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Tuesday, 07 November 2006


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Constitutionally, Ni John Fru Ndi and Ben Muna can NEVER become president of La Republique Francaise du Cameroun as they are not citizens of that nation. It is only if they endorse their beloved Southern Cameroonian struggle that they can dream of becoming president of any nation.


What does the future hold for Cameroon after Paul Biya? Good thoughts!


Mr Ernest Sumelong

Good article there! You are in line with an article or better still a comment I made at that generated alot of animosity than inquiry. If Paul Biya loves this country then its imperative on him to engage in disolving all spots of social tentions before departure else we maybe in for chaos than choir.

To begin with,The Southern Cameroon issue is just a time bomb waiting for the list trigger to fire off. This is a hot potato!
An intelligent President would have diplomatically resolved this crisis but surrounded by neo-Hitler advisers he had deemed it OK to crack down on activists of the course. It can't and had never worked that way Mr President.

Then there're the Northists who as we know dont have forgiveness in their vocabulary.
The 1984 aborted coup d'etat is still as fresh in their mind as evident in the not so recent Grand North Memorandum. The seemigly shoulders rubbing now between the CPDM and Grand North is simply playing to the harlot and given the right atmosphere the real husband of the Grand North will show his ungly head.

Should that happen then The Ewondos who have all along been silent due to theirs on top of the plum tree will start agitating for Beti Country. etc etc.

We all love this country so please Mr President disolve all social tentions before leaving office and save us the ordeals of a country torn into shreds.Impunity, arrests ,torture and killings wont help an inch.

Right from the early 1990s when the Southern Cameroon started pointing out their grievances, you've turn a blind eye to all. Those advising you it can be quelled are simply greedy and selfish bigots and nitwits. Thats a big lie! Big lie Mr President!

No one(me inclusive) loves to see Cameroon in shreds ,not even Ngala Ngala or Chief Ayamba. Mr President this nation is at the brink of disarray, if you love her, listen.



least not list....turned not turn


The mere thought that this moron and self baptised life ruler of Cameroon will be holding the commanding reigns till 2011 kills any ability for me to speculate about what will come after him.

What bugs my mind right now is how to get rid of him. Then maybe i myself might aspire to be the next president of Cameroon. Maybe i am dreaming, but every single Cameroon should possibly consider this and what they can do to move the country forward!



Ni John Don Truly Chop Soya

Who didn't notice that smile of guilt from Professor Nkwi, the COMMERCIAL ACTIVISTS Shallow minister of Culture? He was guest on CRTV Club facing Ebong Ngole. After trying to run his mouth, pretending to be opposition, that Biya had been taken hostage by lobby groups, Ebong Ngole said those lobby groupos include some opposition leaders who come in the night.

You know what, Professor Nkwi just smiled and stayed quiet. Who doesn't know why? His Ni John and BAD Ndam are among those lobbying Biya at night. And he knows Ebong Ngole knows enough of that truth. He didn't want to provoke Ebong ngole to reveal more. Shame!



VIVA Football World Cup

The 2.1 million nation of Southern Cameroons takes on favorites Monaco on 20 November 2006 in a curtain raising showdown at Perruc Stadium.



I hope Ricardo would not commit suicide when he reads this.

Our independence is on the way.

Ma Mary

Ain't gonna happen!

Paul Biya has always been a man met and favoured by destiny and not a man of destiny. What is the difference? A man of destiny makes things happen. Paul just happened to be a nice mellow, well behaved, kind of obedient young man when the French picked him for high office in their neocolonial district of la Republique du Cameroun. During the 1970s (73 or 74?) Ahidjo picked him as his PM. That most crass and aggressive of Ahidjo's lieutenants in a pique of rage and jealousy went and assaulted Biya because of that appointment, which he thought he deserved more. Many people sympathized with Paul Biya, because he was such a nice gentleman.

Then, Biya was picked by Ahidjo as his successor. Again, destiny came and met the man. There is no reason to believe that he was playing intrigues. He was to Ahidjo the non-threatening fellow whom he could manipulate. The rest is history.

