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Thursday, 19 October 2006


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Huh,La République du Cameroun!How many heads have,and will roll in the scores settling AKA anti-corruption campaign?Wil all what have been stolen from Ambazonia returned?


Corruption is a culture of La Republique that needs to be maintained. However, La Republique has trained some Southern Cameroonians whose children stand here to defend and protect the very corrupt values they learnt from their parents. In the Southern Cameroons, we have seen families like the Muna's, Endeley's, Achu's, Ndeh's, Nwalipenja, Njeuma's, Lambi's, Ngute's, Chumbows, Fotso's, etc. defending the blood thirsty regime of Yaounde simply because it has given them the power to steal state resources, appoint their children to positions where they can steal billions, etc. Muna, Njeuma, had always manipulated scholarships in favour of their relatives and friends for several decades. While we fight for our independence, we must recognised that La Republique du Cameroun has exported this virus to some of our citizens and they are determined to maintain their network of corruption. We must fight to clean this virus from our society.


Rexon, Akoson and co.,
You all are a mental case. Why don’t you educate us on the Kangaroo law firms you
have all over the world fighting for asylum
in the name of SCNC. Can you please tell us
what you are doing with these monies. All the former masquerades from the SDf like Gov. Achu and Asongo in D.C. have all these makeshift establishments call law firms where they use to milked hard end cash from both Anglos and frogs without an eye blink. Why don’t they differentiate fogs from SCNC when they do this serial thievery. I see them taking cases from all Cameroonians and making huge amounts of money while the Ayambas are out there crawling on peoples "bandas" hiding from a cause when your likes are having fun at their expense.

Change comes in many forms. Can you please tell us which one you are embarking on at the moment? Are you a terrorist, revolutionary or what? I can tell you are a keyboard giant who has lost the print of his index finger thumbing at his keyboard day in and day out.
When your own was in charge of scholarships and rewarded ya all with studies abroad which in your lifetime you would have not been able to leave your village for Douala airport there was no complaints. The Munas and Njeumas are capable of sponsoring their children whenever and wherever they please without help from the government. Njeuma is a doctor likewise her husband. Pay back the
free education you received from the government and we can start from there. The amount of money they spent sponsoring must of you people has not been returned in any form or shape as you are enjoying the good life in a foreign land. Dont tell me there are no jobs. Why dont you go and be creative as you claimed in your write-ups.

I have got a name for you and Akonson as of today: Egogo Masquerade


Sala writes "The amount of money they spent sponsoring must of you people has not been returned in any form or shape as you are enjoying the good life in a foreign land".

Sala, don't go there! Are you also Martin Sala the Biology lecturer at UB?

Let us forget the fact that Rexon's family farms cocoa and coffee in Meme and government (a) kept all farmers in darkness and (b) pocketed 90% of overseas sales revenue for years.

Now, Rexon sends $6000 per year to Cameroon to help his family and kids in schools. That hard currency ends up in the Cameroon treasury.

$6,000 is the equivalent of selling 8 tons of coffee or 7 tons of cocoa or 120 barrels of crude oil in the world market, excluding transportation, warehousing and marine insurance.

Dr. Sala, do you know what it takes to grow 1 ton of prime Robusta beans? What is the productivity of a boot-licker?

Martin Salah

Kumbaboy and the Rest
Sala and Salah are different. I hope the message is clear. The students that I have taught, the teachers that taught me and the colleagues that I have worked with know me as a person as of actions not words. Therefore I have no valuable time to criticize whatever a person does but I take initiative to do it the alternative way I consider right
Thank you


Dr Martin Salah,

I apologize for any unintended offence through association. You are a man of high reputation. Your effort to give UB an IT platform is highly commendable.

I took an issue with "sala"'s wild ranting and should have noted the difference.


vally England

Mr persecutor,alias state counsel first charge Paul Biya for 24 years of theft.Then ask him to aacount for the monies he's being giving fru ndi and mbah Ndam.


Rexon wrote!

Corruption is a culture of La Republique that needs to be maintained.

I do not like directing my responses to a specific individual. However, the above statement is very fallacious and leaves me panting.

What makes the southern cameroonian stand out from the corrupted crowd? Give me one concrete example and i will withdraw my statement.

We should not lose objective and we should not become fanatics of a course without weighing every twist and turn. I read somewhere in this forum about fractions in the SCNC..hmmmmm am beginning to wonder!

If cameroon is beginning to right its wrongs by slowly embarking on briginning the guilty to trial we should at leat acknowledge that positive steps are being made forward even if they are baby steps.

I believe in a united Cameroon but one where every citizen has equal rights, one in which the national cake is shared evenly. I dont believe in La republique nor do i believe in SCNC. A strong and unified Cameroon is my best dream!


Eyallow,Good that you believe in A strong and unified Cameroon.Since believe is not reality,treaty,facts etc,Ambazonia is saying that,LRC is Illegally and forcibly occupying and Annexing Ambazonia,a crime punishable under International law.Ambazonia is trying to Implement Law 84/001 of 4th Feb 1984,signed by Imperator Biya.And cameroun's presence in that Territory needs and Obliteration.The charge against cameroun is backed by Law and Facts. Ambazonia is not a hallucination.Go and research more about Law 81/001.It is a fact that LRC is a filthy corrupt entity that need god intervention and humans with will to cleanse the filth.

Ma Mary

Some people believe in One United Cameroun as an article of faith, just as if it were the Nicene Creed. United Cameroon was supposed to be a legal entity with articles of incorporation. Serious violation of that incorporation by one party has voided the corporation. We have no time for the sentimental pap ofnamby pamby platitudes that Ahidjo force fed people during his period of rule by fiat.

The mighty Soviet Union, a powerful and seemingly invincible empire, forged together by the same frail threads of deception and intimidation came to its natural end and crumbled. So will the Camerounese hold on the Southern Cameroons. Yes, Southern Cameroons shall be free despite Franco-Camerounese lies, corruption and intimidation.

You namby pambys are enablers, Stockholm syndrome victims and codependents incapable of clear sight because you enjoy temporary advantages. You are seriously afflicted and need therapy for loving your rapist, for hugging your armed robber, for kissing your abductor, for opening your virginal legs to the arsonist who sacked and burned your state down.

vally England

You can acknowledged baby steps being taken to advert embezzlement in cameroon.Keep some of us out of that crab.When ever interrogations on embezzlement is mentioned in cameroon know that Biya and his gangs have scores to settle.I am sure Bouto a Ngon's account must be swelling faster than those of his master.
In any case,who checks biya's account?Can mr state counsel visit Etoudi?grab me dai.
Bandits in cameroon keep deceiving yourselves.

Please know that before you joined UB others have been there and left.Some could not stomarch the peanuts pay,and remember it is not every body abroard who is job hunting.Mine your words brother.Any body who is that good need not waste his time in cameroon.The choice is yours,waste your time in the name of working helping Biya and his gangs looth cameroon.
Just as things are decaying in cameroon,opportunities in US,Uk,are improving/doubling for migrants.
Student doing Phd in physics,maths in cameroon,such science students are wasting.



Ex-finance Minister in the morning, Ex-finance Minister in the evening!We are done with all this bare-face hypocrisy.May we know in which Prison Meva'a Meboutou finds himself now?Is it in the ultra-solid one constructed by S.T Muna for the sons of the land of his ancestors? What become of the over 50 billion he spirited away?That selective justice that seems to be a reserve of Biya will never make our hair stand on ends.How many ex-finance Minister were supposed to have been straightjacketed before now? The list is inexhaustible;Akame Mfomou,Antoine Ntsimi,Roger Melingui.
Is this not the same State counsel who interrogated Mendo Ze not too long ago? Is this same Mendo Ze not passing in front of this man of Law in Limousine Cars as baby Minister? Cameroonians don`t even know why Biya should be under any false pretence to undo that which cannot be undone.He should go on headlong with his friends and brothers ,until when the name Cameroon would have ceased to exist.

Vally of England
If you are a leader and you knowingly dish out cash to your friends,and enemies to corrupt their innocence,then you need to be charged for high treason.It shows that you are a frivolous leader ,who uses patronage to maintain yourself in power.Then Vally,if one day you successfully point out the holes that Mbah Ndam ,Fru Ndi or whoever poked into government money,Cameroonians ,who have never been fools will stand with you in your bid to fight corruption.Apart from this your song is only for the winds,and you know when a song becomes monotonous,its just like palmwine without substance.The modern world has a lot of scientific minds,so people readily reject suppositions.When people say Ngwasiri accepted to sign a peace pact with the governor of the Northwest,everybody sees reality,because he accepted to resign,and pay a fine of one million.But when you say Mbah Ndam accepts money from Biya and you can`t prove this assertion,you are groping in darkness,and since the world is no longer in the dark ages ,people take you for a madman.

Forge ahead in your new role as the spokesperson for the CPdm.People should not be surprised if you turn out to be an Agbormbai,or fon Mukete Lawrence in the days ahead.We are taken aback when you start asking Cameroonians who have been over-taxed all their lives to pay back the free education they received from government.Has there always been free education in your imaginary Cameroon that you and Biya created? You are trying to condone corruption by saying that when "their" own was in power and rewarded them with scholarships abroad,nobody raised an eyebrow.But you must learn from today,that all those who are abroad and have been very vocal on this forum clamouring for justice, are most of the times children of poor wretched cameroonians who have gone through the eye of a needle to fine themselves abroad.You will easily make them out from the group of the fon Mukete lawrences of the world.You say the Munas and Njeumas are capable of sponsoring their children abroad without help from the government,because they are profs.How many of such profs do you know in Cameroon who can not settle their health bills. Do you want us to inform you that Hon, Ngwasiri always sought solace at Fru Ndi when he was ill?Is he not a University Don?


