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Friday, 06 October 2006


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Francis Elive has been a very good and reliable source of information from Cameroon. I very much appreciate the skills of the reporters, and I must say, the is the best source of daily news from Cameroon. One suggestion I would like to make is that you should(may be once a week or once every fortnight) give a summary of the news from all the provinces or all the anglophone divisions. The news items can come under the headings such as education, health, entertainment, crime, sports, politics, business etc.
You are doing a good job so far and I am confident that with the expertise you have, you can be the main source of information for all Cameroonians at home and abroad.
Francis Gobina Elive
Cardiff, Great Britain.


Just like "The lizard that jumped from the high iroko tree said he would praise himself if no one else did",
People of the Post, you are doing the right thing.
Great people, great work, great product ...
Kindly keep 'posting'.
'Angels' are watching your back.

Many blessings

Francis Enwe

Hi Guys,
I categorise the post as the only reliable source of info about our beloved fatherland Cameroon.Dealing with thousands of Cameroonians in diaspora, we visite your site on daily basis to hear what the light of each day brings from home.We get inspired by your talents,as the best watch dog of Camerronian news.From the tip of the continent cape Town we love you keep it up.


Good Job Mr. publisher and team.

I coudn't be happier reading from Cameroonians writting about Cameroon, than a british man writting about Cameroon.

You guys are Good people helping Good people.


Martin Douala

If you can open an account with PAYPAL for easy credit card payments, many of us will donate money to keep the postnewsline up and alive. You provide a critical outreach mission to us in the diaspora.


Nambangi Justin Okolle

The postnewsline is indeed wonderful. I am far away in Malaysia, but frequent reading of the postnewsline makes me really feel at home and keeps me up-dated.
I think it would be wonderful if a space is kept for news briefs from all the provinces.
NB: Can the newsline welcome news or some issues from South-East Asia?

Peter Blum

Congratulation of your website.

Good to be able to get comment from issues happening in Cameroon.

Best regards
Peter Blum
Fox Publishing

Tanyi Ntaka Paul

Bravo The Post.
I cann't express the amount of joy I have reading about Cameroon from you website every morning.Your crew is impressive and I hope they will bring the best to the common Cameroonians. More power to your elbow.
Tanyi Ntaka Paul
Normal, USA,

Tanyi Ntaka Paul

People of the post.
I really appreciate the great effort you made in opening up Cameroon to the rest of the world. I will also like to contribute that we need the news to be always updated. I hope I am not asking much. Thanks for understanding.
Tanyi Ntaka Paul
USA, 61761


I have always been a very keen reader of the post newspaper, I just moved out of the country & wish to keep on having first hand infos espaicially about the election. I encourage you guys to keep on with the good work of truth you promote through your reliable infos & articles.
I guess with people like u still out there, there's some still hope that beloved country of our will one day change.
I ain't got much since am just a young man out here trying to to holla for some bread.
All I got to say is "more Okro soup to your back-foot"
Yours truely, John-Francis

peter  tibui

with great pleasure and enthusiasm,i want to honorary thank the postnewsline team as a whole for the fantabulous ad nauseam job you have been covering.indeed,it's amazing.the post must grow. well done the post.more greese to your elbow.hope
i will one day serve for the postnewsline.
good bless.


Joseph Nkeze

Hi Folks,
This is a good job. I hope you keep it up. The web blog is just awesome. Let's keep suffering and smiling and keeping the flame alive!
Excellent job. Collector...
Joe Nkeze


Hello All,

With more than a thousand and one publications out there, its very hard to know which one to look at for information. But you people at The Post have done your best and captured folks like me to this site on a daily basis. Thank you all for the good work and hope Charlie Ndi Chia is left alone this time.

