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Thursday, 19 October 2006


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"Leaders that are not elected cannot be accountable to the people. That is why money which is given as aid to HIV/AIDS victims and mosquito nets for the prevention of malaria are largely embezzled by government officials," Tamanjong reiterated.

Just what has the Dr and her SDF party done to bring down Governors,DO's,SDO's,Gov.Delegates? These are all unelected officials and aye,they are not answerable to the people under their rulership.Does the SDF Scribe still need to be lectured that Change can come ONLY from within and not without?It makes a mockery of the Union for Change when her top scribe goes to a neo-liberal overseas and complain against that which operates in on her own nose.Is it not?Does the SDF scribe not know that New Labour is in cahoot with the CPDM Colonial Junta?And by mixing the complaints, the scribe added the "Anglophone plight" inter alias.Again,Just what has the Dr and her SDF party done to bring down Governors,DO's,SDO's,Gov.Delegates?Where does she expect change to come from.Tell the people where the fountainhead of change lies and not acting as a spectre at the feast in the Liberation of AMBAZONIA.


I applaud every Cameroonian Patriot who is fighting for the well being of Cameroon as a Country.
That is the only way we will succede to wipe out corruption and make our Country a better place for our children.
I applaud Dr Tamanjong for her courage and the demonstration of her patriotism.
"Cameroon is One and Indivisible under God!"



The SDF like the Labour Party are all imperialist tools whose sole objective is to continue the coloniasation of the minds and aspirations of the Southern Cameroonian people. The tyrant Tony Blair will only be interested in protecting British economic interest in the Southern Cameroons rather than fighting for genuine independence from La Republique.

Britain have got a lot of questions to Answer to the Southern Cameroonian people. They sold us to the French, and now, they are inviting and conspiring with corrupt SDF officials to legitimise the colonialisation of the Southern Cameroons.



You might be wondering why I always resurface and come after you. My logic is simple.A man does not wander far from where his corn is roasting. Your associates might have been misleading you about the real enemies of Cameroon unity which you are erroneously masqueradng as its apostles.

Yougman let me be down to earth with you.If you have kids maybe John and Peter, Peter says Dad you arent fair in the way you treat me, I see you are favouring John. Wont you call him down , discuss with him , listen to him , and if you have a reason why you favour Peter then explain that or maybe explain to him if actually its not favouritism if that be the case?

Or will you flog him thirty lashes save one, call him a terrorist, arrest and torture him, or even kill him?Ricardo ,this is common sense not even logic nor diplomacy we are talking about. Who now is the enemy to Cameroon unity?

SCNC? CAADIM and CPDM? Ricardo or Tayong?

Ricardo I will always refer you to diehards supporters of Cameroon Unity in the likes of Eminent sholars East of the Mungo versed with international diplomacy and conflict resolutions.Have you ever bothered to read what they write about the way to solve this political dichotomy?

Nitwits of your likes still chewing the chord come repeating same chorus while the situation deteriorates. What do you think your so called CADAAIM has achieved with all these rubbish songs.

I will send you to the wikepedia to see how far the SCNC is going in their struggle. Let it be known to you that no liberation movement has ever been suppressed with satire and force. Never. Show me one and I will show you a thousand .

If I were to arrest destabilizers of Cameroon Unity , honestly I will arrest psycopaths like you because you dont even know what the problem is all about talk less of solving it. Ricardo what is the Southern Cameroon strugle all about? How did it start?

Tayong , waiting.

vally England

Editorial team of the postnewsline,the conference was in Manchester not london.


Tayong, It's good to have gone to such low-level explainations to force some sense into some thick skulls. Some of them do not even know what the SCNC is all about.

I personally know how the so-called CAADIM started. I don't wanna get to that. But Tayong and others know that it's an NGO being sponsored by the Biya regime to deceive international community that there're a whole lot of youth movements made up of both anglophones and frogs who don't want their "good country" to split. They're been paid for it. I personally have friends who work for CAADIM and I've all vibes about the government official incharge of such mafia. Not only CAADIM exists. There're many of them out there. And if Ricardo coughs then he'll be pushing me to unmask him as I did to Mukete and BNB.

