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Thursday, 28 September 2006


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Dissapearances of files relating to la republique corrupt practices in not a new things. These and other tactics are regularly employed like the burning of offices etc. La republique is a failed state and nothing good can ever be heard from these group of bandits.

vally England

Rev Ayuk,
keep the good job are unravelling the bandits destroying our country.In all sectors of the economy you have them in droves,stealing at will and living the life not made for them.

So how come the store accountant,can create a company supply the state witrhout the knowledge of the internal audit team.

Rev Ayuk let me advised you.Order for there to be a registration of all suppliers within the province.Nobody is given contract without him or her registering,get their company number,tax returns,adresses and locations.
Upon the awarding of any contract let there be six copies of contract documents,one for the governor's office,one for finance/treasury,another for the tax office,one is kept at the office awarding the contract,finally one for min of comence.

These documents must be kept for a maximum of three years before desruction.
You can then track all contractors and the various contract they are undertaking with in the province.You can also used that to verify if they paid taxes, stamp duties etc.
This lady who doubles as contractor and store accountant must be sack,and the wife of provincial delegate must account for all the contracts.They are all thieves.

Rev keep the good job.


This are the type of Citizens we need.the REV is doing a god job,the fear of god and the love of his folks is in him.I don't know if mafany and co are from the other side of the mungo because we keep blaming our Francophone brothers,If we don't change our mentality we'll never move forward.I hope the Rev stays long in office so as to be able to expose all this malpractices taking place,but such hard working and god fearing citizens have alot of enemies from their own roof.How much time thus he still have there,his days are counted,i hope not.fake reports will be send to the minstry and presidency that u ain't doing ur job,pure JEALOUSCY.
Keep the good job REV AYUK,our prayers will help,guide and protect you.


Am impressed Dr ayuk, Stand your grounds, and nothing will happen to you. It is high time this greedy french folks are flushed out of the system. It is rather unfortunate that anglophone women indulged themselves in state crime that might finally land them in greate jeopardy. All i will say to you Dr Ayuke, fight hard for this case, you might end up loosing your job, but you would have creeated a long lasting impact.

Muki StoneHall

God Bless you Rev AYUK,
How I wish there was a Rev Ayuk in all 10 Governors' offices in Cameroon and one in Etoudi.But as is the case all anti-corruption persons are enemies of biya's regime.Therefore we will not be suprised if you are shown the way out.But stand your grounds.Their greatest weapon is intimidation.Don't be shakened.God is in control.


Rev Ayuk,
Police or no police, that is the french system of intimidation.Dont worry just go on with your job.But I will advice you about some thing., Please in the name of the almighty God, dont drink or eat outside of your house; cause now they will only want to kill you. He will try to organise a party at the Governors office,please you should be sick when ever there is a party in your office,cause this party will be a timely programme for your elimination.

We are going to send the our own letter to yaounde on your behalf,we shall look for the address of all the ministries and write to them from Europe withought asking them.

God bless,Manoh..!!! Even for motuary people go thief oh oh God we are finish. Please Jesus come tomorow,cause next tomorow might be too late.

Governor and Police na the same people oh oh God complice them one kill our humble city.

Oh oh God, even chop for sick people we deh still thiefam..!!

Oh oh God, na cause if your name na Mafany? So all Mafany are currupt thiefs.

Oh oh God have mercy on them.

Jampack Brother
Copenhagen Denmark.

Tekum Mbeng

It takes a few brave men of Rev. Ayuk's calibre to expose the thieves in the barn masquerading as VIPs.

Gov. Eyeya Zanga has failed in his status as 1st citizen of the SWP. The Gov' is hesitant in applying the law and is unacceptable. This is 2006 and not 1976!

All anonymous phone calls can be traced back to originating phone used by caller, with help from telecom company computers.

All evil doers should be hanged.

Tekum Mbeng

Is Mr. Mafany - the Provincial Delegate for Public Health Buea involved in selectng contractors who supply the Buea Provincial Hospital Annex?

If yes, then there is a serious conflict of interest because Good News Enterprise with a 33m FCFA supply credit belongs to his wife Mrs. Mafany. In fact, for all intents and purposes, Good News Enterprises can be said to be a defacto property of the same Mr Mafany.

What is holding back the administration from firing Mr Mafany, cancelling the contract and recovering lost money?

That appears to the reason behind the Governor's hesitation but the law must be certain in application, transparent in process and predictable.

