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Monday, 04 September 2006


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Dr A A Agbormbai

Good points.


How can Kodock be preaching here about development and issues relating to good governance without bringing back the huge amount of money he and his CPDM cowards has stolen and hidden in bank accounts in europe. These guys think they can fool people everytime. This is a man who has worked with the corrupt junta of la republique du cameroun for a fairly long time, stolen huge amounts of money and hidden at bank accounts in europe, etc. In fact, all of Kodock's actions have been totally against the development of his own country. Yet, he is here preaching about development, comparing the south Korea to Cameroon. This people have no human concience. The earlier we destroy their evil intentions, the better.

Ma Mary

Kodock et al. Let my people go. We will develop. We will bring the corruption that some of our people have learnt to heel, and we shall develop, you hear me.

CAMEROUNESE OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT (COG) the organization Koddock works for.
CAMEROUNESE OCCUPATION FORCES (COF) also known as francocamerounese gendarme etc.




All the money Koddock swindled did not find itself in European bank accounts when we were not one.We have been one for the past 40 years
,but people like Koddock have done everything to undermine this oneness.When you cheat the whole people out of their money ,and keep it safe somewhere for your personal aggrandizement,then the spirit of oneness has been trampled upon.The prestigious state parastatals that Koddock has always presided over all his life are now shadows of themselves.If he has been unable to manage state institutions,why should he admire Seoul the Korean capital today? That capital has been beautified by men who take the assignment given to them seriuosly.
The UPC fought to oust the French,but Koddock is comfortably hiding under the French today to wreak havoc on the Cameroonian people.As someone who has occupied some of the most important ministries in Cameroon,he is therefore a tool at the disposal of the French ,used to oppress the cameroonian people.That`s more the reason he prefers to hangon to Biya than acccept change .


People, we are a forward moving people i suppose. We encourage that people shirk their dirty habits, take off their dirty underpants, recant the things that have been misguiding them and wash their hands to start a newpage.

We have to watch the indicators of such pronoucements. In our bitterness we might fail to become objective and encourage evolution of our society into an outstanding society and plunge into a bewildering state of struggle for power.

Kodock is no favourite of mine nor is anyone within the Cameroonian administration incuding any relatives of mine that have become fastidious CPDM fanatics because of their hunger for blood money. BUT when a public official being part of the corrupt junta in Cameroon starts whimpering, then there must be an underpinning and we have to pinch many to come and out starting shouting foul. If we mistakenly shout them down, they will simply shrivel back to their initial stance!

A frog doesn't come hopping out in daylight if something is not out after its life. The scales that have been blinding Kodock's eyes are peeling off. He has began asking relevant and very pertinent questions. This seems like a kind of self examination.Once the corrupt start asking ourselves these questions aloud, something deep within them must have been awoken.

That has been the problem of government officials in Africa, they have never been longsighted enough nor have they ever stopped to take account of where their actions have led their various countries. Kodock seems to be now sounding a whistle which might be the trap that might just snap his own head off because they who hold power are those that have to justify why Cameroon remains in the dark or became termed a highly indebted poor country as opposed to Korea in the first place?

We must develop the private sector in Cameroon if that country aims to moce forward. A bulk of Cameroonians depend on the gvernment for jobs and so on. Everyone is looking at the government till for support! In developed countries, the goverment is the custodian of the people ensuring that their day to day activities are conducted in a peaceful and favourable environment. But those economies usually are highly dependent on the resourcefullness of the private sector. Meaning their citizens are highly motivated!

The Cameroonian willingness to be self-enteprising is dismaying. There are projects that individuals can spawn up in Cameroon. For example private individuals can subcontract mail delivery services which will enhance door to door mail delivery. Private individuals or taxi owners can start advertising slots on the body work of their taxis etc.

I know daggers will fly at my throat that the government will not allow this or that tax officials will come slamming down with a hand of steel or that corruption will paralyze such a move. We always have something to give as a reason not to try. Its like poor black Americans always blaming the white man for their plight even though they might not have taken necessary precautions to enhance their lives or the homeless in rich countries always blaming immigrants for taking their jobs and homes! How ridiculous is that?

What sincerely works is the ability to have the courage to start something and device means to make that thing work. People just dont try because people dont have the zeal. This statement goes hand in hand with what i discussed in another thread about lack of mass action in Cameroon or tackling corruption from the roots and not from the top by the layman.

Watch Africans in Diaspora how enterprising they are, contriving witty business ideas in the mist of all the challenges of discrimination and seggregation they still succeed. Back in Cameroon something happens that everyone becomes docile and all we do is point fingers to La republic or wait for Ni John to come rescue us. We carve our own destiny. I read somewhere that the people of a country get the kind of leaders they deserve!

If i had the power to make change in Cameroon today, i will start with the common people. I will lobby with the farmers, get them to form strong trade unions, the taxi drivers, the truck pushers, the buyam sellers. I will try to bring this people together to form hardcore groups and push their ideas through as one piece. It is useless pointing fingers at those at the top of the laddar.

Public officials in cameroon make only a tiny bit of the Cameroonian population we must remember!

Just thinking allow as always!


Just thinking aloud as always!