There are serious problems, some self inflicted afflicting his reign, but he is waiting for his incredible good luck to take care of them. He is not going to fix the Southern Cameroons grievance. He is not going to work on a credible succession mechanism. He will just coast, take long vacations in Europe and wish it would all just go away.

Hello, l'apres Biya is going to be an interesting time-more interesting than l'apres Ahidjo.

Ma Mary


The fellow who assaulted Biya was a certain Ayissi Mvodo of blessed memory - just to complete the contribution above. Many young folks probably never heard about him.


What the future has in store for Cameroon after Biya will be as muitidimensionl ,as it will be complex.A number of scenarios are going to be played out:
1. Jacques Chirac,the Godhead,the lamppost,the ancestor of past and present franchophiles,the colon,the highpriest, is still nursing hopes of playing his trump card for once and for all.How can this not be true when in plain daylight,in 2006 the the lanky Camel wants to take African for blind people. He has stitched together a fanciful type of a resolution about Cote D`Ivoire ,which he wishes to push through the security council. In it he prescribes the the suspension of all presidential powers,concentrating everything in the hands of the Prime Minister. The President`s only duty will be to convene the cabinet of Ministers,while the PM will appoint Generals, uphold the constitution,organise elections,disarm the warring factions,and what have you! All these because Chirac wants to hijack the sovereinty of Cote D` Ivoire.First he was the loser in the person to person confrontation with Gbagbo,since he will have to leave the Presidency before Gbagbo,so his resolution is the last kicks of a dying horse.
The Cameroonian situation will be made equally exposive.After Chirac, Sarkozy will be trying to put together the pieces of a fragmented francophonie,by reinvigorating the coorperation accords between the African countries ,and France.He will try to reinvent France as the friend of the African people.These hollow messages of fraternity have always been and will continue to be.Not that francophone Africa doesn`t know that they are stale,and that France means no good, but the history of these two groups is the history of a fly following the corpse into the grave.In this wise the French are still going to maintain their north-south axis by using unscrupulously treacherous sons of this fragile entity to beat back the Anglo-Bami threat.In the coming months and years we are going to assist in a bis repetita of the Ivorian witchhunting known as "Ivoirite'". A "Camerounite'" is soon going to be born either through disqualifications in elections,election holdups,and ghost candidates that are going to return to their "mangeritaire presidentielle".
2. Biya taking the cue from Omar Bongo may tailor the constitution to solidify his present position as the unchallenged Monarch. After all he is no longer bugged down by fanciful names like "United Republic
of Cameroon",so having learnt a good lesson from his French ancestors like Louis X1V,and Louis XV1, so there`s nothing that will stop him from declaring that ,"Tant que le Cameroun existe ,le Roi restera".
3. Completely disenfranchising English speaking Cameroonians by clamping down on their leaders.He is going to continue using the highhandedness to completely push English Speaking Cameroonians to the periphery.The SCNC pretexte will always give him the leeway to completely wipe out the sense of belonging of Anglophones.By accepting to handover Bakassi, Biya knew Nigeria had finally recognised the fact that the English speaking part of the country cannot be cut away in anyway or by anymeans.
4. There`s no way l`apres Biya is going to be peaceful, because he is going to make the error others like Mobutu, Kabila, Guei made.
At a given time ,the monsters that he has been breeding are going to tell him to take on people like Fru Ndi, Ndam Njoya,Ekindi.
Cote d`Ivoire could not accomodate all of them,thats why Guei met his Waterloo.Our society is a heterogenous one ,just like that of Cote d`Ivoire, so a situation like that in Palestine now,where factional warloads are fighting for supremacy may not prove foreign here.
5. The political situation might come to a head, then the Northerners will use their military might to step in.They will promise to hand power back to a Civilian government after a year of two,while sorting out the rivalry between them and the others.
6. Since Biya put up his retirement home not far from Mont Febe, he may anoint a successor,ask his brothers and French friends to throw their weight behind him,then goes peacefully into retirement.
7. Frank Biya has been involved in massive exploitation of the country`s forest resources,this because he needs money to grease the palms of his own French circle of friends ,and those of his father.Just as Eyadema Junior saw a silver spoon thrust into his mouth ,so is Frank going to be denied this unique opportunity?
8. Cameroon after Biya can be that of the SDF,if Biya is wise,and leaves power before it leaves him.It can be that of the NUDP if France prefers to cling to a snake than dine with the SDF.
9. Finally ,Cameroon after Biya may just be Cameroon,with no Cameroon.


