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Thursday, 28 September 2006


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Mami please choos people with Frundi and SDF.
Political is very cheap to open in Cameroon, like the usual pufpuf and beans buisness for molyko.I am going to open my own and send my children and wife to london, and become reach too.

Shame SDF, Bamenda Party.

Jampack Brother
Copenahegen Denmark.

original mukete


Half measures or pious wishes will never solve our problems in the SDF and in Cameroon. This idea of always twisting facts and reality will lead the SDF and Cameroon nowhere, especially when such twisting comes from our leaders – in government or in the opposition. It is ironical that out of the long facts I recently posted here, some blind supporters of Ni John Fru Ndi could only present selective “clarifications.” While Fon Lawrence tactfully and wisely avoided touching the very sensitive issues I raised, Feli unfortunately and shamelessly, threw baseless clarifications on only some aspectsof the many revelations I made, but he completely and voluntarily avoided all questions raised on the murder of John Nguh – the SDF vanguard – in the Yaounde Central prison. To confirm the fact that these same blind supporters of Ni John Fru Ndi are doing everything to prevent readers from digesting the FACTS I present here, Feli started his baseless defence by telling the world that my posting was boring, but at the same time and to contadict himself, he wrote the longest contribution he had so far made in this forum of recent. How can something be boring and useless to someone, and the same person uses his time and energy to write out a very long clarification on it? Who says that these people are not here to twist or hide facts?

I want to state, with no degree of error whatsoever, that the reasons for the death of John Nguh in the Yaounde Central prison as reported by the SDF hierarchy is NOT true. It does not hold any water. It is a manipulation of public opinion. The very reason why John Nguh was hired from Bamenda to Yaounde, was the very essence for his death. Those who convinced him to leave Bamenda to go and kill his own brother – Ben Muna – in Yaounde, knew that either Ben Muna`s head would be brought to the “King” back in Bamenda or an Alternate Mbengwi man`s head would be delivered. Poor John Nguh, he was selected to be the one to provide the Mbengwi head in case that of Ben Muna is not received in the presidency. The plan was that if Ben Muna`s head is not got, then the head of another Mbengwiman would be used to force the Mbengwi people into rebelling against Ben Muna – for causing the death of a Mbengwi son.

We are already accustomed to the habit of hearing the government going public to distort facts immediately after scandals are reported. We remember with sadness in our hearts how Yaounde University students were butchered in day light but Biya`s Minister of Communication went into the air to declare that “Il ya eu ZERO mort.” When Biya`s army of occupation shot and killed six innocent children in Bamenda during the launching of the SDF, Biya`s machinery of distortion immediately went into the air to tell the world that these citizens had died from the stampede caused by the SDF and that out of frustration, Ni John Fru Ndi, the leader of the SDF had fled to Nigeria.

It is however sad to realize that even opposition leaders who claim to be fighting for the poor are now champions in this distortion of facts and reality. Today, Cameroonians have lost faith in Ni John Fru Ndi. This local leader blends lies and truth with mastery to manipulate public opinion. On a daily basis, Cameroonians see a great deal of lies and dishonesty in this butcher of democracy. When it comes to manipulating public opinion so as to maintain power and satisfy his selfish interests, Ni John Fru Ndi and his disciples of doom would not hesitate to give all unholy methods a trial, even if it means forcefully closing the doors of life behind innocent Cameroonians.

The death of John Nguh, a Ntarikon trained Taliban leader, in the Central prison in Yaounde is one of the latest occasion that has been used to deceive the public and hide the real machinery that was put in place to auction this poor Mbengui man for political reasons. Immediately the death of John Nguh was announced, an already prepared statement was circulated, in which the death was blamed on the poor medical situation in the prison. I am not saying that the health situation in this prison – just like the prison in Bamenda or elsewhere in the country- is perfect. But to hide the main motivating forces behind this untimely death and then to present fake cover up stories is my problem.

