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Monday, 25 September 2006


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Rene Dibi

Mr Fru Ndi

This Fru Ndi is really taking Cameroonians for fools. In fact he is really making me laugh. How dare Fru Ndi complain about rigging elections? Hear him “All those Biya has appointed, including the old guard, mean nothing to me and the SDF family because, when you read between the lines, you will notice that he has positioned his friends and tribes people where they will continue to swindle State funds with impunity for as long as he keeps them there…” Just look around you and the SDF and tell me who you see. For how long has your accomplices of Mbah Ndam and the rest being with you? Look at your shadow cabinet. Is it better than the Biya’s newly appointed crooks?

Mr Fru Ndi, what puzzles me about you is the fact that you like every right thinking Cameroonian knows that Mr Biya can NEVER grant Cameroonian a free and fair election. You know like my illiterate grand mother in Lebialem that no ballot box can ever remove Mr Biya from power, yet you are soo stupid and heartless to fool Cameroonians to depend on the ballot box.

Hear you “Since 1992, Biya has never shown any interest in ensuring that free, fair and transparent elections take place in this country. This is because both he and those around him will hardly win in free and fair elections conducted by an Independent Electoral Commission” My Question is, then why have you wasted money and time to participate in elections after 1992? Why have you fooled Cameroonians to hope that you will deliver when you know, the ballot box could not change a thing? Was it your long throad to the Campaign money or what?

My Dear Ni John Fru Ndi, you have hardly realised that the care taker of the Yaoundé corrupt and thievery junta , General Pierre Semengue, predicted that if you ever took over government there was going to be coup. Why then do you still rally and thrust that the SDF under and Anglophone like you can change Cameroon? I have written on this forum and so too like Rexon and other Southern Cameroons faithful, that the way forward is for you to join the Southern Cameroons struggle and things will move. You will never be able to create an impact in La Republique du Cameroun if you can not do so in the Southern Cameroons. Please Please Pa John, Join the SCNC and together lets celebrate the 45th anniversary of our enslavement. Nfor Ngala Nfor, Albert Mukong, Martin Luma,Taku Charles,Dr Calson Ayangwe etc etc had all left. These are people of vision.1st October is fast approaching, please Fru Ndi come to your senses and join us.

vally England

What!!!wounders shall never end.Fru ndi complaining about biya's new gov't?I am flabagasted.So soon has fru ndi forgotten that he vehemently refused Prof Asonganyi from computerising the sdf list for the convention.

This same man went to boyo and re-invented the art of rigging,today he is talking about biya's gov't and rigging.

Is the largeses from Biya through mbah ndam running out?The man Biya has got you fru ndi.Now your desperation is metarmorphosing you are now speaking to the post.You forgot that you kept the sdf militants for more than eight months without any press release, because you knew what you and Mbah ndam did.

Nyo wakai,Prof Ngwasiri said it.That the dismissal of Prof Asonganyi from sdf was your doomed.These guys are being proven right.

Be careful as you plan to go around deceiving militants for they soon start stoning you.



Fellow Cameroonians,

SDF is not John Fru Di alone. SDF will exist with or without John Fru Di. Quit dreaming that the transformation of Cameroon into a modern democracy will have to be done by one person from a certain region of Cameroon. No Anglophone or Francophone will do it alone.
Cameroon will never be built in division. The visionary and a True Leader of Cameroon will be the unifier and someone who truely believe in democratic principles. Someone who truely believe that Cameroon to prosper doesn't have to be divided into plantation of Anglophones and francophones or Betis and Bamilekes, Bassas and Northerners etc..
Anyone who thinks a linguistic division of Cameroon will bring a better life for Cameroonians is still daydreaming.
Progressive Cameroonians have to push the political system in Cameroon tio accept "Independent Candidates".
The key to transform Cameroon into a modern society is:
* Love the country and show the people that you are a Patriot.
* Stand for a true democracy and decentralization.
* Pledge to form a Government for the people and by the people.
* Publicly reaffirm and reinforce the rule of laws (no one is above the laws).
* a Leader who will transform the Country into a vast "chantier" . Stimulate the economy with laws that will encourage investment and transparency in state management.
* Stand for a small market economy that will at the same time protect the poor and create jobs.
* Invest in Health Care system, schools, roads and vital infrastructures that are needed for a modern economy.
* An independent justice system free to exercice and prosecute criminals regardless of who they are.
* A vibrant diplomacy that will help put Cameroon on the world map and stimulate tourism etc....

Until then, all calls and chant to divide my Country is just doomed to fail.

May God bless my peace loving people of Cameroon.

CAADIM (CAmeroonians Against the DIvision of our Motherland).


Paa Ngembus

Oh my God,

The Devil is back.

Riccardo Le Malhonnette is back with his enlightened and superiority complex preaching to Southern Cameroonians.

Where have you been Mon Cher Froggie Riccardo Le Malhonnete?

I thought you were dead, making one less frog for us to fight.

Boy that my "musong" is not working anymore. I Thought I finally got you.

Are you still in Texas Mr Devil? We will come get you.

The Southern Cameroons SHALL BE INDEPENDENT.

NOTHING and we mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING can stop it.


Paa Ngembus
SCAADIM (Southern Cameroonians Against the Annexation & DestructIon of our Motherland)


Muki StoneHall

Your childishness and baseless hatred for Fru Ndi is fast turning you into a nuissance on this forum.There are many anti-Fru Ndi's on this forum but they argue maturely and with facts.Remember that no body appointed you as spokes-person for SDF militants on this forum.Therefore always remember to use "I" not "we" when referring to SDF militants.If you and your muna gang are planning to assassinate Fru Ndi,come out clear and say it.Don't bring it under the cover of "they will start stoning him"

Rene Dibi

Dear Ricardo and Muki StoneHall ,

First to Ricardo,I have always known that it is better for society to be marvelled by why a man didn’t talk then why he talked. You reaction about gives me the impression you do not even know the Cameroon whose “division” you stand to fight against.

How dare you reduce the Southern Cameroons case to that linguistic differences? How much do you know about the History of Cameroons? I was once told that some people read the History of Cameroon from back to front.

Mr Ricardo, How do you in your terminology define the term “division”? You advocate against the division of motherland?. My illiterate grand mother in Lebialem knows that for something to be divided or for division to occur, something ( i.e. Country, team, elements, class etc) must first exist as one. They must first be part of a whole before we talk about division, separation, partition , disintegration etc. Now Mr Man, Can you give me one proof to show that the Cameroon you talked about in your reaction above was is one? Do you have one legal backing, be it a treaty, an accord or an act of parliament to proof that your Cameroon was one? Instead, I have so many to proof that your Cameroon was never one country and shall never be one country.

You were fast to copy and past what for you is an ideal Cameroon or an ideal leader. What you failed to realise is the fact that were there unity, togetherness, oneness in Cameroon, you would not be talking of the key to transform Cameroon into a modern society is. In effect what you are saying is Cameroon is divided .

Dear Muki StoneHall, I have had a lot of respect for your comments and ideas. But I think you would be doing the forum a lot of good if you were less abusive to Vally like you did. I know he might have had you on, but this is a forum where if everyone took to insulting and abusing, then we shall not be serving the purpose of a forum.


Dear ALL,
It's been long, but, thank God I'm back. I know as well as most Cameroonians that nothing good can come out of this oligarchy. These people can reshuffle their cabinet even on monthly basis, you'll still get the same (old) people there. In other words, putting old wine in old wine skin won't change anything.

As Cameroonians of good will, we should focus on putting pressure on the regime for an Independent Electoral Commission. If we have this Commission put in place before the next elections, then I can assure you guys with an article of faith that we'll have a people-oriented government come 2007. A government with a mandate to right the wrongs metted on Cameroonians since 1958. To sum it all, when spider webs unite, they can tie a lion.

Cheers, I'll be back!