à Ngon is being"quizzed" in his capacity as former Chairman of the board of Directors of Credit Foncier and not as former Finance minister.He's not yet been charged of any crime and even if he evntually is;what is not likely,it will be for the state to prove his guilt beyond reasonable doubt;what you can be sure nobody back here has the time for.The question is what happened to those whose parliamentary immunity was lifted,were charged with murder and proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt, sentenced and put in jail,and who now freely walk the streets even contesting chieftancy titles?Others were equally sacked,"grilled" and hummiliated.They gave back some of the money and went back home.some didnt even give back a dime and are still ministers.
Relax friends,nothing will happen to the man and he knows so;he's a player.
Government wants to endear itself to the masses;there's money and elections are coming up next year.


Gentleman, at the beginning I thought you had a point based on the allegations levied against the SCNC leadership but somewhere down your write-up I discovered you are simply a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Hear you...."The Munas and Njeumas are capable of sponsoring their children whenever and wherever they please without help from the government. Njeuma is a doctor likewise her husband. Pay back the
free education you received from the government and we can start from there. The amount of money they spent sponsoring must of you people has not been returned in any form or shape as you are enjoying the good life in a foreign land."

Was that an insult meant even for your own kids or a metaphor? Being part of Biya's regime is your legitimate God given right but being the devil's advocate is a crime punishable by not only your conscience but history and posterity.




Most of what you wrote's irrelevant. Let me go straight to your questions.

1. The SCNC is NOT terrorist group. Do terrorist go to court? Are terrorists groups represented in the United Nations?

2. Don't label everyone who's fighting for the liberation of the Southern Cameroons an SCNC. We've got different movements...NOT FACTIONS with similar objectives - to FREE YOU from annexation and slavery. To help you gain your independence. To let you control and protect your territories... Gentleman, the SCYL is out for war. We'll liberate our country by force. We reached this decision cos we've exhausted all diplomatic avenues. Our ink is finished...the only ink we've got left is an AK47 which is sold for only 30 dollars in Tanzania. Wait and see!

I'm glad you know a good number of naturalised frogs who're using the SCNC to get fat. We're working towards disgracing them! Maybe we would ask you a favour to provide more names in the future.

Don't call me an Egogo Masquerade. I'm the Son.

The Son Of Ako.



Well you believe in a united Cameroon so do I and many others do but let's face facts and not believes nor feelings. The Zanzibarians too always believed in United Tanzanian so did the Serbians and Montenegros , so did the former Soviets etc etc

Southern Cameroonians are no exceptions.They too had not only believed but had devotedly worked towards a United Cameroon .They went into the Union in good faith ,respecting the others' values (consitutional rights,education system, laws, etc etc etc).What did they get in return? How did we go from Federal Republic to United Republic and now just La Republic du Cameroun? How did Southern Cameroon lose its values and constitutional rights? Your answer will be as good as mine.

The elements of binational unity are not far fetched. Ask yourself what keeps Quebec and Canada together as a nation or what caused Serbia and Montenegro to split apart or what is causing Zanzibar to declare its independence from mainland Tanzania. If you without prejudice answer these questions then you would've known who are the real enemies of a United Cameroon.

My good friend, the path to the unitary state of Cameroon began in 1959 with a difference of views expressed between the Premier of Southern Cameroons and the Prime Minister of La Republic du Cameroun . Foncha of Southern Cameroons stated that he preferred a federal system of government in the event of Reunification.The then Prime Minister of Cameroun, Ahmadou Ahidjo, stated that the people he led desired Reunification and that he had taken note of Foncha's statement.

Nevertheless, the people of Cameroun did not wish to impose a unitary system (which he called integration) on their brothers under British administration by the sheer weight of numbers. However, if the Northern and Southern Cameroonians desired Reunification, the people of Cameroun were ready to "discuss" the method of achieving it with them on an equal footing.

Their statements have been well documented in the archives . Is there any "discussion" going on as to Ahidjo's assertion subsequently Biya's dubiousness? So Eyallow even a todler sees that not even the SCNC in the enemy to Cameroon Unity . By the way the SCNC is a product of Ahidjo's bad faith and Biya's intransigence.



Just read the story below and let me know if Njock eyong is from la republique.We shouldn't blame la republique for a our negative actions and deeds,when u face jail u face it alone,La republic never took our individual self-pride .We are not having our rights but we have our self pride.

Minn. student charged in visa scheme

(c) 2006 The Associated Press

ST. PAUL, Minn. - A standout law school student has been charged with using
a congressman' s signature machine and official stationery to try to obtain
visas for relatives and others in his native Cameroon .

Njock Eyong, the 26-year-old president of the Student Bar Association at
Minnesota's William Mitchell College of Law, was indicted last week in
Washington on charges that included fraud and impersonation of a federal

Eyong formerly worked in Washington as an intern for Rep. Donald M. Payne,
D-N.J. During the summer of 2003, Eyong used the office to demand that visas
be issued, federal prosecutors said.

His lawyer had no comment.



If someone told you citizens of Southern Cameroon are corruption free then he probably was playing the role of the old fox. That not withstanding had southern Cameroon not lost in powers,dignity and be assimilated to La Republique the quagmire going on today wouldnt be there young man

I remember the days of "operation clean hands" , "the almighty sanitary department", "passing through the window is a thief" etc etc etc. Today a small office clerk can syphon funds and go scoot free.

Southern Cameroon like any other nation is proned to corruption but if southern Cameroon was Southern Cameroon, structures would've been put in place to succesfully fight these ills.Anyway this guy isn't in Southern Cameroon.


Ma Mary

Sala, although in the US might not even be a Southern Cameroonian. Identities are nebulous in this place.


Monsieur Zandré,

Ne fait aucune erreur. Njock Eyong, si trouvé coupable est un criminel petit. Ce peut être une bénédiction qu'il n'a pas encore reçue un diplôme de l'école de droit.

Il sera intéressant de savoir où il a instruit au Cameroun. M. Njock Eyong devrait être emprisonné selon la loi.


Dr Martin Salah,

With all due respect to your person, I will be grateful if you can carefully respect my critique of your recent larking about and flip-flopping in this forum. Please don’t take my critique as an attack to your person but to your philosophies which I strongly respect.

Read what you have recently told this forum:

“I have no valuable time to criticize whatever a person does but I take initiative to do it the alternative way I consider right”

Following this, you wrote:

“Unfortunately nothing was mention of a UB Website which is the real tool needed to locate UB in the Global Academic Village”

Don’t you recognize the odds in your own ideas? In a follow up to your so called solution to quote 2, you went about creating a blog in your website. Why you don’t just take the initiative to create a website for UB, since you can use your initiative to do things the right way. Don’t you think your second quote is a critique of the issues discussed in the senate meeting?

Salah, I won’t like to detail some of the reasons why you might have decided to return home and claim to be serving your motherland. But I will remind you that every institution (UB and La Republique included) are governed by professed philosophies. UB like most institutions in La Republique are modeled on the “scratch my back I scratch your own policy”. In these regards, none of you working under that corrupt bunch of idiots can argue that you don’t criticize because you have alternative ways of doing things. You don’t criticize publicly simply because you are puppets of that corrupt junta and are merely interested in protecting your job.

Say for example, UB needed some scientific equipment in their lab, but njeuma used a great chunk of the university’s budget to construct a fence, why won’t you criticize her actions? Don’t you know by refusing to criticize the actions of your masters that goes a long way against public expectations, you are rendering a disservice to the same public you claim to serve?

Salah, the great brains, southern Cameroonians brains roaming the streets of the Scandinavia, Europe and north America with PhD’s, MSc’s are not stupid. They know that the philosophies of UB and other institutions in corrupt La Republique do not lash with what they might have learnt in corrupt free institutions. Thus, they would prefer to die abroad than serve that corrupt junta. Others like Tahsoh, Nyamjoh, left not because they don’t want to serve their country.


You've said it all.You can't bite the finger that feeds you forgetting to remind ourselves evil thrives where "good" men are silent. Beware of a quiet man and a dog that doesn't bark .Nigerians say the offspring of a lion doesnt eat grass therefore whoever thinks patrotism equals silently condoning with malpractises might simply be callously unpatriotic himself/herself.


Tekum Mbeng

Rexon writes that Dr Martin Salah and colleagues at UB "do not criticize publicly simply” because they "are puppets of that corrupt junta and are merely interested in protecting" their jobs.

Another dimension is that most of Dr Martin Salah’s colleagues are more interested in protecting their salaries. This is the conspiracy of the working class against the greater interest of its own country.

Otherwise, how can UB lecturers, many educated in overseas universities, remain so passive and subservient, while pumping out sterile theories to fee-paying students who eventually graduate into an economic vacuum? No jobs, no prospects and hardly any hope. Who will break this cycle of vice?

Dr Salah must be credited for original thinking, intellectual activism and advocacy in the area of information technology at UB. His problem must be that there will be neither critical mass nor political will, to help propel his thoughts from conception to reality.