Your whole comment can be summarised in this one quote of yours;

"We encourage that people shirk their dirty habits, take off their dirty underpants, recant the things that have been misguiding them and wash their hands to start a newpage"

I dont think this is what Kodock is trying to do or say in this article. and i dont also think there is any CPDM pundit who have publicly decide to act like these. Instead, Kodock is trying to lay the blame on an average hardworking Cameroonian. He is by implication saying that an average Cameroonian is in one way or the other responsible for the current mess in la republique du cameroun.

In my opinion, this is not true. Instead the rich class which forms less than 1 percent of the nations citizens are solely responsible for the current mess in la republique du cameroun. On the other hand, the poor and helpless are the ones struggling to survive the economy. They struggle, travel out of the country through all risky means and send money back home to their suffering families. In fact, our poor and suffering parents have contributed more to the economic development of Cameroon than the elite class. Even Feymen in Europe have done more to the economic development of the country than Kodock and Co. They are the biggest Feymen Africa has ever produced. In fact what he is saying in my view is an act of feymenism. He is merely trying to buy time through this act of deceit to steal our resources more.

if you have read Communal liberalism and the development plan of Mr Biya's regime, you will understand what i am trying to say. There are good policies inside, good ideologies, but those same people who drafted these plans know that what they mean is definitely contrary to what they have written. We are dealing here with politicians and power hungry people. For them to stay in power and execute their evil plans, they must lie to us from time to time. And they do this by using "choice of words", either claiming previous failures was our own fault or some other issues like bad luck, etc. In fact, they will never blame themselves. How many times have you seem members of the Biya regime publicly acknowledging their shortcomings? How many times have they expressed regrets? But what have they done all through these years to expect our appreciations?


Hi Rexon,

You make some salient points but my post goes beyond the quote you presented.

I will surmarise my perception of the above issue with Kodock in this way.

1...He might mean that he is taking an introspective look of regret at the things his draconian junta has done to the cameroonian economy or he is just being a typical politician like most of them the world over tactically wielding the weapon we carry against him to make us confused or he just doesnt know what he is playing with. I said those statements might just as well be the trap that will snap off his head!

2...It might be his flimsy attempt to galvanise indigenes to take up the challenge of developing the private sector and creating employment for themselves by exploiting new business ventures which are abound in Cameroon.

Now concerning Biyas laws and pledges. I will briefly say one thing. Any person can write a powerful manisfesto purporting dazzling schemes that will be fullfilled so as to gain access to an office. Politicians do this the world over on a day to day basis.

Now usually it is fighting spirit of the people that get the politicians to implement projects raised. They put fire on the powers that be. They poke holes here and there, raise dust and cry foul when things are not working as promised. If we match to the dictates of a system whether good or bad, we will be marginalized indicative of our situation in Cameroon.

I have my believes that we the common people can make a change in Cameroon if we unit and have a common voice. A united voice of the common man can unseed even the president of the US. That is why dictactors have to instil fear in the common man so he becomes voiceless!

Regional prejudice, tribal prejudice and the French and English dichotomy are the velvet layers of cushion under which the CPDM government is comfortably perching while perpetraing all its atrocious deeds.

I am 100 % certain that if we never have a unifying voice and exempt all the major hindrances in the form of prejudice, our voices will never be heard because our little fractions are inconsequentials. We cry in our little corners, stay in our little corners and die in miserable solitude in our little corners!

We must empower the common man in Cameroon with the power to stand and recognise when he is being cheated and to react accordingly. We must empower the common man to abstain from bride giving. There are ca 17 million Cameroonians, how many are police or gendarmes or directors? The civil service is not up to half a million people and we seat with the power of about 16.5 million people and let a tiny fraction take away our wealth.

We could in one day paralyze the government if we take a common stand! I dont care about la republic or abazonian republic. Who ever takes over power in cameroon will always end up where Biya is now for several apparent reasons!



Thanks for the response. What i am quite sure is, you have fine ideas, very fine ideas and i am 100 percent confident that if given the chance to manage, you might prove to be a good choice.

The main issue i will like to make you understand from my little knowledge or economic issues is that, economic development can only succeed when the political will in interested in genuine change. We can have all these good ideas, write several pages of goodwill gestures here on the internet and other media houses, etc. If the political will is not there, nothing will change. I assure you that nothing will change. What we have today in la republique du cameroun is a situation where the political will is not interested in embracing change. That is why we of the southern cameroons are regretting because we have this political will, but unfortunately, we have been colonised by la republique du cameroun.

But talking now about the current mess in la republique du cameroun. they are not prepared to embrace change as i said. Look at Nigeria, Obasanjo's government is prepared to embrace change to its fullest. They have targeted all sectors of the economy. Corruption to them does not amount to publishing names of those who have faked UB degrees while at thesame time issuing those degrees to family and friends.

To summarise, la republique du cameroun lacks the political will to embrace any change.

In another paragraph, you spoke about factions in the struggle for change. Some factions are fighting for a legitimate goal while others are just window dressing biya's junta. take the case of the SCNC, to tbe best of my knowledge, we have a legitimate argument recognised by the united nations which i dont want to dwell on this site. The other factions like the Cam-no-go philosophy instituted by the biya regime is a product of the evil junta of yaounde to destabilise the southern cameroonian people.

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