Vally, withdraw from sponsoring terrorists!

The Son.


Fellow Cameroonians!
The truth will always triumph over evil! No matter how long lies flourish, the truth will ever surmount and conquer them.

Looking back in Douala where a certain failed coup-plotter called Me Bernard A. Muna attempted holding something he called "SDF Youth Wing", the D O for D'la gave an authorisation and claimed he was tricked. After discovering that he was "tricked", he invaded the venue of the meeting and chased whoever was there. So nothing took place in D'la where Me Bernard A. Muna was supposed to have presented a document titled: "The Cameroonian Youth and the SDF". What the guy of The Post wrote came from the programme given to him, and as usual with some "means" to enable him do his work as the Cameroonian Press has been doing since the government-inspired failed coup d'etat in the SDF.

In the SDF, there're no Men Wing, Women Wing or Youth Wing! Certainly it's the will-be legalised Social Democratic Alliace or SDA that has the Men, Women and Youth wings. What we know is that SDF is a member of Socialist International, International Union of Socialist Youth and the International Socialist Women. Mme KAMBIWA Chantal is the Vice President of the International Socialist Women. The SDF Youth had their first ever come-together late last year under the chairmanship of Hon. AUDU NSANYUY of Jakiri.

During that SDF Youth Forum of 2005, these coup-plotters (Prof. Asonganyi, Me Bernard A. Muna, Mr. Mouafo Pierre, etc.) stole the show and were denouncing dictatorship within the SDF leadership to the embarassment of the participants. Me Bernard A. Muna used that occasion to show pictures they took during "the creation of the SDF". Little did we know that Me Muna had an ace up his sleeve! It should be recalled that when SDF went to augment her file for legalisation (in February 1991) based on the "Liberty Laws" of 1990, Me Bernard A. Muna (being part of that delegation, occupying the postion of Campaign Manager which was changed in Bafoussam '93 to Secretary for Political Education & Training) to the N W governor's office invited the delegation (on return) to his father's residence at Ntamulung for merry-making. He used that opportunity to shoot these pictures we are seeing today. He bandishes these pictures everywhere he goes that he was one of the "Founding Fathers". Thank God everyone knows he was never a "Founding Father" - he joined the SDF (with a hidden agenda) just like some of us when the documents were deposited on March 16, 1990 in B'da.

I remember like most of us the notorious and controversial role played by Me Bernard A. Muna during the State of Emergency of 1992. In fact, this man was the only free being entering and leaving B'da with the sole objective of trying to trick Chairman FRU NDI to sign a prepapred letter denouncing violence and to negotiate for himself a ministerial portfolio. At that time, if you wanted to visit the Chairman's compound, Me Bernard A. Muna was the one giving people the "visa(s)". He was going in and coming out of the Chairmans compound whenever he liked and so too B'da. I asked myself then that how can a fellow SDF militant be so free, whereas the whole of B'da was on the run while others like Justice Nyo Wakai were under detention? When you analyse all these, you'll see that from time immemorial and till now Me Bernard A. Muna has always been the regime's spy in the SDF. For the few moments he spent as a militant, he never belong to any word or district. That's why he lives in Y'de 1, but purported to have gone through primaries in Y'de 3; in a ward created in an off licence at Chapelle Obili for the sole reason of running for the chairmanship of the party. He came in from the top and he has finally gone out throw the top!

Brother and sisters,
This so-called SDF Crisis is the handiwork of the government. The sum of 3 billions was programmed for this purpose. They had to buy the media, killed Diboule so as to blame it on the Chairman. In the government circle, they were jubilating that this time around, they've got the Chairman. They invited him thinking that he'll turn down the invitation, but were embarass when he honoured the invitation. During the second hearing, as early as 9:00 a.m. Maidadi & Mouafo Pierre had assured the State Counsel of Mfoundi that they know the Chair and will help them (the State Counsel) on how to grill the Chair. After failing to get from the detainees at Kondengui that some of them were sent by the Chairman, they further failed from getting a contradictory statement from the Chairman. They then tried to offer the Chairman & his lawyers some chewables and soft drinks which the Chairman refused. They had nothing more and so told the Chair that's all over. Before leaving, the Chair told them if he's found guilty for killing Diboule, he should be sentenced trice than what was done for Fon DOH. And that since they said he sent 60 persons to kill Diboule in Y'de and only 22 are in Kondengui, where then are the rest 38.

