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Monday, 02 October 2006


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We are really tired of all these Memo's to Bandits masquerading as head of states of La republique francaise du cameroun. The earlier we understand that our freedom will be determined by our ability to unite as southern cameroonians and fight the common enemy, the better. All those forming baseless groups like the SDF on groups that it is going to provide any solution to the southern cameroonian movement are just dreaming.


La République du Cameroun's flag set ablaze.
Southern Cameroons delegates from different German states converyed in Essen, to demonstrate against the 45 years of illegal occupation of Southern Cameroons by La République du Cameroun.
Escorted by German policemen, the protesters walked the streets of Essen with their banners, flags and placards. At the consulate of La République du Cameroun in the Heierbusch street 28, the Southern Cameroons anthem was sang. Followed then were speeches from Fuabeh Victor, Cho Ayaba, Akosah Francis and other delegates.
A symbolic change of guards took place with the flag of Southern Cameroons transferred from hand to hand by all the members present.
The apex of the demonstration was setting the flag of La République du Cameroun ablaze and hoisting the flag of the Southern Cameroons. All these under the careful watch of the German police.
The demonstration ended peacefully with the protesters heading to their different locations.

Muki StoneHall

All those of baseless groups like the SDF are not worse than those of baseless hope in the paper liberation of Southern Cameroons.Any person,or group of persons preaching that SC can be liberated by pen and paper is misleading Southern Cameroonians and is therefore an enemy of the people.All we need to do is FIGHT!.


This edition of the post is quite informative and educative. Those spearheading the fight for self determination should think of sponsoring a free distribution of this edition to all Southern Cameroonians.

A true southern Cameroonian will give a second thought to the SCNC struggle after going through this edition .



Your opinion is well understood.

Francis Nche

It is unbelievable that Sam Nuvala Fonken who spent all his life and great journalistic talent as a propaganda machine for Ahidjo and Biya's regime for whitewashing Cameroon History resurface from his retirement home to eloquently talk about how Southern Cameroon was more populated at independence than Gambia,Burma, Equatorial Guinea. Good that Mr. Sam knows that these are small impoorished dictorial countries that have never moved a single step forward since independence. Mr. Sam Nuvala Fonken should have been better placed to know that those tiny nations including Togo and Swaziland makes negative headlines and Nobody cherish that for Cameroon.
In his tenure as the chief Editor of English Radio News in Yaounde for over 2 decades, he could have exposed Anglopone Marginilization but he elected to Sing Praises to Ahidjo potraying him as a God and then relay the rhetoric with Paul Biya as he puts it " God sent saviour to Cameroon. I respect his intelectual power but I must admit he is not different from Muna and Foncha who confessed having made errors in dealing with the leaders of our French speakng brothers and joined SCNC just after they were forced out of oligocharcy cycles of Biya regime. Muna for instance cried out for marginalization but he refused even to sign the tarring of Bengwi 30 km strip of road from Bda to his house, not withststanding the polical ploy with Ahidjo in 1961 against Njua.
Even God regretted having creatng man beause Man became an instrument of the devil on earth. Even if these people are regretting having brought us together, we are proud to continue the fight against injustice in one and indivible prosperous Cameroon, our ancestrial land.
May God Bless Cameroon


Francis Nche,

For once, you should refrain from using words whose meaning you dont know

"we are proud to continue the fight against injustice in one and indivible prosperous Cameroon, our ancestrial land"

U and who are proud? how prosperous is Cameroon, where is your ancestral land in La Republique?

For once, you should think before you scribe your CPDM rhetoric in this forum. Like Dr AA, your motive will be proven by members in this forum as time unfolds.

As the special envoy for the Cameroon Liberation Action Force, i hope you are not in Cameroon to lobby for sponsorship funds from the Biya regime or say Fru Ndi, Muna, Inoni, Danpullo, etc (his colleague in business) as your tone seems to suggest.

Ma Mary

Francis - please get the terminology right before you get in the fray, otherwise you are like somebody in soccer trying to score a goal with his hands. It is "the Southern Cameroons", not "Southern Cameroon". This is historical. This is fact. This is legal. This you can take to the bank.

The union is DEAD.

The union is not a sacred deal made in heaven.

It was sacred as long as its terms were respected.

Never mind Sam Nuvala Fonkem's past. It is what he does with his present and his future that counts. Sam like most of us had some hope in Ahidjo's pipe dream, before we realized we had been taken.

If we could forgive Foncha and Muna before they died, because they acknowledged their error and blessed the path that we are taking, we could forgive Sam or even Francis, who are but kids in this saga.



If "de-annexation" is the new creed of the occupied people of Southern Cameroons then Sam Nuvala Fonkem could easily be the St. Paul. There are many St. Pauls in the country.

There probably would be no Christianity in the new world but for the missions and writings of St. Paul.

abili liese



M Nje

Lise abili,

(liese abili)

Go back and study history of German Kamerun or Cameroon. You have no idea what you are talking about. I mean no idean. What use to be German Kamerun or Cameroon consist of part of what is today Chad, Central African Republic, the Republic of the Congo, La Repblic Du Cameroun, Southern Cameroons, Gabon and Northern Cameroons. All of these were separate states and they had their independence separately.

German Kamerun ended in 1916.

So where did you get the phrase "BEFORE COLONISATION CAMEROON WAS ONE"

Before colonisation our anciestor lived in their villages separatedly. There was nothing like Cameroon before colonisation. It was colonisation that brought in Cameroon.

If you want to reconstitue German Kamerun, then you will need to bring the followintogether:Chad, Central African Republic, the Republic of the Congo, La Repblic Du Cameroun, Southern Cameroons, Gabon and Northern Cameroons.


Hmm...I am really amazed by all these educated folks.
Rise up...rise up...rise!!!
Writing and counter writing does not help the course.
Organize the freedom march back home. Not in europe or anywhere else with a handful of friends.
I can bet your that if we anglophones were to vote for a REFERANDUM whether to separate or not, majority(what the CPDM call landslide) will vote against any separation.
Why because the people are ignorant and really don't know what they need. Less than 1% use the net, except for mails and chatting. Go home and talk to the people.

So, whether SCNC or any banner must first educate and unite the people before making any step.
Otherwise it will end in factions, others relaxing infront of their computer and writing epistles of freedom to forum members, while others are languishing in prison cells.
Why then will the people not unwilling but desparately send motions of support to biya.
Lets be reasonable and proactive.
Join the movement!!

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