

Fritzane Kiki HK

I like your clarification.But know that there are some absurdities and wrangling in the party leading to several misunstandings and cliques.The consequences are far more than expected.

Going to this issue obituary.....I share the pain and grief with the family of late John Nguh's unprecedented death like a family member.May his soul rest in peace.

We all know Cameroon is a country of laws and by-laws but the barons and bigwigs under the canopy of the CPDM are privileged and favored so are not subjected to the rule of this law.I will give credence to Fru for his struggle for supremacy and recognition,despite his tragic flaws in the matter leading to Nguh's death.If he holds an unauthorised rally without the approval by the heirarchy then he is against the law.The SDO is ensuring equity and wants to avoid any rebellion from Fru's militia or Vanguards.

Since the creation of the SDF we have been counting in geometric progression the number of sacrificial lambs who have lost their lives in the SDF course.By the time the SDF takes over Etoudi,we might be having more.If we have more of such brave and courageous sympathisers and vanguards like Late Nguh,Late Deboule and host of other martyrs,then the SDF can be sure of a true and forceful majoritarian ideologies and power after Biya's era.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


It is high time we get rid of these ENAM nonentities who are nothing but agents bad governance;Who continually impede the progress of civil liberty in our beloved CAMEROON.They need to go back to faculties.
Of what reason would uniformed officers block the way of an opposition party Chairman?To show their bufoonery,they will always say they are acting as per instructions from above.This means they don't know the moral justification of their actions.What a shame?
How can the chairman be in keeping of the SDO's cell number but the SDO hasn't got his-lack of intelligence.Are these the kind of administrators whom we expect would implement our policies of development and peace?As of the Governor it was another failure because he could have instructed using his mobile phone from wherever.If Paul Biya can govern Cameroon from Paris,what about the NW Governor out of Bamenda?
God Bless Cameroon.


Muki Stonehead,
Come out of your shelf. I am waiting for you.

Save your sour grape declarations. You are probably one of those who failed the entrance exams into ENAM several times. Have you forgotten that the cycle A requires a minimum qualifiation of B.A or B.SC? Demi-god Fru Ndi can do everything coz he is Fru Ndi. Why is he trying to be prudent now? Why didn't he go on with confrontation as usual? yi don see weti?

Muki clarified nothing. He went on with his usual ramblings that failed to hide where he belongs. Whether you like it or not, SDF is in factions and come October 26th we will have just one SDF. I am confident of victory for the renaissance SDF coz they stand for constitutionality.


There is much to be discerned from the stupid statement of the SDO which he said "it was erroneous for Fru Ndi to think that he has his (Fru Ndi's) telephone number in his phone." According to the dullard, he is saying that Fru Ndi is not one of the important personalities that he can store his phone number. Given that the fool did not have the number ( which he actually had, the reason why he did not pick the call) why did he not pick the call considering that it could be one of the gendarmes calling for further instructions? As an administrator, and having sent gendarmes on mission, he was supposed to be alert and to pick any call especially when he did not know who is calling.
To sum up, the SDO is stupid and doesnot know the logic in thinking, the reason he says things that are contradictory and ridiculing himself to the public.
According to him saying that he does not have Fru Ndi´s number,he thinks he is passing a message that Ni John Fru Ndi is not important, in actual fact he had the number, the reason he did not pick the call because he saw and knew who was calling.

Some of these adminstrators are useless.

Muki StoneHall

You did earn more respect from me last week when you mentioned in one of your write-ups that you fought alongside Akwanga Ebenezer in Buea.I have been a freedom fighter all through my life and so respects anybody who has been a freedom fighter too.
But a closer look at your recent write-ups has convinced me beyong all reasonable doubt that my judgement of you was incorrect.Maybe the following points will help convince you
1)What interests you most on this forum is where a writer belongs.That is why each time I write,you keep insisting that you know where I belong and that I should stop hiding my camp.If I did not hide where I belong in 1990 when I matched a few paces behind Fru Ndi at Ntarikon,If I did not hide my camp in 1992 when I received several doses of teargas straight in the face,if I did not hide where I belong when I was arrested during the State of Emmergency,why then should I hide my camp on a harmless forum as this?
2)All freedom fighters are level headed people.Akwanga with whom you claim to have fought has gone through thin and thick for the sake of Cameroon,but there you are,hiding behind you computer and playing childish games of names, camps and numbers.
3)Each time I write something that is pro-Muna,you refer to me as "Pa Muki".When I write the contrary,you refer to me as "StoneHead".Aren't you really a child Teribobs?
4)This last point is the one that has left me greatly disillusioned.I was really shocked Teribobs to discover that Teribobs,BenF and BenB are all the same person.You write using BenF and turn round to praise yourself using Teribobs,just to create the impression that Muna has followers.Why do you have to stoop so low to play such childish games?I thought I was on a forum where I could have worthy persons to trade ideas with.I never knew I was caught up in a childish and rather stupid game of names,camps and numbers.
I know you will contest these facts.The evidence against you is overwhelming.I don't need to present it here because I am not interested in names or camps.If you write as Teribobs or BenF I will react provided there's an idea in the write-up.
But I seriously doubt if I will be interested to comment on this forum again.If you so wish I could use one of your many fake email addresses and direct you to my personal website where you can learn exactly who Muki StoneHall is.You could also go through my many correspondences with other freedom fighters to learn how freedom fighters reason,feel and react.Teribobs,I'm so disappointed.This is not a primary school debate class where the essential thing is the number of pupils on which side and which side finally wins.Here's a mature forum for ideas,facts and reality.I still want to repeat that you should grow up.
Dear members I seriously apologise for this rather lengthy and personal write-up.This is not exactly my nature but circumstances have pushed me to the wall.I pray you accept my apologies.


You are the dullard in this case. Is he obliged to have JFN's number? How many political parties exist in Cameroon? Do you see how blind you become when you elevate that ntarikon haggard to demi-god status? I still maintain that this is not the original Fon writing. He obviously has a telephone directory and will use that when necessary. He is not obliged to have a mobile phone and he has the right to keep out any number you assume is important. Some people are so backward and think all calls are always picked up. For your information there are some calls that are more of a nuisance and that is why it is prohibited in some countries to pick up calls at work or in school during particular periods. In Cameroon people pick up calls in church and think it is part of civilization.
My friend, try something else. You don't have a point.


I wrote something earlier and lost it. I'm too tired to repeat. I might come back to that later. Let me summarize. It is a pity that you fall for those cheap impersonation baits. I will not belabour digressions. Why do you want a 'child' to send you away from this forum? Why don't you ignore this 'child' and continue with your contributions if you think they are not partisan?
I will be back.


Believe me, yours sincerely,when you ignore Teri it pains him more than when you indulge in futile discussions with him. I have said it that one really has to be a real idler to read the mess he offers this forum in the name of contribution.
So I would advise you to do selective reading, it may be awkward at first but once you get used to it, you shall achieve what you so much desire...a mature forum for ideas,facts and reality.


I am waiting for the day I will write an article and see it unread in 2 mins. It beats my imagination that I sell like hot cake. After yours and that of BenB, I come next. Feel free to ignore my write-ups. BTW you cannot ignore them coz you know their worth.


You have not been vigilant.If you were,you would have noticed that it is a long long time that I stopped reacting to your childishness.However,you have forced me to go public that you are not worth my attention.Sorry if it may hurt.


Yes Docta Feli,
Wonders shall never end. A doctor who spends his time on the net. My profession is IT related so I have every reason to be on the net non-stop. Mr doctor Feli, can you explain how you cope with your tight schedule and your travels with ur chaarman as well as the mails on the net? Hey keep us informed of latest happenings from studio BAD Ndam. BenB, you too go kill people here oh. Wusai u get dat one 'studio BAD Ndam'?

How do I realize when I do selective reading? I had given up on you long ago so you do not expect me to know if you react to my missiles or not. So you read mine and do not react? Can you help not reading them? Why don't you claim to ignore like your man Dr Feli/Atangha/George Tangeh/boy/reader/kontchou and what have you? You have nothing to offer so why do I waste my time with you. You know the effect of my write-ups so you keep having sleepless nights. They were meant for the world and not blind disciples like you. My write-ups are ignored and there is Teribobs everywhere. You make me laugh.

Netters, never mind the digressions that Fru Ndiists are using to sway us from the main issue. They know I am a force to reckon with and I will not quit until justice is done and the real SDF delivered from the hands of Feymen. I am real and I do not hide behind pseudonyms. They have tried to impersonate me but can't cope. Only the bad english common with their write-ups will betray them.
Chaarman Don Finish.


i just want to say i agree with some of u here. what one reads here at times is so childish, one feels discouraged to contribute.
but like Feli just said, ignore such people and engage in fuitful intercourse with those whom are debating the issues and not names and things that don't matter.

i should say i am reasured in the fact that i am dealing with adults here.


Whether it is read or ignored, one thing is obvious, it will always be posted. You can count on me.


You see, my friends, wrongdoing unmaketh a man. It has undone my friend Muki, whom I have quite some respect for. I may not share his opinions but I respect his attempt to make his point in a way befitting of one's time, even when he's all wrong.

But now I begin to see why he's allowing wrongdoing to unmake him. Now I begin to see why Teribobs calls him StoneHead without any qualms.

How on earth can anyone of Muki's talent be fooled that Teribobs and BenB/F are the same person? Well, everyone is deceived about everyone, eh? But sorry, you missed this one.

That is the smaller case justifying Teribobs' use of StoneHead on Muki who tries to be a StoneWall for Ni John even when the water has already burst through.

Hear him say " 1990 when I matched a few paces behind Fru Ndi at Ntarikon". He's forgotten that in early June, he announced himself with a nice story saying he was a primary school kid in the hinterlands away from Bamenda, where their teacher told them what sounded to him then as a legend, that Ni John was the only one who could shake Biya from the chair.

Muki StoneHead, the failed StoneWall, na forget you forget or na loss sense or na say the StoneWall don burst, di just leave water di pass in and out any how?