Mr Fru Ndi,

Your renting of your house to PMUC, your constant closeness to the colonial regime of la republique, the sponsorship funds your regularly collects from the Biya regime has proven that you are not different from the colonialist managing la republique. The earlier you understand that you cannot take us for fools, the better.

vally England

Muki stonehall,
Assasinate fru ndi?that's not my trade,i do not ply menda-y'de to commit murder on instructions from hierachy.Colonel Chi is drinking cold water garri without sugar in Kondengui that's what murderers get.I do not want to be associated with the devil any more.Also, prof Ngwasiri was almost killed by who in menda?
Muki Stonehall,you want facts as to how fru ndi has deceived millions?made them to destroyed their carriers yet he dinned with the devil?Read mbah ndam interview in Red carpet and others.

The problem is the man Fru ndi does not have shame.He wants to eat his cakes and have them.Biya is drifting away and the largeses are drying fast,now fru ndi has started talking on policies,cabinet etc etc.What has he done in sixteen years?he is not different from Biya.

You can not fool people all the time,his time is over.



whenever I read the thrash you write, I am always very contented because readers can see for themselves how shallow and vague your political opinion and reasoning are. Like your boss Ben Muna, you base your ideology typically on vague assumptions.
According to you, the fact that Col. Chi is in Kondengui means he is guilty of murder. The fact that Hon. Mbah Ndam has the telephone number of the Minister in charge of relations with the assembly means he (Hon.Mbah Ndam) is dining with the CPDM. Also, according to you, the fact that Ni John Fru Ndi's wife was evacuated on a government voucher means he (Ni John Fru Ndi) receives "millions" from Biya. Furthermore, when a leader does not attend to reporters,it means the leader is guilty of "fraud".
The reason I feel sorry for you is,you have not used your brain for one moment to think that since Ni John Fru Ndi is guilty of fraud and of receiving "millions" from Biya, why is it that he would make such statements above and Biya or anybody through whom the "millions" transpired would not show up to say "you Fru Ndi making these statements, you are also guilty of fraud, corruption or whatever"
They are all quiet because they know the truth. They know that SDF is the only political party with debated financial statements. They know that SDF's shadow cabinet even with its lapses is far better off in terms of competence,age, regional balancing etc. They know that SDF with its 18 portfolios would be better placed to manage the meagre resources of the state. They also know that SDF with its people-based democratic machinery can not be beaten in free and fair elections. And because they know all of these things, Biya would never appoint people who are novices when it comes to election rigging. That is why the Chairman dwelled on this; now this is political expedience, not a parade of hot air and vague assumptions!!!

Dr A A Agbormbai

This is interesting from Mr. Fru Ndi.

Dr A A Agbormbai

Good words, Ricardo!

Rene Dibi

"Good words" to Ricardo? Birds of the same feathers flocking together!!!!


You have alot of time to waste with that vapid fellow call Vally. From his ideas, everyone knows his level.

Biya can do anything he wants because he knows that he has pocketed Cameroonians. Either Cameroonians rise and unanimously say no to dictatorship or they continue in their misery.This cabinet reshuffle to me is a provocation.

Rene Dibi

SDF: FRU Ndi Interpelle MARAFA
DOUALA - 26 SEPT. 2006
© Edmond Kamguia K., La Nouvelle Expression

Le Social Democratic Front (Sdf) sollicite l’intervention du ministre d’Etat chargé de l’Administration territoriale et de la Décentralisation (Minatd). Dans une lettre d’indignation au sujet de l’usurpation du nom et des attributs du parti par la tendance issue du congrès de Yaoundé...

Signée par Elizabeth Tamajong, secrétaire générale du Sdf, le courrier adressé au ministre d’Etat chargé de l’Administration territoriale et de la Décentralisation est une interpellation. Datée du 18 septembre dernier, cette correspondance fait valoir l’argument selon lequel dans les registres du Minatd, “ il y a les dossiers d’un seul Sdf dont le siège est à Bamenda et qui est dirigé par M. Ni John Fru Ndi : c’est ce Sdf qui siège dans les institutions nationales et internationales et qui a traité avec le gouvernement et l’administration pendant 16 ans ”. La lettre indique la stupéfaction du parti de John Fru Ndi qui constate que Bernard Muna a loué un immeuble au quartier Tsinga, à Yaoundé, qu’il présente “ Comme le siège national d’un Sdf dont il prétend être le président (…) Se réclame président élu à un congrès du Sdf de Yaoundé qui n’a jamais eu lieu et que le préfet du Mfoundi reconnaît n’avoir jamais autorisé ”.

Dans un souci de clarification et pour ne pas laisser s’enraciner dans notre pays des situations intolérables et nuisibles pour l’Etat de droit, Elizabeth Tamajong invite le ministre d’Etat de l’Administration territoriale et de la Décentralisation à réagir promptement dans le sens du respect de la légalité. En mettant un terme à ce que son parti considère comme étant des “ manœuvres diaboliques visant à déstabiliser le Sdf ”. Selon elle, il faut empêcher Bernard Muna et son groupe de parler ou d’agir au nom du Sdf : “ Cela commencera par l’enlèvement du drapeau du Sdf et de l’emblème de l’Internationale Socialiste du prétendu siège de Tsinga ”. Cette requête du parti de Ni John Fru Ndi met également l’accent sur le fait que le Cameroun ne sera jamais aux yeux du monde un pays crédible “ s’il n’est doté d’une opposition crédible dont le porte-flambeau est sans conteste le Sdf ”. Une autre façon de dire que les tiraillements continuels au sein du Sdf nuisent autant à l’opposition qu’à l’image du Cameroun à l’extérieur.

Marafa Hamidou Yaya ne s’est pas encore ouvertement prononcé sur la guerre de légitimité qui mine le Sdf depuis plusieurs mois. Le torchon brûle entre les militants du principal parti de l’opposition camerounaise. La bataille de leadership fait des ravages. Entre Ni John Fru Ndi, régulièrement réélu au congrès de Bamenda, et Bernard Muna qui déclare avoir été élu président du même parti au congrès de Yaoundé, les militants sont divisés et déboussolés.
Le combat a commencé sur le terrain judiciaire et se poursuit désormais, de manière parallèle, sur le plan administratif. Au fur et à mesure qu’approchent les échéances électorales, le problème devient complexe. Car, nul ne sait pour l’instant si ce qui est arrivé dans le passé à l’Union des populations (Upc) ne va pas arriver demain au Sdf. On a souvenance des élections municipales et législatives qui se sont déroulées au Cameroun avec la participation de plusieurs tendances de l’Upc. Le risque d’assister à des élections avec deux Sdf n’est pas nul. Tout peut arriver tant que le Minatd et la justice n’auront pas clarifié la situation avant d’organiser les prochaines élections. L’indignation et les appréhensions de la secrétaire générale du Sdf sont légitimes.

Il faudrait surtout éviter à l’avenir qu’au sein d’un parti politique des querelles de leadership débouchent sur des affrontements semblables à ceux qui avaient entraîné le décès, le 25 mai 2006, à Yaoundé, de Grégoire Nzall Diboule, ancien secrétaire administratif provincial du Sdf. Marafa Hamidou Yaya avait promptement réagi et signé un communiqué gouvernemental déplorant et condamnant “ ces actes hautement répréhensibles qui ternissent l’image de notre démocratie ”.

