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Monday, 20 November 2006


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I don't seem to agree with this ranking. It's painting things worst than they really are. I'm sure the author is not in touch with reality. Cameroonians are waiting for an apology.
Is there a problem with the Meme I CPDM? Who are those members of the so called "Club 14" representing Bafaw people?

Chief Mboe


This is No News Mr David Wallechinsky.

Mr Wallechinsky , I know you as a devout and committed commentator but what vexes my spirit about you, Chris Mathews and Keith Olbermann is the double standards position played by some of you when it comes to American interests.

When the US openly condemns dictators in the day and do business with the same dictators in the night you chew your gums.
America for fear of jeopardizing their interests cover their eyes over gross human rights violations, dictators, and tyrants and go looking for WMD in Iraq forgetting that the most poisonous weapon of mass destruction are found in those tyranic countries.

Is the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline project over which you trade off human rights and double deal, more important than the thoúsands of Cameroonians suffering under the weight of Biya ? Is the Bakassi rich basins which you eye jealously more than thousands of human beings trapped in the dungeon in Cameronn?

Mr David, the same Biya whom you have rightly ranked as one of the worst tyrants hired US senators to validate his last Presidential elections, what did you, Chris and Keith say?

Mr David, why the double standards? Mr Robert Mugabe whom you've ranked along with Biya et co has been banned from visiting Europe due to his tyranic regime but Biya et co are always enjoying their luxurious holidays in France , Britain and USA, why aren't they too banned? Why dont you guys raise your eyebrows to these gross American double standardness?

Thank you for telling the world Biya is a dictator but double standardness is as bad as tyrany.
May God save this nation


Chief Mboe

Go ahead "CPDMing". Goodluck Mbe. The days the wind of justice shall sweep across Cameroon then chiefs shall become "Nchindas". Who needs an apology? You who has sold both traditional and birth rights to Biya or a foreigner trying to deliver you from the mess?

I repeat, the day the wind of justice will blow across Cameroon then we'll know all those with skeletons in their cupboards.I just pray the Babanki incident doesnt repeat itself.

Go ahead "Mbe" and sell your subjects


Mr Biya,

This Kleptocratic and evil regime reflect the wishes of the Ricardo and all those who want to lead us to Doom with La Republique Francaise Du Cameroun. Agents of darkness are busy rejoicing as their wishes are being met by the blood thirsty and evil regime they installed in power. They are forcing Southern Cameroonians to register our beloved SCNC under the laws of La Republique so that they can manipulate us like they did with the SDF. It is the responsibility of every rightminded Southern Cameroonian to dissociate himself from this very evil regime.

What is happening is, La Republique's corrupt junta wants to build one of the most evil countries in the world. So Southern Cameroonians should do their best to dissociate themselves with these mess. They should join us in building a corrupt free country in the Southern Cameroons. That is our ultimate goal. Their children living on evil money like Sangomonie alias Nav, Ricardo, Agbormbai, Mukete, Chief Mboe, wants to drag us into mud.

Amin Nkem Atabs.

Oh what a perfect ranking but i doubt if it would sink into his block head, because he looks more like a devil than someone whom people can rely on to rule a country.What a shame for cameroon and yet people still believe in him and his tyranic ideas.When are we going to learn that this good for nothing human being is just there as figure head to disrupt justice and inflict pains on the innocent.I do hope the ICJ awaits him after his retirment provided he doesn't die there in a couple of years to come.People like this tyrant should not be given any mercy.Oh biya " you no di shame" every single international community as well as national communities do talk about your stupid, corrupt and embecilic ruling but you just pretend as if you don't get it.Don't you have a conscience, how do you sleep at night, do you care about your childrens future, where they'll prefer to settle, or you think they'll prefer to remain in france their whole life?Take time to think about yourself biya and leave that chair for good because you aren't just a figure head but also a menace to the population of cameroon.What kind of president are you, please go and let people be in peace,because the poverty will one day arouse something else. God Bless Cameroon.



I dont like the undertone in your statements. How do you want these man to raise the evils in Biya's regime. The writer is a journalist and a historian. It is his country that is double standard, not him as he has merely expressed the results of his research objectively. He is not the UN, or EU assembly or any european parliament that should decide whether to expel Biya or not from visiting any foreign country or not. I think we should different between a nation, those in authority and individuals.

For example, if most citizens of La Republique Francaise du Cameroun were critical of Biya's regime as we do, things would have changed. The problem is, they all cherish corruption, that is why most involved are from La Republique. In this scenario, we can equate corruption to la republiques citizens. But in the case of the Iraq war, Millions of Americans went to the streets to criticise the regime. So to say, the regime is the one responsible for all the mess there and not ordinary americans.


Very insightful piece there!I will call on you not to take offense with those two American Political Commentators,because from the onset,the war in Iraq proved to be a National Security issue for all Americans.You know as i do that they are very particular about this.After 911 ,it was very easy to toe the line whenever their Commander -in -chief Bush solicited.But as time went by ,people started to question the raison d`etre of the war.What makes America different from most countries is that when you trample on the laws of the nation ,you have to pay for your incredulity,even if it has to take a century.You remember how Bush called up two senior journalists from the New York Times ,and tried to buly them into giving up publishing information about his illegal tapping into people`s private conversations.After his bulying ,they did just what he had been lecturing them against
As a journalist,and writer what Wallechinsky is doing is a great contribution to posterity.It is good material to Sociology,Political Science and History students in generations to come.By telling us about the six US Senators who validated Biya`s defrauded elections,the message is that there is no hiding place for wrongdoers ,be they his countrymen.The job of a journalist is a difficult one,and you wouldn`t have expected David to be so prompt to expose the Senators ,and not even allow them time to enjoy the booty from Biya.He took all his time and put his writeups in a book form,thats why we are learning about it now.This type of information is never stale.