Futhermore, this regime sent people to our strongholds to see whether Me Bernard A. Muna is doing the job as had been agreed. And whether he's known by the grassroots in order for him to be appointed Minister of Justice. These people went and found out that Me Bernard A. Muna has no following within the SDF. That's why Me Bernard A. Muna was not part of the September 22 Cabinet reshuffle. Before then his name was already prepared in a leaked cabinet reshuffle published in The Guardian Post.

So, it shouldn't be like "new" new that this game is being masterminded at the presidency by Pa Muna's son, Mr. Yang Philemon and supported by Mr. Fai Yengo Francis. At the same time, Mr. Yang wants to be PM while his half-brother wants to be Minister of Justice soonest than soon. This country doesn't belong to the Munas and worse still, the name Muna is an anathema to Southern Cameroonians. Citizens of La Republique du Cameroun are now discovering the name Muna.

In all, it is not every calamity that is a curse, and early adversity is often a blessing. Surmounted difficulties not only teach, but hearten us in our future struggles.

May God bless The Cameroons!



...And what did Ni John tell Bill Clinton in Washington in 1992? The same band of people, still deceiving the people about external intervention, each time they run out of arguments.

In 1992, Clinton sent US marines to chase BIya from power and inaugurate Ni John. In 2006, Tony Blair will shelve Muna and reinstate Ni John as the undisputed Chaarman of the SDF.

FeliAtangha... and you band of daydreamers, so you found your voice on this forum after a few "true" headlines that console you Ni John is having good press.

I thought you had escaped to that new magical forum. While Muna is working hard on the field fishing back lost SDF militants, you're consoling yourselves with "good press".

Good luck.

PS: So did you disolves the new forum?


vally England

Benb,Worry not supporters of the dictator seems to be confused.
Akoson,you make me laugh my lungs.You have shamelessly copy the triats of your sponsor/mentor dictator fru ndi.Asking me to stop supporting terrorists is like telling you master to stop collecting the monies from biya which he uses to feed his gangster.Did you form a terrorists organisation with me your member?
Terrorists are serving time in kondengui drinking cold water garri without sugar.I just finished my nice roasted british beef for super.You were to create a terrorist forum from this one what happened?Be careful, those you are rumbling with, will soon be your enemy.A vanguard remains a vangaurd.

I will be sending more monies so the ground field work being undertaken in the NW moves smoothly,the boys are working hard.Dictator fru ndi must carry the can,while his supporters and gang realises their mistake.
Akoson,watch what we shall do after getting rid of this dictator of modern day opposition in cameroon.From nso,nkambe,wum,ndu,santa,bafut,mbengwi,widikum,we must conquer.

Our next port of call is the south west.Muyuka,kumba,fontem,limbe.
Akoson,stop supporting the dictator.His days are behind him.

small davil


Muki StoneHall

Eventhough you try to hide your face behind a mask,we can still recognise you from your legs.So you now want to switch to BenB? Are you tired of using Teribobs? Your crimes on this forum will forever haunt you.Now you are no longer feeling comfortable.Did you sleep and dreamt that Clinton sent marines to chase out Biya, or is that what muna told you?

You continue to redicule yourself on this forum.Why not let other people sing your praises.You are the only person from England.The only person who can afford £500.The only person who eats roasted british beef.This may hurt you but a family living in an apartment next to mine serve their two dogs roasted british beef every Friday.So you will really be better off if you were one of their dogs.
If truely you live in England your English would have been better proof.But sorry it hasn't.That's why you have to keep on writing that you are from England.If truely you live in England you would have known that the gov't gives subventions to legalised political parties.If you live in England,you should know that it is a crime to detain a person for over five months without charge.
It's sad you claim to live in England but have learnt nothing from England.You seem to have gone to school but not educated.

vally England

When the time comes on publicity for schools attended/others,we will all lift the veil.That time will prove the humtidumties.