After all, with the exception of the Prime Minister’s Office (thanks to ex-PM Paul Musonge), no other public institution in Cameroon including the Presidency of the Republic enjoys a fully functional website. On IT, any one can email the Lion himself at: .

Tekum Mbeng is the listed email of President Paul Biya.


Tekum, thanks for the Lion man's email. Eh..if my memory doesnt fail me I think ex- PM was Peter Musonge not Paul Musonge or was it Paul? Kudos man.

Fritzane Kiki HK

I just wrote Biya through that mail...but the reply seem to be tha of his advicers.......his respond to the fight against corrutption was quite difficult to understand.He just told me he has nothing much to do or say about it,but to trial those he can catch.He made it clear that he has been doing some work at the level of arrests and he will continue to fight for it.He was very clear that he reads the postnewsline all the time and knows the grievance of the people.

Well it sounds same as his usual end of year speeches full of unfulfilled promises and propaganda.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Ma Mary,

Please come back to earth with your commentaries. A True Liberator or (would be Politician) should be real and propose solutions that will make a difference in people's lives.
What are your propositions Ma Mary? Since our Country will stay united....
Ma Mary, when was the last time you visited Cameroon?
Thanks for your answers..

Kudos to Patriots like Zandre, Tekum, eyallow and Sala. Stay the course!
Progressive Cameroonians believe in a Cameroon with equal opportunity for all his children. It's going to happen....

KUDOS to our Prime Minister INONI, he is a True Son of our Country...
Progressive Cameroonians count on you to to help change our Country into a modern functioning democracy...

May God bless a strong and united Cameroon!

CAADIM (CAmeroonians Against The DIvision of our Motherland).


Ma Mary,

Please come back to earth with your commentaries. A True Liberator or (would be Politician) should be real and propose solutions that will make a difference in people's lives.
What are your propositions Ma Mary? Since our Country will stay united....
Ma Mary, when was the last time you visited Cameroon?
Thanks for your answers..

Kudos to Patriots like Zandre, Tekum, eyallow and Sala. Stay the course!
Progressive Cameroonians believe in a Cameroon with equal opportunity for all his children. It's going to happen....

KUDOS to our Prime Minister INONI, he is a True Son of our Country...
Progressive Cameroonians count on you to to help change our Country into a modern functioning democracy...

May God bless a strong and united Cameroon!

CAADIM (CAmeroonians Against The DIvision of our Motherland).



When will u stop dreaming with your soo called patriots? The truth must be spoken and some of your whose whole life has been financed by injustice are busy writing thrash here.


You've mustered courage to come out of your hive this time around to use the old De Gaulle's trick of mind corruption and character assasination in a bid to swear allegeance to your course and mission

Be reminded that anyone west of the Mungo Inoni Ephraim, Achidi Achu,Mafani Musonge Ngolle Ngolle, Acha Morfaw , Cardinal Tumi even Fru Ndi will openly vote for a complete seccession of the Southern Cameroon from Eastern bloc should the issue is put to vote.

Go tell your masters your mission is failing.The international community is all eyes on the situation as its deteriorates. Tell your Masters to listen to those who matter in Eastern Cameroon and have been proposing a way out. No liberation mov't has ever been whimsically quenched but many have been diplomatically engaged.

If you bother to know the damage you and your masters have caused by letting the Southern Cameroon delima escalate to alarming proportions check wikipedia, NBC etc.

Your mind corruption attempts wont work this time around. Reasons: You from Eastern Cameroon dont wear the shoes Southern Cameroonians put on. Have you ever asked yourself why leaders of the Southern Cameroon mov't have all been high ranking officials in the Unitary State? Foncha, Muna, Ekontang Elad, Ambassador Henry Fosung, Justice Ebong, Feko ,Dr Carlson Ayangwe, Dr Simon Munzu etc etc etc?

Dont be surpised to hear tomorrow Musonge the EX-PM heralding the Southern Cameroon issue .Again , your mission is failing.Tell your masters conflict resolution is far from bribing people to corrupt minds and tell lies on the internet.



"should the issue be" ...not "is the issue be" ....


Mr Tayong and Rexon,

I understand that you are all angry about the corruption and the deterioration of the economy of our dear Country.
Your anger should not be directed towards the very people you and your group are (so called wanting to liberate.
Put in mind that your opinion doesn't represent the opinion of Cameroonians in Kumba, Mamfe, Bamenda etc...
Mr Tayong, you said: "Be reminded that anyone west of the Mungo Inoni Ephraim, Achidi Achu,Mafani Musonge Ngolle Ngolle, Acha Morfaw , Cardinal Tumi even Fru Ndi will openly vote for a complete seccession of the Southern Cameroon from Eastern bloc should the issue is put to vote."
Another attempt by you and your Group to mislead readers in this forum. This is the tactics you have always used for your propaganda.
Let's take a case of "The Republic of Texas" in the United States. Some people like you once claimed to make a Country separated from the Great United States of America. The United States of America, you will agree with me, is a modern democracy and leader of the free world. The Government of the United States crushed that terroristic organization with force and today, they have completely disappeared and if anything rendered useless.
I believe, your existence shows very well how Cameroon has mad some progress towards democracy. I give credit to Mr Biya and his Government for that positive change.
My organization CAADIM will make sure that we peacefully implement changes in Cameroon by uniting people to work towards common goals. We seek social justice and progress within the cameroonian society.
Dangerous organizations and radicals that believe in bloodbath and rwandalization of Cameroon will have no space in the future of our country.
No one wants to see Cameroon divided.
The world is sick and tired of insurgencies and terroristic organizations that used scared tactics to get what they want.
To change Cameroon, you have to love it first.
Why don't you register your group as a Political Party?
No one in your organization have been able to answer this question. What is the problem, Mr Tayong?
Do you think people don't buy your ideas?
Do you think you will not meet the eligibility criteria?
Mr Tayong, what is holding you up?
There are many Patriots like me in Bamenda, Kumba, Limbe etc... who are working hard in Cameroon. Some of them are in the Biya's regime and will never, never accept the ideas of dividing Cameroon.
Solution: Let's all sit together and figure out the best ways to make our country a better place for the next generation.

May God bless a strong and united Cameroon!




Just stop dreaming. You owe us a duty to fight for our independence. You are just coming time and again with your old stories without defending the questions that has been put forth to you from time to time.

Do you know how many times La Republique changed its name? Between 1961-1984, they changed their names four times. Why since 1984, there have not been any name changes? It is 22 years now. If in 23 we can have republique du cameroun, republique federal du cameroun, united republic of Cameroon and finally republique du cameroun, why no further change? Nobody is a fool here. Southern Cameroonians are now mature to understand the true intentions of people like you. I am glad your organisation have from time and again showered praises to the very ineffective Biya regime. At least you have now agreed that you have been employed here by the Biya regime.


Mr Ricardo
Well at least some reasoning is coming your way even if halfhearted. But you either dishonestly mix facts or are uninformed.

The Republic of Texas was a short-lived country in North America between the United States and Mexico that existed from 1836 to 1845. It was formed as a break-away republic from Mexico as a result of the Texas Revolution, the nation claimed borders that encompassed an area that included all of the present U.S. state of Texas, as well as parts of present-day New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming.

The eastern boundary with the United States was defined by the Adams-Onis Treaty between the United States and Spain in 1819. Its southern and western-most boundary with Mexico was under dispute throughout the lifetime of the Republic, with Texas claiming that the boundary was the Rio Grande and Mexico claiming the Nueces River as the boundary. This dispute later become a trigger for the Mexican-American War.This was a boarder crisis.

Tell me how this ties in with the Southern Cameroon delima, two separate countries(constitution, education, economy wise etc..) East Cameroon and Southern Cameroon that decided and came together under a bilateral agreement whose terms have been trampled upon by the former.

Ricardo you see the reason I say you dont even know what the Southern Cameroon issue is all about? The Texas Revolution sparked off by boarder crisis you now comapre it to the Southern Cameroon issue.

Ricardo I still repeat to you that if this this matter is put to vote even Inoni Ephraim et al will cast their vote in favor of seccession. I asked you why all Southern Cameroon nationalists are all former high ranking officials of consecutive regimes.
The reasons isn't far fetched.Once beaten twice shy. Ricardo if you think you love a united Cameroon you´ll follow those who matter in your part of the Cameroons to call on the regime to stand by Ahidjo's words.

Speaking at the UN he said " ...the people of Cameroun did not wish to impose a unitary system (which he called integration) on their brothers under British administration by the sheer weight of numbers. However, if the Northern and Southern Cameroonians desired Reunification, the people of Cameroun were ready to "discuss" the method of achieving it with them on an equal footing" .Go and remind the person you're working for these statements were well documented .


tayong not comapre , reason not reasons.


Ricardo risks being dismissed from so-called CAADIM for gross incapability of presenting facts. He's loosing funds...a reliable source says!

Do your homework well gentleman. The debate is stronger than you!

Ma Mary

Right, Riccardo risks dismissing himself from his great organisation, CAADEM. Riccardo indulges in magical thinking. He believes that by pretending something is not there and never happened, then it ain't so. He keeps closing his eyes tight and making wishes that we just dissappear. Hello, open your eyes, we are still here.