It is ironical to hear Ni John Fru Ndi saying that his SDF had attempted in vain to give medical care to the prisons in Yaounde. He however fails to tell the world since when he and the SDF started giving medical care to his vanguard. What prompted them into nursing the idea of giving medical aid to prisoner when none had been diagnosed with an illness? Our investigations confirm the fact that since the creation of the SDF`s vanguard, neither the SDF nor Ni John Fru Ndi has ever cared or even talked about their heath care. Even when Biya`s government gave millions to the SDF to prepare for National elections, Ni John Fru Ndi did not only use an important part of this money to pay himself millions in arrears and to buy himself one of the most expensive cars in Cameroon, but he gave only Five thousand (5000) frs CFA to each SDF Vanguard. And when they politely complained to Ni John Fru Ndi, the SDF chairman did not only intimidate them, but he openly told them that they could go to hell because they were never employed by the SDF. These are the same vanguards who merely struggle to place their dry tongues on dishes after Ni John Fru Ndi, Sama, Yoyo, Maitre Mbami, Elizabeth Tamanjong, Anembom Munjo, Joseph Mbah Ndam, Boniface Mbah Ndam, and many others have eaten on the high table following NEC meetings and other SDF celebrations.

To tell the world that John Nguh died in Yaounde because of the health situation in the prison is without thought content; it is vacuous and without meaning. When was he diagnosed to be sick? Why were samples not collected from his intestine to find out if the food he has been eating while in prison and the hospital had not been tempered with - by those who brought him food? Why was his blood not examined to find out the presence of any toxic substances? Why did the SDF wait for him to be sick before they started discussing about his health situation and that of other prisoners? Who declared that he died of the fake disease the world is being forced to accept? Which family member gave Ni John Fru Ndi and his so-called SDF doctor the permission to disclose the health situation of the deceased? In a civilized and just society, tests are performed irrespective of the presumed reasons for the death, and the SDF has renounced doctors to have done this. Why did they go against the no-secret medical vow which prohibits any medical practitioner from releasing information on the health of patients without permission? Why did Ni John Fru Ndi and his gang of soulless accomplices did start thinking of helping the remaining prisoners only after the mission has been achieved? Why did they only realize that the same disease exist in the Douala Central prison only after John Nguh has been used for political gains? How comes it that Ni John Fru Ndi and his prophets of doom could generate money in record time and only after John Nguh had died, to be able to vaccinate ALL prisoners in Yaounde and Douala, when the same gang of manipulators could not generate money to evacuate the sick first lady of the SDF abroad for treatment? Who do these people think they are deceiving?

Who authorized the SDF hierarchy to seal the coffin carrying John Nguh to the extent that family members could not perform the appropriate traditional rites on his corpse? Among the Mbengwi people, when someone dies under suspicious circumstances, some traditional rites are performed on the corpse to enable him chase his killers and kill them within seven days. John Nguh was hurriedly buried by a THICK and impenetrable crowd of SDF militants from Bamenda that made it completely impossible for his corpse to be used for this reason. Family members were ignored and they had no say in the fast suspicious burial of their son. The SDF maintained tide control over the corpse, claiming that he was a national hero. Hear him: “John Nguh is a National Hero; he belongs to the SDF and to the Cameroonian people. His martyrdom goes far beyond family circles. Family members should allow the SDF family give him the respect he deserves.”

No one doubts the fact that the murder of John Nguh was a well planned political conspiracy, aimed at victimizing his Mbengwi brother – Ben Muna- and in an attempt to force Mbengwi people into rebelling against Ben Muna. Why only John Nguh? Why only a person from Mbengwi, the same place where the man giving Ni John Fru Ndi comes from? Those who take this to be a mere conincidence are making a very big mistake. And to confirm that this was a staged murder, our man even went as far as telling the Mutation Newspaper that three other SDF prisoners in Yaounde are on the same path that John Nguh has taken, and that if these three too finally die, their corpses will be abandoned to the government. This is to tell us that the human blood is so strong that when it is carelessly thrown away, those who throw it will indirectly or directly expose themselves.

Cameroonians are anxiously waiting for these additional SDF prisoners to die like fowls as promised by the SDF hierarchy. But one thing remains clear. If those who die dare come again from the Division of Ben Muna or from the Mendakwe tribe of Professor Ngwasiri, then we are going to wage a war of revenge. Mbengwi and Mendakwen people who not sit and fold their hands while their brothers are auctioned for political reasons. If these additional prisoners are to die, also, then we advise to incharge to do everything so that these sacrificial lambs should come this time from any of the Santa area. On our part, our investigations on this sad incident continue. We are going to tell the world the food that took away the life of this innocent Mbengwiman. We shall diagnose how that food was prepared, its contents, who prepared it; where it was prepared; who carried it to the prison or hospital, how it was delivered and how it worked.

They folded HER like a Queen, they folded the Bakossi Makoge as a fowl, they folded John Kohtem like a sheep, they folded the Beti Gregoire as a dog and they have folded
John Nguh like a pig.

