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Thursday, 05 October 2006


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Perfect; these are responsible ideas emanating from Southern Cameroon patriotic minds and not from irresponsible losers name-calling and propagating hate. These are ideas guiding our path to glory, not bloodshed preaching but a geniune call for responsibility to be exercised by all who put the goodness of mankind at heart. If all especially those in the diaspora could reason in this direction, Southern Cameroon won't be a dream.


Reader,could you stop spewing stupid irony with your nose in the air?The dream of Ambazonia is sequel of you and LRC's foray to obliterate an industrious Ambazonia whose Economy and civil service was budding prio to Oct 1 1961 to a wrenching dependency.Why is the Ombe Technical college still lagging behind if not obliterated by reader and LRC colonial evil doers?Why jittery about the impending restoration of Southern Cameroons, AKA AMBAZONIA?Reader and La République du Cameroun,your hands are dripping with the blood of innocent Ambazonians.Mad dogs!



La Republique du Cameroun is already at war with the southern cameroons and itself. Innocent blood of our brothers and sisters calling for mere justice has already been spilled. Those of us who are living abroad are merely victims of la republiques colonial antics as we never decided to run away in the first place. Our families living back home are still suffering from this colonial antics of la republique. Southern Cameroonians like you, VC's, Ministers, Governors, Enam graduates who hide behind words like "Responsible ideas, Irresponsible loosers, propagating hate" are the real enemies of our freedom. Mr Reader, the number of children left orphaned by La Republique colonial agents that i sponsor in Cameroon are enough evidence of my contribution to the development of the southern cameroons. Not to talk of other contributions to the economic developments of southern cameroonian citizens at home and abroad. I hope this sinks into your skull though i am not sure its hollow nature can contain it.


I turn to agree with you on several fronts but on this issue I think it is immature to lay into reader for his well articulated points. One thing that you failed to grasp from his post is that both of you have the same interest at heart. Yes; Reader wants to engage in the norm that knowledge is power. That, we have to build the foundation of our state, by putting in the infrastructures that will be at the spine of nation. I have advocated a more militant approach to the problem before but I think what we need is to build those institutions of government while advocating for self determination so that when our dream is realised everything would be in place for the challenges that we will face as Southern Cameroonians.
I remember when it was time to take our common entrance exams back in the day, all the older and academically challenged individuals where register instead for the technical examination. So I believe the ombe old boys are right because from the onset less value was placed on these children moreover the system did not provide a defined path for these children to follow. As a consequence most of these children finish with their probatoire and the what?
I just hope UB take up this challenge and provide an environment where these students can hound their skills and develop into brilliant engineers. Hopefully this will inspire our younger generation to have other role models instead of only thinking of becoming lawyers or doctors.


