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Thursday, 17 August 2006


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Who had stuff in the computers and who felt frustrated and wanted them destroyed? Find the answer and you can easily tell who wanted that placed burnt down? No guess work.

Frustrated people will always act like that. The truth will out.



I think it high time Cameroonian society join the rest of the world in global village by taking the advatage of internet. Conventional wisdom is that iIf the information in those computers were in the SDF website, the burning down of the sectariat will not succeed in hiding any wrond doing. This has been a common situation in Cameroon, In 1988, The Secretariat of the National Assembly was burned to cover up a pending finacial fraud, in 1992, the secreteriat of the Faculty of Law of the University of Yde was burned as there was allegations that Prof. Ntamark had been dishing out sexually transmissable degrees to ladies who have never attended University. Even a dergree in Economics was Issues to Ngoufac, the autodefenc leader of 1991 strike with whom the Cameroon government appointe him as a CFO at the Douala Port authority and was inprison on fraud charged in 1999 after he fell out of favour of the authorities. The list is many and now is the Central Provincial SDF Secretariat.
I understand that the individuals who are supposed to encourage the putting of database in intranet or internet are the benifactors of this dark age consequences in which Cameroon is stocked. Anyway these guys in internet dinousors.

Reader 1

This is just a primitive act. It's just one of the features of an uncivilized society. This act cannot change situations on either faction of the SDF party. The point is Fru Ndi and Ben Muna are simply irresponsible political "illiterates" losing a battle against " political mortality" and their political careers in Cameroon end just where both of them are right now.


I think the perpetrators of this act did a highly commendable job.

When someone is helpless, has no-one to turn to, he becomes frustrated and customarily send a signal that he is not happy with the present status quo through violence. SDF party policies were very similar to this like operation ghost towns, sit down strikes, etc. Through their leaders political undertones, we were advised that we should not buy french cars like citroen, peugeot, other french products. we were defended when many cameroonians went to the streets to destroy properties of french companies and those of CPDM pundits in several parts of the country. SDF leaders argued that we are right not to pay taxes because the government does not execute meaningful projects with taxpayers funds. But when Mbah Ndam and co turn around and were involved in illegal businesses with the very corrupt minded Biya regime and their murderous French emperors, their supporters in this forum have every reason to defend them.

Who then is a looser? Like the colonialist regime of the CPDM, SDF MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello reader1(Hypocrite1) ,
your concluding remark signals a sadistic overtone over this atrocity.Fair enough it is truely an apaulling act where there is a glaring disconnection to Fru Ndi's literacy from where you link it with illiteracy.
I think your choice of words is interspersed with out right arrogance and blantant stupidity for failing to see this as a political conspiracy of a high, long wide and deep nature.
Ben Muna and Fru Ndi are not illiterates.Their political career hasn't reach any dead end yet.You are just being a hypocrite in a 'white sepulchre' dressed as 'Reader1'.Otherwise you are not fit for purpose on this forum.What is your name? READER1. Non-sensical identity.


Is there even a party again by name SDF? Is the party now going ahead or behind?. I guess Mr Biya should even denouce that multiparitism as it has come with more trouble that it came to solve.What do we hold now to show that there was once a party like this? Any party that took its supporters for fools will always end foolish as well. if u play dirty games always expect to played dirty upon as well. might be some want to hide documents that will prove that their mandates had ended by the partys constitution from the court but sorry the court has that fact already and any what had already been discussed will not be repeated .Sorry SDF u are only fulling urselves as we cannot join that dying ban wagone again ok

Reader 1

Mr. NjifenztBD(U.K),
I do not just write because i stumble upon English words. The vocabulary i used was really appropriate to bring to light the sad truth that surrounds these two guys. It's unfortunate you don't write English well, cannot even understand it better; so that's the reason you read but couldn't grasp the meaning of what i wrote. But the good thing is that you're in the UK; so i would suggest to you to politely ask an English friend that will read and explain to you in very simple English, but i'm not so sure this method is going to work because that English will not understand your dialect so as to be able to let you really understand. If you happen to have this English, fine, you write to me again, so i can write and your English friend will read for you. Another method that will help out is that you save what i wrote till when events will finally come out, so you will be able to understand them then.
good luck.


It is rather unfortunate for cameroonians to behalf this way. Burning down the secretariat of the only opposition political party means allot so to say. Let Fru Ndi and Ben Muna see what they are doing to this country now. Yesterday was one dead in yaounde, today is the secretariat burned down and who know tommorrow..............
Let the President of the Republic quickly gives orders for the SDF fight to be judged and declares who is leading the Sdf else we rick seeing more of such happenings . To me there should be one fraction doing thses things to implicate the other but let the court decision be done quickly to stop this nonsence.


