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Thursday, 26 October 2006


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All these acts in the all mighty thievery name of CPDM
Emmanuel Chim


Pastor Ayuk, I know your past and school life while at the d.c. metro area. You know it is not all that. I hope you are not using this reverend umbrella to your advantage. And secondly, I hope this is not a personal agenda against the Mafany's? If it is then I will like to have a conversation with your former girl friend Louisa Satia then we can move from there.


Mbua, you call this Ayuk a purists. You must be kidding. Ask yourself why a reverend Father is not doing his thing at the pulpit but in Government. This is a con baron like you have never seen before. Free school overseas in the name of becoming a reverend. Never holds a job because all is free paid by the school. Leaves immediately after school and all the promises between Ayuk and school is failed for Ayuk has disappeared to Cameroon. Arrives Cameroon, instead of looking at the pulpit he is now with the government. You go figure , Mbua.I hope Ayuk knows what he has started because we are not only going to be talking about dirty linens and skeletons in the closet, but WMDs


try to re-focus your vomit. What has pastor Ayuk`s former g.friend got to do with his impugning the thievery at the provincial hospital.
Btw, only you must know that all reverends must get to the pulpit.
Slander people when it is called for, gentleman.

Muki StoneHall

Poor Peter Molute,
Why waste your time complaining to the gov't? Do you think the gov't does not know what is going on in Buea? What do you expect of a regime that has outrightly legalise corruption and people are promoted based on their abilities to corrupt,steal,deceive and misinform? Your call for Dr Mafany to be replaced may jsut as well turn out to be a call for him to be made Minister of Public Health.Biya badly needs such people.

Ma Mary

Sala is becoming interesting, slanderer for hire? Sala the Slanderer has a nice ring to it. Paid character assassin or limp cuckold beyond rescue by Viagra? The answer is blowing in the wind, but not for long.


Mr Molute Mbua,

Commentators had earlier called upon the dismissal of Dr Mafany from the delegation of public health. In fact, Dr Mafany and the medical supplies family business headed by Mrs. Mafany should be sued in a court of law. All the money they had collected should be recovered.

It is surprisingly and unethical that Dr. Mafany did not realize the serious conflict of interest raised by involving his wife in business deals with his delegation.

Rev. Ayuk Enow carried out a gallant duty, despite attempts by the ENAM graduate Governor to cover up. That school in Yaounde called ENAM is the tap root of corruption in Cameroon.



At least, Rev. Ayuk has halted a massive fraud at the Provincial Hospital Buea, ochestrated by civil servants. Everyone with sense has taken notice. The Rev. is in town.

Rev. Ayuk displayed rare courge in standing up to his bosses with a near religious zeal. That is the type of dare-devil courage good citizens need to stand up against those who harbour a "something for nothing" mentality. CORRUPTION in the civil service is a cancer destroying all seeds of development.

Perhaps what Sala means is that ENAM should be turned into a seminary to give its graduates "courage" beyond that of a louse in standing up to corruption with might.

Rev. Ayuk deserves promotion and a medal for exemplary service at the war front against corruption.


This guy call Sala is either mad or has been cursed.

What is unfolding at the Buea provincial hospital is what obtains in all government departments in Cameroon. The case in Buea has been brought to light thanks to Rev. Ayuk.


Sala, what has the Rev done wrong now that you promise to wash dirty linens in public?.
Are you telling readers of this forum that you are one of those helping to ruin this country by condoling with the corrupt practices of the likes of Mafany & Co. This is a staight case of corruption brought into the limelight by a Rev. only doing his job as a man of God, Yet you threaten to expose his past in the most childish manner. Let us put our hands on deck and expose the Mafany's who ,in the name of CPDM are killing the bright future of this country through shady deals.
Rev. Ayuk, keep doing the good job. I know you will be sent away from that office for exposing a Governor from the chosen tribe and his thievry delegate.
Emmanuel Chim.


True reverend Ayuk is no Angel, and that is public knowledge (many will recall how he infiltrated Elad's SCNC and served it on a platter to the Biya regim on a platter in return for his current job at the Governor's office - but some will say that is a good thing...).

