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Friday, 17 November 2006


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This man is just 1 amongst more than 50 directors and board chairmen with this same level of INHUMANITY. when then you include present and past directors, ministers both present and past, you wonder if Cameroon's debt actually is not in the pockets of some few people in this country we call ours.

At this man's age, does he need all this? for himself or for who?

Did he start the stealing when he was a grown up or is he a born thief?

God save Cameroon. I am shocked


If Cameroon is serious about eliminating corruption, I think parliament should consider adopting a law that makes embezzlement of public funds high treason. I oppose the death penalty, but I would make an exception in this case if I was calling it – fry this devil. I hope this money will be recovered.


This is just a tip of the iceberg. The truth is, there are billions of stolen funds from La Republique in offshore bank accounts and in major european banks. There are several young citizens of La Republique in strategic positions in that corrupt junta who are billionaires with millions of dollars and hidden investments in several other countries. Several ghost projects completed exist in files in different ministries. Funds for such projects have been diverted to individual pockets.

Embezzlement of public funds is a culture of La Republique.


Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has been ranked one of the four worst dictators in sub-Saharan Africa and one of the world’s worst 20. Mr. Biya is ranked with only two others in sub-Saharan Africa: Robert Mugabe and King Mswati of Swaziland.

Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has been ranked one of the four worst dictators in sub-Saharan Africa and one of the world’s worst 20. Mr. Biya is ranked with only two others in sub-Saharan Africa: Robert Mugabe and King Mswati of Swaziland. The ranking appears in David Wallechnisky new book: Tyrants, the world's 20 worst living dictators, Regan Press, 2006, pp. 286-290. Mr. Wallechinsky a historian, has worked as a commentator for the America television network, the NBC and is author of several reference books. Wallechnisky describes Cameroon's electoral process in these terms:

“Every few years, Biya stages an election to justify his continuing reign, but these elections have no credibility. In fact, Biya is credited with a creative innovation in the world of phony elections. In 2004, annoyed by the criticisms of international vote-monitoring groups, he paid for his own set of international observers, six ex-U.S. congressmen, who certified his election as free and fair.”
Since 2003, Wallechnisky has been writing an annual article for Parade magazine, ranking the 10 worst dictators currently in power. Now he has expanded the list and written a book on the subject, referred to above.
This classification comes in the wake of another publication ranking Cameroon among the five worst countries in the world in terms of governance, the other countries being Iraq, Chad, Somalia, Zimbabwe and Romania. The information is contained in a Governance Perception Index, a survey carried out at Harvard University led by Professor Robert Rotberg, of Kennedy School of Government and President, World Peace Foundation. Harvard is of the world’s best Universities. Transparency International has ranked Cameroon one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The latest ranking puts Cameroon at number 138 out of 163 countries. Other credible reports by United Nations agencies, US State Department, Amnesty International and others carry similar evidence of the abysmal state of governance and human rights in Cameroon. Instead of dismissing all these evidence as fallacy or burying our heads in the sand in the hope that things will change, all those with a stake in the country need to wake up to reality and do something about it.
As Cameroon prepares for local elections next year, it is worth pointing out that until the government allows for free and fair elections, the country will never get out of poverty. Free and fair elections can only come about through an independent electoral management process in accordance with the Durban Declaration etc. The government has to realise that Cameroon’s present image of a badly governed state means it will always be difficult to attract appropriate and substantial external investment to create jobs and eradicate poverty. As patriotic as anyone will like to be, it is almost impossible to mask the true state of affiars - the amount of credible information in the public domain pointing to our country’s lack of good governance is enormous and there is a need for those in power to wake up to this by setting up a truly independent electoral commission and the rest will follow.

Ma Mary

A shinning star of good la republiquean governance. Please lets talk about good governance. West Cameroon, which we Southern Cameroonians ruled ourselves (even with the inteference of la republique) enjoyed good governance. There was NO blatant corruption and those who practiced corruption at the highest levels were pursued and indicted. A lot of those people ran to Yaounde where they were warmly embraced by kindred souls. It was not perfect, but we can do better than this.