See how wey you don do ya sef?



when people whom we know as intellectuals failed in great manner i doubt where our society is heading to. one writer rightly said on this forum that abuses is not the right thing but a contribution that help bring some change in the mind of some people here. when write-ups are to be made please it's nice for the writer to go through it before finally post it. whether the sdo or ni john was right or wrong i think a clear debate should be put forward, that is should cameroonians have that freedom of speach and movement?
hope it is time for this country to call a spade a spade. more next time


Thanks for having such a retentive memory.
Truth is like fire and I am still thinking of elements that cannot be affected by fire. He could not have peace when truth hit him so he came out with another story like the one he wrote about his childhood. With a stonehead why will he not have loss of memory? These gangsters. They begin by being impostors and either disappear when unmasked or resort to impersonations. We know them and will always trace them. When they have nothing to offer, they also resort to digressions and smear campaigns. I guess you laughed out your lungs when I was calling him pah. I said I will eat with him with a very long spoon. He can pretend but he cannot hide. To him freedom fighter is synonymous to guerilla warfare so we cannot be freedom fighters with our pens and keyboards. By now Muki Stonehead and his cohorts should know we are not walk-overs. Try another one Muki Stonehead.


Whether we are for Fru Ndi, Muna or Biya’s camp, I think the matter at stake is the fact that the SDO prevented the SDF from parading the remains of John Ngu. If we are true freedom fighters as some of us claim to be, then we’ll not condone the SDO’s act just because we do not like Mr. Ndi. The fact is an SDF vanguard died in detention and he was to be given an SDF burial ceremony, which he so much deserves, but the ceremony was interrupted by the ruthless government Gendarmes; under the pretext that the SDF planned to disturb public peace. How can we claim to be fighting for freedom of expression, freedom of association and yet support the SDO’s act just because it is Mr. Ndi that was involved. If we are “selective freedom fighters” then our goals will never be achieved.


No matter how you pretend, it is very easy to betray yourself. Why was late Nguh detained? So Diboule's life was less important? At times some of you write before you think.


Before some of us start posting trash, please think of the matter at stake again. Freedom of association. This is in our constitution.

Secondly I do not believe in the "an eye for an eye" principle. Let's assume for a split second that John Ngu murdered Diboule as some of us have already concluding (probably because we saw it happen), is that reason enough for John Ngu to be left all by himself until death in jail. Does John Ngu deserve death just for being a murder suspect?

I know some of us eat, sleep and dream only about how we’ll get rid of Fru Ndi, but please do not be blinded by your hatred for the man. Our real enemy is Biya and Co. the rest is just distraction.

As my friend just said above, it's good to think before you write and not the other way round. That being established and reading what he just posted, I guess the question is, with what do we think, our brains or our a**es.


A freedom fighter is now solely someone who is out to fight Fru Ndi and any other person who identifies with him. Since they are out to fight Fru Ndi, any action taken by any other person against Fru Ndi, no matter how unconstitutional and unconventional it is, should always be greeted. As you said their hatred for Fru Ndi has caused them to abandon their brains.

This is the statement of one of the dullards
"Why should the S.D.O allow a murder suspect to parade the streets?" To this nonentity, a suspect murderer is a murderer, in other words a suspect murderer should be treated as a murderer.This is what makes the bozo has the temerity to count himself among freedom fighters.

It is obvious that the wicked regime in Cameroon is now keeping the SDF detainees of whom one has died already for polical reasons and not for murder charges.Why has the autopsy report of late Diboule not been published up to this moment? The circumtances surrounding his death should have been very easy to trace from the autopsy report. It is not logical that Diboule died as a result of the fight at the secretariat given that his body was found several meters away from the scene of action.If he died as a result of the fight, his murderers would have abandoned him on the spot and escaped. Even if somepersons want to claim that his body was carried and dumped far away from the secretariat, then where were the other thugs who were in his camp with him at that time? This is an investigation that should have been very easy, but because of politics, it has become a convoluted one.

Why can´t the authority in Cameroon learn from the international community. To charge someone, you need strong evidence. For example we may consider the case of John Karr and the Ramsey murder which is currently making news in the US. Despite the fact that John Karr confessed that he actually murdered Ramsey, the DNA test proves the contrary and the charge against John Karr has been droped. Here we see how established evidences for a charge are stronger than testimonies. In this case the DNA test was being carried out after about 9years, yet the result is enough to clear doubts surrounding the murder on the part of Karr. But here our "freedom fighters" who are out to fight the SDF, want murder suspects in a controversial murder to be murdered.

Paa Ngembus

You Anglofools have been arguing and insulting each other here on Fru Ndi and Ben Muna for months.

Has that led you any closer to Etoudi Palace?

When you Anglocons finally understand that no Southern Cameroonian can ever be President of La Republique Francaise du Cameroun, you will stop wasting your time and come back home.

For now continue in your idiocy.

Paa Ngembus



One failed Cameroonian politician once said " Cameroonians aren't hungry, so they aren't angry". It is as well a truism that Cameroonians both within and in the diaspora in their dreamful ease think there shall a better when "thy kingdom comes". How painful it is when one reads some unimaginable trash written by so well educated Cameroonians in the name of reviews or betterstill, comments. Quite understandably though, from the slanting in some of the postings, we can clearly discern that the contributors are paid agents fanning the flames of conflicts or being sycophants for particular individuals. The good thing about it is that they make a living out of it while the evil everyone is supposed to shun thrives.

Hatred has enveloped everything good from persons of opposing camps so much so that people like Teribobs,BenB, BenF and the Muketes become too myopic not see signs or embecility in stooges like the SDO. The scope of politics in Cameroon has actually been redefined with self interest standing loud and clear. An English speaking Cameroonian with a good educational standing (God forbids)stands up to say that a French Camerooniann is more of worth to the Country than he/she is. As a matter of fact, We Cameroonians are responsible for whatever predicament that had befallen us and of course that which is still to come. The problem here is the way we reason out things and or analyse situations. For example, to some of us, it is everything bad for JFN to be in a convoy of a dead SDF vanguard while it is very right for an SDO (who will never die)to place an injunction that traffic be re-routed. Betterstill, the SDO not answering a supposedly "unknown" call. Long live the ignorance in cameroon.
Jesus will weep for us the second time.


Fritzane Kiki HK

Paa Ngembus,
I can see you as an SCNC member but that notwithstanding, SDF and the post of Prime Minister are the only consolation Southern Cameroons can get from this barbaric regime.However,our comcern and quest now is how to sacrifice and get to the Etoudi presidency by hook or by crook.

Are you king of a civil war,disintegration,decentralisation or seccession with the French Cameroon?We are aware of the confiscated rights from the Anglophones by the Francophones and the ethno-linguistic factions in the political sphere but Anglophones are compeled to first of all accept their status as minorities but not to tolerate any inferiority complexity within the government and in 'their own country'.That challenge means we should remain steadfast that one day we shall arrive that point of supremacy.We know the pen is mightier than the sword.It is never too late....

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Let your nemesis switch from Ni Ben to Teribobs. You are a born LIAR. Why don't you mention the plucked eyes? Or the passing vehicle did not only hit but plucked the eyes? Look at your good for nothing brain. You can continue with your sing-song. Justice will take its cause and when your kingpin is finally found guilty and convicted, I will see what you will say.

Stop making sweeping statements. You can cite those who stand for truth and condemn them but that will not stop them from letting the world know the truth. Some of your likes like Fon are afraid of calling names. yi don see weti? You will know the truth and it will set you free.


Hello All,
I discovered this forum a couple of weeks back, and have become a big fan ever since.
This is a great achievement for all those who participate in what ever way they do, the free discourse is priceless and contributing imeasurably to the advancement of the participants. Its a great way for a Nation to represent itself. Thank You.


Hello Mallam,

You're welcome to this house. If you wanna be serious here and provide meaningful debate intended for nation building, be careful not to be trapped in a web of insults. As you must've noticed some of us don't read from "imbecilistic" contributions. Watch the forum closely and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Gentleman, just speak your TRUTH quietly.

Fon Lawrence,

Why do you knock your head here and there with cowards. People who can't be that brave to post their REAL names as you've done. I'm happy you've decided NOT to even read from them. THEY DON'T WORTH YOUR FINE AND PRESTIGIOUS ATTENTION, AH! Just follow my footsteps.

Have a nice day!

Son Of Ako - still at Harvard.


Point of Correction.

Mr Fon, Before the case against John karr was dropped, he has been in detention,solitary confinement in a small cell with no access to any means of communications.In court, he is in Chains. So he was a Suspect before teh charges were droped. if for instance he died in confinement, he would have died a 'suspect', even if a matyre to his family, but to the state and law he was a suspect, NOT a muderer.

The DNA test Conducted on The beauty Pageant is presently in a data base. There was a recent DNA test done on John Karr, and all they did was compare the two DNA samples. So you saying the test was done after 9 years is not correct, that is not to say DNA test can't be performed on specimen older than this.


When one reads the various comments under these particular articles and comments in similar articles one will not fail to discover some few facts.

1) Those who see an article or story as right or wrong because of the person(s) in question.

(2) Those who look at the article independent of the person(s) involved in the story line.

Articles falling on the first point are common in the post weblog. The reason is clear to you and me.

I will like to talk about the second point and relate it some how to the above article.

Issues on Gendarmes.

These men and women in uniforms are there to keep peace and order. In doing so, they recieve 'Orders' from an approved authority. Now whether this 'authority' is bias or not in a particular circumstance is a different ball game all together.Been a leader of a party or not, no Human being should be above the law, when 'orders' are passed, they should be obeyed then complained later,anything short of that, it will be termed rebelon.Now our days, terrorism in a sense.

We know, in Cameroon, this men and women in uniforms act at times out of orders, but what we read was that, they got orders from the SDO, for this particular action to be upheld, so whether the orders are right or wrong, within the context of the gendarmes, they were acting constitutionally. So they should be spared this particular circumstance and the abuses which here are unfounded.

Issue of Late Ngu,

May his soul rest in peace. Calling him a matyre or a muderer depends on the side you want to look at it. If the SDF calls him a matyre. do we expect those on the other side to call him a matyre? I don't think that will be objectivity.