Constitutionally,if president Biya dies before the end of his tenure,the president of the National assembly assumes the interim and organises fresh elections in which he cannot be a candidate;if on the contrary president Biya gets to the end of his tenure,elections will be organised to vote in a new president.This being President Biya's last term,and considering his age and wisdom,i strongly believe he will not contest.
He may be everything else but he's not stupid;he has children he'll like to spend quality time with;he's in his seventies and knows he's just human and definitely not eternal and he has had trhe priviledge of witnessing the consequences of hanging on till death in other African nations.Biya will not die with his kids hanging around here in Cameroon.I believe he has a better "life insurance" for them.
Forget about satan and be wary of his lieutenants!

Fritzane Kiki HK

I guess we all know there is no law abiding citizen in CPDM La republique junta, so most of the CPDM pundits are now under pressure of whom to choose.However,some critic see a strange and underdog political figure taking up this presitigeous post.Some might be thinking there will be political uproar and unrest but as far as Cameroonians are concerned,I believe they will go in for a peaceful elections be it an Anglophone,a Northest,an Ewondo,nor a Bamileke taking up the postion.

Some inner voices don't seem to see any possiblity for an Anglophone being a president but SDF sympathizers are very optimistic about their expectations.Those in the Western province prefare Adamu Ndam Njoya,the Northest pray for Bouba Bello to be elected,while the Ewondos would go for one of those in the G8 Ewondo Committee with names like; Atangana,Owona,Onana,figuring in the list.

Biya knows what Cameroon would be after his end of 28 years of tenure because Cameroon Has been nothing else than a country full of money mongers and embezzlers,a country lack of basic infrastructures;roads,railways linking major cities,a country where the lives of individuals lies in their hands,rampant unemployment amongst youths(possible reason for high rate of migration,asylum seekers and naturalisation or 'bushfalling'),a country where the poor economic management and taxation system causes more fear amongst businessmen and entrepreneurs alike,a country where graduates have no hope,that where the rich get richer while the poor live in excrutiating poverty.

We only hope one day Cameroon will be a place for abundance,a place we can be proud to call our home.We shall remain proud Cameroonians irrespective of the whims and caprices facing it yesterday and today.But we call on those of the politcal side of things, to know they are the ones to make Cameroon what it will be tomorrow by giving a good image in the political atmosphere.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


Hi fritzane,i quite agree with you,the CPDM has a problem preparing a sucessor for Biya as CPDM president and maybe candidate for the presidential elections.Too many hopefuls and none with a popularity that cuts across regional provincial and tribal boundaries and more important none bold enough to declare his/her intentions for fear of being tagged "enemi dans la maison".
What happens to Cameroon after President Biya leaves office depends to a large extent on whether or not the provisions of the constitution will be respected and that i fear depends on how President Biya will leave office;by death before 2011 or by stepping down come 2011.The former spells chaos and strive while the latter possibility spells hope.And most importantly,the next president must not be from the CPDM.There's hope friend.Thanks

Ma Mary

You misunderestimate the determination of the French to hold on to their shrinking patch of worldly relevance that is entirely contained in Africa. They must be factored deeply in any thought of succession. If any anglofowl entertains thoughts of succession, they are quite ready and willing to turn the Southern Cameroons into a parking lot.

Read on and have a glimpse of the psycopathic mentality of francophonie:


By Alexander M. Wright, The New Times (Kigali) 7/11/06
Nov 8, 2006, 09:27

That France should be accused of such allegations should not surprise anyone. Infact, it merely rehashes its traditional objective in Africa: to defend French grandeur, wherever and whenever it is in conflict with Anglo-ambitions, at whatever the cost. Some would say such a mentality was bred in a small Sudanese fishing village in 1898.

