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Friday, 24 November 2006


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"He had earlier refused to make any statements during preliminary investigations on account that he wanted to meet the Head of State first........It is not known why Ondo Ndong had earlier refused to talk, but a credible source in the judiciary said he threatened to name names of people in high places who collaborated with him to leave the big financial scar of FCFA 52 billion on FEICOM"

This one statement above sums up the case and its results. Ondo should be given time to discuss with his master Mr Biya, so that he can beg for pardon and explain how the network of fraud was carried out. Then all what Mr Biya will ask him is "ou est ma part" and when he gives a reasonable amount, he will be declared innocent. Then we will still be hearing of the fight against corruption from other angles and time will be running out for members of that corrupt junta to continue the theft of La Republiques resources. The fight will be championed by people like Ngoh who will use pictures in January 2004, present it to the post and argue that it was the result of a press conference in November 2006. Innocent UB students and others will pay the price of coming from poor and improverished backgrounds, while their children enjoy the comfort of having thier parents as gangsters in Mr Biya's corrupt junta.

Ondo is just a scapegoat for the regime to attain its HIPC point and to politicise its corruption drive. We have heard such stories time again from corrupt henchmen in the regime.


To have the temerity to make that kind of ridiculous demand warrants him a double sentence.Is the president his lawyer?He must surely think he's still in his office.
The man is marked;Biya wont touch him with a long stick.


Dear Sirs / Mesdames,

Our denouncements and repudiations of all the things wrong with Cameroonian society [ perhaps the African continent as well ..?] are very legitimate and warranted.
What we may also want to add to that long list of wrong things happening in Cameroonian society and African societies at large is the worrisome problem of ; " The decline of the individual as a building unit within society ".

But before we can go into any analysis as to the many whys and hows, some important questions which should be addressed are;
How has it been possible that; the mediocre, the unscrupulous, the cunning, crafty and the greedy have risen right to the top, to govern and rule over hundreds of millions of people in Africa and many other societies around the world.

What exactly are the structures, the total nature of the mechanisms, machinations and other tools that are being used, in keeping people in a cycle of perpetual bondage and slavery for many many years now..?? What exactly is the nature of corruption; greed, avarice and all the negatives; which induces man to be cruel and inhuman to his/her society..??

We may quickly point fingers at corrupt politicians and leaders, bad governance, the legacy of colonialism and so on, which are all justified and legitimate. At the same time, it is also a fact that, political leaders, and those at the very top hierarchy of society are in essence a general reflection of our societies. These people are actually a projected imagery of the collective. They do not exist and function outside of the complex context of the whole psychological network of our societies; they come to the forefront of society principally through the innate " ignorance"; " apathy"; and the everlasting demands for leadership of the collective. [ Ignorance & apathy in the context of the collective ].

Individually we may not be so, but the fact of the matter is that, good people in this life and in this world are in a tiny minority. To have a just society, a society wherein, there is complete freedom, happiness and peace for man, is a task and an endeavour which every human being must undertake to keep and maintain.

As simple as it may seem, our current educational systems, our present systems of thought do not emphasis to the individual the importance and necessity of a balanced, sane and wholesome human community; it does not teach nor instruct the individual his /her true nature & function within society; the role and relevance of the individual as a building unit within the total structure of society. Rather the pursuit of a rootless " curriculum " are emphasized, the emphasis on personal aggrandizement through the acquisition of knowledge are promoted and rewarded through status and prestige within the hierarchy of society. For the very simple reason that we do not know any better.

Our educational systems, inculcates persistently into our psyche total irresponsibility towards life, property, people & ideas,
[We are taught history, geography, economics etcetera, but we are not educated in the "science" of the mind nor nature & function, purposes of a human being] Our systems of thought negates practically all incentives and initiatives to be self reliant and governing. Our moral and ethical responsibilities have been abrogated and delegated to the " institutions". Furthermore, our political, social, economical, intellectual lives have been regulated and ordered accordingly to particular patterns which must fit and serve the institutions; so independent, creative and critical thinking are not emphasized in the school yard, rather we are told and instructed on what to think and what to repeat; which means that our own instinctual social, economic, political and intellectual initiatives have been completely abrogated and delegated to the institution, to the boss, to hierarchy and therefore we are not in any way responsible for actions and decisions.