Big Joe


Messieurs les journalistes,

Le Cameroun est sérieusement malade :
3/4 des diplômés de l'enseignement supérieur sont en chômage.
Les étudiants, fer de lance de nation, sont assassinés chaque jour par des homosexuels appartenant au gouvernement de M.BIYA.
Les bourses d'études à l'international sont détournées dans des ministères camerounais au profit des enfants des intouchables de la république.
Les concours de la fonction publique sont devenus un tripatouillage de la part du gouvernement. (Cas de l'ENAM, etc.)
l'Argent en provenance des institutions financières internationales pour aider le peuple camerounais est détourné par des fonctionnaires véreux pour la construction des chateaux en Europe.
La qualité de l'enseignement supérieur, gage de croissance économique est quasi-inexistente.
La justice est devenu un champ de marchandage.
La corruption au plus haut niveau de l'Etat est catastrophique.
Au vu de ce diagnostic alarmant, les diplômés de l'enseignement supérieur, toutes tendances confondues ont décidé de créer ce jour le "FRONT DE LIBERATION DU CAMEROUN"


Nos actions de libération du Cameroun débuteront en 2007 par des mécanismes contraires à l'état de droit:
Tout homosexuel présumé et rescencé par nos services d'espionnage vivant au cameroun sera assassiné sans aucun forme de procès.
Les détourneurs de fonds publics, leurs familles et biens seront détruits par une puissante bombe que nous sommes entrain de mettre en place.(TNT à large spectre d'action).
Des sociétés publiques, privées et étrangères qui recrutent les homosexuels en milieu universitaire et des chandelles comme capital humain au profit des intellectuels responsables seront bombardées par notre "Groupe d'action directe"
Si à l'horizon 2008, la situation n'a pas changé, le FLC prendra les armes afin d'instaurer la bonne gouvernance au cameroun.
Nous invitons les hommes en tenue de se joindre au FLC pour sauver le Cameroun.
Pendant nos actions en territoire camerounais (Bakassi compris), Aucun étranger de bonne foi ne sera inquiété par nos services secrètes ainsi que les intérêts des pays amis.
Nous ne voulons pas l'immigration clandestine de nos vaillants diplômés, mais nous voulons assainir le cameroun afin qu'il soit un eldorado pour d'autres populations européennes.
Nous sommes prêts à verser notre sang pour libérer le cameroun.

Par la grâce de Dieu , nous vaincrons.

Pour le FLC,

- Le président.
M. HASSANE LOMBO Claude / Biochimiste.
- Le sécrétaire Géneral.
M. ATANGANA Gervais/Juriste.
- Le Directeur de production des produits chimiques.
M. TALLA MONKAM André/Chimiste.
Le représentant du FLC du moyen et proche-orient.


Ricardo and Dr AA

Anyone that shies away from defending his ideas is equalled to a coward(no insults but real sense of the word).I have challenged you on several occasions to back what you write but you wouldn't. Recardo isn't a southern Cameroonian and may not know what this whole "whahala" is all about but you, Agbormbai, can't claim ignorance of the southern Cameroon delima being one.

Ricardo parallels the southern Cameroon issue to linguistic differences! Wow, how come you , Agbormbai stoops low to such ignorance. You Agbormbai passed through Cameroon school system ( primary to high school at least) and therefore obliged to have known something about the East and West Cameroon history.

Gentleman honourable Dr AA ,with my due respect ,know that history will judge me and you on how we blatantly kept a blind eye to the demises of a people in order to satisfy our own greed.

Mr man, you and me aren't more knowlegeable that eminent senior scholars of high reputation ranging from Prof Nkwi, Dr Carlson Anyangwe, Dr Simon Mundzo, Dr Adamou Ndam Njoya , Dr Maurice Njambe, the Veteran Peter Essoka, even the prolific Dr Njawe of Le messenger etc etc all of either expression .

These senior gentlemen had long identified the problem, called on the Yde regime to call the leaders of the Southern Cameroon for dialogue all to no avail.Then came the AAC( All Anglophone Conference of Buea in the early 90s, then late Pa Foncha resigned from gov't due to this, Muna etc all followed and even before deing they called on the UN to intervene.Kofi Annan went to Cameroon and reiterated for dialogue to solve the problem .All these fell on deaf ears and blind eyes .

Yet you come here to send motions of suport to Ricardo with his ill conceived ideas of the anglophone problem. Seeking recognition by the Biya regime or even partaking in that regime is your political right but sacrificing the truth on the altar of greed is a crime the community(im afraid even your conscience ) wont easily forgive you for.Take note!

The real divisor of Cameroon is not anyone in here , not even the SCNC but the Yde regime , I refer you to archives for updates.Your knowledge of the issue is too narrow and unchronological. It appears you are a good Cameroonian but either uninformed or distortedly informed.Find out!



Dr A A Agbormbai,

Thank you for the kind words. I have always enjoyed reading your toughts and your critical analysis of the debate on this forum. Progressive Cameroonians like you and others on this forum always bring some lights that Cameroon could peacefully change into a modern democracy. Cameroon is no one's plantation.... Francophones and Anglophones.
We all just need to live together and work together for a better future of the next generation.

To Rene,
Thanks for your remarks. Just one thing Rene if I may...



In other words, can you show proof that Bamilekes and Bulus with Bassas, fulbes and fulanis should be living in One Cameroun?

Let me put it this way. Could you prove that the Ibos and the Yorubas etc.. should be living in One Nigeria (even though they were all colonized by Great Britain?).

What makes a Country?
* People speaking the same tribal language?
* People with the same colonial past?
* People with the same cultural affinity?

Please brother, read the history of Africa on how our boundaries where created and you will realize that your claim to be a seperate Country because "things are going tough in Cameroon" are bogus.

If Cameroon was doing very good today, I am sure that most of you Guys who claim to be Southern Cameroonians will be proudly flashing your Cameroonian passport abroad.

"Cut and Run" is no solution my brother.

Paa Ngembus!
Cameroon is more than you and me... Making a neo-nazi threat will never stop Cameroon to exist as "ONE AND INDIVISIBLE COUNTRY".
Only a Unifier and a Democratic Leader will bring about real political and economical changes we are all seeking in our Country.

God bless you all!

CAADIM (CAmeroonians Against the DIvision of our Motherland).

vally England

We are not fools ok.I do not need the opinion of readers on this issue of fru ndi dinning with Biya.It is as clear as day and night.

By your admission,
''The fact that,colonel chi is in Kondengui....''
''The fact that Mbah ndam has the telephone number of minister if .......''
''The fact that fru ndi's wife was evacuated.......''

Feli, you will soon start asking these same sagastic questions not long from now to biya.

The fact that biya appoints mostly bolu/Ewundo in his cabinet does not constitute cheat/theft?
The fact Biya has ruled cameroon for 24 years and 15years as PM can you prove that he has stolen?
The fact that he has accounts abroad can you prove this and many many more.

Look,boy,keep dreaming,fru ndi is not different from biya.

Cameroonians are quite not because they do not know the truth but because they have little options to change the status-quo.
How do you kick a man like fru ndi who after 16 years thinks he's just started ruling the sdf?a man who has mastered biya tricks and cons more?They way Biya and fru ndi are operating they must be eliminated from cameroon's politics for us to have any head way.
Feli,you are really dreaming.



Hello Feli,

Why do you keep on wasting your PRECIOUS time to belabour a point everyday. We of the SDF and not a dissident faction had since long unanimously agreed that we wouldn't make contributions centering about the SDF in this forum anymore cos our message'd long since been passed. We're just waiting for time and seeing who's gonna be who?

As you must've you see Fon, Klemenceau, Watesih here anymore? That's us!

You can join the liberators at the private forum. You'll be shocked at the recent developments and the constructive thinking and discussions going on there. We've always admired your contributions and we think that you'll be of great asset to this wonderful initiative. You're welcome, gentleman.

Waiting for you!

Son Of Ako.



I just felt I should let you know...

I've been forced to believe that you all are sponsored agents here. This is an initiative that'd been intelligently planned and designed by you guys. You all claim to be lovers of Cameroon. When an initiative comes up so that we could together brainstorm and advance good proposals for the common good of our country, you shamelessly keep singing praises to your god!

Let me tell you that liberators don't believe in others...they believe that they have the right drug and just enough dose of it to cure a particular illness. Unfortunately, you believe only in Muna. Why don't you think that you're better than or you can look for someone else who's better than you god? Of course, the answer to that question is hovering in the wind!

God bless your efforts as you try to redeem Cameroon.

Anyway, I CHALLENGE you to come to the liberator's forum and see for yourselves whether or not we discuss Fru Ndi...or any other present political player.

I just felt I should let you know.

Son Of Ako.