He was a 'Suspect' held in detention for a murder case. Definitely the conditions he was held under was not the best as is the same condition thousands of Cameroons are held under inappropriately and in suspected crimes less than this. Unfortunately, he died while in detention. As far as the government is concern, he remains a suspect with 'some rights'even at death withheld. So for an SDF militant, he needed a Party Ceremonial burial, for the state he doesn't deserve such burial, especially if public peace can't be garanteed

Thirdly, you can only guess an INTENTION using your pre-understanding of ones nature and past actions and then you can then act in a way you so desire depending on the circumstances. The SDO, may have acted in contempt, but if he says, that it was for peace and order that he ordered that, how possible can we prove him otherwise? After all, occasions abound were peaceful ceremonies/rallies have become violent, almost synonymous these days with SDF. If you were the SDO, with powers like he has by virtue of the constitution, you will do the same.

Things are correct because intrinsically they are and not because is not Mr A but Mr B and vice versa.

We should look at context more often that persons involve most at times, for if we do, we shall be able to see further than we can imagine.


Fritzane Kiki

In response to Ngembus comments you made me laugh out my lungs. You claim your current squables between the Pro Ndi and Pro Muna camps is a way of cleaning the way to Etoudi!

Gentelman I suppose you are an anglophone Cameroonian even by education. You probably remember the story in "Old Reader 7" about the tortoise, the elephant and the hippopotamus.

If you dont I remind you here. The tortoise knowing very well he couldnt saquare up with the elephant in a fight challenged him for a dwell. All arrangements were made and a day set for the fight. The cunning and wise tortoise after thinking on how to go about this knowing very well he couldnt dare fight an elephant got an idea.

While bathing he saw a hippopotamus and annoyed him. When the hippopo rumbled towards him the cunning master told him they should arrange for a fight. Guess when was the day? Same day and time of the fight
with the elephant.

Then on the day he made a long rope for a tug between him and his supposed opponents. He craftily left the elephant far with the instructions that once he shook the rope the tug will begin. Wihtout waisting time he ran to hippotamus and gave him same instructions.

The wise man theN stood midway between them and shook the rope. The hippopotamus dragged the rope with all his strength while the the elephant almost pull off his tusk all in a bid to defeat the nonsense tortoise but little did any of them know with whom he was fighting.

At last each went home angry that he coulnt defeat that dirty idiot called tortoise.
No comment and no analysis!!




I dont understand the meaning of your parable about the tortoise.


Whoever you define as an anglophone can never be president of the failed la republique francaise du cameroun. Whoever is being used either in this forum to defend any unitary state is either a puppet like Inoni, Ni John, Muna, Mbah Ndam, etc or is merely fooling himself in this forum.


In this forum, there are seemingly three camps.

Those who stand for the truth but may have differences in opinions relating to the way forward(Rexon, Ngembus, Tayong, Ma Mary, Fritzane, Ashwell, Ndiks, Vally, etc),

Those who stand for a failed opposition party (SDF)that is nothing but a puppet for the desastrous CPDM regime (Akoson, Feli, etc) and are merely interested in taking their own share of the cake,

And those who are clear CPDM but are ashamed to say so publicly(Dr Agbormbai, Dr Che Sunday, Frank Muma, Bangwaman, Mukete, etc) because they know the harm this disastrous political party has done to a whole generation of Africans.

Hope you understand how these internet game works. Sorry, no leader in la republique francaise du cameroun ever visit this site. they just have their stooges employed to write here for them.

vally England

Fru ndi organising rally in the name of a dead boy he deceived?
His children are in england,brother and relatives in germany while some are hiding in some remote corners of the westren world.Yet he move around deceving children of the poor,remember this dictator is the one feeding fattest on cpdm with bad ndam.

vally England

Fon lawrence, why all this talk about Deboule's autospy?why all the fuss on DNA.
You are failing to tell us how the gendarmes played to Fru ndi,phone conversations with Col Chi(who is drinking cold water garri without sugarin kondengui,his boss last night had achu).

Why do you guys like to distort facts?you have so quickly forgotten that dispite all warnings from Prof ngwasiri and co, Fru ndi thought he could organised his convention with friends and siblings,externalising his stay as chair of sdf.

This is the same man asking the courts not to recognised Muna becaused he was not given permission to hold a convention.The man who launched sdf party without authorisation.The same man who want to parade John ngu's courpes in bamenda without authorisation,who thinks the SDO must answer his call.

Can such a man rule cameroon?not in this generation.Fru ndi is finished.So what is he fighting for?running around pretending to fight for a course when his pocket is full with booty from cpdm, his children are enjoying first class education in europe, while poor children are lamenting in kondengui for the bigot.



African Union of prostitution in France

, Elie Smith [ Paris - France ]

Slavery is back on the African continent. And this news might make one of the most popular slave abolitionists William Wilberforce to turn in his grave. But it is true. However, unlike in the past, the new brand of slavery is affecting all parts of the continent. Talking about the disturbing and shameful past, Arabs come to the fore.

Slavery is back on the African continent. And this news might make one of the most popular slave abolitionists William Wilberforce to turn in his grave. But it is true. However, unlike in the past, the new brand of slavery is affecting all parts of the continent. Talking about the disturbing and shameful past, Arabs come to the fore. As they invaded, settled and occupied North Africa and could not get the Berbers to enslave because they had escaped to the hills, the new occupants decided to turn to sub Saharan Africa to ply their evil trade.

Soon after, the Europeans came and also began pilfering West and Central Africa in search of slaves. Since then, sub Saharan Africa has suffered a lot and is still suffering today. Especially that some historians are trying to justify slavery under the guise that ,some black Africans were concerting victims of the calamity that took place on the continent. Whether the thesis which holds that, some black Africans contributed in slavery or slave trade currently prevailing and encouraged for reasons which will not be elaborated hereon is true or false, it has to be pointed out that, slavery never took place only in Africa and also that, black Africans are not the only people who have taken part in actions that are inimical to their own very people.

That is why all the theories on the current difficulties of black Africans on the continent and beyond attributed to the curse on the biblical Sham, claimed to be the ancestor of blacks have to be vigorously discarded and disregarded and the reasons of black’s economic predicaments in the world be sorted out elsewhere. Putting history and debates aside, what is deplorable is that, what happened 4 or 5 hundred years ago is repeating itself, even though it may be said or claimed that it is done in a different manner today.

Whatever the case, prostitution is the new form of slavery that all Africans are participants and it is happening on a grand scale currently. It also looks as though Prostitution has even become in some countries, alternative sources of revenue and the beneficiaries are people from the worst managed or poorly governed countries, but that are all potentially rich.

This may be over exaggerated to a number of Africans, but as the state in most African countries are shrinking and defaulting from their primary responsibilities, it would not be a surprise that, it is from a ludicrous section of the informal sector of the economy that, the comatose states concern are getting their life lines.


Cameroon and Nigeria are two big suppliers of black African prostitutes paving and pacing the streets of France’s major cities at night and some in broad daylight. Interestingly or not, they are not the only African countries supplying prostitutes to France and that are also in a tough competition with other supplying countries of Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Republics and Asia (China and India). Besides Cameroon and Nigeria, the other African countries supplying prostitutes in France are Algeria, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Morocco, Mali, Tunisia, Ivory Coast and Senegal.

Algerians, Moroccans and Tunisians are almost at home in France and practicing the old trade with easy, even though within their communities they are considered as pariahs. One other factor helping them is that, most North Africans have skin pigmentations that are not different from those of native white French.
Hence they easily dilute themselves within the professional hard core of French prostitutes. North African prostitutes have their own niche market. They are found in cafes or bars of some well known streets in big cities of France and Belgium. As for those from West Africa, since they are all blacks, they are easily identified especially that, they are always complete with explicitly flashy dresses that describe the trade in which they are in. But not all black prostitutes on the streets of major cities of France are from Africa.

Some are from Latin America, specifically from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru or from the French dependencies of Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guiana. However Cameroonians and Nigerians are presently the ring leaders in the illegal and disrespectful trade. But it seems that, most Cameroonians and Nigerians do not consider prostitution to be a bad trade. Recently, I was horrified when a Cameroonian boldly told me that, Cameroonian prostitutes and fraudsters who are abroad are the ones running the economy of that West African state. Whether it was an exaggeration that only Cameroonians are best at? It is not clear. But the reality is that, prostitution has taken another dimension in both Cameroon and Nigeria.

Although Nigerians are not boisterous and loquacious as Cameroonians are, they are the ones who are leading the evil trade, particularly Nigerians from an eastern ethnic group known as the Igbos. Igbo gangs are well organised like those from Eastern Europe and China, whereas other African states or their nationals such as Cameroonians, have remained amateurs in the malevolent trade. Nevertheless, not all Cameroonians or Nigerians are involved in the trade. And in both countries, not all parts are involved or affected by the scourge.

As already mentioned not parts or people in both Cameroon and Nigeria are in the trade. But there is a puzzle all the same to be answered. They are People from Northern Nigeria and Northern Cameroon. They are notoriously absent as intermediaries or actors in the trade. Moreover there are no clear explanations for their non-existence. Some think that, the dominant religion in both Northern Cameroon and Northern Nigeria which is Islam may operate as deterrent. But it is not clear or justified because, other Islamic countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Mali, Tunisia and Senegalese are either prostituting or have some gangs controlling and bringing their nationals to practise the creepy trade in Europe.

The other reasons might also be that, the northern parts of both Cameroon and Nigeria have remained rural and little urbanised or that, their exposure and level of educations are adrift in comparison with other regions in both countries. Hence Northern Cameroon and Northern Nigeria, whose natives are both witnessing perhaps more, the difficult economic climate in both countries, have remained enigmas as to why they are not acting as gangs organising prostitutions or their girls operating as actors.


In both countries, prostitution affects mostly the potentially rich areas. In Cameroon the principal areas exporting prostitutes to Europe are the Littoral, Centre, South, South west and North West provinces, precisely the Sanaga maritime and Wouri divisions (Littoral province) Mfoundi, Lekie and Nyong and Kelle divisions (Centre province) Dja and Lobo division (South province) Nde, Mifi and Upper Nkam divisions (West province), Meme, Manyu and Fako divisions (South west province) and Mezam and Momo divisions (Northwest province). As for Nigeria’s 90% pool of exceptionally teenage prostitutes, they come mostly from Edo and Delta states, formerly known as Bendale state.

Although most of the teenage prostitutes may claim to have originated from Benin City or Asaba, respectively state capitals of afore mentioned states, the truth is that, they are mostly from rural parts and also from poor and under educated families. What do these regions in both countries share in common besides their appreciations for prostitution? They are the potentially rich parts but ironically with proportionally high illiteracy and poverty rates compared with other parts in both countries.