When LRC annexed Southern Cameroons in 1972, we saw trucks sent by Ahidjo go to the Public Service Commission and pull out the files and take them to Yaounde "to study" how West Cameroon could be so efficient, how we were able to keep track of every government penny and how we could pay people employed that at a certain month at the end of the month, how we could ensure that somebody who got transferred from Victoria to Nkambe got his or her salary at the end of that month without a hitch. Those files stood in the rain in the dirty ministries in Yaounde until they were forgotten and dissolved into the elements. Talk about dirty ministries with inch thick dust on the floors. In West Cameroon, those offices had polished floors, solid furniture, manicured lawns with flowers in short people worked in dignity. The same year Ahidjo formalized the annexation of Southern Cameroons all of those dignified ways disappeared. Potholes appeared on our roads, grass got overgrown and thrash piled up everywhere. We had been over run by frenchified, overdressed, sickly perfumed, champagne-swilling, barbarians who did not know how to run anything.

Sure, there were quite a few Southern Cameroonians who joined the band wagon. You will always find people who do not have law bred into them, who need the threat of sanctions to toe the line. Those sociopaths love your dog eat dog arrangement. It suits them fine, the chaos. You send them on missions against us. We are keeping score.


Let those froggies or tadpoles as Vito will like to call come out again and shout Cameroonians down not to weep bitter tears when they read things like this.Since this is one of their uncles that has been exposed ,let them come out and fight,or stop the Post from publishing.It is still fresh in our minds that Meva'a Meboutou also `took his part' that amounted to about 56 billion.The one they caught trying to sneak into Gabon with a briefcase filled with money has never been brought to book.Nobody knows how much Titus Edzoa embezzled.
No ethnic group in the world exhibits acute impunity like the Betis. This oldman did not only stop at stealing money. He stole cars.Somebody said the debate here was not between francophones ,and Anglophones ,but he has been proven wrong.N0 English speaking Cameroonian has ever embezzled this amount.One comes away with the impression that French is a language of thieves,since all the Beti speak this language.
We should remember how students in the University of yaounde will almost suffocate themselves to death in queues to go into the School restaurant and gulp down some watery soup like Oliver Twist, while an old bald lizard entertains himself stealing the country`s money ,and cars.


Tell me how this country called Cameroon will ever develop.This amount is too much. It is the same thing that obtains in all Government departments in this country that is the most corrupt on earth. The day we will be told of what is going on in the custom department especially at the sea port in Douala we will be more shocked.


This action is historic.
First of all I would like to remind Rexon that the prob is not about his 'La Republique du Cameroun'concept.First of all you should know that in former West Cam governance was better because of its size.It was better because nationals here had been practising Indirect Rule.But all is an aspect of a good Cameroon.The prob today would not be solved by dividing CAMEROON.
The trials are good but would be vainless because the foundation of corruption is Dictatorship.As far as we are still in the same leadership style and actors,corruption would persist.
But God will help us if we turn to him.
God bless Cameroon.



You are seemingly exposing your ignorance on several issues in this forum.

Hear what you have just told us:

"First of all you should know that in former West Cam governance was better because of its size"

Just one simple question. How can u correlate governance with size? Then if in your own theory, there is any correlation, what has been hapenning in equitorial guinea, Haiti, congo-brazaville, Gambia, Swaziland, etc. Why are there good governance in smaller or larger states like switzerland, leichteisten, bostwana, namibia, Mali, etc.

La Republique du Cameroun is a corrupt junta and all its products which is based on falsehood is geared towards doom. It is the responsibility of every rightminded Southern Cameroonians to dissociate himself from such illegal union and all its products.

Secondly, you wrote:

"This action is historic"

Which action? Only foolish people will want to believe that anything good can come out of that corrupt junta. Let me remind you that we have heared of several cases like these before and when you try to investigate well, you will realise that the victims might be sleeping in hotel suits in switzerland while La Republique's corrupt empire and its mundane media's are busy feeding the public with other stories about trials, etc. I dont want to elaborate here, but we shall all see where all these stories will end up.