Stay tuned.


vally England

You know the struggle to stay as sdf chair for life started long ago,some of the seroius happenings within the sdf are questionable but you must allow hypocrates to hit the wall.They are hitting the walls and their true intentions is coming out.

Some now call''The sdf family,Witches''for the unexplainable happenings within that party of late.

Nobody is stronger than God,time well proves doubhters.



Who says Ni John Fru Ndi and the SDF have not remain grate and continue to make head line news in Cameroon? The center of attraction this week should have been the news on the cabinet reshuffle but many if not all comentators consider it a non event and continue to focus their attention on any news item that is linked to the SDF and Fru Ndi. This is a clear indication that Fru Ndi and the SDF remain at the center of attraction when it comes to Cameroon politics.
Many a time some individuals have accussed some of us for the adulation of Ni John Fru Ndi. On the contrary, the fact that these individuals are so bitter with the Chairman of the SDF shows that they are the ones who took him as the economic and political Messiah.As a Messiah,they saw him infallible; they saw him as a panacea.Now that their problems remain, instead of blaming themselves for their unreasonable believes or blaming the cause of Cameroon´s problems, they think the solution is blackmail, slander; defamation; utterance of false and malicious statements about Ni John Fru Ndi.
My humble question to these brainless and malevolent fellows showing vicious ill will and spite about Fru Ndi is whether the chairman of the SDF is the only political leader in Cameroon? When can´t they turn to a new Messiah and forget about Ni John Fru Ndi? They have announced here time and again that Fru Ndi is finished and is now history , yet their consciences remain a scourge to them because they still see Fru Ndi a force to reckon with.
Those of us who saw him as human from the begining will continue to have trust in him because he remains the only icon in Cameroon politics.



The devil will always dream of evil. I can't imagine that all what some Cameroonians could think of is how to nurse evil. I am suspecting that one of those praise singers who have been jumping around copying and pasting news against Fru Ndi in this forum is behind the rubbish written in your name. They are so foolish to think that they can write like you.
I have been expecting them to copy from Mutation and tell us how Fru Ndi can't speak French but no avail. They seem to be blind about the recent events happening in the Mezam high court in Bamenda.
I thought they would copy and paste how the Mezam High court "has handed the SDF to Ben Muna"

Let me help them so that they can copy the rest and past.

“Cameroun: SDF, Muna perd devant le juge de Bamenda

Le Quotidien Mutations (Yaoundé)

29 Septembre 2006
Publié sur le web le 29 Septembre 2006”

Over to those who don’t want to hear anything good about Fru Ndi


Roki of Shanghai

Like it or not Ben Muna is no match for Fru Ndi.If the chairman of the SDF party was elected based on the appearance of their resumes, then we would gladly hand over the party to Ben Muna and watch it die of kwashiokor.Good enough, there are still some reasonable people in my country Cameroon who are aware of the seed of evil that the government has with the hardwork of Ben Muna and a few corrupt others planted in the SDF.That is why they enjoy eating the people's money from big offices,replacing one thief with another in high places,increasing prices for everything, privatising everything that can be privatised(CDC,CAMAIR,CAMRAIL,etc etc)and paying a few money-minded individuals to sacrifice the dream of change in Cameroon for their stomachs.
If you know what is called "black operation" in the military, you will understand that it's exactly what is going on in Cameroon.If this nonsense by Ben Muna is allowed to continue, then bloodshed in the nearest future is inevetable.Ben Muna is playing a rigged game and just as i keep on saying, he has been set up to fail.His opponent is not the Biya regime but Fru Ndi.What a "political party" leader.
God save my country!