Chief Mboe
The buffoonery in what you just scribbled above is that you accept the situation is rotten ,but is not as rotten as you would want it to be.Of course if somebody has sold his soul to the devil,he will see fun in the crucifixion of Christ to please his sick humour.You are trying to quantify the mayhem
,misery you people have brought to this country,that is why you will want the author to think from your brains.Finally ,the fact that you scrawled some two lines shows you want to provoke Cameroonians.You want to hear what they will say.But to all of you bloodsuckers,know that we never make a mockery of a people`s suffering ,because we don`t know what it conceals.

When you are too boisterious,many things slip by without your notice.You seem not to comprehend the role of a freedom fighter. A freedom fighter has little time to entertain controversy,because their message is always clear,and focused.You have accepted on many occasions on this forum that you are controversial ,and will like to keep swimming in controversy.Then you should know that you cannot be what the French will like to call a "rassembleur".You don`t know who you are fighting.How comes it that you want to limit the fight of the SCNC now to Fru Ndi and the SDF.Fru Ndi is one of top Anglophone leaders,so you should stop trying to pick a fight with any Anglophone leader.
Since you started writing here,you`ve never heard anybody bandying words with Chief Ayamba,or Ngalla Nfor.This is out of a common wish to see them succeed in all their undertakings.The salvation of the people of Southern Cameroon may be thrust on all of us in a surprising way.Get it clear from today ,that "it is easy to subdue Fru Ndi morally and impose the plight of the Anglophone on the National agenda,than to get even a veiled promise from Biya to accept their subjugation".As somebody of English expression ,i thought you knew a long time ago that we can`t put all our eggs in one basket.You want Fru Ndi to come out to the market place and say yes Rexon,I`m also fighting for the plight of the Anglophones .When the French would have nibbed all the plans of the entire Anglophone block in the bud,what will you chew your gums about? Rexon,you need some self-restraint ,and if you want to pass for a moral voice ,stop behaving like an overcharged electron.I don`t want to waist my sheer time bickering with you over things you are supposed to know.People like Tayong have always come in to stop us washing our dirty linen in public,because they think we can still diversify our fight and achieve something one day.


The CPDM led by Dictator Biya is NOT a Political Party...

Mr. Tayong, it was a good piece. However, you were trying to nail Mr. Wallechnisky. No...he's not America, he's just an American. I'm thankful to Rexon and Watesih for addressing you on the subject.

Questioning the credibility of such an intelligent finding's questioning the potential of the staff at Harvard - the world's best. Continue being a GOAT under Biya. Idiot. Chief ma foot!

My Dearest People Of Cameroon, People hungry of change, Has there ever been a free and fair election in Cameroon? Look gentlemen I think our country needs a revolution? How can people go out and vote? How can people go out to register?

The truth of the matter is this; democracy is far from being entrenched at this point in time in Cameroon. The major obstacles to entrenching democracy in Cameroon are corruption and peoples’ aparty. The majority of the people are completely indifferent because their socio-economic condition is so bad and getting worse. They cannot even understand the need in putting people in government. When the people who imposed themselves on the masses arrived in government paupers, in a matter of days, they are millionaires. And the social and economic conditions of our country get worse. I blame the people because they have allowed themselves to be enslaved for too long; praying and hoping for miracles.

The CPDM led by Dictator Biya is NOT a Political Party...And gentlemen, all these other parties like the faked and "surviving" UPC, MDR, UNDP are just opportunistic gang-ups at every election.

The SDF is the ONLY party as of now that can CHANGE THINGS. A party that can bring meaningful democracy to our nation. The Americans, EU, Chinese, etc will not come and help. If anything, they will collaborate as they are now doing, with their oppressors to further enslave the people of Cameroon. The SDF is the ONLY political party that has come out with ideological compass to free the people from the yoke of this enslavement.

The Son.


The CPDM led by Dictator Biya is NOT a Political Party...

Mr. Tayong, it was a good piece. However, you were trying to nail Mr. Wallechnisky. No...he's not America, he's just an American. I'm thankful to Rexon and Watesih for addressing you on the subject.

Questioning the credibility of such an intelligent finding's questioning the potential of the staff at Harvard - the world's best. Continue being a GOAT under Biya. Idiot. Chief ma foot!

My Dearest People Of Cameroon, People hungry of change, Has there ever been a free and fair election in Cameroon? Look gentlemen I think our country needs a revolution? How can people go out and vote? How can people go out to register?

The truth of the matter is this; democracy is far from being entrenched at this point in time in Cameroon. The major obstacles to entrenching democracy in Cameroon are corruption and peoples’ aparty. The majority of the people are completely indifferent because their socio-economic condition is so bad and getting worse. They cannot even understand the need in putting people in government. When the people who imposed themselves on the masses arrived in government paupers, in a matter of days, they are millionaires. And the social and economic conditions of our country get worse. I blame the people because they have allowed themselves to be enslaved for too long; praying and hoping for miracles.

The CPDM led by Dictator Biya is NOT a Political Party...And gentlemen, all these other parties like the faked and "surviving" UPC, MDR, UNDP are just opportunistic gang-ups at every election.