Hon Mbah Ndam batters Ben Muna
By Ezieh Christopher Andu in Bamenda
Joseph Mbah Ndam, Member of Parliament for Momo and the SDF Parliamentary Group Leader has taken a swipe at Ben Muna and co. who are attempting to split the leading opposition party in the country.
Mbah Ndam, who is equally the legal adviser of the SDF is bitter with Ben Muna to the extend that he drew daggers with him last weekend in Bamenda.
The bone of contention, Mbah Ndam argued, is Muna’s unbridled quest for power and his inordinate desire to denigrate, calumnize and sabotage outstanding dignitaries of the SDF party.
Mbah Ndam also noted that Muna’s recent behaviour is not unconnected with his stay in Rwanda where he prosecuted criminals of bitter hatred and consequently, conjured upon himself that spirit of hatred, which has now become a basic aspect of his character.
Hon. Mbah Ndam was guest at the highly rated CRTV Bamenda program, “Red Carpet”, which is produced by Colday Ndofekeh Olivier. Read excerpts below.
What brings you to this program today?
You have deemed it necessary to bring me here, as this program is one, which l have from time to time followed up when l am within the Northwest. And l think that it is a program that can help us clarify a number of problems plaguing the SDF.
So many people are still to know who Hon. Mbah Ndam really is?
Mbah Ndam Joseph Njang, are my names. I come from Batibo, some 40 km from away from here; born of peasant parents, Tita Oscar and Frida Endam, all of late today. I went through primary school in the famous, Guka primary school and my secondary education in Government Secondary School Mamfe. I never went to the High school, because l thought two years were so long. I did a year in the house and made my Advanced Levels and entered the University of Yaounde where l graduated in 1979 with an LLB degree and later a diploma in 1980 and in 1983, l got a doctorat de troisieme cycle.
After my doctorate, l taught in the university for four years, but later withdrew to take up legal practice. And of course, in 1990, as a young lawyer, when the SDF was formed, l found myself in politics.
Why did you join specifically the SDF?
Well, before the SDF was launched, l had never militated in any political party; call it the CNU or CPDM. I had no interest in politics at all. But when l saw glimpses of the fact that there could be multi-party politics in Cameroon, on the grounds that were broken by the SDF, and l listened to the leader who is still there today, l drew the conclusion that it was something positive for Cameroon and l could give it my own little contribution. That is how l joined the SDF.
Are you married? And are you are Christian?
I am married and a father of six children. I am a practicing Christian of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon.
How did you fight your way to become a Member of Parliament?
Did l really fight? I came into the SDF almost at its inception. I use “almost” because l don’t want to claim like some people who came in a year later and now claim to be founding members. I gave in my utmost contribution in the struggle, and whatever assignment l was given; l did it whole-heartedly. Don’t forget that l lived at the time in Yaounde. I had to shuttle between my home and Yaounde carrying out party’s work.
There is this famous lady, Nyah Margaret who claims that your current mandate in parliament belongs to her because you were supposed to serve only one term?
That claim amuses me because when we had the first primaries in 1997, Margaret Nyah was not even second to me, the person who came second is my current District Chairman, Mr. Teno Lawrence. Mme Margaret Nyah came a distant third with very few votes. And if there is someone to complain, it should be the runner up who is my district chairman with whom we have a very cordial relationship today. I don’t think l took the place of someone who never won the primaries. During the primaries of 2002, Margaret Nyah still ran with me, but this time it was a waterloo for her. She had ridiculous votes. And of course, although l lived in Yaounde, l am always very present in my constituency. So if she is crying fowl, even if l am not there, she will not be the one to take my place, but the person who was next to me. My Alternate from Widikum, Barrister Nyah Maxellus, defeated Madam Nyah very mercilessly. It is a democratic exercise and not rhetoric.
How did you win the heart of the SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi?
I don’t know whether l have won his heart. One thing l believe in, is sincerity and frankness. I am frank, and l found that frankness in him. I am fearless, and l always found it in him and l have never chewed my words when it comes to expressing my opinion to him. I have always told him that if it came to a point where he does no longer have confidence in me, l will step down from the responsibilities.
I do disagree with the National Chairman several times, but it is always behind closed doors. I happened to have been born into a royal family where respect for elders is primordial. Even when l disagree with him on an issue, it ends in the house. The chairman is someone who would like you to convince him on an issue and not to force it down his throat.
I always take time to explain my points. He is the type of person if you want to explain something to him, you should also be ready to listen to his own explanations. And when that explanation is made, it is now left to any honest person to accept what is right. And very often he proves me wrong and l take it kindly. As a senior brother, that goes on and it ends between us.
Is it true the National Chairman one day confided in you that his life is in your hands and if you betray him that will be the end of him?
That is a terrible allegation. If he had done that l should have long left this party. An elderly person l cannot even wear his shoe confides his life in me? Talk less of removing his cap before me? In the context of our tradition, that is an abomination and ill luck to me. Such thing has never happened.
Honourable, you forgot to indicate that you enjoy power and money?
I think l am doing a service. Let me go a little bit behind, when l left the University of Yaounde with a 1st degree, at that point in time, going to ENAM to do magistracy was through a mere application. Hardly did the number that graduated fill the positions required in the public service. I never wrote an application. I pursued my studies and got to a point where l started teaching in the university, yet, l did not find it convenient. If l were interested in power, at the time l had a first degree, l would have entered ENAM and become a divisional officer and grew from there to become like my friends who are governors and ministers today.
I finally chose to belong to the private sector. I never participated in active politics. I needed a free life. What l enjoyed in the early days as a young lawyer was the fight for freedom of expression and liberty. I started up as human rights activists; politics then came in.
Enjoying power has never been my ambition. What is happening is that, because of my honesty and sincerity, l got involved and carried away by events and responsibilities that are put on me and l am bound to execute them. As for money; in fact when l chose to be in the private sector, l meant to work money. I want to make people know that by the time l was doing the TEA, l was already a businessman and driving in a 504. By the time l was defending my thesis for the doctorat d’etat de troisieme cycle in 1983, l was riding a Mercedes car. By the time l entered parliament in 1997, l owned two Mercedes cars.
So are you a very rich man?
I am not rich. I organized my life in such a way that l enjoy it with the few francs l have. Before l went to parliament, l had built my house at home, what some people termed today, a semi palace.
It looks as if you are planning to send in someone else in parliament this time and the SDF could have a different person as Parliamentary Group Leader.
What l encouraged the junior ones around me is the spirit of competition. I know that when the time will come for the next election, there will be primaries and l intend to stand. And l encouraged anyone willing to challenge me to do so.
As for the office of the Parliamentary Group Leader, it is not of my making. It is someone else’s making. If he says go back there, l will humbly do so. And if he says, enough for you that will be it.
There is this opinion by some militants of the SDF that during primaries, the National Chairman usually backs you even in the Investiture Committee because he has vested interest in you?
Where is the vested interest? That l feed Ni John Fru Ndi or he feeds me? Look at the compound in which we are sitting. If amongst us there is anyone feeding the other; who feeds who and where then is the vested interest? Probably l serve well, l don’t want to praise myself, or l serve in the way he likes. And therefore, when it comes to investiture, he probably supports my candidature. I don’t know how it happens, those are things above me.
It looks as if you have entered a certain sect that makes you strong in the eyes of the public?
That causes me again to laugh. If you look at me, you will discover that l have no ring on me. In fact, I put off the watch when our cell phones started having time and dates. I don’t belong to any sect. I know of only the Bible. I want to advise that when you believe in Christ, and do the right and keep to that right and convinced of what you do, you will remain a very strong person. Others will go into sects and others will bring medicines, but you will triumph over snakes and scorpions.
Are you aware of the allegations that you and Hon. Yoyo Emmanuel are misleading the National chairman?
Those individuals who thought that they could mislead the National Chairman are rather embarrassed that he is waxing strong. Instead of crediting him with those special attributes that he discerns and sees what is right, they think that some people are advising him; and those people must be Mbah Ndam and Yoyo.
The National Chairman is a self made man. That’s what l found in him. He has a wide range of experience from childhood. It takes time to get an argument through him. He has a sense of intuition, which goes beyond mere learning. To those who do not know him, they simplify him, but when you go closer to him, you realize that it is not easy to conceive the type of things that crosses his mind.
I am still learning from Ni John Fru Ndi. And l do hope that God gives him long life so that we learn more about the nature of man, the nature of leadership. No one is misleading him. The issue is that, those who want to crack down on him see us as the obstacle.
I am a seasoned lawyer. Those who have tried to run him down through the courts have failed. I know someone who attempted to use defamation to get him imprisoned,but failed. Those who wished him to be in prison are angry that l stopped it from happening. That is my crime.
Probably you are learning to succeed him, because we hear he is grooming someone to succeed him.
The chairman rather sends people to the field so that the grassroots could know them. He sends several persons to the field so that the grassroots could know them. As for grooming someone, l have never heard him say anything to that direction.
I don’t believe in those who talk about a replacement at the helm of the SDF. If you believe in God, there is no formula. It is not stated anywhere that Fru Ndi will die before me. People don’t die according to their ages.
Are you satisfied with the way the SDF party is running now?
I am very satisfied.
But the founding father’s think that things are not moving well?
The Founding Fathers who think that promoters could become the owners of the party are mistaken. It is only egoism that makes someone to think that because you gave birth to a child, that child’s umbilical chord must be linked up to you. What is happening is that, some of those who conceived the idea of the SDF and flirted around before two persons, (Ni John Fru Ndi and Dr. Siga Asanga) delivered it, those people who lingered around and pass today as Founding Fathers thought that it was a joke. They pushed these two persons to go ahead and die. But they went and never died, instead, they became great and these individuals now think that they could drag it to themselves because they once sat around the table when the issue was being conceived.
You have been accused of being the link between the CPDM and the National Chairman. A good example is when the chairman’s wife collapsed in Yaounde.
Yes, again, people think that l constitute a link between the chairman and the CPDM. On the contrary, l constitute an obstacle between the chairman and the CPDM. One thing l can say is that the government of this country respects me for my position and my steadfastness to principles. Some people are still to understand that you can live in the same house with someone and disagree. Because of institutional involvement; I am very close to the people that govern this country. I will meet Gregoire Owona at any time l want, because he is the minister in charge of relations with the assemblies. I will talk to the presidency at any time l want; because what l tell him is the same thing that l tell the presidency.
That gives the impression that it is a connection. But on the contrary, that is the role of a parliamentary group leader. So, once it did happen that Ma Rose fell in the circumstance. First of all, l am one of those who propounded the position that the principal opposition leader in the country should have a status, a protocol and advantages. I am in the assembly as a parliamentary group leader. I have a status, l have a protocol and advantages. And in all Commonwealth countries that l have visited, the main opposition leader is next to the head of state.
