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Friday, 13 October 2006


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This is another gun tragedy to visit Cameroonian Americans. Our prayers go to the Abunaw family.

While nothing can bring our army veteran Emanu back, we at least know that justice will be done on Earth to remove the killer from the street so that other people can be safe.

We live in a country of guns but those who use them to take human lives pay the ultimate price - face the electric chair.


Definitely, this is unfair to a person who clearly led a clean life and I hope for the best for Emmanuel's family.

But Kumbaboy, tell me something. What is a `Cameroonian American'? If you live in the USA (which I guess you do), do not mix things up. ``Our veteran''? ``We live in a country of guns''? An `our' veteran in this forum's context can only be Cameroonian; so can an `our' country only mean Cameroon. If it is that you know and/or sympatize with the victim, then just say so.Don't get it twisted KUMBAboy.


hey!this story is horible,how on earth the so called civilised democratic usa be a jungle for unfaithful Gun users,Mr Etchu may your soul rest in perfect peace


Tg, I am hesitant to respond to you because this tragedy is too heavy and painful. You are taking my words out of context.

“Veteran” is used in respect of Mr Abunaw’s service in the US Army. Many men and women from "our" (=Cameroonian) small community serve in the forces and we continue to pray for safety of those serving in Iraq and other conflict zones

When Pat Buchanan talks of hyphenated Americans, he means Irish-Americans, Italian Americans, Japanese Americans, Chinese Americans, African Americans etc. In that vein, the notion of Cameroonian Americans is but a detail.

Francis Nche

May the soul of Mr Etchu Rest in peace. I suppose Kumbaboy should have energetically condemn the gun culture in the US but ironically he is glorifying the possible justice that can be done to the accused. What on earth, justice can be done to bring back a love one. If this nasty gun culture was in Cameroon, many of you will be the first to describe as barbaric and uncivilized. Mr. Kumba boy, this forum is used all over the world and therefore refrain from writing as if every person is inside USA.
Cameroonians should learn how to sell their own country as well. There is no perfect place in on earth, while the western societies are selling their societies positively, we are selling our values negatively. How will you not be despised in the Westn societies and be treated as second class citizens?


Francis Nche, I guess you live in England where only the Special Branch (Police), criminals and registered persons keep handguns. You do not understand the handgun culture of the United States.

This issue cannot be resolved by condemning handgun carriers because the vast majority are good people. Also there are no points to be “scored” by asking law-abiding citizens to condemn cold blooded murderers. That cynical approach questions your own presumptions about others.

That every normal person is fade up with murderers can be taken for granted, which somewhat explains the popularity of the “death sentence” in the U.S. criminal justice system. Those who kill others should pay the ultimate price on earth.

Big Joe

If the price of a single bullet was 5000 dollars as Criss Rock suggested in one of his show then people would think twice before firing.


Hi everyone on the forum

At first all my sympathy to the family of Emmanuel our compatriot. It is very sad that such an event happened. Hopefully the author of this crime will be severely punished, should this allay a little the pain of the family and deter such acts in future.
Considering Mr KumbaBoy, As someone mentioned earlier, you better refrain from flaunting your being in the US and spreading difficult-to-understand insinuations for non-USA dwellers. Nobody is seeking information on your whereabouts. You might also want to keep focused on the main topic of the forum (In this case the regrettable misfortune of one our cameroonian brother) instead of waffling on the handgun policy of the US or bringing up speeches of "Pat Buchanan"(God only knows who it is). Don't twist things and seek to impress anybody.

Peace brother.



You have 47 words of condolence and 87 words of political salvo aimed at Kumbaboy and at the same time naively seek to limit the Kumbaboy's freedom of expression. One cannot focus on this sad loss without thinking about the causes and trying to understand the environment. IF ydeMan is closed-minded or anti free e-discussions then he should rightly return to the jungle and eat with chimps.

Tekum Mbeng

My heart-felt condolence goes to the Abunaw family here and in Cameroon.

Kumbaboy needs to understand that “ydeMan” is really “Francis Nche” who also doubles as “Vally of England”. I have debated him on other topics. His ability to replicate when challenged is amazing. Here, he goes as far as setting up an “ydeMan” alias to counter Kumbaboy’s argument in an Ahidjoan style.

We are souls in living bodies and seek those who can inform and impress in times of sorrow and happiness. I also prefer to be known as a Cameroonian American than the old bland "African American" label.


May His Soul Rest in Peace.My condolence to the family.At home,one cannot make easy life.Out of home, life is not secured.Where should we belong?
This reminds me of the agony some of us are facing in this part of Europe because of our colour thereby confirming the assertion 'Home is Home'.
At home,there is abit of gun control.
At home, no one treats you as per the colour of your body.
God help us.


na wah ooh! Sorry for Abunaw wey gunman com kill. Wahala fo dis world no dey easy ooh. The killer go get hin own one day. dis ground cargo sef.
Mr. Kumbaboy I troway salut ooh, but bro make you lef big big gramma sha. Abi u don Americanize? Abeg make Kokombiako troway gramma e don bad. Abeg make I go sha

Vally Bessong

I extend my condolence to the entire Abunaw family. May the Lord Almighty guide and help them to cope with this great loss.

May the soul of late Emmanuel Etchu Abunaw rest in perfect peace.



May Emmanuel's soul rest in perfect peace and may God grant his family the fortitude to bear that loss,in Jesus' name.Amen


May The Almighty God, the comforter of those in trouble comfort the entire Abunaw family and Ojong family(of which I am part).
Only the LORD knows what He will do to the killer.
My brothers, death is a sure thing no matter how it comes,we cannot escape it but the one million dollar question is WHERE WILL U SPEND ETERNITY.


May Abunaw's soul rest in perfect peace, and may the Good Lord comfort his family and friends.
Kumbaboy and the rest of y'all lippy folk, it's ridiculous when y'all try to impress folk with big words, but can't actually spell basic ones.


My heart felt condolence to the entire Abunaws'family here and at home.May his soul rest in peace perfect peace.

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