If one draws a line from Cairo to Cape Town and from Dakar to Djibouti, the lines intersect in southern Sudan, through a village called Fashoda. As artificial and arbitrary as these lines are thus was how the 'Scramble for Africa' was mapped out, and this was how the British and the French sought to carry out their colonial objectives in 1898. Fashoda therefore became the fault line for both their ambitions, nearly preceded Sarajevo as setting for the outbreak of World War One.

Realising its strategic importance in their battle for colonial domination of Africa, both countries subsequently planted their respective flag in the village, each to the displeasure of the other.

While the issue did eventually become resolved diplomatically, the British victory nevertheless left a palpable stain on the psyche of the French. In fact, in his memoirs, former French General and President Charles de Gaulle listed the debacles that affected France in his youth and had motivated him to dedicate himself to upholding France's 'grandeur'. The first on the list was the Fashoda incident.

The concept of Francophonie is quite a fascinating one, and indicative of French stubbornness in Africa. The idea is that someone, somewhere in the world, is attacking a French-speaking country, it is almost as if he or she was striking at France itself.

Despite being a Belgian colony, France still considered Rwanda to be part of Francophone Africa.

Furthermore, the Great Lakes region has been the fault line for Franco and Anglo ambitions, thus increasing the region propensity to conflict. Just as the U.S. used the Cold War as justification for supporting the likes of Mobutu in his last days, the cannibalistic Bokassa in the Central African Republic, or Habyarimana in Rwanda.

It is not too difficult, therefore, to understand why, after Tutsi exiles from Uganda: an Anglophone country; marched in to Rwanda in 1990, that the French saw it as a case of an Anglo-Saxon plot. As a result, an estimated $100 million was spent on arms supplies to boost up the brutal Habyarimana regime in Kigali in 1990-1991.

Subsequently, the Rwandan army grew from 9,000 in October 1991, to 28,000 by 1991. Even more, according to Human Rights Watch, on five occasions between May and June 1994, during the height of the genocide, arms shipments from the French government and the French companies operating under government license were delivered to the Rwandan army at the Zairian boarder town of Goma.

Further more, French intelligence sent white mercenaries fresh from the slaughter of Bosnia to Zaire, to defend the crumbling Mobutu regime which was not only completely isolated by the international community but was harbouring the genocidaires from Rwanda. France however, saw in Mobutu and Zaire an extremely important Francophone asset in Africa, given its location, size and potential.

As Canadian Major General Romeo Dallaire, leader of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR) observed, in 1994 the French were in fact using UNAMIR vehicles to move Rwandans of known extremist background to the airport, where they were flown out of the country.

For example, of those privately escorted directly to Paris, were Habyarimana' s wife Agathe Kanzinga; the mastermind, behind 'Hutu power', her children, and the rest of her entourage. On arrival in Paris, she received a gift of some $40,000 from the French government.

Among those whom the French refused to evacuate were the five children of the murdered Prime Minister Agatha Uwilingiyimana, and long standing embassy employees, most of them Tutsis.

French president, Mitterrand's spokesman explained: "Our mandate does not authorise us to arrest them on our own authority. Such a task could undermine our neutrality, the best guarantee of our effectiveness. "

At a Franco-African summit in Biarritz, France, some four months after the genocide had ended, the French minister for cooperation described the new Tutsi-led Rwandan government as 'an Anglophone Tutsi government coming from Uganda,' and thus was not invited to the summit. Furthermore, French President Jacques Chirac opened the summit with the moment of silence not to the victims of the genocide, but in honour of their long time friend, Habyarimana.

I found it quite humorous to watch French Parliamentarian Jacque Myard on BBC World, obstinately defending France against the allegations of the former Rwandan diplomat. Wildly yelling at the camera, I think he actually believed what he was saying.

He denied any French involvement in the genocide, claiming that France was one of the first to call for action against the genocidaires. He also vociferously accused Rwandan president, Paul Kagame and the RPF for the assassination of President Habyarimana, failing to accept the possibility that Hutu hardliners were responsible. In fact, the evidence points towards the latter in that his assassination was foreshadowed by Hutu hardliners in 'Kangura' news paper and radio 'Milles Collines'.

