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Thursday, 19 October 2006


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Martin Salah

With the resolutions of the 39th Session of the Senate, a mention was made for the ameleoration of the Internet Services in Campus which are now limited to the IT Centre, the Adminstration and the Faculty of Arts. Unfortunately nothing was mention of a UB Website which is the real tool needed to locate UB in the Global Academic Village. In order to get more ideas and proposals I have added a blog (Online Journal) to my website which I introduced in this forum last week.

In this way, all the well wishere of UB can freely contribute ideas of particular topics to the ambassodor in UB to let your ideas reach the authorities. At the moment, our concern is geared towards the proposal of a website for the UB authorities.

Please go to the blog and let your opinion count. I understand that we are slightly late in this endeavor but it is better to be late than never. Let UB continue to be the lime light of aglophones both at home and abroad. You should not be embarrassed again abroad when your old University is not located in the information matrix.

The blog will be dealing with each issue of importance each time it arises. So please join me to be a part of this educational forum.

Martin A. Salah


I am afraid, the authorities of UB might not understand the imput needed for a succesful implementation and completion of any realistic MBA program.

Why should they admit 75 students in their maidens program?


Rexon, why dont you tell them on how to do it. Your input will be welcome since you claime to know alot. Stop the negativity. Stop the hating and be positive for a change.


Please, could someone go create a website for UB? Its so frustrating trying to get information about the university online without success.What about those who plan to school while they work???

Bob Bristol

What a shame! How can universities, public corporations and even ministries function without web sites? There are no toll free numbers and there are no customer service representatives. For God sake these are things which we can afford. I wonder if these blockheaded administrators do think of the economic burden that the absence of these facilities is causing on the masses. Internet rates are dropping day in day out, the old hunch back computers are sold for almost nothing.

Those who are even thinking of creating a political impact come 2011 can't even figure out how they can exploit the internet to make known their agenda.

I used to think that the appellation 3RD WORLD COUNTRIES was derogatory. Now I can see that it's a compliment.

dango tumma

websites, websites, customer service
where do you guys think you are talking about?
thats a french cameroun system, your worldview is diametrically oppose to should by now know what to expect from this crminal canabis govt. who controls your lifes, yet knows you not, best solution self control, self rule, INDEPENDENCE FOR SOUTHERN CAMEROONS.



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