Because these localities and its people in both countries are caught in the vicious circle of under education and poverty, they are easily lured into prostitution by natives of neighbouring regions within these same countries. Oddly, regions promoting prostitutions do not practice the trade, but see it as a lucrative venture to use their compatriots in order to get rich faster. Does that not sound like the periods of slavery that took place some five hundred years ago?

The actions of some natives from some regions in Nigeria or Cameroon who uses or lures natives from other regions into prostitution, shows a universal vision of humanity which is opposed to the angelic one always chorused around the world to be what prevails in Africa. The use of people from other regions who are easily carried away by the illusions of better lives in Western Europe is not unique to Africa; it is noticeable and practised in Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. All regions that are poor and undereducated compared to Western Europe, the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand seems to be constantly exploiting each other in one dehumanising trade or the other.

Cameroon and Nigeria are two nations tied to each other by millennia ancestral relationships and also colonial ones which are most recent and more palpable. But like in every family, there is always the inevitable disputes between elder brother Nigeria in economic and population terms with its younger brother Cameroon based on the latter mentioned criteria. I will like to point out that, economically, Nigeria is the elder brother of Cameroon, but politically, the greater part of Cameroon, that is the French-speaking part, got her independence 10 months before Nigeria.

But it has not prevented Nigeria from overtaking Cameroon in the area of economic growth aided by the large deposit of Oil that some experts put between 30 and 34 billion of yet to be exploited capacity. However the only areas were Cameroon has kept its big brother status is in the area of football. As you can see, a big brother shall always manage to remain big somewhere. Nonetheless, the area of prostitution has given an opportunity for both countries to flex their muscles again.

Effects on production and civil services of both countries

I don’t know whether Cameroonians have noticed that within their civil service, some of their colleagues just disappear from work and the next she is heard of is that, she is either in France or in Switzerland. It is the same trend observed in Nigeria, whereby some top female civil servants just evaporate from their offices and the next they are heard of are that, they are either in Britain or US prostituting. Strangely, all these ghost workers or civil servants in Cameroon or in Nigeria are still being paid for no work done.

This demonstrates a strong lack of control or complicity between the hierarchies in the civil services of both countries and the erring civil servants who disgrace their countries and their professions. The effects of the organised abandonment in the civil services in both countries are manifold.

The first is that, it will sadly justify no matter how difficult some innocent hard working Cameroonian or Nigerian civil servants may think, the down sizing of their civil service. The other negative effects are that, billions are wasted in the absence of proper executions of health programmes and education curricular set by both governments. This is because, the bulk of the escapees are nurses, medical doctors or teachers. The duplicity does not only affect the civil services in both countries.

The informal sectors that represent more than half of both countries economies are also receiving beatings. Most market women in Cameroon and perhaps in Nigeria are surprised that most of their colleague vendors have suddenly decided to become Muslims and are all year round in Mecca. Whereas the reality is that, they are not Muslims on pilgrimage, but it is just a stratagem to masquerade the fact that, they are prostituting in France, Britain or in the US. Their friends left home are always marvelled that, whenever these women come back, they bring lots of monies, cars and upon all, usurp the Islamic title of hidja. Their action has three negative effects.

It has made Christians to start converting en mass into Islam, thinking that, they will become rich; secondly it has made many Cameroonian girls to take the route to Europe or accept any propositions that will lead them to the earthly paradise called Europe. Finally the usurpation of Islam and Islamic titles by dubious women with lust for wealth is tarnishing the Islamic faith just as politicians who have travesty Islam and make it to become militants and merchants of hate have done, especially through the carrying out of terrorist actions under the guise of defending their religion.

This therefore calls on Islamic clerics to come out and denounce the travesty of their religion or soon the distinctions between what Islam really teaches and what apostates claim will blur the true nature of Islam. In the current dispensation in the world, it would be another public relations blow to Muslims if they don’t come out strong to condemn the new crops of hidjas rising in Cameroon or Nigeria and certainly in other parts of Africa.

National rivalries and the exploitation of Asylum procedures

In the past, activities of the sinister business seem to have succeeded in France because as Cameroonians came, they drove out of business the English-speaking Ghanaians who could not speak French. They also drove Senegalese and Malians out of business, not that the former could not speak French, but more because, they were traditionalists, while Cameroonians were urbanised and susceptible of adapting and adopting French etiquettes easily. But the honey moon of Cameroonians never lasted long; this is because, the very enterprising Nigerians began invading Europe, first from Italy. And when Italy was full or the authorities opened their eyes wide when the streets of Milan or Rome at night was becoming like any street in Africa, the Nigerian pimps began changing the destinations of their commodity.

The soft spot was France and they came in using legal means, or through the use of asylum procedures. They were aware more than Cameroonians that, if one files in a request for asylum, which they know is fake with little or no chance of obtaining a satisfactory response, it nonetheless takes a minimum of two years before the administrative procedures goes through.
During this period, their slaves are legal and would be forced to carry on with their trade with no fear of expulsion and the sum that, they had invested to bring the girls over will be recovered four or five times the initial investment. By so doing, the quiet Nigerians had more powers over Cameroonians who were living illegally in France. Nigerians could easily be one of the most intelligent creatures on earth and if they could put their potentials in honest ventures, their country will be a miracle. Little wonder that, in spite all pessimistic predictions about their country, it is still the second economic power of the continent. It is a proof that, there are possibilities for Nigeria to become the first economy of Africa.

The coming of Nigerians to France who suddenly became Liberians, Sierra Leoneans or even Sudanese or Jamaicans was not just bad news to other Africans who were in the business of prostitution. It was calamity to East Europeans and Asian gangs who were also in the niche market. Nigerians began encroaching in the territories of the organised prostitution networks of East Europeans and also those of the Asians, led by the continental Chinese. The results have been the deaths of some Nigerian prostitutes.

As Cameroonians could no longer compete with any of the three organised gangs, they began subcontracting their Vans* to Nigerians and when the sub contracting deals were no longer lucrative, they decided to leave France for Switzerland. Today, Switzerland is heaven to Cameroonian prostitutes while France has become the Mecca of East Europeans, Asians and the only Africans surviving in the jungle of prostitution in France are Nigerians.

In France at the moment, at (OFPRA*),the government agency charged with the examining of asylum cases, Nigeria is perhaps the only country in their files whose applicants are in majority girls not above 20 and all presumably persecuted by their government. The questions worth asking are these: which of the Nigerian governments are responsible for the alleged persecution of teenage girls to a point that, all seek salvation only in prostitution abroad? Are the Federal or State governments of Nigeria to blame or are they responsible? Has the Cameroonian or the authorities of other African states done enough to stem the flow of their girls to Europe to practise prostitution? Are they really fighting prostitution and child trafficking? It is difficult to give an answer.

Economic advantages

Creepy as prostitution is, it still have many beneficiaries from unsuspected quarters. The trade is not only beneficial to the pimps who charge their victims exorbitant sums of monies, which may vary from $ 30 and $ 50 thousand, the other beneficiaries are the owners of small Hotels in the predominantly African neighbourhoods of Barbes, Chateau Rouge and Marcedet Poisonier located in the lower side of the 18th district of Paris. The next beneficiaries or the indirect ones are the manufacturers of prepaid telephone cards and individuals who have opened telephone call centres, all over the neighbourhood and thus providing jobs to many jobless people who are always discriminated in the job market in France.

Before the arrival of Nigerians, Hotels in the seedy sides of the18th district of Paris, especially those located within the above mentioned neighbourhoods were amongst if not the cheapest in the city. However, since the arrival of Nigerian pimps who are mostly drug barons based in Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and the Netherlands who seem to be attempting to diversify their sources of income to some, while others are completely leaving drug trade, for a new less risky trade, the prices of Hotel rooms have jumped in the poverty stricken parts of the 18th district.

Bizarrely while prices of Hotel rooms have sky rocketed, it would have been normal to expect a stratospheric quality of services but ironically, they have dropped. For the pimps or the Mamas are not interested in any sort of quality services other than where their products will be housed and give them back fast returns upon investments. As for the vendors of phone cards, they have seen their sales jump because the young girls who are now the enemies of the older prostitutes have a voracious consumption thirst for telephone cards, this in order to communicate with their bosses or madams and also with their parents back home in Nigeria or in Cameroon.

Route to France

Nigerians are undisputedly the most enterprising black Africans or Africans in general. They are implacably hardworking and when they put that positive quality into crime, it surprises many westerners, principally the Italians and East Europeans who have met with the Nigerians in the under world of crime. Nigerians criminals are different from Cameroonians or other Africans. They are meticulous. These may be because most Nigerian criminals are graduates who have not been able get jobs in their native countries while criminals from other African countries in France are always mixtures of school drop outs and societal failures.

Nigerians don’t change their way of life as does most petty Cameroonians or other African fraudsters whenever they hit the jackpot. The Nigerian criminal is respectful, but fast like a leopard, hard working like an ant and poisonously vicious like a snake. To come to France or in Europe in general excluding the United Kingdom, they have several options. The first thing that they do is to get the rightful girls and secondly plan how to get them out of the country, which is apparently very simple in Nigeria.

The easiest means and methods used to trap these young girls who are mostly from the rural parts of the earlier mentioned states are mostly through an extended aunt who is link to the criminal syndicates based in Europe. She is the connecting link and the one who travels to the rural parts of the states concerned to get these girls who are poor, young and ambitious nonetheless, but sadly undereducated.

These aunts makes promises to the parents of their future victims that, their children will be taken to the capital to learn a profession and after which they would own their own businesses. Hence in most hair dressing salons in Asaba or Benin City every three months the faces of the apprentice do change. They are regularly deceived that, they will be sent to Europe to do baby sitting jobs or other trades in rich countries. Nevertheless, in some rare cases those that have been deem courageous and matured enough are briefed on what really awaits them in Europe.

But to be sure that, they won’t run away, there are forced to under take some mystical pacts that bans them from breaking the oaths that they were forced to under take, until they pay their debts at the tariff set by the gangs. As for the young girls most of the time, some are simply raped before they are send to Europe. But to get to Europe, and also to obtain a visa for these young girls from European embassies or consulates in Abuja or Lagos is almost like getting to paradise. Hence the girls are dispersed in mostly French-speaking African countries namely Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Morocco Niger, Ivory Coast and Senegal.