You know what? You may chose to keep trying to insult the intelligence of smart people, but I would not advice it. It merely ticks them off and increases their resolve. Those black Vichy peacocks, your masters, are also trying to give us the royal treatment of disdain. It is so funny. When you are ashes, we shall still be here.

Paa Ngembus


I have tried a few times to post a response to Riccardo but keep getting the error below.

Please stop censoring articles unnecessary.

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Paa Ngembus



Who says Biya will leave after his term of office? Who says Biya will not learn from Omar Bongo his closest neigbour, puppet and friend in crime?
Read below what these agents sponsored by France to cripple their countries have in mind.

DAKAR (Reuters) - Africa's longest serving president, Gabon's Omar Bongo, said on Monday that after already serving nearly 40 years in power he intended to run for re-election in 2012.
The 70-year-old leader, who won re-election in November, said he would seek another seven-year term and dismissed media speculation that ministers were jockeying to succeed him in the former French colony.
"There is no heir apparent. Who says that the succession is up for grabs? I will be a candidate in 2012 if God gives me strength," he told Radio France International.
The Gabonese president denied local press reports that three ministers had plotted to sell a disputed island to neighbouring Equatorial Guinea.
"Let them bring me proof. That is what I want. Can you imagine a minister signing a document to sell part of the national territory? Even I can't do that."
Bongo, who came to power in 1967 just as major offshore oil discoveries were being made in the Gulf of Guinea, has changed the constitution to remove any limits on presidential terms.
He won 79 percent of the vote in the November elections, comfortably ahead of his four challengers.
Referred to by some critics as Africa's "dinosaur" generation, other long-serving African leaders include Cameroon's President Paul Biya and Guinea's Lansana Conte.
Biya, 72, took office in 1982 and won a fresh seven-year term in 2004. The diabetic and reclusive Conte, a chain smoker in his 70s, seized power in a 1984 coup and his current term expires in 2010."

God bless Africa


Paa Ngembus

You might try Mozilla firefox. I face a similar problem whenever I want to post a comment using yahoo. Until I downloaded the above softwear, I found it difficult to post any comment. I always received the same message you received.
Just go to Google and download the above softwear and try to open the Postnewsline through it. It might solve the problem you are facing.


To All The Egogo Masquerades: Rexon, Akoson...., bare with me that I don’t have much time in my hands as you do, hence my response to you imps is not on time as I would like. I can’t call you people a faction as you termed to call yourself. What I see is a bunch of frustrated individuals who have created a "congossa" group and decided to flood the local medias with unsupported write-ups whenever their ideas are challenged. Good idea. Call more friends to write as much as possible; politics of saturation. But I think is you people are doing the wind and finger politic. Like I said you all are dreads from SDF.
For starters, stop the bodily attacks and keep to the topic of discussion, because this just supports the fact that you don’t welcome different ideas. Ricardo, keep the good work.
I have decided to surf the net and see what people are talking and this is what I found on a soccer forum.


Hi all,
I knew this topic was going to get politicized and might leave a very charged atmosphere on this forum.But I must say what must be said. It will offend alot of people, but I really don't care.
For starters, I am anglophone.Secondly, I see no big deal in us Africans type-casting ourselves based on colonial affiliations. Anglophone Cameroonians are living a lie and refusing to accept it. Under British rule, we were more marginalized than at anytime in our history. To go from Bamenda to Mamfe, we had a one way road. You could only go down to mamfe on given days of the week and leave Mamfe for Bamenda on alternate days. CDC was as productive then as it is today. The Igbo's, with whom we were jointly administered treated us like dirt. We did not lift a finger to complain.
Francophone Cameroon, through the creation of a labour Union, challenged France to give reason why France paid them lower wages than it did to French nationals working in Cameroon. In order to avoid chaos, France caved in and agreed to harmonize wages and recognition of the labour union.
It was from this agitation that the labour union ultimately became a political party, (UPC),won an election, and had its president to be assasinated in Egypt. France then gave us Ahidjo and subsequently started the genocidal war on the Bamilikes and branding them terrorists.
We had the likes of Foncha, who failed to listen to the traditional chiefs, whose subjects were advised to vote for him, and whose efforts gave him political power which he did not know what to do with.
The British were the very people who told Foncha that we did not have enough resources to govern ourselvbes as a nation, and that they (the British) had no responsibilities whatsoever, once they left us, as such, we were better off incorporating with either Nigeria or French Cameroon. Foncha came back with his tail between his legs and gave us a plebicite, the outcome of which is what we have today. Are these the same people we continue to idolize and are willing to carve a banana republic out of Cameroon just because we speak their language? Anglophone localities celebrate when Paul Biya appoints one of"their own" to a cabinate position. If we agree that the country is poorly governed, are we celebrating because one of "our Own" has been given a chance to join in the theiving and destruction of the country, or do we really believe that person is going in to make a difference?
Don't get me wrong. A lot is not well with our country. But to go about fixing it, hypocracy is not the mode en vogue.
I was in Nigeria from 1970 to 79. I saw what happened to the Igbos.Anglophones Cameroonians are nowhere as creative, nor as united as the Igbos. Yet, we speak of a common Anglophone heritage. If this is so strong as to keep us on a one track independent mission, how come we speak of an SAWA GRAFFI divide? Or is this an illusion? Anglophones are so self serving that some were going in the back door to support Biya sell CDC, while others pretended. I am sorry to bring this out here folks, but lets stop blaming the Francophones for all that is wrong with Cameroon. We might end up worst than them.


More from the Net.

We know there is an Anglophone problem and I understand it PERFECTLY.All I am saying is that,creating an anglophone team should be the least of our problems.Right now as i speak,they are having tussles over power:internal matters which are not half way solved.Let them solve that first,then,go ahead to be true to the cause when they are appointed ministers before they bring up the borish topic of an anglophone team.These same people,if that yam head appoints them a minister,you would hear them singing a different song which has nothing to do with the one they are singing now.First things first.This is also a little unfair i can say.The only thing holding Cameroon one piece after GOD,is football.We all are proud when our team succeeds and cry when they don't.Why do these greedy politicians want to create unecessary heat when there is little or none?I know anglos are not given a chance in the team and seriously,that freaks me out but creating a so-called"anglophone"team is not the solution.Don't ask me what the solution is cos i really don't know.The only solution in my book is prayers.Pray that the gov't should recruit a coach who needs "talents"not "francos" or "anglos"
Solve home-based problems before going "international"


Sala, you were about to give a glass of tonic to your good friend Ricardo but unknowingly dropped in a grain of cyanide. It sounded like wrambled comic relief .

Ricardo would have proposed you to his master as Sec General of his Group had you not unknowingly revealed the ugly side of the truth. Thats what truth can do. Double sided sword cutting across conscience , truth as well as lies.

I wont go further since you too feel the pains but for reasons best known to you decide to play hide and seek.


Tekum Mbeng


I very conscious of unfair developments since Union in 1961. I consider myself a Southern Cameroons citizen and am attached to the pursuit of constitutional change to fix errors of the past. Don't count me in your organization.

I shall never be of La Republique du Cameroun as long as the Francophone Political Leadership:-

(a) reaffirms its French colonial heritage while vainly pursuing an ill-guided policy of national integration, which for all intents and purposes, is a stratagem to strip the people of Southern Cameroons of their British colonial heritage. This is an unwarranted provocation.

(b) remains dismissive of the defacto annexation of our Fatherland West of the Mungo,

(c) refuses to reverse annexationist laws enacted since 20 May 1972 (doomsday).

Tekum Mbeng
Southern Cameroons Political Consciousness Think-Tank


Mr Tayong,

Progressive Cameroonians like sala, Zandre etc... are not here to please an individual. Before the Germans, there was a Country called Cameroon (named by the Portuguese, rios dos camerones). Then the British and the French came to divide us. We will stay united for ever, That is the destiny of our Country.
You and I will die and there will still be "ONE" Cameroon.
Some of you think that Cameroon was created by the Bristish and the French.
So, after that articifial separation, it is just natural that brothers and sisters came back to live together.
Some talk about a marriage.... what marriage?
We should be angry of that separation...
Example of another artificial separation is East and West Germany...
The East didn't claim that they were RUSSIANS... of russian culture..
Shame on us Africans.!!!..
Shame on us.!!!.....
The issue is "how can we make our Country a better place to live?"
Who is going to be a Leader who will take a peaceful and prosperous Cameroon into the 21st century?
It doesn't matter if that person is your so called "Anglophone" or "Francophone" but a CAMEROONIAN.
Cut and run is not the answer to our problems...
We must also have the courage to appreciate some positive changes that have been taking place in our Country.
The world knows that things are changing in a right direction in Cameroon.
It is so funny to see how Cameroonians proudly call themselves "Anglophones" or "Francophones". Where is the pride in our culture?
Those who are here singing the song of dividing Cameroon into many banana Republics have no idea what it takes to run for an office.
Mr Tayong and Rexon, there are many Cameroonians in Europe and USA who are winning elections. They know how to present their ideas to the people.
You win by convincing people to adhere to your ideas not by lecturing some vague accademic theories on the blog.
You win the heart and soul of the people by participating in a political process, not by sitting in the comfort of your home and watching CNN, hoping some stupid empoverished, malnourished, uneducated and hungry fellow will listen to your call to commit crimes in a peaceful country.
When things go bad for him, (which is normal course, when you commit crime) your only support for him and his family will be some few dollars sent back home for his funeral.
I call on you "SINGERS OF DIVIDING CAMEROON" to start by locally getting active in towns and cities where you actually live in Europe or where ever you are.
Then, at least make an attempt to get people to vote for you in Cameroon.
Get involve in the country's political process or join progressive cameroonians who are making things happen in our Country.