In England political parties are not state sponsored.They raised thier funds from members and goodwill institutions.Why have you miss this Mr know all?

Are you saying Teribobs is Benb?what if somebody says Akoson is Muki,why are you guys not real?

Muki StoneHall

The only one in England.I made no mention to schools attended.There is a difference between passing through education and education passing through you.Many people go to school but are not educated.Schools attended don't count.Its what is in you and which you give out that counts.
It had long been established that Teribobs,BenB,BenF are one are the same person.In a desperate attempt to convince people that muna has followers he had to duplicate himself.That's of course not suprising of muna fans.He disappeared in shame after being unveiled.Gradually all those who have been misled by muna are coming to their senses and will soon denounce the devil.


Mr. Vally of England,

Be honest. Opposition parties in the UK are partially state-funded.

UK Opposition parties receive money to pay for admin and other costs. Otherwise, the ruling party - with its access to the instruments of government, such as the civil service - would have an unfair advantage.

According released data, in the second quarter of this year, the Tories were given £1.15m (1200 million FCFA) by the state and the Lib Dems got £456,000 (502 million FCFA). These are collosal sums of cash by Cameroonian standards.

Hey Vally, see "" and learn to speak the simple TRUTH.


What worries me most on this forum is this attitude of falshood. Terribobs, BenB, Vally England, and the rest of them that continualy write trash on this forum, Why not do some little homework before embarasing yourselves the way you keep doing.


A forum of this sort looks rich with divergent views.You would not enjoy the likes of Benb,Vally of England and co if you do not put them in a serious clown basket.I will be very disappointed if they disappear from the forum.We all know what ideas to buy or reject,so they should not really bother level headed people.

All the same, kudos to Dr.Tamanjong.A big difficulty has been that of convincingly channelling such messages to the right quarters at the right moments.

Their ambassadors cling to the official state media and look at the opposition voices as just "useless rants from opposition".

Tekum Mbeng

Dr Tamanjong's effort is truly laudable. However, Great Britain has negligible influence in Yaoundé. Mr. Blair has been burnt on the wheel of war and is being forced out of office by back-benchers in his own party. We can therefore say Dr Tamanjong's bravery has been in vain.

Mr. Blair's Government failed to sell the idea of an "independent electoral commission" in terms of advocacy and practice to Yaoundé. Paul Biya outsmarted both Tony Blair and the Commonwealth, putting in place a toothless observatory to oversee his elections.

Faced with unrelenting criticism from abroad, Mr. Biya invited U.S. legislators at his own expense at the last election. The legislators duly certified the results. Honestly, one has to credit Mr. Paul Biya as a very astute politician.

It suffices for Yaoundé to court London and Washington DC from a distance safe enough to stop either capital from granting public audience to Southern Cameroons nationalists.

The Gulf States of West-Central Africa sit on a petroleum province of vast strategic importance to Washington DC. Bakassi is estimated to hold 10% of the World’s crude oil reserves and in the most sought after grade – ebony light.

In the post WW2 world, Gt. Britain goes any where the United States goes. France should expect heavy punishment for daring to publicly oppose the U.S. over mid-east policy. That punishment would take the form of deliberate US encroachment into the icons of France Afrique (Cameroon and Cote d’Ivoire), in this American Century.


Do not mind these Muna agents. Their style has been to punch in deterrent falsehood and distorted information either to derail diasporans or to coerce us into fruitless debates. It has been a waste of time big time to debate with them.
The issue of state subventions to legalised political parties neither began in Cameroon nor with the SDF / Ni John Fru Ndi.Many people of Vally's calibre have not understood this, that is why they are quick to transform their ignorance to a big disgrace in such a shameful way!!! In Sweden, Germany, Finland and switzerland the state indeed audits political parties on subvention. For Vally and their empty cohorts, state subvention means Ni John Fru Ndi has children " in the best universities in the world while Col. Chi is eating cold water garri in Kondengui". That has been the level of debate here. Big disgrace!!!

vally England

Kumba Boy,
I repeat tax payers monies is not used to fund political parties in the UK.

