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Thursday, 26 October 2006


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The Balikumbat populace at long last liberated from the allmighty killer, convict Doh. I heartily thank the Almighty GOD for saving the God fearing population of Balikumbat from the hands of the 21st century supper CPDM killer.. Thanks also go to the SDO of Ngohketunjia Peter Mbu for his timely intervention in a matter that almost escalated. He is a rare CPDM SDO alive.May the soul of the slain matyre KOHTEM and many others forcefully evicted from this world by killer Doh, rest in perfect peace.
Emmanuel Chim


Now they are indirectly saying that Gah Gwanyin is not of royal blood. Not strange. Who never knew he was Pa Poorman's son! The real Galabe's cannot be mistaken. Those who do not know should ask.

Muki StoneHall

Kontem may have long been laid to rest but his soul goes matching on.Glory,glory haleluya!Who would ever have thought that a poor lame man will bring down a mighty Fon,Mayor,Parliamentarian and CPDM bigwit.This is just the beginning of the end of fon doh.The sooner he commits suicide the better for him.


Many thanks to the kingmakers of Balikumbat for this God´s fearing and guided decision. You are the real custodians of tradition. God will protect you where ever you go.

vally England

Yes! thank God,he is listening to our prayers.Fon Doh must be disciplined traditionally and legally.Evil in any form can never prevail against Gods will.

Like Khondem,Deboule's murderers and evil men will never see light.They will soon face the music of justice in what ever form they try to hide.Those who had to travel all the way from bamenda to y'de to kill Deboule,should know,our God is alive and justice in any form will visit them soon.Any body who uses the name of the sdf to commit murder must not get rest.Remember that same gang attempted murder on Prof Ngwasiri.
Watch this space.


hi aviche,u appear to know more about the galabes family,am ashame to have had such a bastard rule our our beautiful village,thank God his era is gone,we are free people now, there will be a party in paris on the weekend to celebrate that change in balikumbat,which will bring together sons and daughters of balikumbat arround europe.there will be also fund raising to ameolorate the situation back in the village.


Hi Gimpokpok,i guess you guys must be celebrating.Well i'm happy for the Balikumbat people.Do please remember to thank God and send a word of encouragement to the new fon and the SDO.Cheers


Valley England you just reminded me about the death of Diboule. Is it true what is filtering out from the Yaounde courts that Diboule's assailants were caterpulted from Bamenda by a certain M. Nyah ?. Wonders shall never end.

vally England

The security forces that help us nail Fon Doh,are working.Have you seen them call M Nyah for interrogation?But the leader and gang master who organised the fareing of people to y'd,has been to the state persecutors office thrice for interrogation.

Chim keep your cool,phone conversation,interviewed recordings,and others,will soon show who was behind the murder of Deboule.He is known for using violence even in Nec meetings,he ordered before his traveling to the UK for the same gang to murder prof Ngwasiri.Time is fast running out for him.


Muki StoneHall

You really seem so ignorant of many facts and ideas.Last time you started something about funding of political parties in England where you claim to live (but know nothing about!).When kumbaboy confronted you with facts and figures you abandoned the topic and escaped.Now you have come here to start exposing your ignorance again.
Fon Doh was not nailed by security forces as you claim.He was found guilty in a court of law and sentenced to prison by a magistrate.Magistrates are not security forces.
Col Chi et al have never been tried in any court of law or even charged.The initial statements were forced out of them by Gerdarmes.Gerdarmes are not trained investigators.They are trained agents whose primary role was that of colonisation.(if you care you can read about the origin of the gedarmarie force).Their only method of interogation is turture.They work from solution to problem.They don't ask you questions.They give you answers to confirm.
Now that the investigation is being done by a trained investigator(State counsel),the real facts are coming out but you don't want to accept them.Just like the gerdarmes,you already have somebody in mind who should be guilty.But you will be shocked.M Nyah is still to answer questions as to why she ferried in people from Bamenda.You and your muna gang should also give an account of how your 500 pounds were used.
What exactly do you mean by "interviewed recordings?" Is that the type of evidence you'll use to send Fru Ndi to jail? Dreamer.