Mr Rexon, why are you afraid to go home and register your Organization as a political opposition party?

Britain and France careless about you and I.
Let's unite to make our Country a better place to live.

The future of Cameroon is "One Country, One destiny".



Keep educating the haters in the name of Tayong, Rexon, Akoson.....refrain from their tactic of personal and bodily attacks. I see you are already on the right track.

More from the net:

Does Anglophone Cameroon have any major clubside? That for me is the solution. If they have a club dominating the local league and pulling its weight on the continent, nobody will be able to ignore them.

Do you know that Athletico Bilbao only uses Basque players? At its outset, Barcelona too only used to use Catalan players. Although I will not recommend this exclusivity, I would suggest that Anglophone Cameroon produce a club which showcases its talents.

Until they do that, there is no way they will earn their deserved respect. Why does a city like Buea not have a clubside as big as Tonnere Kalala, Union Douala, Canon Sportif or Coton Sports for instance?

In Ghana, the Ashante's see Kotoko as their symbol and the club always delivers the goods for them. This for me is the route Anglophone Cameroon should follow.


The Education Continues.
More from The Net:

No need to dig into any archives. You got that exactly right. In my view, there is no anglophone problem. There is no Beti problem, there is no Bamileke problem in Cameroon.

There is a problem of incompetents, a problem of corruption, a problem of tribalism, nepotism and Greed.... There is a lack of jobs, there is a lack of hope for the youth, there is a problem of bad governance...And i can go on and on and on.

The solution of cameroon's issues is not to continue to divide, and divide and divide. The solution is not to rotate by tribe, who comes to power. The solution is to fight the evil forces that divide the country and create an environment that can profit all of us. Whoever comes to power needs to create jobs, fight corruption, restore confidence in businesses and ensure that justice for all is served.

And btw, before moving overseas, i lived in Limbe and spent a lot of time in Bamenda as a young boy. When you state that i have never stepped my foot in Anglophone Cameroon, i m not sure, where you got that from. And when i went to cameroon two years ago, i spent about 25 percent of my time in Limbe.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Good write-up.Are you talking of corruption or football in La Republique?You are posting relevant materials at the wrong place.I am happy you are wise enough to figure out the fate of Anglophones in all walks of life.To begin with,we should remember that the Francophones(La republique,and the CPDM bigwigs) are the first people we should hold responsible for our sufferings and misfortune.Take it or leave it, we need to seccede and be independent as an anglophone state,before we can see the light of life in this marraige with La republique.Enough is enough.

They say there is fight against corrutpion but when we go deeply we realised that Biya is just camouflaging the populace giving them the impression that he is doing something.If one minister embezzles 8 billion then how much can 20 ministers squizzed from their respective ministeries? Yet the recurring names or top corrupt offcials are his clans men and what more do you expect from than that these thieves and armrobbers go scot free after being caught.There is no form of justice so to say where then is the corruption campaign heading to?

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Ricardo, Sala,

Stop such stupid comments in this forum. Look through this La Republiques own website and tell me why, why no Southern Cameroonian in strategic positions of your own government of equals.


When we try as much as possible to prove to the world that we are dexterous when it comes to futile arguments we make big fools of ourselves.Nobody would understand why you keep chewing your gums over things that are very palpable.This flipflopping doesn`t help the least.Above you write,"We know there`s an Anglophone problem and i understand it PERFECTLY",only to come down two rungs below and tell the world that your assertion was some sort of daydreaming,"there`s no Anglophone,there`s no Beti problem,there`s no Bamileke problem in cameroon".Maybe you often stray into a reverie,but i will like to make it abundantly clear to you that ,THERE`S AN ANGLOPHONE PROBLEM.The anglophone problem is not a Beti Problem,neither is it a Bamileke problem;it is purely an Anglophone Problem.
The Anglophone problem is not a problem of underrepresentation,it is not a problem of misery,but it is a problem of EXCLUSION.It is a problem of psychological castration,
that is, it is a problem of wiping out with impunity and the last breath the way of life of a people.It is a problem of denial;
denying the existence of a people.It is not a problem of ministerial posts.English-
speaking Cameroonians cannot be reduced to Ministerial posts.
Sala,when you think English speaking Cameroonians can better be seen if they had a major clubside,i just consider you to be groping in darkness.The question you would have asked yourself is why do they not have a major clubside? I will want this to serve as food for thought for you,that Major clubsides in Cameroon like Cotonsport,
Tonnerre are financed by state parastatals,
or a group of high state functionaries who are noted for their long hands.How many of such state parastatals a located in the English speaking part of the country? Even if you have few like Sonara,do you think the
Francophones there will stand behind anything that has to do with Anglophone dignity? Sala forget about clubs and talk about players.We have got all types of players ,but how many of them have been selected in the National Team? Clubs may have to do with financing,but players have to do with talent.Do English speaking Cameroonians all have to come out everytime to see to it that a player from this part of the country is selected ,and called to the National Team? Certainly not!
Sala ,you hap about the fact that creating an Anglophone Team is not the solution,but you contradict yourself by asking these same English speaking cameroonians to create a clubside that will make them more visible.
Sala ,some half-baked truths about Cameroon will not help.I wish you should take many more lessons about this country,
and stop proclaiming yourself as a southern
Cameroonian,or not.You are not in a race with anyone here.Your claim to have lived in all the nook and crannies of Cameroon shows you are desperate,and trying hard to assert yourself,whereas everybody knows you seem to read the situation in Cameroon with rose-
coloured glasses.



Let me remind you of your recent flip-flopping and unrealistic anti-Southern Cameroonian progress and rhetoric in this forum.

Read what you have just told this forum:

"Does Anglophone Cameroon have any major clubside? That for me is the solution. If they have a club dominating the local league and pulling its weight on the continent, nobody will be able to ignore them.

Do you know that Athletico Bilbao only uses Basque players? At its outset, Barcelona too only used to use Catalan players. Although I will not recommend this exclusivity, I would suggest that Anglophone Cameroon produce a club which showcases its talents"

Additionally, you wrote

"There is a problem of incompetents, a problem of corruption, a problem of tribalism, nepotism and Greed"

What is the link between the Basque team and the fight against corruption, dont you think you are instead appraising the corrupt mentality that is typical of La republique citizens? What is really your idea here? How do you expect a southern cameroonian club to dominate the local league? Which local league are you speaking of? Is like you are telling Southern Cameroonians to dominate the public administration of La Republique, when all those admitted to ENAM are from La Republique. A league dominated by La Republique's occultist and a few puppets like Mukete from the Southern Cameroons, at all levels from referring, fecafoot administration, etc? Do you know how many SDO's, DO's are in La Republique? How many of them are southern Cameroonians? Is it because we are not educated enough? Is it because we dont want to go to school or because we dont have schools in the southern cameroons?

Yes, lets form a football league composed mainly of southern cameroonian teams and administer our own league. That is the solution. Not a league biased by referees from La republique who will disfavour our teams. Do you know what happened to Kumba Lakers when they won a junior tournament in La Republique's headquarters in Yaounde? Roger Milla was even a witness to this evil. They had the highest and second highest goalscorers, the lowest goals conceived, the best goalkeepers, attackers and defenders ( But when a selection was made from this same team to train for the junior lions, under 17, under 15, etc, not even a SINGLE southern cameroonian was selected for the junior teams or any football school (source:camfoot). Do you know the conspiracy involving Mount Cameroon and Federal Noun against Kumba Lakers, a Southern cameroonian club in interpools a few years ago?

Mind your thoughts and ideas. what is your problem when a group of people want to govern themselves? Is it not greed, havent we been a seperate country before? Sala, i can go on and on and you cannot open your mouth in this forum.

Sala, how do you pull your weight on the continent? Do you just fly from the air? If Southern Cameroonian teams are being forced to remain at a certain level, how do you want them to progress?

Do you know what the Ashanti's are in Ghana? Dont just open your mouth in this forum. I work and share an office with two financial experts who are Ashanti's and can tell you more about them, their mentality and their football club. Dont just provoke southern cameroonians in this forum.

I call on all rightminded Southern Cameroonians to investigate this Sala. He seems to belong to the infamous Yang and Muna gang that are busy selling us to La Republique.


You understand french I suppose and as they say in french "le monsonge n'a pas des longues jambres". You can see that your mind corruption attempts have woefully failed from all the above write-ups.

I will still repeat to you that every Southern Cameroon, todlers of a few years old included knows there's something wrong between Southern Cameoon and La Repubique that needs fixing.

1)Were you surprised to read here a strongly worded letter from Mr Fru Ndi to Biya on the marginalisation of Southern Cameroon? Will you call him antipatrotic?

2)Were you taken aback to read on this same forum Cardinal Christian Tumi vehemently condemning the treatment Southern Cameroonians recieve from the regime?
Is Tumi unpatrotic Mr CAADIM President?

3)Were you shocked to have read in Ben Muna's interview the ordeals Southern Cameroonians are subjected to in this Country and him asking the regime to resolve the crisis? He too unpatrotic Hon President of CAADIM?