The SDF as a party that has got roots firmly implanted nationally and internationally,is above the uncoordinated,and disjointed lingua franca that you have been pouring on this forum for over two years now.You have proved to be one of those overcharged electrons here who start talking politics because they here others doing so.You rehearse the same old and vague sing-song everyday,but you have shown acute shortsightedness when it comes to analysing and making projections about the life in the party you pretend to have at heart.Regular contributors and readers on this forum vividly remember your painting of Muna as a political dare-devil early in 2005,when you had to make a choice between him and Jua.You swore here that somebody like Muna will never appeal to you.Since its very easy for people of your ilk to be caught up in woes of their on making,here is you today, professing unconditional love and support for the same devil you loathed less than eleven months ago.But the political lesson i will want you to learn is that in politics ,consistency, fidelity,truth and level- headedness will always take precedence over lies, precipitation, inordinate desire for power, and jealousy.When a young man like you already has a shaky beginning when it comes to political things,then i think he has no moral authority to take on himself the role of a political scientist.You like talking about Fru Ndi`s sixteen fruitless years as SDF chieftain.Only a political nonentity will make such sweeping statements as to the life of a party like the SDF.I don`t want to go back to your equally fruitless sojourn in Yaounde in May,but i will want u to give fitting answers to some of the reservations i`m going to raise ,if you think you would have got a better alternative for the 16 years of this party.
1.Vally why was NAC suspended at the same time as NEC,whereas the mandate of NEC had expired and had not been renewed? Why did NAC not automatically take things into its hands?
2.Vally ,how would you appreciate the moral uprightness of a key figure in a party who decides to resign from the party only at the eve of important elections like the Municipals of 1996?
3.Vally ,if this same militant comes back some 8 years after ,and is readmitted ,that is in 2004 by a body whose mandate expired in April 2003,is this person a militant of that party?
4.Vally of England,what is the implication of the decision of the judge suspending the decisions of NEC and NAC since April 2003?
Is the decision readmitting Muna aslo suspended or not?
5.Vally ,after the judges decision,do you think the Lawyer that MUna is would have ceased presenting himself,talking and acting as an SDF member while waiting for his fate to be decided by the final decision of the judge?
6.Valyy,if it is a problem between NAC and NEC,can you enlighten readers on how Muna finds himself sandwiched proclaiming himself as chairman of one of the factions?
7. Vally ,in 2003,Muna was neither member of the SDF,neither was he a member of NEC ,NAC.
Though it was Ngwasiri his mentor who drew up the list of NAC members,so where does he come in?
8.Vally of England,Muna finds it very normal to send people to talk on both radio and TV
,during time reserved only for parties represented at the National assembly.He has neither party ,nor a single Deputy at the National Assembly,on what bases is he carrying out these illegal activities?
9.Vally of England,did you know that Law No.
90/053 of 19 December punishes organizers and participants of illegal or banned public manifestations? Do you know that you left London for Yaounde ,to take part in such an activity,and that you can be considered a criminal? Do you know that you started promising funds to such a terrorist group before you even arrived Yaounde? Do you know that by doing this you were indirectly assisting or taking part in criminal activities?
10. Vally,do you know that since May you have tirelessly and incessantly promoted the activities of an illegal entity,thereby distorting public opinion.Do you know you can be charged with obstruction of justice?
So many questions,isn`t it? But Vally,these questions don`t really need answers from you because they are above your head,and owing to your tainted ,and biased views about the situation in the SDF,they are just a wake up call to you.These questions should remind you that you can continue to dance in brought daylight with a mask,but the better part of your body and legs are exposed ,and Cameroonians know exactly who you are.

vally England

How can we turn away from John fru ndi your messaih?he is the one dragging democracy aback incameroon.He feeds and live with the devil yet comes to deceived your likes.The sdf machine we all spend years building is now his private property,booth lickers do not seem to see his complete failures in 16 years.You now want us to fight Biya?the real devil is Fru ndi.We have been fighting biya over the years have'nt we?So what is happening now?Some are comfortable eating with Biya.
The problem now is fru ndi the deceptor,we have to stop him before he sells us.


vally England

Mr language.If you do not stop you traival insult be ready for me,i am not a thick skull.
I will back word for word.

You empty vessel.


Come out of your shell and prove that you are more than the dim-witted songbird we have been reading here.You seem to have taken onto yourself the luxury of slander,but rest assured that some of us will take on you without any fear of threats.As long as you keep trampling on all what others have taken years to build,we will keep telling you that you don`t have the monopoly of belittling others.The leaders you now treat for nonentities are the same leaders who gave you the freedom to insult them,who have Deputies,Councillors,
who feed a great chunk of the population as a result of the activities and steadfastness of these leaders.I would want you to take offense of what i say about you and let the ball role!


You still have time to respond to Vally´s fatuous and hackneyed comments hear.I see him as an empty fellow who is so agog where he finds himself at the moment; he never dreamt of it. He has absolutely nothing to contribute.

The SDF will continue to lead the fight against dictatorship in Cameroon.

vally England

I will quickly go through your gabbage and warn you,you do not need to threaten people who have seen all.A good leader needs just maximum 10 years to set the laws and political structures that will continue even after them.Fru ndi has failed to meet this standard,yet you and his gang of supporters think you can bully others to join you.Sorry.