A couple of clarifications are needed in the Ondo Ndong story. We are actually dealing with two different set of figures in this case.

First there is the REAL amount of 29 Billion FCFA, and then a "PAPER" amount of 52 Billion FCFA. The paper amount is the cumulative amount of the embezzled sum when all the charges against the 30 accused are taken into account.

Let me explain with an example:

Mr Ondo Ndong with the complicity of Mr. X embezzles 100 million FCFA.

when both of them are booked, each is charged with stealing 100 million. On paper, this is 200 million, but in reality, it is the same 100 million.

In this case, Ondo Ndong was involved in virtually every shady deal, which is why the entire 29 billion is imputed to him. However, most of his collaborators were involved in stealing just parts of the loot.

Whatever the case, 29 billion FCFA or 56 million dollars is still a lot of dough for 30 people who did not work for it!

Lock them up and throw out the key!!!!





The paper amount of "52 Billion" is just a "paper" amount. Mr Biya and corrupt henchmen of the regime might still be fooling the public by hiding the full extent of his theifery in a bid not to embarass the international community and other stakeholders. This man must have stolen more than three times that amount. Most of what he must have stolen must have gone unnoticed. We have not also accounted for "Kickbacks" which he must have received from shady deals involving other corrupt members of Mr Biya's corrupt junta. Only fools and others who dont understand the operational dynamics of the evil Biya regime will believe in that figure presented to the public.



The accusation does not state that Ondo Ndong has stolen ONLY 29 billion in his entire lifetime. It simply states that charges have been brought against him for the theft of 29 billion FCFA- which is what the audit was able to identify.

This has nothing to do with the "dynamics of the evil Biya regime" but with the specific charges.



What charges are you talking about and which specifics here? You see nothing wrong in specifying some figures as a paper amount and specifying some as being real. Then you went further and argued that the real amount might still involve different individuals. In a bid to understand your rhetoric, i have to make you understand that he might have stolen more than 3 times that amount.

Whatever specific or clarifications you want to bring here, your undertone describing figures as real or paper suggest that you are about to underestimate the extent of his thiefery. We are talking about the specifics he must have embezzled during his time as DG of FEICOM and nothing more. So to say, the "real" and "paper" amount are highly understated.

If we have to go to the details of this case, even those trying Odong are in one way or the other involved in this theifery. That is why the dynamics and operations of La Republique's junta must be examined and understood carefully before we comment in this case. The end result will be Ondong will privately threaten to expose others who might be trying him and he will be declared innocent or given a sick leave where he will spend most of his time in jail in his private residence.