4) Didn't you read on this POSTNEWSLINE Nyamsako Ni Nko, Moderator of Presbyterian Church asking the regime to resolve this crisis which he called a "time bomb"? He too unpatrotic your Excellency Ricardo?

5)Haven't you read the works of Prof Nkwi from East Cameroon , demonstratedly from West province where you too originate , asking the regime to stand by the words of his predecessor Ahidjo? Is he too unpatrotic , Mr President?

6)Or further still, were you marvelled to read in this same forum the CPDM section President for Meme ,Akpo Mukete telling the regime ,Southern Cameroon marginalisation was driving CPDM militants away into the SCNC? Is he too unpatrotic ?

Know this: Unpatrotic individuals are those who selffishly work to destroy the foundation on which the nation was built.

Second, be reminded that from Tiko to Eyumojock, Bakassi to Oshie, Isangele to Ako, Oku Noni to Besongabang, Kumba ,Mamfe Buea, Limbe, Mutengene,Tombel,Batibo ,Ngie, Mbengwi, Muyuka, Banso,Nkambe etc etc...are asking for this matter to be put to vote. Should this be done , rest assured a Unitary Cameroon will be history.

So go tell your employer if he loves a united Cameroon , he should resolve the crisis amicably by standing on the words of his predecessor and constitution.




Once again, you have exposed your stupidity in this forum. Read what you have just told this forum;

"You win the heart and soul of the people by participating in a political process, not by sitting in the comfort of your home and watching CNN, hoping some stupid empoverished, malnourished, uneducated and hungry fellow will listen to your call to commit crimes in a peaceful country"

What happened when Ni John Participated in the political process of La Republique? Wasnt he told that he is not qualified to govern a country he does not belong to? Was'nt he told by Alexis Depanda Mouelle that he not a citizen of La Republique following its constitution?

Ricardo, where have you been sitting? Are u in your republique du cameroun? Whatever good thing you are finding where you are, why dont you think someone else, whose life has been subjected to such unfairness can derive pleasure to also search for such a good thing abroad?

Ricardo, i know Southern Cameroonians are stupid, Malnourished and impoverished, but they are not uneducated like you. They know their rights, that is why they dont believe in any political process where they do not belong. They believe in the SCNC. That is why Tekum Mbeng have told you frankly to count him out of your organisation.

What peace do you see in a place where my people are hungry? At least there is peace in your mind as you are never hungry, you can go wherever you want, enam, emia, harvard on corrupt scholarships, etc. where do you want my people to go? We have all ran away, to Nigeria, Scandinavia, etc. UB graduates all over the world, struggling to cross over. In Glasgow University, Two citizens of La Republique who can't speak proper english with commonwealth scholarships studying for their PhD's. None from the Southern Cameroons. Where do my people go? Ricardo, we know all these tricks. Scandinavia, our only route has been blocked by the Njeuma's simply because of jealosy. Both of you belong to thesame group.

Francis Nche

Corruption is a worldwide problem and instead of condemning the act, many people spend energy talking about elussive organizations as the so-called SCNC. I always read about this in the internet but I have never seen someone here in Buea, Bameda, Douala, Yaounde etc who even care about this. Simply SCNC does not exist



We are condemning the act and that is why we are presenting the injustice against Southern Cameroonians here. Yes, we hoisted our beloved SCNC flag in all those places that you did not see the SCNC. We hoisted it as reported by the postnewsline. We also have followers as you might have seen in the numerous commentaries from hardline Southern Cameroonians and intelligent gentlemen like us. Only fools like you who are citizens of La Republique and have studied in Southern Cameroonian institutions will not support our beloved SCNC and its leadership.


Rexon says:

"I call on all rightminded Southern Cameroonians to investigate this Sala. He seems to belong to the infamous Yang and Muna gang that are busy selling us to La Republique."

This is a call from a person who is dreaming to be a Leader of a Banana Republic called "Southern Cameroon" SCNC...

Thank God, Cameroonians are educated and intelligent people.

May God bless a strong and united Republic of Cameroon!



Mr Tayong says:

"So go tell your employer if he loves a united Cameroon , he should resolve the crisis amicably by standing on the words of his predecessor and constitution."

Who do you really represent in Cameroon, Mr Tayong?
I am still having a hard time finding your constituents in Cameroon.
Are you speaking for SDF, UPC, UDC ... or any political party in Cameroon?
Please advise...


Ma Mary


Many many years ago, there used to be an armed forces minister of Amadou Ahidjo's called Sadou Daoudu. Mr Sadou Daoudu came to Tombel or Kumba in the late 1960s and made an politically incorrect statement thus: "Mes cheres amis les Bamilekes, vous avez honte. S'il y'a quatre Bamilekes, trois sont les marquisards." I have allowed the French that I learned eons ago to go deteriorate, but the translation was: "My dear friends the Bamileke, shame on you! Of any 4 Bamis, 3 are terrorists."

Now, we know better that those Bamis were fighting for the real independence of their country and there was nothing to be ashamed about it, and if 3/4 of Bamis were supporting the UPC in that struggle, that was actually a good thing.

Francis Nche asks the question, "Where is the SCNC?" My dear African brother, you have eyes but cannot see. Did you expect to see UPC flags and posters and offices in display when the French and their Afrogs (Afro frogs) were conducting pogroms in your country?

This is the answer to your question is that the majority of Southern Cameroonians, those people that your country has misnamed anglofowls are SCNC. Do not be deceived, they disguise themselves for survival.

Clearly, the SCNC and the Southern Cameroons is making you fear, or you would not be wearing an ass hat like your friend and countryman Riccardo and trying vainly to brush the facts of history under the carpet.

You should really be afraid every time you look at:
Chief Mukete
Philemon Yang
PM Inoni
PM Achidi Achu
John Fru Ndi

or any other Southern Cameroonian you think is on your side. Given the choice, they will walk. They will talk your bullshit now because you have guns on their heads. We know these people. You THINK you know them. Did you read the 1st October series carried by the Post or were you Afrogs wearing your favorite hats again? You may want to take off your blinkers and read it properly, and take note of the authors.

You people should know better than to be organizing interference as we struggle for our freedom. Do not count on Southern Cameroonians of Bami origin joining you in this. They are OUR PEOPLE not yours; do not believe everything you hear.



At least one Southern Cameroonian (Tekum Mbeng) has told you not to identify him with your immoral and group of deceit. Any rightminded Southern Cameroonian will not listen to a man whose whole life is to support injustice against other people simply because it goes a long way to satisfy his selfish desires.

In one of your postings, you are calling on people to join a doom political process. Where Alexis Depanda Mouelle will inform them that they are not citizens of La Republique as they did to Ni John Fru Ndi when he was fighting victory on his stolen elections results. Hope you heard Ni John's interview where he claimed Hogbe Nlend Boldly told him that he is not qualified to be president of La Republique du Cameroun.

Ricardo, you can fool some people sometime but not everytime.

Ma Mary

If you care, visit the site of that young master, Dibussi, whose cup I will carry and serve him water, because he tells the truth with such class. Read his SOUTHERN CAMEROONS FILE. Read the whole damn blog. Everything there is worthy. This is the quality of human being you people have already LEFT because of your abuse and lies. The KA, the CHI, the Soul has already vacated. The body is nothing but a shell and your Afrog (contraction of Afro-Frog)necrophiliacs are committing acts of sacrilege with the dead body of the Southern Cameroons! For shame!


Mr Ricardo

Im talking for the Southern Cameroon man, woman , boy, girl, old, young, born and unborn, SDF ,CPDM,UNDP,SCNC, UPC, apolitical, whose educational system, way of life, constitution etc has been wiped off and assimilated.

Im talking for the Southern Cameroon graduate who will graduate and be asked to sit for entrance exam into ENAM,Polyteque, etc based on the Eastern Cameroon syllabus

Im talking for the little boys and girls in Bakassi who only saw a car when Nigeria invaded them.

Im talking for the Ndian man who produces oil, timber, yet the road to Ndian is an eyesore.

Im talking for Southern Cameroon young boys and gilrs who cant make ends meeet yet SONARA employs hundreds of Eastern Cameroonians to plunder its resources

Im talking for Southern Cameroonians who are considered as second class citizens in their own God given land.

Didn't you read a glaring case here that Hon Ngum Jua was scolded at during a plenary sessions last year in a scuffle between SDF and CPDM MPs with the latter derogatorily calling the latter "Biafra" to the amazement of all?

Was he sanctioned? Why ? Leave the answer for the archives not here.

Dont be surprised ,when the time will come. Inoni, Musonge,Achi Achu et al will take you by storm to condemn the maltreatment of their people when the atmosphere shall permit.

Christopher Nsalai a one time minister in Biya's regime wrote a book called "Fire on the Mountain" even when he was still serving same regime. This took them by surprise. Oben Ashu had to ban the launching of the book in the South West . Have you read the book? Bother to.

Many more surprises will come when all Southern Cameroonians shall rise up and speak their mind without fear of political victimization.

Now over to you ,who do you speak for and how much are you payed for the dirty job?



All I am asking and begging the question if I may, is tell me of a project you masquares have embarked on under the umbrella of SCNC. Hence we can compare and contrast. All this hot air from the Tayongs, Akoson, not cutting it. There is nothing you can show to prove you are different from the ruling party. All you do is write rubbish and get a bottle of drink and return the next day to write rubbish. Like the say in the old west; what have you done lately?