Getting down to Balikumbat, some prominent CPDM militants of the area such as Sama Juma Ignatius, Dr. Bernard Nwana and Banmi Emmanuel have filed a case against Hon. Fon Doh for threats of life and their counsel is one of the SDF Legal Advisers, Barrister Sama Francis.
I don’t know of such a case. Do they want to re-imprison him and for how long? (Laughs); thirty years? You must not mix issues of professional lawyers who are Legal Advisers of the SDF with the practice of the profession. If a CPDM bigwig consults me, l will defend him. It’s purely a professional issue. It is a job to be done and l am paid for it. It doesn’t by any means interfere with my political affiliation. A legal practitioner once in chambers is to the client what a medical doctor is to his patient.
So it’s not like delivering the Balikumbat CPDM to the SDF?
In the first place, is there really any CPDM in Balikumbat? I was taking the other way that my colleague, Barrister Sama was defending people who purport to be CPDM. I say purported CPDM militants because l don’t think there was anybody who was living freely in Balikumbat under the yoke of Fon Doh and l think some of the right thinking people you have mentioned could militate freely in the CPDM. Some were there because of the circumstance and once Fon Doh was out, that was all of it.
Honourable, you listened to Barrister Bernard Muna saying he is chairman of the SDF party, and recently some chiefs in Meta as chairman of the SDF honoured him?
I have listened to some waffled talk, which l qualify as junk because it is disconnected, uncoordinated and does not make sense at all. Let me start with Muna’s drama in Mbengwi. I am not going to say that l am a son of the soil because such a word does not exist in English. I heard him saying that “l am a son of the soil”. I don’t know what that means. But what l want to say here is that by the tradition of the Widikum people, when a son of prominence visits the palace, if he comes along with a cup of wine, you can be sure that he will leave from there with cam wood on his head, which is an indication of good luck and blessing. I have had that several times. It is not part of our tradition to visit a palace and the chief refuses to give you traditional blessings.
The Fons of the Widikum tribe have two bags for both good and bad things. And if it concerns what happens to Ben Muna and he is boasting about it, it confirms what l know about him. He has lived all his life out of home. And so, if he waffles around with some Fons; to him that means greatness. Let him come, they will give and give. I heard him count about ten Fons. But remember that all the Fons of Northwest are virtually CPDM, yet the CPDM has never won. So if someone comes priding himself of having ten Fons behind him, then something is wrong with that person. I don’t know what you meant by crowning him. I heard him saying that he is older than Ni John Fru Ndi. That he is being crowned in 2006. If that is what he is boasting of, l want to remind him that l had such titles 26 years ago, precisely in 1979, when l just graduated from the university and visited my Fons as a student union leader.
You might want to react to what Hon. Ngwasiri said in ‘Red Carpet’ at one time that you took over 250 million francs as money meant for the party.
Please let me finish with Barrister Bernard Muna’s claim to be National Chairman of the SDF party. You see, that has been an embarrassment to me. That a man l thought went to school and learnt the basic tenets of rational thinking, of argumentation could pretend to assume a title that makes a ridicule of himself. Whatever the arguments before 26, May 2006, what they intended to do in Yaounde as a convention of the SDF party was banned by the administration. And once a manifestation is banned, even if you use force to do it, it is believed not to have taken place and whatever you do at such instance, is null and void. Even if on the 26th of May, Muna hid himself somewhere and proclaimed himself chairman, the meeting that was projected to hold in Yaounde never took place for the simple fact that it was banned. Territorial administration knows that and banned it. So Barrister Ben Muna is chairman of nothing. It is impossible for him to have been elected when that meeting was banned. That chapter is closed. I know that he has not formed a party. This again is what makes it more ridiculous. A rational thinking Barrister at law would have gone into a formal organization whereby he could will power if that is his greatest ambition. But what l have come to realize is that something has happen to Barrister Benard Muna between the time he resigned as an SDF militant, went to Rwanda and the time he returned. I have been brooding over this comportment of his and, it is not of late l got clear indications of what has gone through him in Rwanda.
You know that in Rwanda you had the Hutu and Tutsi crisis. It is deeply rooted in hatred and killings. Muna went to Rwanda and has lived this situation and one great thing he has learnt from this is hatred. I think he got involved and that has worked in his mind a lot. I am afraid with the way Muna pronounces my name and that of others around, l was surprised to read an interview he granted Le Messager newspaper that it was thanks to the death of Diboule that he launched his party. You see, the Hutu-Tutsi crisis was deeply rooted in hatred. We now see Muna coming out with that hatred. You see how Muna behaves with his eyes on TV now. It is no more the Muna l knew before he went to Rwanda, its dangerous.
That’s what l find in him. I wanted to clear that aspect before we go further. I will never forget to tell you that l started my legal practice in Muna & Muna chambers for some six months before moving over to Ntamark and Ndobedi. The Ben Muna l see today is a dangerous one. Something is really wrong with him as a matter of fact. He is no longer the one l used know.
What of the 250 million Francs CNPS allegations?
It is an issue l don’t know how it came about. But today l can see it. People had to create something to ensure that Mbah Ndam gets involved in a money scandal. I have never taken it seriously because it is a great joke. Why would CNPS pay me 250 million francs, for what? I want to repeat it here that since 1990 l picked up legal practice seriously. I became really involved in practice when this party was launched. I have never done any case for the government of this country or State Corporation. I have never had any penny out of the government department for a job done. If l ever had any legal matter with the government, l am always on the opposing camp. I have never had any dealings with CNPS.
I have always asked those who talk about it, that what does it take them to call on the CNPS general manager to find out the situation? I am not in the habit of taking people to court or running behind defamation cases. First of all, by my conviction, I can’t take you journalists to court criminally. I think that defamation should be civil.
What problem do you have with the publisher of Chronicle newspaper? He accused you of having worked for you without pay?
The Chronicle is a paper, which l moulded. I gave money to Motumu who is my nephew to register a paper and l sponsored him over a period of time. I don’t know where things went wrong. Like anyone who likes to hate Mbah Ndam, he started writing damaging articles against me. And in my normal liberal attitude, l have not taken him to anywhere. The problem is that when he sees me he runs away. I have not been able to set my eyes on him. He went off head, writing rubbish on what can no longer be styled as journalism for that matter. And of course, the paper is dead and gone. I spent quite some millions building a nephew, the father was my cousin and the mother doesn’t even know that this is going on. When l get home, the mother always come and embrace me. I pity her because she is not aware of the problem.
Is there any way for reconciliation?
Reconciling with who? Do l reconcile with a child? I don’t have a problem. I have always told him that there is no problem between us. He knows my capacity of tolerance. He really knows that all the junk he writes about me means nothing.
Lets go back to this Yaounde murder case; you were accused of sponsoring those who carried out the act?
I have just talked of hatred and the person who accused me knows that he is lying. The authorities in Yaouunde know that he is lying. Understand that l move with a bodyguard who is a gendarme officer. By my status, l don’t leave Yaounde without reporting to the Assembly. I left Yaounde on the 22nd of May and only returned on the 30th; and the authorities knew it. Before l left Yaounde on the 22nd of May, l telephoned the governor of Center province and we agreed that the SDF secretariat be sealed. On that very 22nd, the first fight took place there. I moved to the scene and met gendarmes who had taken up the place and one captain Ndongo led them. He can testify. I went into the place and met a gang of hired thugs. They were in a room and l saluted them: “Ca va?” and they responded “oui patron.” That is not how SDF militants address me. When l arrive amongst my militants; they address me as Mbah Ndam, Mbah Ndam, Mbah Ndam. They don’t even attach honourable before my name. But with these people, when l said “ca va”, they said “oui patron.”
So when l came out of the secretariat, l discovered that they were armed, they had bows and arrows, l asked to see the captain, when l saw him and told him that this was a dangerous place; someone can die here and l recommended that he seals the place and wait until we finished with the convention. Captain Ndongo listened to me and took up his phone and called someone and explained what l told him. At the end of his call, l asked him, with whom were you talking?; he replied that he was talking to Commandant de groupement. I have now learnt that that commandant is called Col. Tchinda. After the situation, l told him again to send away everyone from the place. Thereafter, l called on the governor and reported the incident. He assured me that firm instructions have been given towards that direction.
So when l left Yaounde on the 22nd, l was sure that the place was sealed and the gendarmes were there. It was never an issue in my mind. Until the early morning of the 26th of May, l was in Batibo, and l want to remind you that l was one of the three-member commission for the preparation of speeches for the convention. I was in Batibo. All the authorities knew that l was not in Yaounde on May 26.
What’s your reaction over the case between Ben Muna–Ngwasiri against the SDF? We are told they won?
(Laughs): Who told you that they won? Let me give you the decision that came out on application of a motion of execution. What happened is that when the Mfoundi High Court to which Ngwasiri purported to act on behalf of the SDF, seeking the cancellation of the resolutions of the extra ordinary NEC meeting of 25th of February 2006 and before we went into the matter, a kind of judge ruled in an inter-lucotory manner that he has now suspended all the resolutions of NEC since 2003, all the resolutions of Advisory Council, which means that he suspended even the resolutions of the Advisory Council convening the so-called Yaounde convention. He suspended even the resolutions that decided on a reconciliation forum, during which Bernard Muna was readmitted as militant of the SDF.
It became such an embarrassing decision. If that resolution of a National Executive Committee that created a reconciliation forum by the said court decision is annulled, it meant Ben Muna is not a militant of the SDF. That did not bother him. But we immediately filed an appeal to that inter-lucotory decision and also presented a motion for a stay of execution for the ruling. That was done and so by the principles of our laws once the application for stay was presented, it suspended the execution of that decision. That is why it had no consequence on the government granting us authorization to hold the convention. Now the convention has been held and everything is over. What happened was that we actually came up to argue the application of stay of execution. The court found that since that decision, which was said to be an inter-lucotory decision, went into the substance and decided issues that are supposed to go through two processes. That decision was like its final one. And by our laws, once you appeal against such a final decision; that appeal by its very fact suspends execution of that decision. Since the decision was that way, the appeal we filed stayed execution of that decision. It was therefore not necessary for us to file a motion for execution. This was the judgment that came from the court.
Your concluding statement?
I thank you for coming to talk to me; and l will tell you that the SDF remains serene. We think that this whole rubble is an organized destabilization plan since we are going to have an independent Electoral Commission in Cameroon and the SDF could become very strong. Bernard Muna and his clique are on a mission. That is, to destabilize the SDF so that when real elections come, the CPDM would win. It is not by accident that we have a Muna in government, a Muna running around the SDF and a Muna in the civil society. This is by design. It is meant, especially for those of us in Momo, to destabilize the base so that the CPDM can creep in, especially as elections are very likely to be free and fair. And that is just the mission. All that junk of “l am chairman”, by Muna are mere jokes. He knows that he is not. His intention is to sufficiently destabilize the SDF to enable the CPDM penetrate the Northwest. This is the message l want to give our people of the Northwest province.