To go into the whole psychological structure of society; to understand and watch how it is operating, how it traps and tethers man to a single narrow point of existence, may require all of our intelligence and a revolutionary approach which may be what is lacking when we are confronting these perennial problems of man's injustices, cruelties, inhumanity, slavery et cetera to man.

To at least go into the why of corruption and greed; to curtail and stem it right at the root requires that the problem of " status and function " of human beings within the structure of society be re-examined completely.
In our pursuit for a just society we also need to understand the underlying mechanisms and principles of reward and punishment; and the overall motives which are creating, maintaining and sustaining that eternal cycle of societal decay, stagnation and putrefaction. [ off course, these monsters ought to be kept in a jail, but there are a million others, waiting to fill Ondo Ndong's shoes; so "why ", is the eternal question..??]
How are these monsters perpetually created, maintained, propagated and let loose on our societies...??
Keeping them in a jail does not dissipated the problem; once more the problem lies directly in our educational systems, our total outlook towards life and society, our attitudes and mentality.
For one thing, we have inherited and are busy maintaining belief systems, thought patterns and mental habits that are the complete antithesis to the historicity and evolutionary experiences of the " African ". Belief and thought systems that have completely castrated all the innate capacities and potentials of the "African ", in the context and point of view of his/her existence and understanding of reality. It may seemed philosophical and abstract to the overall problems facing the " African "; but then we may further ask again, is intelligence impossible for the "African to cultivate..??
Intelligence that indicates to his / her faculties that, the preservation, maintenance and growth of his / her kind and cultural heritage are of a paramount importance to his/her long term survival as a race in the context of the total of humanity..??
The answer to this is a simple no; rather the " African "; has simply taken a wrong turn down the lane of evolution and along with this, the implicit significance and purposes of his / her existence.

So, the concern, care and sense of responsibility towards one's community and society has become irrelevant; the pursuit of status, power, position et cetera has become more important and a matter of life and death for the individual, even if these pursuits imply dispossessing one's own kin and kind of the basics of life, their right to freedom, happiness and a lasting cultural legacy.

The main points are simply that, within this complex mixture of things; we would be doing ourselves a great favor in understanding in total how and why we are in this fix; that we ought to begin on a fresh ground with new values and attitudes in order to put an end to this cycle of decay. To do this, we will not only seek to patch a rotten society, but we will need a revolutionary approach, a one that addresses the total life of the "African" since the dawn of time.



It was a somewhat good work there.

May I quote you: "...In our pursuit for a just society we also need to understand the underlying mechanisms and principles of reward and punishment; and the overall motives which are creating, maintaining and sustaining that eternal cycle of societal decay, stagnation and putrefaction..."

Let me remind you that most of these dealers in the name of leaders do not believe in eternal punishment nor reward. Why then should they bother? Ashewell Molaba of South Africa will tell you that he doesn't believe in such. But those are people reading political science to go back home and "change" the country.

I am thankul to God for your piece above, although most will ignore it.

The Son.


Thanks soo much for your WELL THOUGHT Approach to African Problems.
I Belief as the Japs say If you are moving on a Wrong Road no matter How far you have Gone you Need to turn back and go for the Right one.
The Whole Systems of Education of Cameroon and That Of Africa Need a Complete overhaull.Since Education is The Conner Stone of any Society.
Akoson please spare us the finger pointing approach that is a cancer and fundamental to must of us in this forum.Its time we look in the Mirror and see how our Education had transformed us and to brain storm on the issues CountryFowl had Raised.
As I had always mantained The solution to Africa Problems and That to Cameroon,rest in the hands of Africans and Cameroonians Respectively.
The West had deprived us from reasoning by making us belief that only they can reason for us.Their solutions, from Aids of any kind to structural Ajustment Programs has for Decades kept us in the Dark.
Wake up African,Wake up my Brothers.
Its Never too Late to be Late.


I think Ondo Ndong is not yet aware he is in a court of law to answer embezzlement charges that will obviously land him in jail with probably a confiscation of his private assets. If he thinks and has proof that Paul Biya or whomever was an accomplice or an accessory to these crimes he has committed against the people of Cameroon, he shouldn't hesitate to call names. We want all those emblezzlers, Paul Biya inclusive to be tried or impeached.