Oswald Ngwang
Houston Texas

Walter Tita

Congratulations for the excellent services you guys are providing to inform some of us far away from home about issues happening back home. I hope the site has come to stay. Bobe Charlie et al; keep the flame burning. Regards

Walter Tita

Mike A.Yanou

The post has done an excellent job in keeping Cameroonians in the dispora abreast with developments back at home. Do please accept my profound gratitutde for a job well done. Keep the flag flying!
Mike A.Yanou
Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Mike A.Yanou

The post has done an excellent job in keeping Cameroonians in the dispora abreast with developments back at home. Do please accept my profound gratitutde for a job well done. Keep the flag flying!
Mike A.Yanou
Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Enga Kameni

Hello, group of extraordinary ladies and gentlemen,
Just wish to encourage you for your hard work back home.
Keep it up.
Enga kameni
Cape Town,
South Africa

Michael Nana Jemia

The post has left very little to be desired amonst Cameroonians in diaspora. They have shown an example of "someone using stumbling blocks to build stepping stones in a controversial country."
God Safe The Post and Cameroonians
Adios, amogos
Michael Nana Jemia
London UK

Asonglefac Nkemleke

Hey Post People,
This is Grandpa Asonglefac Nkemleke from Maryland in the United States of America. For a very long time after September 1998, Grandpa went silent, out of sight, but certainly not out of mind. I have been reading The Post online now for quite a while and continue to appreciate the boldness, the indepth of the reporting, and the dare-devilness of your tabloid. This "Boxing Day" afternoon I thought I might as well discover the faces behind the mask, even though a good bunch of those faces are still very green in my memory...having served as adjunct lecturer of Newswriting at the University of Buea from 1993 through 1998. It is always exciting though to read about the people you know and those you look forward to knowing. Cheers to these faces...just let the ink continue to nothing but excellence, truthful reporting, and of corce, go for the facts: my long gone friend and colleague, Luke Ananga used to repeat over and over at CRTV that "facts are saccrosanct" (check the spelling, though). As the much-belaboured slang goes :"more grease on your elbows" as you continue relentlessly to travel "the hard road". Be of good cheer and always have an extra bottle of wine on never can tell when Grandpa will be stopping by. Thanks.

John Nkemngong Nkengasong

Hello compatriots,
Congrats for this novelty by The Post. There can be no wider window through which the world can view Cameroon. Being as objective in its reporting as I have always known The Post to be, in addition to its stock and variety of commentaries, entertainment, informative columns, etc, there is no doubt that the vision of Cameroon in the outerworld can never be the same again with the creation of The Post Newsline. One each for the road for all your staff.

John Nkemngong Nkengasong


Congratulations for the excellent services you guys are providing to inform some of us far away from home about issues happening back home.I hope you keep it up thanks
I will be home in five weeks time hope to see you, BOKWE,

Yaje M Ngala

Hi folks,
I am so happy that I finally found where you guys had moved to. I am very impressed by how much you have grown over the past couple of years. I will surely bookmark this website and make it my source for daily news.
Congratulations and keep up the good job.

Yaje M Ngala
Houston, Texas

Ngandjui wittus

You guys are doing a great job.
There is no Cameroon base English News web that keep's us current like you do.May God bless you all.

wittus Germany.

Ernest Ndumbe

Hi Great men,
I feel very good to get first hand information online from 'the post' infact you guys make us feel at home and proud of our heritage, what about images of Bouddih Adams, Chris Mbunwe, Fomenky Philip,Innocent Mbunwe,Joe Dinga, Cyprian Monju and a host of others?i think it will be nice to see images of them too.
Keep it up, The Post,
VUB Brussels

A Denis

Hi kudos the management,just bumped into the current website accidentally today.Little did I know a new & regularly updated has been operational.Had always been disillusioned whenever I open the old website which either did not open or wasn't updated,now I feel like I'm home.Had always been a strong advocate for the post to be on the web,once again kudos to you all.

Former Douala main vendor/distrubutor(TOTAL PRESS)
A.Denis (ADA)



Oh, women of the post
how I love you so!
for your brains and beauty

Mirabelle is quite a belle!
Loveline is, oh, so lovely!
Effa is a true ebony black princess!

Oh, how I envy to men of the Post
For Working in such a "picturesque" setting!

Francis, Charlie, Clovis, Pegue ...
Your bread is indeed buttered!!!
And no amount of "coffee"
from Biya's goons
Can take the pleasure away!!!


