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Monday, 21 August 2006


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njume loko

20 Years after Lake Nyos and The Post does not think it deserves the Front page, or even a paragraph? If we don't celebrate our history who else will????


If all the parties involved in the death of this citizen are called to question, then i think justice is moving in the right direction.
On the otherhand, i feel a bit disturbed by the fact that Fon Doh has been released on bail. I wonder, if this is not a ploy by the government and judiciary (the difference is not very clear) to manipulate the persecution of SDF members of parliament implicated in the death of Diboule. If Fon Doh (CPDM) is free, then there will be little grounds to persecute SDF parliamentarians, and bigwigs involved in this murder case. It's just an ongoing collaboration between the SDF and the CPDM, to deceive the Cameroonian people. President Biya helping the SDF as usual.


Honest Cameroonians or dubious dealers!!

Alot of accusations have been levied against some key advocates of this ongoing SDF saga. These allegations ranged from sponsored propagandism to dirty business dealings for character assasination.

One contributor claimed some of these guys receive money for the job done with evidences of someone telephone numbers for confirmation.

He even went ahead to give what I will call vivid chat discussion he had with one of the girlfriends of the purported propagandists. We all took this to be political gymnics but alot cloud seem to hang over the heads of these guys.

(1)Why do some of them only come up to comment only when a Fru Ndi affair is up?
(2)Does nation building revole only around Fru Ndu and Ben Muna?
(3)Are we fighting for our bellies or fighting for the common good?
(4)Honest Cameroonians or business propangadists?????????

Buea Crisis we didnt see them, Independent electoral Comission ,they were nowhere to be found, Ghost workers nowhere were they etc etc etc,
and finally when a Fru Ndi Ben Muna matter comes up , hell breaks loose.

Who is deceiving who? Whoever the caps fits should wear it. "Le mensonge n'a pas des longes jambres, on vera" they say in French.


Howard Njeck

I am also asking that same court to interrogate Mr. Biya for the six young people Who loss their lives in Bamenda on may 26 1990 or else justice will one day take it ????????????????????????????
Howard (USA)


I just want to commend TAYONG for the comment he made. People seem to portray the greatest form of agitation or give the most heated remarks when something is written about Fru or Ben Muna. We seem to be pushing all our leaders to the vanguard of every aspect of our lives. When a road in front of our house is untarred, we call on the government, when we cannot find a job, we blame the government... When would we stand up to tackle the minor issues that plague us by ourselves. Sometimes in life, when there is no crop in the farm, we should think of planting the seeds ourselves. Nobody comments on the creation of a sector to cater the the Agricultural needs in Ndian division. At least a few people are being helped by it. When Fru boasts of the forming of an extensive shadow cabinet, everybody wants to talk. I wonder who is being helped.


Never mind the fiction writers on this forum. The second part of your write-up is quite interesting. You have raised very pertinent issues. I could have been guilty if I did not take part in other discussions. I hope others will learn from your posting.

The UB crisis was the most interesting topic but I missed a greater part of it coz I was away from my PC. Being an ex-student of former Njeuma's inglorious high school, I was still going to come up with 'da bomb'. I appreciate the efforts of those who will not let go the conspiracy to take off the comment section of that article. I have been following their reactions with a lot of consternation. Well I missed some of the revelations but that doesn't stop me from posting any comment anywhere since The Post management has started playing games. I hope Charly Ndi Chia's appointment as communication council chairman is not an opening for 'salt licking' or soya eating.

I cannot wait getting the latest from 'palais de justice'. Feli/Atangha/George Tangeh/Kontchou or BenB, any latest?



Please if anybody knows one AZEH ATEH or any name that resembles that should contact me immediately. He hails from Bambilli.

I've got a friend who used to live in Cameroon in the 1990s and tried to help him but soon lost contacts.

Please contact me soonest.

Hope to benefit from your mighty comprehension.


My Dearest Friend, Tayong,

I'm happy you understand that we've got sponsored agents here, otherwise they'll react to all postings. They were not paid to talk about the Bakweri land claims committtee. They were not paid to contribute on meaningful development to our country. But like I made mention before, they were paid to PAINT FRRU NDI black and get the SDF unpopular to Cameroonian diasporans and other wellwishers.

Have you ever seen them comment on anything outside the SDF/CPDM?

Ah...why do we keep asking questions despite the fact that we've got the answers. Oh my God!

Son Of Ako, still at Harvard.


