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Monday, 09 October 2006


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All the problems faced by this colonial bandit is evidence that even the almighty God is aware of the sufferings these criminals have meted on our people.

Tekum Mbeng

This kind of fiasco does not happen in Developed Countries. A member of government visiting a province and bringing to a hault all traffic and economic activity. Then a citizen's car is detained for using a public highway!

For us in the United States, President Bush (most powerful man on earth) and Members of the U.S. Government travel a lot, especially in a campaign season. There is literally ZERO impact on traffic. No body's business gets shut down. In fact, the US President would never wish that to happen because the economy is the key.

The practice of bringing economic activity to a stop in Cameroon in order to coerce the population to attend to a visiting politician from Yaounde is primitive and stupid. What did the people of Buea or the State of Cameroon benefit from Inoni's visit?

Answer: zero. Cameroonians already know the PM is from Buea. The citizens of Buea should hold him to exercise good governance by example.

Local businesses have a good case to initiate a multimillion lawsuit against the Buea municipal and administrative authorities for the forced-shutdown. Freedom and liberty seldom arrive on a golden plate.


As is typical of primitive regimes inspired of francafrique's decay, Inoni, the French sub-vassal of the vassalised Biya junta, sees it fit to mobilize the colonial adminstrative machinery and their decaying infrastructure for a folkloric partisan event. That the decaying infrasctucture repeatedly reminded them of their chronic failures as a colonial government and as human beings is par for the course.

The Inoni Gang found it necessary that "two days before the PM's visit, phone booths and other roadside businesses were removed" by what The Post reports as "workers ferried in a truck marked Idenau Rural Council (the PM's native area)." This speaks to the bestiality of tribalism that inspires this evil colonial regime teleguided from Paris and those who serve in it. Inoni must be on drugs to maintain his sanity, or he, like the French puppet, Paul Biya must be a psychopath.

So it is necessary for these people who eat fat to the face in Yaounde and their local minions to deny the men, women and children of Buea town who make a living as business owners and traders the right to an earning on that day. And so the hardworking people of Buea have as a reward from the immoral presence of these sick Africans from Yaounde who have sold their people as slavetraders to Jacques Chirac and France what The Post reports: "On the day of the visit itself, Buea municipal and administrative authorities ordered all owners of business to shut down, irrespective of whether they were CPDM militants or not. Traders who had brought their goods were frustrated, because the Soppo Market, which holds on Saturdays, was proscribed"

They should count themselves lucky I guess, it could have been worse, the thugs who Inoni and others count for their protection could have meted out the type of beating the newsmen received for doing their jobs


Lies, Lies, Lies,

All La Republique Can lecture us is lies, and lies everytime. Who do these bandits think they can be fooling everytime?

How can a government be preoccupied with roads in Bakassi and Akwaya when there are no roads from Mutengene to Buea, Mutengene to Kumba, Kumba to Mamfe, Mamfe to Bamenda? How will they carry their caterpillars to Bakassi and Akwaya?

How can this liar be preaching about developing infrastructures in Bakassi and Akwaya when thesame infrastructures are not available in his backyard.

Additionally bandits like Abah Abah, Abunaw rose, Dion Ngute are singing thesame stories.

This is La Republique du Cameroun.


Some of the major actors are simply trapped in an inextricable web. Personally, they are competent technocrats, but have become embroiled in a system whereby they may have to resign if they are not happy with the way things are moving, or stay in and "pray" for the means to make a change from "within."

GM Bile of AES is no nonentity, hence he might bring about a change for the better in the corporation under his management, at least within the means at his disposal. Those who have interacted with PM Inoni for the past 10 years or so, know him to be quite efficient, transparent and driven. The dilemma he sometimes faces now is this: to stay on, and hope for change from within, or move out and criticize from without?

Within the present Cameroonian socio-political dispensation, your guess at the best solution is as good as mine.



No, No, No. You cannot be a technocrat in Mr Biya's corrupt junta. We have heard these words time and again to defend the interest of corrupt individuals. Lots of people have tried to be technocrats in Academic institutions like UB. They could not survive even there. Then what then is the point in trying to be a technocrat in an important position like the PM. Inoni is not efficient, transparent and driven. All he discusses in his office like most in Mr Biya's junta is Kickbacks, theft, lies et al., and NOT development. Inoni might be efficient in Nepotism, tribalism, corruption, smartness in politics, etc.

Dont be another Dr Agbormbai of lies in this forum.

Fritzane Kiki HK

Some people take readers for fools or that events in Cameroon are far from being scrutinised to know the facts.Cameroon as corrupt as it is and full of CPDM embezzlers is like a desert of poverty and suffering.If we have Gogoyle as a defense to the ills going on in this La republique then we will be heading to the worst ever in the history of Cameroon.

If former SONEL now AES SONEL had difficulty in power supplies and we saw little or no effort by the government to curb this high rate of power shortage,I guess La republique should be held responsible for this misfortune.It is ridiculous that even with the presence of the PM light failure has no mercy on the CPDM PM.

Many people always ask the La republique that why the can't satisfy its citizen with enough power and energy before giving it out to other neighbouring countries?A question which even the PM himself can't figure out the answer.Shameful indeed.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


This an absolute disgrace to an already dying gov't on its way out.It takes time to live just as it takes time to die.Cameroonians especially the English speaking who have suffered under Pontus Pilate Biya have seen darkness for so long a time.
The spontaneous black out is a powerful symbol of doom and final death to this regime.We have had enough of these insignificant, fruitless and hollow rallies in the name of advanced democracy.
It is now crystal clear to conclude that this regime is in its highest state of autocracy, arbitrary arrest of the honest speakers, ready to be switched to darkess as the black out.Short live the CPDM!


Why isn't there a CPDM party house in Buea? Tha is the question!

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