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Monday, 21 August 2006


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Big Joe

If our contributions on the UB certificates fraud saga could caused panic and prompted the post to delete all the comments over night then i think we are a force to rekon with. If we keep on with the pressure by commenting on the issue and revealing more names where ever possible on this forum, there will be more panic and at the end of the day something fruitful will be achieved.

The post could not have unilaterally taken such a decision, instructions probably came from above with strings attached

Fritzane Kiki HK

Football in the South West must undergo scrutiny and be void of favoritism and decrimination.Sometimes teams are fsvored because of finacial backings then later suffer the pangs at the interpools.A team that qulaifies for the interpools can easily qualify for the 1st Division,only when it has the blessing from the province.Most teams go and come back without a draw because of incompetency and inefficiency.I believe SouthWest FECAFOOT should take into consideration team's spirit and determination than to use referees to win matches for favored teams who later disappoint the province as a whole.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


I think you are having a speedy conclusion. Mbella Moki says the President is pleading the case of Tarzan. The President's level-headedness speaks volumes and he says he will accept the verdict of his appeal if I understood that article.

Here apart from the prevalent issue of foul-play, I see one big cankerworm plaguing us. We never bother to get details before reacting. I will not be surprised if somebody starts giving this issue a political twist. It suffices for one drunk on the street to say Tarzan was cheated and others will join him without getting into the crux of the matter. This is very typical of payee.

Fritzane Kiki HK

But this is not the first instance of cheating and favoritism rocking the interpools.I am generalising here because teams in the smaller interior and hinterlands of the SouthWest province are always disfavored no matter what amount of football and goals they score they are always disappointed and never make it to the interpools.The manner of grim-face-cadre in which the Tarzan supporters stormed the home of the Head of the South West FECAFOOT was not by hearsay.They merit their own share of the once-in-a-life-time mini and if possible interpool ambiance.Statistics shows that South West FECAFOOT prefares only teams from big towns and cities to qualify while teams from smaller villages will just occupy the space for the competition.

A case in point was that of Ekondo Titi United some 4 years back who did everything they could to no avail.They won all their matches and had the support and blessing from the province with all the qualities and talented players that year.But for the fact that it was a team from the hinterland they were cheated and manipulated by the South West FECAFOOT officials and Victoria United alias 'OPOPO' was prefared.OPOPO finally ended up disgracing the entire SouthWest province with just 1 draw in the competition.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

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