Let me look at you disjoinded questions and expose the fool in you.
1-Nec term of office had expired.Nac leader prof Ngwasiri a founding father realise that Fru ndi was busy planning his stay as sdf chair perpetually,decide to take on him head on.Forget all the ramifications,the way politics operates in cameroon warranted this,today who is writing to min. of territorial Adm.Fru ndi.
2-Who ever resigned in 1996 was brought back to the sdf family.All pros/cons were taken on board in reaching those decisions.
3-As a political party the sdf has the right to admit who ever.But if senior figures like founding fathers take offence,we have to be realistic.Prof Ngwasiri is equal in status as Fru ndi in the sdf so his complains should have been taken seriously.But Fru ndi thought we are his booth lickers.What is the result today?
4-The judge suspense NEC/NAC in 2003 yet fru ndi has been operating and building his private property.What do you want others to do?Seat and see fru ndi unchallenged while he enriched his family.You are joking.
5-Why must Muna seat and wait for the judge?you don't seem to understand Biya's oligachy?You fully well understand that Fru ndi is now part of this.Grow up man.
6-Why does Fru ndi think he must be the centre of all in the sdf?he failed to adhered to all pleas before the conventions,hence there was a rival convention with a new leader.
7-Prof Ngwasiri realising that Fru ndi has become dictatorial and greedy decide to organised the y'de convention which elected Muna as chair.
8-Muna is chair of his sdf and must operate as such.Stop quoting me those fake laws in cameroon that are being created to see Fru ndi/cpdm eating together.
9-Yes i attended the convention in y'de.Tell who ever that i attended the convention.Call it illegal or what ever,it did create fru ndi's worse taught.
10-Watesih,there is one problem today.Those who spend years miltating in the sdf sacrificed our careers and jobs for thesdf want fru ndi out.He is now part of biya and eating with him.Say what you like that's the truth.The difference between me and you is, i am flexible,at some time i was behind fru ndi,before the convention i wanted Jua.Fru ndi having rigged him out of the system,i decide to support Muna.He is better than Fru ndi,let him have his own chance for us to judge latter,we gave fru ndi his chance and where is he today.I am not a blind foolish supporter like you.

Ma Mary

A waste of time. See=====
Check this out:
The State of the Union 45 Years After: Symbols of on, what does this mean?