What all these countries have in common besides the French language is that, they are all very corrupt. That explains why in those countries there exist large pools of Nigerian girls waiting for their turn to get to Europe. And in these countries, because of difficulties or out right poverty ,some of these girls start practising what they will do in Europe while waiting to acquire the passports of their host nations and a visa from the embassies of the very countries which would not have offered them, had it been they applied in Nigeria.

However, within European embassies, it seems that Nigerians have their connections hence they always manage to export their products and with monies, the security officials at the airports of the host countries are forced to look the other way while they pass. The next step is that, when the girls have successfully boarded, they destroy or are advised to destroy their passports and upon arrival, they apply for asylum immediately. When the asylum procedure has begun, since it takes a while for their cases to be examined, the pimps have the leisure and the pleasure to put their slaves on the streets to work for them.

Those who want to rebel are punished and their parents back home are also punished. Most of the girls can’t report their cases because they are naïve and they have been indoctrinated to see or consider the Police of European countries where they are based as a racist group that will not listen to them but send them back home.

Interestingly, not all Cameroonians or Nigerians are in support of the evil old trade. A proof is that, in Nigeria the wife of the governor of Edo state, one of the great teenage prostitutes exporting area has set up a body to fight against prostitution. It is a positive development that must be encouraged and governments need to coordinate their actions. This is because while they are bickering, the Nigerian, Cameroonian teenage girls or those of some African states are being exploited by greedy inhumane gangs.

Vans here are not different from what they are meant for. However, it is used by those this topic deals on to serve as emergence spots for the consumers of the product that they are selling. They are found in France in parks, highways and in other strategic areas.
OFPRA stands for Office Francaise de protection des refugies et appatride.


The fact that Gendarmes received orders does not mean they have not been ruthless in the past. What matters is how the orders are applied. I would not want to enumerate the various instances of their ruthlessness here.
The SDO in this case sent gendarmes to reroute an SDF convoy with a dead body. This convoy was coming from Yaounde. I didn’t read anywhere that there was going to be a rally. The SDF has been in existence for about sixteen years now, and I’m sure they are aware of the fact that the first thing to do when organizing a rally is to obtain an authorization, and they’ve done so in the past. Sometimes, a person’s intentions are not usually discerned from what the person says but from what the person does. Don’t they say actions speak louder than words? The SDO intentionally wanted to interrupt the burial ceremony. And please remember this was not a rally nor was it an SDF meeting, it was a SDF convoy coming from Yaounde with a dead body.

These public officials are there to serve us the citizens and they are given powers to do so, some of them abuse the powers given to them. The SDO’s action is a clear cut example of abuse of powers.

It does not matter if it happened to John Fru Ndi, or Franck Biya, or Ben Muna, it is violation of a constitutionally protected right.


Fon(the impostor and impersonator) is a born liar and his distortions are second only to Feli/Atangha/George Tangeh/Kontchou. Might be he thought Cameroonians are not following what is on the news. Thank God technology has brought information into their bedrooms. At times they bring in the digressions to divert attention. Wise readers stick to the main issue and rubbish their lies and digressions.

Tayong, That was a good comic relief.

At the end of the day what happened? JFN held his 100 man rally respecting the constitution. Common sense is not common. If I was in the place of the S.D.O I could have ordered my troops to disperse the family union that JFN held. Isn't it faster driving through Ayaba street, metta quarters to hospital roundabout? Hey folks, use your brains. Why did those haggards not go contrary to the S.D.O's instructions and see if their 'grimba' still works?
I agree S.D.O's and their men have been ruthless in some situations but they acted correctly in this case. They didn't stop the convoy from entering Bamenda but suggested a more free lane. Since it had to do with almighty JFN, they had to allow him have his way.

Muki StoneHall

My four points in the last writeup were not intended to give you sleepless nights and nightmares.But I'm sorry they did.So after all the sleepless nights you spent researching about StoneHall that's all you could come up with?Smart of you to put on your BenB shirt and come back as BenB.But it still exposes you further as someone with no ideas to offer but merely interested in discussing names and numbers.Why did you not address the issues raised therein? Yet you accuse others of diggression? Why did you not accept my challenge and ask for the website if you have anything to offer?No matter how hard you try to camouflage you will still be unmasked.Do you really at times reason out some of your statements?" I sell like hot cake". "There is teribobs everywhere".Those are just a few of your statements and to you that's what makes you a man.Your name appears everywhere because you are an empty calabash.
I have been advised by very reasonable people to ignore you but I won't do it.If lions have been tamed,what more you.My persistence will eventually pay off and you will be tamed somehow.
Come forward with ideas.Use BenB or Teribobs or both.It does not matter.


In the "about 9years" that I mentioned,I was referring to the DNA test conducted on John Karr and not on Ramsey again.Remember the new test was conducted in an attempt to link him to a crime they suspected he committed a long time ago.
I did not also say that Karr was not detained as a suspect,I related it to the SDF detainees to point out the fact that the investigation has been rendered delibrately slow. The autopsy report should have revealed the cause of Diboule´s death.


Muki Stonehead,
At the end of the day, you portray yourself as a kid. Don't try to dodge from your foolhardiness. I know you will prefer I call it loss of memory. You can stay with your gang but answer the charge. Petty wit. Only fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Firstly,your classification to Mallam is like you dreamt of it last night.But there are some few suggestions,like where you placed Dr Agbormbai and Mukete.I think they have always been upright and living up to expectation from their write-ups without taking sides or favors.Again where you placed Akoson.At one point I also see him as a truthful and devoted person in the forum.Generally, to the best of my knowledge there are instances where members go astray and with divergent points and opinions, but most of forum members have been dedicated to their write-ups and everyone put forward concrete arguments,since the post implemneted the registration rule.This is a great leao forward.Keep it up guys....

Secondly,in the article where Nigerians are the point of focus,little doubt that Nigerians and Cameroonians will remain the most courageous husslers and gold diggers in Europe,Asia,and the Americas.They use their head and get through the wire.This is life.No wasting time.Time is money.I appreciate the article it tells it all in Europe.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Dear ALL,
It has been pretty difficult signing in; all the same it's okay now.

That said, are these people running around under the banner of an unregistered association more RDPC than RDPC? Why should they jump up to support anything done by this sect called RDPC and her prefects? I'm afraid, Muna are his followers are proving to be enemies of change. What is wrong in moving freely in town with a corpse? Despite the so-called "illegal nature" of the convoy, the Chairman and his delegation succeeded in doing what they never planned, and of course the corpse feel Liberty Square before leaving for Mbengwi. As I've been saying here, there's a gigantic plot against the SDF masterminded from the presidency via the governor's offfice here in Yaounde. What the half-brother to Ni Ben doesn't know is that power will never be handed to him on a platter of gold. His father was deceived under similar circumtances; when the time came, Paul Biya was given the presidency.

All this so-called FRU NDI being a dictator has been hatched long ago and when a stage fails they improve and continue. If we remember the so-called newsletter purported to have been written by the London based newsletter, African Confidential saying that FRU NDI has billions in a London account, published in The Post. A few days later The Post came back with a rejoinder saying their source misled them. I now see the press conference granted by Prof. Asonganyi saying "rumours" has it that there's underground dealings between his Chairman and the regime. When things never worked, they then came stronger with the notion of an illegal NEC & started parading Prof. Ngwasiri as NAC President ( a position he left since May 12, 2003), who granted a press conference saying that he has taken over the leadership of the party. A week before Prof. Ngwasiri, Ni Ben had told the world at Hilton that he's gunning for the post of the national chairman, knowing fully well that he's still a new militant & has to militate for 5 years before qualifying for this position.

As true SDF militants we thought these people were genuine in their efforts and took them like "democrats" not knowing that these people are neo-colonialists. Moreover these people have implanted elements everywhere to distort facts so as to give them a semlance of legitimacy. That's why you can see news headlines like "FRU NDI leaving in a dream world", "SDF breaks up", etc. Le Messager has taken upon itself to propagate & falsify issues in the name of press freedom & democracy. Also, it has been a propaganda machinery for distorting facts about the SDF. I'll talk more on Le Messager next time..........

While convalescing, Prof. Ngwasiri is bragging that he inspired the invitation of the Chairman to the State Counsel and that the second coming, the Chairman will leave the State Counsel straight to Kondengui. I see in them sheer wickedness and jealousy and their plans to do more harm. I'm reminding them via their point men here that we know what they're planning and we consider them as enemies not as opponents as we were made to understand ab initio. Let them know that when you're pointing the 1st finger at me, the rest are pointing towards you.

Cheers & lots more later!


Dear ALL,
It has been pretty difficult signing in; all the same it's okay now.

That said, are these people running around under the banner of an unregistered association more RDPC than RDPC? Why should they jump up to support anything done by this sect called RDPC and her prefects? I'm afraid, Muna are his followers are proving to be enemies of change. What is wrong in moving freely in town with a corpse? Despite the so-called "illegal nature" of the convoy, the Chairman and his delegation succeeded in doing what they never planned, and of course the corpse feel Liberty Square before leaving for Mbengwi. As I've been saying here, there's a gigantic plot against the SDF masterminded from the presidency via the governor's offfice here in Yaounde. What the half-brother to Ni Ben doesn't know is that power will never be handed to him on a platter of gold. His father was deceived under similar circumtances; when the time came, Paul Biya was given the presidency.

All this so-called FRU NDI being a dictator has been hatched long ago and when a stage fails they improve and continue. If we remember the so-called newsletter purported to have been written by the London based newsletter, African Confidential saying that FRU NDI has billions in a London account, published in The Post. A few days later The Post came back with a rejoinder saying their source misled them. I now see the press conference granted by Prof. Asonganyi saying "rumours" has it that there's underground dealings between his Chairman and the regime. When things never worked, they then came stronger with the notion of an illegal NEC & started parading Prof. Ngwasiri as NAC President ( a position he left since May 12, 2003), who granted a press conference saying that he has taken over the leadership of the party. A week before Prof. Ngwasiri, Ni Ben had told the world at Hilton that he's gunning for the post of the national chairman, knowing fully well that he's still a new militant & has to militate for 5 years before qualifying for this position.