Mbah ndam,mbah ndam mbah ndam,
How many times have i called you,you tell lies and even called the name of answer these guestions.
What have you done to help those who lost their hands during the lunching of sdf?
where did you get the money you have today?
And do you think sdf can still move on with people like you and yoyo?mbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaahh
You have six children are you a pig?that is a whole basketball team you are talking about.mbaah do you think you will go free after the killing of sdf member.?mbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah you and john fru ndi fool colonel chi and he is sufering today.mmmmbaaaaaaaaaaah when shall you people stop evil.?Ben muna is trying to free us but you people will not let him do it.mbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ndaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam are you talking of god or the GOD we know?the god of wickednes and evill.wwhere is douboule mbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
BEN MUNA don;t mind this evill men keep on with you work.
maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ndaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam GOD is seeing the killing.


Mbah ndam,mbah ndam mbah ndam,
How many times have i called you,you tell lies and even called the name of answer these guestions.
What have you done to help those who lost their hands during the lunching of sdf?
where did you get the money you have today?
And do you think sdf can still move on with people like you and yoyo?mbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaahh
You have six children are you a pig?that is a whole basketball team you are talking about.mbaah do you think you will go free after the killing of sdf member.?mbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah you and john fru ndi fool colonel chi and he is sufering today.mmmmbaaaaaaaaaaah when shall you people stop evil.?Ben muna is trying to free us but you people will not let him do it.mbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ndaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam are you talking of god or the GOD we know?the god of wickednes and evill.wwhere is douboule mbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
BEN MUNA don;t mind this evill men keep on with you work.
maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ndaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam GOD is seeing the killing.


There're no factions within the SDF. Muna & a few misguided individuals are no longer militants of the SDF. The court will not decide who to lead the SDF for us. The people renewed their confidence in Chairman FRU NDI since May 28, 2006 in Bamenda. They party has been functioning despite these distractions from the courts & the Munas. For your information, it's the regime that's encouraging this so-called division. Why can't the regime arrest Ben Muna who held an authorised meeting that led to the death of DIBOULE? Why were the riff-raffs recruited by Muna (from Mokolo & Monatele to be paraded on TV as SDF militants) released whereas, by-standers & onlookers picked up at the Olezoa neighbourhood are still be locked up now at Kondengui? The regime wants to divide the SDF & I guess they're now conscious that if they try, that will be the end of the Cameroons?

Have you now joined the BenFTeribobs_ Muketes, etc., to propagate the old song that MBAH NDAM is doing illegal business with the regime? Which is this business? Or else, you'll want me to believe that your no longer an SCNC activist, but you're now like BenFTeribobsMukete, etc., who have a personal problem with Chairman FRU NDI and saw MBAH NDAM as their stumbling block? SDF can never be like RDPC. The SDF was created to right the wrongs of the UC_UNC_RDPC misgovernance since 1958. Up till today, SDF has not deviated from this noble mission. I'm surprise that many of you have never condemned the dancing jamboree in the name of a congress that took place in Y'de a month ago. If you've been priviledged to watch congresses out of Cameroon, you won't say what took place on July 21, 2006 was a political party congress. It was more or less a gathering of sectarians showering praises on their sectarian leader. It's only in the SDF that you can challenge the Chairman during elections. Titus Edzoa wanted to try but he was sent to Kondengui. If we are to democratise Cameroon, we must discourage anarchronism propagated by the Munas. To Muna democracy means FRU NDI should give the SDF to him! I see the private press encouraging this. What a sad moment in the history of our democracy!

Back to the issue of the burnt Secretariat: there are these guys who thought that Muna will help them as an SDF Chairman. In fact they were hoping that the Mfoundi courts will give them the SDF but since it's hasn't been the case so far & from every indication, it'll NEVER be, they now turn to venge their frustration on the Secretariat. You might not know Ben Muna is living like a refugee in Cameroon. You can't find interacting with the people - his best places are TV Stations. He has run away from Radio Stations because of listeners call back & pose him questions which he can't answer. On TVs, you can only watch.

That apart, a Francophone told me that when you're a son or daughter of an important personality or former, whatever you tell them, they believe. So, it's this group of people that Muna has been lying to them he'll take over SDF and make them Ministers,directors, etc. These may be the people who burnt this Secretariat. Besides, the place has been under the custody of the Forces of Law & Order. Whatever happened there, the Forces shall be held responsible. If the regime thinks that there're destroying the SDF by ecouraging Muna, we're remeinding them that they're destroying Cameroon & we'll holding the responsible for all the crimes committed against Cameroon & Cameroonians in the not too distant future.

I hope BenF will tell Ni Ben to publish the autopsy report of DIBOULE. We were told they were waiting for this report before burial. They buried him without telling us how he died & even without showing us the battered eyes, etc. Lies don't last & they won't help Ben Muna politically. Like I've always said, politics isn't Ben's calling. If he were a young man, I'd have spurred him to join the army. His eyes are good for the military for they can be use to intimidate junior officers. He is too unconvincing that only orders will do the trick for him.

Cheers & I wish everyone a joyous weekend!

N.B.: Please Feli get to me as soon as possible via [email protected]


I think it pays to be honest.Maybe I should think aloud here.

Could it be that, Mbah ndam never had the money to attend high school or that he was so intelligent as not needing high school education? What grades then did he make at the GCE,'A'levels if he was that intelligent if that was why he never went to a high school?

At the University those days, with Some stipend been given,it could be possible that even the very poor children could scale through Univesity education then in Cameroon, could be these Mbah Ndam's case.

If he accepts here that, at all times that they shared different views on an issue with Fru Ndi, the later always prevailed, could it be a sign of failure and incompetence on his part or just that Fru Ndi is a super-human as he tries to claim?

I want to learn.




I think in life and in society, each individual, has a role to play. It's unfortuanate that Barrister Mbah Ndam and Mr. Fru Ndi has failed to see that, when it comes to the founding and launching of the SDF.

During the formation of the SDF, individuals present at that time had a role to play and it was done with respect to the abilities of that individual. Each individual did his or her best at that time, that is why the SDF had such a huge following when it was launched. Today, each person feels his role was more vital. I find that, arrant nonsense. If, not for vanity and selfish purposes, SDF officials will not make such remarks, about that issue.Where was Barrister Mbah Ndam when SDF officials were been arrested and harrassed after the 1992 presidential elections? Did he suffer all the tear gasing, did he or any of his family member got killed, beaten or maimed for life because of the SDF. Did he get his house burnt. Today, late comers into the SDF, with vicious motives claim to be more SDF than others.

At present, because of the crisis being face, each individual tend to see his or her part, as been pivotal to the existance of the SDF. As often said too many hands spoil the soup.


This BAD Ndam interview is very sweet. Feli...Mukete2, thanks for posting it here. I must come back to it. Time short, tori long.





Hell breaks loose!!

I assume the information by Mukete is true. In as much as I wont claim to be a foreseer ,I said it in this forum that If Fon Victor Mukete is enjoying his freedom after all his attrocities Doh couldnt be an exception. The Lamido of Rey Bouba after murdering UNDP parliamentarian is still enjoying his freedom. Even Mukete's thungs have not been disarmed why should Doh suffer in prison? Bravo to the CPDM regime.

Now to the SDF saga!

We Cameroonians are very shortighted and oblivious. Starting with the UPC ,it waxed strong from the days of the Makis till early 90s when the regime succeeded to crack in and have its way. It was a thorn in the flesh of Ahidjo and then Biya. The regime succeeded with the help of Frederick Kodock to undermine Ndeh Ntumazah. Today the UPC is history.