> Interdependence is a voluntary venture often
> sought by an independent individual or a group of
> individuals, for the good of all the parties
> concerned. When one is independent, he is self-
> reliant, that is, dependent on himself. Any
> interaction between two independent entities for
> their mutual benefit, is what is known as
> Interdependence.
> Therefore, one cannot claim to be in the state of
> interdependence without passing through the
> independent state. Furthermore, when an independent
> entity decides to be dependent at some point in
> time, it immediately ceases to be interdependent.
> Independence is a state of mind that can only be
> achieved , not given and when you seek it you must
> first cut all the 'strings attached' to your wish.
> There is no such thing as 'dependent' independence.
> What we call political or economic independence of
> some western nations , is actually political or
> economical interdependence. Independence of a people
> come as a result of 'cyclic transitivity' among the
> independent minds of each individual of the majority
> of individuals making up that populace. True
> independence is achieved in the mind before
> manifested by the body.It surpasses freedoms and
> liberties (actually it is a cause to them). It is a
> stepping stone to interdependence. It is precious!
> So precious that efforts to achieve it should be
> revolutionary, not evolutionary. Independence is not
> a dependent variable, it should depend on itself.
> The people of Southern Cameroons have never been
> independent, not to talk of interdependent with
> another entity. Their present state is worse than
> 'dependence'.They are in the doldrums. They have,
> but don't own. They see, but don't observe. They
> foresee, but don't prevent. They agitate but don't
> react.
> Brethren, it's not yet late! They erred but they
> should not relent their efforts to correct the
> blunders of the past.
> When the United nations, under the chairmanship of
> Sir Sydney Phillipson put the ball in their court in
> Mamfe on the 10th and 11th of August 1959, they
> refused to play. Even if the referee was biased, it
> was their obligation to score the goals and later
> argue about the the biased nature of the decisions
> taken, instead of letting their opponents(the
> imperialists) defeat them mercilessly. The inability
> of Southern Cameroonians to have come up with a
> consensus in Mamfe Conference in 1959 was, ipso
> facto, a glaring proof of their refusal to put off
> their caps of tribalism, nepotism, and other 'isms'
> for the interest of all. That is why the so-called
> plebiscite questions were ambiguous. Some of them
> foresaw through the able mind of P.N. Kale that the
> lone option for Southern Cameroons was ' a sovereign
> independent state', but many, through their egoistic
> tendencies, thwarted this proposal.
> It was a lose/lose option.
> a) "Do you wish to achieve independence by joining
> the Independent Federation of
> Nigeria?"
> b) "Do you wish to achieve independence by joining
> the Republic of Cameroon?"
> What puzzles us more about these questions are not
> the words but the authors. In as much as Southern
> Cameroonians have realized the fact that the British
> had a hidden agenda for them( joining Nigeria), they
> should have defeated the shameless act of the
> British, who, instantaneously coined their language
> through the able tentacles of the United Nations in
> a bid to achieve their aim.
> They never needed a plebiscite to belong where
> they were. But if the then Trusteeship Agreement
> spelt out that Trust Territories were to achieve
> independence at some point in time , then the
> British, under the banner of the United Nations
> Organisation, misled them, by not giving them the
> option of true independence. Once in time, the
> 'upright' sold their consciences and behaved like
> Lilliputians with regards to the Southern Cameroons
> case. What a shame to them all!
> How can one achieve independence by ´joining´...?
> You can only choose to join after you are
> independent and not the other way round
> February 11, 1961 was 'Dependence Day' for
> Southern Cameroonians. They chose to be
> 'independent' by being dependent. How can they be
> given the options to join two other independent
> Republics and claimed at the end that they have
> achieved independence. They all should bear a part
> of the brunt of the blame and stop pointing accusing
> fingers at each other. The ambiguity of the
> Plebiscite questions was an intentional act by the
> British to either subject us to continuous tutelage
> ( by joining Nigeria) or, go to hell (by joining La
> Republique). The British never wished that Southern
> Cameroons should achieve independence.
> Our Present 'symbiosis' with La Republique should
> not be seen as interdependence. It is like an
> Oligarchy masterminded by French Imperialists, with
> the oligarchs tapping their wealth from Southern
> Cameroons and sharing it with their imperialists.
> Southern Cameroonians are being exploited
> materially, psychologically and intellectually.
> They have, but don't own.
> Southern Cameroons has some independent minds, but
> as a whole they are not independent. The cause
> presently with the United Nations is genuine but the
> United Nations seems to be acting as a gateman who
> is asleep when old 'reliables' are around. They need
> to ring the gate bell longer for the gateman to wake
> up and open the gate.
> Therefore, the only panacea to all this hanky
> panky is hullabaloo. They must cry loud and fight
> hard. They must react. It is not late yet. The route
> of revolution is not known until revolution has come
> to pass. They need to revolutionize their minds
> before anything else. They must fight the syndrome
> of marginalization from the cause- tribalism. This
> was the root cause of the 1961 plebiscite fiasco.
> They must sacrifice. They should not look at this
> cause as an anti- government struggle. They should
> look at it as a Quest For Justice That Was Denied.
> I foresee a new millennium where each Southern
> Cameroonian will act spontaneously and
> instantaneously, in a bid to achieve independence.
> Courage brothers, do not stumble.
> By Neba Fuh


With the exception of a well balanced commentator like MillaIsGod, most of you commentators on this forum, have anger management difficulties...i'm not insulting any one but diagnosing a trouble that has coupled with a blind hope for a Southern Cameroon Utopia. You guys probably have no understanding of what is a Southern Cameroon. Southern Cameroon in short is a change of mentality: accepting and practicing moral values, good governance and responsibility. The GCE board is a perfect example of a Southern Cameroon and there a few other examples that if we emulate their system we will turn every institution into a Southern Cameroon. In fact for these institutions to be changed, we have to cultivate our minds. These moral values guide us into victory. If you guys can't win this emotional war within yourselves how would you win the war against your enemies? The problem is us not La Republic, in fact we are worse than La Republic.