You have made impostors and impersonators to come out of their graves and they are now trying to post trash everywhere. Well those who have time to waste can read from them. NOT ME.


Justice,My Goodness!!
Who is talking about Justice here,and what Justice? So you guys are still blind to the hide and seek of this regime in power.
Calling People in Authority for questioning,is no road to Justice.We have seen many of such cases dying natural deaths.
Where is Doh Gwanyim today? The Police man who triggered at a colleague in Douala? U.B students strike?And a hosts of others.
The Gov't is using this incident of Gregoire dead,as a tool to unplock the S.D.F,Pro-Fru Ndi,from their feets.
Should we be talking of any meaningful Justice,then Muna and Zambue,would have benn arrested or interrogated long ago,for bypassing the Administration's orders,organising,a convention that claimed the life of a citizen.Where're we heading to?
Shame,shame,shame to our land,and Justice machinery.

Barrister in Law

When the SDF party was launched in the early 1990s I was only say 9 and I can still remember the joy that was amoung us ( even thought we had no clue what the pary entail), we thought freedom and transpiracy was around the corner, some of us even said good bye to the old days of turture. But now the contrary is clear, the SDF with its agenda has eliminated those good old days of turture and brought in extra corruption into the country. the leader we thought was god sent to act democratically and for the the interest of us all has turn into a dictatorship! only God himself knows who else can we trust. now he is involved in murder charges, what is next? terror charges or bulgary if there are no more member or constituencies to corrupt maybe.


Barrister in Law,
The SDF that was launched when you were only 9 is still the same today. The difference is that a certain individual called Ben Muna & his biological brother at the presidency, (who has spent the last part of his life in Canada) in alliance with the man who actively took part in the embezzlement of the Lake Nyos funds, want to destroy it so as to be recognised by Biya. Pa Muna sold the Southern Cameroons without any meaningful kickback. Rev. Fon Ngum destroyed Oku but had nothing from this dictatorship. Will this Ben & his biological brother come out with something this time around? The answer is blowing in the wind.

The meeting between the Chairman & the legal department lasted for less than 30 minutes. They asked the Chair whether he knows anything about the incident that took place in Y'de on May 26, 2006 which led to the death of DIBOULE. They Chairman said no. The Chair then reminded them that they're the cause of the recent death of Mr. NGU John and that if another one dies, he'll bring the corpse to them. Furthermore, the Chairman wanted to visit the detainees at Kondengui but they refused him from going there.
We'll have more during tomorrow's Press Conference.


Feli/Atangha/Tangeh George/Kontchou,
So it takes 30 mins to ask just one question? Now you are bringing in another personality. Don't start a fire that you will not be able to control. Ni Ben and the renaissance SDF are revealing truth which is giving you sleepless nights. You have not been able to handle that. Now you want to bring in more woe to your lost cause.


If people don't comment on different issues, it simply means they are not knowledgeable about it. It's preferable to applaud someone who admits he is not conversant with certain issues than praise someone who makes senseless rhetorics on every topic.

I won't work on speculations, i write what i know, and on any topic i deem worth commenting. I don't know anything about the Buea crisis neither do i know much about ghost workers. I will prefer to stay quiet on something i am not sure of, rather than make senseless rantings about it. As for the SDF, i tell you, i will comment, on anything i find worthy.

I have sacrificed for the party, and i have the right to share my feelings with others. Some may take it, others will not, but i am mature enough to know not everybody will accept your view points. I do acknowledgement of being deficient in certain topics,brought up on this forum.


SDF Power, SDF Power,
Chairman we love you. Let one more die, we will take to them.
Power to the people!!!


Should we really fold our arms and watch 'foreign investors' in the name of Embassies, con't to exploit us?
The time to ACT is NOW!
The place to ACt is Here!