Feli,Muki and the rest,
Ask members of the sdf to declared what they have been seeing all these years within Fru ndi's sdf?When ever monies is given to the sdf,Fru ndi pays all his arears salary,all other overheads,and the rest which is normally only one third goes to the party coffers.
So why must people not say subventions mean fru ndi getting rich?
Listen you are talking to people who were once insiders within the sdf.

Muki StoneHall

Now you see where you are.You are in the UK but you don't know what obtains there.Challenge the figures presented by Kumbaboy above.You are in the UK but you still feel that the opposition should be the enemy of the state.If Mbah Ndam has Owona's number,it means to you that SDF is dining with the CPDM.In most democracies the opposition is consulted before very crucial decisions are made.In Israel for example,the opposition was consulted before the war with Hezbollah.The opposition was consulted before the famous Entebe raid of 1976.In the US it is the same.This is a smart move on the part of the ruling party.If something goes wrong,the opposition will have nothing to capitalise on given that they part of the deal.That is mature democracy.The ruling party collaborating with the opposition.The opposition pointing out weaknesses in the gov't and using them to win their way to power.To Vally,Fru Ndi should not have the Governors phone number,Parliamentary Group Leader should not talk with Minister incharge of Relations with the Assembly.Suspects should be detained indefinitely without charge.Clearly your way of reasoning and your ideas do not seem to reflect the place you claim to live.
Do you now see that people pass through institutions but institutions fail to pass through them?

Ndi O



Like Tony Blair who as Tekum Mbeng puts it "got burnt on the wheel of war", the Englishman's immigrant from Cameroon Vally risks getting burnt on the wheel of lies and cynicism.

State funding of political parties in the United Kingdom takes many forms; including

(a) Direct cash subventions as stated earlier.
(b) State funded security details to protect MPs.
(c) Personal cash allowance to the Leader of Her Majesty's Oposition.

There are even plans to make donations to UK political parties tax free. In the UK where the marginal tax rate is about 35%, we are looking at a state subvention of 350 FCFA for every 1000 FCFA donated to a UK political party.

Vally wake upo from sleep. He must be residing in some provincial outpost that is remote from London - the political epicenter.


How time heals! So Monkey Stonewall and Mbu.B who had sworn to have nothing to do with the Muna-Ni John wahala have found their voice after a few "positive" stories.

Wuna welcome. Please stay here for useful debate. Don't join that group of bad boys, frustrated axis of confusion fellows whom Stonewall was mobilising in tears to run away from the debate. Please stay here.

Mind you this forum is a vigil; a victory day vigil. Let's not go to bed too soon lest we miss the geat moment.

Muna is at work, in the field. Watch the way things unfold.



How time heals! So Monkey Stonewall and Mbu.B who had sworn to have nothing to do with the Muna-Ni John wahala have found their voice after a few "positive" stories.

Wuna welcome. Please stay here for useful debate. Don't join that group of bad boys, frustrated axis of confusion fellows whom Stonewall was mobilising in tears to run away from the debate. Please stay here.

Mind you this forum is a vigil; a victory day vigil. Let's not go to bed too soon lest we miss the geat moment.

Muna is at work, in the field. Watch the way things unfold.


Muki StoneHall

Thanks for gathering the courage to come back.If Saul could turn to Paul,what more of you.Good idea too to abadon the old name "Teribobs" which brought you down.BenB,F even sounds better.
I was not mobilising fellows to run away from the debate.The fellows are still mobilised and shall continue to be mobilised.We have to come hear to help drag some of you from the pit where you've been dumped by muna.I'm really glad to know you were in hiding but following up issues on this forum.Come out now fully,the storm is over.