Agbor Gerald

Well, for those who dont yet know. Dr Agbormbai's relative is in the list of recently appointed members of government. Besides, his family has a long history of supporting the Yaounde government from the days of president Ahmadou Ahidjo. They have always been given scholarships, contracts and others from thesame government. I dont regularly write in this forum, but he is someone i have known for approximately 30 years and we have lived in england since the 1980's.


i don't actually know when cameroonians and anglophones in particular will start thinking positively and in a rational way. you anglophones keep fighting against each other over nothing. always ask yourselves these questions before commenting on this site; 1.what have i done for my country,and what can i do?
2.what actually is the problem in my country? can these problems be solved?
i don't wish to direct my comments to any particular person on this site but to mention the fact that, giving dirty comments about the sdf chairman is making a fool of yourself. i have never read a single objective comment on this site, but just sentimental issues on an individualistic point of view. well, i am not a follower of the sdf or any other party in cameroon; but just the fact that most of your comments are unfounded and lacks the real political substance and unconstructive. our country is at the realm of collapse and all what you have to say is negative comments about the main opposition party, that is actually kidding. some even go as far as saying the sdf chairman is taking cameroonians for fools, you should better say he is taking you for a fool and not cameroonians. i am a cameroonian as well and will never make such a comment. so the problem is you the fool and not the sdf. is the sdf the only political party in cameroon, if the chairman is taking you for a fool, then stand up and challenge him to become the new chairman and make your own fools. that is not the solution to your problems. stop talking about secession an embark on sustainable development for your country. politics is not the solution to cameronn's problems but the people themselves. the moment cameroonians become aware of the world and country in which they live then many changes will take place. CAMEROON AND AFRICA AS A WHOLE IS NOT YET RIPE FOR DEMOCRACY BUT CHANGE, DO YOU AGREE???

Rene Dibi

Dear Ricardo,

I have never thought that an argument in this forum should be a battle ground but a classroom for the dissemination of knowledge.

You seem to have a very shallow knowledge about the history of Cameroon and the world. This I will give without asking any fees. At the end of the lesson, should you have any arguments, I shall want you to back them with facts and concrete examples like I am doing.

Cut and run is not the solution. This is true and I accept. But you have failed to show me how the Cameroon, you are protecting is, or was one nation. Why is this so hard for you to proof.

You struggled to limit our argument to tribes and linguistic differences. I shall not allow you get off the rail. You will not drag me into that. What I am teaching you and your followers is that Cameroon after the French and British were two separate countries, with separate languages, political systems, destiny etc etc etc. What I expected you to do was to proof to me by what legal documents La Republique which gained independence in one year before the Southern Cameroons, united with the Southern Cameroons.

Let me give you examples, in 1963 Zanzibar, a small East African country got independent. In January 1964 the predominately Arab government there was overthrown by Black nationalists. President Nyerere of Tanganyika suggested that the two countries merge. The suggestion was accepted by Zanzibar and a new country by the name of Tanzania was born. This is how Tanzania was born. Zanzibar and Tanganyika were not bond together for linguistic identity. What kept them together was the treaty both governments signed.
My second example to you is Serbia and Montenegro, Serbia and Montenegro was a confederated union of Serbia and Montenegro, which existed between 2003 and 2006. The two republics, both of which were former republics of the SFR Yugoslavia, initially formed the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1992. In 2003, the FRY was reconstituted as a State Union Serbia and Montenegro. Note here that like Zanzibar and Tanganyika, there was a full respect for the treaties that brought them together. There was no time in history that you learnt that Tanganyika with a majority population changed the name of the Union Tanzania to her original name Tanganyika.

On May 21, 2006, Montenegro held a referendum to seek full independence. Final official results indicated on May 31 that 55.5% of voters had elected to become independent. The state union effectively came to an end after Montenegro's formal declaration of independence on June 3, 2006 and Serbia's formal declaration of independence on June 5.

Dear Ricardo, what I want you to do is to proof me and other southern Cameroonians wrong
in that the Union with La Republique du Cameroun is illegal.

Ricardo, in my days in Sasse, we were told that every good teacher (Master) should give enough home works to his students. Ok, I heard you talk about boundaries in your reaction above. Please for your assignment, the 1964 Cairo Resolution on the Inalienability of Colonial Boundaries. Then tell me in the next lesson how La Republique has had her boundaries of 1960 shifted to Manyu, Ndain and most recently Bakassi.


The devil is at work.Those who think only evil will be pursued by evil.They have tried sending viruses to destroy my computers in vain and now think they can soil my name.

I have being very búsy of late and was not current with what was going on here.If not of Watesih who insisted that I should go back and read the old news,I would not have known that there a vicious person after my name. I first saw the contribution carrying my name under the news item "GCE Board Axe falls..." and thought, that was all, before Watesih pushed me to discover the story I have copied and pasted below. More over I am surprise with friends like Tayong and others who were quick to associate such rubbish to my name.Tayong and others, you made the devil to jubilate that he has succeeded in his mission.
I will never be party to this kind of trash; I have in the past tried to illustrate how Biya is fueling the SW/NW divide for his divide and rule tactics and therefore can´t turn around and start preaching against the SW province.
Below is how events have been unfolding in my absence
I have stated that there is plan against North Westerners in Cameroon. A closer look at Biya's ministers will point to the fact that everything is done to frustrate the North West province and North Westerners. Today, the South Westerners are the sell outs of the Anglophone community. They are those releasing all our Anglophone plans to Biya. This is why they are all solidly behind Ben Muna. When Martin Nkemngu was leaving the SDF the plan was to blackmail Ni John Fru Ndi and carry away many South Westerners drom the SDF. This is what Professor Asonganyi is doing. This is what the CPDM agent Mukete was doing here. Fortunately, the post has blocked him from writing here again. This plan failed, although president Paul Biya is placing only South Westerners into his ministries so as to make the south west and other north westerners leave the SDF and join the CPDM. And the South Westerners being the crafty and very selfish people we all know are working with Biya against the North Westerners who have brought democracy to Cameroon. If not of the North Westerners, where would Cameroon be today? If not of Ni John Fru Ndi, where would Cameroon be today? If not of Ni John Fru Ndi, we would have been slaves in our own country. When the North West was fighting for democracy, our brothers in the South West province were sleeping. Today, they are the people enjoying. If God had not sent Ni John Fru Ndi to solve all our problems then where would us have been today?
Now, the very South Westerners are struglling to own all Anglophone movements, with the idea of telling Biya that they are the people who represent the Anglophone communities. They have the only Anglophone Universiy, GCE Board, Prime Minister, Oil Refinery, Sea port, etc. They have own all our Anglophone movements. Now they want to take the SDF, and this Ben Muna is helping them to do this.
We shall fight to see that this does not work.


Posted by: fon lawrence | Sunday, 24 September 2006 at 08:05 PM

Fon Lawrence,

your anti-South West Rhetoric is the kind of ideas we want to avoid reading in this forum. Who is a southwestener and why do you think the northwesteners are different from them. You are lucky that i am on my way out and cannot express all my views about the useless statements you have just written above.

Posted by: rexon | Monday, 25 September 2006 at 02:50 AM

Fon Lawrence,
I think you can do better.
Foncha, Muna, Jua, Fonka Shang,Achidu Achu, Fru Ndi,......, and you name them, have not been of any good to the Anglophones. The only people who gained are their families, relatives and close friends.
How will it be different even if your father is made Minister today? You have had Anglophones and still have them today is sensitive positions that they can use to change our destiny. We are a chicken hearted lot who are quick to complain, criticise, write big grammar here, knowing fully well what we can do to bring about the much needed and talked about change.
So put your tail between your legs like the foolish dog and bury your head in sand.
Achidu Achu, Fru Ndi, Musonge and Enoni, like the rest of us, donot want change to happen. Otherwise we know what to do.

Posted by: Spako | Monday, 25 September 2006 at 05:52 AM

My friend. That's not the way forward. I didnt know you could fall prey to the tortoise-like tactics of divide and rule of the Yde regime. It takes more than just political activism to diagnose the NW/SW political dichotomy. Gentleman, fold that up! You'll rather mar than make...


Posted by: tayong | Monday, 25 September 2006 at 08:14 AM

Lets not make hasty conclusions,because i know Fon Lawrence has been one of those gentlemen here who constantly speaks out against people who have been fanning this ethnique and regional sensibilities .The way the ideas are written is a little detached from Fon Lawrence`s style.When u also look at the name that posted it,u discover Fon is written with a small letter ,which has not been the case with his name here.The writter starts by saying that he has stated that there`s a plan against Northwesterners in Cameroon,but i don`t remember reading from Fon before that northwesterners were the victims of whatsoever.Fon should be very busy ,but i know he will not be the one to preach division.