tita espoir

i fell very aschaim the way these old lads disgrace this beautiful country to satisfy their personal agendas in the name of politics.i am yet to think of a single man or woman among this people who claim want to better the lives of cameroonians who is worththy.fru ndi is not least we taught so.if there is any body in cameroon we need to talk about or be angry about or laugh about sdf and its leadership including fru ndi.this catastropher going on within this organisation is creating anger,frustration,and hopelessness among cameroonians.remember sdf came with hope.dear brothers and sisters what do u expect us to express our heart felt feelings about.the bottom line is the common man like myself is becoming hope less towards the sdf,like a child who cannot relia on his father any more.what happens?,think for yourself.i adore cameroonians for going all the way to call a spade a spade,with no favour.was i suppose to embrace fru ndi leadership because i hate biyas government?????,i dont think so.but the time as come that cameroonians should start considering personal leadership as opposed to party leadership[.fru ndi,ben,or who ever is not up to the sdf.its high time camroonians especially the youths take things into their own hands.we can change the future.the fru ndis and bens or who next,i doubt their intergrity and willingness to change our country.this guys are preparing for their graves. for Gods sake.if everybody sees it like me,we need someone who is going to run according to the peoples will and not be a dictator and power hunger.if fru ndi still remains in the sdf and continue carrying out and implementing his dictatorial policies,he is helping let sdf lose out as a party.i will vote for sdf as a liberation party and not for a dictator as a leader.i think fru ndi has something to learn from his friend in crime mr.biya.he must try to skwen the fire in his house before wanting to skwen that in another persons house.i have always taught biya is fifty times clever than mr sorry to say this,but from the way i see things its the beginning of the end of fru ndi.peace my fellow brothers and sisters i love u all.God help our motherland Cameroon.peace.


Tita espoir,
I can feel your disappointment. This is typical of what so-call grassroot militants are experiencing. You, like many grassroot militants have become realistic and are seeing with new eyes.


The chairman took thirty minutes to answer one question.If another prisoner dies he will be taking the corpse to them.
You do not seem to understand cameroon.The fact that the chair of fru ndi's sdf has been surmoned for interrogation speaks volumes.He is being interrogated on Deboule's death.Remember Muna will be explaining why he organised the convention dispite the ban form the DO.
Let's watch this space.Slowly but steadily some are going to where Colonel Ngafor is presently eating cold water garri without sugar.
Evil men will be punished,Fru ndi's sdf should explained who send these men to commit murder.They refused him permission to visit his criminals.

Nfor Victor

The Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi after the audience with the Yaounde State Counsel has been found to be implicated in Gregoire Diboule's murder. Given that he is neither a mayor nor an MP, he will face the justice without strings such as immunity. If found guilty, he will face Life imprissonment if he is directly involved. But given that he is alleged to have ordered the act and it was exercuted by Col Ngafor, if found guilty he will be sentenced for 10-15 years in prison. At least these are the comments after the audience

Suh Peter

Mr. Victor,
You seem not to understand Cameroon. These devils in the cpdm are trying to frame Ni Fru and send him to jail before the grant the voting(independent Electoral Commission) rights to the country. This could speak volumes and Oxford dictionary to Diaporians.
On the other hand, we in Cameroon see it differently. How different, not so different from the usual cpdm game to kill sdf. That will not work. A good number of us will rather die for Ni John Fru Ndi.
This is very tricky for the nation as a whole because the least, I mean the least mistake to try to tanish and push Ni to jail will spark this country. It doesn't need to come from Ni Fru but this will be the opportunity.
Remember some of you might sit on the computer and write speculations about verdicts without knowing the reality in Cameroon but beleive me. Time is closing in.
We are watching what has become of Fon Doh rooming out of jail and the situation is very fluid.
Well, we are waiting for Ni to speak 2morrow.


Fru Ndi met the state counsel for Nfoundi today and gave his version of how Muna and other rogues of his ilk who had nothing to do with the SDF as of the 26 May 2006 trespassed on SDF property. their illegal entry and ensuing scramble for bribe money offered by Muna that Diboule had appropriated to himself against the interest of Muna's hired thugs engendered the violence. In Diboule's attempt to escape with the earnings of muna's hired thugs, he was knocked down by a speeding Mecedes benz thus gorging off diboule's eyes from their sockets.
Muna stands to blame for organising an illegal meeting and for trespasing on SDF property after the Nfoundi Court had sacked him from the SDF by anulling Post 2003 NEC decisions.
Muna is a urse to this nation. His Rwandan spell has really brought out the hatred and violence in him. He will pay for all his ills. His father lost his house in a fire. Muna Ben's own fire will be that which no water can put out.
His end will be most tragic.
Fru Ndi is to grant a press conference tomorrow at Njeuga Palace Hotel.
Let Ben go there and see the attendance for himself. Ben's Constituency and militants is the press.


Breaking News!
The Press Conference which had been programmed at DJEUGA Palace will now be at the Chairman's residence at Nouvelle Route Omnisport. The time remains 11 a.m.

We're sorry for any inconvenience! Nevertheless, there'll be someone at DJEUGA to direct everyone to the Chair's residence at Omnisport.

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