Muki StoneHall

Hope you will stand the heat of kumbaboy.I leave you in his hands for now.From his write-up,do you need to ask where he lives? Does he need to write it under his name each time he writes?From his facts and figures you can discern the type of guy he is.From their fruits you shall know them.
Telling us that you live in England and eat roasted British beef does not make you a civilised person.



The problem with "Vally of England" is that he is not sophisticated to be able to reconcile the facts with spoken word. He mistakenly looks up to his hosts without asking questions.

The British generally "say" their political parties are not state-funded. Well, you have to watch what they do - subvention here and there and then there is this denial. At that point, some will vainly argue it is only expense assistance but it is tax payer’s money all the same to political parties.

Another trait in their politics is corruption. Say I am a wealthy business man in my 50s or 60s and I write a £10m (11 billion FCFA) donation to any party in office. Know what? The following year, the Queen is certain to read my name on the Peer's list proposed by the party in office, well as a pay-back.

I then become Lord Kumbaboy of Meme with an entitlement to sit in the House of Lords and affect legislation! Of course, my name would never have featured in the Peers List had I not given such an enticing donation! In short, I bought my peerage and is corrupt. I could have made my money through dubious means. The evidence points to a reality that both Tories and Labour exchange peerages for partisan cash. None of these parties will admit it but anyone can connect the dots between cash and nominations.

In a nutshell, it is always essential to reconcile practice and advocacy. Do they do what they say? At the interface between advocacy and practice lies the province of shocking revelations. Appearances can be deceptive.

vally England

I don't want you to soon become bamendaboy,you must stay down there as 'come no go'.
As long as you stay in kumba you are welcome in Abakwa.Do the merry go round explanation on 'cash for peerage donations',thats another matter.The truth remains as stated in the books,that,''Tax payers money is not used to fund political parties in the Uk''.

Cameroon gives political parties cash for their campaign,of course,members of the sdf have all left fru ndi with his special juju house,now he has problem meeting expenses for lack of membership donations contributions.
Biya,over night is his new found friend,dishing him cash through Mbah ndam for personal aggradissement.
That's the difference Kumbaboy.I will be sending a special letter to Kumbaboy,Muki,Mbu,Akoson,Ndo.o., because they all live in the same house or are neighbours.




Now you are mimicking an ostrich, head deep into sand, in the mistaken belief that the passing hyena will not see you!

The fact remains that UK political parties do receive tax payer's money directly and in many other subtle ways far beyond your comprehension.

We welcome all grassland natives in Kumba. This is our only country. I note your intolerance in referring to anyone as a "come no go". Maybe “come no go” is your aim as you strategise towards changing your name into Mr. Vally England. Sorry, the Home Office will still get you.

Now that you have camped in England and take pride in devouring prime British beef, you should be aware of the "mad cow" disease that originated in England! I pray for your health and wish you could switch to cabbage’n potatoes, fish’n chips or simply baked beans with tears!


Mr Vally England

Your obnoxious "come no go" rhetoric is uncalled for in your current SDF imbroglio. You may be opening a can of worms which you may not be able to handle. Kumba, Tiko, Mutengene,Buea,Limbe,Muyuka,Bamenda,Batibo, Mbengwi ,Eyumujock ,Bakassi, Ngie, Oshie etc etc are all Southern Cameroon towns and villages.

Any southern Cameroonian living within its confines cant and will never be considered as "come no go".Mind your words Mr England


vally England

If you guys lack where to vent your venom,then dictator fru ndi will stomach some.I think i am free to be humourous with my ideas,rather than throw the type of cpdm march pass sermons that took place in buea regarding some cameroonians in the early nineties.
Being a disciple of free cameroon for all,any where, any day,any time,i will be the last to used the word 'come no go'derogatorily.
So please watch out why you continue to search for something to 'paint Vally black'.Kumbaboy alais muki,nice you know the Home Office.Have you heard from your uncle the dictator,he should be having yellow soup for launch(Achu).What are his criminal gangs headed by colonel Chi having for lunch?Cold wa....gar....Wait and see the miracles from elections next year from the Authentic sdf.
Information filtering says the boys are doing a wounderful job.''Char man don finis.''