Posted by: Watesih | Monday, 25 September 2006 at 10:08 AM

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Sorry for all that went wrong. I strongly believe CPDM pundits in this forum are behind this scam to blackmail you.

I have to abandon this forum as my home computer has been grounded with hard viruses. Thus i cannot comment any longer here when i am home. what were the symtoms of yours? Mine started stopping every 25 minutes, then two days ago, it has been impossible to log in completely. It is better to take a break and concentrate on what can bring positive changes to the lives of people, rather than commenting on a forum where a group of block headed people are merely interested in singing biya's praises either through his colonial regime or those of his subjects like Ni John, Muna, etc.

Dr Agbormbai,

I understand you have professed your role as a government adviser in this forum. As things stand, you can only be classified as a bad adviser for this bad and colonial government. I hope you will be able to change your views. You will have only your concience to judge you if you have any concience.


For my case,they have not succeeded with their viruses.They kept sending emails to me with attached files that are corrupted.Unfortunately for them, my system does not allow me to open files that are not safe.
Shame to them.


Dr Agbormbai,

We have heard enough of your abuses to the Cameroonian people in this forum.

When people are fighting for freedom as their families are dying back home. You stay in your comfort in england and say stupid things congratulating a regime that have rendered their entire lives financially and economically handicapped. Many at times, i want to leave this fight for freedom and rely on my own comfort of having a reasonable job here. But when i read these useless commentaries from yours, i am motivated to understand that there are people like you, still out there, self centered and selfish individuals, interesting only in destroying the lives of the poor and helpless while flashing your stupid doctorate degrees.

You are nothing but a hollow, stupid and self centred man. What you see as good policies by Mr Biya and his gang of bandits is nothing but an interest to be appointed by his government or to illegally benefit from their exploitative and colonial antics.

I have constantly described you time and again in this forum as Biya’s chief agent as I have dealt with people like you during my young days in the southern Cameroons. Those who are here to listen to you and your stupid thoughts, and compromise with the thrash you write here are those loosers who want to give you and your gang of criminals the opportunity to steal all our resources. As far as I am concerned, you have no point and you will never have any point to justify Biya’s criminal records against Cameroonians and his so called “good policies” that only you and your gang of bandits can understand. You describe a government full of bandits with the “best of adjectives” reserved for very honest people of the world. You always resort to saying good things about a regime, that has, and is doing just harm to the people it is supposed to govern. When sad news purporting crimes committed by the regime are posted here (like the sham Tole tea privatisation), you are always the first to employ the best of adjectives to describe how hard they (the criminals managing la republique) are working.

I will frankly tell you that you are not the only one in this forum who has studied to the level of a doctorate. That said, your doctorate degree means nothing to the eyes of those who are actually educated. Whatever your vision for Cameroon is, I can only describe it as a vision that will only go a long way to lead people to doom. To hell with you.

original mukete

John Fru Ndi,

On reading this note, the reaction of your blind supporters will be swift. Within minutes of reading it and before even referring to it as infamous rubbish and absurd conspiracies, they will as usual rush to judge it as a calculated attempted to blackmail you and take “their SDF” away. And before hitting their heads on their computer screens, so as to scatter their brainless heads into worthless pieces, some of your enslaved accomplices using The Post online will start referring to me as CPDM agent or someone sponsored to blackmail theit Ntarikon god. I am neither of these.

Look John Fru Ndi, this letter is not an attack on the many SDF militants, who unfortunately continue to look up to you for the salvation of our country. To a degree, it is an indictment of a specifically named “Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi”, who has conspired with the hegemonic regime of President Paul Biya to auction Cameroon and enslave Cameroonians. What Cameroonians hold sacred is too important to be left in the hands of a confusionist and butcher of democracy like you. As you continue to rise from a simple bookseller to the millionaire you are today, few people are able to spend 100 frs CFA a day in Bamenda!

I will start by asking you to stop this your inborn hypocrasy and dishonesty. You are criticizing our number one enemy, Paul Biya, of the very malpractices that you have instituted within the SDF. Did you not bring retired police insecurity officer, Yoyo, back as important officer into your government? Have you not victimized Professor Asonganyi and even dismissed him because he requested the computerization of elections within the SDF? Have you not placed your tribesmen into strategic positions? Did you not tell the world that you have more North Westerners in your government because it is the most committed province, as long as the SDF is concerned? And even then, you still rejected people like Akonteh who carry tons of SDF fire within them. And if the South and Central provinces are the most committed to the CPDM, why do you cry when Paul Biya appoints most of his Ministers from these provinces? Should Biya appoint more North Westerners into his government when most of them are not committed to the CPDM? Where you not the one who stated that the first powerful criterion you use in appointing your ministers was the degree of "Fire" they carry inside them? Were your appointments not discretional? Why are you always crying about the North West province instead of bringing the plight of the whole Anglophone community on the table? Why donn't you complain to president Paul Biya about the plight of the North West province through the secret channels that you deal with him? Do you think crying in public would make we, Anglophones, to take you serious? We already know you too well. If you think that expressing this naked face hypocrasy in public would make us vote you as president of this country, then you are making a very big mistake. You have failed, and the process of failure you have undergone is irreversible. No ammount of repentance would restore the lost confidence!

There is no exaggeration, no deliberate exacerbation in stating that the whole nation of Cameroon currently has two enemies: President Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi. I must assure you that all the information, all the facts in support of our insistance that you have entered an unholy deal with President Paul Biya to maintain him in power, have been checked and double checked to the extend that multiple sources are available. The fact that men and women working inside your sham of a NEC and/or Shadow cabinet cannot speak openly against you and your dictatorial leadership and be identified, is an eloquent comment on the state of affairs within your administration. No one should doubt that you still have the capacity to victimize hard working individuals and to eliminate. You must not therefore be taking the “watch-and-see” attitude of your NEC and Shadow cabinet members as a measuring rod for your popularity. You may continue to tell Cameroonians that white is black, but deep into the hearts of the majority of Cameroonians, we know that anyone that believes you deserve to be laughed at. You may even tell some of them that white is black as you always do when some of your accomplices finally decide not to dance the selfish music you play or when they refuse to make pilgrmage to your Ntarikon palace to worship you. I despite all false pretensions and mean acts, especially when perpetuated by a man who had won the confidence and trust of the people. Today it is no more “power to the people”, but it is “power to the chairman”. And so you are the Chairman of the SDF, Chairman of the National Advisory Council, Chairman of NEC, Chairman of the Rose Ndi Foundation, Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the SDF…

Despite the character assassination that you have subjected many important officials of the SDF (Asanga, Souleyman, Akonteh, Basile, Nkemngu, Asonganyi, Ben Muna, Professor Asonganyi, etc), not one single occasion and meeting with militants has given you the fertile ground to prove the reasons that you have been using to victimize and dismiss officials from the SDF. In fact, all the reactions and stories that have shot up in record time have confirmed again and again that we, Cameroonians, made a very big error in throwing our support behind you. We had desired nothing more in our hearts than to see you force President Paul Biya to abandon the presidency and go into exile. This explains why we joined you in all attempts aimed at achieving this. Unfortunately, events have unfolded to demonstrate that right from the start you were a frustrated and hungry politician looking for the least opportunity to gain fame, power and money. President Paul Biya quickly understood this and so is now having you right inside his palms. You now seem to be a threat only to yourself, and President Paul Biya is now sleeping with his eyes closed.

Look Ni John Fru Ndi, our research round the world has confirmed that you are the worst dictator south of the Sahara. Cameroonians should remain thankful to God that you were prevented from taking the duties of the president of this country. If you had been made president, then this nation would have been taken two hundred years backward. Cameroonians and the world would have been tempted into believing that Idi Amin and Saddam Hussein did no wrong at all. I would like to emphasize that looking back at the most recent history of the SDF, especially events leading to the holding of the two SDF conventions in Yaounde and Bamenda and to the killing of Gregoire, only a true conscience would have prompted you to resign as Chairman of the SDF. As selfish as you are; as money minded as you are; as destructive as you are; you remain adamant - you cling to power by all means. Aware of the gravity of the crimes and atrocities you have committed, you have sword to die as leader of the SDF rather than giving the chance for another person to come and expose the skeleton you have in your cupboard. You are ready to die with diapers around your waist than to be called the ex-chairman of the SDF, and to do this, you are giving all methods trial.

