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Thursday, 12 October 2006


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The former minister of the unregistered CPDM colonial party,though launched where LRC has no legal jurisdiction has asked for loyalty,love and unity.In a few months time ,he will be hooted down by the junta into a wilderness maybe.Just where he and co conspirators and colonial servants will stand,one doesn't know.Bootlickers.


Again this is what kills us, especially southern Cameroonians and more so Southwesterners, MEDIOCRITY.
After so many years as minister of special duties at the presidency, Nothing has the South West benefited, talk less of kupe Muanenguba, today minister of forestry etc, is there anything much he can actually do, taken further away from the epicentre of power?
Look at the calibre of people writing on behalf of the general population, your guess is as good as mine.
Can any of them in their closet truely convince themselves that what they have written is a true reflection of what is happening?
Until we, Southern Cameroonians and indeed South westerners, shunt mediocrity, we are really in for more troubles ahead.


This is the culture of La Republique's colonial Junta: Asking for unquestionable loyalty in return for economic development that will never come.

When these unquestionable psychopaths rush from Yaounde with their Prado's, Landcruisers, range rovers, and give us messages of lies from La Republique's colonial junta, they take us for fools. But i am glad southern Cameroonians are becoming wiser and have been shunning their rice, salt, etc. that they habitually bring to them during election time. Ngolle, Ngolle, tell yoúr master, Govenor Biya, that we can never be fooled again.


Such congratulatory gathering is a fine opportunity to party for the locals,exchange of accolades for some and a superb night for visionary speeches for others. If not, after that, what next?

The minister will struggle to put some of his kin into public schools to 'wash his name incase he is sacked sooner or later.'
Experience has shown us that, not even the post of PM will bring a single km of tar into the forest of k.muanenguba.And that is exactly what people need.
Appointed or not what difference does it make to your locality?
Please excuse me for sighing so loud.


Jesus Christ! this is so unbelieveable! Its just a complete waste of time sometimes talking to people who will never learn from the past and always ready to defend themselves so blatantly.
The core towns of the South west Province constitute;Kumba, Mamfe, Limbe,Tiko,and Buea.
Fo so many years now we cannot boast nor see any good and well finished roads.Mr.Chief,Professor,Doctor, King,cum chair man of South west Elites , you guys are just wasting your time in the name of South west people.Why don't you guys come clean to say that Biya is incapable of developing our roads and has faied the entire nation?
The Kumba Mamfe road is so bad! The present Muea Mutengene road must be properly supervised.We need roads not motions of support to a party chairman who is specialised in tactical appointments for familial gain rather than for the collective benefit of the whole community.
You guys are just fooling yourselves!The game is coming to an an soon and you shall all pay back dearly.Believe Me!


The joke is always on the sycophants!

The single most important factor responsible for Africa's woes is the servility and sycophancy nurtured by African culture. The whole idea of always looking up to authority figures; even if those authority figures are absolutely worthless.

The average African seems incapable of learning that in Africa authority figures (European colonialists, village chiefs, dictatorial heads of state, corrupt ministers, corrupt political demagogues like Fru Ndi, worthless "elders" etc.) are in it for themselves, never for the good of the average African. The day the average African treats all authority figures with suspicion will be the day progress will really begin in this continent.

As a matter of fact, the day all authority figures in Cameroon are presumed corrupt and worthless until proven otherwise will be the day this country will get back on course for real progress for the man on the street.

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