Then after that it was the turn of UNDP with the firebrand former failed coup d'etat accomplice Bello Bouba Maigari. Northists were determined to revenged the humuliation of their son Ahidjo by the betis .Biya saw this as a real source of threat and danger.The regime tactically conived with Bezingui (the then Party Secretary General) and today the CPDM is the strongest party even in Bello Bouba's village. Bello and Kodock are both in govt .

Now someone(not me) said this is the turn of the SDF. With the Municipal elections at hand, the handwriting is clear on the wall Who gains from the SDF crisis? I bet you neither the Pro-Ben nor the Pro-Ndi but the regime in place.

Some Earnest Questions to the Pro Ben Camp

Ben Muna , Prof Asonganyi, Souleymane, late Dr Siga Asanga who were all dismissed from the SDF. Who among them had the legitimate claim and mandate to have rebelled against the SDF? My honest guess is not Ben Muna. Prof and co definitely knew the dangers that would have spelled to the only remaining source of presuure to the Yde Junta and therefore didnt want to jeopardize that, reasons they stayed quiet hoping (I guess) for some reconciliation.

Who does this confusion serve? Ben Muna? Fru Ndi ? Cameroonians?... or the regime in place? The answer is just less than a year to come.Lets wait and see



This is one of the devilish interviews i have read for along time now.
Mbah Ndam has confirmed my worries all these while,he is a crook.An expert in distortion and falsification.Listen to the crook.

My father is Tita Oscar, mother Frida Endam.
Yet his name is Mbah Ndam.Did he not take his fathers name?or was he born out of wedd luck.Wounders shall never end.

Mbah Ndam is God,''chairman's life is with him''.That's why money matters passes under the table between them.The enjoying of money and power.

''One thing i can say is that the gov't of this country respect me for my stead fastness to principles''
Mbah ndam having principles?The cpdm gov't respecting somebody for nothing?Who does this crook think he is deceiving?sdf militant or readers?you must be joking.

''Even if muna hid himself and proclaim himself chairman,since it is banned.It is null and void''
This crook fails to remember that fru ndi was banned from declaring the sdf in 1990,yet the party exit today.One rule for other ,one for fru ndi.Mr lawyer my ass.

''Motumu is my nephew,like any one who wants to hate Mbah ndam.He started writing damaging articles about me.I invested millions to built somebody all i get is insult''
What!how times changes people.Your nephew says you wanted him to run the propaganda arm of the sdf so you and fru ndi can continue stealing without pay.He ask for his monthly stipends you started you crookery,mbah ndam,what a shame.

The crook also tried all to demean Muna and the family,but this was the begger who begged for assistance in those days,now running his mouth.
If there is anybody wo has learned hatred it is mbah ndam,i am sure investigation will finally link you to the death of Deboule.



I can conclude that you clearly didnot understand what i wrote.You are just a victim of your confused signal you send accross this forum.Besides, i didnot accuse you of stumbling with words.Ironically you are now...
Your message was a direct attack to Fru Ndi and Ben Muna qualifying them illetrates.What puzzles me is the link your drew in relation to the burning down of their party secretariate.Its rather regrettable to observe the incongrous relation you are struggling to establish.
I may only get back to you again when you cease from being a ghost contributor by disclosing your true identity.Its of course easy for you to identify me without fear or contradiction.Who are you?The hypocritical READER1, who stupidly thinks that Ben Muna and John Ndi are illiterates because their party head quarters was set ablaze.Go back to your same lines and see where you went wrong.Stupid reader1 who writes and fails to understand what he reads.


Your blithe disregard for facts exposes you as a blithering idiot to the public.
What message do you want to pass across concerning the fact that Mbah Ndam´s name is not related to the father´s name? Do you think the naming of names has an internationand or national convention that is binding to all? That aside only a moghamo man will understand why Mbah Ndam supressed the name Mbah from the father´s name and used Tita. Tita in Moghamo means prince and therefore is a title and not a name. It is just like you have Prince Charles over there and he may have another name which is not pronounce.

If you go back to the interview, you will realise that Mbah Ndam mentioned that he is from the royal family. Did you not notice that he did not attach the father´s name to the mother´s name? That is typical in Batibo.(stay queit when you don´t have any thing to contribute)

You further exposed your emptiness in the quotation below
"This crook fails to remember that fru ndi was banned from declaring the sdf in 1990,yet the party exit today.One rule for other ,one for fru ndi.Mr lawyer my ass"

As small as you brain is, do you know that after the launching of the SDF in 1990, if the party was not finally later legalised, it would have remain illegal and cannot stand elections in Cameroon? In addition, do you know that after launching the SDF, the party had to submit another application before it was legalised without which it would have remained illegal?

The UPC existed for years and could only participate in elections after legalisation.From this analogy, don´t you think Muna´s "authentic SDF" remains illegal and he can´t participate in any elections untill the day he will follow the right procedure to be legalised?

Keep dreaming.



Nkea Emmanuel

I Just read the Post on-line newspaper today, with the headline news being " SDF Secretariat Set On Fire".

This news is very disturbing as it seeks to confirm the establishment of a new found syndrome, that of committing politically motivated crimes under the guise of addressing one kind of political discontent
or the other.
Perhaps it is important to note that on May 26, 1990, Six (6)Anglophone Cameroonians were brutally assassinated purportedly by the Biya regime as a sign of discontent over the launching of The SDF Party on that day. Then came the multiple acts of arson purportedly by SDF Militants, perpetrated on the property of CPDM barons in The North West Province in the aftermath of the results of the October 1992 Presidential elections in Cameroon as a sign of discontent following the "Stolen Victory" of Mr. John Fru Ndi at the polls. Exactly sixteen (16)years after the first politically motivated crime was inflicted on the SDF by the CPDM led government, the SDF has demonstrated in no vague terms its ability to quickly transform its status from
a Political Crime Victim to a Political Crime Offender as a way of addressing their political discontent.

This has been highlighted by the May 26Th 2006 Political Assassination of Gregoire Diboule Nzal the SDF (Ngwasiri Administrative Secretary for the Cent re
Province in opposition to that faction's determination to host a controversial Convention by Pro Fru Ndi men
We don't need any investigations to determine the perpetrators of this recent act of arson on the SDF Secretariat. It is clear that, it was the Ngwasiri faction that was last in control of the building, and that only after the Fru Ndi faction attempted to take over control of the building was it placed under
police surveillance.

I am not by any stretch of imagination trying to delve into the SDF crisis, it is least my concern. My pre occupation is that the SDF appears to be no better than the CPDM, and that given the ability to control a vast arena of military apparatus like the CPDM currently enjoys, the SDF will possible transform Cameroon into a blood bath.

Even a dog can distinguish between being stumbled over and being kicked

Reader 1

Mr. NjifenztBD(U.K),
Couldn't you be a bit more stupid? I had correctly pointed out to you that your problem stems from the simple fact that you could neither write nor read and understand good English. If you could correct this one defect in you, it won't be surprising for you to become one of my best English students and i want you to be a good student, so if you still ignore to write in good grammatical English on this forum, i will henceforth carry out an English language grammatical correction on your every write up on this forum.

Big Joe

Vally of England,
It is a pity that your girlfriend wasted her hard earn salary to smuggle you to Britain. You were better off in sweden where you were managing as a student though with fake dokies. I guess your english deficiency was raising enough suspicion and contributed to your frustration. why not concentrate on your cleaning job in England?.I am sure your name is on the list of those 113 UB fruadstars, it is a good thing you moved earlier. Nobody is forcing you to comment on this forum even if you are from Mudakwe. If Ben Muna/Ngwasiri are looking for sympathizers, they will never search for your type.

Howard Njeck

I can really see how desperate cameroonian are.The so called educated Cameroonians spend thier Valuable time criticising a political icon like Fru Ndi. Who self-lesslly dedicated his life for us.
Biya stay there till your child i big and take over from you like your brother for Togo. Make this fool them de write thier big gramar on the intenet de criticise NI FRU. Them don fear Biya the lion. Then see thier fool way na Fru Ndi. The so called Mukete should stop addressing our Chairman the way he is doing. Or will follow the Biya Government in Exile when times cames.

Howard Njeck

I dont think Mukete has a job. This very foolish Southern Cameroonian Spend all the time in the world writing on the intenet.
Go and ask for a job from Inoni and stop that nonsense. You will never do what Fru Ndi Did in 1990. Mukete,Mukete NEEEEEEEEEEEE foolish man. Biya na Big society man not Mbah Ndam.
Howard (USA)

Fritzane Kiki Hong Kong

Mbah Ndam has nothing to say than criticise Muna but he forgets that the matter is still ahead.I think the SDF party is in stumble and chaos today because of Mbah's arrogance and pride.He is the one asking Fru Ndi to be acting on instincts leaving the party in division.