Yuhniwo Ngenge, Stockholm City, Sweden

...SIMPLY WOW!!!!!!

ntungwe ngalame

kudos to the post team for your excellent job.
i must say many of us rely on you to get an update of what is happening back home. please relent not for the journey is still very long. i can only wish you guys the best of 2005. ntungwe ngalame , germany.

Dr. TEKE Charles Ngiewih

Just too delighted with such an effeciency, guaranteed by a professionally qualified staff. Keep the pace and make information available as usual. It's wonderful to have access to The Post Online. Forward ever ......

Che Sunday (Dr.)

Thanks fellows. Just to let you know this is the only outlet of news worth reading from Cameroon. It may be the most mismanaged country on the face of the earth, but coming across very dedicated and hard working individuals like you, makes a whole lot of a difference. Keep the torch burning.

Benn L. Bongang

Dear Colleagues,

Your work stands with the best of journalism in the world. Keep it up, diversify the stories, increase human interest reporting. Everyone loves real stories about the human drama. Congratulations!

Savannah State University
Savannah, GA

Gilles George, Boston, U.S.A

Great guys keep up the good work, it it so enriching to be updated with news from home. Since I discover your site I don't miss a day without checking for news from home, its really makes you feel at home away from home. Excelent job. Keep the flame burning. God bless you all.

Nji Foy Jude

The Post team,

A job well done must be acknowledged. Lots of thanks to The Post team for feeding us constantly with the most current issues of Cameroon for most and the world too on politics and society generally.
I visit your webside almost every day. It is such a nice feeling to be current with issues concerning Cameroon to those of us abroad despite all difficulties and pressures that comes with to your Job.
I was particularly happy after reading through an article Published on April 18th 2005 "Reflecting On Cameroon's Depraved Civil Servants" that the germ af laziness permanently killing our Civil Servants has to stop. Progress will never come to Cameroon without any sacrifice. Its time to make a move.
Continue to feed us with such articles.Positive changes can take place faster in Cameroon with your help.
Just Keep-up with the excellent job.
I send my regards alswell to the man behind the article " Molua Ernest"
Once again THANKS a lot and stay blessed.

Nji Foy Jude

Israel Ambe

Hello 'faces behind the masks',
You people really constitute a winning team.The results of your hard work really shows the level of coordination amongst your crew.
I am also glad especially as most of you are graduates of U.B especially Mirabel A. who was a school mate in P.S.S Mankon and U.B.But where is her own e-mail address?
Congratulations to you all!
Israel Ambe A.


I just found this website and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!


Dear Post crew,

I don't know how I can really express my gratitude to you all. You guys are doing an amazing job that we really wish to shows our thanks. We have been following news from home as if we're actually back home with you people. I spare not a day without passing through the post to get fresh infos from home. I really want to thank all of you and pray that God should give you people more energy to cover all the wrong doings of that corrupt government and expoase to the outside world. One of my British friend is now so concern about reading The Post news to learn more from the bad system of government he has been hearing about Cameroon. At the end of that day, many foreign personalities shall come to understand our struggle and then help us to find a way out. Cheers to you all!

MOHAMADU,    Austin,Texas

It's with profound gratitude that i extend regards to you all.i could not belief when foundout your website.At least i am able get information in english from my own country.One of my wishes are that, you guys go a little bit bilingual because some websites post they are biligual for which they're not.i do praise y'all effort, keep it up.
God bless you'll.

Schengen Dublin

Everybody Loves The Post

The Post Newsline is the only Anglophone hope especially at this time of crises. Your newspaper has helped to highlight many hidded issues people do back home, but with your publication, Cameroonians are getting the truth about their country. People should learn to be contructive, not destructive. I remember when in 1992, there was a plot to assasinate me. People I may call holigans received money from power brokers to kill me for no good reason, and thanks to the Almighty God. Many others have died after me, but I survived the plot. The Post staff cannot be intimidated. The time has passed. Please keep up. If you need money we shall provide.

Schengen Dublin

Takha Eyenni Nelson Douala 745.85.69

I have always found pleasure reading the post.Courage to your efforts and always add objectivity in your findings.Put aside what may bring down the reputation of your paper.I love u all people of conscience.May you fight be for the interest of human welfare.


your initiative is all the more laudable because its not motivated by financial gain. Your comments are very objective and you do not hesitate to give credit where its due, even if its to the ruling government.

