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Thursday, 05 October 2006


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We will soon chase the argument of force as proposed by the SCYL. We cannot keep relying on memo's, speeches, arguments to gain our freedom. Time is running out and ALL of us might die without getting this freedom. The argument of force is soon becoming a slogan of joke to most southern cameroonian minds and the waiting time is almost over.

La Republique du Cameroun like all colonialist owns the dictionary like Dr Agbormbai. Thus using the words cowards to describe us is not a new thing. They have previously used and are still using words like terrorist, hate preachers, secessionist etc to describe us.

Ma Mary

That is OK Mr Mbinglo. You do not need to justify yourself to the occupation force. It is not your job to make his occupation easier. One must be a lot more concerned about the other SCNC leader who thinks it is his job to cooperate with Cameroun Occupation Police.


Hitler??????,yaeh thats a cool little name you got there buddy!!!!


Mr Hitler,

Another Hitler in Cameroon??? This is so sad!!!


Muki StoneHall

Gradually you are coming to terms with the bitter reality about the Southern Cameroons struggle.
The very first true step towards independence is to change the SCNC motto from "Force of Argument" to "Argument of Force". "Force of Argument" has failed many opressed people and the people of Southern Cameroons are not going to be an exception.Where do you honestly think that the "Force of Argument" can take us to with Biya's political Godfather(France),with veto powers in the UN and Biya being Bush's ally in the war on terror?
It is time we tell our oppressors that we are not cowards.It is time to tell them,not by words but by action.As long as our oppressors continue to consider us as cowards and mock at us,we can burn all the flags in the world and make all the speeches that have never been made before,NOTHING will change.

Ma Mary

For once, I agree with you Riccardo. Hitler is a silly name, especially for a freedom fighter. But you need no help to look for the real Hitler in your country. Ahidjo+deGaulle=Hitler to your country Republique du Cameroun. How many of your fellow Bamilikes did they eliminate again? Do not get hung up about a silly name. Your own history of genocide tells it all. Mr Mbinglo could change his name if he wished, but he honors his father too much I guess. Some day he may want to explain how he got the name. It might not be what you think. Did you know that the Indians (both native Americans and the East Indians) were using the swastika as a sacred symbol for hundreds of years before there was a Nazi party? Riccardo is a very nice Spanish name. In my language it means poisonous chameleon. It is for anyone to pick his or her own interpretation.

Paa Ngembus

Ma Mary,

You are simply amazing.

It is PAST 1:00AM and I just had to respond to this.

You just punctured Riccardo and his other Froggies like nihilsm01 (whom I believe is actually Riccardo).

It is true "Hitler" is a stupid name, but so is Riccardo, if at all Riccardo actually means "poisonous chameleon".

Where are you from Ma Mary? I love you girl. I feel like I know you.

Ma Mary, could you please ask the specialists in your language to change the meaning of the word "riccardo" from "poisonous chameleon" to "poisonous toad" or "poisonous frog".

That is really what I think Riccardo is. He is not fit for our midst.

I think Riccardo is the person that impersonated "fon lawrence" a few weeks ago to preach NW/SW hate.

I am requesting that "The Post" should investigate. I can help if "The Post" needs help.

If Riccardo is the one that is impersonating others despite all the measures that "The Post" has taken, "The Post" should find ways to kick out such jerks from this forum.

I know it is difficult since "The Post" is using another user authentication provider, but this is doable.

"The Post" needs to kick out jerks like Riccardo who consistently violate simple netiquette rules.

Best regards Ma Mary.

Paa Ngembus

Fritzane Kiki HK

Pa Ngembus,
I have witnessed your determination in the liberation struggle.I am hoping to see more devoted Anglophones to the path to victory.The pen is mightier than the sword that's why Southern Cameroons remain steadfast and patient and all the inner voices see an imminent victory in the near future for the Southern Cameroons.I am happy Fru Ndi is fighting from within while the SCNC activists are doing it from without.Recently Fru Ndi was reported to castigate the French court and called for the establishment of an English court.I think there is a major problem not only at the level of exploitation and discrimination by the Francophones but at the all levels in La Republique du Cameroon.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

Ma Mary

JFN's demand for an "English Court" in Yaounde is based on his own rough experience in Yaounde and understandable, but what he is asking for could have implications for Southern Cameroons that are unacceptable. Open an "english court" in la republique, and it is open season for them to create "french courts" all over the Southern Cameroons and to finally destroy our system of jurisprudence. Be careful what you ask for; you may actually get it.

It is more important for us that people should never be kidnapped from Southern Cameroons and taken to Yaounde or Douala or Bafoussam for purported crimes that occured in the Southern Cameroons. We do not want their courts and we do not want to take our courts there. JFN should be asking for professional interpretation services in their courts, not to change things in a fundamental way.

All of this would not matter if we had control of our country, would it?


Fellow southern Cameroonians,we don't like war but on the other hand the coward leaders of the SCNC should not draw up fake October 1st celebrations that will lead to the arrest,touture and detention of defenceless southern Cameroonians.If SCNC has nothing to offer let them allow and support the SCYL and it's approach to restoring the sovreignity of the SOUTHERN CAMEROONS.HITLER SHOULD BE CHANGED TO LORD LUNDY OR PITT THE YOUNGER.AFTERALL THE FUTURE OF SCNC AND SOUTHERN CAMERROONS BELONGS TO THE YOUTHS AND SCYL.


na which one again be SCYL? Please clarifications

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