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Thursday, 28 September 2006


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Why are leaders and politicians of la republique always telling people to rally behind someone because he has been appointed from their region? Government traditionally is for the people and if someone is appointed from a region, he is appointed to work for the entire nation. Thus his historical heritage should'nt be an issue. I dont really understand what is wrong with La Republique's leaders.


Massa Prov Elvis, na your time, even me I suport you.
But you are so calm to be send to the forest, you are so gentle be in the wildlife, you more qualified to be apointed as a forest guard, anyway how man go do.

I how apointed you as the Minister Finance, if my cabinet member querell me, then we shall send you to the ministry of trade and Industry.

Forest Guard should be too far from you Papa.

Jampack Brother
Copenhagen Denmark.


Erstwhile Minister for CNU/CPDM Junta,aka, Special duties at the presideny,has been upgraded to a fully fledge Minister of Forest, Fauna and Antelope while Mr Victor Arrey Mengot steps in as the new Minister for the Party.This has been greeted by wild jubiliating from close friends family members and some close polit rambos of the junta.


This man has been in gov't for quite a while.As a South west elite, can he explain to all the south west people and all Cameroonians why the there are no roads linking Mamfe and Bamenda,no good roads from Muea to Kumba,and Mamfe Kumba?
This is hugely disappointing.Sometimes it is better to for these people to stop playing dirty political games by claiming to be elites when infact they are just hollow figure heads who sit back and enrich their families and a few tribal links.
The main focus of South west elites is not to appear to be leaders with high sounding titles like Chief and Professor or Doctors.We need you guys to be honest a tell us what is stopping you from telling us why these roads are all wrapped in political lies only when elections are nigh.
Chief Tabe Tando , Pro.Ngole , i think you guys are a disgrace.You need to prove that you can over come the challenge of providing good roads for your people and not sit there in gov't contented that you being compensated for being a chief or professor.Threatening and conspiring against people who speak the truth is very undemocratic.
We are still watching you guys.


A few sobering facts about the appointment of ministers in Cameroon:

Fact 1: All ministers are appointed. They are answerable to the person who appointed them.They stay in office for as long as he finds no particular reason, including no reason at all, to throw them out.

Fact 2: Cameroon has one of the highest turnovers as far as appointment of ministers is concerned. Exceptions notwithstanding, the average tenure is 6 (I mean six) months.

Fact 3: Since ministers are not elected, they are not accountable to any constituency. Sorry, that is wrong: they have a one-man constituency: the person appointing.

Some conclusions:

a)Efficiency and dedication to duty are not a primary concern (Remember Sanda Oumarou at P and T). Satisfaction of the person appointing is an overall priority.
b)Satisfying the appointing authority and resolving the problems of any other constituency do not necessarily amount to the same thing.
The question is why rejoice when life expectancy as minister is in any and every sense one of the shortest on earth?
Why rejoice when performing the duty for which one is appointed may lead to his or her ouster from government in the shortest possible time?
Why rejoice when, as a result of the brevity of tenure, one is constantly plagued by the anxiety of dismissal?
Why rejoice really?

Fritzane Kiki HK

There is no relationship between a minister's appointed and a rapid improvement in reconstruction and developmental projects in areas where the minister hails.I see no reason why families,friends and welwishers jubilate after a cabinet appointment.This is hypocrisy indeed.The Biya's regime compensates only those who are 'loyal' to the thievery and corruption practices within the La Republique.

The only reason why families get to dine and wine is because they have someone who can represent them in aggrandissement and amassing wealth for their family.If Mr Besong Nyake is asking the whole of Kupe Muanenguba to support Ngole Ngole in the government,then he should just put it in simple terms 'support president Paul Biya and the CPDM in the upcoming elections'.We all know this is politics.Don't fool the masses for self-enrichment while majority go poor and poor everyday at the expense of the favored and lucky few.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

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