Hope you are here to stay. I think all fellow readers will agree with me that we all have a moral duty to support the Post

Humphrey Kangha
Mankon Bamenda

Caroline Mbobi

I want to personally thank you people the reporters of Post news line for the wanderfull job people are doing. We are very proud that you people have made it posible for the world to know what is going on back home.thanks for the objectivity in your reports. we are very proud of you people.Keep on with the good work.
Canton OHio

Collins Yebila

I have just recieved the link to your website today through my cousin and I must say it does fill me with great pride and respect for the wonderful journalism and professionalism that you produce. Not only are you guys reporting brilliantly but the pictures are really great as well. keep up the good work and I'll make sure I spread the word about this site to fellow Cameroonians in London.

Collins Yebila
London, UK


Hi the post, it was a pleasure visiting your site, but after viewing it I came with the final conclusion, u need some dynamics in your site.

Chiakom Emmanuel

Hi Guys.Your newspaper has simply won the hearts of the entire anglophone reading public.Keep it up,and more grease to your elbows.

Tantoh Willibroad,Up Country

You guys are simply w.o.o..n.derf..u..ulllll!Could we have the other faces like PK and Chris from Abakwaaaa as well as Old Joe from Mbeng?I will not hesitate to call round while in Buea.Wish you God's richest blessing and let's keep smiling and suffering as Big Bro Charlie from Bikom always reminds us.



Austin Achunkwe

Hi Guys,
It was really nice seeing some of those old faces again on this site. It makes me feel much at home.
I must congratulate the Poet for the magnificient job it is doing and for employing mainly local folks (from UB). Some of us are very proud of you guys, especially the opportunity you offer many people out of the country not only to read but to post their opinions on issues back home.
More grease to your elbows, or rather, more beer to your throats.
Nice weekenk.
ps: you left out some faces. Where is Buddhi?

chrysantus ayangafac

u guys are the only reason, i can say globalisation has finally catch up with the media world in cameroon. keep it up guys

university of the witwatersrand
south africa johannesburg


I doze off my hat in honour and respect to the marvellous job you guys are doing. May that dynamic staff continue the good work of infoming the world about the happenings around us. Thanks a quintillion folds for unveiling the faces behind the mask. You are all beautiful and wonderful people. Keep up please!!


keep it up people. You all are doing a wonderful job. The post is the best sourceof reliable information for those of us Cameroonians in diasporo. It is said if you serve people and benefit more than the people you serve then you are not serving them.I must say that u guys are doing a good job, I am really impressed. we are all are benefiting from it. Thanks


Cameroon has come a long way and I am glad you made it.You guys are simply awesome.Keep up the good work and fearlessness.The sky is your limit..At last one has a newspaper to rely on.How can one be a subsciber to the post?Have you thought of shipping the post to different parts of the world on a monthly basis?It is certainly worth looking at.Close to where I live inthe states,there is an African store where so many newspapers are sold.Let me know what you guys think.You make me truly proud out here.
Stay very blessed

Essemo Alenu

Anything with Charlie Ndi Chia's name carries weight.
Effa Tambenkongho is the real deal.She updates the site very regulary. We owe her a huge debt.

Prince Larry Ayamba

Wonderful People, wonderful job.

Congratulations to the entire team especially to Clovis Atata (my personal friend) Charly Ndi Cha whom I consider my mentor and not forgetting Mr Publisher. May the Good Lord bless and protect you all. I understand perfectly well the conditions you work in especially in a dictatorial country like La Republique du Cameroun where there’s no rule of law and press freedom.

Prince Lawrence Ayamba
Secretary of State
Southern Cameroons Interim Government-In-Exile
Brussels - Belgium

Charles F.

To every one associated with making The PostNewsLine happen:
You have provided an efficient forum for me to express my views and reach the world without fear of censorship.
I discovered this site by chance and I am glad I did. So far, I have found it informative, reliable and current. This means a lot to those of us far away from our country of birth and hungry for steady news.
Please keep up the good work and I hope I am able to support you in the near future.