Your inconsistent ideas have been exposed in this forum. You might have read these in my postings and those of comrades like Watesih and Akoson.

You know that you have no ideas, that is why you cannot write anything meaningful.


Rexon, you still can’t tell me of any successful ventures your so called masquerades are running to exemplify your transparency and good business practices. I gave you a simple example of running a basic football team. Masquerades, when was the last time a team from SCNC territory made any noise in Cameroon?
Don’t mention Mt. Cameroon because it will make you sound stupid and also drive my point. Let me help you; the only team that has made noise in your supposed SCNC territory is Mt. Cameroon ran and owned by a frog. Think about that. Let’s talk about facts not fiction. Give examples of what you have done and are planning on doing , so we can compare and contrast. Your former mentor just created a shadow government , what a mockery. You people are confused to a point where you can’t separate lies and deceit from reality and truth. A true Cameroonian knows and can see you with only one eye. Keep fooling yourself, but like they say, sometimes but not all the time. Stop breaking my write-ups like am writing to be scored. Ebong is lamenting in the abyss and Eyamba is doing the "bandas" for the sake of some masquerades who do go as the wind does.


I have decided to stoop low to answer your question. This is a struggle against injustice. Somethings are being done .e.g.recently I was contacted on the issue of the Ndian Oil exploitation concerning a comment I wrote here.

In my humble position I gave clear directves to Ngoe who is leading the team. Right here at the Postnewsline we can read the results.Ndian people have formed a peoples council that has to nogotiate oil deals vis a vis development projects before any exploitation will be carried out.

That's justice which must be enacted everywhere.We are at the stage of education and when once the people shall be sufficiently educated on the way to take their destiny into their hands , the rest shall ne history. So Sala,take the baton to the next brother nearby else our progeny will soon be wiped out.



Its really foolhardy to go into this type of brazen-face gymnastics because we would want to stifle dissent.What on earth is gnawing your livers and making you to be so bitter when an oppressed people speak out.Mr Sala the simple fact of speaking out,and bringing a problem of this magnitude is enough.This highlights its intensity.If Ken Sarawiwa spoke into his cheeks,the multinationals exploiting the ressources of his regions would never have accepted to disburse the 60 billions each year.A fight of this nature cannot be fought by Rexon alone.It is a generational issue.The work Rexon is doing here is far better than you illusive one Cameroon you preach here.
Tomorrow when the people of Ndian will start reaping from their land also,are you going to doubt the fact that the push was not given on the columns of the Postnewsline?
You always want to take on to yourself the difficult task of being omniscient about what ensues in the Southern Cameroons.Now
you have jumped into rhapsodies making a fool of yourself,telling the world that the only team west of the Mungo that generated any steam was mount Cameroon.Sir,go back to your History books,and if you don`t find the name PWD Bamenda, then ask your Yaounde and French masters to also wipe out the names,CDC,SONARA.
Sala,we never make a mockery of the suffering of a people ,because we don`t know what it conceals.It seems to many that you have finally crossed the threshold of intolerance,and you now want to use this forum to fight Anglophone leaders.But that will certainly prove a tall order for you.
Remember!" If you want to trade with the wind,you should have wings".



Your fight against Southern Cameroonian leaders, Southern Cameroonian people's progress will never succeed. Agbormbai tried that and when he failed to gain appointment in the recent ministerial nomination, he ran away from the CPDM, Ricardo and others have once ran away from this forum before their masters in the CPDM told them to come and continue the fight.

We of the Southern Cameroons know our rights. We cannot stoop soo low to such unscrupulous and evil actions from La Republique. We own our future and we must fight to defend our rights.

Read my commentaries about Southern Cameroons football club above and respond to it. Stop flip-flopping in this forum.


You should not expose our strategy to these sell-outs. I had previously made such mistakes but u should understand that these is an internet site. This guy Sala must be an agent of La Republique's corrupt junta fighting to eliminate us from the world map. We must fight him and his ideas.


you brought out the steam in me. Each time we talk about the Anglophone problem, CPDM sponsored NGO`s crop up to say we are heading for doom, we are fools, we are unpatriotic, we are spoilers.

Sala and Ricardo, my betters have addresed you, but I have a little long word for you and your kind.
The Anglophone problem is bigger than the feelings of resentment buried deep in the veins of all those people you call "Biafrais" in the SW and NW provinces.It is about exploitation and subjugation that you don`t see.

I tell you what, I have been labelled 'Biafrias' at university years ago and just a month ago by a gendarme officer in Yaounde.I feel ashamed to repeat the other nasty things he said, as I tried to prevent him from extracting his 1000frs from the cab driver transporting me. You probably do not know what it feels like. But the simplest explanation is that Yaounde is your homeland and ours is in Bamenda and Kumba.

Needless returning to talk about how your people manage the richest province of Cameroon.

Ricardo and Sala, you can continue with your barrack-room lawyer rhetorics.In fact, I need to congratulate you, because your government is not even courageous enough or very confused to lip anything. I say this because even Yang Philemon who goes around on billion-budjet missions is an SCNC blood.

I hope you don`t get to your wits end soon. Continue the education!


How will 100 First Division teams in The Republic Of Southern Cameroons feed my hungry and dying Manyu women? Ah...leave SIR Salas alone, he's a detraction BIG TIME!

...Everyone loves peace but at times war is a NECESSARY EVIL...that's our last option which of course was a ticking time bomb ready to implode at the least slip.

...What we lacked was canalised efforts to galvanise the bitter grievances of the people...thank God we've solved that!

...Sala's dreaming...there's no turning back!

In History and all over the world Southern Cameroons has proven to be the most obedient, patient, and friendly nation. The whole world is watching! They're seeing how we're peacefully parading the corridors of almost infinte approach no other marginalised, annexed, subjugated, colonised people will do. It's people are unique! Where on earth can this broad daylight injustice occur?...we need not belabour enumerating the very acheing malpractices that can make us go to war the next minute without due preparation. Salas has been sent to dilute our grudges...go tell your master that it's too late. The process has just begun.

What have we not done?

We have attended all conferences of international instruments to plead our case. We've gone to court...they call us terrorists. Do terrorists go to court? We've gone as far as BEGGING THEM(Frogs) for dialogue. In return, they have called us biafras, intimidated us, spat on us, slept with and raped our women, told us we're second class citizens, called as anglos, exploited our God given resources...acheing to God!

...what've we not done? Everyone can't start stating what they've been doing. I for one has tried to create an NGO to mend ties between the government and the SCNC but they simply called me "a biafra...go to the farms". We've studiously confirmed, putting all data together that the guys are NOT PREPARED TO DIALOGUE. There's only one option...of course that's war! I'll say this infront of Biya.

I can't continue to be in a country that doesn't recognise me. I can't continue to be in a country that's not my destiny.

Sala you'll recieve the first bullet on your forehead when you try to stop us!

The Worried Son!

Paa Ngembus

Riccardo le Perroquet Malhonnete,

Stop acting like a stupid buffoon or some flat footed parroting dunce.

Your question about the SCNC or any of the Southern Cameroons independence movements (SCYL, AMBAZONIA, SCAPO, etc.) not registering as a political party in La Republique du Cameroun has been answered a zillion times but you keep on DISHONESTLY (true to type) snitching back to it, when you feel people have forgotten the answers that you were given.

Here are the answers to your question in question form:

1. In the 1700s, did General George Washington register his troops that fought for American independence as a British political party or a battalion of the imperial British colonial army?

2. In the 1940s, did General Charles de Gaulle register his "Resistance Francaise" as a political party with the Nazis?

3. Did Nelson Mandela and the ANC ask for permission to register "Umkhomnto We Siswe" (Spear of the Nation) with the South African apartheid regime.

4. Did Jomo Kenyatta and his Mau Mau fighters register as a political party with the British colonialists?

5. Did Samora Machel and FRELIMO register with the Portuguese colonialists as a political party?

6. Did Agostinho Neto and MPLA get authorization from the Portuguese colonialists before waging their war for independence?

7. Etc., etc., etc.

If you answer the above questions you will understand why no legitimate Southern Cameroons independence movement will register as a political party with the colonizers from La Republique Francaise des Homosexuels Corrompus du Cameroun.

Colonialism is colonialism whether it comes with a white face or wearing the black face of a neo-colonialist puppet.

Tayong finally gave you a history lesson on the Texas republic. Now stop repeating the Texas Republic idiom like an idiotic parrot.

You know, I thought you had some level of intelligence in you, but I just discovered you are a programmed robot that keeps on repeating the same words day in day out.

Tell your pay master your time is up.

You have been exposed and will soon find it hard to justify your illicit pay.

All of you Yang Gang snitches from Riccardo to Francis Nche to Andre Fuckam to Zandre to Sala to Mukete have been exposed.

You are herby warned again.

If you preach any NW/SW hatred a la Rwandaise on this forum again, we will take you to the cleaners.

Best regards.

Paa Ngembus

Paa Ngembus


In addition to La Republique's government, the Southern Cameroons Intelligence Service has uncovered a plot sponsored by LAKAM (The Bamilike Mafia) to fight against Southern Cameroons independence.

LAKAM is sponsoring many activists on various Cameroonian networks like postnewsline,, etc.

The Bamilike mafia decided that Southern Cameroons independence will not be in their best interest and are sponsoring the ANTI Southern Cameroons Independence activists.

