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Monday, 27 November 2006


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Leave our lands alone. we shall create our own parks when the time comes. Go away!!, sleazy buggers.

Ma Mary

On the surface a good idea, but given the track record of these thieves, it is just a trojan horse to steal Fako lands from the indigenes, just like the other tea land they gave to the Sudanese Arab.


the idea of the national park could be a great idea but as we all one is a fool.we are already aware of what is happenin'in our so called "Fatherland".nothing would be done by the government for the purpose of development.our government only puts it's interest into what it would make lots of gains to feed the corrupt.

nche francis mfone

hi all
am writing to disociate myself from whoever calls himself nche francis in this forum. i am nche francis mfone, Chief Executive Officer of Magic Touch Digital Videos with headquaters situated at the university junction Buea, and having sub-branches opposite CRADAT Yaounde and the University entrance Dschang.( For those who know me, am an ardent supporter of the SDF and an enemy to all those who want to destroy the party because this IN MY humble would be equal to taking cameroon back to the dark ages of monopartism and dictatorship...(if at all we are in a dictatorship today). As an anglophone youth, i can never and even in the face of death accept shit from our francophone BROTHERS. Even in Ecole Normale Superieure Yaounde, i tell them in their faces and call them 'frogs' day in day out. (my class mates can testify). This explains why logically and just naturally am strongly behind the students who are like my brothers and sisters in the Universty of Buea for standing firm against against the shameless minister of public Health and i condemn very strongly the statements made by the old fox Abgor Tabi (the student union is illegal and that he will make sure those who are on strike be expelled) that pushed the students to voilence this morning inviting a heavy police presence that almost resulted to confrontation between students and the police.We all know how corrupt public entrance exams were in the days Agbor Tabi served as Higher Education Minister especially the entrance exams into Ecole Normale Superieure. This man obviously sees nothing wrong in the decission taken by the Minister of Public Health because to him such things are normal even at a time when the cameroonian government is stiving to stamp out corruption. Should such people be maintained in goverment, one can only be left wondering if this government is really serious. Am therefore saying here that am totally against such practices especially any thing that that reminds me of the marginalisation and subjugation that we as anglophones have been experiencing in this union..
There is no doubt that these guys are out to continually destroy anything that reminds us of our heritage and identity as a doubt one of the placards by the striking sudents reads as follows.."la republique will not deceive us as they deceived our parents"...u will all agree with me that such situations rather builds a sense of nationalism amongst us ...
i just signed in this forum today and i hope to participate often in the discussions... and please nche francis could u politely tell us who and where u are? i dont wish to keep receiving your blows

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