The SDF is the ONLY party as of now that can CHANGE THINGS. A party that can bring meaningful democracy to our nation. The Americans, EU, Chinese, etc will not come and help. If anything, they will collaborate as they are now doing, with their oppressors to further enslave the people of Cameroon. The SDF is the ONLY political party that has come out with ideological compass to free the people from the yoke of this enslavement.

Give the SDF three years...and you'll see nothing short of an African Singapore.

The Son.


What a story with intelligent commentators like the Tayong/watesih ? Post online criticisms are maturing, but we should strive for credibility by substantiating with facts and statistics wherever there is a posibilty.


Tayong please dont blame he man;he's ddone more for this nation with that book than alot of high ranking billioniare government officials.Ther's hope since president Biya didnt make cover page.Cheers



You seem not to understand objectivity from subjectivity. Every rightminded freedom fighter has been defined by his detractors as being controversial. There is nothing wrong if you see me soo. When i write good things about Fru Ndi here,people say i am supporting the SDF, when i write against Fru Ndi's renting his house to PMUC, people say i am against Fru Ndi. When i say frankly Njeuma, Meoto are not tribalistic, people say i am controversial. When i also write here that our North West parents are strongly responsible for the current NW/SW divide, giving their earliest conduct in the SW particularly with CDC, people say i am controversial. This is what you guys define as controversy. Sorry, i must not stand always against Fru Ndi or any single individual. Fru Ndi has his positives which i strongly appreciate. But he has also made several mistakes since his collaboration with francafrique Mbah Ndam that has gone a long way to destroy the aspirations of Southern Cameroonians. My feeling is, we can no longer rely on the SDF for anything good. But while i write my views here, i cannot force someone like you or Fru Ndi not to believe in the SDF. I once believed the SDF but got my senses right in the late 90's.



Atimes you have good point to make but anger will not let you bring them out clearly. You have always failed to be dynamic and fair in your comments as each time you speak you always resort to mentioning the name of La Republic. This is not an NCNC-La Republic discuss which you have always used as the basis for capitalising on your points. This is either an issue of the CPDM which is an independent body from the La Republic. Try to always express justice when ever you write for our wants and desires could only come true if and only if we are just and rational in our thinking. You seem to be biased towards one direction (La Republic).
We ought to preach good governance and persuade Cameroonians to accept and welcome good governance. A change is needed in Cameroon no doubt but we should learn to put the appropriate machineries into force.

Ma Mary

The man made the top 20 list in something. Champagne all around. Hip Hip.


This is not new to any reader of Democracy.It is unfortunate that we have the most pretentious,gerontocratic,quasi tyranic,quasi totalitarian and dictatorial regime.We need to revise our constitution in order for the parliament to have more powers or a blance power with the executive.But not the current MPs should be in power because they need to go back to villages and learn from traditional and consociational democracy.
Reading critically the content of our constitution (1996 version),it is an immitation of the old French constitution.Those who drafted that 1996 constitution were not true democrats but were like agents who had to be patronistic to the Head of State.
The constitutional powers of the Head of State are tooooooo muuccchhh and are the causes of Cameroon's sufferings because we vested our destiny into the hands of an individual who is not God fearing or 'learned enough'.So it is like allowing yourselve to be driven by a drunk driver.
The constitutional areas that say'as will be determined by law' is literally the cause of our sufferings.The determinant of that law is a dictator unfortunately.So what can we expect?
I would advise the leader to quietly step down,parliament dismissed,constitution revised,independent elctoral commission formed,fresh free and fair elections held.
From here God shall lead us forward.
Oncemore Rexon,this is not an issue of your concepts of Southern Cameroon-the messiah and la Rep du Cam-the evil.It is a Cameroon prob.Join the volunteers or be cast to hell with your Ayambas et al.
God bless.

Ma Mary

Rexon Ebonylad are right. This is mostly a la republique issue. It does not matter whether la republique is governed as well as Finland or as badly as Somalia, the Southern Cameroons agenda and struggle stands on its own merits and continues to have traction.

Then again, a Southern Cameroons fighter will use any occasion to promote the mission. So, Rexon do your thing. Y'all protest all you want.


My goodfriend Watesih

I got your mastery of American politics but gentleman what puts me off is thier malicious rigmarole. You said...."The job of a journalist is a difficult one,and you wouldn`t have expected David to be so prompt to expose the Senators ,and not even allow them time to enjoy the booty from Biya"... .

On the contrary I expected just that Watesih. These guys are highly respected in the US and exposing these tyranic regimes is an excellent and commendable job , no doubt, but but being complacent when it comes to shady deals their politicians engage in with these same dictators is unacceptably dubious , Watesih.

Rexon and Akoson

My friends , these guys are the political heavy weights when it comes to exposing dirty deals. David, Keith,Tucker,Scarborough,Olbermann, the other Guy at washington Post . The Mark Foley Affair, The Oil for food Programme in Iraq with Kodjo Annan, and what have you. If the cooking pot for the lizard is the same cooking pot for the goose then there isn't any room for double standardness.

Measures are metted out on tyrant X while business as usual goes on with tyrant Y , all these under their watchful but American-interest-first tinted glass wearing eyes. Remember, it's a commendable job as I stated before but half truth is no truth.



I am with you Ma Mary. Lets drink some champagne - our president made a top ten list. I really hope that someday we are able to try Biya and his junta for crimes against humanity.


Chief Mboe

Show us a leader whose wife was shot at the presidency and he is still in power! Paul Biya may be a hero to sycophants in Cameroon but he is a fugitive abroad.

