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Monday, 25 September 2006


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Dr A A Agbormbai

Good analysis of the cabinet reshuffle. At least one can see that some trouble-making, non-team-playing ministers have been booted out.

For instance, Prof. Mbonjo has been left out for perpetually coming up with anti-people modifications to the press laws, and for not effectively communicating the policies of the government to the people. Such poor communication has led to misunderstanding and mistrust among the people.

In spite of the criticisms that others may hold about the new cabinet, we can see that some thought has gone into the reshuffle, and that progress is being made in the right direction.

Mind you that there is no cabinet reshuffle that will please everyone. Besides, that is not the point. The point is to have a cabinet that meets the needs of a new, forward-looking Cameroon - regardless of what has gone on in the past.


Dr Agbormbai,

Who are the trouble-making, non-team playing ministers that have been booted out and who are those that are not?

Where do you those booted out who were trouble making ministers are?

What are the thoughts that have gone to the reshuffle?

Which cabinet reshuffle has pleased not everyone but a majority of Cameroonians apart from a few corrupt group of individuals?

How does this cabinet meet the needs of a new and forward looking Cameroon?

What has gone in the past that is not still going?

And in addition, i have a few questions that i posted to you from your last commentaries on privatisation that you failed to respond. Maybe, you were busy and this time, you will ANSWER THEM.

Who value privatised companies, the government or the buyer?

You argue that people were cheating the government in the privatisation exercise, does the government lack employed economic and other advisers? Note well that you have professed your role as a government adviser in this forum.

Those resisting the privatisation exercise that you described as "resisting positive changes", what were the positive changes they were resisting? how were the privatisation exercise properly conducted, when we clearly saw widespread gangsterism on the part of the government?

What economic policy justifies the government refusal to sell a privatised company for 55 Billion for 11 billion francs?



the second question is supposed to read:

where do you think those booted out of government are working now?

One more question Dr AA.

What do you mean by Non-Team playing ministers?

Ma Mary

There has only been one Camerounese cabinet. There is the outer chamber of inactive ministers, and there is the inner chamber of active ministers. That is why there is this revolving door phenomenon as people are flipped between the inner and the outer (so called reshufflement) by their lord. They sit by the radio with bated breath for these surprise announcements. There is a third chamber, the inner sanctum or the unholy of the unholies where the flipping is plotted. Everything is modelled after secret society lodges, and like the lodges it is all about power and privilege.

There is no higher sense to the corporation. There is no economic policy. There is no anticorruption campaign, just a form of temporizing, long enough to get the American Ambassador off their backs and to get that HIPC quelque chose.

Agbormbai, when they appoint you to the inner chamber as the token Southern Cameroonian minister from Manyu, do not do like late ET Egbe and others. Thief very well like a frog and really push to get some roads to Manyu. If you try to be moral, frog will laugh and kill you if push it too far.


Rexon, Ma Mary, Agbormbai

Rexon and Ma Mary why waist your time with Agbormbai? This gentleman is looking for recognition from the Yde regime and therefore thinks the postnewsline is an opportunity to him to play smart at. Well, Agbormbai ,let's see how far the regime can go in recognizing your "good" qualities , who knows if next Cabinet behold, Minister of Higher Education , Dr AA Agbormbai.

Grandfrére , remember us when that is done, but Im afraid you are in the wrong forum. I will suggest the following websites to you . , . These are CPDM tuned news organs, there you'll certainly be picked out of the cold.

Goodluck countryman, but remember sooner or later the tables may turn over and you'll soon find yourself in the "cold again" and thereafter be a villain than a victor.

You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all the people all the time , they say. Again goodluck Agbormbai with the search for ministerial post.



Tayong,Ma Mary;
When you write this kind of comments, you make Agbormbai to dream more. From his ideas, he can´t head a secondary school.

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