Ayuk is a hero. It will take an Ayukian revolution to cleanse Cameroon's incestuous institutions.

Ma Mary

Post, you can be artists sometimes. These are fine pictures of the protagonists. Colonial governor looks frantic and is sweating. Stalwart Ayuk is glowering and scrutinizing with suspicion. The pictures tell the whole story.

Rev Ayuk. Watch your back, but since you have started you cannot yield. They will likely try to transfer you to a dead end place like Yokaduma or its environs, so that you can catch sleeping sickness or something.


Fellow countrymen/women,

Rev. Ayuk’s frustration is understandable but this is now a serious criminal matter.

In “theory”, Governor Louis Eyeya Zanga is right to bring in the judicial police to undertake a more comprehensive investigation. However, in “practice”, both the Governor and the SDO in Buea to whom the police are ultimately answerable are both Francophones and a criminal conspiracy to deny justice cannot be ruled out. Yes, we all know the dynamic! It is a mistake to trust these men, taking the Governor’s expressed cronyism, with respect to prior familiarity to the ex-PD (sic) Public Health Garoua. into account.

In a progressive society, Governor Louis Eyeya Zanga’s conduct will also be examined on three lines of inquiry, namely:-

(a) Why did Governor Louis Eyeya Zanga hand over an unsigned letter to the delegation of two persons from Yaoundé? Are any conflict of interest issues implied in the unsigned letter?

(b) Having “lost” an important corruption file from his secure desk, did Governor Louis Eyeya Zanga call in the Judicial Police to investigate not only Rev. Ayuk but also everyone else with access to the Governor’s office? When did the Governor realize the file was missing and what actions did he initiate to obtain a duplicate from Rev. Ayuk? Did the Governor take Rev. Ayuk’s computer and work files into secure custody?

(c) In response to anonymous death threats against Rev. Ayuk, did the Governor initiate additional security to protect a brave state official [Rev. Ayuk] handling an important corruption investigation involving powerful forces at provincial level?

This corruption scandal in Buea tests the willingness of Cameroon to weed out corruption in compliance with Cameroon Government’s expressed policy to Breton Woods Institutions in the run up to HIPC qualification recently.

It boils down to the practices of local officials in places like Buea. The law of the land must be applied equitably with fairness and transparency. No citizen is above the law.

The international community is watching carefully.

Tekum Mbeng

You can see a Camerounese tragedy unfolding in Buea. The plot is fit for a TV comedy.

An incorruptible junior civil servant Rev. Ayuk writes a report possibly incriminating other senior provincial officials who are feeding on funds destined for the sick at the provincial hospital. The report filed to Governor Zenga's desk goes "missing"! Of course, such a report has to go missing but there are consequences.

In the bad old days, the Guv's office would be set alight to simulate a fire accident! It sounds funny but very painful and Camerounese.

Therein lies the trouble with Cameroon and the CPDM machinery in government. Who is surprised about the silence of Dr. Agbormbai, Riccardo and Henriette?


Rev. Ayuk,
Keep the faith, the God you serve will never fail you.
Tell me how Cameroon will ever progress if contracts are awarded and executed only on paper.This is not only related the Buea hospital; it is a trite phenomeno in all facets of the fraudulent system in Cameroon.

Those who are in high places want to get everything at the detriment of the sufferring masses.We must continue to expose and condemn these vices in our society.

Ma Mary

This is the context for this story, a couple of powerful articles by the consistently excellent Dibussi.
Check this out:
The State of the Union 45 Years After: Symbols of Reunification in Decay

This is the best October 1st report. Tells everything.

Agbormbai lives in a country where they preserve thousand year old monuments and restore them all the time so that they do not fall apart. In his opinion, and the opinion of others who support the bastard union, what does this mean?


Rev.Ayuk taught us that "in the beginning was the WORD, the WORD was with GOD and the WORD was GOD" do not be afraid, stick to the WORD. All other things are crazy and you find all those rascals going to church on sunday and singing "stand up for Jesus" tomorrow they will say in an interview that it is hard work that gave them mansions. I just hope that they don't die because most of them have hypertension, and diabetes.


Rev. Ayuk was my roommate while we attended college in Grand Rapids Michigan. I sure would like to get in touch with him. Ayuk, if you are reading this, Both Victor Eze and I are looking for you.
Kind Regards

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