Charles Forkwa

Fon Chi-Bikom Mallo

I am a former journalist with "Le Messager" English edition. Today I am an artist and business man based in New York having stayed away from the press for so long.

I have read much about AIDS and seen many cases both good and bad in various countries in almost all the continents of the world. I have seen Goverments, Agencies and Organisations work relentlessly searching for the cure for this monstrous deadly virus.Yet it is believed that "there is no cure"

The truth is if a cure for AIDS is released for public consumption pharmacies and drug authorities around the world will not make money as they are making in just caressing the virus with just tretment today.This is not only the case with AIDS but also Cancer, Herpies, diabetes and other "untreatable illnesses"
It is for this reason that the drug authorities in various countries of the world are at war with altenative medicine practitioners. Yet in United state for example Alternative medicine is gaining ground and people are being treated and cured of the so called "incurable illnesses". Herbal treatment is being administerd to patients and they are getting well.

If that could hapen here in the United State it means Africans could do better because they know more about traditional or alterntive medicine. The point I am trying to make is this; there is war going on between releasing the cure for AIDS and other uncurable deseases and Authorities who are out to maximise profit out of the prvailing situation, as bad as it is and as long as it could remain.

Unfortunately Africans are the greatest victims of this evil because they cannot afford for treatment as Euoropeans and Americans do. The Average monthly treatment for AIDS in the US is an equivilent of 60.000frs. Americans could afford this amount of money for their monthly treatmen. This is not the case with Africans, even if the drugue is brought down to the price of 20.000frs per month an average African will not be able to afford it. That is why many people are dieing of AIDS.

An AIDS patient in the US lives his normal life just like someone with high blood presssure or diabetes. But patients in Africa with the same case similar to that of Americans will surely die. Unfortunately governments of most African countries Especially Cameroon do not care about the prevailence of the epidemic which is now spreading like wild fire.

My advice to Africans especially Camroonians is not to wait for any cure from the government or Agencies. Herbalists and traditional doctors should collaborate in finding a permanent solution to AIDS and other ailments that are being used to toast patients up and down.

I am ready to assist any traditional herbalist who comes up with adequate prove that he has a cure or close to a cure. Fon CHI-BIKOM Mallo

NjifenztB.Dohnji(United Kingdom)

Fabulous! absolutely fantastic! A great epitome of real press freedom and first-hand promoters of democracy.Your effort is huge and effectively impressive.Keep it up.What a team!



Its never too late to say thank you to The Post Team.
With the experience of Charlie and Francis coupled with the youthful exuberance and academic accolades of the younger team members,
I am confident The Post will grow from strength to strength.
The Post makes me feel as though I am at home, 7000 miles away.
To Effa, Clovis, Pegue, Matike, Mirabel, Orock, Mbori and Kini Nsom, you are all still very young, hopefully the sky shall not be the limit.
Keep up the good job.

julvet chepngum

hey guys i think you you are pretty good.i enjoy reading the post newspaper.especially during the period of know the period of tension in teens in cameroon,any way hanks to you guys okay and keep up.
good bless the post

Forcha Charles (Brussels)

Wonderful Job. More grease to your elbows, the Post team.


I thank all the members in the Post for keeping cameroonians every where must latest information may the post and its member growth. To my opinion the Post is the only reliable source in cameroon. Keep on the Post
Thanks once more.



A wonderful job out there. Keep a column for criticism and get people's views about the way you function and grow millions better.

Keep the faith.

Son Of Ako.




Yvette Litombo

Hi there,
I am so happy with the info i get from you guys everyday,i just want to encourage you all and also to tell you that you have been doing a great job,just keep it up.
God bless you all!!!!

Ephraim Abwe Diabe

The Post has taught us to always count on her.I receive updates on almost everthing in Cameroon and the world around,thanks to The Post.You have merited our confidence and we shall keep promoting you.Forward ever Charly,Kini etal.
OSLO University


Thanks for your services and may the Almighty continue to fortify yours efforts.




I always feel at home when reading Thanks for all your insight and courage. Kudos to Charlie. You are still as energetic as ever and I wish all of you the best for sharing your news with us overseas. God bless Cameroon!

Ndikum Ndikum
Philadelphia, USA.