Felix, nobody is pointing a finger to anybody. Rather I was like adding that we can't solve a problem by vehemently denying to acknowledge that it exists. Ask Ashwell Molaba in South Africa about eternal punishment he'll tell you that you're a fanatic...and that you should "go to hell". Read between the lines gentleman!

Reader, Who told you that the lion man can be impeached? If Ondo Ndong dare implicates him(the Lion man), then who ever is incharge of the case will close it, to prevent the world from knowing that their president was an accomplice.

For me he should be granted audience to see the lion man. Let's see what happends from there. Maybe he intends to provide the lion man's share.

Oh Cameroon!

The SON.


Country Fowl,
This is one of the few thoughtful postings that I have seen on this forum. Most at times you find people exhibiting a lot of ignorance and it is easy to see through their writings that they may not be different from those that they accuse.

What surprises me is the type of education we propagate. Our culture and values have been relegated to the background while 'person' and not 'society' has become the order of the day. I really agree with you that there is no creativity and imagination in our educational system and until we become creative so as to know what is good for us we are doomed to fail.

The African can live a good life if he decides to. Before colonisation we had our own styles of doing things. It does not mean we should not learn from others but then we should know what we want to learn. Thanks CountryFowl for your thoughts.


I dont know what i reflect but then we're talking about a crime tantamount to high treason and mass murder by extension and implication.Countryfowl and aviche are you trying to bail this man out by generalising things or how did our educational system come into this debate so suddenly.Please two weeks ago we debated on our educational systems.Niether digress or attempt deviate public atention from the issue NOW at stake.PLESAE.Thanks


I suppose "CountryFowl" is trying to place in cosmic perspective our system of education that has pushed us to live on the margins of society rather than living in a society. He is vehemently denouncing these evil practices epitomized by our African leaders as vice we have to anathemize. In an attempt to evoke sympathy and fellow feeling among us Africans, he traces the roots of these moral failings in us back to our imported educational system that has completely engulfed our own African values. Yes, you might have found it a little bit off topic, and i guess it's because the thoughts are not logically presented and this is what i have been urging every commentator to emulate rational and logical skills in presenting ideas. In any case he has rightly pointed out the weaknesses or the deficiencies of our educational system and its consequencies which we are witnessing in Ondo Ndong and the rest because had these guys moral conscience, they would not have been so callous but would have possessed an examplary ethos of public service.


"Since February this year, when Ondo Ndong and co-accused were arrested and detained, family members have been barred from visiting them.One of the defence lawyers qualified this situation as a human rights abuse".

I don't know what serenity they should need for this length of time.
It looks like they are preventing Ondo Ndong and His accomplices from divulging confidential and implicating information to friends and family members, who will in turn release it to the media.

Let the ball roll, the more heads the better.



News filtering into our office says UB is on strike again. This time Southern Cameroonians Vs La Republiquains. Our informat reports that the bone of contention is the recententrance into the public health department.

UB authorities are reported to have been scolded at by the Minister of Higher Education for publishing the results. Few weeks after, a new list came out and surprisingly filled with francophone names many of whom didnt make it at the exams while some Southern Cameroonians were scrapped off.

Tempers went off when the student adminsitration learnt of the new list that has just been published in UB.....

Affaire à suivre




Its a pity what is happening in the Uni of Buea. This is the test for people like Ngoh purporting to fight corruption.
500 candidates sat for the maiden entrance exam into the UB Medical School.

127 passed the written part. Oral sessions were suppose to take place for the successful candidates last Thursday, Nov 23. They were then suddenly cancelled with pressure from above. Reason given:
This is the real test for UB authorities to stand firm and say to no unnecessary and undue influence from Yaounde.
Can Prof Lambi, Prof Mbantehku, Prof McMoli, Dr Akenji,Prof Abangma,Dr Endeley Dr Ngoh ( Dr Perfect) and the UB Administration say NO.
Where is the voice of Opposition MP's, their Leaders and their Parties.
We are all watching this unfolding drama.



thanks for confirming my informat.
affaire à suivre

Ma Mary

The thing that will put the final nail on the coffin of this useless and dead marriage will not be the SCNC or the other groups, which have done their work of sensitization very well, moving the business of Southern Cameroons from the periphery right to the center of our consciousness.

It is the people of the Southern Cameroons themselves who will pick their independence, which is lying on the ground like a stone, to paraphrase the late Solomon Tandeng Muna's iconic statement.

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