Muki StoneHall

Now you've started pointing fingers at everybody on the forum.Soon you will pick up stones and start heating your own head.You are quite smart in diverting attention.You thought that you were the only one who lives in England or knows about England.When kumbaboy came in and confronted you with facts and figures you switched to "come no go" to wave off the heat.I know you are scared of facts,figures and ideas.You are scared of the truth.Your doomsday is not far because the truth shall always prevail.It shall always triumph over lies,blackmail and illegality.


Recently I was at your idols chambers and his boys do not even know about your sky riding projection of the former. In fact from our chat, they do not even compare him with any well known politician.

Good news to me means these few; my village is electrified, tarred or has access to internet, dictator Biya resigns and to a large extent, former Southern Cameroons regaining its birth certificate.

Lest I forget; happy resurrection!

Kumbaboy, when you force a child with food, he ends up vomiting. You have over stretched to help out impart knowledge. Let sleeping dogs lie, Vally is a bended tree.
We will try not to loose hope on him.


On 23 October at 01:42AM, Mr. Vally England wrote" you (Kumbaboy) must stay down there as 'come no go'.

Then at 9:43AM on 23 October, Mr. Vally England wrote "I (Vally England) will be the last to use the word 'come no go'". In his mind, "phrase" means word and the latter could mean letter! Letter vanishes altogether.

Vally keep away from British beef! This flip-flopping could be a symptom of bovine spongiform encephalopathy - the ultimate revenge of the British cattle against oppressive carnivores who turn mom, dad and calves into prime steaks.

At this rate Mr. Vally England will flip-flop 3 times before the earth completes a rotation! Vally, this is K-town humor. What else do you have in England after forgetting how to play football?

vally England

Kumbaboy,Mbu.b.,Muki,and the rest hidden identities,
Now that i am very convinced that you represent the same person,i rest my case.
I can see you coming close as you once did to Mukete before you were canned.Keep on,you will soon realised your mistake.You have not finished accused some for double identity,here you come.

Have you heard from your uncle the dictator of Ntarikon?His criminals are laminating for being stupid.Deboule's family once more thrown their ill-luck to the gang.Kondengui for some time will remain their home.
Thank God prof Ngwasiri was saved from this same gang,and prof Asonganyi ran away from the juju house before he was clubbed.Good for nothing criminals idiots.


NI JOhn di fear prison. Every little government event now he attends. Even CPDM section meetings he attends, claiming politics is not war.

Chaarman, chop soya.



A good story line Atanga. When one reads between the lines, clearly some obvious questions arise.

In this forum, the issue of money changing hands from SDF to CPDM has been a heated topic.

Now, another issue of 3 billion cfa frs to distabilise the SDF has been alleged by a commentator in this forum, but no where in Atanga's write up, did he detail how the money changed hands, how it left A to B and how C came in.

If we could have some more details of how this 3 billion frs was spent or stil been spent, who recieved which fraction, it could be a better way to fault those who say the SDF hierachy had some financial dealings with the CPDM but yet gave no evidences we all clamoured for in the forum.

Who is the impartial Judge?


How will 100 First Division teams in The Republic Of Southern Cameroons feed my hungry and dying Manyu women? Ah...leave SIR Salas alone, he's a detraction BIG TIME!

...Everyone loves peace but at times war is a NECESSARY EVIL...that's our last option which of course was a ticking time bomb ready to implode at the least slip.

...What we lacked was canalised efforts to galvanise the bitter grievances of the people...thank God we've solved that!

...Sala's dreaming...there's no turning back!

In History and all over the world Southern Cameroons has proven to be the most obedient, patient, and friendly nation. The whole world is watching! They're seeing how we're peacefully parading the corridors of almost infinte approach no other marginalised, annexed, subjugated, colonised people will do. It's people are unique! Where on earth can this broad daylight injustice occur?...we need not belabour enumerating the very acheing malpractices that can make us go to war the next minute without due preparation. Salas has been sent to dilute our grudges...go tell your master that it's too late. The process has just begun.