We shall be exposing those on this network shortly.

Paa Ngembus


Paa Ngembus,

Welcome back!

The spirit of Um Nyobe, Felix Moumie, Ernest Ouandjie, Charles Atangana, Sultan Njoya, John Ngu Foncha etc....

"One Cameroon, One people and One destiny with liberty for all!"


vally England

I believed in freedom of expression,you guys are entilted to your opinion and as democrats we must respect that.
The sourthern cameroon issue to some of us true siblings of southern cameroon,is very very important and if it means blood, we are getting ready.
Big bro Feko said it all,the sdf which was created to fight the southern cameroon course was hijacked by some greedy few for self-enrichment.
The cpdm knows how to fool some,they have given fru ndi what he can not turn his back on,and now they are creating fronts to fight the SCNC.
While we do all to restore SCNC,we should get all southern cameroonian leaders who are feeding fat with the system/cpdm to desist or face the bullet,this does include even fru ndi, that some of you are supporting to death.
Failure in ditecting,all the nasty tricks some play here must stop.Some people's uncles and fathers are paying their school fees with La republique monies in good universities in europe,this same people are critcising others for failing southern cameroon.

Why not question your parent where they are getting all the millions used in paying your school fees?Some are civil servants on 300.000frs cfa a month.Others claim to be business men whom you can't justify them with a turnover of 50 million frs cfa annually, yet they are spending 20 million frs cfa annually in school expenses where is the monies coming from?
Who is fooling who?
We are planning what will become the historical southern cameroon conference in london.We must unite all the leaders,any body who fails to attend, must be blacklisted.After such a conference,we will officially declared the restoration army for southern cameroon,black legs,traitors,double dealers,will have to face the squad.

Sourthern cameroon to some of us mean more than life,are parents have been neglected for far too long.We have to take things into our hands.So Sala,ricardo,and the rest,the next generation is to do things differently.Watch!


Vally England,

Thanks for your very excellent write-up and for your constant interest to liberate our people from the colonial antics of La Republique. In fact we need hardworking people like you to concentrate on the SCNC rather than the SDF that has proven that it is a CPDM propaganda machine. We will meet in London and discuss more in relation to the way forward. Can we meet privately?

I am very happy with your interest in exposing the truth. While we are suffering to liberate our people, others are feeding fat from La Republique corrupt junta and constantly write here to defend their interest.


Thanks for exposing this LaKam Mafia. We shall be fighting to expose their illegal intents in this forum.


Rexon and Watesih
Hi gentlemen. Well I took the decision to reply Sala they way I did because obviously he's Southern Cameroonian and defintely smelling the stench of marginalisation but for reasons we might or might not be able to detect for now, decides to fight his own people.

You can see from his write-up that he hasn't been having it easy with the system too unlike Ricardo who conspicuously isn't a Southern Cameroonian and therefore can have his way with his masters even at midnight.

So let's continue the education process, believe me the awareness is gathering momentum world wide. I was surprised a few days ago when I met a Nigerian Post Graduate programming student and after telling him I was from Cameroon he insisted to know if I was from Southern Cameroon or the other side.

I requested to know how he came about the name "Southern Cameroon" he surprisingly told me he's heard alot about the Southern Cameroon struggle to regain their autonomy . So gentlemen let's go on with the education. It may linger but it will come one day.




Sala is surely not from the Southern Cameroons though he might be born there. Like the Muna's, we cannot say he is from the Southern Cameroons. Sala might have the right to take up any citizenship and if he decides to take the citizenship of La Republique as he has been insisting here, then so be it.

Sala and Ricardo,

You keep iritating me each time you portray Southern Cameroonians as weak or stupid people. I can't imagine why someone like Sala can be arguing that Southern Cameroonians cannot creat a realistic football club. It is like you would have told me several decades ago that i was not up to a doctorate if i would not have gone to school. I was from a peasant family, but fought my way out because some people fought for UB to be created for me. Those certificates you've got, GCE A-Levels for example, i wrote them like many others at home as i was unable to go to school. But still got the results that took me where i am.

Above all, I laud the efforts of those who took the courage to stand on the streets of Yaounde like Julius Wamey, Carlson Anyangwe, etc for the GCE board and the University of Buea to be created. If not of them, a child from a peasant family like myself would'nt have had the ability to walk with bare feets from Mutengene, Mile 16 to UB (which was closer to my home). After UB of not of the generosity of the Swedish government, giving the fact that there was no realistic business program at the time, i would'nt have had the opportunity to study in one of the most prestigious business schools in the Scandinavia. From the day i left La Republique, my life and those of my family and closest associates that i can support have changed. So i can't rely on the comfort of staying abroad and keep quiet, while others are languishing in poverty. Those who sacrificed their jobs and fought for UB like Carlson Anyangwe, Julius Wamey, Albert Mukong, Peter Teforlack, etc did that for a purpose. Today, we are all enjoying the fruits of their Labour. They are our Martin Luther King in the Southern Cameroons.

Today, a group of corrupt bunch of idiots empoloyed by La Republic are calling UB their own. Njeuma for example has been championing a course and lauding the corrupt regime of Biya for what she described as their decision to offer us the University of Buea. She failed to recognise the efforts of all these people to Liberate our educational system from the colonisation of La Republique.

Why should we forget Southern Cameroonians who might not know anybody in Yaounde and might not have realistic resources to flee that evil place? Why should we abandon the tyranny of corrupt bunch of idiots against the progress of our people? We must liberate them. It is our duty to fight for their independence and liberate all our structures and resources that has been colonised by La Republique. The earlier we do that, the better. We owe this duty to our people.


Politics of saturation continues by the masquaredes. Now Pa Ngembus has woken from his slumber. Keep flooding the local medias with your write-ups. Called all the masquaredes to keep writing. What matters is action which none of you cowards is cable of. Ebong ran like a scared goat and Eyamba is still doing the "bandas" for a group of masquaredes who will dive into the ocean at the click of a water gun.


Dear Sala,

You have said it all!...
You are a True Son and Patriot!
The spirit of Um Nyobe, Ernest Ouandjie, Felix Moumie, John Ngu Foncha, Charles Atangana and other Patriots will prevail..
"One Cameroon, One people and One destiny with Justice for all".
That is what Progressive Cameroonians are all about!



your provocative colonialist sarcasm will not help you.
You seem to jubilate that a people who manifest their grievances with empty hands are been chased with guns.

I hope you start thinking about what will happen if the people you chase today obtained guns tomorrow. No condition is permanent.I am very sure you can`t say getting guns is an impossibility.
You know how it works, don`t you?

I can see you`ve gotten to your wits end, so 'motion de soutien' for Sala comes in handy

vally England

Beleive me,the frustration of seeing the sdf we all sacrificed in the 90's,now playing the cpdm game is very disturbing.
If the original sdf strategy had been followed,we must have gone far with this Anglophone suffering issue.
Now that we have been able to identify certain constrains,a new stragety is on it's way.


Gobshites Sala and Ricardo seems to be the two last Colonial robots for propaganda working hard to record their statements for Annexation at the behest of the Colonial Commander in Y'de?Colonial scouts and scums have not much to argue for Annexation.Even the Colonial Gov't absconded Law Houses when called upon to defend their SISYPHEAN Annexation proceso.What more of Sala and ricardo,whom we cannot locate their whereabout? We know where to get LRC colonial Junta and the Cracksmen(SAFE BREAKERS) manning the machine.Pa ngembus more GreyMatter is needed about the LAKAM colonial death squad loitering in Ambazonia ILLEGALLY with Intent.We need to get some PIMPS to work on these IDIOTS.UN Resolution 1514 say,LRC's foray to ANNEX Ambazonia,with the Blessings of the UN secretariat is No-No.Gobshites Sala and Ricardo,in their strong urge to sustain the desperate Colonial Machine of terror like sheeps eating where they have been tied will not bother to ask their Masters about a resolution like this.There is no way to Kow tow to bloody Colonial agressors.

Paa Ngembus


Folks, here is an inexhaustive list of collaborators and spies who are being sponsored by the LAKAM mafia to torpedo the Southern Cameroons independence ship.

The Southern Cameroons Intelligence Service notes that not all of them are Bamilike.

Not surprising because some people are out for hire and will even put up the corpses of their mother and father for sale.

It is a well-connected network of people worldwide as you will see from below:



Francis Nche
Ring Leader. Operates from both Douala, La Republique Francaise du Cameroun and Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Zandre (alias eyallow)
Based in Sweden, Europe

Based in Wichita, Kansas, USA

Based in Houston, Texas, USA
Sponsored by both the La Republique Francaise du Cameroun Government and LAKAM.

Based in Beijing, China, South East Asia.
Sponsored by both the La Republique Francaise du Cameroun Government and LAKAM.

Based in Fargo, North Dakota, USA.


The Southern Cameroons Intelligence Service


We will keep you updated as we receive more.

All these jerks will be exposed. We will make sure their source of funding dries up.

Time to fight fire with fire.

Once again, if any of you guys on the list above preaches any NW/SW genocidal hatred on this network again, we will take you to the cleaners. We know who your network providers are and we will start from there.

See you later.

Paa Ngembus


It's so lucky for me to find your blog! So shocking and great! Just one suggestion: It will be better and easier to follow if your blog can offer rrs subscription service.

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