Hi Folks,
It is of no use talking about the issue of Corruption in this Jungle of Wolves and tigers. I am so sorry thinking about this issue of misapproriation of public funds in Cameroon. I am so sorry as the jungle is all made up of wolves that belong to the same origin and tigers of the same breed. I will propose that we start from the inner jungle before coming out to the surroundings. Can somebody in the Regime stand up today to confess that he has not embezzel? Can the President of the Jungle claim ignorant of not having soiled his hands for once? What about the boys on the streets too? Using a simple whistle that is bought for 250frs to extort huge sums of money from poor drivers on the streets and our highways? It is a curse which started from the day Cameroon and this jungle Wolves came to Power. I will think that a good broom or better call it a giant broom should be used to sweep the jungle so that new breed of Wolves should come in to power.
This idiot with the use of a simple pen bought for 50frs took away 29 billion and the President of the Country with his hand clapping hanging coat Diplomats travelled to Beijing with a bowl in hand to beg for 2.5 billion. Strangle him to death as it is a terrible disgrace for the whole of Cameroon to see this type of people live among children who are innocent.
Why was Ahidjo's money burnt? Was it not because the wolves thought he was a bad man? Is Cameroon in any way better than the Ahidjo's Cameroon of yesterday? How many structures have been put up in Cameroon to improve Ahidjo's regime? These people are concentrating in painting Ahidjo's buildings and never thinking of coming up with a new structure. What about the Yaounde University Campus which has turned into private residences for most of the Ewondo people? Why are the University students no more recieving the treatment as was done during the last regime. Why is it that at the age of 70 people still cling to Offices in Cameroon? Some are even younger than their Children.The answer is Embezzle more till they die.
In my Opinion i think that Cameroon should be deliver from this bondage by sending away all this wolves and money eaters by burning just like the Ahidjo's money was burnt.
How much money was spent to travel to the Great Wall and what was it there that Cameroon could not do? Is this not the same Cameroon that under Ahidjo sometime in the 70's gave aid to China and today shamefully brandishes a bowl to beg from? The Chinese government though poor in the early days, have worked so hard to come up to what it is today, and our Country has been working so well in stealing public funds and now turn back to beg from China as Europe is already tired of giving to Camroon. God save this peaceful Country from the hands of the wolves.
Why has the government abandoned students sent out on Government scholarship? This is because people like Ondo Ndong have taken all the money into the private family accounts and their children are feeding fat from ill gotten money.
Everything under the earth has time and i think it is time for us to do away with Corruption in Cameroon.


Mr Ondo Ndong,

Sir you are a SHAMELESS human being.
Embezzlers, Corrupt Officials, Separatists, Tribalists etc...
You all are destroying our Country and you will be held accountable by the Camerooonian people.

A strong, united and democratic REPUBLIC OF CAMEROUN-CAMEROON will rise up and shine in Africa.
We shall overcome!


Muki StoneHall

Ondo Ndong is no shameless human being.He's just an UNFORTUNATE human being. If Ondo Ndong is shameless,then the President of La republique du Cameroun,all the ministers,Managers of state parastatals etc etc are all shameless.If the lid over Sonara is justly slightly shifted,the vapour that will come out can blow a human being into the air.La republique is a state of shameless criminals.From those who ordered the arests,down to those who are prosecuting Ondo Ndong et al,all are shameless criminals.Its just a matter of the kettle calling the pot black.La republique will never rise,not to talk of shine even in Cemac.

Ma Mary

Riccardium = simpleminded automaton. He is the man of STAY THE COURSE, long after the slogan has been abandoned even by its creators.


Mr. Riccardo,

Do not disown and be ashamed of one of your own, Mr. Odious Ndong. This is his hour of need, he needs you to support and defend him here.

He is a paragon of the political and moral value system of La Republique du Cameroon you are always defending here. Don't backtrack....claim Odious Ndong, for he stands for everything you defend on this forum. Claim him and be proud! He is one of yours.


sometimes i really tremble when i read through some of these things. hey! Ricardo keep in touch. surely life's good with things like this. when we shall be singing, [go down, go down, go down to egypt and tell ferrod to let my people go...] you'd be going at the speed of the kangaroo across to Chad. can't remember if mendo is back yet. common man, stay the course, whatever that means.


My God! Only FROGS can be that corrupt. Name one Southern Cameroonian who steals up to that amount, I'll name 1000 FROGS.

This is execrable! Such people should be hanged.

The SON.


May I remind Rexon that this issue is far from from his 'la republique du Cam' concept.
Your arguments seem to fall short of objectivity but skewed towards meaningless seceessionism.If you have been very attentive you would have learnt that one of the arrested civil servants allegely charged with embezzlement last summer was a N.Westerner who used to manage Ports Authority in Dla.
You guys should write more sense than seccessionist advocacy.


Ebonyland, Akoson, Watesih, NJFN, Muna, etc,

You guys have just two options:

1-To take La Republique Du Camerouns passport and work there as expatriates in building the state of corruption that La Republique Du Cameroun in collaboration with their masters in France are building.

2-To recognise that the Southern Cameroons has never been an integral part of La Republique and fight for its decolonisation and after independence, build a corrupt free society.