What have we not done?

We have attended all conferences of international instruments to plead our case. We've gone to court...they call us terrorists. Do terrorists go to court? We've gone as far as BEGGING THEM(Frogs) for dialogue. In return, they have called us biafras, intimidated us, spat on us, slept with and raped our women, told us we're second class citizens, called as anglos, exploited our God given resources...acheing to God!

...what've we not done? Everyone can't start stating what they've been doing. I for one has tried to create an NGO to mend ties between the government and the SCNC but they simply called me "a biafra...go to the farms". We've studiously confirmed, putting all data together that the guys are NOT PREPARED TO DIALOGUE. There's only one option...of course that's war! I'll say this infront of Biya.

I can't continue to be in a country that doesn't recognise me. I can't continue to be in a country that's not my destiny.

Sala you'll recieve the first bullet on your forehead when you try to stop us!

The Worried Son!


Please fellow Africans and Cameroonians in particular, lets not loose sight on the fact that neither French nor English are our languages and more importantly this Europeans are just purely exploiting the living hell out of us my dear Cameroonians.That said we as Cameroonians should seriously considering going back to federalism or seperating the country giving the fact that the two anglo and or franco system of gorvernment can never be reconcile as one. Example Canada is federal or else...



Paa Ngembus


Federalism is gone.

Southern Cameroonians wanted a return to the federation since the mid 1980s but the Frogs will not listen.

Now it is too late.

We said "federalism or else" and they did not listen.

Now is time for the "else".

We can still build an African confederation with The Southern Cameroons voluntarily joining as any other independent African state.

This has nothing to do with language.

Independence and self determination comes before language and if we adopt Lingala or Hausa after we regain our autonomy I have no problem with it.

So, let us not use our detractors tactics of trying to belittle the problem as a language problem.



Paa Ngembus


Paa, you are right about the issue of cameroon not being a linguistic problem. Now is the time for anyone who consider themsevles an advocate for sessesion to stop hidding and come out of the shadows pledging financial and self sacrifice for the cause.If i am for sessesion, iwill live free or die. ALL YOU SESSESION RAT MOLES.


Paa,i am sorry if my language about RAT MOLES was harsh. All i am trying to say is freeedom is not free. If you guys want subtaintial support from people like my self who love freedom, then you guys better start building an army. BOOTS ON THE GROUND IN SOUTHERN CAMEROON WILL BEGING GENERATING THE DESPERATE FINANCIAL BACKING YOU GUYS WILL NEED TO PULL THIS SESSESION DREAM OF YOURS.

Paa Ngembus


You words are prophetic.

Like the old African saying goes, be assured "that like scattered grains, they have fallen on fertile grounds and will bear fruit"

May God Bless you, and

May God help the Southern Cameroons.

Paa Ngembus

Paa Ngembus


Folks, here is an inexhaustive list of collaborators and spies who are being sponsored by the LAKAM mafia to torpedo the Southern Cameroons independence ship.

The Southern Cameroons Intelligence Service notes that not all of them are Bamilike.

Not surprising because some people are out for hire and will even put up the corpses of their mother and father for sale.

It is a well-connected network of people worldwide as you will see from below:



Francis Nche
Ring Leader. Operates from both Douala, La Republique Francaise du Cameroun and Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Zandre (alias eyallow)
Based in Sweden, Europe

Based in Wichita, Kansas, USA

Based in Houston, Texas, USA
Sponsored by both the La Republique Francaise du Cameroun Government and LAKAM.

Based in Beijing, China, South East Asia.
Sponsored by both the La Republique Francaise du Cameroun Government and LAKAM.

Based in Fargo, North Dakota, USA.


The Southern Cameroons Intelligence Service


We will keep you updated as we receive more.

All these jerks will be exposed. We will make sure their source of funding dries up.

Time to fight fire with fire.

Once again, if any of you guys on the list above preaches any NW/SW genocidal hatred on this network again, we will take you to the cleaners. We know who your network providers are and we will start from there.

See you later.

Paa Ngembus

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