This, however, is another issue. The question remains as to whether France will be held accountable for its complicity to genocide. While the international community is often reproached for its inaction, France should not only be reproached, but punished, for its direct involvement in a mass murder, and support for genocidaires. It is time France got over its century-old grudge, especially when it is at the expense of so many lives. Stubbornness, unfortunately, is an integral part of French grandeur.


We are who we say we are.What's in a name?



President Paul Biya's reign has achieved a powerful certificate to qualify Cameroon for the HIPC's programe.This such an ironic success has shaped the destiny of all Cameroonians significantly.
Undoubtely,the economic situation is abyssmal,politically stagnant with strategic conspiracy to eliminate or demote all those who fail to deceive their own people.The Prime Minister is blowing 'hot air'with the hope that fabulous sums of money is on the way since Cameroon has qualified for the highly indebted poor Countries programmes.
Applauding literacy rate is at least a good sign of awareness and at all time high.It is a fervent hope that a post Biya regime will usher a completely fresh start in all domain of Cameroon life.
One huge disappointment Biya regime would leave behind is an economy in tartters with plenty of educational institutions grooming jobless graduates.
We should all remain convinced that all his entourage especially the Anglophone Ministers who preach politics of deceit, will be called upon to answer for their actions and words.Paul Biya Must go but Cameroon will stay for a proper lelaunch by people who have a premonition for good mamangement.



President Paul Biya's reign has achieved a powerful certificate to qualify Cameroon for the HIPC's programe.such an ironic success has shaped the destiny of all Cameroonians significantly.
Undoubtely,the economic situation is abyssmal,politically stagnant with strategic conspiracy to eliminate or demote all those who fail to deceive their own people.The Prime Minister is blowing 'hot air'with the hope that fabulous sums of money is on the way since Cameroon has qualified for the highly indebted poor Countries programmes.
Applauding literacy rate is at least a good sign of awareness and at all time high.It is a fervent hope that a post Biya regime will usher a completely fresh start in all domain of Cameroon life.
One huge disappointment Biya regime would leave behind is an economy in tartters with plenty of educational institutions grooming jobless graduates.
We should all remain convinced that all his entourage especially the Anglophone Ministers who preach politics of deceit, will be called upon to answer for their actions and words.Paul Biya Must go but Cameroon will stay for a proper lelaunch by people who have a premonition for good mamangement.

Tekum Mbeng

We hope that Kigali and members of the African Union will initiate a lawsuit against France at the International Court of Justice.

Muki StoneHall

Ma Mary,
That was a prety nice article.The last paragragh in particular is so appealing.France has so many cases to answer in Africa.The AU ought to initiate a lawsuit as suggested by Tekum Mbeng but unfortunately a cross-section of AU presidents are French stooges and such a move may never materialise.
This article,like many others however,should help the SCNC leadership redraw its strategies.

Ma Mary

Dear Friends===the significance of the article, of transition points is that it illustrates the peril in which Southern Cameroonians find themselves in a francophonie country. The fact that Southern Cameroonians remain unassimilated and defiant after a half century (almost) is a deep provocation to the psychological insecurities of France. France is like a jealous lover who takes rejection very badly and does lethal things. When some Biya lieutenant called us, Southern Cameroonians "l'enemi dans la maison," it was not an African talking, but a creature of Francophonie. We are perpetually at the brink of genocide, lets make no bones about it. Rwanda is proceeding with its investigations, AU or no AU. It has gone beyond the point of being hurt anymore by France.

Our job is to remove our head from the sand, let the alcohol wear off from our brain cells and get ourselves out of this mess. Let me tell a story that illustrates our situation.

Suppose we are living in a house. We have lived there for 20 years, then someone reliable, with undeniable proof informs us that the house was constructed ontop of an unexploded bomb, that could go off anytime and kill everyone in the house. (That has been known to happen btw, live grenades and bombs from WW2 and WW1 are being found all the time and sometimes they explode and kill people)

You get two kinds of advice:

1) Let us keep living in the house indefinitely, but walk on out tip toes, make no noise, organize no parties or raucous gatherings, and perhaps it will never explode.

2) Make a plan to evacuate the house in a reasonable time.

What advice would you take?

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