I was very prophetic when i said you are a fellow just hanging in the wind,but you are the loudest mouth who wants to be seen and heard at all times.You have finally proved to the world that you don`t have a grasp of what ensues in the SDF.Lets go back to your rambling above:
1. Where in the SDF statuts is it written that when NEC mandate expires NAC should take over.Ngwasiri ,a so called founding father after having tabled his resignation
in which he addressed Fru Ndi as his "Excellency",refused to pay the 1 million fine,on what capacity could such a person be challenging NEC? It seems your masters have the flare of resigning ,and coming back to hijack things in the SDF.But that will never work as far as we are alive!
2.Vally,my mention of Muna`s resignation in 1996 was to show you how treacherous he has always been.He thought it was going to be a deadly blow tothe party,but to no avail. Secondly ,you should learn from today that he wanted endorsement from Biya in order to be appointed in Arusha ,Tanzania.So this is purely a calculative,slippery maggot who wants to take Cameroonians for fools.
3.The SDF has the right to admit who ever.But Ngwasiri started all these resignations.Of the 16 NAC members that he attached to his resignation,one died ,two established themselves abroad.From the 13 remaining ,10 took part in the convention
in Bamenda.Granted that Ngwasiri were head of NAC whom would he be presiding over.With 2 people following him around,what is left of him.Where is therefore the legality and legitimacy?
4.Vally ,you are a little drunk.Is Fru Ndi building his private property because the judge suspended NEC/NAC in 2003.When Fru Ndi use to work hard in his businesses,the Ngwasiris were going after their PHDs,so nobody should be jealouse of his wealth.
Until you prove to Cameroonians ,with palpable examples that FRu Ndi took a dime secretly from Biya,or embezzled SDF`s funds,you people will continue to make fools of yourselves infront of the whole world.
Vally ,you know people like Asonganyi who tried,and made these empty allegations are no where to be seen today.Their tiny voices canno longer be heard from the political wilderness they find themselves in.
5.Vally ,why should Muna think that he should be SDF chairman by hook,or by crook?
Who is more part of Biya`s Oligarchy,Muna whose father sold English speaking Cameroonians to Biya,Muna who tramples on the same state institutions his father help build at will,Muna who went about with the Owonas when Fru Ndi was under house arrest,
Muna who got endorsement from Biya in order to be appointed in Arusha ,Tanzania,Muna who seeks for a press conference ,transforms it into a NEC meeting and taunts the forces of Law and Order,Muna whose younger sister is helping Biya to subjugate Cameroonians,Muna who is going round free today despite his involvement in the May 26th browl,or Fru Ndi
who has at least given hope to Cameroonians.
6.Vally ,as far as the electorate keep giving Fru Ndi the confidence,he will continue to be the center of attention in the SDF.You remember the last time Muna stood against Fru Ndi in an election,he had about 500 votes and Fru Ndi had almost 1000.
The people decide,not newspapers.Nothing to do about it!
7.Professor Ngwasiri did not organise the convention in Yaounde because Fru Ndi was dictatorial.He wanted to camouflage the shame that had taken hold of him ,when Fru Ndi aborted his attempt to join the government by signing a secret pact with the Governor of the Northwest.He had been made to resign,something he accepted,but still played the hooligan by not paying the 1 million fine.
8.Yeah,Vally you ask me to quote you fake laws.We all know people like you and Muna are now waxing strong because of lawlessness.All of you organisers and participants of a banned and failed convention were supposed to be languishing in jail.Thats why you always try to distort public opinion by saying Colonel Chi is drinking cold-water garri in Prison.Normally you were supposed to be the one.Luck shone on you this time,but next time you will go in for the worst.
9.Vally,you can boast of having taken part in a convention that ended with death.That is your level,and it is a record for you.If i were the one ,i will just hide away in shame.Anyway success and failure means different things to different people.But know from today that you are an accomplice, and provider of funds to what you may not know is state terrorism.
10.The difference between me and you as you may erroneously think is that you are easily tossed around.We call this political prostitution.That is the reason you blamed the Effimbas on this very forum last time.To me fidelity ,discipline counts.You know you and i are from that part of the country that can bend to Biya`s antics ,but will never break.You have been shuttling from Jua,Muna because you don`t have a sense of direction.That is why when terrorist start up anything,you are the first person here to promise funds,but when you actually go out to the field,you get missing.
Finally,Vally you sidetracked all the important questions i asked you.I said it before that i knew you could not answer them.We all know your boring song here,that Fru Ndi has not done anything after 16 years.But you fail to know that you are indirectly telling people that Muna did not do anything also ,within the same time span.
So why do you want to pass him for an angel today? The only question i will want you not to escape is ;why is Muna sending people to the radio and Tv to talk on his behalf,
knowing fully well that this slot is reserved for parties represented at the national Assembly? How many Deputies does he have? Or is it because you told me that our state is a lawless one? Time will tell.


Dear ALL,
I don't know how I'd doff my hat to Fon, Watesih & the rest. It appears the hunters have been hunted!

I feel warm & comfortable for today Monday October 02 is the day I was born.

To begin with, I'll start with the Mezam High Court Judgement of September 26, 2006.

The court orders as follows:

1) That the action of the defendant (Ngwasiri) of presiding over a purported NAC meeting on the 13/02/06 when he lacked the capacity to do so, and, his issuing of a Press Release (annexture "E" of the affidavit) and purporting to take over the running of the SDF party, was unconstitutional and thus illegal, and therefore null and void.

2) That any action of the defendant or his agent(s) or sympathisers in the name of the SDF party, after the Ruling of this Court in Suit N° HCB/264M/05-06 on the 19/05/06 is illegal and therefore null and void.

3) That any meeting or gathering orchestrated by the defendant, his agents and/or sympathisers in the name of the SDF party, in violation of this Cout's Ruling of 19/05/06 (supra), and in the violation of the banning order of the Yaounde Administrative authority, to wit: Annexture "A" of the futher affidavit, is hereby declared null and void.

4) That Annexture "D" of the further further affidavit to wit: the document captioned: "Resolutions du Comité National du SDF - Resolutions du 27 mai 2006 Yaoundé sous la Présidence de Me Bernard A. Muna, Président National du SDF" together with whatever meeting or gathering that prepared or issued this document are hereby declared null and void and of no legal effect.

5) That Me Bernard A. Muna is hereby restrained, and ordered to stop forthwith, from parading or holding out himself as the National President of Chairman of the Social Democratic Front party, as he has done in annexture "D" of the Further Further Affidavit.

The defendant and Me Bernard A. Muna and any of their agent(s) would be committing a contempt of the Court and of the Administration if they persist in their illegalities.