Before, you were known to be using rallies and the media to seek for support and sympathy. And as you entered any town or city even unannounced, everything – I mean even dogs, fowls, pigs and even mad people- came to a standstill. Today, you are a finished man, who moves around unnoticed. Feeling exposed and defeated, you are now using dead people and corpses to gather support and popularity. You are the only political leader who rejoices when his militants are murdered – from within or from without. You used the death of six innocent Bamenda children to climb to fame. Pa Tita was roasted to make you remain strong. When the “first lady” of the SDF was sent to the destination that had been prepared for her, of course using the CPDM Nyongo money, you climbed on top of her corpse to bring the whole world to your aid. You wanted all SDF officials to mourn aloud and to suspend all SDF activities. You used her departure to blackmail people and to solidly position yourself. This explains why the activities of her remembrance and the launching of her foundation were intensified just weeks to the SDF convention. When John Kohtem was pushed to die, you rallied innocent militants to join you in the streets of Bamenda without knowing that they were only helping you stand strong. It is no coincidence that Gregoire was murdered by your thugs only when your popularity was lowest and at a moment when you were to stand the people`s test in Bamenda.

After shying away from the press for long, you only jumped up from slumber when John Nguh – one of your Taliban fighters who though Gregoire a bitter lesson – died in the central prison in Yaounde. And as if you think Cameroonians will continue to be fools, you are pointing an accusing finger on the government and the Ben Muna SDF faction. As befits your high ability to twist things to suit your interest, you are now using the poor medical situations in our hospitals as reasons for the death of Taliban member John Nguh. Is it only after his death that you are realizing that prisoners need vaccination and medical attention? Why are you opting to vaccinate prisoners only after “murder” has been planned and executed? Since you and the SDF were so poor that you could not evacuate your belved wife abroad for treatment, where do you now have the money to vaccinate these prisoners? Even if you are to obtain some external assistance to achieve this, why could you not request the same assistance when your wife fell sick? Why did you rely on Nyongo money to treate a God-fearing woman?

Look Ni John Fru Ndi, do not think that Cameroonians are convinced with the reasons you are putting forward for the death of John Nguh in the Yaounde Central prison. Why John Nguh? Why someone from the same town and tribe like your main rival and enemy – Ben Muna? How could this coincidence be coincidental? Even if the plan lead to the staged murder - from within - of a son of Mbengwi, it failed to achieve its goals. If the instigators had thought that the death of John Nguh would force the Mbengwi people to rebel against Ben Muna, then they made a very big mistake. It is still to be determined if all the food that was brought to John Nguh in the prison and hospital had not been tempered with. And to confirm that this secret agenda is till underway, you openly declared to the Mutation newspaper that three other Taliban prisoners detained after the murder of Gregoire may follow John Nguh to their graves. I hope these three are from your Santa clan. If they are, again, from Ben Muna`s tribe and region, then you need to think twice and withdraw the plan. If any other prisoner of Mbengwi origin dare dies, then ... There is nothing as bad as using human life and blood for political gains! We can not be using staged murder to gain public support or to discredit others. And even if all Mbegwi militants who remain in your own SSDF factions are auctioned the way John Nguh was auctioned, this will never push Mbengwi people into revolting against their own son, Ben Muna. I hope you recall what the Fon of Mendakwen told you in relation to the attempt on the life of Professor Ngwasiri.

You are the only enemy that we, Anglophone Cameroonians, have. You are the one frustrating all important moves taken by your Anglophone brothers who are struggling to liberate us from the slavery that Biya has pushed us into. The deal that you have entered with President Paul Biya makes you the eye, the ear and the mouth of Anglophones. You are doing everything to make the world believe Biya when he says that the SDF is an Anglophone party. You carried John Nguh from Yaounde were the fight broke out and where he died, passed through the western province, only to parade his corpse in Bamenda. Why Bamenda? Why is it only in Bamenda that you could gather courage to defy the adminstration, to carry people into your court hearing, to parade with a corpse? Why did you not parade the corpse of John Kohtem in Balikumbat? Do you think only Bamenda people should be used as sacrificia lambs for your selfish interests? Since you know that you can never attain important posts like that of a Prime Minister, you are blocking the chances of able Anglophones from attaining political heights. If you were still having the slightest drop of good faith existing in you, then you would have kept aside your selfish interests for the benefit of the Anglophone community. Instead you would prefer to go so low before Paul Biya to the extent of allowing his entourage calls you “Jean Anglo”.

You must have realized that Cameroonians are no more the fools you thought they were before, and that you can not go on telling them lies throughout. Most of your previous SDF officials have refused to practice the state of mafia that according to David Yallop of “In God`s Name” prevailed in the Vatican City before the Papacy of Pope John Paul I, Albino Luciani. This is the only crime that those who criticized your poor leadership skills within the SDF had committed. And as if you live by inertia, you now have the weakest Secretary General that any political party will ever have – Ma Elizabeth. This explains why you feel comfortable. After all, you can pull down her skirt or breast ware at any time to call her into order, as you have been doing with Anembom Munjo.

As I have stated somewhere, President Paul Biya has caught you right inside his trap, and when the time comes for him to crush your head in public, he wouldn`t recall that you have been his bed fellow. The time may be long, but it will surely come. And as shameless as you are, you have not visited your "friend" Professor Ngwasiri in his sick bed or even sent him a “get-well message. I hope you recall what Akum Fomum told you just days before he died.

… but how unrepentant can you be, Ni John Fru Ndi?

I will tell you something with time. And please tell your blind supporters not to lose their worthless temper before reading the letter I have for them.


original mukete

As I have stated in the above posting, those who support Ni John Fru Ndi blindly, should not lose their temper yet. They should be patient, because true patience means waiting without worrying. Rather than twisting their hearts and trying to vomit out their intestiness, and screaming for my blood - which they will never throw away - they should be happily waiting for a letter I have for them. That letter, believe me, will open some of their eyes and minds, so that they, too, can see the light.

I have the strong conviction that when that time finally comes, these blind supporters of Ni John Fru Ndi, too, will join Joseph Mbah Ndam and Biniface Mbah Ndam to disown Ni John Fru Ndi. This atleast is a consolation that all is not lost.

And let Ni John Fru Ndi dare raise his tiny voice again during the upcoming elections ...


Fritzane Kiki HK

Fru Ndi is confused whether on going on with his normal and old friendship with Biya or follow the SCNC.Yet many inner voices see the SCNC as the only solution to the Anglophone problem.I know that many people will say Fru Ndi did this or that and was amongst the Founding Fathers.But the question is what major achievement has he accomplished ever since he took over office as chairman?I don't see any difference between Fru Ndi's 16 years and Biya's 24 years in power.They are birds of thesame viciousness incharge of the excrutiating poverty and suffering the Anglophones are undergoing.Look at a cabinet reshufflement which is made up of sorely Biya's henchmen.This is abormination indeed.La republique has exposed it diabolical cunning and nothing good can come out from it than friends continuously appointed by Biya and his junta.Fru Ndi has already exposed his dirty lining in public and the general public is aware of his incompetency and irresponsibility at the head of the party.Only a fool will not realise Fru's hand in the chaos rocking the SDF.Those who blame Muna see Fru Ndi as a demi-god and just adore him as a figure head rather than a leader to bring any positive change nor dynamism in the SDF as hetherto.