Look at what is going on with the SDF secretariat!! Is this what we envisaged and planned for in the early 90's.It's a pity that the party's heirarchy has no sorrow for those who lose their lives for the struggle of the party.Who is to be blamed for this present misunderstanding in the party?We have started drawing conclusions that the party has little or no motive nor ambition with the present Fru Ndi and his henchmen because they show no set and positive aspiration and objective for the party's future.

Militants are left in a situation of no choice than sit and watch the football match between Fru Ndi FC and Muna FC.This is the final round of the competition let's wait and see the victor and the vanquish.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Dear HEADMASTER(Reader1),
definately you have a serious problem.I now know who you are.My next door neighbour.
You are suffering from 'Walter Mintis' syndrom.Keep on dreaming.The sad fact is that there isn't a cure yet for this.
Your image suits a highly qualified standard Six School Head master.I will never hesitate to be your classroom pupil.

Reader 1

Congratulations for successfully enrolling with fewer mistakes which you will notice their corrections in round brackets below.

1. definately (definitely) you have a serious problem.

2. You are suffering from 'Walter Mintis' syndrom. (syndrome)

3. Your image suits a highly qualified standard six Head master. (headmaster)
good luck.


Something seems to be going wrong with the colomn of issue of fake certificates in UB

The facts about Ndille are too glaring and I will suggest that the investigation should begin from there if UB wants to clean her image both at home and abroad.

Elias Ngu, we need more.All those involved in corruption should be exposed. How on earth will persons pay 300,000frs to obtain a passport? I encourage all those who went through hell in Yaounde to get a passport to expose those who are extorting money in the process now.

It is too sad that some students could not fulfill visa requirement to proceed abroad for further studies because of passport racketeering. Of course those who are suffering in this issue are the poor ones who are struggling to survive. Children of the big guns will never be affected by this kind of artificial problem.

Those who have missed their opportunities because of this issue of passport will tomorrow find themselves in a situation which is not out of their making and when the public wants to critize them nobody will know what pushed them into a predicament. Lets address the root causes first gentlemen.


It should have been more reasonable to eliminated everything in the UB forged Transcripts/Certificate SAGA rather than removing only the commentaries. I have the impression that it is as a means to cover up certain wrong doings by some individuals. Why expose "smaller" fraud and try to cover-up the "Bigger" one? This selective removal maybe because some 'big gun' names have been made public in connection with wrong-doing. This for me is equivalent "TO BURNING THE SECRETARIAT OF THE POST" in order to cover the academic crimes perpetrated in UB. Please if you wanted to burn your secretariat, then burn everything including the List of the alleged frauders.
I understand that my effort in trying to uncover certain acts and expose certain individuals is against the Post Editorial policy since they have selectively been removing my deeply researched revelations, I will not contribute any more of my ideas to the forum.
Thank you

Elias Angu

The Postnewsline, it is a disgrace that you guys have decided to stop the commentaries on the fake docky issue. This has not only destroyed your credibility, but has also exposed you guys as a corrupt paper. Why should you stop people from writing and you decide to keep the article.
If you guys don't put back the commentary section, you better wipe off everything. Ngwese, we must fight this issue like it or not. I will publish the list tomorrow.
The Post is a disappointment, you guys better take off that article.
Ngwese, if you give up, I won't because everyone must be exposed beginning with Titanji and Ntopi Wendie and all the other guys.
Shame to the Post

Elias Angu

Shame to the Postnewsline for removing the commentaries under forged transcripts. If you don't take out the whole article, names will be published in your subsequent postings regardless of the article.

Elias Angu

The post you guys have once again proved your weakness. Is this journalism? Take out that article or put back the commentaries. You guys are accomplices of the ill that has plagued journalism in Cameroon. Mr Wache, Mr Ndi Chia, you have disappointed the whole world. You must be exposed. What a shame to pros. like you.


Fon Lawrence,Big joe,

You must be reading above the lines since i join this forum.I have said this countless times, that, i will not be editing stuff posted on this forum.

That i left Sweden for the Uk is a big joke,by the way keep you guest work to your humbled selves.
I am the proud Boy vally, who want fru ndi evicted from the sdf,if this is going to kill you guys you are free to commit suicide.
Mbah ndam the biggest crook of the time.


Elias Angu

I want you to tell the Postnewsline to put back the commentary section on the UB issue. Is this not corruption? If they don't want people to comment they should take out the article.
They know that I am about to publish a list and they have decided to stop commentaries. What nonsense is this?

Elias Angu

Names must come out like it or not. Fortunately for me my cybercafe is down the first floor of my apartment at Church street so i have unlimited access to the internet.



I have these question to ask open minded readers. Government ordered security men to take guard 24/24 at the SDF provincial secretariat. How come the building caught fire? Short circuit? Thugs again? Bush fire? Hahaha...
Sure the men on duty will give us a clue to this puzzle and all evil behind the saga will be exposed.
I keep my fingers crossed.
Secondo, is The Post censoring contributions already? On the UB fodgery, why do they screen reliable information posted in this blog? Do they have skeletons in their drawers or are they protecting someone's image or some vested interest?
It is sad to hear that the much acclaimed UB is today parading in mud. What then is left for us Anglophones to be proud of if we are already trading marks, attestations and going as far as faking signatures.
This is show proof of a contageous disease from the East.

Please readers, be more polite and constructive if we want to work for our common good and for peace to reign.


Kohtem’s Murder: Fon Doh Gwanyin Bailed
CHOVES LOH - Cameroon Tribune 21/08/2006

The poor health of Fon Doh facilitated the bail.

Jailed to serve 15 years since April 12, 2006 by a ruling of the Ndop High Court for assault occasioning the death of John Kohtem, SDF District Chairman of Balikumbat, Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin III was on Friday, August 18 granted bail by Chief Justice Morfaw Henry, President of the Appeal Court of Bamenda. The ruling was in chambers following a motion for bail BCA/2/CM/06 filed some three months ago. Lead Counsel for Fon Doh in the motion, Barrister Amazee Anthony told Cameroon Tribune that the poor health of HRH Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin militated in favour of the bail because according to him "the general trend in the reasoning of the North West Court of Appeal is that exceptional circumstances militate in favour of bail when the jail sentence is long." It should be recalled that Fon Doh has been hospitalized in the Bamenda for quite some time now. At press time, virtually all bail formalities had been completed and Fon Doh is in his Bamenda up Station Palace waiting for instructions from his medical experts who are said to be considering evacuating him to Yaounde for further treatment.

Meanwhile, a press release on August 18, 2006 by Barrister Sama Francis, Counsel for applicants who opposed Fon Doh’s bail cried foul claiming that the ruling was done behind the back of his clients who include Buma Linus, late John Kohtem’s brother. They all filed motions opposing bail as they argued that they had suffered threats of life since the jailing of Fon Doh and his release was not going to help matters.

Prior to Fon Doh’s bail, the Balikumbat Development Organisation (BADO) has been calling for peace and reconciliation to reign in their village no matter the situation condemning those who want to sacrifice the village just to be heard. On 6 August 2006 in Bamenda, the BADO President General’s contact tour of BADO Zone II rumbled off with the Chapter president, Rodrique Ndiforba expressing worries that the 15-year jail term to be served by their Fon is disturbing. The President General; Dingha Ignatius Bayin was quick to react. "BADO is not asking for the verdict to be changed. Balikumbat cannot be sacrificed for the errors of a few. Come what may; Balikumbat sons and daughters cannot pretend to be healthy with their fon in jail. It does not honour Balikumbat because the people know how to forgive and reconcile. Not even late John Kohtem who was my classmate can rejoice in having his fon in jail. God wants to see Balikumbat back on its feet because sanctions are of God and not of man. Balikumbat is down and needs to rise and be strong"

On inter-village conflicts between Balikumbat and their neighbouring Bafanji, the BADO president expressed joy at the presence of Peter Tieh Nde, an illustrious son of Bafanji; who doubles as the Permanent Secretary in the North West Governor’s office. According to Dingha; it is indicative that dialogue is the gateway to solutions.

Two years after the gruesome murder of John Kohtem, SDF District Chairman for Balikumbat on 20th August 2004 and four months since the jailing of His Majesty fon Doh Gah Gwanyin and mine others on April 12, 2006 for assault occasioning death., Balikumbat is yet to be at ease with itself.