Hello people of The Post,
You have been doing a wonderful job. Just be steadfast in what ever thing you are doing.
Mofor Emmanuel

Fon Chi-Bikom

Hi Cameroon Post,
It's a pleasure getting back to my roots after such a long time. I hope KINI NSOM, Peterkins and Bunwe will remember me. I am tempted to get back into writing for the Cameroonian audience once more.

Let me take you straight into the business of the day. Where are Cameroonians? Where are they in the international scene? I discovered that something is absolutely going wrong.

Cameroonians are investing more in complaining, accusations, backbiting, thievery, laziness and very mean things. Cameroonians are not competitive, and if they want to be competitive they look for other Cameroonians to mess around with.

The end result is conflict, jealousy, cheating and rage. My experience as a business man here in the US has brought me in contact with people from all walks of life. I go from state to state recruiting and training people into my business.

I find profound pleasure bringing financial freedom to people through what I do.When I started recruiting Cameroonians into my business I saw quite different story.They were boring and nasty. The first meeting I asked them to organize was a shameful one. I took a flight from New York to Maryland with some partners in our Company to the meeting.

I was shocked to meet may be twenty five to 30 people crammed in a small room. This scenery was different from what I was told on the phone a day before the meeting. I was very embarrassed and ashamed.

Cameroonians called me most of the time complaining about financial problems , family issues and gossiping about other people. When it came to doing what they needed to do to secure a good financial position in life they complained and gave flimsy excuses.

I invited some of them to one of our business conventions and they went there and began quarreling among themselves. They will ask me what I did to be where I am today. I will tell them that what I am asking them to do is exactly what I did. But they will not do it; they will want me to work for them.

Out of more than 1000 people I had recruited and trained in my business 230 were Cameroonians. I did most of their job for them because I wanted to help them and I understood that they did not understand the advanced self employment and marketing concepts.

As some of them began to make money out of my effort they stopped learning and even stopped making an effort. To put them to test I stopped working for them to see what they will do. Their businesses collapsed.

I am ashamed of being a Cameroonian to tell the truth. Why? Because we are very mean, proud for nothing, lazy and always want to blame some one for our short comings. We want to survive on other people's efforts.

The Internet has made the world a global village. You can sit right there in Bamenda or Douala and be working for someone anywhere in the world, and get paid millions of CFA every month.

Out sourcing jobs are available for who is willing to work online or on the phone. I provide a lot of out sourcing jobs to experts in Kenya, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh,South Africa etc. I have hardly found Cameroonians to give jobs. Unfortunately with my past experience if I even find them and hand them a job I am not sure they will be faithful to do it without problems.

To tell you the truth most of the Cameroonians living in the US are house keepers and care takers of old and sick people. When they go back home they never tell the truth. But they use their little money to intimidate those who are trapped in that open prison Called Cameroon, and do not have the privilege to go out. That is absolutely wrong.

I have pain for my country, but I find it difficult to help because people are twisted minded. Everyone is looking for a means to grab anything that reaches his /her hands, even if it is to save the soul of a miserable dying person.

All Cameroonians need to change their mentalities, top blaming others. Find something, focus on it and watch it grow. It is never too late to make a change. What is the point I am trying to make? There are billions of opportunities out there for everyone. Do not confine yourself to Cameroon alone. You could be in Cameroon and be making money from other parts of the world. The internet has all it takes for you to go to work.

I am working on a website that will be providing ideas and job opportunities that any one could embark on.

If you want to contact me go to my profile and click on myspace page sign up and get to me. However I will be here to be chipping my ideas and to support

Stophe Mota

Dear People of the Post, let me here add my own words of Praised to the voices of those of other cameroonians who have said all what u deserve. Thank U so much for keeping us the victims of Dr, slaving out here to know what is happy to our dear lost fatherland. Keep it up. The fire must continue burning, I was heard over Radio Cameroon that 'Today and Tomorrow better than Yesterday. So be it.
Do U welcome stories from untrain hands like us in the diaspora, if yes, Stophe Mota is ready to feed you with stuff concerning Cameroonians in Germany.
Congrats. Stophe, Stuttgart, Germany



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