Biya is used to exiting hotels through back doors to avoid angry Cameroonian protesters waiting at the front entrance. Go ask the London or New York police the trouble they have with Biya visits. No Western leader is bold enough to grant Paul Biya an honorary Press Conference on camera.

All criminals remain criminals. The days when black African leaders could murder their fellow citizens with impunity are gone. Paul notoriety is well-recorded and there is no hiding place.


The West had Never Been Good in Morality And Tyranny.
I think David Wallechnisky had been looking at this issue from the American point of view.And the American point of view to the best to my Knowledge is not an Ideal One.
History has shown that American is interested in her self and nobody else.From Slavery to Mordern day Globalization.
Also the American point of view is multi-dimensional, Conservative, non Conservative and having both ideologies at same time.
If David Wallechnisky had lived part of his Life in Cameroon he would have discovered how far he is removed from Reality.
The American Government and business men are buying up Cameroon resources and Businesses while at same time telling the rest of the world that Cameroon is not a Good a place to invest.Thank God the chiness have open their eyes and ears.And they turn themselves to where america preaches Evil about.
Not to go too far about American multi-standards.
I think the problem of Biya is that he is a leader with No strong Vision and he is a very weak Leader indeed.To prof some of my points why he is weak.Any body in the Government can do what he likes with his office even if Mr Biya passes any Degree to stop it.While I was still in Cameroon Mr Biya had passed countless degree taking police officers off the roads only to my dismay to see these police oficers on same day the degree is to take effect taking bribes on the highway.
In the ministry of finance as I knew, General auditing have been the absent for a long time.One Director working in the Treasury who is now retired had once confess that no auditing had taken place in his office for closed to 20 yrs while he was working in Mamfe and Ekondo titi treasury.
I donnot need to talk about tribalism here where any minister appointed convert his ministry into his tribal or family insitute and the language spoken in that ministry is his mother tounge(tribal language)
By Mr Biya been Visionless; having work for more than a quater of a decade and seeing his country still in ruin he would have consloed himself by admiting that "things don pass me" and give it to some one else who can push things forward but he seem to keep on for reasons best known to himself.
We cameroonian knows best where it pinches us and know how to change it.But we just belief that time will do it for us ,running away from our problems while admitting that others or the West knows our problems better than us.
A handfull of individuals in the west had made too many mistakes when analysing the problems of Africa and so always proposed half-backed ,and falsed solutions to African problems.Thats why We are still far behind time in progress and development.


To all Patriots,

An exaggeration of what is really happening in Cameroon!
This is good topic for keyboard politicians to sing unpatriotic songs on this forum...
Open your champagne and rejoice with your group Ma Mary....

Cameroon is moving FORWARD while you are all rejoicing in the comfort of your living rooms abroad.

Vive la Republique du Cameroun!
May God bless a strong and united Republic of Cameroon!


Fritzane Kiki HK

I like your analysis however we can't shift the blame to others than Biya himself who after 24 years has turned Cameroon into his private propertywhile the masses suffer the pangs of excrutiating poverty and exploitation by Biya and his junta.Corruption is measured from what efforts and means are made by the government to eradicate the disease yet we know Biya don't even know the names of some ministers,then what more of governors and other top rank civil servants.

The point is before Biya is being ranked amongst the world tyrants many reasons abound;from his political dictatorship and marginalisation of Cameroonians,his poor socio-economic policy and his corruption record with his foreign policy.Observers the world over particularly Transparency International and the present economist David Wallechnisky analysis nener came by chance.Biya himself knows he merits this position in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are still dreaming of the day he will leave for a fresh blood to bring change.The future is bleak for Cameroonians yet we know Cameroon is far more in plenty of natural resources wasted and misused because of poor governance than most African countries.We are only we alone can bring that change which will be the only goal Cameroonians can be proud of to call their home.It's a pity for the image Biya is giving to Cameroonians abroad and their business counter-parts,whose business ambitions and investment plans are dropped because of the sad news of Cameroon being the worst nation to invest a business.It's never too late for a change and fight againgst this disease of corruption.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong

Muki StoneHall

Very excellent comment.The idea of moving FORWARD only makes sense if you specify the the starting point and the final destination.In the case of cameroon the end point will be to top the list of worst governed states and worst dictator ever.We are now top-four in Africa and top-20 worldwide.Not really bad progress.The 2007 elections will take us to the top of the African list and maybe top-10 world wide.That's when we'll actually know we're moving FORWARD.The to hit first position worldwide we need just a few more Ondo Ndongs,Fame Ndongos,Mendo Ze's,all the Owona's etc etc.And then of course to accelerate the process we need about half a dozen heartless liars and devils like RICARDO!!.


Unbelievably amazing comments Ricardo!

Supporting tyranny , Ricardo
Promoting corruption, Ricardo
Spying mission, Ricardo
Lies and demagogy, Ricardo
Blackmailing, Ricardo
Blocking dialogue, Ricardo
Shady deals , Ricardo

Huuhhhhh! Dont you have a conscience, man?
What sort of human being are you for goodness sake? Dont you have pity at least for the young ones?

Why sell your soul for "dirty silver coins"?
This is really amazing how a man can go to defend evil for money sake!

Courage and goodluck in the mission brother!


Mr Tayong,

Since you are the person who determines who has "moral authority on this forum" please list the names of those who are illegible to your so called "moral authority" brother Tayong.
Again and again, I keep writing here that I dont have to infiltrate a meeting if your organization has nothing to hide. I am a Cameroonian, as such I believe I have the right to participate in your meetings.
You know me Mr Tayong. I am not hiding. I openly do business in Cameroon, Europe, Asia and the Americas.
If you are Patriots, you should be glad to have another patriot like me attending your meetings. Unless, you dont really care about our poor people back home.
Our goal is to have our Country change positively but in peace for the good of the next generation of youg Cameroonians.