As true SDF militants we thought these people were genuine in their efforts and took them like "democrats" not knowing that these people are neo-colonialists. Moreover these people have implanted elements everywhere to distort facts so as to give them a semlance of legitimacy. That's why you can see news headlines like "FRU NDI leaving in a dream world", "SDF breaks up", etc. Le Messager has taken upon itself to propagate & falsify issues in the name of press freedom & democracy. Also, it has been a propaganda machinery for distorting facts about the SDF. I'll talk more on Le Messager next time..........

While convalescing, Prof. Ngwasiri is bragging that he inspired the invitation of the Chairman to the State Counsel and that the second coming, the Chairman will leave the State Counsel straight to Kondengui. I see in them sheer wickedness and jealousy and their plans to do more harm. I'm reminding them via their point men here that we know what they're planning and we consider them as enemies not as opponents as we were made to understand ab initio. Let them know that when you're pointing the 1st finger at me, the rest are pointing towards you.

Cheers & lots more later!

Muki StoneHall

It is really against my inner self that I carry on this interchange.But at least it has helped me to learn quite a deal.I have learnt among other things that your real problem with me is that I have refused to be a blind pro-muna fan like you.
Only very blind people can fail to see that muna has nothing to offer.He has just discovered some exploitative loopholes in Fru Ndi's rule and wants to make maximum use of them.Muna and your likes are the real gangsters but your doomsday is around the corner.
As for your supposed charge I didn't find any.You make an allegation and call it a charge.I can't go that low,especially when being dragged by a child.Address the four points above and I'll give your next assignment.Consider this the last from me on this matter.So don't bother to write unless you have something new to offer.


There comes Feli/Atangha/Kontchou with his 'kontchouneering'. It has not been difficult. You have been here all the time. Who do you think you are fooling? When these folks don't talk, it doesn't mean they do not know what is going on.

Yes Feli, your ntarikon kingpin changed from NEC chairman to NAC chairman overnight. Which tract are you following? Anyway the legal experts are dishing out the dead blows in court. You picked these crumbs from studio BAD Ndam and you are trying to deceive those who want to be deceived. So there is something on messager. Thanks for that piece of information. You best know there is a second coming. You can deny it now and when the time comes, you can tell us he is going to re-interview the state counsel. You talk of 'notion of illegal NEC'. So to you it is still a notion? In other words you are saying NEC's mandate did not expire in 2003? You are misrepresenting your boss. He cannot make such a statement in court. Why didn't you continue that Prof. Ngwasiri NAC chairman organised a meeting attended by Nyoh Wakai? Mr Kontchou or Dr Feli, try another lie.

Muki Stonehead, you are backing out so soon? Feli/Atangha/George Tangeh, the BAD Ndam errand boy has just brought the latest and you want to wag your tail like the others? That is cowardice and it is a sin. Do you know that? Why your breeze want cut now now so noh?


Comrades in arms,
We have been distracted for too long. We have to redefine our path. Muna is a distraction and completely he is no match. Our target is the CPDM and should remain the CPDM until we get rid of the CPDM. I know, our detractors(who pretend to be part of the SDF family, but who are already succeeding in their assignment to enervate the SDF) will come up with an argument that we should first put our house in order. This will be simply to continue to take us away from the real issue, to concentrate and expose the ills of the of this devilish regime that has brought untold suffering to our nation.

If you have good discernment, then you will bear with me that Muna is a distraction,I repeat, let us forget anything Muna and concentrate our energy on our oppenent and enemy, the cpdm. The devil,the cpdm is watching us closely and laughing as we hit our heads. It has always been Paul Biya´s sytle to use divide and rule tactics. He will continue to fan the SDF crisis to keep the SDF weaken as he did to sow a seed of hatred among NW and SWterners to fight the SCNC

Comrades, ignore anything in the name of Muna and tackle the real issue.Is it not funy for the Munas to think that fighting us will take them to power? Is it not clear that they are working for the CPDM? Have you ever heard that Ben Muna has disagreed with the sister who is a Minister in Biya´s Government?
I will be coming back to this!!!


Look at that shameless liar. Why don't you go on your knees and beg for pardon on behalf of JFN for the deception he has kept us in for sometime now? Why don't you tell him to use some of the money he got from the BAD Ndam organized night deals and help SDF millitants? Muna is your nemesis. The renaissance SDF has unmasked the devils that held us captive. No doubt our prayers were delayed. There are corruption topics on this blog and all you dream of is Muna. Who made you the moderator? Continue eating from JFN's largesse. You can fool some people sometime but you can't fool all the people all the time. They are gradually opening their eyes and are quitting in their numbers. Chaarman Don Finish. How can he fight his bedfellows? When the FEICOM dossiers will be opened, you will go into hiding like your brother Klemenceau.



If you missed digesting my story I think Fon got a pinch of it. All these noise about Fru Ndi and Muna is teleplayed from Etoudi while ignorant people go bickering. The tortoise man sits and laughs at them to scorn. At last all the noise and pressure aleviated and attention diverted!!

He knows all of them are anglos who would have definitely in one way or the other cited with the demises and ordeals of their people and therefore craftily came in and sparked off a fight among them.

Just wait for the next waterloo coming in the name of municipal or parliamentary elections to confirm what I had all over been saying.




I got your point now. Your tortoise story therefore explains All. In the city where i live, francophones sometimes uses this story to criticise us. Those listening to the Muna's, Fru Ndi's are just fooling themselves. An anglofools is just a slave in that failed republic.


I thought you decleared above that you do selective reading? Just a reminder.I repeat, you are not worth my attention.

Again, lets remain focus. The least opportunity I have over here, I concentrate to expose the ills of the CPDM.I will continue to feed the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation and transparency intertional about undemocratic principles and corruption by the Biya regime.Hope Teribobs will write to them to counter what I say.

No international organisation knows Muna.Muna is no match

vally England


Nice to know that you are still in bamenda.I thought you have escape the struggle.
What sought of lies are you telling me.

Paa Ngembus


I will keep on posting this reminder on this blog till you guys wise up.

Tear yourselves apart with Fru Ndi and Muna defenses an insults.

Ignore Tayong's wise crack about the Tortoise, Elephant and Hippo.

Continue in your stupidity Anglofous.

You will never change this fact:

A Southern Cameroonian will never be President of La Republique Francaise du Cameroun.

Paa Ngembus


Fon lawless has gone international and no international organization knows Muna. Listen to yourself.


Hi Guys here,
Just trying if I can post a comment successfully.



I am still around. I don't have any skeleton in my cupboard. Those who have something to hide will always run.
I have been trying for the past weeks to post a comment here to no avail despite the fact that I registered.
Read something I wrote in response to one of your write ups but could not post.


I have not forgotten that we had a rendezvous. I hope you are not rejoicing that Fru Ndi has been charged with murder.
I don't mix my words. I once said here that if Fru Ndi really murdered Deboule or ordered that Deboule and others opposing him be killed as you said in one of your postings, I will immediately stop my support for him. I don't support liars or those who blackmail others for selfish reasons; neither do I support murderers or those who authorize such acts.
I have read from your idol BenB that there are evidences of phone calls that Fru Ndi made during the night of the 25th breaking 26th, ordering that Deboule, Muna etc be killed.
You guys were quick to call Feli names when he wrote telling this forum that the supposed phone calls carried messages contrary to what you, BenB are praying for.
Teribobs, I see you have been buried in the dream world of those who hate the name Fru Ndi. I can't understand why you keep calling Feli names because he is writing to expose the lies some of you write in this forum. I thought you would have just argued to defend the Muna's camp without calling Feli names. Does that show any maturity and objectivity in you?
I am still in support of the SDF and Fru Ndi. Let's keep on watching as the game continues.

Teribobs I can see how you have turned to insults and so on. Does that pay? I think you can put up a good argument void of insults.


When you ask genuine questions and get no answers, what is your conclusion? There are many questions I have asked Feli and got no answers. e.g when we were still on the 28million Swiss air affair, I asked if the GM of Swissair Dla Joshua Osih is the same Joshua Osih your Vice President. Till date I have not got an answer. He has tried to answer other questions even though he flipflopped in the course. You know it is not easy to back-up lies and cooked up stories. The truth can be repeated a thousand times without any adulteration. Klem, I will not try to be objective when I see blind defences all the time. Muki came up and tried to play the objective game but ended up betraying himself.
I know we still have a rendez vous and I will respect the verdict. Hope you will also do same. Those who received the insults were paid in their own coins. I regret insulting any gentleman but will do it all over again when it concerns those buffoons.


Welcome back.
So you really expect to indulge in fruithful debate with these liars? We have come to realise that they have absolutely nothing but cheap provocation to offer. Like their boss, they have failed to master the basic principles of politics. They claim to be militants of the SDF, but if you ask them where their ward is and who is their ward chairman, you will be amazed to know that such terminologies are extremely new to them. When information gets to them, they distort and to show some form of guilty conscience, they start making statements like "I know Feli is going to say I am lying" or "Feli,waiting to hear from you".So please, always be sharp enough to realise that whenever they mention Feli after a statement they make about the SDF or Ni John Fru Ndi, there should be something seriously wrong with the veracity and the content of the statement.
When BenB lied to this forum that Ni John Fru Ndi had been charged with murder, I took time to rectify this distortion. Of course, it was a nightmare to him and since then, he barely concludes a statement without mentioning my name. Thereafter, he returned again to lie to readers that Ni John Fru Ndi declined to address mourners at the Liberty square in Bamenda whereas the Chairman delivered a short message there after prayers, which was reproduced in the article above. In that same comment, this fellow lied that John Nguh's family apportioned the blame for their son's demise on Ni John Fru Ndi whereas 4 days ago, the family of John Nguh requested Hon P.C. Fonso to lead a delegation to Ntarinkon to thank Ni John Fru Ndi for his continous presence and the very dignifying burial they honoured the late Nguh with. So you can see from these that these people use false information to mislead readers on the pretext that since the majority of them have no access to reliable information in Cameroon, their slander campaign might bear fruits to some extend. But I can and will NEVER be part of this. When somebody lies or misinforms to tarnish the image of my party or my chairman, nothing shall deter me from correcting the person and showing the ills were the person draws his inspiration from. They can call me names whatever and whenever but when it comes to it, I shall tell them the truth in their faces: that they are nothing more than a bunch of useless LIARS.