That said, since he got to his position he has generally done an excellent job and stood his ground when he believes he is right. His only shortcoming has been this habit of sending letters to yaounde about those in the administration who are involving themselves in "anti-government"activities - but that should not come as a surprise given how he got his position.

They say a clock is right at least once a day, so whatever his failings, Ayuk is right on the money on this one.

Ma Mary

Reverend Ayuk choses to clean the Augean stables rather than to turn his back to them. Luck to you sir, but goodbye.


From their write-ups we know them!

The writing's CLEAR on the wall. Sala, do your homework well else you risk not being paid this month. You wouldn't understand why Ricardo has been very frequent these days...he's been threatened and he may loose attention by the regime. Philemon Yang his immediate boss is considering hiring other guys to create an anti- SCNC NGO.

...the insider gave this message on basis of anonimity. would be surprised that La Republique's presidency has it's eyes on all their sponsored members on whatever forum 24 hours.

Again Sala, do your homework well. You seem to be a freshman! I'm protecting your job! Goodbye.

The Son.


The point is that Ayuk the reverend is that friend you cant leave with your wife, that friend you cant tell a secret, that friend who bites and blow, that friend you cant even trust with your dog, that friend you have to eat with a long spoon, that friend who will laugh at your face and tell you how a wonderful friend you are, but as soon as you turn your back the knife bleeds your heart. Ayuk the reverend is a professional "congossa channel". He will do whatever it takes to get to where he had planned before leaving the states. Go in there and play holier than thou and back bite on your colleagues and the people in Yaounde will reward you. Ayuk was never instructed to be a report card, but he has found out that in a society where people don’t check and investigate stories he can just freelance and get rewarded. You can tell how develish this guy is with that SADDAM HUSSEIN look alike mustache.

My question to Ayuk is that in all his stay in office is this the first case of mismanagement? Ayuk, the reverend(Nigerian pastor), you don carry firewood with soldier ant.


If there's more to than meet the eye the tell us and stop wasting our time,please.Thanks

Tekum Mbeng


Ayuk may be no angel but so was St. Paul before his fateful journey to Damascus. Without St Paul, there would be no Christianity in the New World.

Ayuk did a marvellous job by terminating a massive corruption scam at the hospital in Buea. All these corrupt civil servants using their wives as traders to mnake money from the sick. The country needs many Ayuks.


To be candid,this guy Sala is incorrigibly sadistic!When the 'been-to' is not shouting down Cameroonians who cry out under the yoke of oppression,he involves himself in slanderous acts all geared at public leanching.He always exhibits a dog-like servility to the statusquo.How on earth can someone frown at the guts of this courageous ,and fearless Reverend gentleman,because he thinks mismanagement should be perrenised.When in 2006 somebody still poses questions like this," all his years in office ,is this the first case of mismanagement?" , what will the world think about his morality? Sala seemed to have placed himself up on a very safe moral pedestal,accusing Rev. Ayuk of all imaginable ills in the world,but only to fall so low, trying not only to condone corruption,but frowning at its eradication.
Sala, the problem is not whether Rev. Ayuk should be a saint,but that he should follow the teachings of the Bible ,and not live all his life in ignominy.If Rev. Ayuk swam in sin,fine and good,as soon as he decided not to deputise as a clergyman,but rather to live with his flock,and uplift them,then his mission is worth the salt. An empirical example is his unmasking the scam artists around the Buea Hospital saga.This cry of yours; "Ayuk was never instructed to be a report card,but he has found out that in a society where people don`t check and investigate he can just freelance and get rewarded", shows you are not only weak in the flesh ,and frivolous in mind,but that you smack your lips with relish when you see your fellow countrymen in difficulty.You don`t want people like Ayuk to jostle the status quo. Your country men should continue to swim in their docility to the delight of
scam artists.No,Sala No!
Finally,Sala experience has shown that you persistently want to take Cameroonians for playthings, this you do by trying hard to distort public opinion when people try to pick out all the jig-saw pieces of the dangerous phenomena bedevelling our people.
Or else how do you reconcile the fact that the Cameroonian people are splitting their hair about a knotty Public Health issue, but
you start recounting your various safaris with Ayuk and his girlfriend.You prefer our people not to talk about the ecography machine.By doing this you are crafting the doom of all the patients out there.This is something we Cameroonians cannot stand,now and in generations to come!

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