Division will not achieve that goal.
Join me to combat corruption, tribalism, nepotism, division in our nation.
You see Mr Tayong, we lack the sense of nationhood. That is very troubling. Every region has been marginalized in Cameroon. It is a huge mistake focusing only on those who speak english. Some regions of Cameroon have had their sons and daughters shed their blood to liberate Cameroon from colonialism.
Um Nyobe, Felix Moumie and Ernest Ouandjie etc... die for a free Cameroon, Mr Tayong.
Mr Tayong, These are our heroes, the freedom fighters of Cameroon.
What gratitude do we have for those heroes today, Mr Tayong? Nothing....
While some educated children of some regions of Cameroon are dreaming waiting to have jobs and wealth created by Mr Biya and his Government, other Cameroonians are investing and making things happen, Mr Tayong.
Look around in Cameroon, those so called "rich regions", are not a fruit of government investment, Mr Tayong. But the fruit of dynamic private intiatives.
Mr Tayong, those you think have "moral authority" as you will mention, ask them what have they really done with that moral authority? Using computer keyboard and writing rubbish or flashing resumes anything that puts food on the table in my poor mother's or your mother's house in Cameroon? Mr Tayong...
Why do we have to be so tribalistic Mr Tayong? Must we always divide people to attain happiness? We blame everyone for our lazziness... The government is bad, it always turns into THEY AGAINST US!
Why is it that Africans never learn Mr Tayong? Must we always fight or throw stones on our brothers and sisters to have it our own way, Mr Tayong?
Riccardo is a reincarnation of Um Nyobe and the Freedom Fighters of our Motherland, Mr Tayong.
CAADIM sees Cameroon as a beautiful land where all its children will live in prosperity and peace to enjoy freedom and justice.
Let's stand together and fight to make Cameroon a better place to live, Mr Tayong.
Any division is a curse that will bring no good for our people but a specific group of individuals.
Our Country will shine again and no one will live for ever. Those who are depriving our Country of our ressources should perish and no one is above that punishment...

May God bless a united and strong Republic of Cameroon!


JB Samba

My good people,
I don't think Riccardo is worth the salt to have guys pay attention to what he posts on here. He has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he has nothing to offer.

I think it will be worthwhile for you to consider some of the comments directed at you above. As an advocate of the course of Southern Cameroons, I don't think it's proper to Southern Cameroonise any little topic of discussion that comes up given that it may (or may not) lead to in-house fighting as evident above and be more of a distraction than a booster to the course. As you can see, Chief Mboe has chickened out after his stupid comment above.



Paul Biya has been in power since 1982 after the resignation of late president Ahmadu Ahidjo. He is therefore one of the longest serving president in the Sub Saharan African region. Since his presidency, Cameroon has plunge into the deepest of abyss and almost to the point of suffocation. So it is obvious that in a few years from now, when Paul Biya will be dead or leaving in exile with his Beautiful wife and young children, almost every living Cameroonian will breath a sigh of relief. It is well known every where in the world and even by Paul Biya himself that his administration has been and has always been a failure.
During Paul Biya's time in office, Cameroon has been named the Most Corrupt Nation in the world twice, Cameroon has had one of the worst Human right records, Cameroon has one of the highest unemployment rates, Cameroon has been named at the bottom of almost every thing not to talk about the recent ranking of Cameroon with Iraq and Somalia as the worst governed Nations in the world. It is important to note here that ranking Cameroon next to Somalia is extremely sad because Somalia actually does not have a President or a civil service. So in other words Cameroon will be better off without a president than being under the administration of our dearest Paul Biya. Is Paul Biya a laughing stock or what?
Paul Biya himself is in a very difficult spot at the moment. He has a lot to worry about including worries about what will happen to his family, his Beautiful wife, young children, His investments around the world, His Swiss and European Bank Accounts, his Beautiful house at Mvomeka’a and even his corps. He apparently has only a few years to live and he surely understand that news of his death will be a celebration to millions. He has apparently lived and seen what happened to Mobutu, Abacha, Botase, Habre, PW Botha, Charlse Taylor, Idi Amin, Samuel Doe, Arap Moi, Sadam Hussein, Mingustu, Kabila and Patasse. He knows he is in a hole and a very deep hole. It will be very difficult to dig himself out. He must be looking at his young children and asking himself "was it worth it", staying in power this long, rigging all those elections, killing all those people, taking all these money, causing so much pain to millions over the years, taking all this pleasure trips overseas, calling yourself the Lion Man, only to die a very sad and lonely death not even knowing what will happen to your loved ones and children after you are gone. It is so sad but Paul Biya truly deserves the worst. He knows that. Cameroonians are not fools. As you lay your Bed so shall you lie on it? Mr Paul Biya, yes you have manipulated Cameroonians, you have rigged elections to stay in power for as long as possible, you have put even your best friend Titus Esua in Kondengue, you have killed to get your wishes, you are the untouchable, the powerful and know it all ruler, but at the end when you will be taking your last breath you will have to look onto the eyes of your children and ask your self this question; "was it really worth it". Good Luck to you Mr President.