Muki StoneHall,
Never mind our 'English Vally'! He is too 'unEnglish' in all his postings.

This is what Muna said in an interview he granted to Le Messager on July 18, 2006 in Douala: 'Mais Dieu est grand. En vérité, nous avons tenu notre congrès grâce au sang de Diboulé'.

If we were a state of law, Muna & co. should have been charged for organising a illegally banned meeting that resulted to the death of a Cameroonian - Diboulé.

Cheers & let's start preparing for the real fight - the Independent Electoral Commission, come the November paliamentary session.



Muki StoneHall,
Never mind our 'English Vally'! He is too 'unEnglish' in all his postings.

This is what Muna said in an interview he granted to Le Messager on July 18, 2006 in Douala: 'Mais Dieu est grand. En vérité, nous avons tenu notre congrès grâce au sang de Diboulé'.

If we were a state of law, Muna & co. should have been charged for organising an illegally banned meeting that resulted to the death of a Cameroonian - Diboulé.

Cheers & let's start preparing for the real fight - the Independent Electoral Commission, come the November paliamentary session.



I will want to first of all thank the almighty God for interceding in this debacle of my belove village to curb such a virulent seed of discord sowed to distabilise a once peaceful village.
lets face the fact at hand and encourage the kingmagkers to continue in this spirit of righteousness.

Special thanks to Doh Tangsin for standing tall in the midst of all this angst and hate that had already became a contagion and was doing a lot in eradicating peace. I strongly believe Doh pelo who enthoned Fon Doh Gagwayin was endowed equally with the right to dethrone him. He also knowsvery well the royal lineange and cannot be mistaken in this. Because The chieftaincy is in Cameroon as well, it is not a political post that the incumbent will always bend the outcome.


I feel happy to read comment from people who reason the way you do. To certain idiots, the fon is infallible and should continue to commit his attrocities be it at the detriment of his subjects or not. He was endowed with the responsibility to safeguard the right of his subjects. He has instead force hot potatoe down their throats and bring untold misery, scourges of hatred and suffering in that once peaceful village that was ruled by his generous and peace loving father. I am also a royal son of Balikumbat and I will want to attend the party in Paris. Please if you could get me through [email protected] , I will be really greatful. But one more thing that I should add; Gahgwayin was the son of the late Fon of Balikumbat and as such is of royal blood. Lets stop the twisting now because all men, evil or good are born of a woman. He was just the spoilt son which in no way suffice that he was illegitimate.they say the best legacy is a rich honesty. He has no legacy and his time has come to an end.

truth crush to earth shall rise again.


This Vally freak is becoming a nuisance and I think it’s high time he was band from vomiting his nonchalant, offensive ideas to the literates that read this precious paper. I have realized he has nothing to offer but filling space that others can use to say important things. I advice you to go home to meet your gang and fight for the course you claim is the right one. Stop sitting where you claim to be and setting fire back home amongst people in the name of fighting for a just course. When you where in Cameroon, you had no gods to vomit all what you do now. You think you are very say where you are?

Danny Boy

long live the new king of Balikumbat

Danny Boy

I congratulate the people of Balikumbat on their determination to rid their tribe of this evil man. Long live the new King and prosperity to his people.


hi Samleyin,thx for the correction first of all,but u know in our dialect it is allways said when the wind blows everyone can then see the ass a hen,so is the case of fon Doh.His characters do confirm the existing rumours about roots.
well that should be as of now his personal problems,concerning ur request , we were done with the celebrations in paris(st dennis)before i read ur mail,everything went well,the attendance was very good.
we seem tobe related to each other if u also belong to the Galabes family,so where do u live?i live in straßburg.

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