My England,
Are you making yourself the laughing stock of the century? I've nothing to hide; so I don't need to lie. By the way, lies telling is not my stock-in-trade. On the contrary, you're the ones lying, especially your point men here. I go news mongering - getting the news, verify it before posting on this website. If you know KINI NSOM or NFORMI SONDE (of The Post), they'll tell you that I live and work in Y'de and have no other relationship with Hon. MBAH NDAM. I know him as our Group Leader and have seen what he's been doing. Only non-militants and paid agents like you guys see nothing good in him. I may be tempted to believe that some of you are out of touch with the realities of the moment or you guys see more often but with your ears? Why not try to see sometimes with your eyes? Some of the postings here are alien to the happenings in the Cameroons. Nevertheless, you are free to verify whatever I post in order to disprove me.

That aside, I just have to start ignoring people whose mission is to propagate political arm-robbery, legalise lying and bufoonery on this forum. I agree with Fon & Muki StoneHall that Muna is a distraction, but the are forces behind him. No one can go scot-free in Cameroon, after having organised an illegally banned meeting that resulted to the death of a Cameroonian. If you aren't a Muna, you can't do that and move freely. It's thanks to a Muna that Fon DOH is moving freely today! Remember that in 1992, this notorious Muna (Ben) was the only free being moving in and out of the North West without any form of disturbance or molestation during the state of emergency. And so, it's not by error that there's a Muna in the system, a Muna passing around for an opposition and another one in the civil society. All this is intended to have a Muna everywhere, so that they can be use from time to time to betray the collective will of the people. The late BOH Herbert's father refused to join the SDF because of a Muna. We can and will make or mar without a Muna!

Yeah, I did promise to talk about Le Messager: During the Monga/Njawe affair, FRU NDI actively participate in the trial with our lawyers. When these guys won the case & saw the crowd that turned out during those moments, Njawe saw in himself a popular figure. He then adviced the Chairman to join LA'AKAM with the impression that LA'AKAM will supersede the SDF. When the Chairman refused this proposal, he immediately started the smear campaign against the SDF and its leadership in the name of journalism. He went further to destroy the English version of Le Messager - The Messenger, managed then by Hilary KEHBILA FORKUM. He didn't end there, he continued and was actively campaigning against Federalism. So, it's no surprise that his newspaper is ever a forum for former SDF militants and dissidents. On his web page there's an opinion poll (voting) on who should be leader of SDF - Muna or Fru Ndi; I guess you all know the result.

This said, it's rather unfortunate that journalism is being teleguided these days in Cameroon. I remember how journalists for harder to exterminate ABACHA in Nigeria and recently, they fought and ended OBASANJO's alledged third term bid. Unfortunately in Cameroon, journalists are instead fighting to entrench perpetual neo-colonialism and resilient dictatorship. Worse still, the Cameroonian private press is struggling to beat the role being played by CRTV & Cameroon Tribune. I know there is chronic poverty and survival of the fittest nowadays. However, where have our journalists kept their consciences? I have this feeling that we'll overcome this oligarchy without the assistance of the press? Also, I see us having an IEC before the next elections and as such, SDF should be in shambles before then?

My Dearest Brothers & Sisters, we've only the SDF as our last hope. We must strain every nerve of ours and STOP these Trojan horses from destroying it. Let's remain focus while preparing for 2007. In the meantime, let's put our acts together in order to fight for the Independent Electoral Commission or IEC before this year runs out.

I will like to end here for now........



what is the difference between what Pius Njawe and the Laakam has been doing with what you people of the SDF in this forum has been doing and members of the SDF hierarchy?

Does the SDF stand for the independence of the southern cameroons?

Has the SDF hierarchy ever presented a plan to defend the interest of the southern cameroons in its political agenda?

Has the SDF ever recognised the colonisation and destruction of the southern cameroonian children by la republique francaise du cameroun?

Let me make it clear to you. Those who stood for the southern cameroonian course or any just course have long left the SDF. They include people like carlson Anyangwe, etc. So u people should not be fooling yourself with this SDF frolics.


These people are cowards and inherently lazy. Even if you give them kini Nsom's telephone number for them to find out about your person, laziness,fright and guilt shall not permit them call.

If they add a thousand synonyms to you or attribute you to persons or officials of the party, how does that affect you? So leave them in their dream world. That is where they perfectly belong.
Secondly, I do not think Muna agents should reduce this forum to an information rectifying machine, that is to punch in jargon and expect us to spend time feeding them with the truth or to rush to answer stupid questions according to their wish. I have proven time and again that even information about themselves and the Party's constitution they can not offer. How many delegates and provinces attended their convention? No answer.Who did the accreditation? No answer.What was the quorum? No answer. How many NEC members do they have? No answer. How many NAC members? No answer. How any PECs? No answer.How did they manage to spend the 5 million Frs from England for a "convention" that lasted 2 hours? No answer. Are they accountable? No answer.Where are the committee reports? No answer. So if all of these questions remain unanswered, we should not be in the obligation of always feeding them with information except to expose their lying habit.
So you are right to suggest that we focus our attention towards the IEC. I think it shall be the gateway to changing Cameroon.


Famille oh! can all these newspapers be wrong about something glaringly evident? Is it not logical that there is something seriously wrong with JFN's CDF?

Feli/Atangha/George Tangeh/Dr/Kontchou can continue with his lamentations and that will not stop the world from learning the truth. They do everything to convince even the objective ones on the other side. I pity them.


Writing to himself. Carry on. You talk of IEC when computerization of voter's list in the SDF had to cause heads to roll. You are not different from your bedfellows the CPDM so stay quiet. You can sing MUNA from dusk to dawn coz he is championing a just cause. When our legitimacy is proclaimed in October we are going to see what they will do.


BenB, read again what you posted and then proceed to my humble comment after.

"Na Ni John he rally dat. How many pipo? Popularity oooooh! Militants ooooh! Wasn't I too generous to say 100 pipo stayed on?


Posted by: BenB | Monday, 28 August 2006 at 11:22 PM

Now Mr. BenF, which rally did you talk about in your write up? Were you purporting that Fru Ndi announced a rally at a Carrefour and a few people and Gendarmes attended or what?
You see Mr. BenF, I have been telling you guys that it never pays to tell lies. Just look at how you have become confused. You now write without thinking.
You guys have been living in a dream world. An imaginary world where Fru Ndi will be convicted of murder and the SDF handed to Muna and co. Why must you depend on wishful thinking? You have called Fru Ndi names and told all the lies you can imagine against his person, yet the SDF and Fru Ndi are still waxing strong. You keep on talking about a chairman whom you declared has no more following. You keep on saying “chaarman don finish” but you still say the same chairman organized a rally. Isn’t it funny?
Now that you guys are getting to the end of the road, you now get confused and start writing like a day dreamer. I say you now write like a day dreamer because you saw the few passersby who stopped to watch the confrontation between Fru Ndi and the gendarmes and called it a rally. (Just one among many examples to show what a day dreamer you and followers have become).
Mr BenF/BenB, it is good to stay quiet if you are too proud to tender an apology to Fru Ndi and the entire SDF family, for all the slanderous remarks you have been making against Fru Ndi and the SDF.
Have some peace my dear brother and think well before you come up with another junk reflecting your confused and troubled mind.


It puzzles me when you keep on taking Feli for Atangha. Are you speaking from your mind or just supposing? You still have the guts to talk of Muna fighting for legitimacy. Teribobs please don’t sell your conscience for money or hatred.


I'm surprised you didn't notice the sarcasm in BenB's statement. I mean the one on the rally. I guess you are just trying to catch up with the lost time. Did JFN not address a family union cum rally? Did you not read the errand boy's report? He even said they had prayers before JFN tried his old trick. I wonder the type of prayers they had. I guess even at Etoudi prayers are made. God has become so cheap and all types of 'jaboo' people are talking of prayer. I will save that for some other time.
Feli can fool the whole world. Not me. You probably missed the article where I explained how they operate. Let me summarize. 2 people can be posting on the net with different pseudonyms but mark you the ideas come from the same person. George Tangeh BAD Ndam's P.S is the brain behind all the articles using the pseudonyms Feli,Atangha,Mukete(not original Mukete),langhai and many others. This BAD Ndam errand boy when writing as Feli claims to be a medical doctor. Can you imagine? This is worse than the shanghai hero. These guys can dream. I guess their dreams can beat those of Joseph in the Bible.

Muki StoneHall


During the early stages of the trial of Saddam Hussein in Iraq,Sadam kept insisting that he has done nothing wrong.That the real criminal who should be arrested is George W.Bush. A friend of mine went further and claimed that if you go to hell and tell satan that he is evil,he will deny it and tell you that Jesus Christ is the real evil one.
That seems to be true in Cameroon today.Just look at this:
1)Somebody who is not qualified to stand for elections as SDF NC claims he belongs to a phantom ward and tries to fraud his way through.He was caught.That is forgery.
2)Another person who had long resigned as President of NAC takes himself backward in time to reclaim his formal position.He was sacked.That is untruthfulness.
3)The two partners-in-crime meet together and read the SDF constitution upside-down.That is unconstitutionality.
4)They hold an illegal NAC meeting and claim to have taken over the leadership of the SDF.That's unlawful.It's a coup d'etat.
5)They hold a meeting that had been banned by the authority.That is illegality.
6)During the meeting,posts were hurriedly shared out to those in attendance.That is anti-democraticy.
7)Before the meeting,they hired thugs that were part of a murder case.That is criminality.
8)After the meeting they all ran in different directions and have never met since then.That is disorganisation.
9)None of those who picked up posts during the meeting has been installed or presented to the public in anyway.That is illegitimacy.
10) Since then their"chairman" has been using the name,logo,letterhead etc of an organisation which he is not part of.That is piracy and impersonification.
What then does muna and his clique represent?Where is their legitimacy?Where is their democracy?Where is their legality and constitutionality.I leave the conclusions for right-minded people to draw.
On this forum these illegal,illegitimate enemies of democracy take advantage of free speech to paste multiple names everywhere in an attempt to win cheap popularity with worthless comments.One of them even think he can frighten me out of this forum.He nightmares have just begun.Unfortunately this one is above his level and he will have nothing to say since I've not called names.
No matter what Fru Ndi may have done or failed to do,you can not enter a legal room through an illegal door and claim to be legal.
Keep thinking.