Elias Angu,
what are u really grumbling about? Aren`t u commenting? What stops u from publishing the names just like u do with the little comments u pasted.

i feel sorry each time I lament about u.U`ve declared "English RIP" even though u are in England. Your`s isn`t typos, so don`t talk about editing. It`s poor tenses, spelling and sometimes unspirited malapropism.
U are missing basic education so much.

Tita Mofaw

I hope the post should take more stringent measures in editing some of the bullshit that people are posting on this site.

I don't even want to ask what happened to the comment section for the article about fake UB transcripts.It was really disgusting to find cheaters supporting fraudgery.I am happy that all those bullshit have been taken away.

My only hope is that you continue because it seems cameroonians have misunderstood the meaning of freedom of expression.They need someone to monitor every little thing that they say otherwise they would spend their time fighting with each other over stupid things.


I am a little bit troubled by the fact that one can not post a comment under the UB issue. I would assume it’s due to a technical problem, which will soon be fixed. There are some burning issues about UB I'll like to share with my people in this forum.

As for the SDF matter, the government should be held responsible, as they were the custodians of the building at the time of the incident.

To Mbah Ndams sworn enemies, I don't see the link between the number of children he has, his last name and his ability to effectively handle his duties in Parliament/SDF.


Titah Morfaw

I think you got the point wrong to say that commentators have been supporting forgery. Most of the commentators have said in as much as they are against forgery, the issue should not be just for a few scapegoats. Many have reiterated the fact that investigation should be made to know the reasons why students forge documents and that the big guns and lecturers who encourage such acts should be exposed as well. I hope you won't talk against forgery and support those lecturers who distribute grades to students after have sex with them. What about those who deliberately fail students?
There is the case of late Prof Lambo in Yaoundé 1. He was fun of giving students 10/20 or failing them. He once asked Mr. Mbeh Mboh (I doubt the spelling of his name) to leave his office when Mbeh Mboh asked him why he always gave students low marks or fail them. Mbe Mboh who was once the said Prof Lambo's teacher reminded him that he (Lambo) was never an intelligent student. There are more of such cases of lecturers who find delight in failing or frustrating students. So Morfaw, while condemning the act of forgery we should also look at what these old men and women in our Universities do. They push their children into good government positions while frustrating the helpless. You need to see an intelligent student who had low scores in some courses because he was in love with a girl that a lecturer had an eye on. Such students can't be easily admitted abroad because of their low scores. They end up suffering or trying to forge documents to upgrade their scores etc. Who is to blame for this, the students alone?


Its a shame that the post cancelled the commentary section on UNIBU fraud.There must be more to come.

Big Joe

If our contributions on the UB certificates fraud saga could cause panic and prompted the post to delete all the comments over night then i think we are a force to rekon with. If we keep on with the pressure by commenting on the issue and revealing more names where ever possible on this forum, there will be more panic and at the end of the day something fruitful will be achieved.

The post could not have unilaterally taken such a decision, instructions probably came from above with strings attached.


Wuna pray for Ni John. Ee own don start cam. The State Counsel for Mfoundi in has summoned Ni John for questioning tomorrow over the brutal Diboule murder, in which Ni John and BAD Ndam are suspected to be the main architects.

Next step will be lifting of BAD Ndam's immunity for questioning too and eventual trial.

By the way, one of the members of Retired Col. Chi Ngafor's death squad that killed Diboule has reportedly died in Kondengui. Goeurge Ngu reportedly collapsed and died.

Feli...Tangie/Mukete2, spokesman of the death squad, knew all these developments but, he Mr Info, failed to inform this forum.



we now know that as a qualified Primary School Head Master, your new self made task in this forum is to pick on people's spelling mistakes rather than understand the actual meaning of what they write.
Every right and foward thinking Cameroonian just knows you are damn stupid arrogant,and have a parochial knowledge to qualify Fru John and Ben Muna illiterates,just because their party secretariat was on fire.As a quick reminder, there is plenty of vacancy for qualified primary school Head masters like you.You sit back here and call others illiterates as you keep on wasting you time correcting spelling errors on people's commentaries.I know the obvious.Don't stop correcting my mistakes.
You are sick! Head Master.

Reader 2

Stop all these nonsense. Reader 1 didn't say they were "illitrates". He said they were "political illiterates". Get the difference?


whether in 'inverted coma'its still has a heavy interpretation.Such words with deep meanings should never have been used in this circumstance.This is my point.I don't think its insensible.

Ashu Tabe

Dear The Postnewsline,
I will like to ask why you decided to remove the comments link of the article on forged transcripts in UB? It is a shame that a seemingly reputable tabloid like The Post will condescend so low as to striking a compromise with university authorities to protect them from an imminent embarrassment.

The publication of that list of fraudulent students, which we very much commend, should signal the beginning of the fight against corruption from the grassroot level. I will therefore urge all those who have information regarding corrupt practices in Cameroon to provide such information on any comment link here or go to and e-mail Glenn Wilson using the e-mail: [email protected].

I will ask Mr. Elias Angu who promised yesterday to publish a list of corrupt individuals in the country to provide that list on any of the comments link here. We need information to act on and we will be grateful to one anyone who comes forward with information.

I will exhort the management of this newspaper (The Post) to kindly re-instate the comment link of that article together with all the 123 comments that had been posted. What sort of journalism is this?


Mr. Nkea Emmanuel,
There's no position on the Provincial Executive Committee as Administrative Secretary. It therefore means most of you don't even master the SDF constitution. I'll want you to read & reread the SDF constition before making a comment on whatsoever, as far as SDF is concern. Before the late DIBOULE was dismissed from the SDF on May 22, 2006, he was in the Communication Department of the SDF; that's he was reading communiqués and SDF party news from time to time on CRTV Radio. Noticing the subversive nature of the Provincial Executive (PEC) of the Centre, NEC dissolved it and DIBOULE (who was then close to Zamboue) sided with the dissidents. In his new outfit, DIBOULE was the treasurer in charge of recuiting & paying of the thugs passing around for SDF Vanguards taking up guards at the Secretariat.

On that fateful day May 26, 2006, DIBOULE was hit by a car trying to cross the road in front Hotel Prestige to Messe des Officiers. What happened? DIBOULE was running away with the thugs' money in his keeping and in course of crossing the road without looking left or right, a speeding car hit him. If you doubt my story, go ask the Munas to publish DIBOULE's autopsy report.

I've been saying here that SDF isn't in factions. SDF was launched on the 1967 law on the formation of political parties. In 1991, SDF was then legalised base on the 1990 law on the formation of political parties. Go cross-check records at MINATD, you'll see ONLY SDF. This issue of factions is fan by a certain segment of the press, which is out to make the news instead of reporting the news. Whatever Muna is doing has nothing to do with SDF. I know Muna & Ngwasiri & a few others as former militants of the SDF. Besides, these individuals have no constituency! I remember equating these guys with the Inkartha Freedom Party, but IFP had a base - Kwa Zulu Natal. Where then are the Munas base? On pages of newspapers or the Internet? Your guess will be as good as mine.

Let's start this week with these lirics:

"From A Distance
From a distance the world looks blue and green
And the snow-capped mountains white
From a distance the ocean meets the stream
And the eagle takes to flight

From a distance there is harmony
And it echoes through the land
It's the voice of hope
It's the voice of peace
It's the voice of every man

From a distance we all have enough
And no one is in need
And there are no guns, no bombs and no disease
No hungry mouths to feed

From a distance we are instruments
Marching in a common land
Playing songs of hope
Playing songs of peace
They're the songs of every man

God is watching us
God is watching us
God is watching us from a distance

From a distance you look like my friend
Even though we are at war
From a distance I just cannot comprehend
What all this fighting is for

From a distance there is harmony
And it echoes through the land
And it's the hope of hope
It's the love of love
It's the heart of every man (every man)
It's the hope of hope
It's the love of love
This is the song of every man

And God is watching us
God is watching us

God is watching us from a distance
Oh, God is watching us
God is watching
God is watching us from a distance

from the song “From A Distance”
Written by Julie Gold, sung by Bette Midler"

May God bless us all!


As usual you keep twisting facts! Yes the Chair will be at the Procoreur tomorrow. We can't start speculating what they'll ask him. I know you're a voodoo expert, but am not. We'll be there & I guess you too?

I'm still to get the name of the guy who died. I only got the news yesterday evening. Until I get his name..........I can't say anything further.

The Chairman will grant a press conference at DJEUGA Hotel on Wednesday as from 11 a.m.; thereafter he'll accompany the corpse of our late militant to B'da.

