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Friday, 24 November 2006


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What's really happening in Balikumbat?What exactly are "Chairman traditional council" and "Kingmaker"?Who calls the shots?Above all,who's Fon in Balikumbat now?
Somebody please!


How can a Fon who instead of protecting the subjects endangers, and threathens their welbieng, be let lose to roar and intimidate them, even having been convicted as a murderer? The wicked must not rule! How long shall it take the CPDM and La Republique to learn this lesson?


it rocks down to the spine when i see people who know somethuing is wrong but go on showering unearned praises for whatever reason. i begin to wonder if it's really that fon doh is too strong or the village people don't know what is good for them. to hell with this Balikumbat stuff. uuuhhh!!!!


jsut another village of greedy and ego meniacs. do i really care??????????? stings.

Danny Boy

Such pitiful stuff. This man should be on a leash. Why do people still refer to him as "fon"? He has been effectively stripped of his title, fiefdom and should be regarded as just another fallen dictator. That he can still command an audience in Bali-kumbat speaks volumes. The man has his lackeys whose souls he has bought for a glass of cheap wine.


Mr. Gah Gwanyin remains defiant and dismissive of the law. This is the same attitude which led him to assist the murder of John Kohtem. The murdering strongman of Balikumbat is building up momentum to kill again, this time through proxies.

There shall be no civilization unless murderers face terminal justice.

Fritzane Kiki HK

All in all,the CPDM and its bundits are always behind all the vices plaguing fondoms and chiefdoms both in the North West and South West respectively.The CPDM will encourage only Fons and Chiefs who are pro-CPDM and put down those Opposition villages heads.Most of these Pro-CPDM symparthizers easily pave their ways to high ranks as 1st and 2wnd Class Fons and Chiefs alike.Names like Paramount Chiefs and Fons of Fons are appellations given by the ruling government to discredit those arogant villages leaders who work against the ruling party.

Fon Doh and his supporters should follow the law and stop disturbing the peace of individuals and the villagers as a whole.Time has made it right for him to know where his rightful place is.

Fritzane Kiki
Hong Kong


This tyrant is not worthy to be heard of again. May be he was addressing his blood born children who are no different like him. Doh Gah Gwanyin is bad history and need not to be heard in public. His place is at the Ndop Prison and so he should leave the peace loving Balikumbat people alone and go back to where he belongs. He has soiled his hands with blood and is not fit to interceed for the people again. Let my people have a fon of their choice and be at peace.
The bad government and the rulling CPDM is the problem in Balikumbat.The bad laws, is a problem. Why was a killer granted bail. Is this the man that the court gave bail with the pretext that he was seriously ill. Is this not the man who after two days of his freedom was parading the streets in his begged car with his girl friends? Is this not the same man who offered a big dinner with the pretext of, nobody is above the Law? He is no more ill, so send him back to Ndop where he belongs. He can kill our new fon. What was the use of a special constituency in Balikumbat? What is the benefit to a Balikumbat man? I think as he has been dethroned as a fon, Pa Brenda in Yaounde should also give up the sit too as the President just like Ahidjo did, and simply go and let Cameroonians have a new President. I am sure for now in the whole country H.E. NI JOHN FRU NDI is the only one fit for the PRESIDENCY. Paul Biya has also soilled his hands and cannot redeem Cameroon in anyway and so he should simply go and let peace reign.
To the new fon i say do not worry as he is fighting a lost battle. You did not make yourself a fon. The people made you and so be strong. His treats can do you nothing. John Kohtem is fighting it for you and with the numerous Bafanji people that this idiot saw them to their graves prematurely are also praying for you. This is a man who declared war on Bafanji just because he saw Bafanji more developed than Balikumbat.The sons and daughters of Balikumbat and Bafanji lost their lives and property in this unpopular war just because of the greed and jealousy of this idiot who is always protected by the CPDM government.What will you expect of a killer like this who will have to crumble the junior brother simply because of self pride? Who owns the lofty car you ride ex. Mbe, i mean the PRADO you begged from ALoysius Galabe when you were coming home as a Parliamentarian and needed a "JESUS entry to Jerusalem" in Balikumbat. I think it is high time you start sending back begged things and re-instate peoples liberty and rights in Balikumbat.After all your time is up and so they are free and i can see the brothers of Late Kohtem feeling free in Balikumbat now. Go back to Ndop as your fellow brothers(Prisoners) are waiting from you. What news about his salary from the National assembly. I wait to hear one of this days too but be sure it will be stopped. Idiot of a Man caling himself a Mayor or a Parliamentarian. Go back to Ndop Prison and even be the house speaker there. That is where you belong Vincent the thief of a chief.

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