I live you guys to decide on these two options. Rather than wasting peoples time with all these SDF frolics.


Ebonylad, so what's your point? Get to the point!



Dividing Cameroon will never stop corruption. These people who rejoice when things are bad in Cameroon have no love for our Country.
Corruption is not a francophone or anglophone issue but a Cameroonian issue.
Obviously, we really need changes in our Country.
Corrupting the mind of young Cameroonians with doctrine of "hate and division" is unacceptable.
"Embezzlement of public funds" and "mind corruption to commit hate crime" should all be taken very seriously in our Country.

CAADIM calls on our Legislature to urgently do something about it.
We could put in place laws similar to what the British Parliament have done to takle "terrorism" and "people who incite to commit terroristic acts" in the United Kingdom.
Embezzlement of Public funds to that magnitude is comitting terrorism against our people.

This is a matter of national security.

Cameroon Security Council should seriously and urgently look into the matter.

Propaganda of hate and division must as well be taken very seriously.

Vive la Republique du Cameroun!
May God bless the Republic of Cameroon!




My software has proven that Nav and Sangomonie are one and thesame person.

You see how these criminals are coming out of their hiding. This is a man, Sangomonie who hides behind and spend all his time criticising SCNC, Now he has proven that he is a close ally of Muna. These politicians wants to play with our senses. After Mukete failed them, they are now using other impostors in this forum. Wonders shall never end.



Hear you ..."Obviously, we really need changes in our Country."... What changes now ? Oh, Ondou Ndong has been caught so that's when you wake up from slumber.And hear you again...."Propaganda of hate and division must as well be taken very seriously".... Mr man, there's a difference between "hate" and people asking for their legitimate rights and freedoms to be accorded them.

It's but true that more often than not the oppressed turn to "hate" the oppressor which is just following the law of cause and effect. That not withstanding who hates and laughs the other to scorn in Cameroon?
Who are those who are called Biafras, les anglofools, etc etc.

Who are those who are considered foreigners in their own homeland? If you aren't dishonest you'd answer genuinely "the southern Cameroonians" so who sparked off the hate game? Even during a plenary session in the so called Parliament Hon Ngum Jua was hushed down by a Parlaimentarian from Mayo Ray as "Biafra".Consitutional "hate" Ricardo?

Look Ricardo or whatever your real names are, a nation that refuses to accept and embrace its history and indentity is bound for real quagmire . Pouncing on dissenting voices only make matters worse and escalates hate on both sides of the isles.

Let me repeat this to you as the regime's diasporian spokeman .No amount of military might will quench this fire. I follow matters up on daily basis as a human right activist. The situation is deteriorating and only national dialogue will solve this matter. Tell your masters to listen to Adamou Ndam Njoya, Prof Nkwi, Dr Maurice Njambe, Prof Joseph Owona et co

Only those who are benefiting from the status quo elect to remain adamant. Those who have this nation at heart cry day in day out for a way out.One day I believe it shall come and all of you blocking this path shall be put to shame. Smart enough you take on nameless identities to operate your malicious deals. Ninety nine days for the Ondou Ndongs and one day for Cameroonians.

May God save this nation


Mr. Riccardo,

Did you say "our country"? Our country? No, Sir. It is your country. As in, the country belonging to you, Odious Ndong, Paul Biya and all other black Frenchmen. I couldn't speak French to save my life! It is therefore your country, not mine.


Somebody tell me, what happened to our most vocal mukete or original mukete? I expected to hear more from him now that things are realy taking shape. Has he gone on self exile?


we are suffering like this because of this bastards
if he can embezzle such funds and we know what about those we don't even know???
if he can do this means the prime minister and the president and more others have done worst, so he too think he cannot sit there and see them with 200 billion and he is doing nothing.look the only thing i am saying here is no one dies and carry this money along with him,the descendants of King Pharaoh today are one of the poorest in Egypt i assure you that they will pay the price .no one goes unpunished in the world,

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