The Legacy of Mr. Paul Biya (The Lion President)
He who laughs last laugh best
Never say Never
More to come

Muki StoneHall

I think Tayong has pushed you to the wall and you are seemingly trying to fight back.Your unusually lengthy right-up above just confirms one thing:you truely have a consience but are deliberately selling it for cash.What Tayong wrote above touched you deep down in the marrow.Though you did your best to fight back and prove to the world that you have a consience,it really did not still amount to anything.
You claim you participate in "their" meetings because you are a Cameroonian? When you take part in a meeting in which you don't share the ideas,and you do so presumably under a false ID,who are you? A spy.
You claim there can be prosperity,peace, freedom and justice in Cameroon? How can that be when people like you see nothing wrong with the leaders,and don't even believe that the people can have problems.America seems to be doing relatively well because the people always see something wrong with their leaders.And they tell them(the leaders)very openly and frankly.But what obtains in Cameroon? Instead of accepting that the are problems and trying to look for ways to address them,the gov't prefers to hire people like you Ricardo,to stand and shout that there's nothing wrong,no problem anyway etc.
Is that what moving forward means to you Ricardo?


This is no good pill to swallow at all.But rather a spank on the faces of all Cameroonians of 'Good Will'.
Two and Four years in power,had seen Biya multiplying from one point of weakness to another.No credit go-in between both the national and International community.What is Biya thinking next to do?
From Corruption,to bad governance and you name the rest,Cameroon is noted for.What a shame?Can this guy not quietly resign and go on self exile;so that Cameroon and Cameroonians can find a way out of their present predicaments?
Mr.Biya has ran short of steem in his thinking.His reasonings had become too perversed.Hence the country has got stuck.No way forward.What we see now is a backward move,that is slowly and steadily taking the country into a confrontation just around the corner.
Please Sir,Dr,Prophessor,His Royal Highness Paul Biya Mbimvondo your resignation will save our land.Go now.
Do you remember the SDF asked you to majestically step down at the dawn of the New Millenium in an open letter adressed to you? If you had heeded to that request by the one you called 'illiterate'(Fru Ndi)you won't have found your self in such disgraceful rankings of recent times.Sir,we used to sing,'it is never to late to do that which you can do'.
Finally,your time is past go now with the multy million Dollars you've stolen from our coffers.On your marks,set,Biya GO.


It is sad for a Country like Cameroon bless with everything that need to make a country rich but yet is ranked among the worst Countries in the World. RICARDO please see the reality and accept it. Its a shame for some of you that the em age of your be love Country has been tarnished abroad by one Man but people like RICARDO who claim to do Business in Europe, Americas and Asia can´t see it. RICARDO please, History will JUDGE all you.

Ma Mary

Riccardo has a touching dream about his country, La Republique du Cameroun. Just leave us, the Southern Cameroons out of it.


If I had the opportunity to talk to David Wallechnisky before the publication of his book, Biya would have topped the list of tyrants in the world according to his survey.

My greetings to all who are making contributions to render Biya and his devilish regime vere unpopular.Biya and the CPDM are synonymous to evil.
Has just been to busy and sometimes just rush over the comments.


I'm not surprised at the way some of you have responded to my own view of the so called "ranking". Most of you are losing your culture in the name of politics. If Akoson and his followers reason the way they do I don't blame them. Most members in this forum seem to belong to either the extreme left or the extreme right and would react negatively to any idea that is not in line with what they expect. We can't do anything if we continue to reason that way. As a chief, I know that, to be objective I got to stand in the middle. I'm sorry if I don't totally take side with anybody. I'm yet to meet anybody who is perfect as some of you claim to be. As far as I'm concerned no party in Cameroon is perfect but all have something we can use to build a better nation. I don't think outsiders can tell us what we have to do to build a strong nation. Let me give you just two examples of what I'm talking about. Looking at what is happening in Cameroon today, I'm sure you all agree with me that Mbiya's at least doing something in the right direction but not enough as to what we are expecting. Fru Ndi's preaching very much information of what could be done to salvage the rotten system. Let me ask you whether he is actually implementing his preaching when it comes for him to do so within his party? How then are we sure he will do so if he takes over the country? I think taking the "middle groud" is our best bet for a strong Cameroon.



Chief Mboe

Let me begin by extending my respect to you as a Chief as tradition demands. "Mbe" I salute you. Now to issues under scrutiny.

Mbe , I beg the forefathers to reprimand you for trying to "play pontius pilate" of washing your hands. Before hell broke loose and Chiefs lost their cheiftaincies to Mr Paul Biya, Cheifs were the arbitrators of the people, in other words apolitical, reasons for the west Cameroon house of Chiefs ,where they defended just the interests of the subjects they represented and not political parties. How come you say you stand in the meddle when you are just one side of the same coin?

"Mbe" with due respect, dont you see a total betrayal on your parts of your subjects? Look at you here, look at Chief Mukete, look at Former Fon Doh, look at the Babanki incident, look at the lamido of Ray Bouba ,look at Endeley, look at Agwafor ,and the list is inexhaustible. Look at the stocking of ballot boxes by chiefs during elections , is this what the tradition demands from chiefs?

Then back to the Mr Biya´s prestigiuos position with which you find fault, Mbe, until the Chiefs stop taking tips from Mr Biya and condemn malpractises Im afraid the Banbaki incidences may well be reapeating themselves in the days ahead.

May God save this nation from the "thiefs" ,Im sorry Chiefs not "thiefs" just keyboard error.