Muki Stonehead,
you are really giving me fun time. You were so annoyed that you couldn't check your language. you really sound like a form 2 kid. I see why you can't say anything concerning BenB's write-up concerning you. Finally you have landed. You are welcome. Don't only go into hiding. keep the JFN flame burning. I wonder what you are going to tell those you pretended to deceive that you were objective. Shame on you. I won't analyze your refuse above. You have joined the club of cyberspace achievers. Your friend Akoson is in Harvard, Feli is docta, Anyah has computers at his toes and you are 'above'. I wish you went to secondary school in my days to know what that means. Fon lawless is still to tell us his own title.


I think an article like this one should move us to be more concerned about the condition of detainees in Cameroon, about the way government administrators abuse the powers given to them. It’s a pity that some of us see this as an opportunity to tell the world how we are infatuated with Ben Muna.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Welcome back Klemenceau,
Your absence for sometime now left an unfilled gap untill you came back to refill it.You are asking BenB/BenF to file an apology to Fru Ndi for his crime against humanity and lies telling.That is a good idea as you just came back with laws and by-laws governing the forum.Please if you see our man Watesih tell him we miss him too.We know our devoted contributors here so any absentee is noticed within the shortest time.

good and wise thinking...we should think of the condition of the detainees.They are dying in detention...

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong



I was just giving a piece of advice to my good friend BenB. I realized that he is short of stories to amplify them against Fru Ndi and the SDF or maybe he has finally realized that Fru Ndi is not the kind of person he and his masters can robe in the mud. He seems confused if you read his recent reactions. Seeing that my friend is now writing below par, I felt it necessary to advice him to either apologize to Fru Ndi and the entire SDF family or stay quiet for a while if he feels to proud to apologize for slandering Fru Ndi and the SDF.
Mr Kiki, you see I am not the type who imposes laws on others. BenF can either heed to my advice or continue in his state of confusion.
It is true we are missing Watesih but I believe he will soon be back. Maybe he is facing problems of posting comments here. This is the same problem I faced when the post decided to implement the “typekey” system.
Watesih if you are facing the same problem, try to download the Mozila Firefox software and sign in through it. I was using Yahoo but could not post any comment through it until I signed in through Mozilla Firfox. Just try it and see.


Your advice to Watesih may be of good help. I have been in touch with him. First he was not at base and when he returned and tried to join us, he complained of difficulies signing in.

Comrades, lets together work on a strategy to make life difficult to dictator Biya. He and his regime must leave. Cameroonians have sufferred too much from this regime.Any other party can take over, it must not necessarily be the SDF, but why not the SDF?


From the desk of Langai:
It pains me to see that after my piece about usurpers and impostors, some contributors said Langai was another pseudonym for Atanga, Feli, Fon, Mukete2, etc. There is no reason for any of the persons named to try to write as Langai. My contributions, I suspect, have a style of their own. Remember the days of the Memo which sparked another controversy? Some asked us to publish the covering letter we used to send the Memo. This is a pointer to the fact that those who write here purporting to support the Muna group are just hecklers, stage clowns and court jesters sent to divert attention from the real issues. Otherwise, how does one account for the fact that they say the Chairman is finished and continue to pour out their venom on him and his party? How many times does a person die? According to this group, the Chairman had already reached his Waterloo in Bamenda on 26 May 2006. After that, what was the need to keep writing and calling him all sorts of names if they were not a mission from the ultimate beneficiary of the demise of the SDF?
I am therefore appealing to all on this side of the divide to observe a long period of idle keyboards (2 weeks at least) to give the Muna group a free hand on this forum so that they can write whatever they want about the Chairman but get no feedback or information from this side of the divide. In the end they will be speaking to themselves and leave us in peace. That will also give us time to do some background work on the IEC, vote for Cameroonians in the Diaspora and many other issues we should be addressing before elections come up next year. I hope that those concerned will heed this advice because the others who write insulting people left and right do so in reaction to the truth you are telling them. It is a reaction in frustration because they realise that the end will be doom for them. They are convinced that they are on the wrong side or they are blind to the truth, but they hang in there hoping to reap the fruits of duplicity from their masters. A word to the wise....


Thanks Langai!
I was thinking as such; I will come to that later...........

The SDF was created to solve the Southern Cameroonian problem. Federalism which used to be a taboo is now being discussed openly amongst Francophones. If you are conversant with the SDF, you'd have known that we've in our keeping a four-state federal constitution. In it, Southern Cameroon is a State, the 3 Beti provinces a State, the 3 Northern provinces a State and the Littoral & Western provinces a State.

Remember it was thanks to the SDF that the notion of biligual States was terminated. That's making the North West and Western provinces as a State and joing the South West and Littoral provinces as a State. This oligarchy had used a certain Tabetsing Chretien (passing round for an SDF militant) to propagate this idea in our midst, but we overwhelmingly rejected it. The idea immediately died and had since been buried.

If things work as plan, we'll form the next government after the 2007 elections. After that, we'll not only be talking about federalism, but also confederalism. You know Southern Cameroon has to be what it was before this unholy alliance with La Republique du Cameroun. We know how we're going to achieve our objectives and we do encourage you guys to pursue yours though we're the same people with the same vision but different methods to reach the promise land.

My advice to you guys is that you people should put your acts together. I mean, I like seeing a single leadership, not splinter groups running helter-skelter in the name of the Southern Cameroonian cause. I see in Ebenezar Akwanga that leadership quality that can propel us to the promise land. Go read his interview on

May God bless us!


Yes, Langhai,
CHAARMAN DON FINISH. we write to show how he has outlived his usefulness.

Can you dare be silent for a day when you have a lot of lies and distortions to give? Whether you come in as Langhai, reader, mukete, feli, atangha or the others, you are deceiving yourself. We will continue to tell the truth to the world.


I call on all of you to unanimously heed to Langai´s lofty idea.Lets allow the ramblers to themselves and they will definitely rot since they take inspiration from us to post rubbish. However, we may contribute on other issues that have nothing to do with the SDF if necessary.As he said, within this time, we can work on a strategy as a way forward for the SDF to succeed in next years elections.
Remember that Muna is a distraction.
Thanks inadvance for coorperation


Good idea from Langai. Let's concentrate on how to move the SDF forward. Klemenceau starts from now. God bless you all.



The southern cameroonian statehood can never be a substate under any federal government of la republique francaise du cameroun as envisaged in your sdf constitution.


Hi Fon,Klemenceau,Akoson,Kgnanjo,Muki,Sammy,
Thank you guys for saying no to the TeribobsFB of the world.All vacations,
safaris are now over and we should continue to kick them out of their moleholes.Before i made a French leave ,Akoson had cured this forum of a plague called Mukete .He should be licking his wounds in hell now.
Going back to the story of the day, Cameroonians still remember how this same SDO celebrated the fact that he calls Fru Ndi even at odd hours of the day.He openly went into rhapsodies ,telling the world he was completely in a one to one correspondence with Fru Ndi.
When the SDO for Yaounde 2,the Prefect of Mfoundi,the Governor of the center Province place a ban on an illegal convention,and its convenors carry on,then state authority is not trampled upon.When the authorities in Yaounde fail to secure the SDf secretariat even after a militant has been murdered there,then state authority is not dragged in mud.
When an inconsequential dictator like Fon Charles Taylor of Bali Kumbat is given the leeway to come out and continue his exactions on the population,then state authority is not respected.The only thing that comes to mind ,is that in Cameroon the so called authorities take one step ahead and sixty behind,and the only question to ask is ,"De qui se moque t-on?
My regards to Fritzane,Vally and the other liars.

NB// In my numerous attempts to sign in,Firefox tore away the sweetest part of my name and thrust Tesih on us.Lets try it for some days and see whether it can work.


Who is this 'revenant'? No, firefox didn't take out the sweetest part of your pseudonym. We still have it. Can anything good come out of China?
Tesih of China, over to you

vally England

You are stillasking of accreditation,quorum,provincial delegates to the yaounde convention?you are in cocumberland and dreaming.Why talk about orcedures and processes being the rational of political formation?The authentic sdf created from the yaounde convention dispite all fru ndi's wish is waxing well,rest assured for the better.Be dreaming,Fru ndi that had his borthers and friends organised afake meeting in bamenda where is he?Is he not the one being taunted in bamenda and facing eventual murder charge?His fief bamenda is now his waterloo.
Feli,keep dreaming and asking stupid questions.
Vally England

vally England

You are stillasking of accreditation,quorum,provincial delegates to the yaounde convention?you are in cocumberland and dreaming.Why talk about orcedures and processes being the rational of political formation?The authentic sdf created from the yaounde convention dispite all fru ndi's wish is waxing well,rest assured for the better.Be dreaming,Fru ndi that had his borthers and friends organised afake meeting in bamenda where is he?Is he not the one being taunted in bamenda and facing eventual murder charge?His fief bamenda is now his waterloo.
Feli,keep dreaming and asking stupid questions.
Vally England


They keep asking questions about an authentic and powerful movement that is giving them nightmares. The October verdict will confirm our authenticity. In the meantime we continue to educate the masses as they keep opening their eyes to JFN's deceptions. BAD Ndam, let Fru Ndi go.


If you consider questions about the Constitution of the SDF and the legitimacy of your "Renaissance convention" stupid, then I now fully understand why grassroot militants say that all of you being misled by Muna have no understanding whatsoever of constitutionality and due process in democracy. According to you, the constitution is a cosmetic document that is used only when there is need to appease your weird definition of democracy "Fru Ndi should step down".
What the Constitution thus says about accreditation, quorum, representativeness, elections into NEC, convention committee reports, statutory committees, vacancies etc can be trampled upon and all questions attributed to these are qualified as stupid.
Readers can now clearly see the vagueness, the unconstitutionality and above all the disgraceful ignorance that reign within these dissidents. Muna in his bid to become chairman of the SDF at all cost has successfully convinced a handfull of people to disregard the party's constitution and tag it STUPIDITY. What amazes me is that these are persons who claim to be legal experts and technocrats.
The whole thing is gradually transforming itself from an embarassment to a disgrace.


My friend Rexon. Just some food for thought.

There are three things which if one does not know, one cannot live long in the world: what is too much for one, what is too little for one, and what is just right for one.
Aiming isn't hitting!

No analysis.Hope you got me.

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