Look at a cabinet reshufflement which is made up of sorely Biya's henchmen.This is abormination indeed.La republique has exposed it diabolical cunning and nothing good can come out from it than Ewondo friends continuously appointed to take up ministeral posts by Biya and his junta.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


where have you been? Since August 12th, you have been in hibernation only to come out 6 weeks later with this boring comment. Your style is no longer animating and amusing as it used to be. May be because you have over-belaboured your fiction or may be because readers are now well-versed to decipher your lying and dishonest habit. Indeed, if not of the fact that you promised as usual to furnish us with very implicating "evidence", I would have sworn that the above comment was not written by you.
Well, it must have escaped your attention that the forum is more progressive and the topics have been systematically depersonalised.
However,I hope our colleagues on this forum would permit me remind Mukete that we know fully well that he has strong links to the Prime ministry and that he is sponsored with state funds to defame the main opposition party in the country. This is more fraud, dishonesty and hypocrisy than what he accuses Ni John Fru Ndi of. Worse still, the method is to use false and distorted information to manipulate mainly diasporans who have almost no access to clean information. I shall demonstrate this using Mukete's comment.
Mukete writes that "Have you not victimized Professor Asonganyi and even dismissed him because he requested the computerization of elections within the SDF?". Wrong. The truth is Ni John Fru Ndi was not even present at the Church Centre when the discplinary Committee chaired by Etienne Sonkin voted 28 vs 1 to strip Prof. Asonganyi of his membership on the 28th of January 2006. That was thus a majority decision which is the core of democracy. Nobody in the SDF can dictate his wish on others. Decisions are taken on procedure and are made on 'one man one vote' basis. Secondly, the computerisation of SDF structures was not an issue during the Disciplinary procedure. Instead,the commission centred its work on Maitre Tsapy Lavoisier's motion about Prof. Asonganyi's press conference in November.
Mukete further says "Have you not placed your tribesmen into strategic positions? ".Wrong. Go through the lists of SDF shadow cabinet members, councillors, mayors, parliamentarians, you shall find no one from Baba or Baforchu in Mezam. The SDF Vice-President of the National Assembly hails from Bafang in Haut-Nkam while the Parliamentary Group leader hails from Batibo in Momo and his assistant from Kumbo in Bui. Their secretary hails from Loum in Mungo-Nord. I am still to find a less tribe/ethnic based distribution of responsibilities within a Cameroonian political party.
Mukete further says "Why are you always crying about the North West province instead of bringing the plight of the whole Anglophone community on the table?". The SDF is the only political party which has proposed a special resolution to the Anglophone problem as outlined in the proposed Federal Constitution. Secondly, the SDF as a national party has the onus to address specific regions and problems as the case may be. A year and a half ago, Ni John Fru Ndi wrote to the government specifically on the plight of the North west province, a couple of weeks ago the Chairman wrote on the plight of Ndian division in the South West province.see (
That is the role of an opposition party.The problem is that in Cameroon, the CPDM has exploited the widespread poverty to reduce the majority of opposition parties to slumber bags who wake up only at the eve of elections to grab state funds doled out for campaigns. After that, no one hears of them. Thus the SDF remains the only political party with viable alternative solutions to Cameroon's problems. The party has a statement on Bakassi, on fuel prices, on health-care in prisons, on intra-urban roads and in general, on the economy of the country (NESPROG).
Another claim which portrays cheap-talk is when Mukete writes "..And so you are the Chairman of the SDF, Chairman of the National Advisory Council, Chairman of NEC, Chairman of the Rose Ndi Foundation, Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the SDF…". It is thus evident Mukete claims to be an SDF militant but he is not at all aware of the party's constitution which is the top-reference in ward,ED,PEC and NEC meetings. The Rose Fru Ndi Memorial Fund is NOT a statutory committee of the Social Democratic Front.Also, the Disciplinary committee has never been chaired by Ni John Fru Ndi and per constitution, its chairperson is not a prerogative.
Furthermore, Mukete says " are now using dead people and corpses to gather support and popularity." What a bad taste. It is customary in the SDF to give ALL fallen militants a befitting burial. A couple of weeks ago, Ni John Fru Ndi led a heavy delegation to bury the former parliamentarian in Ako (Hon. Chemo). Ask the families of bereaved SDF militants - the late Chief Okang, late Albert Mukong, late Mrs Joe Bakai, late Hon. John Ebai, late Mr. James Banga,late John Kohtem, late Mrs. Rose Fru Ndi (RIP) and many more. So funeral in party colours did not begin with late John Nguh and will not end there.
To further his fiction, Mukete writes "...You carried John Nguh from Yaounde were the fight broke out and where he died, passed through the western province, only to parade his corpse in Bamenda. Why Bamenda? Why is it only in Bamenda that you could gather courage to defy the adminstration, to carry people into your court hearing, to parade with a corpse? " Very wrong. The Provincial Coordination of the SDF in the Centre province escorted the convoy to Makenene, making several stops in Bafia, Tonga etc. In Makenene, the West province took over with about 300 vanguards in party attire led by "Commandant" Deffo . They escorted the corpse right up till Matazem. From there, the PEC of the North West province took over. The incident at the Vet. junction in Bamenda was reportedly widely because an open confrontation was involved.
I am certain these suffice to show how Mukete bends information to earn a living. This according to me is the worse form of hypocrisy because it is a mixture of fiction, fraud and LIES.


Wanders shall never end.Is it true that Mukete has shamely resurfaced again or someone else posing as Mukete?

Fritzane Kiki,
Go back and read what you have written and see how confused you are.What message were you really struggling to pass across? ´Did you intend to write about Biya´s cabinet reshuffle or about Fru Ndi? Do you think you can successfully link everything to Fru Ndi?
Do you know how to use paragraphs to present facts? Do you know that your hatred for Ni John Fru Ndi has caused you to cease to reason and exposes you as a nonentity to the public?
Read this again to see if it makes sense to you:
"Look at a cabinet reshufflement which is made up of sorely Biya's henchmen.This is abormination indeed.La republique has exposed it diabolical cunning and nothing good can come out from it than friends continuously appointed by Biya and his junta.Fru Ndi has already exposed his dirty lining in public and the general public is aware of his incompetency and irresponsibility at the head of the party.Only a fool will not realise Fru's hand in the chaos rocking the SDF.Those who blame Muna see Fru Ndi as a demi-god and just adore him as a figure head rather than a leader to bring any positive change nor dynamism in the SDF as hetherto"

vally England


Is there any fiction in Mukete's writings on Fru ndi?Not at all.
We have to accept that Fru ndi is the problem today.Some might say this is because of my allegiance to Muna.I owe no allegiance to any body,i look at the truth.Muna is talking today gracia to fru ndi's ecosism.He is very greedy,i am sure he is surprise with the way people are receiving Muna.




Excellent commentaries.


Mukete, great write-ups... You are a Patriot.
Cameroonian Patriots are proud of you!

When are you ever going to enter politics? Look all over the world, Cameroonians are running for offices (USA, Europe etc..)
Stop waisting your time inciting poor Cameroonians to violence.
You risk making turning yourself into a "Noisemaker, empty vessel or what french people said "tonneau vide").
Start by joining politics in your small town where they have given you political asylum.
That is a challenge to you Rexon.
Until then, I am afraid you still be considered a noisemaker with no substance.
Please quit insulting Patriots like Dr AA Agbormbai, Janvier etc...

Take care of yourself.

CAADIM (CAmeroonians Against the DIvision of our Motherland)

original mukete


Half measures or pious wishes will never solve our problems in the SDF and in Cameroon. This idea of always twisting facts and reality will lead the SDF and Cameroon nowhere, especially when such twisting comes from our leaders – in government or in the opposition. It is ironical that out of the long facts I recently posted here, some blind supporters of Ni John Fru Ndi could only present selective “clarifications.” While Fon Lawrence tactfully and wisely avoided touching the very sensitive issues I raised, Feli unfortunately and shamelessly, threw baseless clarifications on only some aspectsof the many revelations I made, but he completely and voluntarily avoided all questions raised on the murder of John Nguh – the SDF vanguard – in the Yaounde Central prison. To confirm the fact that these same blind supporters of Ni John Fru Ndi are doing everything to prevent readers from digesting the FACTS I present here, Feli started his baseless defence by telling the world that my posting was boring, but at the same time and to contadict himself, he wrote the longest contribution he had so far made in this forum of recent. How can something be boring and useless to someone, and the same person uses his time and energy to write out a very long clarification on it? Who says that these people are not here to twist or hide facts?