In any democratic Nation the opposition is a watch dog to the Government in power. The work of the opposition is to see the wrongs of a Government and point it out for corrections to done. The case with Cameroon is, Your Government dose not even listen to the opposition. Please CHIEF, do take not that no Human is perfect, Any bad Government is that which dose not listen to the voices of the mases like the case in Your country Cameroon.
Chief, you did say outsider have nothing to say with regards to change in Cameroon but yet you want foreign investors to come and invest in Cameroon in other to create jobs is that right? As a Chief you need not take side, Advise your Government for a change of direction before its too late. The Cameroon Government under Biya should listen to the opposition and more importantly listen to any right thinking Cameroonian as YOU so that togather you can build prosperous Nation.


Fritzane Kiki HK

Thanks for that renminder to Chief Mboe.In Camereoon today Chiefs and Fons loose their respect because of blindly leaning and rubbing shoulders with one party to another especially the ruling CPDM party.Most Chiefs give yearly motions of support to Biya in return for financial gains but forget about the fate of their indegenes and their plight.I am very ashame of what role Chiefs play in politics than watchdogs of Biyas mesmerisation and exploitation.Chiefs have little or no opposition to any political change in Cameroon.Lastly we learnt how South West Chiefs were demanding roads and other basic infrastructures for the SouthWest but later we still see them sending motions of support for Biya.This is hypocricy indeed.These are the people to make sure developmental projects take effects in their areas of jurisdiction yet they remain adamant simply because they receive tips and funds from Biya's junta.Sorry .....

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong



Muna banned from parading as SDF Chairman by MINAT after "some underground threats" from a coalition of BIG diplomatic bodies in Yaounde.

My source denied to state who these BIG bodies are but insisted that when she talks of BIG bodies...everybody knows them.

...more on this in the days ahead.

...So those of the evil axis who've been on salaries'll start starving if they squanddered all their monies in night clubs and didn't bother to save. "Dem no di use Da kind money for do better thing". I'm talking to the BenFTeribobs, the Muketes, Momos, Valleys and their evil gang that the final nail has been NAILED on their god's coffin. May his soul REST IN PEACE!

More information filtering in says that the US and Britain wouldn't "take things lightly" should "Biya's parliament" fail to provide dying Cameroonians with an Independent Electoral Commission.

Now ma simple question's how independent shall this "Indepepndent Electoral commission" be? It's a window dressing!

A Worried Son!


...and another breaking news says this

The state counsel for Yde has recently received a file from Anti Corruption committee that has sent shock waves right down to the Presidency. Scary revelations implicated the presidency and unblievable personalities.

" Operation epervier".Man no run

..."le pouvoir est confronté à des scénarii imprévus, qui embarrassent la présidence de la République" says an insider.
Ricardo et al ,Biya smelling a dead rat and maybe wanting to make peace with God before leaving this world may open up a can of worms. Beware!

Even while you do business from India through Burma and ending at Etoudi , rest assured justice may delay but cannot be denied for too long.

Affaire à suivre....


Thanks for that update.Akoson
we always believe in your source.Remember her revelations gave an insight into the nature of the Muketes of the world.The international community has learnt to bring despots to their premature death ,thats just what the Diplomats in Yaounde should be doing,though they have eaten to their satisfaction ,before seeing the rotteness of things in Cameroon.The court in Bamenda had already deflated Muna,they are now just taking the cue from there.We are also happy that the tone to Muna`s eventual suicide was set by our own courts.


...And Mukete's staging a come back. I hear he's drafting his "weapons of mass destruction". We're waiting!

...And Watesih, thatz not all,

MINAT was equally pressured to let the lone opposition party of Cameroon carry out her activities without intimidation from the government.

...So to say, the ban on the Victoria NEC meeting and possibly a rally( that'll beat that organised by Inoni a month ago) has been uplifted. It should be recalled that the administration banned the SDF NEC meeting cos they were like ashamed of the turn-out during Inoni's visit. They knew for sure that the crowd puller WILL DO THINGS.

I'll get you guys poasted as tknews crop up.

The SON.


This news forum is source for people to react to News posted here and share their views.But its rather sad that same people always come up with hear-say and propaganda of thier making to drive away others.
I thought they had alredy diverted themselves to other forums,little wonders to see them here with Same habits.
Please spare us the "freedom of abuse" some of us read from this side.