Fellow Cameroonians,
The anathema called Me Bernard A. Muna is now history. We should focus on IEC and the twin elections of 2007. The good thing about what has happened to us is that I now go to all SDF meetings with the Constitution in my bag. As Christians use the Holy Bible during masses or services, we should always take the SDF Consititution along whenever and wherever we attend our meetings.

Cheers & let's keep smiling & preparing for the REAL fight - IEC this November Paliamentary Session!


Watesih , Vally and Atangha

I seem to see a different caricature behind the masquerade than simply Fru Ndi and Muna. If its true as Watesih says that Muna now broadcasts at the Radio and Television supposedly under the SDF platform then I will ask both of you to use your tongues to count your teeth.

The regime is Yde claims that Muna's convention was banned and disguisely tries to block all attempts by Muna to make public declarations, at the same time allows Muna to broadcast at State media under SDF platform,who is fooling who?

Guys, I rather see this a calculated attempt by the powers that be to play to the gallery and whimsically keep off any political outfit that might be bringing pressure to bear on its diabolic tyrany .

Well , I will always say this, you can fool some of the people some of the time but you cant fool all the peolle all the time. Well the clock is ticking ! Happy birth day Atangha.


vally England

That is the justice in cameroon we all know.
The yaounde High court has this case, yet your judge in bamenda has quickly come out with something funny.

Was this case not first table in y'de?why must the decision be coming from menda.When people becomes desperate they will kill,bribe,fraud,tell lies, and distort justice.

Watch this space.


When one bandit Muna is trying to upseat a suspected confidant of an evil regime (the Biya regime), their benefactors and close collaborators will be fighting to protect their masters. La republique du cameroun is a "goat di chop for place we dem tie yi" country. Those who fight for the interest of their masters masquerading as liberators of citizens of la republique are merely fighting for their selfish interest. Like Ni John, Foncha, etc, Watesih, Fon, Vally, Tayong, etc will surely run shamelessly as long as you guys stand strongly for this soo called one cameroon frolics.


That news is an indication that Muna will soon go on self exile.I have said here several times that Muna is a distraction; he will soon be history. Lets focus our attention on Biya; the cause of Cameroon misery.

I expected you to tell us highlights of Oct. 1st activities.We need to know the progress inorder to renew the fight against the colonial regime; without which,we will for now rely on the SDF strategy to liberate Anglophones from marginalisation.

Fritzane Kiki HK

The SDF party has passed through several stages of misunderstanding.The struggle for power in the SDF is similar to that of la republique where elected or appointed officials do everything possible to cling unto power for personal glory and fame.We have witnessed all sorts of mismanagement of conflicts in the SDF and if this conflict is not resolve asap then the party will be finally considered a CPDM agent as sources says all opposition party officials now holds posts in the La Republique government not forgetting Dr Tamanjong who is making this noise.

Who or what are they even apposing really; Paul Biya or just as figure heads who acts as agents to add more greese to the CPDM's elbows.Cameroonians have been politicised, exploited and fooled on several different occassions both by the SDF and the CPDM so at the end of the day we will tend to draw conclusions that none can bring us the glory.We need change,we need dynamism in the political atmosphere in Cameroon.We have tried our best to leave SDF's politics to SDF politicians but we realised their incompetency and incapabilities to convince the masses after 16 years.We are still watching with our hands crossed the outcome of their power struggle.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Mr. Tayong,
Thanks a lot! Please, you're missing something: the case in B'da was about stopping Prof. Ngwasiri & his agents from using our logo, letterhead and so on. In Y'de, Ngwasiri was asking the court to cancel the decision excluding him from the SDF. So, you see that the two cases are very different.

On May 19, 2006, the Mezam High Court had passed a provisional judgement restraining Ngwasiri and/or his agents from using the SDF logo, letterhead and/or parading himself as President of NAC (It's written & documented that Ngwasiri resigned from the presidency of NAC on may 12, 2003.) So, the judgement of September 26, 2006 was a continuation of May 19, 2006.

During that infamous interview on Cameroon Calling after the failed NEC and/or Press Conference at his "National Secretariat", Me Bernard A. Muna was asked why there isn't an MP or Councillor behind him since he's "National Chairman" of the SDF. He answered that they're afraid of article 8.2. Which 8.2 was he talking about since during his so-called convention, he had deleted article 8.2. from the SDF constitution. You can see a cacophonously anathematised "Président National" of a non-existent political party. Moreover, I'd long told people here that this so-called SDF crisis is being fanned by this half-brother of the Munas - the one that replaced Inoni at the presidency. He uses the office of the presidency to intimidate the judges in Y'de but he can't succeed with all, especially the ones in B'da.