You haven't stopped amazing me on this forum. Yesterday you were hushed for being too a braggart today you climb the rostrum to become a preacher of moral rectitude. Who are you deceiving on this forum? People dont need to annouce to you the projects they are carrying back home for you to reccomend them, who made you the arbitrator on this forum?

If you think you've got a proposal as to the way forward on the southern Cameroon delima say it and go your way without making senseless illustrations. Do you know what the AAC of 1900 sent in that strongly worded document to Biya on the creation of a Technical University in Ombe?

Do you think thats the first time such a call is coming? Do you know the projects respectable contributors of this forum are carrying out back home even in the worst of circumstances to better off the lots of the disenfranchised people?

Who told you the southern Cameroon pursuit is that of hate? Asking for what legitimately belongs to you is hate? What is hate? Those comments of yours were rather stirring hate . You cited the GCE Board , did it come through songs of praises to the Yde regime? Gentleman , I have discovered you're always stirring trouble everywhere you go.


Ma Mary

Never be blackmailed by those who accuse you of hate. You are under no obligation to love those who keep you captive. On the contrary, THEY are morally obliged to correct their crime, put themselves at your mercy and to beg your forgiveness.

It is your right to hate them. If you do not hate them inspite of their ongoing crimes, you are a noble person and kudos to you. Your love is a bonus and not an obligation to be taken for granted.



Tayong, u have responded intelligently to that gentleman called reader.

Gentleman, u should think next time with your brain before you write any rubbish here.

U wrote

"We are worst than la republique", u and who? Maybe u, Agbormbai and Mukete, self confessed CPDM pundits and president Biya's advisers in this forum. You preaching of moral values are very much welcomed. But i believe in practising what i preach. Not preaching what i do not practice. So gentleman, i hope you will be able to advise your very corrupt parents and leaders of La Republiques corrupt junta to practice the values that u have cited.


I wouldn't have bothered answering you because you've written nothing of substance but as you just mentioned moral rectitude, i wish you could have a sense of it.

vally England

Why do you think Mukete is Biya's man?I have never read any article posted by Mukete in this forum praising Biya.Do you know Mukete personally or you are just saying this out of hate of his postings on Fru ndi?
I am one of those who has said it here openly that the Sdf and anglophone saga has been taken aback by fru ndi joining the Biya junta.He dines and write off his expenses with Biya largesse through their link man Mbah ndam.Period.

There is vertually nothing good ever from the Biya Junta,all they do, is design and plan their stay at the helm for live.
Biya,like Ahidjo,loves power and absotely too.To him,if the anglophone problem is listen or talked of, then the cameroon state is gone.He is only wasting his time because this is inevitable,the anglophone course must come to hunt him,not long from now.We are doing all to see this through.God is with us.

Is the university of Buea not trying to handle too many things at once? considering that Biya and his regime don't want anglophones growth.
UB should take things gradually,first correcting the mess from certificate/transcript fraud,then consolidating the gains over the years before she can move into more challenging ventures.



As a response to your question here,i have referred you to his postings as fon lawrence in the article relating to Feko's comments. That has proven that he is Biya's man as the impersonator has been using a divisive language against southern Cameroonians.

Muki StoneHall

You've got a real good point there.UB is trying to handle many things at once.Let the Medically Faculty go fully operational.Next the Physics and other science labs should be well equiped.Then UB authorities can start looking forward.It's a very good initiative but they should not bite more than they can chew.

Eboa Ndousse

OOSA is doing a great service of advancing engineering education in the country. Is there an address or email for OOSA in Cameroon, USA, or EU? OOSA members outside cameroon can play an important role in this effort.

Eboa Ndousse

OOSA is doing a great service of advancing engineering education in the country. Is there an address or email for OOSA in Cameroon, USA, or EU? OOSA members outside cameroon can play an important role in this effort.

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