I want to state, with no degree of error whatsoever, that the reasons for the death of John Nguh in the Yaounde Central prison as reported by the SDF hierarchy is NOT true. It does not hold any water. It is a manipulation of public opinion. The very reason why John Nguh was hired from Bamenda to Yaounde, was the very essence for his death. Those who convinced him to leave Bamenda to go and kill his own brother – Ben Muna – in Yaounde, knew that either Ben Muna`s head would be brought to the “King” back in Bamenda or an Alternate Mbengwi man`s head would be delivered. Poor John Nguh, he was selected to be the one to provide the Mbengwi head in case that of Ben Muna is not received in the presidency. The plan was that if Ben Muna`s head is not got, then the head of another Mbengwiman would be used to force the Mbengwi people into rebelling against Ben Muna – for causing the death of a Mbengwi son.

We are already accustomed to the habit of hearing the government going public to distort facts immediately after scandals are reported. We remember with sadness in our hearts how Yaounde University students were butchered in day light but Biya`s Minister of Communication went into the air to declare that “Il ya eu ZERO mort.” When Biya`s army of occupation shot and killed six innocent children in Bamenda during the launching of the SDF, Biya`s machinery of distortion immediately went into the air to tell the world that these citizens had died from the stampede caused by the SDF and that out of frustration, Ni John Fru Ndi, the leader of the SDF had fled to Nigeria.

It is however sad to realize that even opposition leaders who claim to be fighting for the poor are now champions in this distortion of facts and reality. Today, Cameroonians have lost faith in Ni John Fru Ndi. This local leader blends lies and truth with mastery to manipulate public opinion. On a daily basis, Cameroonians see a great deal of lies and dishonesty in this butcher of democracy. When it comes to manipulating public opinion so as to maintain power and satisfy his selfish interests, Ni John Fru Ndi and his disciples of doom would not hesitate to give all unholy methods a trial, even if it means forcefully closing the doors of life behind innocent Cameroonians.

The death of John Nguh, a Ntarikon trained Taliban leader, in the Central prison in Yaounde is one of the latest occasion that has been used to deceive the public and hide the real machinery that was put in place to auction this poor Mbengui man for political reasons. Immediately the death of John Nguh was announced, an already prepared statement was circulated, in which the death was blamed on the poor medical situation in the prison. I am not saying that the health situation in this prison – just like the prison in Bamenda or elsewhere in the country- is perfect. But to hide the main motivating forces behind this untimely death and then to present fake cover up stories is my problem.

It is ironical to hear Ni John Fru Ndi saying that his SDF had attempted in vain to give medical care to the prisons in Yaounde. He however fails to tell the world since when he and the SDF started giving medical care to his vanguard. What prompted them into nursing the idea of giving medical aid to prisoner when none had been diagnosed with an illness? Our investigations confirm the fact that since the creation of the SDF`s vanguard, neither the SDF nor Ni John Fru Ndi has ever cared or even talked about their heath care. Even when Biya`s government gave millions to the SDF to prepare for National elections, Ni John Fru Ndi did not only use an important part of this money to pay himself millions in arrears and to buy himself one of the most expensive cars in Cameroon, but he gave only Five thousand (5000) frs CFA to each SDF Vanguard. And when they politely complained to Ni John Fru Ndi, the SDF chairman did not only intimidate them, but he openly told them that they could go to hell because they were never employed by the SDF. These are the same vanguards who merely struggle to place their dry tongues on dishes after Ni John Fru Ndi, Sama, Yoyo, Maitre Mbami, Elizabeth Tamanjong, Anembom Munjo, Joseph Mbah Ndam, Boniface Mbah Ndam, and many others have eaten on the high table following NEC meetings and other SDF celebrations.

To tell the world that John Nguh died in Yaounde because of the health situation in the prison is without thought content; it is vacuous and without meaning. When was he diagnosed to be sick? Why were samples not collected from his intestine to find out if the food he has been eating while in prison and the hospital had not been tempered with - by those who brought him food? Why was his blood not examined to find out the presence of any toxic substances? Why did the SDF wait for him to be sick before they started discussing about his health situation and that of other prisoners? Who declared that he died of the fake disease the world is being forced to accept? Which family member gave Ni John Fru Ndi and his so-called SDF doctor the permission to disclose the health situation of the deceased? In a civilized and just society, tests are performed irrespective of the presumed reasons for the death, and the SDF has renounced doctors to have done this. Why did they go against the no-secret medical vow which prohibits any medical practitioner from releasing information on the health of patients without permission? Why did Ni John Fru Ndi and his gang of soulless accomplices did start thinking of helping the remaining prisoners only after the mission has been achieved? Why did they only realize that the same disease exist in the Douala Central prison only after John Nguh has been used for political gains? How comes it that Ni John Fru Ndi and his prophets of doom could generate money in record time and only after John Nguh had died, to be able to vaccinate ALL prisoners in Yaounde and Douala, when the same gang of manipulators could not generate money to evacuate the sick first lady of the SDF abroad for treatment? Who do these people think they are deceiving?

Who authorized the SDF hierarchy to seal the coffin carrying John Nguh to the extent that family members could not perform the appropriate traditional rites on his corpse? Among the Mbengwi people, when someone dies under suspicious circumstances, some traditional rites are performed on the corpse to enable him chase his killers and kill them within seven days. John Nguh was hurriedly buried by a THICK and impenetrable crowd of SDF militants from Bamenda that made it completely impossible for his corpse to be used for this reason. Family members were ignored and they had no say in the fast suspicious burial of their son. The SDF maintained tide control over the corpse, claiming that he was a national hero. Hear him: “John Nguh is a National Hero; he belongs to the SDF and to the Cameroonian people. His martyrdom goes far beyond family circles. Family members should allow the SDF family give him the respect he deserves.”

No one doubts the fact that the murder of John Nguh was a well planned political conspiracy, aimed at victimizing his Mbengwi brother – Ben Muna- and in an attempt to force Mbengwi people into rebelling against Ben Muna. Why only John Nguh? Why only a person from Mbengwi, the same place where the man giving Ni John Fru Ndi comes from? Those who take this to be a mere conincidence are making a very big mistake. And to confirm that this was a staged murder, our man even went as far as telling the Mutation Newspaper that three other SDF prisoners in Yaounde are on the same path that John Nguh has taken, and that if these three too finally die, their corpses will be abandoned to the government. This is to tell us that the human blood is so strong that when it is carelessly thrown away, those who throw it will indirectly or directly expose themselves.

Cameroonians are anxiously waiting for these additional SDF prisoners to die like fowls as promised by the SDF hierarchy. But one thing remains clear. If those who die dare come again from the Division of Ben Muna or from the Mendakwe tribe of Professor Ngwasiri, then we are going to wage a war of revenge. Mbengwi and Mendakwen people who not sit and fold their hands while their brothers are auctioned for political reasons. If these additional prisoners are to die, also, then we advise to incharge to do everything so that these sacrificial lambs should come this time from any of the Santa area. On our part, our investigations on this sad incident continue. We are going to tell the world the food that took away the life of this innocent Mbengwiman. We shall diagnose how that food was prepared, its contents, who prepared it; where it was prepared; who carried it to the prison or hospital, how it was delivered and how it worked.

They folded HER like a Queen, they folded the Bakossi Makoge as a fowl, they folded John Kohtem like a sheep, they folded the Beti Gregoire as a dog and they have folded
John Nguh like a pig.

Stay tuned.



A Lawyer in the Northwest Province by name Peter shuh and company lawyer to ADI COMPANY LTD (ACL)-BAMENDA was mysteriously assasinated around the company factory in Konda Village momo division on the 23-11-2006 and was found dead around 1pm on the 24-11-2006 by some passer-by. The Gerndemarie brigade of Njikwa Sub-Division is seriously under investigation. Suspects are suspected to have fled to the neighbouring villages around Konda.
Some say he is murdered because he is the protector of ACL and there is news that the owner Mr. Adi Lucas was also murdered like that.

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