Mr. Tayong, you know if you come up with something to destroy or weaken the SDF, this oligarchy will certainly give you the necessary financial assistance. If Muna wasn't working for the regime's interest, he'd have long been in jail today. If you kill to protect the regime, you'll go scot-free. Prove to this is the Lamido of Rey Bouba, Fon Doh and you can name the rest. The regime and its agent Muna killed Diboule to paint us as a violent people. It will NEVER work as it has not been working for the past 16 years! We hope that the truth will soon be divulged to the public?

In all Tayong, Me Bernard A. Muna has never spoken on SDF airtime or TV or radio. He has been paying airtime on private radios and TV stations. The time on CC was at the discretion of Wamba Sob Ngu Tayo & Tehwiy Lambif. Any one can be interviewed on Cameroon Calling!

We've all along been saying here that Me Bernard A. Muna is a distraction and today, I'll add that Muna doesn't exist. If he were intelligent and had foresight, he'd have formed his own party and pulled a few disgruntled SDF militants to his side. He wasted precious time shuttling from one radio station to another contradicting himself in the name of trying to denigrate Chairman FRU NDI. Those behind him have finally discovered that he knows nothing and will NEVER be "Président National du SDF". I won't waste time talking about him any more.

Mr. Tayong, it's good to stand by the truth all the time even if you're not an SDF militant. I was celebration our Independence Day and defending the SCNC cause yesterday at Sky One Radio here in Y'de. I mustn't be an SCNC activist to do so. The likes of Hameni Bleleu & Hubert Kamgang (who pass around for a Pan-Africanist) were there to defend La Republique du Cameroun. At the end of the 3 hours debate, they acknowledged the existence of an Anglophone Problem. I promised them more information on our cause; I've just mailed them the document prepared by Prof. Carlson ANYANGWE used during our case in Banjul.

May God bless us all!

vally England

No doubt Mukete called you Mbah ndam erran boy.You are a master of facts fabrication,next you will be calling others such.

The case in manda is different from that of y'de so you do not see the correlation between the two cases.Why must you anyway?

The judge in memda should please tell us why Fru ndi should be allowed to used the logo and emblem alone?Is sdf fru ndi private property?If fru ndi and his gangsters are willing cheaters of other founding fathers what should they do?Seat and see fru ndi enriched his family with their join creation?

I would not be surprise if detailed investigation reveals the judge hands tasty of Gombo eating regarding the case.

It is well documented that the sdf was founded by founding fathers,so what should the others do when fru ndi is dictatorial?start killing as he does with his gangs?

An intelligent judge should have attempted bringing fru ndi to order.Make him know the sdf has founding founders and he can not just be intimidating them because he is at the helm.Else they have the right to break away and move on.
It's like forming a company together and sooner one partner tries to keep the company to his private self.
Fru ndi has changed all the rules and initial regulations within the sdf founding documents,the judge should bring this to fru ndi's attention and show him the illegally in that.The case has politcal as well as legal implications,we can not only be looking at one.
Atangha,who is this half muna in the presidency intimidating y'de judges?fribricator,he can not intimidate menda judges?

This is the problem with the sdf now,the greed in mr ndi.

What if the y'de courts come to allow Ngwasiri and muna to continue thier zeal to see sdf get the required changes needed.
What will happen to the menda verdict?
like others we all know.


Mr. England,
When will you stop ridiculing yourself? Your postings and those of your comrades portray the emptiness in you people. Why not keep quiet since you've nothing to offer?

Cheers & let's keep focus & avoid threadbare analysts!


Gentleman with due respect, I dont know if that had been a consistent error or design by you to call Bamenda "mamda" or "menda". Please if this is intentional then know it's unacceptably provocative for you to denigrate this southern Cameroon town that epitomizes much to you and me .Please it's called Bamenda or Abakwa and never otherwise .Thank you.



Watesih and gangsters,
I can see that you have not stopped having nighmares. I am back.

Fon Emmanuel

I want to make a small comment on the accusations that the SDF party sent someone to on a killing mission in Yaounde.I think we have to thank God that person was arrested and died in prison. Why would he accept to undertake such a mission in the first place? You the writer of this article would you accept such an assingnment? If not why not? What did barrister do to him to the point where he accepted to go and kill him. You who is writing this story why did you not undertake the mission yourself if you were so close to the decision makers that you knew when such dangerous decisions were taken? Why did you allow this fellow to risk his life only to turn around and express sympathy for his death?

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