I am so happy with the news that these gentlemen of substance has sent to this forum. I want to Salute Akoson, Tayong and Watesih. Bros more grease to your elbows. I know people like the pocket Mbe, the Vals, Rexon, and the numerous Yaounde idiots on this forum like the blattant fool of a Mukete is now suffocating under this terrible shocking news that i just read.
Mr.Mbe if at all you are one. Be ready to give answers to your subjects on all these rubbish that you have been writting on this paper. The poor people sent you to school to learn how to govern them not to clap hands for 5.000frs a month from Bi Mvondo. I advice you if at all you are out here do not go back as they will follow you with Matchets, Matches and petrol just like what happened to Vegah Simon of Babanki. Do you know your other brother in Balikumbat who was the talk of the day? I mean the dethroned CPDM Mayor, Parliamentarian, PTA president, Preseident of the illegal fon's union, President of NW Contractors, and everlasting Fon of Balikumbat. Where is he today? So be careful and learn from past happenings. Just like Paul is thinking of what will happen to Junior and Brenda so also think of what will happen to you if you continue in this stupid manner in presenting your foolishness to the public. Fons were never heard shouting in public so why are you shouting if at all you are a fon. Are you sure you have the so called certificates? Are you not sure that they are from the same frauters in UB? I am sure you are hiding under the protection of Yaounde. Time has come when all rulers will answer first to questions from their subjects. Look ahead and start making peace, right from this forum before going home.I am also a silent fon as i head my own family like wise any other person in this forum .So do not frighten us with your useless tittle of a Mbe.
Rexon how na bros? So why have you decided to be the most vocal stupid fool in the Universe? Anyhow i have you for the next rendez vous.
Cameroon is Corrupt and we need to clean it and i am sure if open minded people like Watesih, Akoson, Fru Ndi etc were given a good ear, then someday we will have to sing a song of victory one good day. How can we see victory if hand clappers like the so called Mbe in this forum continue to decieve their subjects with commands and turn round to clap for corruption to continue because Yaounde feeds them. Vally of England has certainly go on self exile so i advice Mbe and Rexon to do same. I will always come in to praise you for you right doing and will not fail to give a good spang on any face be it a Mbe or a Nchinda in this forum who wants to tilt justice and truth for personal gains.
Where is Ben's praise singer? I have not heard from you at all. While we cry for salvation of Cameroon Ben is pleading to be given an opportunity to form a political party. MINAT will not make that mistake to grant him his request. Eventhough MINAT is also controlled by members of the same Yaounde gang they also fear the big gangster Ben. Fru Ndi is the only person God had chosen to save Cameroon from the hands of the Mbe's and the Rexon's God father's in Yaounde. Britain and America have said it all and i know i will also want to tell Mbe and his people in this forum that time is up for the to go back and get their last salaries as next month no pay. No Christmas gift for you Mbe from Yaounde.
Fritzane is there a Chief in the South West? Anybody can be one over night. It is so easy to be one. Take the procedure of our Mbe in the forum. "Get up tomorrow morning with a balck loin cloth tied round your waiste wearing a white shirt and a red tilted cap with a broom in hand and you will be a southwest chief". No argument. Go to Yaounde and sing a song of praise to our older Chief Paul Biya and you will get an envelope too. That is what a southwest chief is. Who are the chiefs asking for roads and at the same time singing praises so as to get Christmas presents from their uncle in Yaounde? Funny family heads in the name of chiefs. Chiefs are meant to be custodians of tradition but i see that all of these idiots have sold our traditions to yaounde in exchange for daily personal bread. Shame to you Southwest chiefs.Thiefs or Chiefs?
We have said much about Muna so make we excuse he for rest small. What of Ngwasiri? Pa we learnt of your death not rumoured in the quaters but over a renowned radio Station. Why did you not come out like you use to do in Yaounde everyday to speak and address your supporters? You said all bad things about Fru Ndi and now it is your turn to get yours.Fru Ndi is Alive, Strong Active and Fighting the course for Liberation.Your own news was aterrible one and so simple.Ngwasiri is dead. It was no news to me as i do not even know your importance as a Professor and a Parliamentarian.I have nothing good to say about you so dead or alive it make no news.I am sure you paid tribute to the Hero Mac Viviane Foe. Not even a single fly will do so for you if you die as you make no history for Cameroon. You have been a disaster and disgrace to the Mendankwe people and to the Opposition of Cameroon by selling your dignity for money.I know you were decieved by the Ngembo boy just like his father did so many years ago. Why is it that it was mama who spoke on your behalf telling us that you are not dead and not in London. Is it true that you are death and mama wants to keep your body until after elections before it is announced? People, if Ngwasiri thinks that he is still alive why can't he speak to us as he use to do? I will want to believe that if by Friday we do not see you or hear from you in this paper then we will conclude that either it is true that you are dead or that you are dying.PaPa Hon. Ngwasiri please don't die as it will be a big disgrace for you to abandon a war front prematurely as your army general Ben has proven incompetent in everything he has ever handled.
I am the cutlass that cuts all evil forces in the way of peace and justice. I know just two things: good to be preserved and evil to be destroyed.My bros Rexon see you next time.I advice you to change camp or you get it real hot next.This one na introduction.


Mr Felix

I dont give unsubstantiated info or rumours. Get the details of my info from "La Nouvelle expression" of yesterday if you can handle some french. You can get that online at . Know what's going on in "your country bros!
Nice weekend .

Ma Mary

JCKING has to be a reincarnation of Mukete. Lng screeds designed to create dissention amongst Southern Cameroonians to tbe benefit of la republique are his style. Leopards do not change their spots. Go back to agent provocateur school, sir. You are a rank amateur.

Ma Mary

Likewise, Riccardo under any name will be boring, formulaic and given to parroting formulaic and meaningless claptrap in the ways of an old style Kremlin political operative.


Wonders will never end.From one gold medal to another? Yesterday it was a medal on bad governance and today one of the worst dictators on the globe.What a man? The name Biya seems to be synonimous to every bad thing on earth.God forbid.How can a country like Cameroon be rated at the same level of governance with contries at war like Somalia,Chad and Iraq? Is it not shameful that a country like Somalia that has not had a government since 1990 be ranked at the same level of governance with Cameroon? I am of the opinion those who carried out the studies made a mistake or else Cameroon should be the worst country on earth in terms of governance.Does the regime in Cameroon and its cohorts has a conscience? Somalia is far better off without a government than Cameroon.Even Chad and Iraq are far better off in governance.Where actually are we heading to? This is a regime that hopeless fellows like Muna and the likes are out to sustain.Shame to all of them.Thank God the wind of change is blowing seriously against them.Does the name Biya mean anything? Maybe corruption,tribalism, nepotism andfavouritism.Can the Almighty God save Cameroon? Let christians go down on their knees for the time is now.If the name Biya is synonimous to a diseaase then that diseease is incurable.Cry the belove Cameroon.

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