More on this later..........


Please, ignore those Muna agents who have nothing to say or do but to provoke and distract us.
Whether the chairman is summoned or not should not be of primordial interest to them. For me, this is a golden opportunity to show to Cameroonians the deceptive nature of Muna who is struggling to use Diboule's death for his selfish political gains.

Is the press conference on wednesday general or specific?



Suffer man.

Continue ya drama. Come back soon as Atangha to answer ya sef (Feli).

Yes according to your press release, Ni John will face the press in Yaounde. Help Anembom to identify "Muna journalists" since Ni John won't answer questions from Muna journalists.

Then after the grilling at the state counsel's office today, he can retreat to his hideout in Ntarikon with George Ngu's body and use it to fool Bamenda that Yaounde is persecuting Bamenda, that's why Ngu died in Kondengui.

Tif pipo. Na wuna go tell George Ngu ee family what happened to him since you hired him for that 26 May BUSINESS. Wuna don fool pipo. Wuna own time don start reach. You can even say Diboule was hit by a passing plane.

Investigations have been done. Col. Ngafor and his death squad boys, confessed and revealed all, saying who sent them, how it was planned and who transported them to the assassination scene.

Just pray they haven't mentioned your name for that big role you played. They couldn't hold back the truth after the drugs cleared from their heads.



Concerning the fact that it is not possible to post commentaries on the UB forge saga article, I think people should post them even on the commentary section of other articles. The post will then have to choose between closing the commentary sections altogether or allowing posting to be done in all. So Ngwese, etc you guys can put up whatever you have about forgers even on this section of comments.


Emmanuel A and Emmanuel Nkea,
Those were commendable write-ups.

Emmanuel A, I wish you could continue to drive across your message. This is a typical people politics forum. It is a shame that it has come to that. There is more of smear campaign than political agendas. Criminals are out there strolling on bail and we are here involved in our usual fights. Keep the flame burning. Might be they will hearken to that voice.

Emmanuel N, you are right. The former SDF was no different from the CPDM and that is why some brave hearts are championing the liberation cause. They want us to return to the original social democratic principles that this party set out to implement.

Feli/Atangha/George Tangie/Kontchou,
Any time you put up something on this forum, you further confirm the Kontchou title awarded you some weeks ago. So you are still claiming that Diboule was knocked down by a vehicle even after the post mortem?

Forumites, Can you see how BenB is dishing out latest vibes? Feli/Atangha/Kontchou trembles each time there is a posting from this well informed gentleman. Chaarman yi own don come. Can't wait to get the latest.


Its is rather unfortunate that the comments about forged UB transcripts and certificates has been hastily removed. If the Post is to remain a credible newspaper and command respect in Cameroon and abroad, then it should not be afraid to call a spade a spade.
That not withstanding, the damage has already been done. If you all remember, sometime ago on this same forum, I mentioned the effect of dodgy students and impostors and the effect on Genuine students from Cameroom. This has been an issue within the Academic Circles in Sweden. The Uni of Buea has only been able to respond after threats to bar certain its academics from participating in academic exchanges and conferences in some Scandinavian countries. Uni of Tromso in Norway and Uni of Uppsala in Sweden are particularly worried about the allegations involving Dr Ngoh and Prof Titanji. It is worth noting that these two academics are held at high esteem by these Universities and the Scandal has come as a shock to certain friends and colleagues.
A couple of former UB Alumni have studied at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm and found it unbelievable that one former UB mediocre but with vital connections and relatives in UB, forged documents and received better recommendations. The authorities were immediately alerted and this misfit was suspended and contact made with UB aothorities. They are still waiting for a reply after more than 3 years.
While I totally condemn forgery and impersonation, I strongly urge some UB lecturers to maintain academic integrity and spare us this embarrassment. I enjoin the forces of progress and academic propriety at UB, to press for an Inquiry into this debacle. Otherwise, UB Graduates will pay seriously for this in the pursue of further education abroad.
That is exactly one of the reasons why Akoson has suddenly found himself in Harvard. We are waiting for him in three months time back to LSE.
Its our reputation as a people and a Country that is at stake her. Lets all put our hands together to weed out these corrupt practices. Lets name and shame both student frauds and mischievous lecturers. The post can wipe out comments on the imbriglio but cannot stop the sense of disbelief and mistrust that already permeates many Institutions cooperating with UB both in Europe nad America.
Except UB ahthorities send the right message by facing this problem squarely and dealing with it appropriately, its reputation is at risk.
This matter might not have a sudden death.


Mr Ngwesse,
Please donot stop your contributions to the forum. I understand the post is trying to do something which we might not understand at the moment. But I think they understand the power of the pen and the effect forumnites have on their newspaper as well.
They cannot be held liable for what bloggers place here. And they should not underestimate the wealth of information and experiences with connections that forumnites possess. We can serve as whistleblowers. After all, don't very powerful newspapers around the world also depend on info from grapevines. Why do you think these newspapers have free numbers for the public to call and report any news item?I hope they take us seriously and spare us their blushes.
A lot of their articles have been written by UB students on internships and their staff also have quite a chunk of former UB graduates. Hope they too are not bogus and counterfeit. We are watching!!


What a nice contribution!! But I immediately burst into laughter when you linked it to Akoson. Let the name Akoson not be part of you just as the name Fru Ndi is to one Mukete on this forum.

However, we should join our voices to continue to pressurize for an investigation into this mess that is pointing a finger to many.


Thanks for your advice! The guy who passed away is called NGU John. He was about 43 years & originates from Mbengwi. He has been sick while at SED; his health deteriorated when they were transferred to Kondengui. The prisons authorities refused to let him go for treatment. When they realised that he'll die, they had to let him go die, at least out of the prisons.

After the burning of our Secretariat; now NGU John has died! This regime is pushing us to the wall.............they shouldn't start what they won't control. We don't want war even though we aren't afraid of it.

The Press Conference will be general. It'll be for about two hours. The likes of the so-called "Muna Journalists" are journalists and so they're invited; even BenFTeribobsMukete, etc., too are invited!

May the soul of NGU John rest in perfect peace!


Big Joe

Spako, you have said it all. Your argument is well balance. No ammount of censorship will stop us from vomitting the undilutted truth on this UB saga. Thanks to The chariot's contribution we now know what transpired between Prof P.K Titanji and Wendy and the subsequent firing of the secretary. Thanks to Ngwese's contribution we now know Njuema was never qualified for the post of UB VC. We now know how with the influence of some lecturers, ndilli was able to buy his smooth passage through UB and how the presence of the likes of Kwala had handicapped the progress of many students. Two out of every ten girls in the then History dept. could give a detailed description of Ngor's private part.That is cameroon for us.


BenB and Teribobs

You guys will always keep talking in the air and blowing Muna's trumpet. Can you disclose the result of the post mortem before claiming that Debouile was murdered? If the post mortem indicated that he was murdered, why has the CPDM regime not take the accused to court? You guys are just clowns here.
Why are you guys’ quick in concluding that the SDF chairman will be interrogated and found guilty?
BenB, you should continue praying for Fru Ndi to be locked up and for Mbah Ndam's parliamentary immunity to be lifted. It is a pity that you are still trying to play a failed game. You will be rewarded accordingly.


Feli/Atangha/George Tangie/Mukete2/Kontchou,
I hope the press conference is going to be JFN's acknowledgement and repentance. He knows that he has outlived his usefulness and those are the last kicks. Make sure you brief us on the meeting with the procureur. Who says there are untouchables in this country? You talk of war as if you can fight. When you could fight and go home with something you didn't. You call your murders war? Chicken hearted fellow.

At times you write for writing sake. So why will JFN be summoned if there is not something against him? So the vehicle that knocked Diboule gushed out his eyes? My friend, pls be your age. I know you are not yourself when you do not read truth from BenB and Teribobs. Justice will take its course. You have forgotten about the murderer 'mbeh' and all you and your guys dream of is the no-nonsense Ni Ben.




Klemenceau, u are really amusing. WQhy do u say benb and teribobs, when u know quite well it`s one and same person. benb contributes with the name and uses teribobs to insult. When he attempted contributing so much with teribobs, he exposed himself to the world even though everybody knew it before that.
So now that everybody knows bengbis is the same teribobs including u,why are u still addressing him like two people. Is that some form of bribe so that he doesn`t insult u?they don`t make peace with liars. be careful, u are abt speaking his language.
bengbis/3bobysmup, am coming to nail u.
run!! i say run for ur life

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